she used again
Melissa slowly opened her eyes and looked around the room trying to put her brain into some sort of order. She stretched and yawned. As her eyes looked around the room it slowly began to come back to her. The reason her body felt sore, yet strangely satisfied. She jumped out of the bed, her eyes stretched wide with fright. Oh god, she was in the room behind the bar! Naked! What was she going to do?

She could see that there was just a bath a toilet and the bed in the room and only one door. The one she knew led to the bar. She didn't want to exit through the bar. She walked across and squatted over the toilet, letting a golden stream of hot pee hit the pan with a hiss. She winced as it stung her sore abused cunt. She took hold of the toilet roll and was surprised to find that it was soft not rough as she had expected. She carefully wiped her cunt.

She decided to get back into the bed. She had just re-covered her body when the door opened. Outlined in the doorway was the big bear of a man with the enormous cock. He smiled as he walked over to the bed and handed her a mug. She looked at him in surprise. She could smell the coffee that it contained.

She sat up to accept the coffee. As she did so the cover fell allowing her breasts to be free to his gaze. She was about to grab the cover when she realised that she didn't care if he looked at her. She sipped the coffee as he gazed at her breasts. His eyes drinking in the roundness, and the large areoles topped off with the small cherry nipples. He licked his lips as he looked. Melissa watched him as he watched her. She suddenly realised that her own body was becoming hot under his gaze. Her cunt was growing damp.

The big man must have sensed this because he laughed. "You growing hot again, baby?" he asked Melissa tried to deny what was obvious. The man held out his hand and said " Butch ". She took it and said "Melissa". They held hands and laughed. Butch let go of her hand and placed his hand on her breast, playing with her hard nipple. Melissa sipped her coffee then placed the empty mug on the side of the bed. Butch now had both hands on both her breasts, teasing her nipples.

Melissa wriggled. Her cunt was now wet. Butch bent his head and took one of her nipples in his mouth. Licking and gently biting it. Melissa shivered. Butch removed his mouth from her nipple and removed the bedcover from her body and dropped it to the floor. He then put his mouth back to her nipple teasing, making Melissa moan.

Butch placed his hand on her cunt. Melissa jumped. Butch realised then how sore her cunt must be. So he gently rubbed his finger along her wet cunt. Melissa moaned. Butch took this as assent. So he slowly inserted his finger into her cunt. Slowly fucked it in and out. Being surprisingly gentle for such a big man. Melissa pushed her hips against his finger. He gently added another finger and fucked her faster. Melissa moaned and was surprised to realise that she was so wet that it didn't hurt. She closed her eyes and moved her hips more. She felt Butch add a third finger to the two already up her cunt. Though stretched there was no pain. Only pleasure. She was wetter and more slippery then she had ever been. She moaned loudly. Butch positioned himself between her legs. He removed his fingers at the last moment and pushed his enormous cock up her cunt. He grunted as he thrust slowly up her wet and slippery cunt.

Melissa pushed upwards with her hips, pushing his cock up her cunt more. She felt how his cock stretched her, filling her. She loved the feeling. Butch moved faster as she got wetter. She moaned as he thrust harder and faster. He then groaned and thrust right to the hilt. Jerked and shot his load into her. Jet after jet of hot spunk hit her womb. Melissa shuddered and came. Wet and sweet all over his balls. Butch lifted his head looked into her face and laughed. Then he bent and kissed her. She smiled. Butch withdrew his cock and stood in front of her, naked showing his cock in all its wet glory.

Butch looked at Melissa and spoke. " You are one hot bitch". Melissa laughed and nodded in agreement. " I have a different crowd in tonight." he paused not quite knowing what to say. Melissa looked at him. Guessing, but wanting this man to say the words out loud. " Would you? " Melissa laughed. She took pity on him. Nodded her consent.

He wordlessly took her hand and led her naked into the bar. A cheer rose. Melissa suddenly felt as if everyone in the bar had watched the sex she had just enjoyed with Butch. She looked at Butch and he smiled at her. She relaxed slightly. The barman walked over and handed her a glass containing rum and coke. She tossed it back in one. The people in the bar cheered.

Butch placed Melissa on a new table in the middle of the bar. The tabletop was cold to her arse. Melissa shivered. A man stood up and walked towards Melissa. He smiled at her then suddenly grabbed her legs spreading them wide; he thrust three fingers into her wide-open cunt. Melissa jerked at the suddenness. The man bent and took her nipple in his mouth as he fucked her cunt with his fingers.

Melissa was suddenly aware of another pair of hands holding her legs and touching her breast. Then a hard cock was thrust into her mouth. She licked and sucked this cock, enjoying the taste. The man thrust fucking her face with his stiff cock. Melissa was surprised when she realised that her legs were now shackled to the table that had somehow been split. Taking her legs as wide apart as humanly possible.

