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Breakfast time.
Chapter 1: Her point of view

I had just finished brushing my teeth after a few days of not looking after them. My mom had bought a new toothpaste that left a strange feel of coolness in my mouth. I guess the new stuff was to tease my teeth for it was a whitening brand. My teeth weren't very white but as long as I didn't get stupid cavities I didn't really give a fuck on how shinny white they were. I went to my room to get ready for school. And I passed my little sister's room cringing at the loud pop music she had blaring.
"Turn that shit down dork, we're not in a bar." I yelled over the music and my mom got onto me for cussing yet again. Like it was my fault, she and dad used to cuss all the time until he left with some stupid blonde woman who owned a motorcycle.
I went to my bedroom and started to pick out my outfit for school. I admired myself in the mirror as I held up a short sleeved sun dress up to my body. I then put it on after throwing on a bra and some panties. It hugged my form nicely though it somewhat puffed around my waist but I didn't mind that in the least. I then picked up my brush and started to run it through my long brown hair. It was mostly straight but as it got to my waist my hair began to naturally curl though everyone thought I did it that way. I finally finished and put a small green ribbon in my hair which gave me the look of some child from those westerns my mom usually watched on the weekends.
Then I picked out some ankle socks and a pair of shoes that were white with a little yellow on them. Even though I'm eighteen I often dressed like I was still twelve for I didn't want boys' attention unlike my younger sister. Sometimes her outfits even turned my older brother's head which set a little twinge of jealousy. But I don't think I could brazeningly dress up like a slut in halter tops and mini skirts like my sister did even when we were just going to go shopping for groceries. And she was only twelve!
People often mistake her for being the eldest sister when we go out together because she dressed like girls from my school while I dressed more like her age group should dress. But she didn't quite have the figure I had for she was still growing. I often laugh when boys hit on her then comment on her small, barely budding breasts. My breasts weren't very big either. I wore 32B's which compared to some girls of my size and shape were small.
Today I walked down to the kitchen and got myself a bowl of cereal when I heard my brother make a low whistle behind me. At first I thought my sister was there too but when I turned around my original thought had been quickly dispelled. He was looking straight at me until he realized that I had turned towards him, then he turned his attention to his cereal bowl. I just shook my head and poured myself some cereal then sat down at the table. I could see a faint blush to his cheeks.
Just then miss slut herself came bounding into the kitchen. She noticed that her older brother wasn't giving her the usual attention and pouted before getting herself a candy bar and a soda. Sometimes I think she is more like dad than anyone else realizes. John and I dressed pretty normal like our mother but Jessie had many ways of behaving that stood out. But so did my brother though only when admiring her in her sluttish clothes. But today he had admired me in my simple yellow sun dress and yellow and white tennies. I felt a slight twinge of womanly pride that I had won a man's attention. Even if it was my nineteen year old brother's attention that I caught.
John stood up from the table and cleared his throat, "I'll see you guys after school." he suddenly leaned in and kissed my cheek. That caught me by surprise for it had been a long time since he did that.
Jessie glared at me, obviously feeling that I was now competition for our brother's attention. Knowing her she would not give up her noticed status easily. I stood up and said a quick good-bye to her and left a full hour before I had to leave but I was surprised to see my brother still in the driveway. He looked up and smiled at me. We went to different schools so none of us see eachother except in the morning and after-school. I walked over to his car and poked my head through the window.
"What are you doing sitting around?" I asked, my face only a few centimeters from his.
"I was waiting to catch a glimsp of my sister." he replied while cupping my chin.
At first I thought he was talking about Jessie since he seemed more interested in her choice of dress instead of mine but the look on his face told me otherwise.
"Jessie's in the house though." I said just to confirm the truth.
"Not her, but you Anna." he smiled then closed the distance between us giving me a kiss that was not at all like a brother would kiss his younger sister. "Do you want a ride to school?" he asked as he pulled away.
I nodded a bit surprised by his sudden change in interest but I walked around to the other side of the car and got in.
"Why are you being like this?" I asked suddenly. "You're more likely to treat Jessie to things like this."
"Because she's a little slut and she doesn't appreciate the things I do for her." he replied then looked me in the eyes.
I felt my breath catch in my chest as I noticed the almost hungry look in his eyes. "What kind of things?" I asked softly.
"Give her rides to school. I was even her first in bed." he replied ashamed of himself.
I looked at him in shock. "You what?" I couldn't believe my brother had fucked my sister.
"I had sex with her and it was my first time too..." he looked away from me. "And everyday I wished I had waited for someone better. Like you..." he whispered.
That really shocked me. Did he really want me or just someone like me?
"Anna?" he asked as the silence dragged on. I looked up at him unsure of what to say or do. "Can I kiss you?" he looked at me eagerly but that crazed hunger look wasn't there anymore. What could I possibly say? If I said no he would become recluse and if I said yes there's a chance this could go so much farther than us kissing in his car.
