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The final cha[ter in this series
It has been five wonderful years since the night Courtney showed up at my door, tired and in need of a shower. Many beautiful things have occured including the two of us expressing our love for each other and, of course, Courtney deciding to give me her most prized possession; her virginity. We have grown closer than I could have ever imagined and I love her more each and every day. She loves me like no other before and I can not think of a better choice for a life mate even though she is some thirty years my junior.

Courtney, now twenty-one, is in her third year of college studying to be a Social Worker. She is showing remarkable talent in the field most likely because of her own experiences in the 'system'. I have to believe that after what Courtney went through, she will fight to do all she can to insure that what she endured will NEVER happen to a child assigned to her.

Courtney aced her GED exam just one day after her eighteenth birthday and we were married in a small, private ceremony just a week later. With me tied to the restaurant and Courtney getting ready to start college, there was no time for a honeymoon. Money was going to be tight but we would manage. Our big break came in the middle of Courtney's sophomore year when we learned that because of her stellar marks in every subject she would receive a scholarship for her final two years. At around the same time, the owner of the restaurant decided it was time to head for Arizona with his wealth and he offered the restaurant to me at a great price. Courtney and I talked with our bank, got a business loan at a good rate and bought the place. Soon, we had money rolling in.

With the fact that we would now be able to save a good chunk of change, we decided it was time to plan for our long overdue honeymoon. I finally had a trusted manager at the restaurant and felt as though I could schedule myself for some vacation time. We kicked around several destinations, but decided on a remote island in the Caribbean largely due to the fact that this particular island featured several 'clothing optional' beaches. I have never been what one might call modest, even to the point of 'streaking' in high school, but Courtney had never let anyone see her naked before our first night together. I must REALLY be a bad influence on her for her now to desire to run around nude on a beach full of strangers. Oh well, perhaps I was simply responsible for making her see just how beautiful she was on the outside as well as in. (Please remember that when we first met, Courtney was a bit chunky, but not fat. Now, however, she is trim and even more gorgeous than she was when I first saw her. Proper diet, exercise and our marathon sexual activities have melted the few extra pounds off of her.)

On the morning of our flight we busied ourselves with a light breakfast and the last of our packing. Neither of us was taking a lot of luggage since it was a tropical location and few clothes were actually needed. We each took some dressier outfits to wear on our evenings out, but neither of us took much in the line of beachware or casual attire since we both planned to relax and play nude on the sand and in the surf. We did take clothing suitable for the golf course as we both loved to play and the brochure showed a great course. We gathered our bags and clubs and headed out to where our cab was waiting. The driver was most polite and loaded our things into the trunk (he got a very good tip when he dropped us at the airport just south of Cincinnati).

The flight was scheduled to take around three and a half hours landing at around two in the afternoon. Courtney had never flown before and she was so excited to stare out the window oooohing and aaaaaahing at each new sight from six miles up. Of course, being my naughty self, I had some plans of my own to make the flight more interesting. Lunch was served shortly after twelve and we had eaten in near silence. When we had both finished I turned to Courtney and asked."hey Baby, would you like to join the 'Mile High' club?" "The what?" she responded. "The 'Mile High' club" I replied. "It's an exclusive club that you can only join while in flight". "And just what does that mean?" she said. The smile on my lips must have given her the answer. She smiled back at me in that sexy way of hers, "OK", Courtney said. "I'm game". I told her to go back to the lavatory and I would join her in thirty seconds. She did as I asked and in less than a minute we were alone in the small lavatory.

Now one of the tricks of the 'Mile High' club is to be quick and discreet. After locking the door, I turned to Courtney, kissed her lovingly while pulling up the hem of her sundress and finding the slim straps of her thong. I broke off our kiss, knelt and quickly slid her thong down her lovely legs and off her sandal clad feet. Standing once again I grabbed Courtney around her waist and lifted her onto the small counter next to the sink. She was catching on quickly and pulled her dress up above her waist and spread her legs wide. I reach between them and found her soaked and ready. The act of pulling her thong off had given me a wicked boner and I was ready for her as well.

Wasting no time, I janked my shorts and briefs down around my knees and moved between Courtney's lovely thighs. She reached down, took hold of my cock and guided me into her beautiful folds then deep inside her sweet, wet pussy. I felt that soft, velvet vise of hers close around my entire length as I slid easily into her. I looked deep into her eyes and saw the love she felt. I felt it as well and always did whether we were being intimate or just holding hands as we walked down the street. Still, we had to be quick and we thrust against each other with a sense of urgency. The feeling of Courtney's creamy thighs wrapping around me always brought me off quickly. Today was no different. I felt that familiar swelling in my groin and saw Courtney's eyes start to roll back and knew we were both close. Courtney raised her left hand to cover her mouth and her right gripped my ass as we both came for each other. I felt spurt after spurt blast into her soft, sweet pussy as she gushed her own juices over my cock and down my legs. We stayed in that position for just a few moments catching our breath. Courtney smiled, kissed me deeply and I said. "welcome to the 'Club'.

