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A Graduation Gift For My Brother


The following is a "true story of my imagination" and inspired by a thirty-second radio spot I heard on my way to work one day. In the spot, the radio station was giving away a trip for two to the Caribbean. The winner was a very sexy sounding woman with a husky voice, who could barely contain her excitement. When asked whom she was going to take with her on the trip, the woman surprisingly answered that she would take her younger brother who had just graduated (from what, she didn't say). Of course, my mind went into overdrive working up this fantasy! Suffice it to say, by the time I pulled into the parking lot for work, I had to relax for a few minutes to let my hard on deflate.

So, before the fleeting fantasy leaves my mind, I thought I'd put it down on paper. Of course, names, towns, places…everything is a figment of my imagination and any resemblance to names, towns, places…anything in real life is purely coincidental!



Susan Watson's cell phone rang as her car moved another ten paces and stopped in the morning commute.


"Sue, Jill. Hey, Z88 just said your name as the winner of the Caribbean Getaway contest! You have ten minutes to call before they draw another name!"

"Oh my god, oh my god!! Okay, okay…uhm…"


"Oh…yeah, okay, bye…thanks Jill!" Susan said as the other end of the phone went dead. Her heart pounded as she sought the radio station's number in her cell phone's memory. She had programmed it just in case, and was now thankful that she did. She kept glancing between the road and her phone until she found the number and punched the 'talk' button. While listening to the phone ring, she made a mental note to thank her best friend, Jill, when she had the chance. She had decided to listen to a CD instead of the radio this morning, so she would have missed the announcement, if it weren't for Jill. The CD was now paused, as she waited.

"Z88, who's this?"

"Susan Watson!"

"Susan Watson! Congratulations!!! You beat the ten-minute deadline! How's it feel to be going to the Caribbean?"

"Oh my god, oh my god, I can't believe it!" Susan gasped into her phone, her breathy, husky voice dripped with sexiness on radios in cars and homes across town!

"Are you ready for some fun in the sun, Susan?" The DJ asked in that typical vanilla voice that all DJs seem to inherit or learn.

"I sure am," Susan said before squealing! "I'm so excited! I can't believe this!!"

"Can I ask who are you going to take with you?"

"Oh, my brother, Jim!"

"Oh…okay! Did you lose a bet to him or something!" The DJ joked at the unexpected answer.

"No, no," Susan replied. "He just graduated college with honors. He worked very hard so he deserves a break!"

"Hey, great, alright then! Hang on the line for some information, Susan! Tell everyone: Which radio station gives you the only summer getaway?"

"Z88!" Susan squealed, as the DJ cut her off from being on the air and put her on hold.

Ten minutes later and after giving the station her contact info, she pulled into the parking garage of the beverage company at which she worked as Assistant Marketing Director. She sat in her car for a moment, still disbelieving what had just happened. She thought of Jimmy, her younger brother, and how excited he would be to know she was taking him along, if he hadn't heard it already on the radio!

As she made her way through the garage toward her office, she thought of how close she had become to her brother. Even though nearly ten years separated them, Jimmy had always been there for her, helping her throughout her young life. At sixteen years of age, when she struggled to learn the piano, her brother, the prodigy, was there to help her. When she struggled in college with her calculus and statistics, her brother, the genius, made it look simple; always helping without making her feel inadequate. And now, at twenty-one, he was graduating from an Ivy League college with the highest honors.

Susan couldn't be prouder of her little brother, as she settled into her office chair, the door to her office shut. Muted voices and telephone rings permeated the walls. She smiled and hit the speakerphone on the 3-line telephone sitting on her desk. The sound of the dial tone filled the room. She dialed her brother's cell phone number and waited. On the third ring, Jimmy Watson voice filled her office through the speaker.


"Hey squirt, whatcha doin?"

"Watchin TV," Jimmy replied. "What's up?"

"I have a surprise for you?"

"Oh yeah? What's that?" Jimmy asked again, his interest peaked.

"How dya like to go to the Caribbean with me?"

"No way! Seriously?"

"Seriously! I just won the trip on Z88!"

"Wow! I've never won anything on the radio," Jimmy said in his boyish, yet analytical manner. "Statistically speaking, the odds are not very good, and…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! Listen little brother, is this gonna interfere with commencements?" Susan asked.

"I dunno. When do we go?"

"Radio station says we have to go next week. I can get away from work. Can you swing it?"

"For how long?"

"A week," Susan answered.

"Uh…that should work. Commencements aren't for three more weeks. I'm just hanging around until then! But, are you sure you wanna take me, Sue?"

"Sure, why not?"

"I dunno," Jimmy replied, "just seems like you might have more fun with someone else, like Jill."

"Don't be silly! You've worked really hard on your studies and you deserve a break. Think of it as repayment for all those times you helped me out: Piano, calc, stat…"

"Econ, your computer classes, world geography…" Jimmy added.

"Okay, okay!" Susan replied, jokingly annoyed. "This can be my graduation present to you!"

"Okay, you've convinced me!" Jimmy answered.

"Trust me, little brother, your big sister's more fun than you think!" Susan said. She hadn't meant it to come out in a sexy tone, but it had.

"O-kay," Jim said, drawing the word out as if unsure.

"Cool, well start pulling out your beach wear!" Susan said, cheerfully, thinking of her own clothes she owned.


"Okay, well listen, I have to go. I got a real job, you know…not like that nerdy, research assistant stuff you're gonna be doing for your graduate work!"

Jimmy laughed and said, "Okay, sis. See ya."

"Okay bye."


Susan cut the speakerphone and leaned back into her chair, smiling to herself in pensive thought. She thought of how her little brother had grown into a handsome young man, with dark eyes and dark, wavy hair that looked perpetually disheveled. His body had filled out over the last several years, but he had maintained his strikingly handsome yet boyish good looks. Susan often thought her little brother looked like Dr. John Carter on the television series, 'ER'. She looked forward to spending a week with her little brother.


Four days after winning the contest, Susan and Jim checked into respective hotel rooms at the five-star Hotel Grandeur in the heart of St. Croix's main city, Christiansted. After perusing the room's amenities, Jim went to the door connecting his room to his sister's room. He opened it and knocked on the identical door belonging to his sister's room.

