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A/N: As the title suggests this is ch. 5. If you didn't read Chp. 4 go to the submission date pg and scroll down, if all goes according to plan it should be right under this one.

She was pressed against the shower door, the hot water pounding on bare skin, her breasts crushed against the pleasingly cold glass. Her hair was cascading down her left shoulder, revealing the crook of her neck to him. His lips placed tender kisses along her collarbone, occasionally stopping to lightly nibble and suck on her smooth skin. His hands holding her petite hips in place, helping her keep her balance as he penetrated her.

Her mouth was open, letting shrieks of pure, uninhibited, pleasure as the tip of his member just hit her cervix. Her shrieks had started low but increased in volume as did the pleasure. They became more frequent, more breathy, higher pitched. The shrieks en-thrilled him. They tainted him with an undying lust, only to be satisfied by release. The shrieks encouraged him to work harder, to thrust faster. Each shriek was a cry to be satisfied, and each thrust was a powerful response. She began to slip, so he held on tighter. Squeezing her little waist and bringing it closer to him. He layed his chest on her back, getting more leverage and force into his thrusts. She felt him reattach his lips to her neck, further increasing her pleasure. Producing more of those intoxicating shrieks.

The waves of pleasure increased, her walls began to tighten more frequently.With every thrust he penetrated deepper inside of her. Each thrust pushing her closer to the edge. His balls began to tighten, her walls milking the shaft for all it was worth. The friction between the lovers so intense, it could have lit a thousand candles.They were both getting closer, the pleasure was about too peak. Just one more thrust. Just One More Thrust. JUST ONE MORE-

"THRUST!!!" Samantha screamed at her mother. She and her brother Warren were in a tangled heap on the bathroom tile. They had come crashing through the opening when Lauren opened the shower door. All the lust Sam felt quickly changed to rage towards her mother.

"I don't care how close you were. Is that homework done?" Lauren said trying to keep her temper down.


"Is it?"


"IS IT?" Lauren was growing impatient with her daughter.

"I was going too-" Sam began in a small voice

"YOU WERE GOING TOO!! AND ON TOP OF THIS YOUR HAVING SEX ON THE SHOWER DOOR!!! YOU BOTH NOW THAT YOUR FATHER AND I HAVE ALREADY REPLACED TWO DOORS ALREADY BECAUSE OF THAT!!! Lauren tried to calm herself down so that the volume of her yelling would stay down. She took a deep breath and said through gritted teeth:

"Just go upstairs and do it and will discuss your punishment later."

Punishment? But-" Sam began to protest but her mother cut her off




Seeing it was a losing battle, Samantha stormed out of the bathroom, bumping her twin Hilary (who had been watching and choking back laughter) out of the way, cursing her mother under her breath.

"Hey Hil, wanna come join me in the shower? The water's warm." Warren said trying to coy his other little sister into the shower, so he could finish what he had started. Despite all the yelling and screaming, his hard on didn't shrink an inch. In fact it got him more riled up. He always thought his mom looked sexy when she was angry.

"No way! I'm gonna go upstairs and rest a little while." and with that Hilary left the room.
Dejected, Warren went back into the shower to turn the water off. He was just about turn the knob when he felt a pair arms wrap around his chest. The hands rested on his chest, the nails slighty scratching his skin. He let himself be pulled back under the jet of hot water. Warren turned around and his lips immediately met Lauren's.Her tongue pushing against his lips, trying to force an entry. Warren allowed her access, their tongues dancing in and out of each others mouths to the beat of lust, She brought her hands too the back of his head pushing him deeper into the kiss. His arms snaked around her waist, his hands resting just under each cheek of her full ass. He gave each a light squeeze before snaking one hand around to the front her pelvis. He gently rubbed his hand against the front of her pussy, cupping his hand and using his thumb to tease her clit. He traced the lips with his finger as if to create an imaginary sketch in his mind.