We composed ourselves quickly and I took some towelettes and cleaned the love juices from both our bodies. Saucy Courtney picked her thong up from the floor and stuffed it into my front pocket of my shorts. "My membership dues", Courtney said as she unlocked the lavatory door and, with a cute wiggle of her shapely ass, headed back to her seat. I waited a few seconds then followed her. We sat holding hands and without a word for the remaining two hours of our flight. Several times we looked into each other's eyes, but we said nothing. No words were needed.

Everyone applauded as the pilot touched down without so much as a bump at the airport and brought the plane up to the terminal. Courtney and I watched as the jetway was extended, then we stood and took our small carry-on bags from the overhead compartment and deplaned with the rest of the passengers. We figured that several were continuing on to the island where we were headed, and that proved true.

We rode by taxi about twenty minutes to the shore where we would catch a charter boat to the beautiful, all inclusive island resort where Courtney and I would spend the next two weeks living in the lap of luxury. We noted that several of the couples on the boat with us had been on our flight as well. One couple, obviously very much in love and in their early twenties recognized us as well. After a few minutes they walked up to us and introduced themselves. Tim and Lisa made a cute couple. He was tall and lean and she was petite and curvy. Tim was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of Bermuda shorts. Lisa sported an off the shoulder blouse and a skirt that tied at her hip showing a goodly portion of her legs. Courtney and Lisa drifted toward the bar near the fantail and Tim and I walked over to the rail on the port side. Tim said, "We couldn't help but notice that you two vanished into the lav during the flight". "Well", I replied, Courtney couldn't join the 'Mile High' club in the main cabin. Now could she?". Tim laughed and said, "Never thought of it quite that way. I guess Lisa and I can get our memberships together on the flight home".

We both got a belly laugh at that and went to join the girls and get drinks for ourselves. The four of us made small talk during the remainder of the voyage and the boat docked at around five o'clock. Several shuttles awaited to take us and the other guests to the sprawling complex where we would spend the next two weeks. Courtney and I bid farewell to Tim and Lisa with the promise that we would all get together soon for some fun on the island. Courtney and I were shown to a beautiful bungalow just a few yards from the beach and we settled in quickly. Courtney peeled off her clothing and changed into a tiny skirt and a microscopic bikini top. I decided to wear the same clothes I had worn during the flight and boat trip and the two of us headed out for a bit of exploration.

We took in the amenities that the resort had to offer: Three swimming pools (though I had to question why anyone would want to swim in a pool when there was a beautiful beach right there), a challenging eighteen hole golf course, two restaurants and a beachfront bar along with the private bungalows that made this couples-only resort so popular.

Courtney and I decided to have a romantic dinner and then retire back to our bungalow for some rest and loving....perhaps not in that particular order. We also decided to play golf the next morning so as soon as we returned to our bungalow, I phoned the clubhouse for a tee time. I was told we could tee off at ten, but would be paired with another couple. I said that was fine and rang off.

Courtney appeared at the door of the bedroom just as I hung up the phone. She had a pina colada in one hand and a cold Corona in the other. She handed me the beer and sat beside me on the bed. "This is going to be a great two weeks", she said. "I agree", I replied. "Nothing to do but just relax and enjoy each other and this beautiful, romantic place". "We should get together with Tim and Lisa when we can". I said, "That would be great", I said. "They are closer to your age and I know that you miss having friends after all that time when you had to stay out of sight". "It was tough", she said, "but worth every minute of it". She smiled and waved her left hand at me displaying her diamond ring and her wedding ring for me. I reached for her, took her gently into my arms and pulled her down beside me on the bed. We lay for some time holding each other and kissing one another deeply before we both started to tug at the other's clothing. We reluctantly broke apart long enough to undress ourselves then lay back together on the bed. I started to kiss Courtney on her sensitive neck and ears, then moved to her lucious breasts. They never were going to be huge but I didn't care. They were so full and rounded with those pert nipples standing up to receive my touches, kisses and gentle nibbles.

