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Jabbing Jessica

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Of all the luck my car had to break down on that day. Not only was it snowing heavily but there was a company happy hour after work that night. Happy hours seemed to be important at the company as it was a chance to get to know the big wigs and besides those who didn't go did not get promotions or the best assignments. So, not only did I have to figure out how to get home but to and from the bar.

As soon as I got to work I went and asked my sister for a ride. I figured I had it made as she and I would be getting together after happy hour anyway. She worked just down the hall from my office. Poking my head in the door I asked, "Hey Beth my car is in the shop; can you give a ride to this hard up man?"

"Oh, Matt, I was about to call you and cancel for this evening as some old college friends are in town. But, come in and shut the door and we'll see what we can figure out together." My sister is absolutely gorgeous at five feet four inches tall and 125 pounds with beautiful D cup titties and sweet blue eyes. Her brunette hair comes all the way down to her large heart shaped ass. I had admired her figure ever since I hit puberty.

"So, you can't even give me a ride to happy hour, Sis?"

"No little brother, I can't. Sorry, I am even leaving work early. But, come over here and have a seat and maybe we can work something out.

"Like what, I need to get from here to the bar and from the bar home in this fucking weather; there probably isn't anyone who is likely to do that."

"Now little brother would I ever let you down? Now assume your position in my chair and I will take care of everything." My pecker got rock hard instantly as I knew what this meant and dutifully unzipped my pants and yanked out my cock. Meanwhile, Beth held her skirt up with one hand while she unfastened her garter belt with the other hand.

"I don't understand how fooling around with you accomplishes anything about my ride situation?" She stepped forward so that her yellow bikini panties were only a few inches from my face. We had been fucking for several weeks ever since we found out that both of us were making love to our mother in a special garden in the backyard of mom's house. The aroma of her hot cunt filled my nostrils.

"Come on and pull down sissy's sexy panties and kiss my cunny and I promise you will ride in style tonight." Beth had always been true to her word so greedily I yanked down her underwear. Promptly she sat down on the desk and picked up the phone and began dialing. Seeing me just sit there waiting for her to make her call she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her steam tunnel.

Gently I caressed her brown bush pushing the hair away from her hot pink lips and dove my mouth for her long gash. I scooped my tongue up and down its length before wrapping it around her hot button. At first, I gently flicked it quickly with my tongue over a dozen times before capturing it between my lips and giving it a good hard sucking. As I was doing this she was carrying out a normal conversation on the phone.

"Hey, Jessica, Beth here; can you do me a big favor? You are going to happy hour tonight aren't you; can you give my brother a ride there and home? His nasty little Junker of a car is broke down. Oh thank you and I owe you big." All the while her cunt was being ground rhythmically in my face until just as she hung up the phone a massive load of her sweet honey streamed onto my face.

Admiring my accomplishment with her cum dripping from my chin and a large wet spot on her desk I smiled up at my sister. Beth took in a deep breath recovering from her orgasm. As I sat back in her steno chair I queried, "So, I guess you got me a ride?"

"Of course I did and you can repay me by giving me a ride right now," she sensually responded. She slid forward on her desk as she grabbed her panties. She took and laid them around my pecker to protect my pants from cum spots from her cunt or my cock. It was a trick she had showed me when we started grabbing quickies at work a couple of weeks earlier. She gave my rod a couple of hard squeezes and tugged it until I thought she was going to lift me off of the chair.

"So, who did you get to drive me later?" I asked her this as she put her arms on my shoulders. Gracefully she landed on my lap with her legs straddling the sides of the armless chair. I placed my hands on her plump ass as she lifted her hot honey pot just above my throbbing member.

"You know Jessica on the second floor? She said she would give you a ride."

"Oh you mean the sexy black lady with the figure that stops traffic?"

"That's the one," she cooed as she pushed the head of my cock between her silky lips and deeper and deeper into her tight tunnel. My fingers dug hard into her butt cheeks as she took her ride on my seven inches. Her eyes closed and she threw her head back as her bouncing was causing the chair beneath us to let out squeaks of protest at our abuse.

Beth lowered one hand from my shoulder to her clit and began rapidly frigging herself. Meanwhile, I had moved one of my hands under her blouse and was squeezing the shit out of her boobs through her silky bra. Our breathing was getting deeper as Beth's pace quickened. I let out a loud low grunt as I spilled a big wad of jism into her hot box. But, she wasn't quite done as her hips continued to ride my pecker until she squealed out about a minute later in her own orgasm.

Gingerly she got up letting my now flaccid penis fall onto her yellow panties. My sister grabbed the panties and wrapped them around my prick and used them to wipe her juices off of me. Then sitting back on her desk she put back on the now sticky panties as I shoved my limp dick back in my trousers.

"Thanks for getting me the ride this evening," I said still breathing heavily. Struggling to my feet I leaned in and gave her a small kiss on her lips. She smiled broadly at me knowing that I was also thanking her for the ride she had just taken on my manhood.

