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Do we always get the present we want?
He rolled over onto his back and though he had only been in bed a short while he wasn't able to sleep. His eyes open and looking up he could barely make out the ceiling from the small amount of light coming through the window.
Next to him Gemma, his wife was already sound asleep.

He closed his eyes once more, this time his mind willing himself to sleep but it was fruitless. Down below he felt a stirring between his legs as once more his mind played over the days events.

The whole of the day had been fun, the evening especially so. It was that time of year.....a time filled with Xmas spirit, where everyone could and did, enjoy themselves. Even Cathy's parents, who had come down for the holiday had joined in the fun, moreso with the kids. Living two hundred miles away they didn't see them as much as they would have liked and so took the time to join in whatever they were doing.

As he continued to lay there, looking up at the few shadows dancing on the ceiling, he recalled the game of Twister they had played.

He'd known they would be playing that particular game, he'd seen the box in the weeks leading up to Xmas and had even commented to Cathy how he was looking forward to it. It was a childish game, true enough, but he could see himself having fun all the same. He hadn't been disappointed. It had been more fun than he'd expected. Everyone had had a good laugh. Everyone had enjoyed themselves but for him, there'd been more than just fun attached to it.

They'd been side by side on the game sheet, reaching for their respective colours and as their bodies had touched it had felt like someone had passed an electric current between them.

He knew, just like he'd felt she did, there was far more to it than just the game. He'd sensed her arousal. He'd felt her body tremble as they had touched, sure, like him, she had wanted more. It was this thought that was now preventing his sleep.

Throughout the evening he'd sat next to her on the sofa. Sure, he'd been aware her hubby seemed to be looking at the two of them more often than usual, but in truth, that had only made it all the more exciting and, with the evening being so light-hearted, he'd been able to take the opportunity to slide his arm along the top of the sofa, just above her shoulders. He'd been sorely tempted to let his arm drop all the way down to rest there but had decided that was maybe a risk too far. Instead he confined himself to the occasional rubbing of his knee against her thigh.

He closed his eyes and tried to shake these thoughts from his mind, for to do so would surely allow him to sleep, but he was fighting a losing battle and gently pulling off the duvet, careful not to disturb his wife, he climbed out of bed. He needed a drink. He needed to try and clear his head.

They had planned to go home but with the kiddies having crashed out halfway through the evening, they'd agreed to stay overnight.

The house, though old and somewhat rambling, was nonetheless roomy. The five good sized bedrooms more than enough space to accommodate everyone comfortably. Now as he crossed the floor, heading for the bedroom door he thought of Cathy lying in her bed in the adjoining bedroom. In his minds eye he could see her dressed as she was earlier in the evening. She'd looked so good all in black. A sexy black, close fit cardigan. One that undeniably outlined her best features. Her black knee length skirt and, he knew from the game of twister they had played, the black nylons she wore were stockings. He'd glimpsed her stocking tops together with a hint of her suspenders. It had been so arousing for him. What's more, she'd known he, like the others, like her hubby, had been looking and she'd done nothing to hide them.

He didn't have a dressing gown to put on and though he could feel his cock stirring inside his briefs, as everyone else was already in bed he didn't feel it mattered.

He opened the bedroom door and quietly stepped outside, closing the door behind him. Crossing the landing he began to descend the stairs, his footsteps silent on the soft carpet.

At the foot of the stairs he turned to see the kitchen door was very slightly ajar with a dim light shining through the crack. He wondered who might be up, he hadn't heard anyone coming downstairs and thought about turning back and returning to his bedroom, especially given how he was dressed, but curiosity got the better of him.

He made his way towards the kitchen and silently eased open the door. What he saw had his cock instantly stirring again.

Cathy was stood by the worktop, her back towards him completely unaware of his presence, drinking what was probably a coffee.

It was clear the noise he'd heard earlier while he'd been trying to get to sleep, hadn't been Cathy and her hubby going to bed, but just hubby, for Cathy was still in the clothes she'd been wearing that day.

Rick groaned inwardly as his eyes moved up and down the object of his desire. Again he felt his cock respond. It started to rise, filling his briefs more and more as he took in the sight of her delightful body.

She was balanced on one leg, using the worktop as support while the instep of her right foot gently rubbed up and down the calf of her left leg. Rick could almost sense how sexy those nylons would feel against his own flesh.

He knew then, just as lust took over, as he began to fantasise the forbidden, that he was going to have Cathy tonight whether she wanted it or not. And yes, he knew there might be consequences but was more than prepared to face them tomorrow.

He knew it was an opportunity not likely to be repeated all too soon. He decided to make his move. Feeling his heart in his mouth he stepped silently towards her, sneaking up behind.

