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------------------CHAPTER 1------------------

The music pumps. DOOM, DOOM, DOOM-A, DOOM-A

The bass of the music reverberates through Jared's entire body. Between the flashing lights and machine-generated fog, most of the bodies around him are mere silhouettes. He sits back into the cushy purple seat of his private circular corner booth. His gaze focuses on the supple curves of the female bodies all around him as they shameless gyrate to the thumping beat. Like a pack of stray cats in heat, the nubile young bodies twist and hump in an orgy of wanton abandonment as they shake their asses and flaunt their wares in the so-called name of dancing.


Jared heard good things about this club. It’s the hottest spot in town because if you have a good looking pair of tits and a pussy it doesn't matter what age you are, the door is always open. So, naturally, all the high school girls decked out in latest skimpiest fashions and armed with their fake IDs flock to the club on Friday and Saturday nights.

Now, if you're a guy, it is a whole different story. First, if you aren't sporting an immaculate, clean cut, sharply dressed look you might as well stay home. Second, you had better plan on waiting in line for half the night have a Benjamin or two handy to get in the front door. Of course, as in Jared's case, a grand will get you treated like a king and he was here on business. The club owners wisely only let in one cock for every three pussies and laugh their way to the bank every Monday.


Jared swigs the last his Glenlivet on the rocks and stands up tucking his black silk shirt back into his pants and pulling the band tight on his long black ponytail. Time to get to work he thinks to himself as he surveys the crowd. Following the pack mentality, most of the girls stick together in groups of three or four. Circling these small herds are guys, either solo or in pairs, waiting for one to break away from the pack.

A cute redhead with a huge rack that is spilling out of her dress catches his eye. However, as he studies her interaction with her girlfriends, he can quickly tell she's far too timid for what he needs. Besides Jared already knows exactly who he is looking for.


At last his purposeful gaze settles on the reason for him being here tonight. A perky bleached blond dances and laughs it up with two of her girlfriends as they grind and bump with each other at the edge of the dance floor. She's a hot piece of jailbait. The perkiness of her tits, the smoothness of her skin and the amount of make-up she caked on trying to look older are all tell tale signs of the seventeen year old's youth.

Tonight she's wearing a bright pink Flashdance throwback tube top with her white vinyl bra straps in plain sight. He holds up his hand and eyes it cupping around her left tit. "Solid C cup, probably 34-35," he mutters to himself taking inventory of her dimensions. She's probably 5' 3" without the boots and 120 lbs soaking wet, just like his research said she is.

An electric-blue mini-skirt barely slides down far enough to cover her ass and the bright pink sides of her thong peek out above the waistband. Her legs are smooth, shapely, and well muscled. A wide white vinyl belt going from hip to waist and ankle high black leather stiletto boots round out the outfit.

Her hair is teased up and various combs, sticks, and bows make a nest in her curly blond locks. No way the carpet matches the drapes though, as it is evidently a cheap home dye job with her dark roots showing through. However, Jared would bet money that her runway is shaved smooth tonight. He studies her for a few moments watching the way she moves her hips. Yep, she's definitely ridden cock before he decides, as only a chick that had a cock stuffed up her cunt would know to roll her hips like that.

He sees her make eye contact with a burly college jock sitting at a table near the dance floor. Perfect, let's see her in action, Jared smiles to himself. He heads over to the bar and leans back against it so he can watch the show. Never taking his gaze off her, he flags the bartender down and simple says, " 'Livet rocks."

The blonde raises her arms above her head clasping her hands together and serpentines her body in time with the music. As she twirls around, Jared confirms the tramp stamp tattoo nestled above her asscrack.


She glances over to make sure the jock is watching then bends way over and grabs onto the back of her calves pretending to stretch out a kink. Her blue miniskirt loses the battle of trying to cover her ass and snaps up revealing a thin bright pink thong nestled between her creamy white ass cheeks. Feigning embarrassment she stands back up and pulls her skirt back down tugging at the hem far longer than necessary to get the garment back into place.

"This is going to be too easy," Jared chuckles to himself.

Sure enough, after a bit more flirting, she takes charge and heads off towards the bathrooms without her girlfriends. The jock jumps out of his seat and starts to cut across the dance floor in her direction. She glances back at him and boldly walks right into the men's room. The jock disappears inside after her.

Jared finishes his drink and starts to make his way to the bathroom as well. As he arrives and walks inside two guys leaving the bathroom are shaking their heads in amazement.

"That's one lucky dude," one says to the other.

Jared scans the empty bathroom and looks down the line of stalls. He quickly spies the blond girl's boots sticking out from beneath the door of the handicap stall. He walks over to the sink to wash his hands and glances in the mirror. The door to the stall is cracked open and he can see the jock sitting on the john. The blond is kneeling in front of him and Jared gets a great view of her supple ass as her mini-skirt has ridden up once again.

Slurping and sucking sounds fill the small bathroom as Jared watches her head bob greedily up and down over the jock's crotch. Like a bitch in heat she works the jock's cock with a raw passion. She gets into it wiggling her ass all over the place and humping the air. It doesn't take long and the jock groans out loud, reaches his arms out to grab the sides of the stall, and lifts his ass off the toilet.

"Ohhhhhhhh, shiiittttt, oh shit, oh shit," he screams as he thrusts his hips up and down fucking the blond chick's face.

The jock reaches down puts a hand on the back of the blonde’s head and stuffs his cock up into her throat as a load moan escapes his lips. The blonde’s sucking noises get muffled for a moment then a pulsating, wet gulping sound takes over as she chugs the hot cum spewing into her mouth. The jock's body tenses for a moment and when his balls are fully depleted he flops back down on the toilet seat exhausted.

"She'll do just fine. Just fine. My clients will be most pleased," Jared says to himself as he breaks out a comb and starts running it through his ponytail.

The blond stands up, wiggles her skirt down, and without even looking back walks out of the stall. She takes a finger and circles it around the corner of her mouth cleaning up a gob of cum and stuffs it in her mouth. Nonchalantly, she waltzes up to the sinks right next to Jared and begins fixing her makeup in the mirror.

The jock emerges from the stall and sees Jared. His face turns red and he bolts for the door still buckling his belt.

Jared turns to the blond and with a practiced non-de accent says, "Have you ever thought about doing zum modeling?"

She turns to face him and looks him up and down. Jared at thirty-two is a handsome guy with long dark hair tied in a ponytail, a short trimmed beard and moustache, blue eyes and a sculpted face and body. He sees her eyes open wide as she checks him out and her bosom swells a bit before she consciously shuts down all reaction.

"Pleeeaaase, does that cheap ass line ever work?" she scoffs. "And, NO, I'm not going to suck your cock," she says before turning back to the mirror and pulling out her red lipstick.

Jared smiles. "Well, there's a couple of thousand zin it for you if you were interested, zin the modeling that is," he says as he pulls out a money clip brimming with hundred dollar bills.

She pretends not to look, but Jared notices her glance at the money from the corner of her eye. Jared smirks, as he knows he read her like a book. Although she's in a ritzy exclusive club, she obviously doesn't come from money. He noticed that bag she has is an obvious Louis Vuitton replica and those leather boots are actually cheap pleather knock offs.

Having laid the bait, Jared simply turns and heads out of the bathroom. He cuts his way across the dance floor and over to his private booth. As he sits down, he sees the blond come out of the bathroom and start scanning the crowd. Her gaze settles on him for a second before she notices him starring back at her. She turns her head away quickly and heads over to her girlfriends.

For the next several hours, Jared just sits and watches her on the dance floor. From time to time she sneaks a glance over in his direction. Eventually, her curiosity gets the better of her and she makes her way over to his booth. Jared slides over and motions for her to sit. She looks skeptical, but takes a seat anyway.