"Hold on," he heard Susan say, before she unlocked and opened the door. Turning back toward her bed, she groaned, "Ugh! I'm bushed!" She threw herself back onto the Queen-size bed; staring up at the ceiling fan spinning slowly overhead. Her brother took a seat in a nearby chair, as he fought not to gaze up his sister's skirt, which had risen slightly. "So, you wanna hit the beach?" She asked, still staring at the spinning fan.

"Uhm, sure," Jimmy mumbled as he caught a slight glimpse of his sister's pink panties. He was reminded of how much his sister looked like the actress, Renee Zellweger, with her fair skin, pronounced cheekbones and full, pouty lips. He recalled the time he saw the beautiful actress in her first popular movie, and how he had marveled at the resemblance to his sister, with the cascading blond hair and dreamy, blue eyes atop a small, tightly packed body. Jimmy also recalled how he had dreamt that night of making love to the beautiful actress. And, as fuzzy as dreams go, he had also wondered when he awoke, if it wasn't, perhaps, his sister in the dream rather than the actress?

"Okay, I'm gonna change then," Susan said, rising without warning on her elbows and catching her little brother off guard; noticing his gaze diverting immediately from between her thighs. Susan watched her brother's face turn crimson, as she felt a hot flash shoot through her, realizing her brother had been staring up her skirt. In her mind, she smiled a wicked smile as she stared at her little brother.

"Okay," Jim mumbled nervously, avoiding eye contact and standing. He headed back into his room, turning on his television.

Susan smiled to herself as she heard the unmistakable sound of The Discovery Channel emanating from her brother's room, before she closed the bathroom door and stripped naked.

Half an hour later, Susan entered her brother's room through the shared doors. "Okay, I'm ready, squirt!" She said, noticing her brother had slipped on his swimming trunks; a towel wrapped around his neck as he lay upon the bed on one side, watching intently the habits of green sea turtles. "Hey!" Susan yelled jokingly at his unresponsiveness. "Ready?"

"Uhm, yeah," Jim said, rising and switching off the television as he followed his sister into her room. His attention moved from her wet, slick-backed hair to her near-perfect ass, visible through a colorful, yet thin and transparent wrap covering Susan's hips. Her taut ass was on full display due to the small, g-string she was sporting, allowing Jim to gaze lustfully at his sister's mouth-watering cheeks, as they jiggled with every step.

"You got everything?" Susan said, turning suddenly and intentionally to see if her brother was checking out her ass. He was. Again, Susan felt a slight twinge shoot through her pussy, as she smiled wickedly, staring at her little brother through her dark sunglasses. She glanced down at his crotch, noticing a slight bulge in his pants.

"Yup, I'm all set!" Jimmy said, trying to sound casual; hoping his sister had not noticed his rising boner. He prayed for it to deflate, but when he saw his sister's tits nearly exploding from the very small, white, separate top, he knew he would have no such luck. His cock twitched as he gazed at the swells of his sister's breasts, glistening from the lotion she had applied to them.

"Let's go then!" Susan said, turning and heading toward the beachfront shore. A slight sway filled her hips from the knowledge that her brother was gazing at her sweet ass.

On the beach, Susan lay in the hot sun pretending to read her suspense novel but secretly watching Jimmy spread lotion on his body. Susan couldn't help but feel spasms shoot through her pussy as she watched her brother's slender, toned body flexing with every move. She licked her lips before realizing what she was doing and pushing the lustful thoughts from her head. She returned to her book as Jimmy put on his sunglasses and leaned back on his hands, soaking up the scenery, which was filled with nubile, young girls nearly half Susan's age.

After soaking in the sun for about thirty minutes, Jim decided to cool off. "Well, I'm going in," he said, glancing briefly at his sister as he made his way toward the clear, blue water.

"Okay," Susan replied, gazing at her brother momentarily before returning to her book. But her thoughts returned to Jimmy, as she gazed at him through her dark glasses, running a long, red fingernail across her bottom lip. Susan set her book down and allowed her mind to wander, as she continued gazing at her little brother who, after cooling off for a few minutes, had struck up a conversation with a young girl.

Susan wondered if her little brother was still a virgin? He certainly had the looks to get laid, but his focus on his studies had prevented him from developing social skills until only recently. Susan wondered if the girl he was speaking to was his type? Her mind envisioned the two, young kids fucking, as she bit her bottom lip and squeezed her thighs. Her mind flashed a vision of her brother's cock slipping between the young girls lips, as a moan escaped Susan's lips.

"What is wrong with me?" She whispered to herself, standing and deciding she needed to cool off herself. Heading toward the foamy water, Susan could feel several men's eyes upon her as her small, tight body swayed as she walked. She worked hard to stay in shape, so she welcomed the hot stares, which now included her brother's.

"Going in?" he said, watching his sister walk by him and the young girl.

"Yup," Susan replied, noticing the ice-cold stare from the young girl. Susan waded into the water, letting the coolness relax her as she sunk in to her neck and turned. Her brother had ended his conversation with the young girl and returned to his seat, sitting up and gazing in his sister's direction through his sunglasses.

Susan swam and splashed, bouncing and turning, letting the water drip from her wet body as she subconsciously put on a sexy show for her brother. After a few minutes, she ran her hands over her hair as she stood in the water facing her brother. Moisture dripped from her plump breasts, as she discretely glanced in her brother's direction, while adjusting her g-string at her hips. Jimmy's head seemed riveted in her direction, she noted, smiling. His sunglasses seemingly pointed right at her, as she began to make her way back to their spot.

"Phew!" she said, reaching their settlement and grabbing her towel. "That felt good!" She said, toweling off in front of her brother, as he gazed up at her through his glasses. A noticeable bulge was present in his trunks.

Jimmy Watson gazed lustfully at his sister. He hadn't really realized that his sister's white bikini might be transparent when wet, but he now sat gazing at her hard, dark nipples visible through the semi-transparent, wet material. He let his gaze wander to her wet mound, which displayed the slightest pink spot with a thin, dark line running down the center of the wet cloth. Jimmy's cock uncoiled further, as he adjusted himself and gazed at his sister's pussy through the wet material. Susan sat back on her towel and turned toward her brother.

"Put some lotion on me?" She asked, holding the tube of sunscreen up toward her brother, as she gazed at him. She had put her sunglasses on again.

"Uhm, sure," Jimmy said, grabbing the tube quickly but taking his time in moving toward her, hoping his sister would turn away and not notice his hard cock. Luckily for him, she did.

