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After several months, I found the time to write part 5 of the Janet storyline. I tried to consider the comments I got for parts 1-4, such as adding real sex. - To those of you who haven't read part 1-4 and aren't still familiar with the storyline: if you are disgusted or offended by shit-playing or shitting in general, do not read further - you have been warned. - Besides, I added Spanking as you might have noticed; if you can't stand this, the warning counts for you, too. - The story is written as a sequel to parts 1-4, but it's not too hard to understand if you didn't read them. And now: enjoy!

The three weeks of the winter break came and went by, and school started again - and time saw me having an eye on Janet again, but as it was before the break, she didn't take much notice of me during the regular week. Now, this would change the next saturday, I thought.

I was wrong. Janet didn't come to school on friday, and she didn't come on saturday, either - she had become sick. To shorten the whole thing, she had to stay away from school over a week. During this time, nothing much of interest happened - other girls from her village brought her stuff from school so she could keep track with the topics of the lessons. In the for-me-famous boys changing room, two older, blue, metal side-by-side lockers appeared - no one of us knew what they were meant for, there were no keys. They were unlocked, and curios as we were, we peeked inside - they were empty, and the only interesting thing we found out was that in one of the two lockers, the lock could be turned from the inside. - Otherwise, the two metal things just stood around, maybe waiting for their way to the scrapyard.

At the beginning of the third week after the break, Janet came back to school, being well again - and this meant she began to tease and thrill me again, being more active than she was before. So, during boring lessons, she slid her hand under my ass and fingered my asshole through my jeans, or she grabbed and rubbed my cock right under the desk, and I did the same to her, but we managed to have the rest of our class or the teachers not realize what was going on. At the breaks between the lessons, we stayed away from each other, and no one in class would've guessed something about us, I'm sure.

The next saturday came. I had remembered the last saturday before the winter break and hadn't taken a shit on friday... and was horny as well, although I had a good wank the night before. After the last lesson, I had felt my filled intestines the whole day, Janet right told me to stay with her. She didn't, however, capture my book as she had done before - I believe she had realized I had my fun with her games, too. So we wandered the corridors until the 5th hour began, then she headed back for our now-empty classroom.
"We're not going down to the changing rooms today?", I wondered. She giggled.
"Don't be that impatient! You're in a hurry?"
"No... I just wondered."
She carefully opened the door to the class room - it was, as expected, empty. She waved me in and carefully closed the door.
"I always wanted to try something new", she explained. She walked to the teachers desk and opened it, of course, it was empty, the teacher had taken the class book with him.
"Some of the lessons are really shit, don't you agree?", she asked with a sweet voice. I just nodded.
"Fine. So why don't we make it real... shitty, boring lessons in this room deserve some good real shit."
With that, she get off her shoes, opened her jeans and stepped out of them, shwoing me, as usual, her backside. I had expected her panties to have some shit stains in them, but to my astonishment, they were fresh and clean, and I just stared. She turned to face me, seeing my disappointment.
"Well... I know you expected someting different, but you see, my parents had me to have a bath and fresh clothing yesterday in the evening since my gandma and grandpa were there for a visit... I just hadn't a chance to collect some shit. I even had to go shitting yesterday!"
She said that in a tone that left no doubt about how much she disliked this thought, and I could tell her anger from the look on her face. But then, the dark clouds flew away.
"But now, finally, I can do again what I wanted to do for almost three weeks now. I'm sure you wanna watch..."
She pulled her panties back in place, than climbed onto the teachers desk and squatted down. I just got behind her and grabbed her ass, sliding my finger right through the butt crack. She moaned with pleasure, then started to push. I could feel her asshole open, and she pushed again, harder this time - but managed only very little shit to come out. I pressed against it from the outside of her panties, smearing it around, but she protested.
"No, stop that.... at least for the moment. If you continue pushing my shit back into my butt, how should the whole thing work?"
I saw her point and withdrew my hands, sniffing my fingers with which I had pressed and smeared - they smelled somewhat like her shit, of course, and her panties had gotten a small brown stain. She pushed again, and even once more, this time so hard I could see the veins on her head popping out, but obviously had no more shit inside her to come out. With a deep sigh, she gave up and turned her head to face me.
