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My first time with my sister.
This is my first true story about my sister.

I was 16, a sophomore in high school, and my sister was 14, a freshman. I was the jock type, football player, lacrosse player, not a star, but people knew me. I had recently broken up with my girlfriend, and hadn't really thought too much about a new one since. I held on to the idea that she may still call me. I had a few sexual encounters before, but wasn't as experienced as some kids in school make themselves out to be. I'm 6'2", 195lbs. I was built like a football player, but most of my exercise was done at the gym down the street.

My sister and I were close, and I had kicked more than one ass in her defense. She wasn't a virgin either, as she had told me, nor did she act like she was. She was 5'8", 130lbs. She wore tight jeans or really short skirts, and she loved to show off her ass to all the guys at school. Her breasts had just started to fill out like a young woman's and her shoulder length golden blond hair complemented her beautiful face nicely. She'd wear tank-tops or other tight t-shirts at school or to the gym, and all the guys noticed. She could have been a star cheerleader, but wasn't into the scene.

We had grown slightly apart since we were young, as I had sports and she was always out with some guy. Every Friday or Saturday we'd still go to the movies or the mall when she needed something or a new movie was out, and I had been mistaken for her boyfriend more than once. Every time, though false, it had me thinking about what luck her boyfriend had.

At home, when we were home together, we would often watch a movie or play games or find something to do, because when we were this active, it didn't take much to make us bored. Our bedrooms were across from each other on the upper floor of the house, and the bathroom was down the hall.

My parents were always out, they loved to go to social events, even though they were getting up there in age. My dad was a big-shot in his company and he was always out of town on some kind of business or another. It always surprised me how faithful my mother had remained, as I was sure that's where my sister got her looks. They both worked all week, and were out many weekends, often leaving us two at home.

At night, to cool off after a long day of school and practice or working out, I would flip on my laptop in my bedroom and lock the door. I would surf the web until I came upon a site that offered good porn for free. I couldn't hold a credit card yet, nor would I be willing to spend thirty-odd dollars a month for porn. When I finally came across a site I liked, I'd plug in my earphones and rub my 8 1/2" cock for a good time until I finally released the days stress into a handful of tissues.

One time, though, I had come home from the gym with a little more than just stress to get rid of. In my gym, there are two rows of treadmills, I normally work in the back row just because it's where the fans were over and I could people-watch while I worked out. My sister normally came with me and we talked, but she wanted to stay home tonight because she had some extra homework that she needed to do. I had taken my I-Pod with me, but I was too busy paying attention to the beautiful brunette on the treadmill in front and to the right of me.

She had long, tan legs, wearing short workout shorts and a tank-top. Her boobs and ass bounced every time one of her feet hit the tread. He sweat made her gleam in the light of the gym. I watched her, until I got hard, and I decided it was time I leave, because this erection wasn't going to go away for a while. Just as I was about to leave, she got off her treadmill and as she turned around to leave, she saw me watching her, and she saw the bulge in my gym shorts. She smiled and giggled, and purposely dropped her bottle of water onto the floor and slowly leaned down to pick it up. It was almost agonizing, what a cock-tease. There was no one on the other treadmills near me, and those around me weren't paying attention. I wanted to walk up to her, pull our shorts down, lean her over the treadmill bar and fuck her right there, in front of everyone. She walked away slowly, her tits bouncing and her ass swaying sexily as she did so.

My sister had seen my with an erection before, but as morning-wood, and I guess she knew enough about guys that it didn't make much a difference to her. I still, however, did not want her to see my erection, so when I walked into the house, I held my gym bag just right so that, from the family room on the left, she couldn't see my boner. I hurried upstairs with a quick "hi" and threw my gym bag into my room as I passed. I continued walking down the hallway to the bathroom and stepped in, closing the door.

I turned on the shower and turned up the heat as far as I like, then I undressed quickly, allowing my dick to spring out and attain a 90 degree angle with my body. I stepped into the shower, hoping this erection would go away quickly. It only started to bug me worse, so I started rubbing it in the shower. I felt that sensation in my balls that signified impending orgasm, and I stopped, realizing it would feel much better laying on my soft bed in my room.