"Thanks," Susan replied as she lay on her stomach and reached back to unsnap her bikini top, letting it fall to the sand. The creamy, white sides of her breasts were barely visible to her brother, as he began to rub lotion across her back. "Mmmm," Susan moaned, her head to one side and resting on her forearms. "That feels good," she added, as her little brother rubbed and massaged lotion across her back, briefly swiping the sides of her breasts. As he traveled further down toward his sister's exposed ass cheeks, he wondered momentarily whether to continue, when Susan spoke. "Make sure to get my butt cheeks, or I won't be able to sit down the rest of the week, and it'll be your fault!" she kidded, as she glanced back at her little brother and grinned. Her breast rose slightly, as Jimmy's eyes caught a brief glimpse of nipple, before he recovered.

"Is that humor?" He quipped, trying his best to keep the conversation light and hope that his swelling cock would deflate. As he rubbed the lotion across his sister's sumptuous cheeks, she moaned again, lifting her hips slightly. Without thinking, she spread her legs a bit and gave her brother a view of her mound from behind, and the indentation that her slit was making against the white cloth of the bikini g-string.

Jimmy Watson's cock hardened to full staff for his sister. And Susan Watson's cunt was soaked for her brother. Yet, neither brother nor sister realized or acknowledged the other's desires. At least, not yet.

Jimmy glanced around briefly, wandering if anyone was paying them any attention. But, no one did. Even the young girl with which he had struck up a conversation was gone. Jimmy did his best not to think of his sister's body as he finished rubbing lotion on it. "There you go," he said throwing the tube down next to her. "Protected by Ethylhexyl p-Methozycinnamate," he added with a wiseass tone.

"What?" Susan grumbled, not getting his reference to the active ingredient in most sun block.

"Nothing," Jimmy said, chuckling, as he lay on his stomach next to his sister, only a bit lower, so that his gaze rested on her exposed, glistening asscheeks.

"You are so weird," she replied, turning her head to look down at him. They gazed at each other through their sunglasses, neither saying much as the hot sun soaked into their already glistening bodies.

After several hours on the beach, brother and sister walked to a nearby food stand and had lunch. Susan continued to sway and flaunt her sexuality for her brother, convincing herself it was more for the men on the beach than anything else. And Jimmy continued to take in his sister's beauty, as she walked ahead of him, bent over in front of him and brushed up against him when they walked. For his part, Jimmy fought hard to keep his raging hard on under control. He longed to whip it out and stroke it to orgasm, but the thought only fueled his raging hormones. And so, he forced his mind to analyze his surroundings: What was the bacteria level of the water? What was used to make his fruity drink blue? And of course, what were the odds of a seagull shitting on him?

He continued these thoughts as they made their way back to their spot on the beach and hung out until late afternoon, when Susan had finally had enough.

"Well, squirt, stick a fork in me I'm done," Susan said, turning toward the hotel. "You staying longer?" She asked.

"Yeah, just a bit."

"Okay, see you inside," Susan replied.

"Okay," Jim said, laying back and staring up into the sky through his sunglasses.

Twenty minutes later, he grew bored and headed back. In his hotel room, he dropped his belongings as he heard the sound of the shower. He walked over to the doors separating his room from his sisters, which were still both wide open, and cautiously stepped into his sister's room. Susan was in the shower. Immediately, Jimmy noticed that his sister had left the bathroom door half open, as she hummed a pleasant tune.

Jimmy wasn't sure what possessed him to do it, but he had a sudden urge to see if he could glance his sister naked. He quietly walked over to the bathroom door and peeked inside. To his disappointment, his sister was hidden behind a heavy curtain. Just then, the shower stopped running, as Jimmy's eyes widened and his heart quickened. Quickly, he backed away and went back into his room, stopping in the doorways separating the rooms. Hidden mostly in his darkening room and peering through the crack in the doors, he could see the shower curtain in the bathroom mirror, as it moved aside and his naked sister stepped out. He caught a glimpse of her pert tits, capped with raspberry nipples, hardening from the sudden breeze. Jimmy had a hard time seeing his sister's crotch, as he shoved a hand into his trunks and stroked his cock.

As luck would have it, Susan swung the bathroom door fully open and toweled her hair, as her little brother now gazed at her stubbled mound, his cock growing as he fisted it harder. Without warning, he lost his load. The sexual torture that his sister had put him through earlier had brought him closer and closer to the edge, so that now, without realizing it, he had orgasmed within minutes. His semen soaked into his trunks, as he backed away and headed quickly into his own bathroom to shower.

Fifteen minutes later, he was out and just finished blow-drying his hair when his sister gave a courtesy knock on their shared doors before entering.

"Hey," he answered.

"Hey," she said, "I didn't know you were back."

"I just got back," he lied, as his sister came into his view and leaned against the doorjamb of the bathroom, bending a knee to rest her foot against it. She placed her hands behind her back as she leaned back, gazing at her brother in the mirror.

Jimmy thought she looked great in her small, tight, one-piece dress with spaghetti straps holding her plump breasts up. The short dress came down to her lower thigh, so that it now rose slightly as she raised her knew a bit further. Jimmy grew uncomfortable again, wondering if his sister was intentionally teasing him with her sexy body?

"So what do you feeling like eating," she said in a husky voice, suddenly adding, "for dinner…I mean?" She was unsure why she had added the last part, as she gazed at her brother for an answer. He looked so adorable, she thought, with his dark, messy hair and dark, yet, innocent looking eyes gazing at her through the mirror.

"I dunno," he answered after a long pause. "You have anything in mind?"

"I dunno," she replied, not realizing or caring that a spaghetti strap had fallen off one shoulder, resting sexily around her upper arm, as the swell of her breast was suddenly noticeable. "There's a restaurant/bar on the beach of our hotel that looks interesting. Wanna try it?" Susan asked, gazing intently at her brother in the mirror, wondering what he was thinking, as shots of pleasure rang through her groin from this intimately growing moment. She was acutely aware of the strap having fallen from her shoulder. The thought that her braless breast could pop into view if she moved again excited her, as she waited for her brother's reply. A hungry stare filled his eyes as his gaze shifted between her eyes and the slipping strap.

"Sure," Jimmy replied, finally turning his attention to himself again, as he began to brush his hair.