"No problem and sorry I had to cancel our evening after happy hour tonight. I will make it up to you Monday evening in Mom's garden; I promise." I gave her a knowing smile and tucked back in my shirt. As she was straightening her hair and smoothing out her skirt and blouse someone knocked on her office door. Catching our collective breath I went over and let her secretary in and walked to my office.

The rest of the day seemed to creep by. I didn't really like these happy hour get togethers and was dreading it even more as someone I didn't really know was taking me. The ride over to the bar would be a big strain as I hated small talk. Jessica was a foxy lady but I only knew her from saying hello as we passed in the hall and we had been to a couple of training sessions together.

If Jessica had been white I probably would have made a point of getting to know her. But it was 1978 and there was still a taboo about inter-racial dating. She was undoubtedly the sexiest lady in our building at five feet five inches tall and 140 pounds. All of the men ogled her boobs which were D cups; but probably bigger. But just as impressive to me were her long milk chocolate legs that swelled to form a mammoth ass that stood out proudly and firmly from her backside. Even if her perfect figure didn't turn your head her cool dreamy brown eyes and jet black hair would draw you right into her spell.

5:00 finally rolled around and the was a knock at my open door. I swirled around in my chair to see a goddess standing there. It was Jessica wearing a skin tight scoop neck blouse and a short mini-skirt. The red of her outfit seemed to shimmer under the lights of my office as she asked, "Matt, are you ready to boogie out of here?"

"You bet your life I am ready to get out of this sweat shop," I answered as I struggled to unglue my eyes from this vision of sensuality. Following her to the coat rack my gaze was fixed on the gentle sway of her ass. Once we bundled up it was easier to maintain my composure and follow her out to her sporty little Mustang.

"This God Damn snow is for the fucking birds," Jessica ranted.

"It is nasty no doubt about it," was all I could reply.

"I was supposed to go clubbing tonight; I just love to dance and have fun. Now this fucking storm hits so no one will be out and I don't like driving in this shit anyway." Now I felt like shit getting her out on the roads when she doesn't like driving in bad weather.

"Well, thanks again for the ride. I am sorry to make you drive all the extra way to my place." Jessica just nodded her head in acknowledgement and smiled at me with her lovely white teeth. As we drove along we both relaxed a bit more and I found myself looking at her legs which seemed even longer as she worked the pedals of the car.

It was the usual bullshit at the bar. People were talking about the job being careful not to complain loud enough that the bosses would here. The more the group drank the rowdier and raunchier the conversation turned. After several drinks I didn't hide the fact that I was staring at Jessica's lap.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her skirt as I was afraid that I would miss it if she accidentally revealed a glimpse of her panties. But, alas, Jessica was a pro when it came to wearing mini-skirts and was able to move freely and not once allow me so much as a peak. I was sure now that if I saw her crotch it was because she let me.

Sexual banter was flowing freely and girls and guys were openly flirting with each other. To my surprise, Jessica and I were among those flirting with one another. The sexual tension rose to a whole new level as she proclaimed to me, "I don't go out with many white guys as all of them I have been with have pencil dicks!"

"And how many white guys have you been with?"

"A few, enough to know that none of them would stretch any sister's pussy." She seemed to be confident in her facts but I couldn't let it pass.

"Speaking as a white guy you just haven't fucked the right men."

"And I suppose that you think that you are equipped enough to stretch a sister's twat?" I looked at her and smiled not really sure if I had a pencil dick in her eyes or if I could really be credited with having a pussy pleaser. Just then she looked down and saw the large bulge in my pants.

"I'm not sure about that and there is only one way to find out. But, I know that if mine isn't a pussy pleaser there are plenty of white guys who have wide enough cocks to please a sister." Teasingly I ran my fingertips up her leg and kind of giggled nervously.

She leaned over and put her mouth near my ear.

"Judging by that happy bulge in your pants you may just have a decent prick," she whispered. Then she got up and used the restroom. When she came back the conversation switched gears and our flirting cooled down substantially. I was both relieved and disappointed. After a few more drinks we decided to head out into the night.

The snow was just coming to an end and the winds were calm. Everything was covered in a blanket of white. The road graders were the only noise to break the silence in the distance as we scurried to the car. Then to my shock, as we were buckling our seat belts she suggested, "My home is only about a mile and a half from here why don't we go there and wait for the road crews to get to the streets for an hour or two before running you the other 15 miles to your place?"

"That would be fine," I said without trying to sound too excited about spending more time gawking at her cock hardening body. Every sexual thought possible ran through my mind as I was almost dizzy in confusion and not sure what was in store. Playing it as cool as I could I just smiled over at her and resumed watching her legs.

"Matt, so what do you really think of my body?" This question knocked the breath out of me. As she put the car into gear I gulped and forced the answer out of my throat.

