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Its my first time writing. Please let me know what you think and feel free to leave comments.
Im Veronica, a 16 year old tall slender girl with dyed red hair. Not too many boys find me that attractive, only cause Im a goth. I don’t do the white makeup or drink the blood (anymore), but I do wear black all the time. And for some reason not to many boys like that. But they should notice my high sex drive and taste for odd fetishes.

I crave cock all the time. I need to be filled and pumped with hot sticky sweet cum. I need a guy to call me nasty dirty names like “dirty little slut”. It drives me with an uncontrollable lust. And sadly I haven’t found my perfect sex god yet... until now that is.
I met him online. Todd, even the name makes me wet. He’s much older than me but 11 years (and if you do the math, he’s 27). This just turns me on more. I love my guys older. We play online all the time, and just by that I knew he would be the perfect sex god that I would worship and obey at all times.

Online, he loves to call me a “cum sucking cum whore” and his little dirty cunt and talk of how he would assault my tight little ass so hard as he would slap me ass and pull my hair. He can get me to cum without me even touching myself. And when I get to watch him jerk off on his cam while we played, it would get me sooo horny that I can (and often do) finger bang my tight little pussy. But I never really knew how wonderful his hard cock would feel inside me until last Sunday.

We’d been talking for a great while about visiting each other, but never did because money issues kept each other from one another. But with how long we’ve been cyber fucking wishing that we were together, he had to come and have his way with me.
As my parents were leaving for a long day of work on Sunday, I knew I didnt have much time to get ready before Todd got here. I stripped down into just a lacey black corset and thong set and a black little robe that came up to my high thigh. Put on a little bit of make up and lit some candles in my room (if we would even make it that far).

He was here. His car packed out in the visitor packing not to far from my home, this was just to make sure that if my parents came home earlier he could leave without them ever knowing he was here. He rung the doorbell and I grabbed him bu the shirt pulled him inside closing the door behind him and pinned him to the wall for a long deep kiss. Our tongues told a story that we were happy to see each other as they met and danced together. Than Toddy was pulling on my hair, telling me to stop for a moment. Really not wanting to, I obeyed his wish.

“We have all day together, right? I just got off of a long drive and need to use the restroom and I could really use a drink. So why don’t you fix us up something and I’ll be right back” With that he gave my ass a nice sharp slap on the ass and went for the bathroom.

I fixed up our drinks and went to my room. Putting the drinks on my night stand, I got into my bed, under my black fur blanket (its was fake fur) with everything on besides the robe.

“Oh where, oh where is my little sex slave? Oh where, oh where could she be?” Todd chanted making his way to my room.

I was lying on my side, facing the door, and watched him come into my room wearing nothing besides for his boxers. I got up and walked towards him into his tight longing embrace. I was so close to him, feeling my breast press against his bare chest and rubbing my pussy against his cock, feeling it grow eager and craving to be sucked and fucked.

I let my hand drop down to remove his member from the confinements of his boxers. I started to jerk him dry as he grabbed my tits and shoved me down. I did what he wanted me to. I started kissing, than licking from his balls to the head in big licks. His 6 ½ inch was growing to be 9 and I wasted no more time before taking his cock inside my mouth. I started slow, twisting my tongue around his hard cock as I took inch by inch more in. I knew he was liking this from his heaving breathing. Than Todd grabbed my hair and suddenly rammed the rest in. My eyes grew wide and I almost gagged and throw up, but the shallowing motions only turned him on more. So he continued to ram all inside me quickly like this. He was face fucking me so roughly and I was loving it!

“Shove a finger up that little cunt for me you little dirty whore” Todd commanded.
I followed his order and I put 2 fingers inside my tight little cunt. And he wasnt about to let me get away with it when he saw it.

“Bitch I told you ‘a’ finger, not 2.” he yelled. He than sat at the edge of the bed with boxers once again covering his throbbing cock. And he motioned for me to bend down on his lap. Like when my daddy did when I was young and misbehaved. He slapped my ass so hard that tears were balling up in my eyes.

“Please... more” I begged.

“Have you learned to obey your masters every command?”

“But baby I did obey you”

“Wrong answer my dear little pet”

With that he spanked my ass again and again. Red welts were coming from the slaps. Than I started loving the warm heat and the sudden painful strokes of his hand on my poor little ass. And he knew that I was liking it because I was becoming dripping wet and got his leg wet.

Toddy than leaned back onto the bed. “Ride me my baby Veronica, ride me hard and rough. I know you want to.”

I paused, not wanting to ride him. I hated being on top and from our chats he knew that.
“Look if you don’t ride me I wont cum”

And with me being the biggest cum slut ever needed to feel him explode inside me, I quickly removed his boxers and positioned myself right on top of him. His hands on my hips as I guided his rock hard cock inside my tight little wet cunt. I got the tip of his head inside me before he rammed the rest straight up inside me.

The sudden shock of this sent waves of pleasure throughout my body.

“Mmmmm.... baby... im cumming already” I blasted out into a massive orgasm with my pussy grabbing his dick with all it had to give. Todd wasn’t nearly done with me yet. He continued to drive his cock in and out of me so hard and deeply. Still having his grip on my hips and my orgasm fading out. He motioned for me to start doing some of the work.

“Im glad... you had your... first orgasm.. But its not your last... and trust me I have tons of cum... to fill that sweet pussy for you... fucking cum slut” he moaned in between grunts.
It felt so fucking good to ride him this hard and fast. I was waiting a long time for this and finally I got my wish. He was turning out to be my perfect sex god and I was moaning so loudly that I knew the neighbors could hear me. I didnt care though, I loved all of it.

“Mmmm fuck baby, I need more, I want your cock in my tight little asshole” I moaned out loudly. And with that, Todd grabbed my hips and flipped me over onto all fours.
He was gentle and slow going in, taking inch by inch into my ass slowly. I was so tight that it was hard to get started. But once all of his hard cock was in me, he pulled almost completely out. Only to ram every inch back into me with force. It hurt so much. I was moaning in pain, but he just continued. My ass hadnt been fucked this hard before and as I was getting use to it, I loved it. I lowered my front body some and lefted my ass more into the air to make his cock go in easier. He was pulling my hair back and calling me names “my little horny bitch” “dirty cum slut” everything. On top of it all, he started spanking my ass again. He grabbed my 34B tits and was assaulting my tight little ass like he said he would all the times online. I moved my ass back and farther in rhythm to his thrust. And from his grunts, I could tell he was about to cum soon.

“Mmmmm.... baby cum in my ass, I need it sooo much I want your cum to fill my tight fucking hole.”

“Holy fuck.... your are the dirtiest little slut I’ve ever been with, im cumming” He barely got out before he started cumming.

To feel him explode with sweet hot cum inside me sent me off into a mind numbing orgasm that I thought would never end. Wave after wave of lust and pleasure spread throughout my body. I dug my nails into the bed to keep from floating away. Once the waves settled down some, I collapsed down on the bed. Toddy made his way right beside me holding me in his arms as we laid in a puddle of his and my own cum. I wanted to taste it, needed to, but there was more to come later that day. As we cuddled on the bed together, the doorbell rung. I got up to see out the my bedroom window, my girlfriend I play with, Eve, was here. Right on time.

To Be Continued....


2007-04-14 01:29:59
Where is the rest of the story!!!!!!

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