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The Beginning

Incendiumaeger Obscurus Dominusluna was his given name, but Lynx Atratus was his Wiccan Name . He was only seven when his parents died by the hands of the Church. The Clan Ducere, Arg Lunaris, then adopted him.
Lynx knew the arts of Juudoo; Kendoo; Jiu Jitsu; Aikidoo; and Nihontsu. He was also trained in the style of fighting that the Romans used, called Genus Hyades. Lynx knew only the Spells of Protection and that of Regeneration.
He was Norwegian, and was raised by the Norwegian Clan of Druids known as the Lunas Tribus. He was taught Latin; English; Norse; Spanish to a lower degree; and had a little training in Japanese. Since his whole Clan spoke Latin as well as Norwegian, his given name was in Latin, as well as most of the names of ranks and other things.
He was 15 at the moment, and was about to get his Soul Power and his first Familiar. He was going to choose an Element to align himself with, also . The Ritual of Age took place when a boy turned 15, and was then a man. The Ritual was later on that night, and he was nervous.

Lynx walked into the Circle of Augers and stood in the middle, facing the Ducere. The Curarere walked to him and placed a string of Iuro flowers on around his neck. The chanting started.
They were moving in orbit around Lynx, muttering to themselves. The Curarere and Ducere were both still in front of him. The Ducere placed his right hand upon Lynx’s right shoulder and the Curarere placed his left hand upon Lynx’s left shoulder.
The Ducere asked him in a deep voice. “Of which alignment of the Elements do you wish to have?” He let his hand drop to his side as he asked.
“I choose the path of the Multi-Elementum, and have the Element of Wind as my Key-alignment.” Lynx said loudly.
“So shall it be.” The Ducere said deeply. A flash of blue light came from all around, then a bolt of energy hit Lynx. He felt like he had just been struck with lightning.
The Curarere then asked while dropping his hand to the side. “What shall your Soul Power be?”
“That of Communication.” Lynx said quickly. He had already thought about this ahead of time.
“So shall it be.” Said the Curarere. A flash of white light spread through the Circle and into Lynx. He got the same feeling this time.
“What shall your Familiar be?” Asked the Ducere.
Lynx thought for a second, then said. “My Familiar shall be a hawk, named Dalc, with black feathers and red eyes. His form will be small and strong, and he shall never age.”
“So shall it be.” Said the Ducere. A Portal of Creation formed just next to Lynx and then disappeared. On the ground, where the Portal was, laid a black hawk.
“You are now a man in our community: welcome. Tortres Lynx, you will be well honored here.” Said the Curarere.

The Journal

Lynx woke up in the hut he had been built just the night before. The Ritual made him sleepy, so he woke up at 9:00 in the morning, three hours later than usual. He had made the transformation, and he felt very glad for it.
Lynx got up and started to notice his new abode fully. He had just come in and went to sleep the night before, so he never really got to look at it. Now he truly appreciated the work the other Tortres put into the place.
He also noticed gifts placed just in the hall of the bedroom he had slept in. There was: A box of Alchemic apparatus; a bushel of herbs; a set of five black robes, complete with hood; a pair of leather shoes, black also; a sword and sheath, along with a dirk and sheath; an unstringed bow and a quiver of 30 arrows; a parchment journal, blank; and a small box.
Lynx put the robes into his closet, minus one, then donned the pair of shoes. He then moved the box of Alchemic apparatus to the storage section of the hut. The sword and dirk he strapped to his side with a lash of leather rope. He put the bow and arrows into the closet as well.
Lynx picked up the small box and opened it. Inside was a very old tome with a Latin inion written on it: Ephemeris ex Carmen. It also had a leather strap holding it shut. The leather strap had a piece of parchment folded and stuffed into it.
Lynx took the parchment out and read it:

Lynx, you have received this hut and journal. I ask you to first come to my abode before opening the journal. Oh, and take good care of my old sword; I am still quite fond of it.

Lynx put the letter down and put the tome into his bag of equipment. He then walked out his front door. He was amazed at the sight he saw.
There was a fence all the way around his property. The fence had three different sections in it, each holding a different type of animal. The section that held the walkway had a pure black cat laying in the shade of a tree; the section to the left held a cow, which was young and good for milking; the right section held a horse, which was just old enough to start riding, though still young enough to teach.
The cow was pregnant, which meant that it was going to produce more milk and have viel for tender meat. She was a very good have, for she was worth lots of money. All the people in the community would have liked to have had her. But only Lynx got that pleasure. He liked her so much, he named her Aengel.
Lynx went to the community fire and got a flagon of chowder, which the Curarere had his Adiutors make every morning for breakfast for the community . He brought the flagon with him to the Ducere’s abode. He enjoyed the cooking of the Adiutor’s, though most thought it to be too seasoned.
As he knocked at the Ducere’s door, he realized that he had forgotten to bring his bag of equipment, which contained his journal. He now wished he had waited to come here. He had none of the things he needed with him, except for his flagon of breakfast.
“Ah, good to see you, Tortres Lynx.” The Ducere said excitedly. “Please, come in.”
Lynx stepped into the hut and waited. He was then motioned to come and sit down on the hearth. He complied.
“So, I take it you’re here about the journal, yeah?” Said Ducere Arg.
“I am.” Replied Lynx. “I got your note.”
“So it would seem.” Ducere Arg emoted.
“What is it and what is in it?” Lynx asked, very interested.
“That is the question, my boy.” Expressed the Ducere. “It contains the knowledge of all the past Duceri of this Clan. Every Ritual, spell, charm, hex, or curse they performed is in that journal. Even some of my own are in there.”
“So I can read it and learn their knowledge?” Asked Lynx.
“No!” Said the Ducere quickly. “All you have to do is open it, then every power that they had will be forced into you. But keep in mind, the curses that they had placed on them will be transferred also. You will need to be ready for anything if you open that book.”
“May I open it today?” Lynx asked, anxious.
“You may open it…But first bring me from the Cave of Shadows a green lichen and a small bag of salt. Then go to the Cave of Light and bring me a small bag of its sand and a small bag of its mineral rock that grows from the ceiling. After that, go to the Circle of Power, just outside the community gates and ask the Gods for knowledge of herbalism and Alchemy. Come back to me when you are finished with these tasks.”