"My God, Jessica, you are a very sexy lady!" After saying this I saw the skirt rise up on her thighs until a patch of white material appeared. I thought I might cum without even touching myself. If she was just teasing me she was doing one hell of a job at it.

"Well vanilla boy if I gave you the chance would you fuck this chocolate chic?"

"Oh god yes I'd love to try some chocolate and yours looks absolutely good enough to eat!" I didn't try to hide my enthusiasm anymore. As we came to a traffic light one of her hands left the steering wheel and went for her crotch and under her panties. Without revealing anymore of the undies to my eyes she dug inside her cunt and brought out a wet finger and showed it to me as she started the vehicle rolling once again.

"Well, if you get my cunt part of the reason will be that instead of staring at my boobs all night like most guys do you seemed to be salivating over my crotch and legs. How does this taste?" As we came to a stop at another light she stuck her long slender finger in my mouth which I quickly licked clean.

"Jesus, it is heavenly; fuck I love chocolate!" She laughed at my goofy comment and then looked over at my crotch.

"Pull it out and let me see; then I'll know if you were just another honky with a pencil dick or not." I was startled at her brashness but too turned on to argue. It was difficult to get out of my pants as rigid as it was and as cramped as things were in the seat belt. But, in a few seconds she was giving it a light squeeze.

"I guess you were right not all white guys have pencil dicks after all; you are looking pretty good there. Now stuff it back away while I think about whether you are worth my trouble." I thought she was just playing with me, but wasn't quite sure. I would find out soon as we were pulling into her driveway.

We raced to the door and Jessica had it open in no time flat. She took my coat and we took turns using the bathroom as she got us each a beer. I was standing in the middle of the living room admiring her tasteful décor as she threw her arms around me and jabbed her tongue down my throat. Coming up for airy whispered, I take it you have now made up your mind."

"Not quite, but almost; have a seat there," she said purring as she pointed at a large easy chair. As soon as I was in the chair she was on my lap with her full big lips devouring my mouth. Our kissing was intense as I ran my hands all over her back and legs and she ran her hands through my hair.

A couple of times I tried to sneak my hand under her skirt but she would have none of it. My hands were only going where she wanted them to go and when she wanted them to go there. After several minutes of near torture she let my hands travel inside of her blouse to her silky bra. As my hand traveled from one tit to the other she pulled her blouse off over her head with her bra soon following.

"Your boobs are fucking amazing!" They were huge and stuck straight out from her chest. Both jugs were perfect cones coming to a point at her hard brown nipples. The nipples were truly the size of pencil erasers.

"Well, don't just sit there eat my chocolate cones, Matt." Cupping both tits with my hands I took her rock hard nipples into my mouth and flicked my tongue across them. As I sucked from one to another she ground her twin globes in my face as she unbuttoned and removed my shirt. I reached down to her skirt and was quickly rebuffed again.

"Oh fuck, Matt suck the whole damn thing into that fucking mouth; make me cum sucking my tits." Opening my mouth as wide as I could get I sucked in as much of that massive orb as I could. She sighed deeply as I licked, sucked, and bit all over her bark brown jugs. She was squirming all over my lap as her moaning got louder.

Oh fuck, I love eating your chocolate cones," I panted while taking a breath. She wrapped her hands tighter around my head and threw her head back in ecstasy. Her whole body shook as Jessica had her first orgasm. I tried in vain again to slip my hand under her skirt but again was stopped. She pulled her breasts out of my mouth and stood in front of me.

"That was fucking good; now follow me to my room and we will see what we can do with that white meat of yours," Jessica seductively purred. With my eyes fixed on her plump ass I followed her down the hall to her bedroom. It was a large sparsely furnished room with a queen sized bed. She merely pointed at me and motioned for me to remove my pants, shoes, and socks. When I started to take off my briefs she put a stop sign up.

Saying nothing she stood near the bed and kicked off her shoes and then slowly and teasingly dropped her skirt to the floor. I nearly passed out at the sight that greeted me. My cock was now pointing straight out in an almost painful erection the likes of which I had rarely felt. My heart was racing out of control.

It was a jaw dropping sight as she was standing there in nothing but her white silk bikini panties. They were a perfect contrast to her chocolate brown body as they seemed to jump out at me. And, God they were white; they were a brighter white than I had ever seen; whiter than the snow that covered the ground outside. They fit her as tight as a glove accenting her crotch and ass marvelously.

There was a small triangle of lace coming from each seam at the sides of the garment. As she turned to lay her skirt on a nearby chair I could see the glaring white of the undies was only interrupted by a wet spot in the heart of the crotch. This was the sexiest sight I have ever seen; no other woman naked or scantily dressed has ever turned me on as much as Jessica did in those bright white panties against her sexy dark skin.

Timidly I took a couple of steps toward this goddess. Coming together she kissed me passionately as I ran my hands down to the cheeks of her ass which caused a shudder to go through my body. Reaching a hand between us she latched on to my cock and gave it a squeeze saying, "This is the biggest hunk of white meat I've ever seen."