I got out of the shower and stepped into the bathroom, and dried myself quickly. I pulled on my robe and almost ran into my room. I dropped the robe and lay on my bed, and I started rubbing my prick. I closed my eyes as I imagined the hot brunette at the gym and stroked slowly, then faster, then slow again. I wanted the sensation to last, but I also wanted to spray my cum. I jacked myself faster and faster, and felt myself reaching orgasm, just when I started my orgasm, I opened my eyes, at first thinking that I was imagining my hot sister, then realized that she really was standing in my doorway, staring at my cock as it fired stream after stream of hot jizz into the air and onto my stomach.

For a minute, I lay in shock, coming down from my orgasm, and then, realizing what was going on, leaped from my bed and went to slam the door, before I got there though, my sister pushed herself in, and shocked my by pushing me back onto my bed.

"What the hell!?" I exclaimed as she lowered her face to my torso and began to lick my cum off my stomach, dick, and balls. I remained in a state of sheer ecstasy as I felt her warm lips slide over my limp penis tip.

Just as I was about to push her away, my cock started coming back to life in her mouth and, she used her knowledge of guys which told her that once you have a guy by the cock, we stop thinking. She moved quickly up and down my shaft and I watched her with disbelief at what she was doing.

All I could force out was "Wha...sis...this isn't... oh my god...don't stop...." and I closed my eyes again for a moment, savoring the sensation of a warm mouth on my now re-erect cock. When I opened them again, she was looking at me, and her beautiful green eyes drove me over the edge.

I started spurting again, what I had left, into her mouth. She wasn't expecting it and it was still more than she would have expected. She gagged a little but most of it she swallowed. She just sat there with my dick in her mouth for a while and let my dick soften again.

I had received a blowjob once before, from my old girlfriend, but it was nothing like this. My girlfriend was rough and had no idea what she was doing. This, this was so much better, it was unbelievable.

As my sister stood up, I was still not completely sure what had happened. As she stood there, she smiled down at me, still looking all over my body, especially at my limp cock, which was shining with saliva. I couldn't think of anything to say, and she smiled and left. I sat there for a while, thinking about what had just happened, and what was going to happen from then on.

I got up and got dressed for bed. I now realized that this was unnecessary, seeing as my parents slept downstairs and the only reason I dressed before was because of my sister. Considering she just blew me, I didn't find it necessary to hide myself, considering what had just happened.

As I lay in bed, I though of how I was going to pay back my sister. I knew that our relationship was changed forever, and that this was the start of something sweet.


The next day I woke up feeling great. I had relived the night before in my dreams, and I was more hard than the usual morning-wood. I went to the bathroom and shaved up and washed up for the day. It was Saturday today, and dad was out of town.

When I finally went downstairs, I found my mom making breakfast. My sister was there too, helping mom. "Hi, mom, hey, sis," I said as I came into the kitchen.

"Hey yourself" my sister said.

The rest of the morning went as usual except for the occasional witting grin from my sister behind my mothers back. I finally found a way to pay my sister back, and the time would be tonight. My mother would be at a party tonight, and that would leave a perfect window of time.

"Bye kids! I left money in the kitchen for pizza!" my mom yelled as she gathered her bag and coat to leave.

"Bye mom!" we both shouted.

As she walked out the door my sister and I were sitting to watch a movie. "Okay now, what the hell?" I asked.

"Well, it looked like you could'a used a little help" she said sheepishly.

"Well then, I guess it's time I paid you back, isn't it?" I said.

And with that I turned quickly and took her into an embrace, and started kissing her. At first she yelped a little, but it quickly turned into soft moans as my tongue explored her mouth. Our kiss became more passionate, and my daring hand crept bravely to the outside of her thigh.

After doing this and rubbing her thigh for a couple minutes, I ran my hand up her waist and under her shirt. Her moans grew louder as my hand reached the underside of her silky bra. I continued my rubbing as my hand moved around to her back and undid her bra, a practice that I had done more than once before with old girlfriends.

As her black silk bra fell out of her shirt, she began kissing more passionately, if that was even possible, and her moans became louder as I moved my hand back around and lifted one of her boobs in my hand, cupping it, massaging it.

I had never before realized how nice my sisters' were. They weren't overly large, but they filled out any shirt she wore.

As my left hand continued massaging my left boob, I began to bring my right hand up, slowly. Now, with both hands on her boobs, she broke our kiss quickly to remove her shirt. I gasped at the beautiful goddess that sat before me.