Cathy jumped as he put one arm around her waist and one hand over her mouth, not wanting her to cry out in shock. He felt her body stiffen, before instantly relaxing as she recognised the voice telling her she wouldn't get hurt if she did exactly as she was told.

Rick's hand moved away from her mouth and jokingly she laughed and jested she'd do anything he ordered.

He held her there, not wanting to let go, Cathy's beautiful slim neck so tantalisingly close. He was more than a little tempted to bend his head down and let his lips brush up and down it.

Cathy too couldn't help but feel excited. Though she was yet to get a proper look at him, she was able to guess, from what was digging into her rear, he had very little on.

Still stood behind her, now with his hands resting on her waist he asked why she was still up.

She took a sip of her coffee, her attempt at acting nonchalant over what was happening, yet inside, feeling anything but.

"Hmmm I needed time to unwind before I went to bed. That's all." She answered..

Cathy felt his hands squeezing her waist and once more felt the familiar shiver of excitement course through her body. All at once it seemed wrong, the idea the two of them were now alone downstairs, while everyone else was upstairs, asleep

"Hmmm and what about you Andy? Why have you gotten up?"

"I couldn't sleep." he told her honestly. "I kept thinking about the fun we have had tonight." He paused. "And we did have some fun too...... didn't we Cathy?"

"Mmmm! Yes! she murmured, though unlike him, her mind wasn't thinking so much of the games they'd played, but of how he'd been rubbing his knee up against her leg as they'd sat on the sofa. It had been exciting, unexpected and made all the more enjoyable by the presence of others.

She felt his hands tighten on her waist once more, snapping her from her thoughts.

"And I have to say, I enjoyed the show of stocking tops too Cathy."

Cathy knew instantly he was referring to the game of Twister they had played.

"Hmmmm! I bet you did." she replied, adding. "And why doesn't that surprise me I wonder?"

"Oh believe me I did, and if I'm not mistaken I wasn't the only one to notice was I? I think hubby noticed them too.....don't you think?"

"Hmmmm! He might have."

"Teasing him were you?" Rick asked.

She laughed again. "Let's just say it's a woman prerogative, besides which, it's good to spice things up. A little teasing ...dropping little innuendos to make him wonder.It doesn't hurt any."

"Well he'd have every reason to wonder, wouldn't he Cathy?" he replied, finding their chat was adding to his already aroused state.

He felt his dick throb and wondered if she were able to feel it sticking into her rear. He eased her closer towards his body, wanting to make sure she did. Her movement suggested he'd been successful for he felt her try to move away.

"Hmmm! Behave yourself Rick!" she told him.

He smiled to himself and turned her around to face him but she was quick to move to one side.

Not wanting to lose his advantage, he grabbed at her waist and pressed her against the wall, his hands quick to reach for her wrists, lifting them high, trapping her against the wall with her wrists pinned above her head, his body against hers. The slight look of fear in her eyes only served to excite Rick even more. He leant forward and pressed his lips over hers.

"Mmmmmmm! Don't Rick pleaseeee!" she gasped as she tried to struggle free.

"He pulled back but still held her there, pressed against the wall.

"Damn I want you Cathy. You're one hell of a horny bitch! You've been winding me up all these months and now I think it's time you had a taste of this."

Holding one hand above her head he used his other to push her left hand down between their bodies, over his briefs. She tried to resist, then had to stifle a groan as she felt the outline of his huge, bulging cock being pressed against her fingers.

"Stop it Rick! Someone might come down!"

He smiled at her. "Oh I don't think so Cathy. I think we both know everyone is well and truly asleep. It's just you and me. Just what I've longed for all evening. My sexy Mum in law and me! And God do you look sexy!"

Cathy felt her body tingle at the sound of his words. It aroused her to know she was capable of turning him on with so little effort.

He pushed his body into hers, trapping her hand in between them, his cock swelling at her touch.

He leant forward and pressed his lips close to her ear.

"How about we have a dance Cathy? Just you and me?" he whispered.

Cathy was slightly taken aback by his suggestion.

"Don't you think it's a bit late for dancing Rick?"

He smiled at her. "Not at all, besides, you and I haven't had our Xmas dance yet!"

Still holding onto her wrists Cathy allowed him to lead her through into the lounge where, keeping the volume low, he selected some sexy, slow music. He dimmed the lights down low before turning towards her, pulling her close. His hands slid down to her buttocks, his fingertips squeezing them seductively over the material of her skirt as the two of them danced together in slow circles.

