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I was home alone, sitting in my room reading a magazine. My black hair
was in a ponytail, as I usually kept it. I sighed, completely bored out
of my wits. My huge lab cross sat at my feet, licking on a dog bone. His name was
chester, and he had been a christmas present to me when I was 11. Now I was

I wasn't wearing anything, since the air conditioner was froze up and it was
over 90 out. I was home alone anyway so it didnt matter because my dog was the only one that could see me. later I found out how wrong I was.

I threw my magazine in the trash, and got off my chair, standing on my
hands and knees, ass in the air, looking under my bed for another

Suddenly I felt a warm feeling on my pussy. I
turned my head, and saw chester standing there, lapping away at my pussy.
"chester no!" I said, but I didn't stop him. It felt good actually. His
tongue moved up a little ways, licking my ass, and I moaned.

I backed up a little ways form the bed, and chester moved with me,
continuing to lick around my pussy and ass. It felt really good, just as
good as if it were a real guy doing it. Better even.
chesters tounge probed into my ass, and I let out another moan. How nice it
was! But suddenly the licking stopped. I looked back, and Shep was
staring at me with his head sidways and an odd expression on his face. That's when I saw his
cock was coming out from its sheath. It was huge, maybe 8" already, and
it was still coming out.

Suddenly chester leaped towards me, and mounted me, claws scrabbling
against my back, and then he held on tight. He was thrusting his cock at
my ass, I could feel it hitting just around my ass hole, be he hadn't
managed to get it in yet.

"chester!" I scolded, and lifted my arm so I could push him off. But he bit me in the back so i just screamed in pain
And then suddenly I felt his cock slam
into my ass, and I cried out partly in pain and in pleasure.

Holy shit, was he thrusting like mad! I was screaming in pain, as his
cock was wearing my ass raw. But after a minute it began to feel good,
and my screams became loud moans of pleasure. But then I felt somthing like a golf ball slide in my ass and it felt incredably good.

And suddenly he was cumming into my ass. I started moaning
even wilder as I felt it drip out of me. I orgasmed, and it felt
wonderful. I thought maybe Shep would be done then, but then suddenly,
pain shot through me. It felt his a golf ball was being shoved up my ass.
I later learned that it was his knot.

I cried out in pain once more. His cock was so deep into me now, and he
was still cumming like crazy. I felt some leak out from my ass, and drip
down onto my wet pussy. I started moaning again, and Shep was still
thrusting fast, and harder.

And then he turned, and I gasped as I felt the large knot pull on me.
Fuck, it hurt! He began to walk, and I felt it pulling on my ass.

"No! chester! Stay!" I yelled, but Shep completely ignored me. I fell, and
he dragged me away from the bed, towards the door of my room. Tears were
running down my cheeks from the pain. But it still felt so good, so

Finally, I felt as the knot moved forward, and out of my ass, followed by
the rest of his cock, and a lot more cum spued from my ass like a fountain. chester walked away from me then,
and curled down on the rug nearby and started to lick his cock.

I lay there for a few minutes as cum continued to leak out of my ass. I
had never been fucked up the ass before until now. And by a dog too! But
shit, it had felt so good. And I wanted more...

Weakly, I got on my hands and knees, and backed up towards chester. He
opened an eye, and then jumped up onto me again. This time I was ready
for it. I felt his cock hit around my ass again, but lower this time. And
then it slid into me, but not into my ass, but into my pussy this time!

I cried out loudly in pleasure as his massive cock slid in and out of me.
He had claimed me as his bitch-slut now I guess. I didn't care though.
It felt so good to be fucked by him, and it was the best fucking I had
ever had.

Chester came again, the cum shooting deep into my hot, wet pussy. I
didn't want his knot to get into my pussy though. "Down chester!" I said,
but he ignored me, and continued humping.

I felt the huge knot pounding closer and closer to my pussy as he
thrust in deeper. "No!" I cried, but it was too late. His knot slid
in with ease, and it slowly made its way deeper into my pussy as he
humped me.

Ten minutes later, his knot was still in my pussy, but Chester wasn't
thrusting anymore. He turned again, and I felt the knot shift around
inside me. The floor was soaked with cum- both his and mine. My pussy was
dripping my cum, and his too. He pulled hard, and I cried out as his cock
pulled out from me. Cum was pouring out from my pussy, and still from my
ass even! I was so sore, but I was feeling really good.

I lay down on the floor, laying in the cum. My hair was getting filled
with it buy I didn't care. He was lapping it all up now, and lapping my
pussy and ass clean of the cum.

Now that I knew Shep liked this, I'd have to do it again... soon

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2014-02-15 21:56:20
Hey this story isnt yours i just read it and another guy posted it like a month ago with shep as the dogs name

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2014-02-02 05:22:30
now that is a very good doggie c=O

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2013-08-18 22:22:00
Dog's name was Chester? Like Chester the Molester?

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2013-05-07 21:31:57
With how may different titles are you going to publish the same stor!?

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2013-03-06 20:38:51
Lousy writing. Keep your day job - you certainly will never be a writer.
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