"So, the modeling you’re talking about entails what?" she asks as Jared motions one of the half naked waitresses over. He purposely jiggles his wrist a bit making sure his guest can see the glint of his Rolex.

"A bottle of Cristal," he says to the waitress before turning back to the blond.

"Well, zhat depends on you," Jared starts. "You seem to be fairly uninhibited, so I'm sure we can find all kinds of things zhat meet your interests."

"So, you really mean, you want me to suck your cock for the camera?" she blurts out.

Jared chuckles. "Hardly, I am merely a director and producer," he explains. "It zis my job to find talent and create product to market."

"So you don't want to fuck me?" she asks with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

"Heh, well I didn't say that, but that zis not why I approached you," Jared answers as he pours her a glass of the champagne that the waitress just brought over. "Let's take a step back, zhat's your name and how old are you?"

"Tiffany, but my friends call me Tiffy,” she says as she sits back and takes a big gulp of the expensive champagne. "And I'm twenty-two," she blatantly lies.

Interesting, she used her real name, but of course lied about her age Jared thinks before responding, "Well, Tiffy, I am Guillermo Di La Rossa and my company zis producing a high end line of girls gone wild videos. You have the looks, charisma, and attitude that I'm looking for." Jared sips his champagne and leans forward to fill her glass again.

"So, what would, I like have to do," Tiffy asks suspiciously as she continues to drink the champagne.

"The first thing would be getting together for a screen test, to zee how you look on film and how best for us to shoot you." Jared says. "That in itself pays two thousand and then we can zee about signing a contract for a more extensive shoot."

Tiffy's eyes widen at the mention of the money, but she quickly says, "So let me get this straight you are going to pay me two grand just to do a camera test? Exactly how does one pass this so called test?"

Jared smiles as he reels his bait in. "Well, we have a few different ways to go. For the two grand you can strip down and model for the camera, or we can up zhe ante to three grand for you to masturbate, or we can up zhe ante to five grand for you to suck some cock for the camera."

Tiffy ponders the options as she finishes off her second glass of champagne.

Jared fills her glass up again and pulls out his money clip. He methodically counts out a thousand dollars barely denting the size of his wad. "I'll give you a grand right now as a show of good faith," he says as he puts the money down in front of her. "The rest upon completion of zervices rendered."

Into her third glass of champagne, Tiffy's head spins a little bit as she sees the money on the table. She's never seen so much money at one time. Alarms are going off in her head, but she can take care of herself. She's had to, her mother died when she was very young and her drunk of a dad is never around.

Chugging the rest of her glass, she grabs the cash and says, "Alright let's do this."

"Exzellent," Jared says as he pulls five more hundreds from his wad and tosses them on the table. "I'll have my car brought around."

------------------CHAPTER 2------------------

Tiffy's head still spins a bit as the white Porsche zooms down the city streets. She glances over to the driver wondering if she is making a big mistake. But, two grand is a lot of money and all she has to do is show some skin? He's real good looking too; she muses as she looks at the bulge in his lap. She would have probably considered fucking him if he had hit on her instead of presenting a business proposition. If this pans out and she gets to do videos for this guy's porn production company, she might be able to move out and get a place of her own away from her asshole Dad.

Jared sneaks a sidelong glance at his passenger and smiles. She's holding her head in her hands and is definitely looking a little lightheaded. Well, that's what happens when you drink three glasses of champagne in fifteen minutes. He takes a sharp left and squeals the tires as he pulls up in front one of the fanciest hotels in the city.

The valet jumps to attention and holds the door open for Tiffy. She wobbles as she gets up out of the low two-seater and actually reaches out and grabs the valet to steady herself.

"Are you alright miss?" inquires the Valet politely.

Jared comes around the car and puts his arm around Tiffy. "She's fine, just a zee bit too much champagne."

Tiffy giggles and can't help admiring the firm muscles of Guillermo's arm.

Jared leads her inside the hotel and over an elevator marked "Penthouse Only." He pulls a keycard out of his jacket and inserts it into the slot near the door. The elevator dings and opens up revealing a spacious car complete with a marble bench and a palm tree.

He leads Tiffy inside and seats her on the bench before turning around to hit the up button. The elevator lurches slightly and Tiffy grabs the bench to steady herself as they are whisked upwards at great speed. After, but a few moments, the elevator gently decelerates and comes to a stop. The bell dings again and the doors open revealing a large marble foyer that embraces an imposing eight-foot tall set of dark wooden doors.

Jared helps Tiffy up and leads her over to the doors. He produces the keycard once again and inserts it into the lock and without so much as a whisper the massive doors gracefully swing inwards. He leads her inside, her heels clacking loudly on the marble floors. A small inner foyer gives way to a large multileveled living room with a fire crackling in the fireplace and a baby grand piano off to one side. An enormous circular sectional couch dominates the room and is angled for perfect viewing of the massive plasma TV hanging on the wall above the fireplace.

Jared takes off his jacket and throws it over one of the bar stools and walks behind the mirrored bar. He pulls out a bottle of Glenlivet and pours himself a glass.

"Why don't you go ahead and take a shower to freshen up and I'll get zhe equipment set up," he says walking over to a series of tripods bristling with lighting and video equipment.

Tiffy looks around the lavish suite in awe. She spots another open set of doors leading into a spacious master suite. She can see a whirlpool tub peeking around the corner opposite the king size canopy bed.

Jared starts plugging in cables and looks up at Tiffy. He motions towards another door off to the side leading into another smaller bedroom. "You'll find a nice shower in there and some clothes laid out on the bed."

Tiffy clacks her way over to the door, pushes it open and walks inside. To the left is a door leading into a huge bathroom with a large shower stall with a built in seat. Ahead of her is another king size bed with some "clothes" laid out on it. Well if you can call a wispy white low cut blouse, a short skimpy red plaid skirt, and a pair of knee high white stockings clothes that is. A pair of black Mary Janes sits at the foot of the bed.

She closes the door to the bedroom and locks it and starts to disrobe. She kicks off her boots, lifts her tube top over her head and unzips the blue miniskirt. She wiggles her hips and the skirt falls to the ground and she steps out of it reaching back and unsnapping her bra in the process. Throwing her bra on the floor she loops the sides of her pink thong under her thumbs and pulls downward as she bends over. The elastic garment stretches a bit before, with a pleasurable snap, it frees itself from between her ass cheeks.

She walks into the bathroom pausing to admire her supple teenage form in the mirror. She twirls around inspecting her firm ass as she bends over sticking it way out and puts her hands on her knees. Tiffy gives the mirror a sultry look and wiggles her ass a bit wondering how many guys are going to jack off to her videos. She begins dismantling the nest in her hair pulling out various combs, sticks and bands. Next she runs her fingers through her hair forcing her slightly curly locks closer back to their natural state. Her firm young breasts jiggle ever so slightly as she works her curly shoulder length blonde-dyed hair.

Stepping back, she spreads her legs a bit and looks down to inspect her pussy checking to see if any unwanted hairs dare blemish the smoothness of her bald cunt. Satisfied, she reaches in and turns on the shower.

Perfectly warm water gushes out of the large rainmaker head on her arm as she tests the shower. She steps inside and closes the door. A moan of utter satisfaction escapes her lips as the warm water drenches her hair and flows over the curves of her body.

"Ohh, yeah," she mutters as she rubs her fingers through her hair letting the warm water penetrate down to her scalp. After a few long minutes of just enjoying the warm water running all over her body she wipes the water away from her face and looks around for some soap. She finds a shelf with at least a dozen different body scrubs, shampoos, body washes, and conditioners. Taking up a large poofy mesh sponge, she squeezes a generous portion of lilac body wash onto it.

