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I was just on a quick drive to my girlfriends house
I had just gotten out of school and it was 2:00! My name is mike and i am 16 have blonde hair and am about 5'9. School that day was the same as every single day before. I sat through all my boring classes and mostly just slept. Most of my teachers just passed me because i played three varsity sports. After school i went to football practice. It was very hot out so everyone was practicing in jsut shorts. I was very sweaty and hot and the practice was extreamly long. I went in and took my shower as usual and walked out to my car.

I walked to the parking my car and went home. Later that night i planned to go over my friend Girlfriends House. I brought a bag of pot with me so we could smoke when i got there. I wanted to get there soon and i was driving pretty fast when i heard police sirens.

I had never been pulled over before and i was very nevous. I turned down my radio which was blaring and pulled over onto the side of the rode. The cop got out and came over to the car and told me to drive down the side road that was near by because he didnt want me pulled over on a busy street. I thought this was wierd but obeyed anyways. It was around ten thrity and he came over to my car and told me to get out.

He was about 6'4 and very muscular. He asked for my liceins an registration and asked me do you know how fast you we going. I replied only about 5 miles over the speed limit. He then asked me to step out of the car. He told me to spread my legs and put my hands on the car. he began searching me. He slid his hands around my arms and onto my chest and back then to my stomach and to my crotch were he paused for a second. I was anervous reck, a cop was standing behing my holding my crotch. Then he reached into my pocket and pulled out the bag of weed i had on me

He then began to scream at me and instucted me to take off my shirt and i did. He then started to feel my abs and muscles. After that he undid my belt and let my pants fall to the grounded. He then said your packing alot of meat down their son, with a slight smurk. I was terrified. He Then he began fealing all arond my thys, crotch and ass.

he continued this and I soon got a har on from all the touching down there and he sreamed "are you a fag boy" . He punched me in the face and i fell on the ground. I layed there for a minute hopping this was all a bad dream. He then went back to his car and turned it off. He came back with rope, and a black bag. He pulled me back up and said do not make one sound. Then and grabbed my dick and began to jack me off. I was not enjoying one bit and was completly humiliated. Not nowin what was going to come next had me scared shitless. He then pulled down his pants and started to feel his cock. He yelled you like cock boy, cause you are sure gonna get alot of it tonight.

He told me to get on my nees. I did and let his dick hang infront of my face. He smacked it across my face then instructed me to begin touching myself. He told me to play with my dick and balls. He said stare at my cock boy so i did. I knew what he wanted but i just sat there so afraid and some how hoping he wouldnt make me suck his dick.

He brought his cok to my lips and said open up. I was crying at this point. He slapped me across the face and said open your damn mouth. He forced his 9 inch cock down my throat for a good 20 minutes. He shoved it in with no remourse and i almost chocked to death.

After that he told me to stand up. He threw me against the car with my stomach facing him. He placed his whole body against me and had one hand on my dick and the other on my ass. He said you ready for a nice fucking boy and turned me on my stomach and bent me over.

He slowly began to feel my ass and then stuck a finger in my ass hole. Then he pulled my dick and balls back through my legs and started playing with them. He massaged my balls and slowly jerked my dick. Then unexpectedly he shoved his dick into my ass hole. It was the worst pain i had ever fealt. He quickly began to pump his hard meat in and out of my. he told me to tell him i liked it. He had his hands on my hips then he slid them up to my nipples and started to pinch them He then turned me over and told me to kiss him. WE made out for a good 10 minutes and the hole time he was holding my dick and playing with my balls. I was violated in every way.

then i was thrown on the grown on my back. My legs were force up to my head and i was instructed to hold them. He left my like that for a bit just looking at me. Then he came over to me and shoved his fist in my ass. I screamed. then he started to fuck me again. He then got his black bag and rope. he tied my legs up by my head and took out a dildo and a lead pipe. He fucked me with the dildo for a good 10 minutes then put it in my mouth and told me not to remove it. then he fucked me with the pipe.

After a little while he went back to fucking me with his huge member untill he came. Then he stood up and said i better not catch u speeding again and got in his car and left

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2011-05-18 09:20:13
"2007-06-07 19:27:56
I cant get past the bad spelling, grammer and puncutation..."
It would help to spell 'grammar' properly.

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2009-10-06 23:57:12
wow... you know I would put this under the category of rape...


2007-10-11 18:39:04
I liked it so i gave it a 10/10


2007-08-27 11:45:36
u no all of u have ur comments and i will have mine
i was touching myself through the entire thing i really liked it so i gave it a 8/10


2007-07-06 16:48:18
Good concept, crappy mechanics.

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