The First Task

Lynx was at the mouth of the Cave of Shadows when he heard the scream. It came from the west of where he was. It was very high pitched and Lynx knew it to be female. He had to go and see which fellow human was in need of help.
He took off towards where he heard the scream. Lynx came across a small clearing, which had three men, dressed in red uniforms and metal helms, circling a woman in it. They were drunk and had to be toying with her. The woman was crying and trying to find an escape from the orb.
Lynx went to the largest one and hit him square in the back of the head with the pummel of his sword: the man fell, unconscious. Lynx then held his sword in a fighting position against the other two, who noticed him now. They drew small dirks from their sheaths and got prepared for the fight that was to come.
The bigger of the two lunged at Lynx with all his power, holding the dirk in front of him. Lynx dodged the strike easily and twisted the man's arm as he flew by, making him let go the dirk into lynx’s other hand. Lynx also tripped him, knocking him to the ground.
The other man, who was a bit scrawny, was quicker on his feet. He made a series of short jabs with his dirk and struck Lynx on his cheek. The blood dripped down in a red flow from the slice across his cheek.
Lynx waited for the next volley of strikes, and when it came, he parried them. With the dirk that was now in his left hand, he stabbed it into the man’s sword arm. He dropped down in pain, with the dirk falling to the ground.
The second man, getting up, grabbed the first man’s dirk and came at Lynx. It was a pitiful attempt, the man being way too slow. Lynx sidestepped once again and sliced the man’s back with a quick strike of his sword. He fell to the ground the second time, flat on his face.
The first man was just waking out of his sleep. Lynx knew that he could not keep all three of them sedated long enough to make an escape. He was going to have to kill, or at least injure very seriously on or two of them.
Lynx took the dirk and threw it at the first man. It hit him at the top of his right shoulder, staying in from the depth of its embedment. The man cried out in pain, but then pulled the dirk from his shoulder.
The second man, getting over the slice on his back, got up. The third man also got up. They all three came at Lynx at the same time. It was too much for him to handle: they would slaughter him.
The first man threw the dirk at Lynx, but missed. Lynx took the extra time that was given and struck the first man in the throught with his sword, killing him before he hit the ground. Lynx took in the very same swing a slice of ear of the second man: he knelt to the ground. Lynx finished him off with a quick downward strike to his left shoulder, piercing his heart and lung with the stroke.
As Lynx was coming at the third man, he knelt and bowed. He tossed the dirk that he had picked up and said in the English tongue. “I surrender! I bow down before thee. Don’t kill me!”
Lynx didn’t kill for pleasure, in fact he tried not to kill when at all possible. “Do you swear to me an oath on your God or Goddess that you will leave this land, never to return, and without any strife?” Lynx stated, his sword at the man’s neck.
“Yes!” The man yelled. “I swear to Bolot that I shall leave this land, never to return. I shall not cause any further strife on my way out.”
“Okay.” Lynx agreed. “Get up, take your comrades’ weapons as your own and give them a burial prayer. I shall burry them as I the custom of your people.”
“Our people burry our dead with the help of a Priest.” The man said.
“You’ll have to be the Priest today.” Lynx said. “I wish not to become something I will never be, even for the day.”
The man complied. He quickly picked up his comrades’ weapons and stowed them in his belt, then he knelt next to their bodies and said a prayer. He then anointed the bodies with an oil that he had stowed in a small pouch on his belt. The man was truly trying to give his fallen comrades a descent burial.
Lynx found a shovel of a flat stone. With his natural Elemental ability, he sped up the digging. He asked the Earth to kindly give way to put the men to rest from which they came. The dirt then moved so smoothly, it was as if it were throwing itself out of the hole.
They buried the men, then covered them. The man prayed for their souls and bowed his head. He then knelt and placed his head on the ground at the foot of the graves. Lynx sat down a few yards away, not wishing to interfere.
Lynx thought to himself just then. Maybe the Christian way isn’t so bad after all. They do seem to have some compassion for their friends. Maybe it is just the Church that is the real foe, and the other lesser people are just following like a bunch of blind sheep.
“Okay, it is done.” The man said. “May I go?”
“Go, and never in this lifetime return to this land, which you have desecrated.” Lynx spoke sternly.