"I'm really sorry.... but as you see, I just don't have something to give us to play with. Bad thing I had to shit yesterday... and I so badly wanted to have a nice shit right here in the classroom. - If you like, you can look and smell my asshole.... but I realize it won't be the same thing as we had it before."
Now, I saw time had come for me and the shit I was saving inside me, but I didn't want to play this game in the classroom.
"Maybe there's something I have for you... but not here. The room cleaners may come right in any moment, they think this room to be empty. But if we for now can go down into the changing room..."
I didn't have to talk further. Janet quickly got dressed again, and down we went, right into the boys changing room. There, everything looked as it had weeks before, clothing from the older boys who were now in their sports lesson laid around, and the air was somewhat miffy as always. Janet pushed me into a sitting position onto the bench.
"Fine, if you wanna sniff my ass down here... then be it."
With that, she quickly put off her jeans, then positioned her ass right in front of my face and slowly lowered her panties. I deeply inhaled - and got some shitty smell, but could remember I had higher doses before. It was only now that I realized how very few shit she actually had to spare - the stain in her panties was barely more than a moist brown spot, and only her asshole was covered with the brown mass. Otherwise, her ass looked unusual clean and tidy.
"You're right, that's really not that much, at least not that much I'm used from you. But as I said earlier, maybe I have something for you..."
She glanced down at me.
"What? You don't have shit inside you to give us, do you?"
I just answered with a dirty smile.
"Gimme your panties and find out."
In a flash, she was out of her panties and handed them to me, the look in her eyes full with horny anticipation. I undid my leather belt (to this particular jeans, I had to wear a belt since they were a bit too wide for me, but otherwise fitted - without the belt, I would have had to permanently pull back up my jeans into position) and tossed it aside onto the bench carelessly, then got out of my jeans and my panties in one thing and put on Janets panties, pulling them on so they fit tightly. Then I looked at her.
"Maybe it's time for us to switch positions."
So she got seated, and I positioned my ass with her panties right in front of her. Sure I had her attention, I started to push... and since I hadn't taken a shit the day before, I had no trouble to shit now. I felt a large turd coming out of my asshole and being stopped by her panties, so I put them away a little bit and pushed again - and had my shit sliding out with ease, but even before I was finished, I felt something pushing against the whole thing from the outside... Janet had her hand on the large bulge in her panties and started squishing around the shit!
With one last effort, I got the last of my shit, now being much softer, out and into her panties, then relaxed and looked down on her.
"Now? What do you think about this one?"
She smiled at me with a happy face.
"Very well done, my little shitty lover boy. A nice huge load, and the smell... wonderful! Just the right shitty note, right as it should be. But now, don't let me wait any longer - I'm dying to have this load on my own ass!"
I gave her a really dirty smirk.
"Just as I expected... you just have to ask."
So I slowly lowered her panties, supporting the heavy load of shit with the other, free hand. I couldn't avoid having some shit being smeared right on my legs, but didn't really care - I had been through worse things when Janet was playing with me. Once I had them off, I handed them to Janet who somewhat hastily put them on, pulled them up and, of course, got shit stains on her legs, too, but didn't seem to even notice. She pulled them right into position so her ass was now covered with my warm shit and gave me a really happy smile.
"What a great feeling! I wish we could have had this earlier. Now, let's just have a little walk... and then maybe I'll let you fuck my shitty asshole for real."
She put on her jeans, and I did likewise, enjoying myself really much. I well knew I got shitty panties myself now since I had no chance to clean my ass, but didn't care - at least for the moment. But just when I put on my shoes, things started to twist: I heard noises from the floor outside. Someone was approaching, and I could hear chatting outside now. The older boys came from their sports lesson right now!
I looked at Janet who glanced back at me in pure horror.
"Damned! What the.... why are they coming..."
"No time! We cannot escape, that's for sure - we have to hide until they're gone! Hurry up, get yourself in one of these lockers NOW!"