Kissing me again she pushed my briefs off over my ass and they fell to the floor. As I stepped out of them Jessica sprawled out on the bed inviting me to join her with her panty clad ass looking up at me just asking for loving.

Taking a deep breath I straddled her thighs and began slowly to explore her. As I rubbed my hands on her slender back I was amazed that anyone could have skin this soft. Leaning down I planted soft little kisses all the way down her back until I reached the thin elastic band at the top of her panties.

Giving in to my panty fetish I wedged myself between her legs and laid down with my face at her round rump. The smooth silk felt glorious under my hands. I kissed licked and kneaded her ass through her undies until she began grinding that big rear in my face. She must have been enjoying it as soon she pushed her feet under my hips and began toying roughly with my erection.

Up and down each cheek my mouth traveled and then into her crack pushing the panties deeper and deeper into it. Then I kissed back up the cheeks and back down once again down into the crack; each time the aroma of her womanhood grew stronger and stronger and the movement of her ass grew in intensity. Damn these were sexy panties.

I was about to ask her to roll over so that I could give her front side some loving when she did just that. The first thing I noticed was the wet spot which had doubled in size from when she had taken off her skirt. As with her rear I attacked her panties mercilessly. I could feel her full forested bush under the silky material and even see the outline of her cunt lips

After kissing the entire front panel of the bikini I went to work on the crotch kissing and licking just as if I were kissing her pussy without the panties in the way. Soon Jessica was humping my face and again had grabbed my cock between her sweet little feet. Between my saliva and her juices the panties were getting soaked when she demanded, "I can tell you have a thing for my panties but, how about ripping the fuckers off and eat the real thing damn it!"

She was right as much as I enjoyed making love to her panties it was time to take them off and see if the glory of her cunt matched the rest of her. I hooked my thumbs in the sides of the undies as she elevated her ass off of the bed. With the silky material clear of her butt she lifted her legs putting them together as she pointed them straight up to the ceiling. Quickly I worked them up the long legs and off of her feet.

As her legs came down on each side of me I got my first glimpse of Jessica's pussy. It was a feast for the eyes as she pulled her knees up so that her kitty was pointed straight at my face. Her cunt was surrounded by a thick black bush. Her fiery reddish pink pussy lips seemed to call to me from the brown skin and black hair that surrounded them.

There was no delaying tactics as my face was licking her juices before she was fully settled back down. After doing an initial probing and licking up her flood of juices I moved my mouth to her clit. As I chewed and licked her hot button I used one hand to play in her swampy cunt and the other to tease her tight little asshole.

Looking over her stomach I could see her playing with her boobs with one hand while she had the fingers of her other hand intertwined in my hair. Her feet were smashing my butt as her pelvis gyrated to my lavish attention to her crotch. Her cunt juices flowed all over the two fingers that were now inside her twat as I poked a finger up to my knuckle up her ass hole. She cried out, "Oh fuck, yes."

Licking her cunt faster I could feel her whole body stiffen as I finger fucked her cunt and bowels. Pulling hard on my hair Jessica let out a shriek, obviously Cumming hard, as I glanced up momentarily asking, "So, I gather you like white boy loving?"

"Oh shut up and fuck me; get that hunk of white meat inside of my pussy, right now," she responded hoarsely and out of breath. First, I pulled the finger out of her ass and tasted her nasty bowels and knew I wanted more of that. Then, I popped the fingers from her cunt and quickly licked them clean as she spread her legs wider.

Without any hesitation I moved up her body and as I admired her smooth soft sexy milk chocolate skin yet again Jessica gave my cock one hell of a hard yank pulling it toward her hungry twat. As I pushed into her womanhood her cunt seemed to swallow my member up; sucking it right in. Then the skillful muscles of her cunt began milking my cock. Powerfully I stroked my tool in and out of her tight quarters.

Each of my thrusts was met with a counter thrust as well as the never ending contractions of her cunt against my probing prick. Her head was rolling from side to side as her fingers dug deeply into my ass. Every muscle in my body was straining and I could hardly breathe as we continued the pummeling. Harder and harder we worked on each other as the sound of skin smacking against skin filled the room as I uttered, "oh God, oh fuck Jessica, I'm going to cum."

"Not yet you bastard; you better bring me along with you, you son of a bitch." Her demand had the effect of exciting me so much that I shot a huge load of spunk deep into her tunnel. To my relief my cock didn't let me down staying stiff as a board and I didn't miss a beat as I slammed in and out of her now sloppy cunt.

I could feel my balls tighten again and spill more spunk into her as Jessica grabbed me extra hard while she let out a guttural growl as she came flooding my cock with her cum. All at once she let go of me and just laid there limply. So, gently I rolled off of her feeling serene about what we had just done and admiring the beauty of this sexy woman.