Lynx then went to the East, where the Cave of Shadows was. He was back at the entrance. When he went inside, he heard a sniffling from the far corner, where it had one of its many dead-ends.
He went to find the cause of the noise, and found the same girl cornered by a wolf. She was sitting on the ground with her hands over her face. The wolf was not snarling, but just laying at the ground before her feed, peering at her.
“Come, let her be Molt Hau. Come!” Lynx commanded of the wolf. Molt Hau gave a whine, then came to Lynx’s side. He bowed his head to Lynx, and Lynx did the same. “Go to the place where you live and stay there for a while.”
The wolf went back to where the woman was and laid down, but not in a threatening manner. The woman began to cry even more. The wolf looked at her as if laughing, knowing she was crying for a no good reason.
The wolf was going to harm her not. He was just lying down in his home, and sharing it with this woman out of kindness. She mistook the jester as a threat.
“Dear woman, cry not.” Lynx said in English. “The wolf is named Molt Hau, and will not harm you. This is his home, and he is letting you stay here as you wish to do.”
“He will kill me if I move.” The woman sniveled.
“I assure you, he will not.” Lynx said. “He is not a rabid animal, but a blessing to you. You found this cave to hide in from the men in the woods and he knew your distress. He let you find refuge here.”
The woman looked up and a flicker of hope crossed in her eyes. She looked at the wolf. She then looked at Lynx and asked. “Truly, are you sure?”
“I am.” Lynx replied. “Come to me, and I will lead you to the Clan you came from.”
The woman got up and dashed to Lynx as quickly as she could. Molt Hau gave a glance at her, as if to say. “Fool, what was that all about?”
“What Clan do you belong to?” Lynx asked the woman.
“What do you mean?” She asked back.
“Of which Clan are you a member of, who do you belong to, what community?” Lynx asked in more detail.
“I am of the Romanus people. I was sent here with those men to be killed.” She said.
“Why would your people have you killed?” Lynx asked, ignorant of the Roman customs, though he spoke their language.
“I was accused of practicing Witchcraft, and I was found guilty.” She said. “But I only asked for some lichen at the store, wanting to make a healing salve for my burn of the sun.”
“That is not Witchcraft. Who said it is?” Lynx stated.
“The Christians of the court associate lichen and salves with the occult.” She explained.
“I am a Pagan, and I am a Wiccan.” Lynx stated proudly. “I assure you, that was not Witchcraft.”
The woman cringed at the mention that he was a Pagan. She had been told that they boil the Roman woman alive and use their hair for potions of Evil. She had no idea that she had been brain washed her whole life about the Pagans.
“I am going to summon my Familiar and have him lead you back to my Clan community. On its leg will have a letter, explaining your situation. You will be sent to my hut to be kept. There you will be safe” Lynx said. “When I return, you may do as you wish from there.”
“Your Familiar?” She questioned.
Lynx had already begun. “Iacere peritus arcessere explere!” And a hawk with black feathers and red eyes appeared before him. He then sat down and asked the hawk to take her back to their community.
After he found a piece of bark worth writing on, her wrote a note of explanation and tied it to Dalc’s leg. “Okay, now lead her.” Dalc then flew slowly, and the woman followed.

Lynx then ventured into the cave and looked for the lichen. He found a small green lichen and put it in a bag. He then searched the cave for salts. After an hour of looking, it had turned dark outside. He had no way of seeing.
Lynx thought of a solution to his problem. He walked to the corner of the cave that Molt Hau was laying in. He walked up to him and asked in the language of nature. “Molt Hau, may I ask a favor of you?”
The wolf picked up its head and licked its chops. Then he stood up and bowed his head. Lynx took this as a “Yes”.
“Can you help me find a mound of salt in this cave?” Lynx asked.
Molt Hau walked casually to the far end of the cave, with Lynx following. He stuck his snout down into a crack and walked back to his resting place. Lynx knew Molt Hau was dead on in his search.
Lynx pulled out a small bag, then grabbed a handful of salt chunks and place them in it. He filled the bag, then walked to the wolf. “I thank you Molt Hau. I can repay you not at the moment, but later perhaps. Just ask, and I shall help you in any need you may have.”
The wolf nodded. Lynx then walked out of the cave and made his way back to the community. He thought about all that had happened today on his way home. He liked the way the day turned out, though regretted killing the two people.