She starts rubbing the sponge across her stomach taking care not to get it caught on her belly ring. The soap soon lathers up into a thick white foam and she starts roaming the sponge all over her body. The scrubbing starts out very utilitarian as she coats her entire body with the thick foam making sure to get every nook and cranny. However, as one of her hands wanders down between her legs and grazes her pussy lips her chest heaves and her pulse quickens.

Her hand gets a mind of its own and starts exploring her pussy lips, spreading them open and rubbing the up and down. She reaches up with her other hand and it glides over her soapy breasts. Instinctively, she hunches over a bit squatting her legs open to give her wandering hand free reign of her pussy.

The combination of the hot warm water, the soapy suds lubricating her pussy, and the eruption of pleasure from her nipple as she squeezes down hard sends her into a frenzy. Her hand flies up and down over her pussy lips as she grinds her hips hard forward.

"Uhhhh, uhhhhhhh, Oh Shit, Oh fuck YA!," she squeals as slams two fingers in her soapy wet twat. She awkwardly plants one foot up on the bench spreading her cunt wide open as she violently finger fucks herself. She closes her eyes and imagines Guierrmo standing behind her slamming his huge cock in and out of her wet pussy.

Her whole body tenses and she wails out, "AAAaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhh." A flood of ecstatic delight washes over her like the warm water of the shower and her body jerks involuntarily as her pussy clenches down hard on the two fingers she has buried up to the hilt inside. She spreads her fingers open in her cunt rotating them around savoring the last remnants of her orgasm.

She weakly lowers her leg back down and leans up against the tile wall catching her breath. After a few moments, she stands up, soaps up once more, rinses and turns off the water.

She emerges from the shower with a big cloud of steam and reaches for the plush monogrammed towel hanging by the door. Totally relaxed and refreshed from the shower and a big fucking orgasm she dries off her hair and towels off her body. Dropping the towel on the floor she walks out into the bedroom. She notices the clothes she wore to the club are gone and in brief moment of panic looks to the bedroom door.

It appears to be still closed and locked. A bit puzzled, but hardly concerned she wonders if Guierrmo snuck a peek at her in the shower. Smiling she turns to re-inspect the clothes on the bed. "Well, I guess I don't need much clothing if I'm just going to take it off again," she chuckles as she holds up the plaid miniskirt which has a two inch elastic waistband and about six inches of pleated skirt.

She does note the auspicious lack of panties and a bra in the ensemble as she puts on the loose white top. After searching for non-existent buttons for a moment she realizes that the two tails of the shirt are extra long and she simply ties a cute little knot in the front right under her tits. The thin material is mostly see through, but makes a modest effort to cover her nipples. It covers little else as it only comes down to the top of her ribcage exposing her midriff and is so deeply v-cut that most of her breasts are exposed.

She steps into and wiggles her ass into the itsy bitsy mini skirt and zips it up. She tugs on it a bit getting the elastic portion nestled right on the curve of her hips leaving her belly ring and tramp stamp exposed. The skirt is just long enough to make it down past the widest part of the curve of her ass, but a good third of her ass hangs out below. She sits down on the bed and reaches down and unrolls a white knee high stocking on each foot before donning the black patent leather Mary Janes.

Tiffy stands up, smoothes the mini skirt back into place and walks to the full length mirror on the closet door. The skimpy little outfit covers up just enough to tease. Her bald pussy peeks out below the skirt and her nipples are pretty much the only thing holding the blouse in place. She turns around and bends over and her ass smiles back at her in the mirror. Just thinking about all the horny old men jerking off to a video of her in this outfit actually gets her juices flowing and her pussy quickly moistens.

She briefly thinks about masturbating again, but she's already been in here a long time and Guillermo must be getting anxious. Not to mention she's decided she's going to take him up on the three grand offer and masturbate for the camera anyway.

------------------CHAPTER 3------------------

Tiffy emerges from the side bedroom clad in her skimpy naughty schoolgirl outfit and she sees Guillermo at the bar with two large black dudes clad in designer black suits. One guy slides an open briefcase over to Guillermo and he pulls out a banded brick of money and thumbs it checking for the proper denominations.

Jared looks up and sees Tiffy coming out of the bedroom and quickly closes the briefcase.

"Tiffy, you look, absolutely delicious," Jared says kissing his fingertips as he comes around the bar. "These here are two of my business associates, Ty and B-Dawg."

The two black men stand up and give Tiffy a slight nod while obviously checking her out from head to toe. She blushes slightly as she sees the bulge in Ty’s pants start to grow.

"See. What did I tell you, she's perfect," Jared continues as he walks over to Tiffy and takes one of her hands and holds it up above her head twirling her around.

Tiffy gets a slight chill of excitement as she sees the two men shameless leer at her. Ty leans in and whispers something in the B-Dawg’s ear and they both share a rough laugh.

"Tiffy dear, I want you to put on a little show for my acquaintances. Over the years I've found the eroticism flows more naturally when you have an actual audience. I will be moving around with the camera and documenting zhe screen test," Jared explains as he picks up a small handheld camcorder. He walks over to the stereo and hits play on the CD player.

A heavy beat starts up.

=> You need to stop playing round with all them clowns and the whitsters 'cause
=> Good girls gotta get down with them gangstas
=> Go head girl put some back and some neck up on it
=> While I stand up in the background and check up on it

Tiffy’s hips immediately start moving in time to the music. She wiggles her ass and does a slow methodical turn sticking her chest and ass way out with her arms widespread.

Jared walks around with the video camera shooting from various angles. Ty is stands at the bar and B-Dawg half sits on a stood with one foot on the floor and the other on the runner. Both men smile and wave Tiffy to come closer.

The music continues.

=> Oh Boy you looking like you like what you see
=> Won't you come over check up on it, I might let you work up on it
=> Ladies let em check up on it, watch he while he check up on it
=> Dip it, pop it, twork it, stop it, check on me tonight

Tiffy struts up the short, wide flight of stairs from the lower level of the living room up towards the bar purposefully timing each step with the music.

=> If you got it flaunt it, boy I know you want it

Almost to the top step, Tiffy turns around and shakes her ass at her audience. She winds up and gives her ass a loud slap.

“Damn, right girl! You know I want it, show it to me” growls Ty.

=> While I turn around you watch me check up on it

Tiffy dismounts the stairs and struts over towards the bar. She rubs her ass up against B-Dawg’s leg before coyly stepping away. She hears him hiss with approval.

=> Oh you watchin me shake it, I see it in ya face
=> Ya can't take it, it's blazin, you watch me in amazement

She reaches down and bends way over grabbing onto her calves exposing her ass and pussy to the lustful gaze of the two men. Feeling their eyes bore into her naked pussy causes her pulse to race and her cunt juices start to flow.

Instinctively, Ty reaches out to cop a feel of the sweet, milky white girl ass.

Tiffy moves just out of reach, glances back over her shoulder and waves a finger playfully scolding Ty.

=> You can look at it, as long as you don't grab it
=> If you don't go braggin, I might let you have it

Tiffy struts back over to B-Dawg and reaches out to lightly caress the huge bulge in his pants.

=> You think that I'm teasin, but I ain't got no reason
=> I'm sure that I can please you, but first I gotta read you

B-Dawg reaches down and pushes her hand against his crotch stroking it up and down.

The music fades into the background as Tiffy gasps at the size of B-Dawg’s cock. Through his pants she can feel it is least 8 inches long, but more amazingly it is also practically as thick as her wrist. She glances up, B-Dawg smiles at her knowingly and reaches down and starts unbuckling his belt.