Janet didn't ask any further but turned around and jumped into one of the lockers, I followed her into the other one. Luckily for me, as I soon discovered, I had gotten the one with the lock that could be locked without a key from the inside, and I did so - my locker now couldn't be opened from the outside. I was barely inside the metal cabinet and had the door shut when the room door flew open and the 10th-graders strode in. I watched them through the airing slits in the door, and I was sure Janet did likewise.
"Good thing we just had to do this silly exercises and could go", one of them said.
"Yeah - if someone would ask me, Mr Schmidtke could stay sick and at home forever until we graduate, and Mr Heppert could be our 'I'm-always-low-on-time'-spare teacher for the rest of our school lives."
Ah, I thought, so this was the reason for their early appearance neither Janet nor I had thought about - obviously their standard sports teacher, Mr Schmidtke, had become sick, and they had gotten Mr Heppert as the reserve sports teacher. I knew both of them, and knew, like the other boys, that Heppert almost always seemed to be running out of time. I guessed he had other plans for the saturday but had gotten this lessons, so he just had them doing some exercises and dismissed them as soon as the duty was done so he could get to whatever he had planned to. But the older boys continued their chatter.
"Hey, d'you smell this as well?"
"Of course I do - seems like the whoever-it-is who shits inside here was or is there again."
"Yeah! It stinks! I wish I could get this one right under my fingers!"
One of the boys, a strong, muscular one, suddenly got a thoughtful expression in his face, then turned to two other ones, both of them being well-built, muscular, too.
"Marc, Ben - slow down, you two. I gotta show you something."
The others didn't notice or didn't care, so they changed clothes and went off, one by one. Just Marc, Ben and the other one didn't change, one of them got out a book and started discussing physics problems with his two fellows. Damned, I thought, how long do they want to discuss this inside this changing room? And why the hell are they doing it right here, in this miffy, now-shitty-stinking room?
I didn't have to wait long. After three or four minutes, all other boys were gone, and as soon as the last one had left, the guy whose name I still didn't know slammed the book shut.
"Off they are. Marc, close the door and make sure we're undisturbed. I'm sure you'll be highly interested in what I gotta show you now."
Marc did as he was told, blocking the door handle so no one could enter the room from the outside. Then he turned.
"Right, Alex, the door's shut. So what's the interesting thing?"
"Well, at least I hope it's still there. But we must have caught it by surprise..."
Since Marc and Ben didn't seem to fully understand, he became clearer.
"Ben, you said you wanted to get the whoever-shits-this room under your fingers. Got me now?"
"Aaaaahh - you're right. He or she must be still here because he/she didn't know we would leave sports earlier, and we saw no one leaving. So he or she must hide inside this room..."
I'm sure if someone would have watched my locker with a thermal pictures camera, he would have seen a glowing hot red in the height of my head. This could be going rough, I thought.
"You bet", Alex said. "And look around - what's the only hiding spot inside here?"
Without a further word, the guys turned to face the lockers and approached. First, they tried to open my door but with no success since I had locked it from the inside - much to their surprise.
"Hey! What's this? This thing was unlocked when it came down here!"
The heat in my head increased even more.
"Who knows. Well, Shitty-one can't be inside 'cause it's locked. Let's try the other one - I still smell the shit stink, I'm sure we have more success."
With that, they heavily pulled at the other door.... and soon enough, it flew open and left Janet with no cover to hide anymore.
"Woah, look at this! Well - whom do we have here? A nasty little girl! A shitty, stinky little girl as it seems! And there she is, hiding inside a locker in a boys changing room, peeking at boys changing clothes! Alex, you're right - this is highly interesting!", they exclaimed as they pulled Janet out. She, however, remained silent, just had a defiant look in her face but didn't dare to say a word.
"Well, just as I thought. Who the fuck are you?", Alex barked at Janet. She remained silent.
"You can't talk or just don't wanna talk?!" He shook her.
"Yes I can talk", came her voice, sounding just as defiant as her face.
"Then who you are, and what are you doing here?"
"I'm Janet, and you let me go now!"
Alex just laughed.
"You're in no position to order me anything. Peeking at us while we're changing clothes.... hey, and you stink. You stink like shit! What's wrong with you?"