The Woman From Rome

When Lynx got back to his hut, the woman from Rome was laying on the floor by a fire she had built. She must have come in, built the fire up a bit, then went to sleep. She didn’t even take her shoes off.
She was very beautiful, with her dark hair out of order and fanning across the floor. Her arms she lay under her head as a pillow. Her complexion was that of a light brown to a white color, marking her as tanned, but not dark.
Lynx went over to her and shook her awake when it turned light out. She woke up slowly, opening her eyes and rubbing them. She didn’t know what to say, so she waited for Lynx to speak first.
“You must be famished, when is the last time you ate?” Lynx asked.
She said sleepily. “Two days ago. The soldiers didn’t feed me, seeing as it would have been a waste of food for a dead person.”
“There is a community fire just thirty yards to the east of here.” Lynx said. “There, you will find stew in a cauldron. There are bowls and sops in my cupboards. Go and get some if you wish, but return here as soon as you fill your bowl. The stew is made out of goat meat and different vegetables, so it is very good.”
The woman got up and stretched her body. She then said to Lynx. “Thank you for all you have done for me. I’ll go and get some food now.” She then disappeared out the door of the hut.
In the community, she saw people wearing all earthen colors. There were many who looked at her with a curious eye. She was accompanied by Lynx’s Familiar, Dalc, so they made no malicious acts or comments.
When she got to the community fire, she saw a woman standing at a cauldron with a ladle in her hand. She was wearing a blue cloak with the hood drawn on it. The woman walked up and asked in English. “May I have some stew, dear woman?”
The girl in blue dipped the ladle into the cauldron and poured it into the sop of the woman’s. “You must be Tortres Lynx’s follower, yeah?” The woman in blue said.
“I am the one he helped in the woods.” The woman said.
“I have not heard, but I’m sure the story will get out soon enough.” She said this in a conversation-ending sort of way.
The woman from Rome then made her way back to Lynx’s hut. She was glad she had food, and the opportunity to see her surroundings. She noticed also the horse in the yard and a dog, which had not so much as barked when she was making her entrance earlier.
Lynx was sleeping on the hearth when she entered. She ate her stew with a happy heart, and watched the dying fire spark. When her stew was gone, she started eating her sop bowl, which was actually good bread, unlike the Roman trenchers.
Lynx got up at around one in the afternoon and began his packing for his next task. He gathered all he needed, including his dirk and pack. He also grabbed the journal that was blank, so he could write down what he experienced.
“Where are you going?” The Roman woman asked.
“To the Cave of Light.” Lynx said. “I have an errand to run, but I am not going until dark time.”
“The Cave of Light?” She pondered. “Is that where you found me?”
“No, that was the Cave of Shadows.” Lynx explained.
“What is there?”
“A very large crystal deposit. I am going to go and collect a small bag of them.” Stated Lynx.
“Why?” Asked quite simply the woman.
“To give to the Ducere of the community, who has asked it of me.” Lynx spoke.
“May I ask your name?” She said out of the blue.
“Lynx Artratus is my name.” He stated. “And what is yours?” He asked as he put his dirk into his belt.
Lynx sat down on the hearth next to the woman as she answered. “I am Suavium Orchis, from the family of Canorus.”
“Tell me about yourself.” Lynx said, curious.
“What do you want to know?” Suavium asked.
“How old are you?”
“Twenty-one.” She said. “And you?”
“Fifteen.” He said, now feeling humbled.
“No, surely you are older?” Suav said in disbelief.
“No. I have been on this Mother Earth for fifteen years.” He said. “When did you get charged for Witchcraft, and what were the circumstances?”
“Three months ago. I was found guilty just twelve days ago in the courts of Prague. They sent me here to be executed because they wanted to keep it quiet from the locals. I only wanted to make a simple salve, not to practice Witchcraft.” Suav said, now getting teary eyed.
“What is wrong with Witchcraft, so long as no other is hurt?” Lynx said, defensively.
“The Church says it is Evil and no person is to practice it. If they do, surely they shall be burned or boiled alive by Roman law.” She spoke in a weak voice.
“I tell you now: this community is a Druidic community where all forms of Magik and Witchcraft are practiced. No comments about it being Evil will be tolerated if said in a malicious manner. Now, I can see if you wish to stay here not. You will be aloud to leave at any time, and we will transport you to any place.” Lynx said to Suavium, making it clear that his views were wide.
“I have no qualms with Witchcraft, or any other art. I am just speaking the Church’s view.” She replied.
“Okay.” Lynx said in a cool voice. “What do you wish to do now that you are here?”
“If you may tell me about this community’s culture, I might be inclined to stay here, if that is plausible.” Said Suavium.
“You are more than welcome to stay with us. You will have to be accepted by the community as a Clan-friend, but that is no problem.” Lynx assured her. “This is a community where all forms of worship are welcome, as long as the Clan is not hurt from it. The main religion of the community is Wiccan, but some are of other types. We allow anybody to practice their beliefs as they see fit. I myself am a Wiccan, and I practice all sorts of different Magik.”
Lynx got up and walked to the closet, where he kept a tome of the Clan’s background. He handed it to Suavium and sat back down. “That should explain a lot.”
“Thanks.” She looked through the pages by flipping through them while Lynx went to his bedroom. Lynx came out with a pile of scrolls.
“These are the ways of Wicca, in a summery.” He sat them down beside Suavium and sat back down on the hearth. “If you like them, you may further your knowledge by asking to be taught. If you wish to be taught, you may be initiated into the Clan as a Tortres.”
Suavium put the scrolls on her lap and continued to read the tome. She was very interested in the history of the Clan. She also wanted to know the truth about the Wiccans, not just the lies the Church gave her.
Lynx decided to go and get a sop of stew also.

The Second Task

It was 7:00 at night when Lynx put his pack on his back, ready to go. He went into the kitchen, where Suavium was sitting at the table, now reading the scrolls he had given her. She was deep into them, seeing as how it was a text that the Church had banned; She wanted to get as much knowledge as she could from a source that wasn’t Papal.
“Suavium, I am going to the Cave of Light now.” Lynx stood next to her as he said this, seeing which scroll page she was on [The last one]. “I will be back somewhere between five hours to three in the afternoon tomorrow.”
“Okay.” She got up and bowed to him. “What do you wish of me? I am a guest in your house.”
“Just make yourself at home. You may look through whatever you like, just don’t open any books other than the ones in the bookrack. You know where the community fire is, so feel free to go and eat. Oh, if you wish, you may use one of my robes as a change of clothes and take a bath in the river, which is just fifty yards to the north of here.” He walked to the door and opened it. “Make sure to bring a strip of black cloth, which is found in my dresser, if you go outside.”
“May I ask why?”
“To mark you as a guest, and not an intruder. Before, you had Dalc, my Familiar with you, now you will need to identify yourself with the black cloth.” Lynx stepped out the door without another word.