No sooner had I done this than my lips were magnetically drawn to her nipples. I first took them slowly into my mouth, sucking on each one gently, back and forth, and massaging the free one with the thumb of my opposite hand.

This whole time my sister was moaning louder, and she was running her hands through my mid-length, curly brown hair. Every time I would suck on one of the nipples, she would grab and pull at my hair toughly. I don't think I had ever paid so much attention a woman's boobs before.

At this point we were facing each other sitting up on the couch. Now I slowly began lowering her until I was on top of her. Once I was, I slowly moved away from the boobs, kissing and licking all the way down her flat stomach, her tight abs, and to the top of her jeans.

I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans, and she moaned as I reached her black panty clad mound.

"Oh John," she said as I continued kissing, though not at all through protest.

I licked all around her panties, even over it once or twice, with a little gentle biting here and there. I moved down her left inner thigh slowly, then quickly back up, a little more kissing here and there, then repeated on the opposite leg.

I assumed this had turned her on because every time I came close to her cunt she shuddered slightly. I decided it was time to remove the panties, so I carefully drew my tongue over the mound one more time before I grabbed the top of them with my teeth and slowly, gently pulled them down.

I removed them with my hands once they were passed her thighs and then restarted my teasing game. She spread her legs wide and I got on the floor to get a better vantage point.

By now I knew she was begging for it, and I looked up and she was biting her lip. She was beautiful, and her wet cunt made her more pretty.

I started slowly, licking up and down the entire pussy, then, concentrating on the upper part, I found the clit and sucked it up into my mouth. I played with her gently, and my sister's hands tightened their grip on my head.

I kept this up for a couple minutes, every once in a while stopping to survey the area, and lick around the lips, then diving back in on the clit. She kept feeding me the sweetest nectar I have ever tasted, and I kept lapping it up.

"Ohhhhh myyyy Godddd" she started moaning louder and louder as I continued eating her delicious young pussy.

I remembered reading something somewhere, and I started purring loudly into her pussy as I licked and played. She obviously enjoyed it, because she soon started convulsing and shuddering and moaning louder. I kept my pace and stopped varying my tactics. I purred louder and she soon began cumming on my tongue.

"OHHH MYYY GODDDD!!! I'M CUMMING!!!" she began screaming as she shuddered and moaned and pulled my hair almost off my head.

As her orgasm began subsiding I lay my tired tongue on her cunt and let her calm down. She came down slowly and I looked up at her, she was smiling down at me. I gave her one more lick and came back up, and we locked lips again.

"I taste good, don't I?" she asked wearily.

"You have no idea." and we went back to frenching.

I broke the kiss briefly and asked, "Even?"

"Even?!" she laughed, "so every time I suck your dick, you'll do that?" she asked

"Yeah, and maybe more if you let me," I said.

"Hehe, I just realized something," she giggled

"Whats that?" I asked softly, in her ear.

"I'm naked, and your fully clothed still." she looked down at the bulge in my shorts, which I was more than aware of.

I got the clue, and stood up and took off my shirt quicker than I would have if it was on fire and dropped my shorts, letting my cock spring free. It bobbed for a second and a drop of pre-cum glistened on it's tip.

Suddenly, but only for a moment, I felt the wave of inevitable guilt about standing naked in front of my sister. I rationalized my guilt by thinking about the blowjob and the pussy eating we had experienced already. So I went back to my sister. I wasn't quite sure if she was thinking that we were going to do what I thought we were going to do until she finally whispered in my ear: "Are you gonna fuck me or not, big boy?"

I needed no further encouragement, I climbed up onto my sister, and though I had never had actual sex before, I had seen enough pornos.

"Woah, slow down, guy" she said, laughing, obviously noting my inexperience and horniness. She took hold of my cock and positioned it right at the entrance to her pussy. "Now, slowly..." she said and I tried to hold myself back as best I could.

I had never experienced anything like this ever before in my life. She was sooooo tight, I thought I would never get all they way in. I placed my hands on her boobs and I kept going, inch by inch, until finally I was buried up to the hilt, my balls against her ass. I savored the sensation, as did she I believe.

"God, you're so much bigger than my boyfriends have been," she said, "Now fuck me, John, fuck your sister"

I almost came right there, it turned me on so much to hear my sister talk like that to me. I was thrilled to oblige. I pulled out a little, about 2 inches, and pushed back in, and let her get used to it, and let me get used to how tight for that matter.