Meanwhile, Ben had gotten behind her. Maybe he wasn't seeing the bulge of shit in her jeans - he lifted his hand and slapped her arse. Well, at least he would have done so if she wouldn't have had shit-loaded panties - now he just slapped the shit, and Janet tumbled a step forward.
"What the.... I just wondered where the stink came from? This nasty girl has her pants full with shit! That's why it's stinking inside here so evil!"
"You.... what?!", Alex asked, unbelieving, but then turned her around by her shoulders and stared at her ass.
"Indeed it seems..." He obviously still couldn't believe it. He took Janet again by her shoulders, turned her and forced her to lay face down onto the bench.
"I gotta see this for myself to believe it", he uttered, and, with a warning glance at Janet, added, "You better don't try do defy yourself. You might have noticed, we're three, and each of us is much stronger than you. You have no chance, lil'stinky."
With that, he grabbed under her, opened and unzipped her jeans and put them down to her ankles. In pure disbelief, the three guys stood there and watched - Janet laid there, face-down, her jeans down, stains of meanwhile-dried shit at her legs, her shit-stained panties with the smashed load at her ass.
"I read about something like that a while before.... some people really get off at playing with shit", Ben found his speech first.
"So it seems lil'shitty here is one of these people, doesn't it?", Alex replied. Marc just nodded.
"But what the fuck do we do now with her? Just let her go? Sounds silly", Ben said.
"No, no, no. We for sure won't let her go off just like nothing", Alex decided. "Ben, you wanted the one who caused us to breathe in her shit stink every other saturday for weeks to get under your fingers. Here, please, there she is. What did you want to do exactly?"
"I wanted to give her a good hard spanking she won't forget so soon, but now... well, just look at her, her ass is full with shit. I'm not going to get shitty hands."
"I see the problem. Well.... just wait, maybe we can find something to solve it."
With that, Alex started to look around - and promptly found a leather belt that laid around on the bench. Hell - this was my belt which I had tossed down there so carelessly earlier!
"Now, I think I've found something useful. What do you think of this? There's lil'shittys own belt - obviously she didn't have time to take it with her into the locker. Now, Ben, how about it? Letting her feel this thing on her shit-coated, stinking little ass?"
Ben took the belt with obvious satisfaction and let it flew through the air some times.
"That will do it right away."
"Very well, so I'm going to prepare her. Hey, lil'stinky, you so quiet? How do you like this, get a good spanking with your own belt on your shitty ass?"
Janet just shot him an angry look, but remained quiet. Alex pulled down her shit-filled panties and even managed to keep his fingers clean. Janets ass, however, was covered with thick pieces of shit, and the smell in the air became much stronger at the moment.
"Urgh, Shitty, that's really bad. Has someone ever told you you'd deserve a spanking? Now you get one. Ben, if you would..."
Alex stepped aside, and Ben stepped beside Janet. Then, he brought up my belt, and let it smash with full force on Janets ass. But she didn't seem to feel much... the shit layer had taken most of the impact's energy. Now the belt stuck on her ass, with the shit functioning as some kind of glue.
"Hey, what's this... now wait, we'll have this in no time. I'm just gonna spank the shit right off your ass!"
He lifted the belt again, and again let it flew down on her ass. Some small pieces of shit that had been on the leather flew through the air, and the belt smacked Janets ass, this time causing her to let out a little cry. Clearly satisfied, Ben took up the belt again.
"Much better. Now you better count the lashes. How much should we give her, anyway?" He turned towards his comrades. Alex thought for a moment, then came to a decision.
"I'd say having to breathe in her shit stink for several weeks is well worth 20 of these lashes. We're three, all of us had to smell this stench, so three times twenty - that's 60 good leather belt lashes. Everyone agree?"
He got no protest, so he just nodded to Ben who lifted the belt again, but before he smacked Janets ass again he warned her: "Remember, lil'shitty - you gotta count. Forget to count or do it wrong, and I'll start right over from one again. Understood?"
Alex lifted her face and forced her to look at him. Janet managed to croak a "Understood", and he let go off her head. Ben lifted the belt and brought it down again on Janets arse.
"Ow! - Er - one, I mean", it came from Janet.