He went to the Cave of Light with Dalc flying above him. The cave was very bright, though it was dark out. Lynx knew that the danger here was not wolves, nor any other animal, but a spirit that had been banished to here by the Ducere long ago.
Lynx took out his sword and entered the place with a quick, yet careful stride. He knew that he was only here to get the mineral from the ceiling, but he had no clue where to find it. He would just have to look for it and hope to find it soon.
It was nearly three hundred feet back into the cave that Lynx found what he was looking for. He struck it with his sword, so a chunk fell to the floor. Lynx picked it up and put it in a small bag. He then made his way to the entrance.
As he was walking back, he tripped over a piece of metal. When he looked at it further, he noticed it to be a sword. Lynx picked it up and examined it. He decided to keep it, so he stowed it in a loop of his pack, for he also found the sheath, which it fit into.
“Who goes there?” Said an eerie voice from just next to the entrance.
“Tortres Lynx Atratus, from the Lunas Tribus Clan.” Answered Lynx in a soft, yet confident voice.
“What business did ye have, crossing my path?” The voice asked.
“I forged ahead to get minerals from the ceiling.” He answered.
There was a swish of air, then Lynx felt a slice go across his stomach. The Spirit was attacking him. Lynx pulled out his sword and slashed at the air, hoping to hit something. But it was in vein.
Lynx took his sword and slashed it at the air in front of him, but again he hit only air. He then tried speaking a spell. “Iacere…”
The spirit then struck him again, this time on his face, silencing him. So Lynx then summoned Dalc. He thought of it a bit late, but in time.
“Dalc, strike the spirit.” Cried Lynx.
Dalc flew and struck the spirit with his talons, sending it away immediately. Dalc then cast a spell of light on himself, making him a glow of dim light. The hall of the cave was light up, and Lynx was glad Dalc had thought of that.
Lynx took a strike at the ceiling, which he found had the minerals he needed. They fell upon the cave floor. Lynx picked them up and put some in a small bag, then placed more in a larger bag, for his own alchemic collection. He also grabbed some of the sand from the floor and put it in a small bag.
On the way out of the cave, the spirit came to him once more. “You have stolen the sacred treasures of my cave. For that, you must not live.” The spirit attacked once more and found its mark. The energy flow hit Lynx square in his chest.
He fell to the ground, on his stomach. The spirit then floated over top him and cast an energy bolt into his back, putting him to sleep. Dalc was in the dark of the cave, watching and waiting for the right moment to strike.
Dalc flew to the spirit and struck him once more, this time with his beak. He also used his talons to grip the thing and drag it away from his master’s limp body. Dalc made sure to keep Lynx’s body safe from further harm by keeping the spirit at bay.
When Lynx came back to life, Dalc was picking his feathers, which were ruffled. His right wing had blood on it and his tail was bent. Lynx knew what had taken place. He knew Dalc had saved him.
He went back to the village and went strait to his home. There, he found Suavium sleeping on the floor next to the fire. It was dark out now for three hours, so he could understand. She was wearing his cloak of black and had her hair down still.
Lynx put the larger bag of minerals in his Alchemy chest, then got out of his dirty cloak and into a new set. He always had a clean set of robes handy at his home. He also put on his rose spray, which was the extracts of a rose to make him smell a bit better than he did at that moment.

Third Task

Lynx walked out the door with his head held high. The night air was on his face and the wind blowing gave him a welcome cool feeling. He was about to contact his Gods and receive the knowledge of Herbalism and Alchemy. He was also going to learn the knowledge of the journal, which had to hold some powerful magik.
He went to the Circle of Power, which was a ways from the village. He walked into the middle and sat down with his legs crossed. The Circle of Power was flowing with energy, and Lynx could feel it about him.
Lynx swallowed the bud of Nyukia plant that he had been saving up for his first communion with the Gods. He felt the bud take into his system, and then he saw the colors that followed. He would soon be speaking with his Gods.
Lynx started seeing the bright colors that the bud had instilled into him. He then asked his Gods. “Oh Gods of this Earth, let me the power of Herbology and Alchemy, for I will do your will by them."
In a warped sense, Lynx heard a deep voice from all around. “We will grant you the power of Herbology and Alchemy only if you first answer us this: What runs, but never walks? What has rooms, but no walls?”
Lynx thought about it, and had to focus hard on it. He was sure that he wouldn’t get two guesses at this one. He wasn’t sure weather the Gods would let him out with a wrong answer either.
After a while, Lynx came out with the answer. “Water runs, yet never walks. And a mushroom is a room without walls.”
In a dark voice the words came. “Your answer was correct, and you may now learn from us the powers of Alchemy and Herbology.” A flow of power went through Lynx’s body, and he knew what was happening.