Just then my lover rolled over to her side showing me her big black ass. Remembering how good my finger had tasted after pulling it out of her rosebud I reached down to play with her rump. Swatting my hand away she scooted to the edge of the bed and bluntly told me, "We had better take you the rest of the way home."

"I guess so," I meekly answered already realizing that Jessica was a strong willed woman and didn't say what she didn't mean. Of course, I was hoping for another chance with this vivacious lover. Reaching into her dresser she pulled out a pair bright purple bikini panties that looked almost as sexy on her as the snow white ones had.

Struggling to my feet I began the process of finding my clothes and putting them on ending up in her living room putting back on my shirt. My eyes were glued on her though watching her slip back on her bra and blouse. Walking over to me she jabbed her tongue down my throat then told me, "You are a great fuck; I'll have to try Vanilla again sometime; you have a wonderfully nasty hunk of cock meat."

"Oh God Jessica, this is the first time I've ever tried chocolate and you are absolutely fucking amazing," I told her as I leaned in to kiss her again. I sucked her full bottom lip into my mouth and slid my tongue over the sensual skin. Finishing the kiss she looked out the window and noticed that it had been snowing again. Turning away before we got all heated up again Jessica handed me my coat and an ice scraper and we headed out to her car together. She opened the door and started the engine to let it warm up.

The two of us worked together cleaning the snow off the windows for nearly twenty minutes. Cold and exhausted we settled back into the bucket seats and looked up at the sky and the clouds had made way for the brilliant stars to shine down on us. It was indeed beautiful until Jessica pulled out and our tires spun. It took a half an hour to drive to my apartment. Jessica debated whether or not she should turn around right away or give the snow plows a chance to do their work now that it was clear the storm was finally over. I swayed her decision by inviting her in for a cup of coffee.

Still cold from the work of cleaning off the car she thought that coming in for a while would give her a chance to really get warm. Having just moved in the prior weekend after staying with my mom while recovering from the shock of losing my last job I still had boxes laying all over the place.

Jessica was empathetic and said she didn't mind walking around the mess. She told me that she had better stay for only about half an hours she needed a good night's sleep. Hopefully that would be enough time to warm up and maybe the plows will have gotten to the major roads by the time she was driving back.

I headed straight to the kitchen and started the coffee brewing. While I was doing this Jessica took it upon herself to clear a spot on the coffee table and couch for us. Bringing the mugs into the front room my jaw dropped as she was standing in front of the couch in just her bra and panties causing me to exclaim, "Oh my fucking god in heaven!"

"So, Matt, you have a thing for panties, huh? Which do you like better these purple ones or the white ones I had on earlier?" I didn't need to think about my answer.

"I loved the white ones for sure but, those purple undies look amazing, too." She took a mug from me and took a big sip and after sitting it down on the table lightly stroked her finger across the newly returned bulge in my pants.

"I thought so; here is a gift to remember this evening by. Now, why don't you strip off those clothes for me; time is wasting." Reaching in her purse she pulled out the white panties she had worn during our earlier fun and handed them to me. In a flash I was standing in front of her nude with my pecker pointing straight at her belly button.

Sauntering the four or five steps over to me she engulfed my mouth with her sexy lips. We kissed again passionately as she pushed me toward the sofa. Then shoved me down laying on top of me and whispered, "You got to eat me earlier now it is my turn to eat you and get some cream for my coffee. I just hope you can cum twice more tonight."

"Oh sexy lady, I sure hope so too," I excitedly whispered back. Quickly she kissed down my stomach until she reached my hard shaft. Cupping my balls in her hand she stuck out her tongue and lightly flicked over my pee hole. Then still using just the tip of the tongue she licked up and down all over the rigid pole. She was driving me crazy.

Jessica inhaled deeply as she covered my cock head with those full lips as her tongue swirled in circles at the tip. I could feel the inside of her cheeks as she worked her mouth toward the base of my prick. Soon she was fucking my cock with her mouth as I watched her face bob up and down. The next thing I knew all I could see was the brilliant purple of her silky panties as she had spun around and planted her crotch in my face.

Nothing needed to be said as I eagerly caressed and kissed the purple panties passionately. Squeezing my balls a bit harder she was quickly bringing me to orgasm as I thought she might swallow my prick whole as she had such suction on my cock. As the spunk rose from me I wrapped my arms tightly around her waist, holding on for dear life, while I blasted the back of her throat with a big shot of sticky cream.

As quickly as I came Jessica bounced up and stood beside the couch looking at me sipping her coffee and smiling. My eyes focused on the triangle of material covering her bush. I was struck by the pure sensuality of the purple material against her dark skin just as I had been a couple of hours earlier with the white panties. I wanted to reach out and bury my head there or rip them off of her.

Reading my mind Jessica put down the coffee and pulled down her undies exposing the slightly matted hair. Then she slid to the floor and laid her belly across the table wiggling that large ass at my face. Hoping that I understood just what she wanted I moved in behind her and started making love to her butt.