Cathy could feel his hardness pressing against her. Her family were all upstairs in asleep, yet even so, the idea they were all so near excited her. She felt herself shudder at the thought of what her son in law might have in mind.

As they continued to dance their seductive dance, she found herself thinking more and more of her hubby. He too was upstairs though she did wonder if, unlike the others, he was maybe still awake. Possibly wondering if she'd be up soon. Instead, here she was downstairs, dancing seductively close with her son in law. This one thought excited her almost as much as the feel of Rick's manhood pressing into her body.

She pulled her head off his shoulder and looked into his eyes.

"You do realise this is silly Rick. That what we're doing is all wrong. We can't do this!"

"Can't we Cathy?" he replied. "And just why would that be?"

"Because someone could come down." she answered, somewhat unconvincingly.

He took a hold of her hand and for the third time in almost as many minutes, pressed it over his briefs, over his now prominent bulge.

"Feel it Cathy! You know as well as I do this is what you want. All this teasing these past months. What's it all been for if not cos you fancy trying this on for size. A man sized cock to service you!" he added, wanting to enforce the idea he was a much better option than her hubby.

He held her hand there and could feel her body tense.

Cathy had never had anyone treat her this way before. Sex with her hubby was always ...smooth......predictable. Yes it could also be exciting too, but never like this. She found herself reacting, her fingers seeming to have a mind of their own as they closed around the bulge in his briefs.

Rick groaned, as slowly they moved together in time to the music.

Feeling more than a little aroused Cathy removed her hand from his briefs and placed both her hands on his shoulders, her head close to his chest as they danced.

Rick, sensing her acceptance, ground his stiffness into her body making no effort to disguise it. The fingers of his left hand massaged into the firmness of her rump while his right hand roamed seductively, up and down her back. Cathy's body trembled with excitement yet still, she knew this was wrong.

"Please Rick! We need to stop this!" she pleaded with him once more, her mind telling her there was no sense to this.

He pulled back. Not enough to have let go but to the point where they'd both stopped moving. She could see the look on his face and fully expected him to have an answer to her comment. But what happened next was something she'd not expected.

His hand reached out around the back of her neck and with his fingers combing through her hair, he suddenly tugged hard, yanking her head sharply backward.

"You don't seem to understand Cathy!" he said as he held her there "This isn't a request. I want you! I've anted you for ages and about now seems as good a time as any!"

Still tugging on her hair he forced her hand back down onto his crotch.

"You've teased it enough Cathy. Now I reckon it's high time I felt those slender fingers of yours wrapped around it. And when you've done with that, when you've got me nice and hard, you're going to sample it with these sexy lips of yours!"

He didn't allow her time to reply. He pulled her head towards him where their lips met with a violence.

He was rough, forcing his tongue down her throat, pulling at her hair, his free hand mauling roughly at her tits, his fingertips leaving indentations in the soft fabric of her top.

Just as suddenly he pushed her back leaving Cathy gasping for air.

Cathy stood there shocked at what he'd done but the truth was, she had loved every second. It had been something she'd always wanted, not tenderness or love, which she could experience with her hubby, but lust...shear unadulterated passion..... And whatever preconceived ideas she may have had about how it might feel, Rick's approach had exceeded them all. God did it feel good!!!

Barely with time to draw a second wind he pulled her forward once more. This time she was ready. She groaned as his lips mashed hard over hers, one moment his tongue lunging, deep inside her mouth, the next, hers inside of his, the two of them like prize fighters, standing toe to toe in her lounge......each giving it their best shot......trying to outdo the other.....snogging one another like teenagers, the room filled with their moans as their heads twisted and turned....their passion animal like.....frenzied.....just as she'd always imagined it would be.

She pulled back, her breasts heaving as again her lungs strived to take in air.

"You Bastard Rick!! You Fucking Bastard!" she sobbed.

His hand let go of her hair, he pushed both onto her shoulders and bending forward he started to nuzzle on her left ear. For all her harsh words she made no attempt to move away and Rick knew then, she wanted this as much as he did. He let his tongue flick in and out and sensed Cathy's body tense up. He was sure she must have known what he was going to do next, but again, if she did, she did nothing to stop him.

Slowly, he began tugging the top buttons of her sexy black cardigan apart. He pulled sideways, easing her top further down over her shoulders as each button popped undone, until after the fifth button, her bra covered breasts spilt forth.

"Ohh Shit Cathy! If only you knew how I have admired these tits of yours? "

He let go of her top to cup each of her breasts in a hand. He pushed them apart, then together....apart...together, highlighting her ample sexy cleavage. He pressed his lips onto hers once more, his hands still playing back and forth over her bra covered tits, the two of them moaning now, moaning and groaning their pleasure into one another's mouths.