She felt her cunt being entered by a hot cock. He fucked her hard and fast. As did the man in her mouth. They both thrust in unison. They shuddered and came together. Filling her mouth and cunt at the same time. Melissa moaned. She felt a gentle tongue licking at her clit and cunt. Then she was kissed by a tongue probing her mouth, tasting the cum in her mouth. She felt two mouths suckling on her nipples. She moaned. It felt so good. She felt a cock being placed in each hand. She closed her fingers around the cocks and slowly wanked them. Slowly moving her hand up and down the shafts firmly. She felt her cunt being filled by another cock. A hot stiff cock was also filling her mouth. She felt so dirty. Yet so very sexy. Being fucked in nearly all her holes.

As this thought went through her head. She felt a finger rubbing round her puckered anus. She wanted to move away from the probing finger but couldn't. So she whimpered. The man thrust his cock further down her throat making her eyes bulge and her gag trying to push the cock out of her throat. The finger thrust into her anus as the cock thrust hard up her cunt. She would have screamed but couldn't. So she gripped the cocks in her hands harder and became rougher with them.

She felt them stiffen and jerk shooting hot cum onto her breasts. She could feel it dripping down her sides. She heard someone groan and the man in her mouth came. Shooting cum down her throat. Then she felt the cock up her cunt spasm and shoot hot spunk inside her. She could hear the crowd clapping and cheering. Then she felt multiple tongues licking her body. Licking cum off her breasts. She had never felt anything like it before and shuddered to an orgasm.

She felt something bushy against her cunt and looked down to see a man with a bushy beard licking her cunt. She had tingles running through her body. She giggled as the man's beard tickled her most private parts that were now on public show. She felt her head taken in a pair of hands, a tongue licking her lips so very gently. Then as she sighed and opened her mouth the tongue danced with her own tongue, a gentle sensual dance. Making both of them breathe heavily. Then she felt her breasts being covered in kisses. In fact her brain registered that every exposed part of her body was being smothered in kisses.

Melissa shook and moaned against the tongue oh so gently kissing her. She thrust her cunt into the man's bushy beard as she came writhing and moaning, gushing sweet nectar into his mouth, covering his beard too. When he stood up to thrust his cock up her wet slippery oh so wide-open cunt, everyone could see her cunt juices glistening in his bushy beard. He sighed happily as he slipped his swollen hot member up her hot wet cunt. The man kissing Melissa also changed positions and replaced his tongue with a stiff prick. Melissa sighed she just loved sucking cock.

The prick in her mouth was thicker then average; her mouth was stretched as he thrust in and out, making her shudder and gasp. It tasted so very good. When he shot his load into her mouth she swallowed it all. Moaning in near ecstasy. She felt the man fucking her tense, he withdraw and shot his spunk all over her stomach and breasts. There was no shortage of mouths willing to clean the spunk from her body.

She felt herself being unshackled. She sat up and was handed another drink, which she drank gratefully. She looked round the barroom and saw at least twenty or more cocks being stroked. She also saw at least four acts of cock sucking.

Melissa saw three black men approaching her. She gasped as she saw the size of the men's cocks. She was lifted off the table and one of the black men lay on the table. She understood at once, as she was help onto the table too. She lowered herself onto his stiff cock. Impaling herself up her wet juicy cunt. She sighed in pleasure as the cock filled and stretched her cunt. She moaned as she had a big black cock placed against her lips. She opened her moth put out her tongue and licked all over his shaft before drawing him deep into her throat. It was his turn to moan. She was enjoying the cock in her mouth so much her brain didn't register that her ass hole was being assaulted until the thick black cock was past her sphincter muscle and was part way up her back passage. God it hurt but felt good too. Pleasure and pain. She would have howled in pleasure had it not been for the cock filling her mouth. She had every orifice filled and god she loved it. She thrust her hips back to meet the two thrusting cocks. The prick in her mouth throbbed and grew indicating that he was about to shoot his load.

He withdrew and shot jets of spunk onto Melissa's face. The men fucking her cunt and ass also withdrew and shot their loads over her body. As she opened her eyes she saw at least ten cocks all being wanked over her body. One after the other they shot their loads onto Melissa's body. When the last one had shot his load not one inch of Melissa's body was cum free. Melissa screamed and had a mind-blowing orgasm. She saw stars and screwed up her eyes as her cunt pulsated and danced gushing sweet nectar, so that it dripped down her thighs to mingle with the cum that covered her body and the floor. The crowd hooted, shouted, clapped and cheered.

Butch walked across to the table smiled at Melissa's cum covered body. Picking her up he carried her once more to the room behind the bar. Placing her in the warm scented water, he cleaned her of cum that smothered her body. Licking it from her breasts before rubbing the bar of soap over them. Making her nipples jump to attention and her breasts jiggle. He laughed and asked if she hadn't had enough for one night. Melissa looked at him with her come to bed eyes and grinned. He lifted her from the bath and dried her body. He grinned at her obviously aroused body. Suckling her nipples as he dried her.

He carried her over to the bed, tucked the quilt around her and told her to sleep. As he left the room Melissa grinned to herself and realised that she loved being fucked. She knew she wouldn't be leaving anytime soon and didn't want to.


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