"Cool," Susan said, quickly raising the shoulder strap and turning into the hotel room to end the sexy moment. She could not understand why she was having sexual thoughts around her brother, or why she was feeling horny every time he was near? True, she hadn't been laid in over two months, the result of not having a steady boyfriend. But was she that hard up to go after her own brother? Perhaps it was the atmosphere, and the thought that they were alone on this island of thousands of strangers. She…no they…could do anything they wanted without concern.

The sexual tension between brother and sister was growing, unknowingly hurdling the two toward a sexual encounter with each other that neither had ever experienced or would soon forget!

Dinner was fabulous! The restaurant was magnificent with an island theme and salsa jazz playing in the background. Susan and her brother sat at a corner table seemingly lost in their own little world, as they devoured their meals. They had just finished a bottle of white wine when Susan inadvertently turned the conversation to sex.

"So," she began, keeping her eyes on her food, "how's your love life these days?" She met her brother's eyes as she chewed.

"It's non-existent," Jimmy replied, somewhat dejected, "but I don't care. I can't think about that, Sue."

"What's there to think about, Jimmy? Stop analyzing everything, little brother! Just be yourself. Take a night off once a week and go out. You're a handsome guy, Jim, and you're funny and witty! But you're never gonna meet someone if you spend all your time in a lab or at the library!"

"Have you seen the hot women at the library?" Jimmy replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm, as Susan, trying not to burst into laughter, nearly choked on her food at the comment. Jimmy smiled himself but knew his sister was right. His expression grew serious as he picked at his food. "Yeah, you're right, Sue. I just… I dunno. It's just not that easy for me." He said.

Susan gazed at her brother and felt bad for lecturing him. She hadn't meant to make him feel bad and say anything, but the wine had loosened her tongue. "Hey, sorry. I didn't mean lecture. I'll leave that to mom, okay?"

Jimmy smiled, replying, "No, don't worry 'bout it." He said, concentrating on his meal for a minute before speaking again. "How 'bout you? How's cupid treating you?" He asked somewhat timidly.

Susan smiled and thought about the last guy she had dated nearly two months earlier. He was a wealthy broker with a huge cock and ego to match. Susan ended the relationship when the megalomaniac informed her of when they would marry; when she would bear his child and when she would quit her "trivial" career; seemingly having every decision made for them. She never returned his calls after that. "Well," Susan answered, "let's just say his arrow keeps missing me." She smiled weakly as she turned to her food. "But, I don't shy away from meeting people, Jimmy. That's all I'm saying." She added, more tenderly than before. "Okay, I'm not saying anymore!" She said, angry with herself again for coming off like their nagging mother.

Her brother gave her a sympathetic smile before adding, "Sounds like this vacation came at a good time for both of us, huh? Let's just forget about everything and everybody for the next few days. What dya say?"

"Deal," Susan replied, raising her glass and tapping it with her brother's. 'Let's just forget about everything and everybody for the next few days'. Her brother's words echoed in Susan's mind, as she gazed at him eating. After dinner was over and halfway through their second bottle of wine, Susan looked over at the small, wooden dance floor a few feet from their table.

"Dance with me!" She said gleefully, grabbing her brother's hand and pulling him out of his chair.

"No…Sue, I'm not much of a…"

But Susan was already wiggling her hips sexily as she wrapped her brother's arms around her from behind. The wine had loosened her up, as she lost herself in the hot rhythm of an up tempo, salsa beat. Brother and sister danced, moving close to each other at times and twisting away at other times. Jimmy actually enjoyed himself, when he realized no one was watching them or cared what he did. He smiled widely, as he moved clumsily, gazing at his sexy sister as she smiled and winked periodically at him.

Near midnight, they headed back to their hotel rooms. Susan went through her nightly facial cleansing routine before changing into a light t-shirt in the bathroom. At the same time, Jimmy also slipped into large, baggy shorts, ready for bed. He was lying on his bed, watching a program on the history of the atom bomb, when Susan appeared in the open doorway connecting their rooms. The glow of the television seemed to bathe her in white light, as she stood gazing at her little brother.

"Well, I'm going to bed," she said sauntering sexily over to where he lay.

"Okay, goodnight. I'm just gonna finish watching this," he replied just before Susan bent over and kissed his lips briefly in a goodnight kiss. He watched her sweet ass walk away, peeking from the bottom of her t-shirt, as it jiggled with every step.

"Want me to shut my door?" She said suddenly, not knowing why she wouldn't just automatically shut her door connecting their rooms.

"Uhm…no, you don't have to. I was going to leave mine open," Jimmy lied.

"k…g'night," she said plunging her room into darkness and slipping into bed. Minutes later, she heard Jimmy's television turn off, as his room went dark also.

But sleep avoided them.

Susan tossed and turned, as she thought about her brother, her work, her love life, and again about her brother lying in the next room. Like earlier in the morning on the beach, she imagined her brother fucking the young girl and pictured him with a ten-inch cock. Susan's body betrayed her as she squeezed her thighs. Her t-shirt had risen to her stomach, revealing tiny little panties around her snug hips.

After what seemed like nearly an hour had passed, a sleepless Susan heard the unmistakable sound of heavy breathing and flesh-against-flesh. She listened in awe, as she realized her brother was jacking off. He must've thought he could be quiet enough or that she had fallen asleep, or both. She imagined that he was thinking about her as he stroked his huge cock. Involuntarily, Susan's hand slipped inside her panties to find her raw pussy already soaked. She slipped a finger into it briefly before beginning to strum her clit, matching her brother's tempo as best she could.

Jimmy Watson stroked his cock furiously as his mind shuttered through all the sexy images of his sister earlier in the day. His cock ballooned when he recalled the feel of her snug ass rubbing back against his groin, when they were dancing. She had rubbed her ass against his hardening cock briefly, before turning and smiling wickedly at him on the dance floor and winking. And with that recollection, Jimmy's cock exploded, sending ropes of cum through the darkness; onto his chest and stomach. He fought to suppress his moans.

But in the next room, his moans had been heard as Susan reached her own climax when she imagined her brother's cock shooting cum down the beach tart's throat. And just as Susan's orgasm slammed into her, Susan imagined it was she sucking her brother's cock and swallowing his cum greedily down her throat.

Brother and sister, each, had just experienced orgasms thinking of each other. And, ten minutes later, they were fast asleep, contented smiles across their faces.

