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While fucking Lisa, we get a surprise visitor.
Tracy leapt forward, went down on her knees between Lisa’s legs and started licking my cum off Lisa’s pussy. We were both speechless. Tracy pushed a finger up Lisa’s cunt as she moved up Lisa’s body, licking up the rest of my cum. She lay right on top of Lisa and started sucking my semi-hard cock. She licked off a bit of cum, and then kissed Lisa hard on the mouth. Lisa returned the kiss.

While they were kissing, I moved around to their feet and started lifting up Tracy’s skirt. Seeing that she wasn’t wearing any panties either, got my cock hardening again. I started to rub Tracy’s smooth cunt. She too, was smooth as silk. She moved up on her knees, pushing her cunt up towards me. She now eagerly sucked at Lisa’s tits. I bent down and started lapping at her cunt lips. She tasted great. Different to Lisa. Kinda sweet. I pushed my thumb deep into her cunt and started flicking my tongue over her rosebud. She wiggled her ass from side to side. She let out deep moans. I started rubbing my cock. It was nearly fully hard again.

I stood up behind Tracy and spread her pussy lips wide. I guided my cock to her dripping snatch. I slipped in without resistance. Slowly I started fucking her. Long, hard strokes. I could feel her cunt juices running out past my cock. I rubbed my thumb over my cock and got it all wet with her juices. I then pushed my thumb against her rear fuck hole. First she tightened up and then she relaxed. My thumb slipped in. I started working my thumb in and out in time with my pussy fucking.

Tracy lifted her head and let off a squeal as her cunt muscles contracted with pleasure. Lisa wiggled out from under her, turned around and slipped back in under Tracy into a 69. Lisa started licking at Tracy’s cunt as well as my cock and balls. I fucked Tracy harder and faster. I was nearing orgasm, but I wasn’t about to cum in Tracy, so I pulled out just before I came. Lisa reached up and squeezed my cock and stopped me from cumming. Tracy dropped her cunt down on Lisa’s face and Lisa continued to slurp at Tracy’s wet cunt. I stood back and watched the lesbian fest. Tracy’s pussy juices were running all over Lisa’s face. She looked so hot with the girl cum on her.

Lisa pushed two fingers deep into Tracy as she continued to lick het clit. Tracy responded by doing the same to Lisa. They both let off loud moans.

I walked around to Lisa’s feet and started to lick the inside of her thighs, slowly moving towards her pussy. I joined Tracy there. We furiously licked Lisa’s cunt. Our tongues entwining at times. Tracy sat up and I embraced her. Our mouths met in a passionate kiss. Our tongues flicking around, exploring one another. I stopped kissing her and leaned down toward her perfect tits. They were bigger than Lisa’s, but very firm. I sucked on one nipple and pulled on the other, and then I changed around. Her nipples were erect and very hard. I lightly nibbled on them. She let off more moans of pleasure.

I stood back and Tracy fell forward again. She moved more toward Lisa’s feet. She grabbed hold of one tit and started rubbing her erect nipple over Lisa’s clit. WOW!!! What a sight. That must have been one of the hottest things I had ever seen.

I decided to sit back and enjoy watching this a bit more. The girls continued to lick and suck and finger fuck each other.

I lay down on the bench next to the girls. My cock waiting for some more action. I slowly stroked my cock. Lisa turned her head to see where I was. Seeing that I was laying there, cock in the air, waiting for them, she pushed Tracy off her. They both came over to me. Lisa started kissing me and Tracy started sucking my cock. They changed places and Lisa sucked my cock and Tracy sucked on my nipples.

Tracy then got up on the bench and straddled my face. Lisa got up on the bench and straddled my cock. Lisa held my cock at her pussy opening. In unison, they lowered themselves. Lisa onto my cock and Tracy onto my mouth. This position has been my greatest fantasy ever. Lisa bounced up and down, like a rodeo girl. Tracy slowly moved her hips forward and backward, giving me access to her clit, her pussy and her ass. Lisa stopped bouncing and started moving her hips back and forth. They kissed each other. Sucking lips and tongues and tits.

