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Hi. This is my first sex story that I've written, so I would like comments. If people like this one, then i will write more.
'Oh my god,' I thought as my cousin bent down in front of me to pet my cat laying on the floor, 'If only her bra was a little bit more loose, I would be able to see her nipples.'
Now, at 17, my cousin Helen was turning into quite a hottie, even though she was a little bit overweight. With shiny blond hair, ice blue eyes, and perfect skin, she could almost pass for a model. She was often the imagined figure behind my jack off sessions, especially that time when we were both 11 and i dared her to do jumping jacks in front of me completely naked, then she dared me to do the same thing.
'And tonight,' I thought, 'Will be the night I make another advance.'
Seeing as how we were both alone in my house after deciding last minute NOT to go with our parents to see 'Les Miserables', I figured this would be the perfect time.
So, as she bent over in front of me, her loose shirt and semi loose bra hanging down to offer me a perfect view of her tits if not her nipples, i casually asked, "So how's the boy situation going?"
She looked up at me as if i were stupid rather suddenly, and i had to quickly tear my eyes off her dangling tits so she wouldn't notice. "Sean, I go to an all girl school, how do you THINK it is?"
"Haha, i nearly forgot that you go to the sluttiest all girl school in California," I teased.
She gave me a 'Fuck you' look and i thought to myself, 'Sure, just get undressed and lay on my bed.'
Finally, she tired of petting the cat and stood up, then sat down on my bed right next to me. With a pillow top mattress, large pillows, and a satin comforter, my bed was really the pace to try to fuck my cousin. "So, you've never had a boyfriend then?"
"Nope," she said, reddening slightly from embarrassment.
"What!" I said, pretending as if this were news to me. "Really? But you're hot!"
She blushed even more. "Well, thanks, but you're the only guy to ever have said that."
"Hm," I said, and reached up to tug on my goatee/mustache thing. "So you've never even done anything with a guy?"
"No, I've never done anything with anybody."
"Are you SUUURE?" i said teasingly. "You DO go to Archer after all, aren't all of the girls there lesbo or something?"
She smacked me on the arm, kinda hard. "I'm NOT a lesbo!"
I laid back on my bed, laughing hard. That was an old joke between us, at least for a few years, ever since we had started high school. "So..," I said, not sure how to pursue my fantasy.
She looked over at me, staring into my eyes. "What?"
"Well... You know, would you WANT to do something with a guy? Like, if there was a hot guy that you were interested in, and was interested in you sitting next to you instead of me, would you want to do stuff with him?"
"Well, yea, I guess. I think about it a lot, I'm just waiting for a guy."
Being about five inches taller than her at 6 foot, i had a perfect view down her shirt, and again, i could ALMOST see her nipples. "Ah, I see," I said. "Hey, remember that time that we played Truth or Dare like, 6 years ago or something like that?"
"Yea, why?" she asked, looking at me suspiciously.
"Well, wanna play again?"
She shrugged. "Sure," she said, turning and tucking her legs under her so she was sitting on my bed.
I turned and faced her and pulled my legs onto the bed, placing one on either side of her so she was in between my feet. "Okay, so, still want me to play as if you were just my friend instead of my cousin?"
This time I think she got it, and she hesitated. I stared into her eyes innocently, as if I didn't know what she was thinking. After a second, she shrugged and said, "Yea, okay."
"Alright, well, I'll go first... And you're sure about me playing as if you weren't my cousin? Like, I can dare you to do something that I would dare a friend of mine that was a girl?"
"Mmhmm," she said, looking me in the eyes and nodding.
So I decided to dive right into it, no working my way up to daring for nudity, since I KNEW she knew what I meant, and she HAD agreed. "Alright, I dare you to take off your shirt and bra!"
She stared at me for a second, then looked away as if trying to decide, then slowly said, "Okay." Slowly, she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her head, then threw it aside and reached behind her and undid her bra and threw it aside too.
With a small gasp, I stared at her chest as her pale tits bounced free. Her nipples were pale as well, the pink almost fading into a white at the edges, and perking up into a small tip in the center. I wanted to reach out and squeeze them, but I refrained. "Okay, so it's your turn."
"I dare you to get naked," she said without hesitation.
This was going better than I had ever imagined. I never thought she would have been so receptive. I stood up and undid my jeans and slid them down and kicked them off. I reached up and pulled off my shirt and undershirt at one, bearing a tan six pack, then took off my boxers, which had a small wet sport where the precum had oozed out of my cock. The boxers caught on the tip of my dick and pulled it down as i took them off, then let my full 8 inches bounce free. Helen's eyes were glued to my cock as I sat back down.