Planting kisses all over both her large mounds of fudge I kissed licked, nipped and caressed like there was no tomorrow as this might be my only chance with her. Pulling her cheeks apart I made my way down the silky soft surface until I reached the deep crevice of her crack. Moans started coming from her as I got closer and closer to her rectum.

Jabbing my tongue hard against her anal opening I felt her sphincter give way. I poked my tongue in and out of her bowels fervently tongue fucking her sexy black ass. There could be no doubt that she liked this as cunt honey was running down my chin and neck. Kneading and fondling the pillow flesh of her ass I tried to stick my tongue deeper into her shit hole. Unnoticed to me her finger was rapidly frigging her clit.

"Oh fuck, you damn bastard get that tongue out of there and fuck me up the ass; come on fuck my shit hole." Giving her poop shoot a couple of more stabs I pulled away as she had read my mind again. Getting into position I rubbed my pecker deep in the crevice between her cheeks a few times and then scooping up her cunt honey I applied some to my prick and her anal opening.

Pressing the head of my member against her sphincter muscles her hole seemed unyielding as virtually none of my cock would go in. Suddenly she pushed hard against my pressure and the head popped in greeted by a squeal from her. I groaned, "I don't think I can get all the way in it is so fucking tight."

"The hell you can't; now ram that fucking thing in; come on fuck my shit come on you fucking bastard, harder," she pleaded. Giving a hard shove I sunk in another inch. Pulling back slightly I gave her bowels another ram and sank in another inch. Resting for a second to get used to the new surroundings I reached around her chest and began caressing her boobs through her bra.

There is something about the feel of tits confined in a bra; they are firmer still yet soft. The feeling of her massive orbs in my hands turned me on even more so I shoved my pecker against her resistant ass hole once again and fell in two more inches. Jessica was panting now as I pulled back and rammed in again and again each time going a little deeper. Her double chocolate tunnel was the tightest hole my cock had ever been in.

Grunting with each thrust I pounded away mercilessly. Jessica's panting became louder as I was now pummeling all the way in and out of her shit hole. My blood was boiling as I shot a load of cum into her bowels. Still excited I continued to piston her rear passage as she yelped, "Oh shit you bastard I'm cumming."

Very happy that she had cum I let my limp dick slide from her back door. It actually hurt a bit like skin might have been peeled from it like a banana. Nothing was said for over a minute as we caught our breath. Getting up Jessica walked over to her clothes and put them back on before taking another sip of coffee. My heart sank because it was obvious that our time together was ending, at least, for tonight.

My lover explained that she just had to get home as she had things to do and besides she couldn't wear the same outfit to work again. Understanding her reasoning I kissed her passionately and walked her to her car. As she got in I swatted her ass to which she replied, "Not tonight lover maybe next time."

Part of me was glad that she had left me alone as she had worn me out so much that I fell asleep right away. It was a very contented sleep and I awoke the next morning very refreshed. Neither Jessica nor I tried to make contact that Thursday but I spoke to her on Friday. She invited me to go out with her after happy hour the following Wednesday.

Of course, I happily agreed as I knew our time together would be a glorious adventure. After hanging up from Jessica I called Beth and she asked how the evening had gone Wednesday night and I just told her the standard bullshit that it had gone ok. I wasn't sure if my sister lover would be jealous of my black lover or not, so I stayed mute about my romp with Jessica.

When I got to my mother's house on Monday she wasn't there but I was greeted by Beth who told me that mom would not be home until 8:00. Taking my hand she led me to the fuck garden and unbuttoned my shirt. She didn't stop there as her hands traveled to my belt and the zipper on my pants. She had me naked in about a minute and I was glad the snow had melted and it was at least 65 degrees outside.

Quickly I returned the favor and threw her clothes on to the patio. She seemed extra horny as my cock found her hole without much foreplay. After just a few strokes she rolled me over and began riding me hard. She gasped, "Oh Matt your big white cock feels so fucking good in my snatch, Oh baby ram it home for sissy."

I wondered why she had bothered specifying that my cock was white. But, seeing her mammoth tits bouncing in front of my eyes brought me right back to the reality of stuffing her cunt while I squeezed both of her melons in my hands. Excitedly I shouted, "Oh Christ Beth, I am fucking cumming."

As we laid there recovering we decided to cool it until mom came home after all it was her fuck garden and she was entitled to enjoy the action with us. Now fully recovered Beth asked me a question out of the blue, "Little brother you have been holding out on me. Why didn't you tell me that you spent Wednesday night jabbing Jessica?"

"I didn't know what you would say if you knew that I was jabbing Jessica."

"I would say that you need to figure out a way to share that sexy lady with me. After all, Matt I have always wanted to have some hot fudge myself." I should have anticipated her desire as we have been having threesomes with mom for a couple of months at this point. We spent the time until mom got home discussing how to seduce Jessica on Wednesday evening. Beth told me that she had flirted shamelessly with Jessica after hearing that I had fucked her and she seemed to get a warm response and even some flirting in return.