We continued this routine for a couple minutes before I started coming out a little more each time and increasing the vigor and tempo of my strokes. Eventually I was pulling out all the way to the tip and thrusting back in.

Every time I thrust in she moaned a little louder, and god did it make me hornier every time.

"God... I'm... I'm gonna cum... Oh God" I grunted.

"Do it, cum in your little sister, fill me with your cum, big brother." she moaned in my ear. I lost it right there. I thrust all they way up into her and my balls slapped her ass roughly, and I grunted, sending spurt after spurt of my incestuous seed into her pussy.

I continued small strokes during my orgasm, and just set there for a few minutes. When I finally rolled off her, I came out with a small plop. We lay next to each other on the floor now, breathing heavily, staring up at the ceiling.

Eventually she got up and held her hand out to me. I couldn't stop staring at the beautiful girl who had just taken my virginity. I couldn't believe I had just fucked the shit out of my sister. I took the outstretched hand and she helped me to my feet.

We kissed again for a second and then she said, "Let's go get washed off," and she started walking to the bathroom, where we had a big shower. I picked up our clothes and tossed them in the laundry room as we passed.

When I got in the shower, she had already had it started, and it was hot, just like I liked it, not that any temperature would have stopped me from getting in the shower with that beautiful woman. I climbed in and she handed me a bar of soap.

"Wash me, then I'll do you." she said casually, as if asking a friend to help put her hair up.

I took the bar of soap and she leaned against the shower wall. I started on the shoulders and neck, making sure not to miss anything, and moved a little lower to her chest, and I washed her tits, making sure to wash and take extra time with the nipples, to which she moaned in approval of. I moved down and washed her wonderfully flat stomach. I cleaned all around the the top of her tan lines. I purposely ignored the pussy for now, and moved down her legs, washing her feet well. I came back up and washed the inside of her thighs and rubbed the soap on my hands before setting it down and kneeling. I slowly rubbed all over her pussy, noting our mixed juices slowly leaking out. I rubbed her lovely pussy lips and clitoral area before I stood back up and had her turn around.

I started again at the shoulders, moving down the back, soaping with one hand, massaging with the free. I came to the small of her back and massaged just above the ass. She stuck it out into my face and moaned appreciatively. I washed her beautiful, big ass and down her legs, washing the crack and the cheeks before giving her a gentle slap and standing back up.

She hugged me tightly and she took the soap. She washed my shoulders and back by hugging me, her nipples rubbing into my chest, doing just as much for herself as she was for me. She washed my pecs, my abs, and finally down my legs, keeping with my routine. She came back up and slowly washed and gently handled my balls while I enjoyed the view of her perfect ass as she was bent washing me.

If I wasn't completely hard before, I was now as she started washing the base of my cock. She came up slowly, washing all over and around my cock, paying special attention to the sensitive underside. She grabbed my cock and held it still as she washed the large purple head, giving me an amazing feeling. She rinsed me off and planted a quick kiss right on the head before standing up again.

I wanted to fuck her again, right there, but apparently she had other plans. She grabbed me by the cock and pulled me from the shower, turning it off as she went. She grabbed a nearby towel and started drying herself, looking at me the whole time. When she was finished she handed me a towel and I dried myself. She smiled at me, "come on," she said. Lucky our house is so warm, I thought.

She picked out some clothes and threw them to me. "Come on, let's go to dinner." she said, "and we'll resume when we get back." I couldn't argue with that, so I dressed.

She went back to her room, dressed in a sexy short dress and met me in the hallway. "Let's go somewhere a little farther away, so no one will see us, and you can be my date" she said.

"Sounds like a plan" I said. I knew it would cost me gas money and money for dinner, but the twenty bucks mom left for pizza would help. I got my car out of the garage and she came and got in the passenger seat.


We ate at some fancy seafood restaurant, and all the guys envied my sexy girlfriend. I got more than one wink about it as we came to our table. I ordered, and so did she and we talked and waited. She pulled a pen from her purse and wrote on a napkin, "Wanna have some fun?"