The next lash. The first of the promised 60 had left a red stripe that was splattered with brown shit, and so did the 2nd one.
"Ah! - Two", Janet uttered.
Number three. Again, the belt raced down on her ass, leaving another part of her skin reddening. Janet didn't forget to count - well, I thought, at least she isn't going to give them the additional fun of getting the spanking re-started. Indeed, she kept herself pretty well, I had to notice with a certain admiration.
As the spanking went on, again and again little pieces of shit flew off from the belt through the air and landed everywhere in the room, one or two pieces, to my silent diabolic amusement, in the hair of each of the guys, but they didn't even notice - they were focused too much on the spanking to note such small things but I as the silent watcher noticed, of course. The smell changed, too - the foul, sour odor of pure shit got mixed well with some air oxygene, this causing a more aromatic shit smell without the sour note. The shitty belt brought the mass to her whole ass - even areas of her skin that had remained clean before now got shit stains and shit pieces hammered into the skin, her whole ass became a multi-colored arrangement of red in different shades and brown.
After the 10th or so lash, she began to wiggle around on the bench, clearly trying to avoid the harsh lashes, but the guys, of course, wouldn't let her get off with this.
"Hey, lil'stinky, you don't wanna get off the spanking, do you? If it's too hard for you to remain still - well, we can help", Alex told her and grabbed her hips, manifesting the position of her upper body on the bench. Marc, who had stood a bit aside until now, grabbed her legs and pinned them down with his weight, so she couldn't move anymore. Ben continued to hit her ass with my belt.
From about the 20th or so stroke, Janet couldn't help to let out small cries between the lashes, which only caused the boys to get a diabolic smirk on their faces.
"Well, that hurts, doesn't it? You should have thought earlier about messing up with older boys, lil'shitty", Alex commented.
As the spanking went on, welts began to form on Janets bottom, and the color of her skin began to turn from light red to darker shades of red - sparkled with the brown from the shit, of course. And one more thing I realized: her cries became higher in voice. I noted that fact, but couldn't explain it.
After they had reached lash #50, the guys began to count down the remaining lashes aloud, staring with utter fascination on Janets ass.
"Ten!" One more lash on her already swollen butt cheeks. I have to admit, I stared with fascination, too, getting almost more horny than ever before by this whole story - seeing a girls bare ass turning from pale to light to dark red, to get swollen and welted turned me on to an incredible level of sexual excitement. I just didn`t dare to take out my dick and wank, but had to keep myself with all my will strength to keep me from wanking - no doubt I wouldn't have lasted ten seconds, but I was afraid of the uncontrollable spasms of my orgasm. Inside the narrow locker, some parts of my body sure would have collided with the metal walls, telling the guys they weren't alone with Janet.... and I for sure didn't want them to know about my presence. Still, I wondered why Janet wasn't saying a single word about me. Surely, they had tried to open my door with no success, but the lock wouldn't stand a massive attack with pure force and violence - I could get uncovered easily enough, but Janet, for some reason, didn't betray me.
"Nine!", a shout interrupted my silent thoughts, and another lash flew on her ass.
Finally, after several minutes that seemed to last eternally to me (and to Janet, surely, too), the 60 lashes were completed. Ben tossed my belt onto the bench and wiped sweat off his face - obviously, the spanking had been a real physical exercise for him. Janet just laid down still, sobbing a bit. The guys looked at one another.
"Well done. What next?"
Marc stood up since it was no longer necessary to keep Janet in a certain position and stroked the front of his panties where he was clearly hiding a hard-on.
"I'd love to give her a good fucking now.... after all, she is here, in our changing room, so it seems to me she loves boys, and why don't give her a good portion of boy meat."
As Ben seemed to agree, Alex shook his head.
"No, no, wait, guys. I well know we all have boners, I have one myself, but don't let your cocks take over control from your brains. Until know, it was fun, but actual fucking is another matter."
"Hey, what's wrong with you, you became gay?", Marc demanded. "There won't be a better opportunity to fuck her than now!"