The following day was spent sight seeing, snorkeling and parasailing along with more sunbathing. At dusk, they had dinner in a quiet, intimate restaurant that served upscale, Caribbean fare. Susan had curried shrimp and coconut, while Jim had pork chops in mango chutney. They shared a dessert of West Indian banana fritters; ending with a cup of Jamaican style coffee each.

"Let's check out the Bamboo Club later. The one we saw today!" Susan exclaimed, referring to the open-aired bar they had seen while searching for a lunch spot.

"Okay!" Jimmy replied. "It's on the other side of our hotel from here, I think. Shouldn't take long to get there!"

"No it shouldn't, but I wanna go back to the hotel and freshen up. How 'bout I meet you at the bar? No sense you coming back to the hotel if you don't have to." Susan added, as they made their way back toward the hotel.

After a brisk fifteen-minute walk, they reached the hotel. "Okay, I'll head to the club and wait for you at the bar," Jimmy said.

"Okay," Susan answered, "I shouldn't be too long." And with that, she headed into the hotel.

In her hotel room, Susan changed into a light, cream-colored shirt and matching skirt. She touched up her hair and make-up before slipping on cream-colored sandals and heading back toward the bar. She sprayed on some more perfume and left the room. As she walked through the lushly appointed corridor, she was struck with a wicked thought and ran back into her room. In the bathroom again, she easily whisked off her panties. Holding them between her fingers and staring at them, she smiled wickedly, wondering what was possessing her to do this? She wasn't sure. All she knew was that she wanted to do it and see her brother's reaction. Tossing the panties in her dirty laundry pile, she headed back to her waiting brother.

In the Bamboo Club, she spotted her brother seated at the bar. He seemed nervous and out of his element. "Buy me a drink?" she asked jokingly in a husky voice, as Jimmy turned and stared at her.

"Wow, sis," he said, "you really freshened up! You look great!!" His eyes were heavy and glazed, as he picked up his drink.

"How many of those have you had?" she asked, jokingly, as she took a seat next to him and crossed her legs.

"This is my second," he replied, slightly slurring his words. "But it's got strong rum in it, the bartender said. Twice as strong as regular stuff."

Susan smiled and ordered a drink. She crossed her legs completely in her brother's direction, but after a few minutes of chatting, she made her move, and uncrossed her legs ever so slightly, giving her brother a clear view up her skirt.

And Jimmy noticed his sister's pussy immediately, gazing intently at it as his cock hardened. In his intoxicated state, he held his gaze longer than he would have normally, before he glanced up and met his sister's eyes. Grinning, she brought her hand to his head and moved a wisp of hair from his eyes.

"What's wrong, little brother?" she whispered sexily, holding her legs open as her brother flashed glances at her humid pussy. "You look flushed?" She added, teasingly, taking a long swig through her straw of her newly arrived Mai Tai.

Jimmy's muddled thoughts followed his stare back to his sister's pussy before he glanced back into her eyes and said, "Uhm…nothing. Nothing's wrong. You just look… really really, nice!" He added.

Susan's heart beat wildly in her chest, as blood rushed through her head. Her pussy gushed at the thought of her brother gazing at it from two feet away, especially in the knowledge that she was allowing him to stare at it. She wanted her little brother to gaze at her wet pussy!

"Just…'nice'?" She asked, with a pouty expression.

Jimmy continued gazing hazily into his sister's eyes and pussy, before correcting himself. "Hot, okay? You look…really hot!"

Susan laughed and tussled his hair but remained in the position she was in, affording her brother the unobstructed view of her moist, raw pussy.

Brother and sister continued drinking and talking, as Susan kept her legs crossed but spread, watching her little brother drink in her now flowering pussy. After nearly two hours of drinking, dancing and unmerciful teasing, Susan had had enough.

"Hey, let's go for a walk on the beach!" She said, her eyes shone, as the effects of the alcohol began to affect her, too.

"Okay," Jimmy said, no longer concerned with the visible bulge in his pants, and no longer concerned that his sister knew he was staring at her pussy. He surmised that she had wanted him to stare at it. Why, he wasn't sure, but he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity for masturbation memories. He would have liked to have stayed and stared at his sister's pussy all night, but he realized she was growing bored.

Or horny.

Brother and sister paid their bill and headed out onto the beach. Coincidentally, a full moon cast the night in a soft, blue-white glow, as Susan removed her sandals for the walk. Holding the sandals in one hand, she let her other hand slip into her brother's hand, as he just looked at her and smiled. They walked hand-in-hand along the beach, like two lovers oblivious to everything else around them. After nearly walking a mile, they found themselves in a less populated area, with fewer hotels, fewer shops and fewer people. The terrain also got rougher as they came upon a cove, complete with natural springs and greenery.

"Oh, wow, how cool," Susan said gleefully, leading her brother into the natural shelter. Both looked around for a moment, before Susan realized they were absolutely alone and absolutely isolated. She realized that in here, she could flirt shamelessly with her brother and gauge his reaction. Why? She still wasn't sure, but the thought possessed her, as she moved toward her brother. She slipped into her brother's arms with her back against him. Her ass pressed against his cock as she gazed at the soft moon. "Isn't the moon beautiful?" She whispered, holding her brother's hands over her stomach at her navel.

Susan's little brother couldn't take it anymore, as his cock grew to massive proportions against the erotic feeling of his sister's slightly wiggling ass. With his mind clouded by the alcohol and the memory of how, moments earlier, his sister had shown him her pussy, Jimmy lost all rational thought; leaning down to plant a soft kiss on his sister's neck.

Susan was momentarily caught off guard at her brother's kiss, assuming it would take much more to give him the courage to make a move. But, she welcomed it. "Mmmm," Susan moaned closing her eyes and leaning her head back against her brother's shoulder, pushing her ass back harder against his hard cock. She allowed him to kiss her neck momentarily before turning her head and meeting his lips with her own.

Brother and sister kissed tenderly for a long while, before Susan finally and gently pried open her brother's lips and slipped her tongue into his mouth. She knew that she would, perhaps, have to take the lead, unsure of how much her brother knew about girls, making out or even sex. She felt his cock flex at the initiation of the French kiss, causing her to moan again.