The Affair

Lynx came back to his house and knew things would be different. It was daylight time for around an hour, and he found Suavium sitting on the hearth besides the fire. She was still beautiful, even when awake. Lynx found himself very much attracted to her.
Without a word, Lynx went into his room and set down his pack. He took off the robes that he was wearing, for it was now drenched in sweat. He put on a clean robe, which had a hood on it.
Lynx then walked to the fire and sat next to Suavium. He watched the crackling of it and wondered what Suavium was thinking. Lynx knew that he wanted her, but he was not sure how to say it or what to do about it.
But Suavium knew he wanted her, also. She could tell just by his motions of body and voice to her. Truth being, she was very attracted to him also, for he had an aura about him that made her melt with feeling.
“Yes!” She said excitedly.
“I…I was wondering what you thought about the tome and scrolls that you read.” Lynx said, changing his words out of fear.
She looked like she was disappointed, but brightened up and said. “I have decided that I like the doctrines of the scrolls, but do not believe in their power.”
Lynx now got his mind on the subject. “If you are truly seeking it, the power will come to you.” He paused, looking into Suavium’s mind. “Everybody starts out a disbeliever; you just have to prove it for yourself.”
“So you didn’t believe it at first?” Suav asked.
“I knew that there was truth in it, but did not understand its true meaning until I had my first communion with my personal goddess, Luna, of the Moon.”
“How do I become a Clan Member?” Asked Suav. She liked the way all of this sounded.
“First, you must be accepted by the Ducere, then you must undergo a task for him. It will be a minor task that is only a recognition mark. Nothing too dangerous.” Lynx said. “After that, you will be initiated into the Clan by way of Ceremony, making you a Tortres.”
“I will then be taught the ways of Wicca?”
“No, if you want that, you must find a Wiccan and request training from him or her. In order for any Wiccan of this Clan to give you training, you must be a Tortres or have been raised here.” Lynx explained.
“Will you take me to the Ducere so that I may become a Tortres and learn the ways of your people? I would forever be indebted to you.”
“I am going there later on this day to report a task done. You may come with me then and I will vouch for you. Then you may speak about that business.” Lynx told Suav.
“Thank you, Lynx.” Suavium said gently.
Lynx got up and went to his room. He looked in his jewelry box and pulled out a necklace with a pentagram pendant on it. Lynx came back out to the room Suav was in and sat down very close to her.
“I…I am…” Lynx tried, but he couldn’t get the words out.
“It’s okay.” Suavium said. “I know.”
“What?” Lynx expressed.
“I know what you feel for me.” Suav said.
“Wha… how?” Lynx asked, bewildered.
“It’s just the way you move around me, and the voice you use to speak with me. You aren’t very good at hiding it.” Suavium told Lynx.
“Oh.” He said, looking down to hide a grin. He then looked back up and said. “I… I…This is for you.” He quickly said as he handed Suav the necklace.
“Thank you, Lynx. It is beautiful.” She said in amazement.
“It was given to me by my father, who trusted me to give it to my protégée when I found one.” Lynx explained. “I wish you to learn what I have to teach you. I also wish to get to know you better in a personal manner. Now, this may seem a bit bold, but I feel as though I must say these things.”
“I feel for you the same way, Lynx. And I would be glad to learn what you have to teach me.” Suav said sweetly. “When you said you want to get to know me personal manner, what did you mean?”
“I wish to sleep with you.” Lynx said in a low voice, shyly. “I know you are twenty-one and I am only fifteen, but I still feel this way for you no matter. I have nothing else to offer you except my home for as long as you wish.”
Suavium sat quietly for a while, thinking on that. She knew she wanted him, but how would it make her feel, him being so young. Would she feel the same about him after it happened as she did at the moment?
Lynx was very anxious to get her answer, either way. He could hardly wait for her to speak and say what was on her mind. He knew for some way that she liked him, too, but wasn’t for sure on it.
At last, Suavium spoke. “I have just met you, and don’t know you very well at all. But given the situation, I feel comfortable around you enough to say that I myself find you attractive in both mental and physical aspects.” She got off the floor and stood up. “I will not promise to sleep with you, but will tell you it is not ruled out; in fact, it is very likely.”
Lynx loved to hear this, and knew he was in for a very nice future. He had to keep his composure though, so he said to Suavium very calmly. “Okay, it is settled for now. Let’s go to the Ducere’s hut and take care of our business.”
But before Lynx could get up, Suavium sat back down and pushed Lynx on his back. “No! Lets stay here a while longer.” She said. She then got atop of him and strattled him with her legs tightly. She kissed moistly on his lips, darting her tongue into his mouth.
Lynx reached his arms around her and held onto her with a firm grip. She kissed his neck wetly and licked his throat with her hot tongue, making Lynx shiver from excitement. Suavium reached her hand to Lynx’s gladius, which was now very hard. She reached into his robes and stroked it, making Lynx moan.
Lynx could stand it no more. He pushed Suavium off him gently and got up. He then gave Suav his hand, which she took to help herself up. He led her to his room.
Suavium began taking her clothes off, which revealed her true form. She had beautiful black hair that went to her shoulders and upper back. She had high cheekbones and a button nose. Her eyes were bright green and her lips were fluffy and red. Her body was perfect, thick, yet not fat. Her breasts were medium and perfect for her size. She stood at about 5’4” tall with long legs and nice feet. Her thighs were milky-white, and her pubic region was glistening. She had a small patch of hair that was black, right above her crevice.
“I can feel your stare on me.” Suav stated with her eyes closed.
“You are a wonderful creature; I am inclined to view your body, if it is up for the looking.” Lynx replied.
“But it makes me self-conscious.” Suav said. “I have been raised to believe that clothing covers what should be covered. I feel weird taking it off in front of another person.”
“I will undress as well, so we will have no reason to be ashamed of ourselves.” Lynx said. He untied the belt of his robe and took it off, revealing his leather trousers and bare, dark chest. He took his pants off and sat on the bed, next to the now naked Suavium.
Lynx reached his arm around her and pulled her in for a wet kiss on her lips. At the same time, he laid her down on her back and got atop of her. His gladius rubbed up and down between the lips of her flos. She moaned deep in her throat out of the pleasure. Lynx then moved his gladius to the hole of Suavium’s flos.
Lynx gently pushed his contas into her body. She was warm and soft; the walls of her flos were tight about his contas! He moved himself in and out of her, making her give out squeals of excitement. She wrapped her arms tightly around Lynx’s neck, pulling him completely atop of her, so every part of their bodies touched.
Lynx bit Suav’s neck lightly, making her jump. Her eyes lit up and she tensed up. She began to shiver, but held onto Lynx even tighter. She moaned deeply, kissed, and sucked on Lynx’s neck to keep from screaming. She pulsed with ecstasy!
Lynx knew what had happened. Her flos got super wet and loosened up a bit. She now had a look of a trance on her face. She had just orgasmed and was tired. He knew she was satisfied.
Lynx pushed himself in and out of Suavium faster and with more force now, making her suck in deep breaths each time. He pushed into her so far that he hit her ceverex: she jumped in shock and slight pain! He then felt himself loosing control. He pushed all the way into her as he let go his semen inside of her. He pulled out and got off of her.
They were now both drenched in sweat. Suavium was on her stomach and Lynx was on his, with his arm over her back. They both fell asleep within a few minutes after the moments had passed.