Tiffy takes a step back and looks around worriedly and sees Guillermo off to the side with the video camera. He holds up five fingers and mouths “five grand” then makes the universal blowjob hand signal bobbing his fist back and forth by his mouth.

A bit timidly Tiffy reaches forward and unzips B-Dawg’s fly. To her surprise his huge black cock jumps out of his pants as apparently he isn’t wearing any underwear.

“Oh my gosh,” Tiffy stammers as she sees the size of his trouser snake. Its so, so thick Tiffy gasps to herself as she wonders if she can even get her mouth around it. Fixated on B-Dawg’s cock she doesn’t notice Ty moving around behind her and shedding his clothes.

“It’s alright little white girl, he don’t bite,” B-Dawg coaxes as he grips his cock and holds it outwards towards Tiffy.

Slowly Tiffy lowers herself to her knees in front of the massive slab of dark meat in front of her. She gingerly reaches out and wraps her tiny hand around his thick cock. Her fingers barely reach around its girth and she watches in awe as she strokes her hand up and down.

“Mmmmmm, that’s it. Stroke that cock baby,” B-Dawg groans as he lifts his ass up off the stool so he can lower his pants all the way. He sheds his jacket and begins unbuttoning his shirt. “Go ahead taste it,” he urges.

Tiffy leans in and lightly licks the head of B-Dawg’s cock as she continues to stroke it up and down. She tastes the familiar saltiness of precum as B-Dawg’s thick dick twitches and pumps out a small gush. Tentatively she starts lapping at the head of his cock with her tiny little tongue like a kitten drinking from a bowl of milk. Eventually, she lowers her head down and stretches her mouth open to take the fat head into her mouth.

Sucking cock always makes her hot and her pussy completely soaks itself. As Tiffy bobs her head up and down on the biggest cock she has ever seen, one of her hands absent-mindedly wanders south and she starts rubbing her clit.

Suddenly she feels a cool breeze on her asshole as her ass cheeks are spread wide open by two large hands. Tiffy whips her head around to see a butt naked Ty kneeling behind her with his equally huge cock standing at full attention. His cock is not nearly as wide as B-Dawg’s but it is several inches longer, maxing out around a pussy shredding 10 inches.

Ty roughly cranks Tiffy’s ass open even more, hawks up a big gob of salvia and spits on her asshole. He then starts rubbing it into her asshole with one of his thick, rough fingers.

“Damn B, I am going to rip this fine, fine white girl ass in half when I stuff my cock up there,” Ty says as he suddenly pushes the tip of his finger in Tiffy’s virgin asshole causing her to wince in surprise.

“What the fuck,” Tiffy squeals as she starts to get up. “No fucking way! Who the fuck do you think you are!”

B-Dawg grabs her by the hair jerking her head back towards him.

“HEY” Tiffy starts just as B-Dawg jams his cock into her open mouth.

“Listen, little white girl, WE are the two guys who OWN your cute little white girl ass now. And we are going to fuck the living shit out of you in EVERY hole. Now suck my mother fucking cock you whore,” B-Dawg growls menacingly as he puts his hands on the back of Tiffy’s head and jams his cock deep into her throat.

Tiffy flails her arms around wildly trying to push back against B-Dawg. He is just far too strong and he continues to shove more of his cock down her throat. She thinks about trying to bite down, but his cock is so massive in her mouth and he has it so deep down her throat her jaws have no leverage. All she can do is gag on the black pipe being jammed down her throat as she looks around wildly for help.

She spies Guierrmo sitting calmly by the door sipping his Glenlivet on the rocks and holding a half smoked cigarette. Her stomach tightens into a knot when she sees the video camera shut off and sitting on the end table next to him. Oh my god, what is going on here, she panics.

Ty leans forward and she feels his hot breath as he hisses in her ear, “You’d better be a good little fucking whore because we’d hate to have to bust up that cute little face of yours permanently.”

“And if you’re a good girl, I might even use some lube when I bust your ass,” he continues as he slides his finger into her ass up to the next knuckle.

B-Dawg starts moving Tiffy’s head back and forth by the hair fucking his cock with her face.

“Mmmmm, oh yeah, that hot little white girl mouth feels DAMN good,” he groans as he thrusts his cock impossibly deep into her throat and she convulses as she gags on it.

Tears stream down her face. B-Dawg pushes her head back and his cock pops out of her mouth with a huge wet slurp as a small geyser of her salvia follows it out. One thick stream of drool hangs between her lips and the shiny black head of his cock. Tiffy goes into a coughing fit as her throat spasms back to normal. Breathing heavily she wearily lays her head down on B-Dawg’s leg. Her mind spinning she tries to collect herself when she again squeals out in surprise as she feels Ty start rubbing the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips.

“Oh god, please NO,” she starts and then all she feels is burning pain as her cheek erupts into an explosion of agony. Her eyes well up and she glances up to see the distorted image of B-Dawg’s open hand raising back up getting ready to strike her again.

“You’re a dirty fucking whore and you’d better beg Ty to put his cock in your pussy,” B-Dawg demands as he raises his hand higher.

Tiffy looks up in horror and starts again, “Please… “ However, she is cut off once again as B-Dawg’s hand slaps hard against her face spinning her head to the side.

“You think I’m fucking playing with you bitch! I said BEG him NOW or so help me,” B-Dawg says as he stands up, steps out of his pants, picks them up and starts pulling his wide leather belt out of the loopholes.

Tiffy erupts into a big sob and B-Dawg removes the belt completely and folds it in half. He starts to raise it up into the air and Tiffy sputters, “Tttttyyy, Tttyy, plleeaase fuck my pussy.”

“LOUDER and ask him like you’re the whore you are,” B-Dawg growls continuing to hold the belt up menacingly.

“Tyyyyy, Ty, I’m a dirty fucking whooorrre and I neeeeeed you to fuck my pus pus pussy,” Tiffy sobs.

“Why ceeerrrrtainly,” Ty says with his best Three Stooges impression.

He pushes down on her shoulder blades causing her ass to lift up a bit. He spits on his hand and slides it under her roughly grabbing her pussy and rubbing it all over.

“Damn, the white little bitch is already soaking wet,” he exclaims. “She IS a dirty fucking little whore.”

He brings up his hand and licks his fingers. “Mmmmm, and she tastes so sweet. I’m going to really enjoy THIS,” he says as he suddenly lunges his cock forward and stabs into Tiffy’s pussy.

She cries out in shock as Ty’s cock head parts her cunt lips and invades her pussy. Tiffy gasps out and starts to pant heavily as Ty continues to push forward with constant pressure and slowly the head of his cock pops into her tight pussy.

“God damn, you’re fucking tight,” Ty moans as he continues to thrust into her pussy. Tiffy starts to hyperventilate as Ty continues his force his cock in her cunt. After forcing about four of his ten inches in Ty pulls back a bit then pushes forward again this time a little deeper.

“Ughhhhhh” Tiffy groans as she lowers her head to the cool tile of the floor.

B-Dawg sits down on the floor and shimmies up until his legs straddling Tiffy’s face. “Now, suck my cock while Ty rapes your tight little white girl pussy,” B-Dawg says as he holds his fat cock out.

Still panting, Tiffy cranes her neck forward a bit and wraps her lips around the tip of B-Dawg’s cock. Grimacing as Ty stretches her pussy to new limits, she expertly rolls her tongue up B-Dawg’s cock slit forcing it open. The salty taste of oozing precum greets her probing tongue.