Jimmy was unsure what was happening or how to proceed. All he knew was that he didn't want it to end, and so he simply held his sister in his arms and kissed her from behind. But after a few moments of tender kissing, he felt his sister's hands, which covered his own against her stomach, lead his hands upward, underneath her loose, midriff top, toward her breasts. Jimmy felt his hands being moved over his sister's braless breasts, feeling the swell of the c-cup and then the rubbery, hard nipple.

"Mmmph!" Susan groaned at the feel of her brother's hands on her aching breasts as they continued kissing, her tongue dancing wildly with his, before she turned into him. Facing him, she resumed their kiss as he resumed feeling her breasts underneath her shirt. She wrapped her arms around his neck, making out furiously with her little brother as she rubbed her pussy against his hard cock wantonly. "Mmmph!! Ugh!!!" She groaned again, letting months of pent-up sexual frustration and the erotic knowledge that this was her brother overwhelm her. She pulled him down with her onto the soft, white sand, staring up into his smoldering brown eyes and kissing him again.

"Susan…I…Idunno…maybe…" Jim gasped at his sister between kisses.

"Shhh!" She whispered in reply, "Just go with it, little brother. Remember what you said? Let's just forget about everything and everybody!" She said, resuming their intense kissing and bringing his hand back onto her naked breast, now uncovered by the shirt, which had risen to her chest.

"Mmmph!!!" Jim groaned into his sister's mouth, as he continued massaging her breasts. He could feel her mound pressing hard against his cock as they kissed. Feeling bold after her words, he moved down to her chest and took his sister's stiff nipple between his lips and sucked.

"Ah!!! Mmmmm!!" Susan groaned, arching her chest to shove her breast into her little brother's mouth, as she caressed his hair with a hand and closed her eyes.

Faraway sounds of calypso music filled the darkened cove, lit only with the moonlight streaming through openings in the structure. Susan and Jim rolled in the sand, taking their sibling relationship to another level. Susan slipped her shirt off as her little brother stared down at her beautiful face and stunning tits. Susan let him drink her beauty in before pulling him back down for a hot kiss. After the kiss, she moved her mouth to his ear as he buried his head in her shoulder, mauling her tits with his hands.

"Fuck me," she whispered hotly into his ear, biting his hear lobe before he rose up on his knees and slipped off his shirt, while Susan raised her skirt to bring her naked, wet pussy into view and spread her legs slightly. Jim began to remove his pastel colored dress shorts when Susan gasped, "No! I can't wait!" Instead, she unzipped his shorts and pulled out his cock through their opening, leading him back on top of her with her hand on his cock. She rubbed her little brother's hard cock across her nether lips as he let out a loud moan, before slipping it easily into her sopping pussy. "Yes!!!" she hissed into his ear as his head buried again into the crook of her neck, while his hands returned to her breasts.

ands returned to her breasts.

It was obvious to Susan that her little brother was very inexperienced or maybe still a virgin based on his actions and inactions. He was rushing through what was, perhaps, the best sexual experience of his life, as his hips moved back and forth clumsily, his cock slipping entirely out of his sister's pussy repeatedly as he apologized, repeatedly.

Susan caressed her brother's head with one hand and kept another hand on his ass, as she whispered encouragement. She was no longer worried about her own desire, wanting to make what could be her brother's first time about him. "Mmmm, that's it," she hissed, "Slow down a bit. Take it slow! Enjoy it! Mmmm!!" She finally felt her brother get into a rhythm and thought that, perhaps, she could enjoy it after all, too. No sooner had she thought that when her brother exploded inside her!

"Ugh!!!!" Jimmy groaned, burying his cock deep inside his sister, as it flexed, sending his cum deep inside her. Susan smiled at his quick orgasm, as she ran her fingers through his hair, while her brother grunted before finally catching his breath. She could feel his long cock deflating inside her.

After a few minutes, Jimmy rose onto his knees and smiled down at his sister. "Wow, sis, that was….incredible!" He gasped.

Now, Susan knew this had to have been his first time, for while the experience was pleasurable, it was nowhere near 'incredible', by her measure. But, perhaps there would be more opportunities for truly incredible sex. Susan wondered. "I'm glad you liked it, but we better get back," she whispered, lowering her shirt and skirt as her brother stood.

"Oh, yeah, yeah," he said, stuffing his cock back into his pants and slipping his shirt back on.

Susan kept the conversation light as they walked back to the hotel, not wanting her brother to feel uncomfortable. Moments later they were back at the hotel walking up to their rooms hand in hand. They walked into Susan's room and shut the door to the rest of the world.


Susan stretched. "I'm gonna take a shower," she said, hoping her brother would take the lead and invite himself to join her. But alas, her boyishly adorable, yet nerdy and naïve brother missed the hint.

"Okay," he simply said starting back into his room.

"Hey," Susan's voice echoed from the bathroom. Her brother reappeared at the bathroom door gazing at his sister. "Wanna join me?" Susan asked huskily, and boldly. Jimmy gazed at her for a long moment before simply nodding affirmatively.

Susan smiled as she removed her shirt and slipped off her skirt. Just like that, she was naked, as she turned away from him and bent to turn on the shower. Jimmy's cock twitched as his sister's bare pussy peeked out from between the tops of the backs of her thighs. Jimmy took his time undressing as his sister slipped into the shower. Once naked, he slipped in beside his sister and closed the curtain. He felt a bit akward standing naked in front of his sister. In the cove, he had been caught up in the moment and it was dark, very dark. But in here, it was an entirely different story.

Susan was already soaping up underneath the hot spray as she gazed at him through the cascading water. Sensing his nervousness, she pulled him into the water next to her, and began to soap her little brother up, feeling his hardening cock brush against her thigh and groin, while he relaxed and washed himself.

After a few minutes, they were clean and rinsed off. They held each other closely under the hot spray as Susan leaned up and kissed her brother, wrapping her fingers around his cock and stroking him.

"Mmmph!" Her brother groaned into his sister's mouth, as his tongue seeked hers. He was growing confident already, as he ran a thumb over her stiff nipple, while she continued stroking him. When he bent and tried to take his sister's nipple in his mouth, she pushed him back, away from her.

"No," she said, moving back into her brother away from the spray. At the opposite end of the tub from the showerhead, Susan spoke in a husky, slightly cracking voice. "Have you ever had a blow job, Jimmy?"