"Hey - careful with what you say", Alex shot back with a warning subtone in his voice. "Think about it for a moment, pals. If you fuck her now, you'll leave sperm inside her, even if you don't cum-shoot. That may be only traces, but you know that even traces can be detected - don't tell me you missed the appropriate biology lessons. So you fuck her now, leave your cum, and after we're outta here, she runs to her mummy or a teacher to whine out, they'll have her checked by a doctor, the med'll find sperm, isolate and analyze it - and, bang, they have our asses, it's no problem to get a DNA sample from us and compare it with the sperm they find inside her. Until now, she may go to her mummy, tell her some guys have handled her rough and accuse us - no one can prove we were the ones who reddened her arse, if we deny having ever seen her, no one can prove us the opposite. But if we're silly enough to leave our sperm, we're sure as hell on for trial. Got me?"
Marc and Ben had gotten thoughtful faces, obviously, they hadn't thought as far as their leader, but they couldn't refute his arguments. It seemed to me they were somewhat out of words to say.
"But what should we do with her now, then? Just get ourselves changed, let her lay down here as long as she thinks and go home?", Ben asked, somewhat frustrated.
"No, wait.... maybe I have an idea", Marc said slowly.
"So that lil'stinky not only loves boys but loves shit too, as we realized earlier. And now we literally spanked the shit off her ass - why not giving some new, fresh shit back to her? I, for my part, didn't take a shit since yesterday."
At first, his two comrades looked a bit disgusted, but then obviously became more fond of the idea.
"Yeah, why not.... I could take a shit right now, too. And a nice red hot ass and some fresh shit - and there are three of us, so it could become a nice amount for her. Yeah, Marc, nice idea. And since it was your idea, you have the honor of being the first."
Marc didn't need another invitation. Without hesitation, he got out of his sports pants he still wore (like the others), obviously not taking care the others (and me) now could see his hard-on and his hairy balls. I guessed the three guys had been friends for several years and no secrets from each other, as long as it was about their bodies. Marc stepped over Janet, squatted down right above her ass and began to push. From my position, I had a good look on his ass, being far more hairy than my own. I saw his asshole widen, then he began to push, and the shit started to come out. A bit more pushing, and a good load of soft brown shit landed on Janets ass, part of it disappeared in her butt crack but part of it laid right on the dark-red, welted butt cheeks. Soon he was done and stepped down again. His pals had been watching.
"Yes, I like this idea", Ben commented. "Since", he added, "I have to say you stink awful", which brought him laughter from his friends.
"Guess your shit doesn't smell like roses garden, too", Alex said, making an invitating gesture. "If you would...?"
Whilst Marc got his clothes and searched for a tissue to wipe off his ass, Ben stepped out of his pants and got himself right into position as Marc had done before. He, too, began to empty himself on Janets butt and on Marcs shit. He had no trouble getting his shit out, his one being of a somewhat darker brown than Marcs one. But when he was done, there was not enough space for the mass to fall down entirely - a bit of it remained stuck on his ass. He realized and tried to get it off by shaking his ass a bit around - this only resulting in getting it a bit more covered with Marcs shit, too.
"Damned! There's not enough space! And I don't have enough tissues!", he cursed.
"Easy", Marc commented, almost ready dressed. "If Alex holds her head, you could wipe off on her face.... after all, she loves shit, and why don't let her have something fresh from the source. There's no better way to get it straight and fresh", he said, chuckling with he thought.
Alex and Ben didn't need to be convinced of that idea - Alex grabbed Janets head, and Ben went into position. Janet struggled with resistance, but with no success since Alex was much stronger: Ben brought his dirty asshole right onto her nose and wiped up and down, left and right, until most of the shit was smeared off his ass. Too bad I couldn't see Janets face now, but I saw Ben didn't get a completely clean ass but he seemed undisturbed by this fact. Soon he left for his clothing, and Alex let go Janets head.
"Right, all you shitters - now it's my turn to add something to the favor."
Alex undid his sports pants, too, and stepped over Janet, but unlike his two friends, didn't squat down. Instead, he remained standing, aimed a bit, then started to push. He produced a considerable log of shit, too - again of a slightly different color. It fell down right across the pile of shit already sitting on Janets ass and across her butt cheeks. Then he, too, left for his clothing. Marc had been dressed completely now and looked on the shitty girl.