"Your turn," she said slowly, watching as a little precum oozed out of my cock and caught the light.
"Fuck that," I said as I leaned forward and squeezed her nice tits, and at the same time pushed her back so she was lying on my bed. Removing my hands from her tits, I ran them down her stomach and pulled her pants off then the thong, revealing her tight, wet, and to my surprise, bald pussy. "Oh my god," I whispered as I slowly rubbed her pussy, then leaned forward and licked it.
“Oh…” she gasped as my tongue dipped in and out of her wet pussy, and her hands fell to the back of my head, “Oh my god Sean… Ohh, keep licking me! Lick your cousin’s wet pussy!”
Her dirty talking served to make me even hornier than I already was, so I stepped up the pace of my licking, pushing my tongue deep into her cunt and placing my lips completely over her pussy lips, sucking and licking at the same time. Her hands tangled in my hair, holding me firm against her pussy. Pretty soon, I had her moaning loudly and yelling my name and shoving her pussy into my face. Her pussy tasted amazing, so I licked and sucked and licked and sucked until, with a sudden tightening of all of the muscles of her body, she squirted pussy cum into my mouth and the lower half of my face.
Finally, she released me and I sat up, and as I did so, she sat up too and leaned forward and took my dick into her small, soft hand and licked all the precum off the tip. “Do you want to suck your cock, or do you want to just fuck me now?” she asked.
Instead of answering, I lifted her from near my cock so she as erect on her knees, then grabbed her big ass and pulled her on top of me. I held her up as she reached down to guide my cock into her tight, virgin cunt. Slowly, I entered her, the feeling amazing because of how tight she was. Helen gritted her teeth as I entered her, bracing for the pain, and shoved herself down on my cock, her amazing tits right in my face. Surprisingly however, she was born without a hymen, so there was no pain, and my cock just slid up to my balls deep into her waiting pussy.
With a loud moan, I used my hands on her ass to lift her up and let her fall back down as I thrusted into her. She came down pretty hard, my balls bouncing up to smack her ass as she came down with a loud moan. She placed both of her hands on the headboard behind me, one on either side of my head, and began to lift herself up so I was free to just play with her asscheeks.
This went on for what felt like a long time, her jumping up and down on my cock, me thrusting up to meet her, her reaching down with her right hand to squeeze my balls, and me sucking and lightly biting on her nipples and tits.
For being her first time, my cousin was absolutely amazing. While I held out for 30 minutes as we fucked desperately on my bed, she orgasmed many times, leaving my cock, thighs, and sheets soaked in her semi-sticky pussy juices. Finally, I grabbed her as hard and yelled, “I’m gonna cum!” I tried to thrust deeper inside of her to release my cum, but she was having none of that, and jumped off my cock just in time to catch a huge load of thick, gooey white cum all over her face, tits, and stomach.
It was a moment that I would never forget. My balls emptying their juices high into the air, only to have it splash all over my cousins face, landing in her open mouth and in her eyes, and splashing all over her nice perky tits and her slightly chubby stomach.
She froze as it all landed on her, and just stayed in that position, on her knees, her back straight, right next to my jerking and shooting cock. Finally, when my cock and loud moans had stopped, I looked over at her, with cum dripping slowly off her nose and off the tips of her nipples and onto my bed. It was the hottest thing ever.
Suddenly, she broke into a smile and wiped the cum out of her eyes and sucked it all off, then licked her mouth clean and rubbed the cum dripping off her nipples and down her stomach into her skin. “I think we should take a shower,” she said with a meaningful glance at her tits and then at my cock, which had warm pussy cum dripping off of it. “We need to get all of this cum off of us before our parents get home. And besides, you smell like my pussy.”
With a smile, I got up and picked her up in my arms and walked into my bathroom, where I ran a hot shower in my extravagant bathroom. Needless to say, we fucked in the shower too, and her screams and moans filled the house.
And after that night, my cousin and I would have plenty of more sexual encounters in the weeks and months to come.

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Yep. Teen age kid, 6 pack abs, big cock. More like a "fairy" tale.

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i just weted my panties :p

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2012-08-09 19:13:30
needs a total rewrite using a good editor it reads like you dropped out of grade school.

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