“Oh, yeah that’s a good little fucking whore,” B-Dawg moans out. “Mmmm, you like being raped by big black dick don’t you. You dirty fucking whore.”

Ty grabs onto her hips and says, “Here we go, Ty is in the houuusseeee,” as he thrusts forward and fully impales Tiffy on his cock.

“OWwwwww!” Tiffy shouts as she lunges forward trying to jump off Ty’s huge cock before it rips her in half. This only succeeds in driving B-Dawg’s cock down her throat and she gags as his fat cock chokes her airway.

“Oh, no you don’t. Get the hot twat back here,” Ty commands as his massive hands take a firm grip of her hips and he yanks her back into his lap shoving her pussy all the way down on his cock. B-Dawg’s cock pops out of her mouth with a wet slurp.

“Ummm, yeah. That’s some gooood hot white girl pussy,” Ty moans.

Tiffy has never felt anything so huge; his 10-inch penis stuffs her pussy full to the brim and beyond. She’s had a few cocks in her cunt before, but nothing like this monster. Ty’s cock pulsates and throbs inside her pussy like a living beast as he rips her open.

B-Dawg scoots forward, grabs her head and roughly slams it down on his cock. He thrust his hips upwards and starts to gyrate them around bouncing his cock all around inside Tiffy’s throat. She gags and sputters as she is filled up with cock from both ends. She honestly wonders if Ty’s and B-Dawg’s cocks are going to butt heads somewhere in her gut.

Once again Tiffy flails her arms, as she can’t breathe with B-Dawg’s cock so deep in her throat. He mercifully pulls back allowing her to gasp some air into her lungs before she convulses in another coughing fit. Tiffy decides she has to take matters into her own hands and clamps her lips around the head of his cock. She starts rolling her tongue all around sucking hard, hoovering B-Dawg’s cock like the cock sucking pro she is. Maybe, just maybe if she can make him cum he won’t need to ram his cock down her throat again.

“Damn, the little whore knows how to suck cock,” B-Dawg groans appreciatively. “Let’s see if she knows how to take care of the boys as well,” he says as he pulls his cock out of her mouth with another loud wet slurp and pushes her back up into a sitting position in Ty’s lap.

Ty switches his grip to her waist and thrusts his hips upwards vividly reminding her that his massive cock is buried deep inside her cunt. He pulls back a few inches and thrusts upwards again lifting her knees completely off the floor as he thrusts up into her pussy. His hands glide up her stomach and under her flimsy blouse cupping her breasts as he fucks her pussy.

“Mmmmm, fuck ya,” Ty groans as he lunges hard upwards again lifting Tiffy a full six inches off the floor by her pussy with the power of his thrust.

Tiffy leans back into Ty’s muscular chest and moans out as he roughly fondles her tits and pinches down hard on both nipples.

B-Dawg stands up and straddles Tiffy’s face. He lowers his dangling balls and rubs them all over her face. “Suck my balls you dirty bitch,” he demands as he grabs her hair and shoves her face into his nutsack.

Tiffy cranes her mouth open desperately trying to get one of B-Dawg’s dangling balls into her mouth. However, the rhythmic jolting of Ty ramming his cock up into her pussy makes it a near impossible task. She makes a lunge for B-Dawg’s left nut and gets her mouth most of the way around it before Ty slams her pussy hard throwing her upwards and causing her face to crash into B-Dawg’s crotch.

“Fine,” B-Dawg says with a sarcastic disappointment, “BE that way, now you just going to have to suck my asshole instead. And you better damn well eat it out like it’s your last meal on earth as it very well may be.”

Ty snickers, stops his pounding assault of Tiffy’s cunt, grabs onto her hips and pulls down hard impaling her fully on his cock. He then begins gyrating her ass around in a circular motion and wiggling his hips in the opposite direction grinding her twat on his dick. Tiffy moans out again as she is forced to grind her cunt on Ty’s cock.

B-Dawg spins around grabs his ass cheeks and spreads his ass open. He then sits on Tiffy’s face streaking his asshole down her forehead, over her nose and down to her mouth. Tiffy gags on the sweaty rankness of B-Dawg’s hairy ass as he smothers her face. She obediently sticks her tongue out and laps at his asshole with her nose pressed hard between his ass cheeks.

“Mmmmm, yeah, eat that ass. Stick that cute little tongue of yours in B-Dawg’s asshole you ass munching whore,” he groans as he pushes back even harder against her face grinding his asshole on her tongue. Tiffy rolls up her tongue and plunges it forward. Once. Twice. Three times before the tip slips inside B-Dawg’s asshole. As soon as she penetrates his ass ring he grinds back hard burying her tongue in has ass. Like a good whore, Tiffy suctions her lips around his asshole sucking hard as she wiggles her tongue in his asshole.

“Nnnnggghhh, Mmmmmm, oh FUCK yeah. Eat the motherfucking ass you dirty bitch!” B-Dawg shouts as he rubs and grinds his ass all over Tiffy’s face. He continues to smother her with his ass for what seems like an eternity before his dark moon suddenly moves away and the light of freedom rains down on Tiffy’s ass sweat soaked face. In revulsion, she sputters repeated trying to get one of B-Dawg’s ass hairs off her tongue.

B-Dawg turns around quickly and Tiffy sees he is pumping his cock hard and fast. She sees his nutsack tighten up with the tell tale sign that he is about to blow his load. He steps forwards and starts smacking her in the face with his cock.

“AARRGGHHHH, uhhh, ARRGGGHHH, ‘lil white BIITTCCCHHHH,” he screams as he squeezes his cock hard and pulls his hand down on his shaft.

With a very up close and personal vantage point, Tiffy sees his pee hole open wide and can actually see down inside his cock vein. She even catches a glimpse of the first tsunami of hot creamy cum rushing forth right before it spurts out from the head of his cock and splatters on her forehead and into her hair.

Like he’s cocking a shotgun, B-Dawg’s hand moves up on his quivering cock shaft then pulls back hard as another huge geyser of hot cum spews into Tiffy’s face. He continues pumping his cock shooting volley after volley of cum all over her face and in her hair. Staggering forward he shoves his cock into her mouth as it still weakly pumps out a few last dribbles of cum.

Tiffy takes his softening slab in her mouth and rolls it around on her tongue coaxing the last little bits of cum out of his deflating shaft. Even soft his cock is massive and fills her little mouth completely. She smiles as she works it thankful that he came so she didn’t have to get raped by him too which reminds her Ty’s massive cock is still wedged deep in her cunt. She starts to roll her hips back and forth riding Ty’s monster cock as she grinds downwards hoping to get this over with and make him cum as well.

B-Dawg staggers back and leans wearily against the bar. Tiffy reaches up to start to wipe the cum from her face and he jumps forward grabbing her wrist hard. “No, no whore, you leave B-Dawg’s cum right where it is,” he warns her.

She stares back up at him with her hair gummed up with streaks of his sticky cum and globs of hot cum slowing creeping down her face. A big wad of cum drips off her chin and splats on the floor. She squints her left eye shut as another large wad of cum rolls down from her forehead pooling in her eye socket. After a second, she attempts to open her eye and sees long stringy strands of cum gumming her eyelashes together.

Tiffy continues to roll her hips on Ty’s cock as she leans back against his chest throwing her head back on his shoulder. He responds by untying her top and pulling it open so he can run his hands all over her perky milky white breasts. Another gob of B-Dawg’s cum rolls of her chin and lands on her tits and Ty rubs it all over them.

“Mmmmm, ugh, oh shit,” Tiffy moans out.

“A big hot load of cum on your face got you all horned up little white girl?” Ty sneers in her ear as he cups her breasts hard holding her in place as he slams his cock upwards tossing her up off the floor once again.