"Maybe we should ensure she has the full fun of all of that", he mused. Alex gave him a quizzing look.
"I mean, she should have the whole shit clinged right to her ass. I'll just get her fully dressed."
So he once more approached Janet. First, he took her already shitty panties up and pulled them right over the shit pile, then let go - of course, they were too small and formed an enormous bulge, unable to cover the shit completely. Then he took her jeans and pulled them up - right over the panties and the shit which started to squish out on all openings. He pulled up her jeans until they sat tight, then grabbed under her and zipped and closed them. At last, he gave Janet a heavy slap on her jeans butt or better on her shit pile. Meanwhile, Ben and Alex had gotten dressed. Alex looked at Janet.
"Maybe that will teach you not to sneak into the boys changing room again and mess up with older boys, we don't appreciate being watched by girls as you might have noticed. Now we're going to leave. You better stay in here for at least five minutes, then you're free to go. It's no sense running to your mummy or to a teacher and accuse us, as you have no witnesses and nobody can prove we were the ones you encountered today, so you shouldn't even try. But if you do so and we get even into trouble by getting interrogated, today's game may repeat, but with more belt lashes and the shit directly into your face and mouth. But if you do behave the smart way, we won't have any trouble with each other anymore - it's up to you. You understand me?"
Janet only nodded weakly.
"Excellent. Gentlemen, it's time for us to leave."
With that, they did like they said - Alex unblocked the door handle, and they were gone. I waited for some seconds, then carefully opened my locker and went out. Janet remained laying on her bench, and I approached her.
"Ehm.... sorry that I didn't help you", I stammered. She turned her head to face me, shit stains across her face and pieces of shit on her nose and in her nostrils. Her look was undeterminable for me.
"Not overly nice, I must say, but I realize you wouldn't have had any chance against them at all."
"Um, that's true.... and thank you for not telling them about my presence."
"Never mind. What good would that have done to me? Nothing."
"So... how are you, now? Can I somehow help you? - I'd be available as an eyewitness if you like me to be", I offered.
"And then? They would only chase after you, too. No, they were right: I won't run to the teachers or someone else and whine out about this all, but we'll have to stop our visits down here and find someplace else."
Not exactly what I expected to hear, I thought. How come she didn't cry, didn't complain?
I guess my thoughts were clearly readable on my face, as she started to explain.
"Maybe you wonder why I don't cry or whine around. To be honest.... today one of my fantasies came true. No, I didn't love to get spanked with your belt, but I had a secret fantasy about three older boys.... and there it was. Altough, I have to admit, the fantasy was much nicer than reality, and didn't hurt. But the shitting... exactly what I was dreaming of. - Now that I know how it feels and plays out in reality, I can dismiss the fantasy, but it's nice to have had it for real.... well, kinda of. At least, the shit... finally, his good well-smelly boyshit right in my face and in my nose... I didn't dare to do this myself, but now, I can enjoy it."
"And the spanking? Your ass must be burning like the sun itself!"
Despite the situation, she laughed.
"Oh, you little silly, you know so few about us girls. Sometimes, some of us somewhat love to be treated rough, to get our asses spanked. Would you believe I got a really wet pussy because of this spanking?"
I jsut stared in astonishment.
"Well - check it out! Now that they're gone, we have all the time we need. I'm gonna miss my bus one way or another - obviously, not even I can take the bus like this, with this mass of shit in my jeans. So we wanted to play - lets make the best out of the situation and have our game! And now, get moving - find out for yourself whether I have a wet cunt or not."
I could not refuse this 'invitation', so I got down beside Janet, inhaling the smell of fresh shit expanding from her arse. I grabbed under her, unzipped and unbuttoned her jeans and started to take them down - easier said than done since I had to bring them right over the shit pile on her ass. But then, I realized they were already stained inside, so I got a bit more daring and put them down. Then, I pulled down her panties - they were by now completely ruined, the moisture of the shit had gotten through them, and massive pieces of the brown mass clunged inside and had gotten deep into the fabric, coloring them brown. Then I was done - her ass laid bare, completely covered with a mass of fresh shit, actually a mixture of three kinds, I even could determine the slightly different aromas in the smell. I grabbed between her legs - her pussy entrance was shit-covered, too, of course, but I simply put it aside and started fingering her cunt - and found it, as she said, soaking wet. Jant started to shift around on the bench on the feeling of my fingering. I played with her cunt some more, and her body tensed and shook - she was having her orgasm right in front of me!
