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Jehovah Witness' ladies witness a naked man
Hello. My name is Tom and I am a straight, male exhibitionist! Luckily for us exhibitionists there is no “Exhibitionists Anonymous.” We can just enjoy our perversion. I became an exhibitionist before I knew the meaning of the word. I have many stories to tell. Unlike most exhibitionist stories mine do not always end with phony head jobs, hand jobs or wild sex. I don’t know why writers have to end with a fantasy sex scene. My stories are usually short and end with the audience leaving while laughing and giggling. This makes me very horny. I jack off. I do not feel guilty or any of the other psychobabble I read about. I do not try to shock anyone. The audience usually thinks they caught me unaware or by accident at first. I’ve talked with and emailed many straight male exhibitionists over the years. Most have experiences similar to mine. We all can spot the fantasy part of the letters.
I became an exhibitionist while still living with my parents and my two younger sisters, Ellen and Terry. We lived in a house that was partially under construction. The heating system was being installed. The vent holes had been cut in floor and the gratings were in place, but the connecting pipes were not installed. Basically they were just holes in the floor with vent covers. Our parents both worked so we were home alone all day all summer.
One afternoon I was sitting on the toilet. Near my feet was a heating vent. I heard voices coming from the basement. My two sisters and a female cousin, Ruth, who lived next door, were talking. I heard my sister Terry say, “ I saw Tom’s, it’s big and has hair on it”. My other sister and my cousin giggled and said something I could not hear. I was amazed at how hard my cock got while listening to them. I almost came just thinking about her peeking at my cock. I had to jack off right then and there. That short conversation changed my life.
At the time I did not know what an exhibitionist was. But, I just knew I had to show my dick to her and the other two when I knew they were looking and I was pretending not to know it. I invented all kinds of reasons to get caught naked. After they had caught me naked several times, I started walking out of my room stark naked with a hard on. At first they giggled and pointed at it. My cousin was the one most interested in seeing it. I will fill out this story and tell about the many times I exposed myself to my sisters, my cousin and several of their girl friends soon, but first I want to tell about an incident that happened 15 years later.
My wife and I lived in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. She worked days and I worked nights. I usually got up about 10am and was naked until it was time to get ready for work.
I always kept a towel handy that I had picked up at hotel somewhere. It was folded lengthways so it was about 10 inches wide. By practicing in front of a mirror, I learned how to stand so I was covered, but when I shifted my weight to my left leg and bent my right knee up a little, I could see the head of my cock slide into view. As my cock got harder, the towel would slide upward exposing all of my cock.
Because of the neighborhood, sales persons knocked on our door two or three times a month. Whenever I answered the door I would be wearing only the towel which barely covered me. The men left as soon as I said I wasn’t interested. I kept the women there by asking questions concerning their products. When I shifted and let my cock head pop out they would either ignore it, smile and keep on talking as more and more of my cock slipped into view, or they would hurry through their spiel and leave. No one ever complained.
One morning someone knocking on the door awakened me. At the door were two Jehovah’s Witnesses ladies. The older one was standing on the landing just outside the door, the younger one was standing two steps down, putting her at eye level with my crotch. The older one told me she wished to read a passage from the bible she had in her hand. As she started reading, I shifted my weight to my left leg and bent my right knee slightly. This caused the head of my cock to be exposed. The younger one’s eyes widened as she saw what was sliding into view. She glanced up and our eyes met. She smiled and looked back at my cock. Of course, this caused me to get an instant hard on. Meanwhile the older one was still reading aloud from the bible and did not see what was happening. The lightly held, light weight, towel slid up and completely exposed my hard seven and half inch cock. The younger one and I were both smiling and exchanging looks. My cock was as hard as it could get and dripping with pre-cum. She stood there looking at my dripping cock and smiling, while her companion was reading to me from the bible. At one point the younger one moved to her right where she could still see my cock, but she could see her companions face better. We looked at each other and smiled, I looked down at my cock back at her and then I looked at the one reading. We both exchanged smiles. She knew what I was thinking; She wanted to see her friend’s face when she finally saw my cock. She stood there looking and smiling. But she never said a word.
Finally the older one finished her reading and closed the bible. Now she saw the hard cock about two feet from her. Her eyes widened and she began blinking rapidly, she stared at my cock for about five seconds. The startled look on her face told me she couldn’t believe what she was looking at. She almost dropped her bible. She looked towards her companion. When she saw the big smile on her face, She also smiled and looked back at my big hard cock.
While pretending she didn’t see the big hard cock in front of her, with barely restrained nervous laughter she quoted from the bible and talked about Jehovah. They both kept glancing from; the head of my cock down at the deck as my very horny cock was dripping a steady stream of pre-cum into a puddle. After a few minutes she said she had some pamphlets for me and asked for a small donation.
I told her I didn’t have any money on me, but I would be right back with some. I stepped around the corner out of their sight and stopped to listen. I could not make out the whispered words, but I sure could hear the giggles.
After adjusting the towel to make sure my hard and dripping cock was fully and completely exposed. I returned with a couple of dollars. They both talked about the pamphlets and Jehovah. They tried to keep a straight face, but they were both giggling like two teenaged girls. When they could no longer find any reason to be stay. They thanked me for the donation and walked off whispering to each other and giggling.
I mentally thanked my sisters and cousin for awakening my exhibitionist tendencies as I stroked my raging hard on.

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2016-12-30 09:55:01
When I was about 15-16 I lived somewhere with a lot of Jehova Witnesses coming around. I saw some coming up the street, so I left the front door open, got naked, wet my hair and just at the right moment I strode out into the hallway, pretending to dry my hair. They were 2 older women. I pretended to get a fright and cover myself up, apologising. The main woman knew exactly what I was doing, and was very serious. She did a short speal, looking me straight in the eye. I said I wasn't interested, and they went. Another time there was a cute young woman doing some sort of survey. I did the same setup, and it worked brilliantly. She didn't suspect it was a setup, and she was doing more apologising than me! She kept trying to suppress a smile all the time. I loved it. Now I have found an outlet. I'm an occasional life drawing model. I enjoy it so much that I will sometimes travel 1.5 hours to the life drawing class. I don't get hardons, but I do have to wipe off precum between poses.


2010-05-13 16:05:54
I have always had exhibitionist tendancies, but unlike you, I haven't had the guts to present my cockf to women I know. I love to go naked in the woods though and stand in the woods by the interstate and jack off. Once, at night, I got naked and jacked off in front of a lighted billboard by the interstate and waved at passing cars. I got naked once at in front of a vacant store at a strip mall and took a picture of myslef with a Poloroid camera. I once walked around an incclosed mall in another city in just a tee shirt and my solid color undewear boxers. On that occasion, I jack on my cock in a booth at a Subway resturant. One of my favorite activities was when I owned a trench coat that had slits in the pockets that allowed my hands to go inside the coat unobserved. I used to wear underneath this coat just a pair of pants open as wide as I could get them held up with jusgt a belt. I would follow women and girls around department stores in this outfit and jack off.


2008-04-21 06:38:31
just look at that one asshole (fbailey).......always
pos... comments for other people's stories {but} he
can't handle comments on his


2007-05-01 23:38:37
kind of ironic isn't it, someone complaining about the story being dumb...and they can't even spell it,
shows how people can be hypocritical assholes when they really want to be, eh trell


2007-05-01 20:33:26
By the way, Trell, dumb is spelled with a "b"...

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