“You need to get fucked do ya?” he asks as he spears her cunt hard again.

“Yes. Yes. Fuck my young ripe pussy. Cum in my hot twat,” Tiffy coaxes hoping he will cum soon and this will all be over. However, he squeezes her nipples again and she just melts against his chest and moans out lustfully.

“Okay, remember you asked for it little white girl,” Ty growls as he climbs to his knees picking her up by the pussy with his cock. Keeping his dick jammed in her tight cunt he clamors up to his feet lifting her up with him. He takes a few wobbly steps forward and sits her on one of the bar stools with her ass hanging way off the back giving him full access to her tight twat.

Ty grabs onto her hips and pulls his cock almost all the way out before sending it thundering back into her cunt. Tiffy grunts and grabs onto the stool between her legs. He pulls back again and slams his cock home once again.

Tiffy cries out, “Oh GOD,” as Ty rams his cock in with such force the whole stool lifts off the ground.

Ty grabs onto the bar rail and uses his arms for leverage as he slams his cock into that tight, deliciously tight, white girl pussy. He rapidly picks up the pace, ramming his cock in and out of her hot cunt. A sweat breaks from his brow and with a guttural roar he starts fucking her with an animalistic frenzy.

“Ugh” SLAM. “OH GOD” SLAM. “Arrggghhhhh” SLAM. Tiffy screams out as Ty pounds the living shit out of her cunt. Her knuckles turn white as she desperately holds onto the stool trying to steady herself against Ty’s onslaught.

Then a white light flashes before her cum blurred vision as she opens her mouth in a silent scream. Her face turns bright red as her pussy explodes and she kicks her legs out wildly in the throes of a powerful orgasm. Her cunt juice gushes out around Ty’s cock and splatters all over the stool. Her pussy muscles spasm wildly sucking and slurping on Ty’s cock.

“Little white BITCH, I’m gooo gonna nut up in your slutty fucking cuuunnnnNNNTTTT!” Ty gurgles out as he slams her so hard with his cock that he throws her off the stool and up onto the bar. His butt cheeks clench as he grinds his pulsating cock in her sucking cunt and unleashes a torrent of hot cum that splashes across her insides. Spurt after spurt of cum explodes from his cock. His whole body twitches as he practically rips the bar rail off as he bucks wildly against Tiffy’s body pumping her full of his hot seed. He slams his pelvis hard against her ass once more and she feels his tense body go limp as he leans forward.

Ty lies heavily on top of Tiffy with a shuddering sigh of utter satisfaction as he grinds his crotch against her ass. His weight presses hard against her plastering her on top of the bar as her feet dangle off the ground. Ty's huge cock softens, but still completely stuffs her cum drenched pussy.

"Mmmmm, now THAT is one mighty fine pussy you have there little white girl," Ty mutters as he pushes himself up. He steps back and with an audible plop his cock sloshes out of Tiffy's cunt. A gush of cunt juice and his cum spills out of her gapping twat and splatters on the floor. He slides the stool back forward under her ass and she slumps down onto it.

Tiffy wearily lays her head on the bar. Sweat beads on her cum splattered brow and her chest heaves as she continues to suck wind, slowly recovering from the fucking of her lifetime. She feels more of Ty's cum ooze out of her pussy and pool underneath her ass. B-Dawg's cum starts to crust up in her hair and on her face as she relaxes thankful that this ordeal is over.

------------------CHAPTER 4------------------

Jared leans back and lights up another cigarette. Blowing a smoke ring, he takes another swig of his Glenlivet. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Poor little Tiffy. She had no idea what she got herself into when she got into his car. Being a commodities broker of sort, Jared gets what his clients want and these two guys wanted a guaranteed young, ripe piece of ass to do with as they please. He scouted the local clubs for over a week before stumbling upon Tiffy. He had to find a girl that wouldn’t collapse into a quivering ball of tears and take all the fun out of it.

His scalp begins to itch annoyingly and Jared pulls off his long black wig and scratches his shaved head. He pulls off the fake beard and moustache and tosses his Guierrmo get up on the floor as he rubs at the glue that held the fake facial hair in place.

He glances over and sees B-Dawg walking up behind Tiffy stroking his rapidly stiffening cock. Jared takes another drag on his cigarette and hopes that they don't end up killing the poor girl. Getting rid of a body is such a pain in the ass, but for twenty grand they can do what they like.

Tiffy's cheek throbs where B-Dawg had slapped her across the face and her pussy aches from Ty's pounding. She rubs her left eye cracking the crusting cum binding her eyelashes and blinks repeatedly trying to clear her blurred vision.

SMACK! Pain explodes from her left ass cheek as B-Dawg lays into her with all this strength as he wails on her ass leaving a bright red impression of his hand.

"Owwwwuch!" Tiffy yelps as she jumps up.

"Get your lazy whore ass up and onto the couch you cunt, we aren't done with you yet," B-Dawg growls as he grabs Tiffy by the hair and pulls her down off the stool. He yanks her awkwardly down the stairs. Her head is bent down low and twisted to the side as she tries to keep up. She reaches up and grabs onto her hair just below his grip to relieve the pain of her hair being ripped out of her scalp.

B-Dawg throws her onto the couch. "Now lose the rest of those clothes. Dirty cunt whores who are about to get ass raped don't need any clothes."

As the term ass raped registers, Tiffy's eyes grow wide in fear. "Buuttttt, I thought that since you had" she stammers.

B-Dawg slaps her hard in the face and lunges forward grabbing her by the throat and slamming her down on the couch. "Shut the fuck up you stupid whore," he hisses as he rips the flimsy blouse off her. He slaps her left tit hard causing tears to well up in her eyes.

He steps back and repeats his order, "Strip, NOW!"

Tiffy whimpers as she kicks off her shoes and slowly rolls a stocking down her shapely calf. B-Dawg impatiently steps forward and grabs the stocking ripping it off her leg. He then claws at the other one and tears it to shreds as he yanks her up off the couch by the stocking. Grabbing her hair again he pulls her up off the couch. Tiffy just has enough time to unzip the mini-skirt before her tugs it off her ass and down her legs. He spins her around and wails her in the ass again as he throws her onto the couch.

"NOW, present that ass to me for the taking," B-Dawg growls.

"But but, I've nev nev never been fucked in the ass before," Tiffy cries.

"All the better, I get to bust that virgin ass of yours wide open. I'll ask you one more fucking time whore, present that ass to me for the taking."

Tiffy sobs as she kneels on the couch, spreads her legs wide apart, arches her back and sticks her ass out.

"That's better, now put your head down and spread those sweet cheeks open," B-Dawg drools as he steps forward.

Tiffy lowers her head to the cushion, grips her creamy white ass cheeks and slowly spreads them open. She feels her asshole and cunt stretch as she parts her ass. A slimy rivulet of Ty's cum drips out of her cunt and rolls down her thigh. She feels B-Dawg's lustful gaze burning into her tiny pink asshole and then feels his large, strong hands on top of hers as he stretches her ass open even wider.

Closing her eyes, she braces herself for the ass shredding devastation to come. After what seems like forever, she feels slight pressure against her asshole and she sobs out fearing the worst. However, the sob contours into a moan as she feels the tip of B-Dawg's tongue press against her asshole.

"Oooohhhhhh," Tiffy groans as she unconsciously relaxes her asshole and B-Dawg forces his tongue past her sphincter. He grabs onto her hips and shoves his tongue a full inch inside her ass. She rocks back grinding her ass on his tongue as waves of pleasure radiate out from her asshole. Never did she even dare to imagine how deliciously wicked getting her ass eaten out would feel.