After maybe half a minute, her body-shaking eased away, and she looked at me.
"That was wonderful. And what about you? Guess you have a stiffy, too?"
"Of course I have - but I can't last long, merely seconds. I had to keep myself inside the locker not to wank and thus catching their attention."
"So then, do it now - just wank for me!"
Ah, that it was - she wanted to see some male action. Well, that should be no problem at all. I walked around the bench so I stood right in front of me, then took out my boner. She got shiny eyes.
"Wonderful....! Now shoot your load!"
I started to rub my cock, looking at her shit-smeared face, and imagined how it must have been for her to get her nose stuck into the guys dirty asshole and the shit being smeared around, and how it must have been now to smell boyshit with every breath... and indeed, it were merely seconds before I shot a giant fountaine of sperm right over her head. Janet grabbed my cock and smeared it around in her dirty face, then took it into her mouth and gave me a little blow-job... and although I was slowly coming down from my orgasm, my dick didn't went limp as usual, the arousement being too high for just one single cum-shot.
"Now get behind me and fuck me - fuck my dirty backside for real", she commanded when she let my cock out of her mouth. Without a word, I went back behind the bench, grabbed her hips, brought her in position, aimed a little bit - and for the first time, sunk my cock in a girls pussy. Instantly, I began hammering my dick inside her... soon, I got shitty hands and a shitty belly but really didn't care. I'd have loved to slap Janets ass a bit more, but that was impossible since it was plastered with shit - but then, the smell it still emanated added to my excitement. After a few minutes, I felt my body tense again.... and then I got my second orgasm, this time being even more intensive than the first one.
When I was done, I slowed down my fucking - and came back to earth just in time to see and feel Janets body reach climax again, too. Her orgasm lasted for at least a complete minute, her body shook around violently, and her mouth formed uncontrolled little shouts.
After both of us got back to normal hormone levels, I felt really exhausted like I'd run two miles or so - I had to struggle to keep myself standing. Slowly, I let my cock slid out of her pussy and slowly let her down onto the bench. We both had to catch our breathe for some more minutes before we could face the now-being problems at hand.
"So... what do we do now? We can't just leave with this mess."
"Hmmm, good question.... with this mass of shit, I cannot walk to a toilet to get rid of it. We better take the trash bin here and deposite the shit there."
I wasn't really fond of this idea, but couldn't come up with a better one so I got the trash bin beside her. Then, we both shoved shit from her ass into the bin with our bare hands until her ass was clean enough for her so she at least could walk again. We cleaned our hands with some paper tissues, then got dressed - I kept my clothing as clean as I could, then reached for the belt.
"Soiled. But somehow sexy", I mused, but didn't put it on. We put back the trash bin to its place - the room-cleaners would experience their pure 'joy' when they were coming in here, I thought. Then we left for the toilets where we cleaned ourselves as good as we could, spending huge amounts of paper and water - luckily, no one came in, we remained undisturbed. I cleaned my belt with water and paper, then put it on again.
After a while, we were done, and for the first time, I got a look on my watch - and stared. Lunch time had been long over.
"Whoops - time really flies", I commented. We tried to exit school right through the door, but with no success - it was locked, we were the last humans in the huge building and only could exit through a window which we had to leave open. - Luckily, no one ever found out about the open window, the mess in the changing room or the enormous use of water and paper in the toilet.

From this weekend on, Janet and I were together secretly, for no one to know except the two of us - neither our classmates, teachers nor our families knew something about us having sex together, at least that's what I believe until today. I wouldn't go this far to say we actually were a couple, it was an almost entirely sexual relationship - but we had great sex games nonetheless. We even managed to steer clear of Alex and his buddies, and everything went well - at least for three or four months, until Janets parents decided to move to another, faraway town, which meant the end of our relationship and our games.

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