Lauren began to moan into the kiss. She held her son closer, her breasts mashing against his chest. Warren slipped his finger in between her wet folds, causing another moan of satisfaction from Lauren. He wriggled his finger around, slowly sliding it in and out while he guided his mom against the shower wall. He gently began to part her legs. Lauren brought a hand up to steady herself on her son's shoulder. The other one slid down his chest, across his stomach before coming to rest on his throbbing member. She wrapped her hands around the shaft and began to slowly stroke. She teased the head with her thumb, pushing lightly against the hole.

Lauren stopped stroking and broke the kiss. Her eyes meeting her sons.Crystal blue meeting chocolate brown. An unspoken agreement met as Lauren began guiding her son's member towards her entrance. She pushed the head inst deep enough so that it would stay in place. The two began to kiss again, with the passion of eternal lovers. Just as Lauren began to break the kiss, Warren lifted her up against the shower wall and pushed his entire length deep into her. Lauren tossed her head back in Ecstasy as Warren's thrusting gained a steady rhythm. She was letting out a stream of throaty moans, mixed with gasp for every time he was completely buried inside of her. He began kissing and gnawing at the her neck leaving innumerable hickeys before making his way down to her luscious breasts. He captured one of her bouncing breasts in his mouth. Warren licked around her nipple, toying with it with his tongue. He attached his mouth to it and sucked hard on it at the same time he thrusted into
her. His hands pushing up on her hips too keep her from falling.

Lauren was just about screaming in the pleasure that her son was inflicting. Her hands racing through his hair, ruffling it, pushing him further into her breasts. Her mind full enveloped in pleasure. She moved her hands down to his shoulders, holding on tight, her nails digging into his skin as he increased his thrusting.

Harder and Harder. Faster And faster. Warren began to feel his mother's walls contract. They were squeezing him tightly, and it was becoming harder to thrust. The combined pleasure of the suckling and thrusting was too much for Lauren to handle. She began to orgasm, moaning at the top of her lungs, her son not far behind. His balls had tightened and he gave one last thrust, emptying his load deep inside his mother. Warren let out a low groan, as his orgasm subsided. He slowly slid his mother down the shower door as the came to a rest in the corner of the shower. Warren sat so that he was in between his mother's legs, his head resting on her breast using it as a more then suitable pillow. Lauren began stroking her sons hair, just as she had always done, occasionally laying a kiss on his forehead. They sat in silence for several minutes, just enjoying the shower and each others company, when Lauren spoke:

"Do you think I was too hard on your sister?"

It took Warren a moment to think what she was talking about but upon remembering he joked:

"Some pillow talk."

Lauren smiled, and gave a chuckle. "I'm sorry, but I started thinking about it and now I'm feeling guilty."

"She'll be fine. You guys always buttheads. It's nothing new." Lauren smiled at her sons comment. It was quite true, Lauren and Samantha were both strong willed and had many fights in the past.

"You're probably right." Lauren got up to turn off the water.

She had always valued her son's wisdom and views. She recognized that he had a gift for being able to get along with most if not all people. He was well-liked everywhere and she was constantly told what a gentlemen he was. He was the one child she had no problems with and never worried about. He was the baby that slept through the night. He was the toddler that potty-trained quick and easy. He was the child that always brushed his teeth without argument. He was the teen that did his homework without being told too a thousand times. He was the young adult she trusted and leaned on, always the shoulder to cry on when her husband was not around.
He was her rock.

Back upstairs, Hilary had been trying to go too sleep, tired from the "Woody Experience" but her brother and mother's constant moaning kept her up. Just as the final moans rang through the house and she was about to fall asleep, rap music started blaring through the wall. "FRED" she silently screamed in her mind. She sat up and decided to screw the nap and just do what she normally did when she wasn't feeling herself. With that she unzipped a part of her mattress and reached inside.

A/N: And that concludes the 5th installment of "Not So Ordinary LIfe." As always, please REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!!! I cannot express how much your feedback means

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