Finally I just nodded and he smiled softly. Slowly he leaned to me and pressed his lips against mine. It was such a sweet thing to have his lips pressed against mine and I pressed my lips more firmly against his. He placed his hand behind my head and pulled me closer to him as we kissed. Truthfully this was my first time kissing anyone like this and I was very scared I would slip up and he wouldn't want to kiss me anymore.
He broke the kiss with me leaning towards where his lips just were with my eyes shut. "Anna." he brought me back to my senses. "That was great." he breathed softly.
I looked up at him stunned unknowing that Jessie was watching us from the livingroom window and if I had known it then I'd probably not have cared anyways. John wanted me now but as what. A quick fuck? A long termed love affair? I didn't know. But those were far from my mind as I looked into his bright hazel eyes. His eyes clouded a little as he stared at me thoughtfully.
"Want to be my girlfriend?" he asked suddenly.
A jolt jumped through me as I stared at my older brother in confusion. Did I hear him correctly? I scooted away from him as the confusion took hold and I wanted to get out of the car now. But before I could find the handle on the door he took my hand and placed it on his chest. I could feel his heart beat as it steadily grew erratic.
"Do you even have school today?" I asked softly.
"No, I just wanted to get away from her." he gestured with his head towards the house.
"Oh," I leaned up and kissed him. He stared at me in surprise for so far he was the one that made all the advances. But he soon returned the kiss.
Suddenly there was banging on the window behind his head. We both looked in that direction and saw a not too happy Jessie. She gave me the death glare and I just smirked, knowing I was winning someone away from her slutty ass.
"Get out of the car John!" she nearly shrieked but John just ignored her and looked at me.
"Should I get out of the car, Anna?" he asked with a serious tone but a spark of mischief sparkled in his eyes.
I couldn't help but giggle, "I dunno, should you?" I replied with a question.
"I don't think I should leave my favorite sister unattended in my car it can become quite touchy." he said with a quiet laugh.
Jessie finally just threw up her hands and stomped back to the house in her jealous rage. I laughed out loud then and John joined in with me. It felt good to taunt my little sister until she just screamed in fury. He leaned in and kissed me softly.
"Do you have school today as well as that brat?" he asked.
I shook my head, for in truth the only one who needed to go was Jessie and I knew she wasn't going to be happy about that now. I looked up at him trying to ask a question but couldn't quite make it sound like I wasn't being evil to my bitch of a sister.
"No I'm not going to give her a ride after her stunt. You know I don't like being ordered around by a bitch." he held me close to his side and rested my head on his shoulder.
"When did you guys have sex?" I looked up at him.
"Back when she was eleven. And a hell of a lot nicer." he replied with a deep blush coloring his cheeks.
Then I remembered that was around the time she started dressing like a slut and bragging about all the guys she fucked and got numbers from. I guess she turned into a whore for sex for mom and dad didn't have the money to buy that garbage she shrouds herself in. I looked up at him feeling sympathetic but a little miffed. For though he didn't know it, I often imagined him being my first and I being his but when he told me he had sex last year I was devastated but I pretended to not care though inside I had been screaming and crying about it. At night I often cried and he came in to hold me and asked what was wrong like the brother he was and I always said I had some bad dream.
"Do you want to know something, big brother?" I asked in a soft voice.
"Yes. What is it Anna?" he lightly stroked my cheek.
"You know all those nights after you told me you lost your virginity when I would cry." I looked up at him.
"Yeah, what about them?" he asked a bit slowly.
"Well the reason why I was crying was because I had a silly hope you would come to me and lose yours with mine." I looked down as I saw his eyes widen a bit.
"Anna..." there was a sadness in his voice then held me close, "I didn't know.."
I looked up at him, "Do you want to take mine now?"
The question took him by surprise then he smiled, "Sure, were you going to wait for me forever?" he looked at me.
"Possibly." I replied then took his hand and led him back into the house.
At first he thought I was leading him to his room but I passed it and went to my room. He stared at me in surprise as I led him to the bed and gently pushed him down onto it. He followed my gestures without question and I sat down next to his stretched out body. I could never imagine I would do this like in my secret fantasies when I was just barely reaching sixteen years of age. But now I can do what I dreamed of for a long time but I wonder if he had the same dreams about me before he screwed our little sister.

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2013-07-27 02:03:31
to the author: I loved it
to those who say its bad: quit your yapping i would love to see you try to write a sex story better than this one

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2012-02-24 17:40:34
DUMB WRITER fiction HAS to be realistic and believable otherwise it is fantasy. so either delete and rewrite or change it to the fantasy area instead of fiction. SHOW SOME PRIDE IN YOUR WORK AND A WHOLE LOT OF RESPECT FOR THE READERS AND EITHER DO IT RIGHT OR NOT AT ALL. THIS SUCKS.

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2010-11-30 19:08:24

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2008-11-22 23:48:32
Pretty good. Tone down the lovey-dovey feel though, unless you're going to make the story longer and include actual sex. 6/10


2007-04-22 19:25:33
To the readers that say its unrealistic. It's fiction big whoop. And I know it makes little sense and no I don't want a new brother I already got two and they're both retards. Sorry for the mixing up but I was really bored so I started typing also it was for a buddy of mine since he likes these types of things. And chapter 2 will come out soon.

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