As I continued my journey down her wonderful young body, I felt Courtney reaching down to grasp my hardening cock. The night we first made love, Courtney had asked me to teach her how. Now she was expertly fondling and stroking me. God, how I loved her. I turned around so that my feet were at the head of the bed and my face was directly in front of Courtney's lush auburn bush. Some time back, she had asked me to trim her hair from around her pussy as she said it hurt when it got pulled inside. We had continued to do that on a regular basis and so what I saw was a triangle of pretty, dark red curls over her shaved snatch. I tenderly moved my face between her lovely legs and lightly touched my tongue to her sweet, wet lips. She responded by taking my now rock hard cock into her warm, wet mouth. It had been a while since we had done '69' but neither of us had forgotten how good it felt. As I slowly licked her from the bottom of her slit to the hard clit at the top, she took my cock deeper and deeper into her loving mouth.

Despite our mutual experiences on the plane, it seemed we were both still quite hot for one another. Even though Courtney and I are so far apart in age, we have NEVER been too far apart in our sexual desire for each other. True, we were still newlyweds and very much in love, but we both still had wanton desires that could only be fullfilled by sexual contact with each other. We were now at the point in our lives where we could do what we wanted whenever we wanted without worrying about money, the cops or anything else. After almost two years of hiding our love and even pretending to be father and daughter to the outside world, and then the three first years of our married life, we were finally free to be ourselves and we planned to make the most of it.

Courtney had one hand around the base of my cock and the other around my thighs. I had both arms wrapped around her waist and my face buried in her delicious pussy. I held her tightly and rolled over onto my back pulling Courtney on top of me. She settled herself onto her knees over my face and, with her lips never leaving my hard cock, she continued to suck me deeply into her throat. I continued to tease her soft folds with an occasional quick lick to her clit. I knew that Courtney would not last long if I concentrated on her clit. It was just too sensitive. Yet, her ministrations were going to be too much for me before long, so I decided to just give it to her. I started to not only lick, but to suck on her love button for all I was worth. She responded by taking my cock deep into her throat time and time again until neither of us could stand it any longer. Courtney came first, blowing a huge, wet orgasm onto my face (I love it when she comes like that). Her sweet mouth made me respond in kind and I gave her shot after shot of cream into her loving mouth and down her throat. She never balked, she just swallowed every drop and sucked me for more.

Finally, I turned myself around to lie facing Courtney. I found her smiling at me and that made me smile, too. I took her gently into my arms and said, "I love you, Court". "I love you, too, Sweetheart. I'm so happy to be your wife". Let me tell you something...I am a man and as such I know that I am not supposed to show emotion, but this girl really brought the humanity out in me and tears came to my eyes. "I am proud to call myself your husband", I said. She smiled once again and curled herself up next to me. We were both asleep in minutes.

Day two.

Courtney and I awoke to a marvelous summer day on the island. We showered together without too much sexual interaction (just a touch here and a lick there) and dressed for a round of golf on the manicured course at the resort. We checked in with the starter and, to our surprise, found that the couple we would be playing with were none other than Tim and Lisa! "Hey, you two", Lisa exclaimed. "Hey yourselves", I replied. " I had no idea that you two played". "We didn't know that you did either", Tim said as we all headed to the first tee. "This should be a blast", Courtney whispered as Lisa teed up her ball. Lisa let fly with a most excellent tee shot. She got at least two hundred yards and Tim was no slouch either; his drive travelling about two fifty. Courtney hit her ball into the middle of the fairway. Short but straight....that was her forte in the game. I killed my tee shot, but since none of us could see where it went, I had to take a penalty shot. The round continued that way...Courtney hitting it straight, Tim right on track and Lisa being consistant. I ended up losing four balls and coming in last in our foursome. I didn't care and no one ragged me about my score.The four of us were just having fun playing a game that we loved.

We finished our round at around two in the afternoon and decided to have dinner together that evening. Courtney and I headed back to our bungalow and Tim and Lisa went to theirs. Courtney showered and dressed in a lovely, long dress that accented her hips and breasts. I went as far as to put on a dress shirt with a tie. Courtney said that I looked overdressed for the island, but I responded that I just wanted to look nice around her. She smiled and we left for the restaurant.

Tim and Lisa were waiting at the door as we arrived and the four of us were escorted to a table near the back of the place. After drinks and a fabulous dinner, we all decided to go back to the bungalow that Courtney and I shared for more drinks and conversation. It didn't take long for the conversation to turn to the fact that Courtney and I were obviously so far apart in age. The two of us explained the circumstances that had brought us together some five years ago. Courtney and I asked about Tim and Lisa. We were surprised to find that they were, in fact, step-brother and step-sister. Although they were not married, they had indeed devoted their lives to each other and Courtney and I had to applaud their decision. Their parents had met and married when Tim and Lisa were just toddlers, and their love had blossomed years later.