His lips left hers, slipping over her chin, tilting her head back so he could kiss and lick his way down the soft skin of her neck, his lips kissing...licking....sucking their way down until she could feel them between her cleavage.....then on the swell of her breasts. He pushed a hand oh so seductively into the cup of her bra and pulled out her left tit, his mouth immediately gorging on her swollen bud like nipple, feasting on it....sucking...kissing...nibbling firmly on her teat as she whimpered her pleasure.....

Again he pulled away, this time to look directly into her eyes.

"You like this Cathy don't you? Having your son in law see to these delicious tits of yours?"

"Ohhhh God!" she groaned, but it was as much as she could voice before his lips crushed against hers once more. This time Cathy responded, curling her hands around his neck, and as their lips and tongues devoured one another, Cathy realised she had never felt so turned on. Whether it was the situation, with her family so nearby. Whether it was his rough manner. Whether it was the simple fact it was a final admission of just how much she'd wanted this.....or whether a combination of all three...she didn't know ....nor did she care. It was everything she'd hoped for and she wanted more.

She prized her lips free of his momentarily. "Go on Rick you Horny little Fuck! Suck on my Tits...see to Cathy's tits for her you Bastard!"

Never before had she spoken to anyone this way, but felt sure it was all that was needed to draw out the animal in animal her body right then was aching for.

She reached up and pulled her other breast free from the cup of her bra, and pressing forward she forced it into his willing mouth.....groaning with pleasure at the feel and sensation of his tongue as it rasped over her nipples and breasts.

Encouraged, Rick tugged her cardigan still further down off her shoulders so it was halfway down her arms, unable to stop himself from groaning at the sight of his sexy Mother in law.

It was daft, Cathy knew as much, but half undressed like this for her son in law made her feel so so sexy. She pulled at the back of his head, urging him on, wanting to feels those lips and tongue of his working away on her tits.

"Ohhh Yeeees! Suck Cathy's tits! Come on baby! work my nipples to a frenzy you horny Bastard!"

Rick responded, his lips nibbling, sucking.....his tongue circling her swollen buds like a vulture circles its prey. He licked...sucked.....kissed and though her mind was filled with guilt all she could do was moan her encouragement.

Moments later he stepped back as if to admire his handiwork. He had never seen her looking so sexy. His horny Mother in law...pure sex on legs...

He smiled at her.

"Ohhh Cathy! You want it don't you? You want my cock so bad now?"

"You Bastard Rick. why did you have to come down? Why couldn't you have stayed in bed?"

He smiled once more, aware though she hadn't answered his question directly, it was answer enough.

His eyes travelled up and down her sexy body. Her dishevelled, half dressed look far more arousing than his imagination had ever been able to evoke.

He thought of the many times he had lay on his bed and fantasised over her, but the truth was, none of his fantasies had come even close to how she looked right then. To see his mum in law like this was a dream come true. Her shoulders exposed, her cardigan half off, her tits spilled from her bra cups, her nipples pouting at him as if desperate for more attention. He smiled at her once more.

"You're one sexy bitch Cathy. A fact I think you're more than aware of."

She returned his smile, and like him she looked down at herself. She was aware she looked a mess, that somehow he had managed to reduce her to look more like a cheap tart, but the way he'd undressed her had been so sexy, so arousing.

Rick took another step back, using the moment to feast his eyes on his sexy Mother in law, almost naked from the waist up, her look so arousing, that sexy top and that oh so sexy black skirt.

Her breasts were full and ripe all ready for the taking.

He reached out and pulled her towards him once more and almost frenzied like, planted his mouth over her lipsticked lips, the taste of her lipstick divine.

His hands roamed over her smooth, rounded buttocks. Cathy's mouth slowly opened once more, where greedily, Rick devoured her, pushing his tongue as far down her throat as he could, Cathy responding, her head twisting and turning this way and that as their mouth's sucked and toyed with one another's tongues.

Slowly he began to edge her back towards the wall, all the while continuing to kiss her, as he did, so his hands wandered up from her arse, over the flatness of her tummy, onto her chest, where his fingers began to maul at her two, deliciously shaped breasts.

He thought of Gemma, his wife, her daughter and of how as a child she would have breast fed on these gorgeous tits. Now here he was doing the exact same thing, only being far more inventive.

He could feel his cock throbbing below and knew if he cared to look down his briefs would resemble a circus marquee. He wanted more of her. He wanted her so bad. Until now it had only ever been a fantasy. He didn't want this chance to pass by. She was one hot woman and he could only guess at how experienced she would be. His tongue licked salaciously up along her neck, leading his lips closer and closer to her ear. He pressed his lips close.