The Opening

Lynx woke up a few hours later, when it was around mid-day. He gently got up trying not to wake Suavium. He looked over and couldn’t believe that he had just slept with this beautiful woman.
He went to his closet, got a new set of robes, and then put on his leather shoes. He walked to his fire-room and sat on the hearth. He pondered there for a while about the consequences for his actions.
What exactly was Suavium expecting from him now? Was he going to have to be different? Did he want to have her with him for the rest of his life?
He knew the answers not, but he did have faith that it would all work out for the best if he just trusted in his positive karma. Suavium was a good person, so he should work well with her, at least in the teaching issue.
Suavium walked up behind him and put her hands on his shoulders. She rubbed them kindly, loosening him up. She then sat down next to him, putting her arm around his waist.
“Suavium, I don’t…” Lynx started, but Suav silenced him with her finger on his lips.
“Shush.” She expressed. “Don’t say anything. Just lay back and lay with me.”
Lynx did so. He opened up his robe and let Suav slip her warm naked body next to his. She grasped her arms around him with all of her might, and he did the same to her. They were and a lovers tangle of bodies, always to be together in mind and heart.
Lynx was again the first to get up. He helped Suavium to her feet and into his room, where she grabbed a robe. She began to dress while Lynx went and gathered up all his equipment to go to the Ducere’s hut with, including the journal.
Lynx walked out the door, followed closely by Suavium. She had the hood of her robe over her head and her necklace that Lynx gave to her outside of the collar. She wore it proudly, as a token of her apprenticeship to Lynx.
Lynx stopped off at the community fire and got a flagon of soup for himself and Suavium before they went to Ducere Arg’s hut to take care of business. They sat ate as they walked to his hut.
Lynx was just finishing up his flagon of soup as he knocked at the Ducere’s door; Suav had finished hers before they got there. The Ducere opened the door and greated them both warmly. “Ah, Lynx, good to see you!” He said. “And Suavium, nice to see you also. Please, come in: both of you.”
They entered the hut at the Ducere’s welcome. Ducere Arg offered them seats, which they both gladly took. “So, what brings you both here?” He asked.
Lynx took the lead. “A multipul reasoning actually.” He said. “I am here to give you the items you asked of me and Suavium is here to get acceptance into the community.”
“Ah, I see, I see.” Arg expressed. “Well, let’s take care of your business first, Lynx, since it was first to arrive. Let me see the items.”
Lynx rummaged through his bag and got out the green lichen and salt from the Cave of Shadows. He then pulled out the mineral rock and sand from the Cave of Light. Lynx bundled the bags all up and handed them to the Ducere. “And I now have the powers of Alchemy and Herbalism." Lynx said as the Ducere took the bags.
The Ducere placed the bags in front of the caldron by his fire and gave a motion for Lynx to sit next to him, very close to the flames. “I want you to make me a Light Salve out of these ingredients, which will prove that you have the powers of Alchemy and Herbalism.” Ducere Arg said as he dumped the contents of the bags onto the hearth.
Lynx didn’t even know what he was doing, but for some reason, he knew he could make the salve right. Something in his mind told him which ingredients to put I and what to do next. Lynx could tell that the salve was working right when it started to produce a very unnatural glow.
Before long, Lynx stepped back from the coldron and said. “There you go, Ducere Arg. Salve of Light.”
The Ducere looked very impressed. “Okay, young Lynx, you are ready.” He said. “Did you bring the journal?”
“Open it.”
Lynx rummaged some more in his bag until he found the journal. He placed his fingertips at its leather strap when the Ducere spoke once more. “On this journal is this curse.

This journal is Cursed with a Curse that is in the disguise of a blessing.
Its true demise will leave you always guessing.
It will first make you love its Curse, the make you hate it,
But what’s done is done, no room to debate it.
But the Curse is a blessing, if only you make it to its end.
You will see all the earth, under your fingertips bend.
You will also see all other’s true wanting,
What you will find, will be awfully haunting.
If you wish to pass this Curse, and learn the knowledge slow,
Put the journal down, turn your back and go.
But if you have the courage to stand up and let the knowledge flow through you,
Something good in the end will surely happen to you.
You have a choice to make if you read this ,
What does it do, how long does it last, or will it put you in a crypt.
These are the choices, what is do you choose,
Deep within these lines, are the hidden clues.”

Lynx untied the leather strap and opened the journal. He was half expecting a bright light or a bolt of energy like he felt before when gaining a new power; nothing happened. He looked through the journal’s pages and hoped for the spectacular moment, but it never arrived.
“We’ll let you look through it for a bit, Lynx.” The Ducere said. “Suavium and I will go disguss her acceptance into the community in the next room.”
“Yeah, okay.” He said as he sat back down. He flipped through the pages now ever more intently. He came across a page, hidden in the back cover of the book, which said this:

Those who wish to learn the knowledge of this book need to consult the Fire and Water. The combination will release the knowledge into you, yet also the Curse. Add Wind and Earth to the mix, and you will receive a special offer, which only will be offered to you once.