The ultimate question was how to let Jessica in on our taboo incestuous relationship without turning her off and more importantly landing her in bed with both of us. The plan we came up with partly involved Beth finding excuses to visit Jessica's office and shamelessly making passes and flirting with her as well as maintaining close physical contact at the bar Wednesday evening. We had just finished formulating our plan when a voice called out from the back door, "What is the big idea of starting without your mother?"

"Kacey, we just couldn't help ourselves, come over and join the fun," I called to my mother who was looking as sexy as ever. Kicking off her sandals my parent waltzed over to us. Instantly my dick sprung to life and seeing this my mother knelt down and took the shaft into her warm mouth. My hot sister quickly went about the business of practically ripping off every stitch of mom's clothing.

Still sucking me mom was now shivering in the cooler winter night. Beth tried to warm her up by cuddling and caressing her. Then she tried to try and take mom's mind off the chilly air by diddling her clit. But mom was still too cold so asked while she was still shaking, "Children why don't we take this inside?"

Dropping my pulsating pecker from her mouth my mother didn't wait for an answer and got up and ran for the house. Beth and I were quickly on her heels following her right to her bed. As soon as my ass hit the bed mom's mouth returned to my prick and Beth began kissing all over mom's backside.

We spent the next three hours in incestual bliss. As at times I was kissing and fondling both of them simultaneously and even got to see them take one another up the ass. I couldn't help but think about how lucky of a man I was to be with these two vixens. And yet, I couldn't wait to see how things worked out Wednesday evening with my sister and my black goddess.

The next two days went by slowly with none of the ladies even giving me a second glance. This time it seemed like a waste of gas during the energy crisis as Jessica, Beth, and I each drove our own cars to the bar. Beth and I got there first so I asked her how the flirting with Jessica had gone. She told me that she was sure that Jessica was bisexual and that they had almost kissed earlier in the day and that Jessica actively flirted in return.

As far as the incest thing was concerned Beth said she all but told Jessica that we were having an incestuous affair and it didn't seem to phase her at all. She was almost certain that Jessica that understood her but we only would know for certain when we got her alone later that night. I saw the sexy Mustang approach and waved at Jessica.

Always a sight for sore eyes Jessica looked as edible as ever as she joined us and we walked into the bar. The scene was the same as it had been the week before. I had only been with the company a couple of months and the Wednesday ritual was already getting very old. Without the sexy ladies I was with it would have been torture.

Carefully Beth and I made sure that Jessica sat between us. Wasting no time we began the flirting before the first round arrived. Glad that the table hid our laps from our coworker's views I caressed Jessica's thighs. Within a couple of rounds Jessica was returning the caresses, getting higher and higher.

Not knowing what our supervisors would think we restrained ourselves from kissing or anything else overt. Whispering to Jessica, Beth overheard me ask, "What color are your undies tonight sexy lady?"

"Well stud, they are silky black bikinis," my sister answered. Then she just smiled at me coyly and pretended to be a little embarrassed that she had answered the question

Smiling herself and half laughing Jessica spoke out, "I think the question was for me. My panties are another pair of the sexy white ones you liked so much last week Vanilla Boy."

"Well, I'd love to bury my face in either one or both pairs of those sexy panties you all are wearing," I said leaning in to them. Looking down I saw Beth's hand traveling up Jessica's thigh and the black woman was doing nothing to stop my horny sister. Jessica was concentrating on other things as soon as the words came out of my mouth she had her hand wrapped firmly around my pecker.

"Your sister has her fingers inside of my panties," Jessica said softly in my ear. This almost caused me to spit my beer out. Quickly I swallowed and looked down only to see Jessica's silky crotch being moved by Beth's fingers underneath it. Looking over at Beth's face she gave me one of her sexiest smiles and licked her lips.

Whispering to the ladies about the situation and how hot we were all getting I suggested we make a break for the door. The question they came up with is where we were going and what were we doing when we got there? I suggested Jessica's place as it was closest and we would do whatever turned all of us on once we got there. Both ladies readily agreed as Beth pulled her finger from Jessica's panties as Jessica released my erection.

"I guess I had better get out of here I have a long day to put in tomorrow," I announced to everyone in the area. It was probably just a little early to leave but if I stayed any longer one of us would make a public scene. The ladies quickly, but separately followed me out of the door and we raced for Jessica's place.

Driving her Mustang I figured that Jessica would be the first one there. But, by the time she pulled up Beth and I were kissing by her front door. I had my hand up her skirt caressing the ass of her silky panties. If there were any doubt in Jessica's mind about incest between my sister and I it certainly was gone now.

"You two don't waste any time, do you? Is there room for a hot black bitch in your little family affair?" Jessica was fumbling for her keys as she asked this. Digging the elusive object from the bottom of her purse she finally let us in. Dumping her stuff on a table just inside the door she grabbed Beth's wrist and pulled her to the center of the room.