B-Dawg begins to feast on her asshole rapidly thrusting his tongue in and out of her tight little hole. He ravenously buries his face in her ass and munches away suctioning his lips around her asshole and sucking hard.

"Uggghhhhhh," Tiffy moans out as she reaches down and starts rubbing her sloppy pussy. As B-Dawg picks up the pace and eats her ass out with gusto, her hand starts to fly across her slick cunt lips as she bucks her hips. B-Dawg grabs on hard to her ass riding her asshole with his tongue like a cowboy on a thrashing bucking bronco.

Tiffy's face turns beet red and she screams out, "Oh my FUCKING GOD!" Her pussy implodes sucking up tight like the face of a kid who just ate a lemon. Then it surges back open unleashing a torrent of cum laced cunt juice as she ejaculates all over the couch. She continues to rub her cunt like a demon possessed as spurt after spurt of her pussy cream sprays all over the place.

Shaking all over, Tiffy buries her face in the couch as B-Dawg relentlessly continues to eat her ass out. Her asshole is slick with his saliva and he periodically leans back and hawks a huge gob of spit on her ass. Her tiny little asshole winks open after being stretched out by his forceful tongue fucking.

Then as quickly as the oral invasion of her ass began it stops. She feels her slimy asshole pulsate from its recent workout and some of B-Dawg's spit drips down her asscrack.

"OOOOHHhhhhhh, uhhh UHHH, nggggghhh" Tiffy screams out as B-Dawg suddenly rams his cock in her sloppy wet cunt. In that one stroke, his fat cock rips her cunt lips open and buries itself to the hilt in her twitching pussy. He pounds her three times in rapid succession throwing her forward against the couch. Then she feels an almost disappointing emptiness in her cunt as he completely withdraws.

Tiffy turns her head to see what is going on just as her asshole erupts into an agonizing bundle of pain. The fat head of B-Dawg's cock glistening with a cocktail of his spit, Ty's cum and her cunt juice knocks insistently at her backdoor as he presses forward hard.

B-Dawg watches as her tiny little asshole pushes inwards and starts to rip open. The tip of his cock head starts to slip past the tight ass ring as her ass yawns open. Gripping the base of his cock hard to maximize his stiffness and fine-tune his aim, he lunges forward.

POP! The head of B-Dawg's cock pushes past her sphincter and lodges itself in Tiffy's asshole.

"AAAHHHrrrrgggg," Tiffy screams as pain shoots through her hips and down her legs. She feels like he is literally ripping her in half as her asshole spasms wildly around the impossibly large intruder.

Ruthlessly, B-Dawg presses forward and sinks another inch of his cock in her tiny, tiny little ass. Her asshole is distended grotesquely around his beastly cock. His whole body shudders with delight as he watches his big black cock sink into the little white girl's virgin ass.

"Ummmm, Ugghhh, so fucking tight, so fucking tight, so FUCKING tight" B-Dawg moans as he continues to stuff his cock into Tiffy's ass.

"Yo B," Ty calls out as he lobs a bottle of lube towards his buddy. "Use some of that man, so there's something left for me when you get done." Ty sits back stroking his cock watching B-Dawg ass rape that hot little white bitch.

Tiffy sucks in hard as she tries to see through the pain burning in her ass.

B-Dawg catches the bottle and pulls back until the fat head of his cock pulls her asshole outwards with it. He stops just as the bulbous flanges of his cock head start to peek out around her ruptured asshole. Squeezing a liberal portion of lube all over her ass and his cock, he thrusts forward into her ass. The cold viscous liquid drips down Tiffy's burning asshole, around B-Dawg's throbbing cock, over her hot cunt, down her sweaty thighs and all over the couch.

Grabbing hold of her hips, B-Dawg begins to slowly fuck her ass. It takes a good dozen strokes but inch-by-inch his cock disappears into her shit chute. When at last he sinks his pole in all the way he pulls her tight against him grinding his crotch against her ass.

Tiffy's feet flex up backwards as she waves her legs around wildly. She grips the couch pillow under her chest hard sinking her fingers deep into the fabric.

"Ohhhh, FUCK YEAH!" B-Dawg squeals in delight as he savors the hot tightness of Tiffy's busted ass. "You like it in the ass don't you? You dirty fucking whore."

"Uhhhh, uh," Tiffy manages to groan out. She feels like she's struggling to take the biggest shit of her life as B-Dawg's cock clogs up her lower intestines. However, her pussy likes it and twitches in approval.

"Mmmmm, yeah, where's my mother fucking cock!"

"In my ass," Tiffy gasps weakly trying to decide if she likes it or not. It hurts for sure, but almost in a good dirty nasty kind of way.

"I SAID where's my mother fucking cock!" B-Dawg repeats as he pulls back and slams his cock hard into Tiffy's defenseless little asshole sending waves of pain laced with pleasure through her body.

"AAAAAhhhrggh," Tiffy cries out as her mind races and she tries to figure out what the correct answer is. Then it hits her just as B-Dawg thunders his cock in again sending a wave of pain through Tiffy's abdomen as his cock pounds into some tender internal organs.

"That big fucking cock is in YOUR ass. You own this hot, tight little white girl ass. It is all yours to rape, abuse and rip to shreds! Just Fuck it! FUCK it! FUCK IT!" Tiffy shouts as she arches her back more completely offering up her ass.

"That's right, I'm gonna use this ass for as long and as hard as I like," he agrees as he pulls back and thrusts forward again this time much more slowly. Taking his time he pumps her ass, reveling in how her velvety asshole glides over every inch of his cock squeezing it tight.

Sweat streams down Tiffy's brow and starts to loosen up the crusting cum on her face. She rubs her face on the pillows leaving a messy streak of sweat, cum and desperation. She's a total fucking mess. Cum drips out of her twat. Her hair is matted down with cum. She feels every beat of her heart pulsate through her twitching asshole as it pushes in and pulls out with each of B-Dawg's strokes.

She's dirty.

She's getting used like a whore.

She's getting ass raped.

And she is about to cum again.

Defiantly, she thrusts her head up, pushes herself up off the couch and pulls forward a bit before slamming her ass back against B-Dawg's cock. "Nnnnnnggghhhh," she groans as she does it again losing herself in ass-fucked delirium.

She turns her head back, glares at B-Dawg reading him for a moment and makes a split decision that will either save her life or doom her to a horrible death.

"I thought you were going to fuck me in the ass? Or are you just a limped dicked, big mouthed piece of shit?" she taunts brimming with a steely confidence.

Jared spurts a big mouthful of Glenlivet all over his shirt and goes into a coughing fit.

Ty stops rolling his fist over the head of his rock hard cock as his jaw drops.

B-Dawg's eyes go wide. The veins bulge in his neck, he grits his teeth, and his fingers dig into the plush creamy white flesh of Tiffy's ass.

"WELL? You gonna just stand there like a slack jawed idiot or fuck me you worthless steaming pile of shit!"

Jared practically can see the steam coming out of B-Dawg's ears as even his dark skin takes on a scarlet hue as his blood boils.

"YOU, YOU, YOU FUCKING WHORE!" he screams frothing at the mouth with a rage bordering on insanity. He violently picks her up with his cock buried to the hilt in her ass and throws her over the back of the couch like a rag doll.

He stands up on the couch and straddles a leg on either side of her ass as he shoves her down over the back of the couch. He pulls his cock back and pile drives it down into Tiffy's ass with such force that the whole couch creaks.

Again and again he stands up and lunges down impaling Tiffy's ass on his cock. The force of his groin rifling into her milky white ass sends shockwaves through her supple buttocks. These are accompanied by the loud sweaty smack of flesh on flesh.