Jim nodded no, as his cock grew harder at the thought of his first ever blow job coming. He watched as his big sister knelt in front of him and stroked his twenty-one year old cock to hardness.

Susan gazed at her brother's cock, getting her first good look at it. It was not as big as the ten-inch cock she'd imagined, but then again, every cock she imagined was always huge, she thought, smirking. She stroked her brother's cock as she estimated it at about seven inches. But what did strike her as impressive was how straight and thin her brother's cock was, and how large his balls seemed. Susan cradled her brother's balls with one hand as she stroked his cock with the other hand, while glancing up into his eyes.

Jimmy stared down at his sexy sister as she looked into his eyes while slipping his cock between her lips. The site was almost too much for him, watching his long cock disappearing between his sexy sister's lips and bulging her cheek momentarily before her suction began. And when the suction began, Jim thought he would explode again, as he threw his head back and ran his hand through his hair.

"Shit! Oh my god!!" He gasped at the sensation that was unlike any he'd ever felt before. He felt his sister's tongue dancing all over his cock, along with the moist warmness every time she drove it inside her mouth and sucked.

Susan smiled to herself as she expertly blew her brother, sucking half of his cock, while stroking the other half and massaging his testicles. Occasional glances into his eyes told her he was enjoying his first blowjob very much, as she felt his hands timidly grab the sides of her head. Susan increased her tempo and moved her head back and forth over her brother's cock with great speed as his moans increased and his words turned incoherent, repeating obscenity after obscenity! Susan had never known her intellectual brother to swear much, so this was a side of him she hadn't known, as he now gripped her head and aided her movements back and forth.

Jimmy was losing all train of thought, centering only on the pleasurable sensation taking place on his cock, as he continued watching it slide in and out of his sister's mouth, as she occasionally met his gaze. He had felt confident enough to grab the side of her head as he had seen in the countless adult movies he watched alone, his only sexual outlet for most of his life. And when his sister didn't react, he grabbed her head tighter and helped her move it furiously over his cock.

Susan was filled with great pride in being the first woman to give her little brother a blow job, but she had a hidden agenda in blowing him. She knew from history that inexperienced or overly excited men tended to shoot quickly, as had been the case with Jimmy in the cove. She didn't want that to happen again when she fucked him next. Susan smiled wickedly to herself in her mind's eye, as she felt her brother's cock begin to flex repeatedly, indicating he was cumming. In his naiveness, Jimmy failed to warn her, but Susan didn't mind. Instead, she buried her brother's cock down her throat to its root, relaxing her throat and deep-throating him easily, as she used her hands on his ass to drive him down her throat!

"Ugh!!! Fuck!!!" Jim gasped, holding his sister's head as his cock spewed rope after rope of cum down her throat. He could feel his cock glance against her throat with every twitch, adding to the sensation as cum flowed over his sister's tongue and came to a slow trickle down her throat. "Fuck!" He gasped when he was done shooting but still buried in his sister's mouth.

"Mmmm," Susan moaned, meeting his gaze and smiling with his cock still in her mouth. Finally, she slipped her little brother's cock from between her lips with a loud smack and licked her lips. Standing and gazing at him, she whispered, "Well? How was your first blow job?"

"I…I…there are no words to describe it," Jimmy replied. "It was just amazing…incredible!"

"Thanks," Susan said, "I'll take that as a compliment!"

"But," Jimmy said, turning serious, "what about you?" He embraced his sister and caressed her shoulders, moving her hair away from her neck.

"We have plenty of time, little brother," Susan said sexily, kissing him briefly.

"You mean," he questioned, "we can fuck again? Now?" He asked, his behavior more like an overly eager young boy than a young man.

Susan smiled and kissed her brother, whispering, "Go to bed." She watched the disappointment come over his face as he began to step out of the shower tub. But she grabbed his arm and stopped him, leaning into his ear and whispering, "But don't go to sleep! I just need a moment!"

Jimmy grinned widely as he quickly toweled off and headed to his bedroom, not realizing he could've just as easily slipped into his sister's bed. He wrapped the towel around his waist until he reached his bed, at which point, he dropped it; drew the bed covers back and laid back naked on the bed.

Susan dried off and then began her nightly ritual to cleanse her face. She had never let anything interfere with her ritual, which was why she had great skin at thirty; fair, normal, without a hint of oil and only a couple wrinkles. She knew that if she fucked her brother, she would probably not get to her face ritual, probably falling asleep in his arms. She also wanted him to recuperate a bit, having shot his load twice within the last few hours. So, she also blow-dried her hair.

In his room, Jimmy grew anxious. He had stroked his cock a bit, but after ten minutes of waiting, he turned on the television. He tuned into an animal show focusing on the mating habits of the lion. After fifteen more minutes, his sister appeared at the connecting doorways, naked. She unconsciously struck a pose; her hair wild from being blow-dried.

"Ready to fuck me again, little brother?" Susan hissed, throwing all pretenses away.

Jimmy's gaze turned to his sister and smiled as he stroked his quickly hardening cock. He watched his sister saunter to the king size bed and crawl onto it and to his cock. She gazed into his eyes before taking his cock back into her mouth and sucking, while he held her head with his hands. She licked his shaft and balls, while sucking on its tip, as her brother moaned.

"Ugh! Yeah, sis!!! Fuck that's good!!" Jimmy said, feeling more secure in the situation.

"Mmmph!!" Susan moaned, moving her head rapidly up and down over his cock, as her fingers diddled with her wet cunt. When her little brother was at full staff, Susan crawled over his body and brought his erect cock to her pussy. Slowly, she lowered her pussy onto her little brother's cock, feeling it smooth out the wrinkles in her pussy, as she closed her eyes and gasped!

Jimmy almost came when he felt the moist, hot feeling of his sister's pussy enveloping his cock. But he was able to hold back, having orgasmed just recently. He moved his hands to his sister's breasts as she began riding his cock above him.

Susan moaned as she looked down at her little brother and grinned, moving her hips up and down; back and forth before lowering and kissing her brother hotly.

"Fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck your sister good, little brother!! I love your cock! It was made for my pussy, little brother!! Fuck me!!!" She hissed the string of words into his ear before straightening up again and taking control. She bucked, fucked, gyrated and rode her brother's cock like a woman possessed, as growling sounds of lions mating emanated from the television. Tribal music played behind the growls, as Susan fucked her brother without mercy, feeling her orgasm finally approaching after nearly twenty minutes. "I'm getting close, Jimmy! I'm gonna cum, little brother!! I'm gonna cum!!! I'm….oh!! Ah!!!! Fuck!!!!" Susan screamed as her orgasmed ripped through, impaling herself on her brother's cock and moving it back and forth as her orgasm made her nearly black out!

After her orgasm peaked and she began to come down from her high, she realized her little brother was still hard and still trying to move his cock back and forth. He hadn't cum. Susan saw a rare opportunity to experience rapid orgasms, as she leaned forward, kissed her brother and whispered, "Flip me over, sweetie, and take me!"

Her brother wasted no time in flipping them over into missionary, as Susan grabbed his freed cock and stuffed it back into her pussy. She locked her legs around her brother's back and gazed into his eyes, gasping.

"Fuck me again, Jimmy! C'mon little brother!! Fuck your sister good!!! Fuck me hard!!!" She hissed, as her brother began to pound her pussy, as she unlocked her legs and raised them into the air in a V. "That's it, little brother! Fuck your sister's pussy! Fuck me!!! Oh!!!!!"

Brother and sister fucked with abandonment, as Susan continued whispering nasty obscenities of incestuous lust into her brother's ear between hot kisses. Jimmy was painfully mauling his sister's breasts without realizing it, but the pain was a pleasant contrast to the incredible pleasure Susan was feeling as her second orgasm within minutes approached.

"I'm gonna cum, Jimmy! I'm gonna cum all over your cock again, little brother!!!"

"Me too! Me too!!" Jimmy gasped.

"Say it!! I wanna hear you say it! Jimmy! Talk dirty!" Susan hissed.

"Ugh!!" Jimmy groaned, as he continued pounding his cock into his sister's pussy. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in my sister's pussy! I'm fucking my sister and I'm gonna cum in your pussy sis! Ugh!! Ah!!! Fuck!!!!"

"Ah!!!!!!!" Susan screamed, the hot incestuous words from her naïve brother taking her over the edge and into one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. "Fuck!!!! I'm cumming little brother!!! Sister's cumming!!!!!"

"Ugh!!!!!" Jimmy groaned, burying his cock in his sister and spraying his load deep inside her as he simultaneously came with his sister.

Susan felt her brother's cock flexing deep inside her as it sprayed cum inside her. She nearly blacked out, as her orgasm to its time to ripple through her body, taking longer than other orgasms due to its intensity!

When it was over, brother and sister lay conjoined, both panting heavily, as Jimmy planted soft, tiny kisses on his sister's shoulder, while she caressed his hair. After a moment, Jimmy rolled onto his back, feeling his cock slip out of his sister's cunt and hit the cold air.

"Oh my god, sis, I didn't think it could get better than the fuck on the beach. Holy shit!"

"Yes, it was much, much better than the beach," Susan answered, turning sideways to face him and snuggling into her brother's side. "You're a wonderful lover, little brother! You just need practice!" She added.

"Thanks," Jimmy replied, turning his head and kissing his sister on the lips. "You're pretty incredible yourself!" He said, turning onto his side to face her. The smiled and they kissed lovingly again, before he asked in a wiseass tone, "Can I practice some more?"

Susan giggled. "Oh, I dunno, Jimmy! You've worn me out tonight," She replied, spinning around so that they faced the same direction and her back was spooned into her little brother's front. She shuffled back into him as he wrapped his arms around her. "We have all week to enjoy ourselves!" She whispered.



"This is the best present I've ever had," Jimmy replied sincerely.

Susan smiled. "Thanks. I knew you'd wanna go on the trip!"

"No, I mean…this…what we did! It was the best present ever. You know that I'm not good with girls and, well…what I'm trying to say is…I've never been with a girl before, Suzy. I mean…sexually. So…thanks."

Jimmy only called Susan 'Suzy' in serious moments, so she knew he was saying something very personal. She turned and gazed into her little brother's eyes lovingly before kissing him tenderly. "You're welcome, little brother. I'm glad you lost your virginity to someone who loves and cares for you very much!" She said, turning back and adding, "See? Told you your sister might turn out to be fun!"

Both laughed before Jimmy spoke again. "Sis?"


"Are you? I mean…do you…protect yourself?"

Susan smiled to herself at her brother's timidness. "Yes, Jimmy, I'm on the pill. Don't over analyze it! You'll be able to fuck me whenever you want, except when I'm on my period!" She said sexily, patting her brother's hand that held her tightly.

"You mean? We can continue this when we get home?"

"If you want," she replied.

"I want."

Susan smiled to herself, as she added, "But we should probably fuck at my place, so mom and dad don't catch us! You can come over whenever and as often as you want, because no one will suspect that we're fucking! For all mom and dad and anyone else will know; you're just hanging out with your big sister. They'll have no idea that you're sinking your nice cock into my wet, warm pussy!" Susan teased.

"Okay," Jimmy said, as the words began to uncoil his cock, which pressed against his sister's ass.

"But you have to promise me one thing, Jimmy," Susan continued.

"What's that?"

"Obviously, I don't have to tell you that no one…and I mean no one…finds out about us! You…tell…NO ONE!"

"Uhm…duh!!!" Jimmy responded sarcastically.

"I know, I know. I just had to say it. But more importantly," she added, "you have to start dating, little brother! You need to start going out and having a good time! Big sister will teach you everything you need to know about fucking and pleasing a woman. But the minute we meet someone, we're done. Understood?"

"Okay," he said.

"Now go to sleep, little brother," Susan said finally.

"G'night," Jimmy replied.

Susan laid there wrapped up in her brother's arms, thinking about what had transcended in the last forty-eight hours. She hadn't intended to seduce or fuck her little brother, but when the opportunities presented themselves, she simply couldn't resist. She smiled to herself, as she thought of the win-win situation in which they now found themselves. She now had a nice, steady supply of cock and wouldn't have to "date" someone just to get laid. She could concentrate on her work and on finding Mr. Right. And her brother, well, he now had someone that could teach him all about women: How to fuck for her pleasure; how to eat a woman's pussy; among other delicious delights! And in the learning process, she hoped he could perhaps find a nice girl that made him happy.

Susan smiled to herself, pleased with the turn of events that had occurred and looking forward to days ahead, fucking her little brother, the prodigy.

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