We just let that topic die after a few minutes and, after a few more drinks, Tim and Lisa started to make out with one another. Courtney and I watched with some embarrasment as Tim lifted the hem of Lisa's blouse and started to openly fondle her breasts. Lisa also didn't seem to care that there was another couple in the room as she reached down to Tim's crotch and vigorously began rubbing his cock through his shorts. I glanced at Courtney and saw her face turn red, yet she reached out for my hand and guided it towards her pussy. I touched her lovingly and tried to watch her face for some clue as to how we should proceed. I guess Lisa caught the hint because she stood abruptly and dropped her dress down to her ankles. Tim gasped and I must have as well because my young wife was not to be outdone. She stood as well and let the long dress she was wearing drop to the floor. Now there were two fully dressed men and two half naked girls in our bungalow. As if it were rehearsed, the girls stood in the middle of the room and started to do a little bump and grind even though there was no music. Lisa's tits were large and Courtney's were full. There was no doubt in my mind which girl was wife was the clear winner even though Lisa looked nice. The two girls danced around the sitting room of our bungalow for some time before Lisa took the lead once agan. She smiled at Tim and slowly removed her panties. Now standing naked in the middle of the room, she looked to Courtney...her eyes saying what her mouth could not. Courtney seemed to understand and she hooked her thumbs into the straps of her thong and pulled it down to her ankles. Tim and I both looked in wonder at the display before us. I personally could not believe that Courtney was proudly showcasing her lovely body in front of two stangers, but yet, there she was.

Tim reached for Lisa and I took Courtney into my arms. In the back of my mind, I knew what was about to happen. I knew that I would not share Courtney with another man and I had no desire to be with Lisa or any other woman for that matter. But if Tim and Lisa wanted to be intimate while Courtney and I did the same, That was OK.

Turns out, that is just what they wanted. Tim and Lisa had this thing about making love in front of other people. Courtney and I have always been very private due to the fact that when we first got together she was an underage runaway. Now, I guess we could afford a bit of abandon. As Tim and Lisa held each other close and began to fondle each other, Courtney and I did the same. Over my shoulder, I saw Tim drop to his knees and bury his face into Lisa's shaved pussy. I decided to follow his lead and slipped my face between Courtney's soft thighs and licked the sweet lips that I loved so much. I teased Courtney's clit just a bit, but I guess it was too much for she shoved me down onto the floor and straddled me.

Lisa saw what Courtney was doing and mimicked her. She dropped onto Tim and grabbed his cock just as Courtney grabbed mine. It was like a sexual symphony as the two girls guided our cocks into their sweet pussies. I have no idea how Tim felt at that moment, but I felt loved. I have never made love with another couple in such close proximity, but it truly was a turn on. It didn't take too long for the four of us to climax. As I said, I have never been with another couple when they were fucking, so I didn't know what to expect. As far as Courtney and I were concerned, I knew when she was close and I knew just what to do to take her over the edge. What I saw from across the room was amazing. Tim was driving himself into Lisa with a passion. For her part, Lisa was bucking back toward Tim with all her might. Funny as it may sound, the four of us came at once. Tim shooting his cum into Lisa as I blasted my own cum into my loving wife.

After we all came down and dressed, we decided to spend each and every night together. We decided that we would not swap as both couples loved their respective partners and had no desire to have sex with anyone else. The four of us just liked to have sex with another couple watching. Courtney and I, Tim and Lisa spent the next two weeks with each other. We didn't always do sexual things, but we enjoyed the company. After the two weeks, we four boarded the same flight for the states. With the promise to keep in touch we parted ways in Miami. Courtney and I hope that Lisa and Tim will be in our lives again soon.

Today, Courtney and I are happy and content with our lives. We love and respect each other and we are planning to be together for life.

The end.

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2014-05-21 05:45:32
Courtney is a drug addict and killed her baby I know who you 2 are


2008-03-25 22:36:33
Much better writing than in Part 1.


2008-02-16 22:56:56
George in Cincy - I don't know how a chapter in such a great series received such a low score, but it got a 10/10 from me. That score is for the series. There are a few people on this site whose stories I look for and, when nothing else interests me, I go back and re-read their stories. You, old guy, and fbailey are in that select group and, sadly, old guy has gone elsewhere. We will miss him. For you, George, keep up the very good work.


2007-10-02 03:07:39
wow.... that was one of the best series i've ever read at this website.

*fun fact*
you had a typo in the introduction XD


2007-04-16 16:55:48
Kind readers, thanks for your kind comments on my first series. The story of Tim and Lisa, "The Next Step" is now in the works and I hope it is as well received as "Courtney" OG, thanks again for your remarks. I look forward to your next series or installment.

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