"Uhhhhhh, Ohhhhh, FUCK, is that all you FUCKING, ughhh, have!" Tiffy screams out as B-Dawg sodomizes her like a feral animal.

"YOU, YOU, GOD DAMN, Motherfucking cunt whore," B-Dawg yells as he stands up and his cock pops out of her asshole. Her greasy asshole gaps open waiting, wanting B-Dawg's cock to stuff it full once again. He slams down, shoving his cock into her slutty open asshole. He stands up again ripping his cock out of her ass with a wet slurp before slamming it home to the hilt once again and pausing.

B-Dawg's whole body quivers and an eerie silence settles over the room. His eyes bulge out of their sockets and he throws his head back and howls, "AARRRGGGHHHHHH, Fuuuccckkkinnng BiiiTTTCCHHH!" Deep inside Tiffy's ass, his cock erupts and spews a huge gush of his nut juice that splashes across her bowels.

Tiffy feels his cock swell and get bigger and harder as it dumps spurt after spurt of hot cum in her ass. This sends Tiffy over the edge as well and she screams out, "YES! Cum in my dirty slut whore ass you fucking pig!"

She grinds her clit hard against the back of the couch clenching her asshole around B-Dawg's pulsating cock. Her legs kick out and she thrashes about as her eyes roll back into her head and she creams herself hard. She bucks back hard fucking herself in the ass with B-Dawg's twitching cock even as it softens in defeat.

In disgusted disappointment, B-Dawg pushes himself off of Tiffy and his cock plops out her ass bringing a splooge of cum with it that spatters on the couch. Totally exhausted, he sits down hard on the couch laying back. Sweat drips down his face and his body still shakes from his exertions. His fat cock flops against his thigh and continues to shrivel up as it dribbles cum.

Tiffy grunts as she rips a loud wet fart spraying a fine mist of cum juice out of her ass. She flexes her asshole making sure it still works and rips another wet fart this time blowing a big cum bubble with her ass that bursts splattering cum on B-Dawg's leg. She stands up on the couch and squats over B-Dawg's prone body.

"Ugh, heeerrreee you go" she groans as she bears down hard and shits out a slimey stream of cum onto B-Dawg's heaving chest. She spreads her cheeks and rubs her cummy asshole all over his face before letting another wet fart rip in his face. Before he can react she jumps off the couch out of reach.

In shock, B-Dawg glares at her and just lies there sucking wind as he grabs a pillow and wipes his ass cum off his face.

Ty still sits dumbfounded on one of the bar stools his big black cock glistening with his precum.

With a definite limp, Tiffy walks up the stairs toward Ty and forcefully grabs his cock. She pulls him up off the stool by the dick and guides him to the floor. He sits down awkwardly in a pool of his own cum as Tiffy straddles him. She pushes on his chest instructing him to lay back and squats over his twitching dick.

"You wanted some of this?" Tiffy asks as she lines his cock up with her asshole and slams down hard.

"Ummmmmm," Ty groans out as his cock is suddenly engulfed by the warm, wet delight of Tiffy's cum slicked ass.

Tiffy lifts up again and jumps down hard on Ty's cock again with her asshole.

"You fucking like that," Tiffy hisses through clenched teeth as she lifts up and this time throws her entire body weight behind her thrust as she completely impales her ass on Ty's cock.

"Yeah, you like that FUCKING hot cum filled ass," Tiffy taunts as she lifts up and slams down hard again. She puts her hands on his chest using her arms for leverage so she can pick up the pace of her self imposed ass fucking.

"Come ON! Give me that FUCKING load! Dump the hot man juice in my tight little cum filled ass," she shouts as she pounds and pounds and pounds her ass on Ty's cock. B-Dawg's cum leaks out of her asshole around Ty's cock all over his crotch and soaks his balls.

Ty watches helplessly as this rabid little white girl rapes his dick with her asshole.

"I" SLAM "want" SLAM "this" SLAM "fucking LOAD!" Tiffy grunts out as she works Ty's cock with wild abandon literally jumping up and lifting her feet of the ground so she can fall full weight on his cock.

Ty tries to sit up as he feels the cum boiling in his loins. Tiffy shoves him back down and slams her asshole down his cock harder than before.

"I'm gonna GONNA god DAMN mother fucking cunt whore CUMMMMMM!" Ty screams as Tiffy lifts up leaving just the head of his cock in her ass as a hot load of cum thunders into her asshole. She balances over his cock leaving just the head in her ass as she reaches down and grabs the shaft. She jerks off his cock into her asshole, stroking it as it pumps out gush after gush of hot creamy cum. Ty's body goes rigid and he throws a stool halfway across the room in the throes of his orgasm.

Tiffy pops up and clenches her ass cheeks together holding Ty's load in her ass as she scoots forward. She hovers over his face and pushes her asshole outwards as she shits Ty's cum all over his face. The effort of her shitting out the cum causes another pressing urge to build up. She grabs onto the bar and moans out in relief as she unleashes a stream of hot piss all over his face as well.

Ty sputters in surprise as she pisses all over him and grabs onto her ass and throws her to the side causing her to spray her piss everywhere. "WHAT the FUCK!" he shouts as he clamors to his feet.

B-Dawg comes bounding up the stairs with a wicked glint in his eyes. He kicks Tiffy in the side causing her lay down on the floor and double over in pain.

"My turn!" he announces as he takes hold of his limp cock and aims it at Tiffy. "I'm going to get all R. Kelly on your sorry ass," he chuckles as he unleashes a stream of hot piss all over Tiffy. He starts with her face, drenching her hair and coats her entire body with his warm piss.

Tiffy just huddles her knees into her chest submitting to her piss bath. She smirks to herself and chuckles as she imagines Ty's shocked face when she pissed all over him. At least if they are going to kill her, she got some revenge.

"You think that's fucking funny! Well, I'll show you who's a fucking, dirty pile of shit!" B-Dawg froths.

Tiffy's smirk contorts into outraged disgust as she peeks up and sees B-Dawg's hairy ass hovering over her. She hears him grunt out and watches in horror as a brown turtle pokes its head of his asshole. He grunts again and a steaming turd snake works it way out of his ass, falls down and coils itself up on her piss soaked chest.

Tiffy just lays back in utter defeat as B-Dawg shits all over her. Ty walks over and starts pissing all over her as well. "You like that, you fucking skank?" he says as he pisses directly in her face.

"Let's get the fuck out of here," B-Dawg says as he grabs his clothes and starts throwing them on. Likewise, Ty, grabs his pants and throws them on. Walking past the human toilet on the floor, B-Dawg hawks a gob of spit on her face.

"Fucking whore," he mutters as he and Ty exit the suite into the foyer.

Tiffy just lies sprawled out on the floor in a puddle of rapidly cooling piss with cum still leaking out of her sore asshole and pile of shit on her chest. Could be worse, she could be dead.

------------------CHAPTER 5------------------

Clap. Clap. Clap. Tiffy hears as Jared applauds her performance. She cranes her head up to see a shaved head Guierrmo with no facial hair standing over her.

"My, my. I am truly impressed. I seriously thought they were going to kill you at one point, but your defilement of them took the fight right out of them," Jared congratulates her.

"Go get yourself cleaned up," he orders with a steely tone of control.

Tiffy struggles up to her elbows and pushes B-Dawg's turd off her chest. She slowly climbs to her feet; grabs her sore ribs and walks bow legged towards the side bedroom where a much-needed shower awaits.

Jared walks behind the bar taking a wide berth around the pool of piss on the floor. He pours himself another glass of Glenlivet as he ponders the possibilities that Tiffy represents.


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