I looked at it, and up at her suspiciously, and nodded. She leaned back and said, more to the table full of teenagers on their dates behind us, with the guys in the seat connect to hers, "I can't wait to get home and fuck the shit out you, John." The restaurant was dark and a little noisy, and no one heard except exactly who she wanted to. Those guys nearly choked on their food. I smiled approvingly.

I could hear some "Are y'all okay?" and "What's wrong with you?" coming from their women on the opposite side of the table.

We were in a booth that curved so there was room for at least three she had me slide over to her side. There was not many people around us which was a good thing, considering what was about to happen.

She grabbed my hand and put it on the inside of her thigh. I got the clue and moved my hand up, and suddenly realized that she wasn't wearing any panties. Good thing she brought the jacket, I thought.

I started rubbing her clit and she moaned just loud enough for the guys to hear behind us. She was getting so wet and eventually she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming when she came.

By now I am certain both of the boys sitting in that booth were rock hard, and I even heard one of them trying to explain it away to their girlfriends. I kept playing, rubbing her, until she came again, and again, and she started kissing me and fumbling with my pants during, this, and eventually slipped her hand into my jeans and started jacking me off as I did the same for her.

We even started bumping the table and booth at one point and this really made this those chicks frustrated with their guys. I pitied them immensely, and was thinking about stepping it up when our food arrived.

We quickly yanked our hands off each other, but there was no doubt as to what was going on. The man who delivered our food gave me a "Way to go" look as he dropped off the food and asked if we needed anything else.

We decided to stop teasing the boys and ate. The food was wonderful and I was full leaving. My sister put on her long coat and covered her drenched dress and we paid and left. You should have seen the looks on the boys faces as we left. It was a cross of suprise, congratulation, lust, and jealousy. My sister dropped her purse in front of them and bent over just enough to give them a view of her pussy and something to think about as they jerked off when they left. From the way they were behaving with their dates, I doubt they were getting any tonight.


We got home in good time, and with a tall SUV, my sister flashed a couple of truck drivers, and even started sucking my dick for one, before I realized that it was rapidly impairing both mine and his driving ability.

When we got in she led me into my room and stripped sexily. She made sure to show off all her curves and features. She had me get naked too. Once she was naked, she leaned over the side of my bed. I came up behind her, needing no further invitation. I positioned my dick right at the entrance to her pussy and began to fuck her. I slid in much easier this time, seeing as she was stretched and wet. I started fucking her again, admiring her ass.

After a while I got my bravery, and slid a hand down to her tiny asshole. I pushed a finger in and she yelped happily as I started finger-fucking her ass in opposite rhythm of the pussy fucking I was giving her.

She was pushing back on my strokes, and every time her boobs bounced as they rubbed on my bed. I slapped her ass with my free hand several times and was gratified with even harder pushing back.

I could feel her pussy and ass clenching my dick and finger now as I continued fucking her. I knew she would cum soon and I leaned down a little so my free hand could reach her clit. I started fucking her with a new vigor and rubbing her clit at the same time. She started gasping and moaning, and I knew I couldn't last long either.

"ohhhh....john, yes...oh,yes...ohgodyes,ohgodyeah,oh god oh god oh god" she started saying, and I felt that familiar feeling in my balls, even though I had cum less than an hour ago.

"Ohhhh... OHHH... Oh, IM CUMMING!!!" she screamed so loudly it's a good thing our neighbors aren't too close to our house.

"Oh, me toooooo, ergghhh" I grunted as I shot stream after stream of hot sticky jism into her pussy. Her clenched around me made the orgasm so much better, she held me so tight I could hardy move, except my hand that was rubbing her clit.

I held my position there for a while as my dick softened in her vagina. I eventually came out, and sat down on the bed. She rolled over and sat up next to me, and we looked at each other for a while. I stared into her eyes and we fell back onto my bed, once again staring up at the ceiling.

We were the only people in this world to each other right now, and she grabbed my hand as we caught our breath. I looked again at her. Her beautiful, full, luscious breasts, her flat, tight stomach, her round, large ass, and her dripping wet, tight as shit pussy, gleaming in my desk lamp's light.

We were brother and sister, and there was nothing wrong about that to us, were as good as husband and wife, except young and horny as fuck. We were now secret lovers, partners in sex and life. If we were tight before, I didn't know what to call us now.

I looked up and into the doorway. My heart stopped dead in its tracks.



Please tell me what you think and if you think I should tell you about the next couple of days.

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