"Oh my, Jessica, you bet your ass there is," Beth answered in a squeal as Jessica pulled my sister into her arms. As I closed the door the two women were in a hard embrace. Their tongues were darting in and out of each other's mouths as their pelvises rubbed against one another while their hands powerfully sunk into their partner's butt cheeks through the material of their skirts and panties.

Amazed at this scene I stood there and watched and as they started removing one another's skirts I kicked off my shoes and got out of my shirt. By the time they were down to just their bras and panties it was too much for me. My pants were down to my knees with my briefs and I was pumping my rod ever so slowly.

The sight of my sisters black lingerie on her pale skin combined with Jessica's bright white under garments against her deep brown skin was just too damn much. It was so easy to lose control as these two contrasting sexy ladies melted into each other' tit smashing into tit and crotch rubbing crotch.

Stepping out of my clothes I walked up behind the black lady and planted my prick right in her silky ass crack. As I nibbled on her neck I stroked my rod up and down between her cheeks while reaching around both of them to caress Beth's back. Jessica separated her legs slightly and huskily whispered, "Both of you on your knees and kiss me through my panties continuing where we left off at the bar."

Eagerly I ran my mouth and hands all over that white silky ass while my sister did the same on her front side. We were both working to the heart of Jessica's sex when our tongues found each other and we kissed quickly but passionately right there between Jessica's thighs. My black goddess was obviously enjoying our attention as she was bumping and grinding us briskly.

"Fuck, Chocolate Chic I love your fucking ass," I exclaimed between kisses as I was now squishing my sister's boobs through Jessica's legs. Suddenly our black lover was pushing her way down to join us and turning around as she did. Somehow in a matter of seconds she had her empty panties in my face, her full lips on the head of my cock, and her naked ass in my sister's face." Here Vanilla Boy sniff these while I suck in this fucking light meat and I bet your sister's mouth finds my leaking twat; Oh shit, I knew it!" As she said this Beth had buried her face between Jessica's hips and was going to town on her cunt. My pecker was being vacuumed into Jessica's mouth hard and fast. I caressed Jessica's back and boobs with one hand while holding her panties to my nose with the other. The sounds of the girl's sucking and slurping grew louder and louder.

My first load blew into Jessica's mouth just as Beth's eating had caused her to cum leaving my sister's face covered in sweet honey. Swinging around Jessica ripped off Beth's panties as I rammed my cock hard into her pussy. Pleading and swishing her cunt in Jessica's face Beth moaned, "Oh shit, eat this Vanilla Twat; fucking shit, yes."

Looking down at Jessica attacking my sister's cunt and seeing that huge black ass I didn't think I would last very long as I pistoned in and out of Jessica's cunt. Then without thinking I gave her ass a swat and heard her moan from inside of Beth's cunt and felt her ass wiggle slightly. So, I swatted it again, a bit harder this time.

Her butt wiggled even more and the moan was longer this time. Soon her ass was coming up to meet my thrusts as I continued to spank her chocolate rear. Jessica's hands were now mauling Beth's tits as we continued toward orgasm. Sis's hips were bouncing off of the floor as she came over and over with her fingers practically ripping out Jessica's hair. After I fell out of Jessica and she had swallowed all of what Beth had to give we rested and had a round of drinks.

Giving my cock recuperation time the girl's started playing with each other at first just rubbing their nipples together. As their loving got more intense my cock began coming back to life. While fingering each other's assholes they took turns sucking one another's titties. Then when things got really steamy they invited me back to have fun.

For the next several hours we sucked and fucked like none of us had ever done before. Needless to say we were all like zombies at work the next day; at least, Beth and I had thought ahead and brought a change of clothes. My relationship with my sister and mother continued for a long time.

As for Jessica, we had wonderful sex several more times, both with and without Beth, but a couple of months later she got a promotion which took her out of state. Jessica did have one long lasting effect on my love life though as she widened my horizons. I found myself wanting to sample every type of girl. Not only did I want to go out with every color of the rainbow (which I did) but every age, shape and size.

When they say don't judge a book by its cover they are right as the best sex I have had hasn't always come from the "sexy" ladies. The best fuck of my life came from a black lady twenty years older than me who weighed at least 250 pounds. She did things that blew me away and with a passion unmatched from any other lover.

Alas, she didn't find me exciting enough for her. But, to this very day I wake up and swear I can taste Jessica, Beth, or my mom's cunts on my lips as I remember that wild, wild winter with them


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You're a horrible person! All the stories you stole were copywrited! What you have done is illegal! I hope the original authors come after you for this!


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I can believe that. The style changes between the stories.


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Why the fuck do so many people want tits to be bouncing off the woman's knees to consider them beautiful? D, DD, quadruple F's. It is lunach and never part of a beautiful build.


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