Next thing the girls decided to change positions. Lisa straddled my head and wasted no time lowering her wet pussy onto my waiting lips. Tracy stood up on the bench over my cock and squatted down. She grabbed my pussy-juice covered cock and guided it toward her rear fuckhole. I felt my cock push open her rosebud as she went down. It was a very tight fit and it felt like my cock was going to break off. When my cock was about half way in, she just dropped her ass down and I bottomed out. Damn it felt good!!!

Tracy slowly moved up and down my cock. All the way up, till my cock nearly popped out, then all the way down, till her ass touched my balls.

Lisa got off my face and went over to her kit bag. Soon she returned with a small, silver bullet-vibrator. She climbed back on my face and I proceed to suck on her cunt lips. She turned on the vibrator and rubbed it hard on Tracy’s clit. Tracy’s whole body shook as she orgasmed. Her pussy juice squired out over my cock and tummy.

Lisa rubbed her fingers in the girl-cum and then licked her fingers. Again she rubbed her finger in the cum and then rubbed it on her rosebud. She handed me the vibrator and asked me to fuck her ass with it while I suck on her pussy. I shoved the vibrator into her ass, hard and fast. She jerked forward, nearly knocking Tracy off my cock, who was now just slowly rocking on my cock. I fucked her ass at the speed of light while I kept my mouth over her cunt. She started to shake from head to toe. She gushed out girl-cum, like there was no tomorrow. I tried to lap it all up, but it was too much. He juice covered my face and dripped down onto the bench.

Lisa just fell off me and onto the cold floor. There she spread out and just closed her eyes and breathed heavily.

I sat up and pulled Tracy’s body against mine. I sucked on her tits while I rubbed I squeezed her lovely ass cheeks. She then also climbed off me and joined Lisa on the floor. They were lying next to each other. Their breasts slowly moving up and down with each breath.

I stood up and moved around to their feet. I started to jerk off. Faster and faster. They opened their eyes and saw what I was doing. They opened their mouths and waited for my cum. With my left hand, I squeezed my balls as I felt my cock twitch. I began to cum. I aimed for their mouths, but I missed. Jet after jet of cum flew all over. In their hair, on their tits, on their cunts. They both sat up and licked the last bit of cum from my cock. Then they fell back down again. I also fell down and joined them on the cold floor. It felt great on my hot, sweaty skin.

After relaxing for a while, we got up and jumped in the shower. We took turns washing each other, but by now, we were all so fucked out, that we just enjoyed the hot water and the washing. There was no sucking and fucking.

After we had dried off and got dressed, we hugged each other for while and all agreed that it had been the best time ever. I locked up the gym and we left together. Seeing as Lisa and I live close together and Tracy some way away, we decided to walk Tracy home first. At her front door, Lisa gave her a hug and then I gave Tracy a hug and a kiss, then she gave my cock one last rub before she entered her house. Before closing the door, she said that we had to do it again sometime. When her ass has recovered she said with a chuckle.

Lisa and I walked hand in hand to her house, not saying much on the way. I gave Lisa a hug and a passionate kiss. We chatted for a short while, agreeing that we were now together. I told her that I didn’t have her cell number. She took a pen out of her bag and before I knew what was happening, she pulled my pants down. She sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. I got instantly hard. Then she wrote her number on my cock. She pulled up my pants, gave my cock one last pat, my lips one last kiss and then she turned and went into her house. Smiling at me as she closed the door.

I headed home, with the biggest smile on my face. I couldn’t wait to see Lisa again.

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2009-09-07 17:37:47
Ok this is ammazin the two girls in the world I wud consider fucking have the same freakin names!! And my xbox live thing has peppers in it omfg so hot made me cum :D


2008-06-22 23:29:46
lol genius! write the number on a hard cock! XD


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2007-06-20 05:15:49
Made me CUM!!!


2007-06-02 09:43:56
I now want my BF to fuck my pussy and ass till I come like a river. Good story!!!

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