Lynx didn’t know exactly what he was supposed to do at the time, but he knew that he would fugure it out in good time. He flipped throught the pages some more and found one on the Elements. It had the secrets to mix them into one, making them into a multi-Elemental force. Lynx grew excited as he looked upon this page.
He followed the directions perfectly, making sure to set the journal in the center of the fire [It didn’t burn]. He then poured the water into the coldron and took a handful of dirt from the bag that was left over and put it inside of the coldron.
Then Lynx got out a small ladle from his bag and let the water fill it. He then let the dirt settle in the bottom of the ladle. After that, Lynx took a pair of billows and set them next to the fireplace, within easy reach.
Lynx poured the dirty water on the fire and quickly grabbed the billows and pumped as fast as he could. He then spoke the words as best he could. “Elementum multiplus, iungere idem ”
The journal blew out of the fire with a quickness and landed on the floor next to Lynx. A huge energy source came out of it and hovered above him. To Lynx’s amazment, the energy spoke to him using the English language.
“You have opened the Ephemeris ex Carmen, and you shall now know the knowledge that it has to offer you.” It said in a deep voice. It flew into him and exploded with its power. Then it came floating slowly out of him. It spoke once more. “With this knowledge, you have also been Cursed. With this Curse comes three choices: Do you wish to know how long the Curse will last for; what exactly the effects are; or if it will kill you directly or not?”
Lynx knew his answer already. “What are the full effects of the Curse?” He asked. He had decided that if the Curse was to kill him directly, he would find out soon enough. He also knew that when the Curse ended, he would know. He figured that if he knew what the full effects of the Curse were, he may be able to avoid the worst of it.
The energy spoke again. “You will be able to move the earth with you hands and create anything that you need, but it will only be used for your purpose for one day after their completion. You will be able to look and see people’s true motives, but will always try to use it to your advantage and make the situation bad for yourself, until a friend sees your problem and helps you truly. That friend will be your friend for life.” Just as the energy had came, it left to go inside of the pages of the journal.
The spot on the cover where the name of the book used to be was now blank. Lynx knew why somehow. He knew it was now his turn to name the book. He looked for an inkpot and pen, which he found easily enough.
He tried to leave his signature and name of the book on the cover, but it left no mark. He then tried using the tip of his sword, which to no surprise of him, didn’t work either. He was at a dead end here.
Then he thought of something else. “What is the binding agent of the universe?” He asked aloud to himself. “Blood!” He answered.
Lynx took the tip of his sword and sliced his finger with it. He let he blood drip into a small thimble he kept in his bag, then dipped the pen into it. He wrote on it his name and what the was now called: “Dae Ephrab” .
He stuffed the book back into his bag and waited for the Ducere and Suavium to finish their conversation that took place in the next room. While waiting, he practiced a bit of his new magik. He put his finger out. He saw a bolt of energy come from his finger and lead to a cupboard.
He had asked where the nearest food was, and that was the answer. He liked the new powers he held. He also wanted to experience the powers of the Dae Ephrab, which sounded as if they were very serius.

Suavium came out of the next room a while later with smiles upon their faces. The Ducere sat down and made himself comfortable. He then said to Lynx. “So, you get through it alright?”
Lynx had to think about this one. “Yeah, yeah I did.” He said finally.
“So, how’d it treat you?” Arg asked.
“It was okay I guess.” Lynx breathed. “But I wouldn’t choose to do it again if I can help it.”
“That’s how it always is, Lynx.” Arg said in a soft voice. “I went through the same feelings, and my Ducere said the same to me.”
“So, what is the situation with Suavium?” Lynx asked, changing the subject.
“She will undergo the initiation task tomorrow, then she will be accepted into the Clan.” Ducere Arg said, smiling.
“Where is she to stay until then?” He asked.
“Wherever you see fit, Lynx.” He answered.
Lynx looked to Suavium. “Where would you like to stay, Suavium?”
“Your home.” She said without hesitation.
“Then it is settled, Ducere. She will stay with me.” Lynx said.
“Now, you are to go to the town of Alincia, in the region of what is known as Hispania, and find the woman they call Linmir .” The Ducere said to Suavium. “You are to talk to her about the Flood killing off the Natural People of the Earth.”
“Okay.” Suav said. “Do I need to know anything else about the task?”
“Ah, a smart one.” Ducere Arg said. “There is, in fact. But you will have to consult your roommate to get those answers.” He then looked to Lynx and said. “Well, you two have some talking to do.”
Lynx and Suavium got up and walked to the door. They gave their farewell to the Ducere and walked out. Lynx and Suav went back to the hut and got some equipment to go out to the woods for the night.

Initiation Task

Lynx and Suavium stayed the night in the woods three miles away from the Clan’s main camp. They wanted to perform a ritual that would require privacy. Lynx was going to help Suavium with getting her familiar, and that would have to take place outside of Clan grounds, for she wasn’t yet a member.
Lynx set up the circle and placed the candles around it, then put the ingredients in the center, next to where they were to sit. Suaviun began building the fire outside of the circle for the burning of the blood and boiling of ingredients. She made sure to have extra wood for the rest of the night.
When it was all set up, Lynx and Suavium entered the circle hand in hand. They sat down, sharing the center. Lynx muttered something while Suavium drank a dose of strange blue liquid.
She leaned her head on Lynx, passed out. The liquid was a tool that the Clan used to cause people to go to sleep for a shirt time. Lynx used this to keep Suavium asleep while he called the Gods of Familiars to come to their help.
“Familiarus, Iacere ego ipse.” As Lynx shouted this, sparks of green and black jumped out of the fire and into the circle.
“I am here.” An energy said.
“Suavium, wake.” He shook her.
“Time to make a choice.” The energy said. “You may pay me in blood and get your Familiar, or you may let me leave right now.”
“I wish to have my Familiar.” Suav spoke clear and loud.
“Then slice yourself with this, then utter the form, name, age and desposition of the Familiar you wish to have.” The energy threw out a knife carved with many things, including a bow with snakes for arrows.

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2009-02-11 15:28:49
I'm Wiccan and we do absolutly nothing like this, although your story makes me wish that we did. Honestly people stop writing negitive comments. It's supposed to be a hot and steamy story not a culturally accurate piece. I thought it was a great story it was long, if actually had a plot, ant it was really hot. So merry part, and merry ye meet again.

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2008-10-14 03:12:06
it was a very well written story, but they are right you should actually research wicca, and realize what you are writing about, for everyone else who wrote negatively, think before you speak, if you are wiccan then you should be very open and use to being judged, so why be hypocritical and do the same onto a person who is writing a tale of fiction in all aspects, it is art not a witch's bible, i pray you all realize this. once again i thought it was a very good read and the sex scene was just perfect to make this a good short story instead of smut, i will be waiting for part two


2008-07-30 13:31:36
its a good start fro a story but the thing is you need to study on your wiccan and wicca a bit. for one males follow the god of the sun. and the females follow the goddess of the moon, which she has three different facets. Wiccan - males worships the sun god. wicca- femals worship the moon goddess. not bad for a while and sex scences can get longer. good luck


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this is a discrace to wiccans!


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Wow, funny as how Wicca is absolutely nothing like this. It sucked.

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