"How would you like to suck on my cock Cathy!" he whispered. "My dick wants to feel your lips. I want to know just what this sweet little mouth of your is capable of."

Cathy's quiet moan told him the idea appealed.

"Come on you little tramp, Get down on your knees and suck on my cock!"

Cathy felt Rick pull away. She looked down at his crotch, to see his huge cock pushing his briefs forward by a good three inches.

The sight made her think of her hubby and of how he had always enjoyed the feel of her lips. Now here she was, despite all the wrongs, eager to do the very same for her son in law.

In the brief moment it took to look down at his bulging cock, she wondered how he would taste or indeed, how he would compare. She smiled at that one thought, aware there was only one way to find out. As wrong as she knew this all was, she was powerless to resist. She dropped to her knees.

She reached out, letting her fingers tease him as they traced seductively along his outline.

"Oh God Rick!" she murmured, as much to herself as to him, marvelling at his size as she continued to play her fingers up and down his concealed length..

"Do you like it Cathy? Is it what you imagined?"

"Who said I've imagined?" she replied, her eyes looking up into his.

He grinned down at her.

"Oh I think you have Cathy. In fact, I'm sure you've wanted me as much as I've wanted you."

Cathy returned her gaze to his crotch, growing more and more aroused by his confident, almost cocky manner. It was true, for more and more of late they had flirted with one another. An innuendo here, a fleeting touch of their bodies there. On the surface, all of it no more than a game they were playing with one another, yet Cathy knew, like Rick, the game was drawing them closer and closer.

"Well Cathy. I ask again. Is it everything you imagined?"

Cathy drew her fingers upwards, along his hidden shaft to the underside of what was already a well defined helmet. She already knew, barring anything unforeseen, the inevitable was going to happen. She saw no point in continuing with the game.

"Ohhh Yes! And more besides." she moaned. "And these briefs....Hmmmm! It's almost like you have gift wrapped my Xmas pressie."

Rick couldn't help but smile at her suggestive thought. "Then unwrap it Cathy....and enjoy."

Cathy leant forward, pressing her lips lightly over his outline, allowing them to dance with a gossamer like lightness along his hidden length over the cotton material of his briefs. She stopped when she got to the base of his shaft to look up at him, her eyes staring straight into his, her lips forming a wicked smile.

"No Rick! This is one present Cathy wants you to unwrap for her." She purred. "Come on big boy! Show this horny Mum in law of yours what you've got for her!"

Rick's grin widened still further and Cathy watched, enthralled as his hands slipped inside the waistband where they began easing down his tight fitting briefs. She could feel her body shudder as she watched him unwrapping his gift for her. She gasped as his cock sprang out like a jack in the box, bouncing forward before slapping back, hard against his body.

"Ohhh Rick! What a lovely big pressie." she purred, her eyes taking in his shape and hardness.

Rick's eyes met hers once more, more than a little pleased she wasn't disappointed with her gift.

"Come on baby! What are you waiting for? Come and play with your present! Let me feel what those sexy lips of yours can do for my knob!"

Cathy ran her tongue around her lipsticked lips, wickedly imagining herself leaving her colour on the end of his prick.

"Ohhh Rick! Hold it for me! Draw back that foreskin so Cathy can see that lovely purple coloured knob!"

Again she sat back to watch as his hand took a hold of his shaft, his fingers gripping just below his helmet. She moaned quietly as he started to draw back the foreskin.

"Do you like it Cathy? Is Rick's pressie big enough for my Mum in law?" he jibed, happy to play along with her game.

"Ohhh God yes!" she groaned. "It's perfect! How did you ever know my size?" she teased. Then looking up said, "Oh Rick! It's sooo big.....and Cathy sooooo loves big!"

Her hand joined his, easing his away, then bending forward she ran the tip of her tongue from the base of his cock to its tip, then back down again, leaving the sheen of her saliva glistening on his shaft. She moved closer still and started to play with his balls, kissing them softly, fondling them...kissing... She ran her fingers up along the thickness of his shaft, her lips forming a knowing, wicked smile as she noted his precum ooze from the tip of his knob. She leant forward and flicking out her tongue, using its tip to swirl his juices over the perfect, mushroom shaped head of his cock.

She leant back on her haunches once more, allowing her taste buds to savour this new found source of nectar.

She squeezed again, gently repeating her performance of moments before, easing her fingers upwards from the root of his cock until they came to a stop beneath his well defined helmet. Again, she couldn't help but look on in wonder as more of his seminal fluid leaked from the eye of his cock.

"Oh Rick! Are you always this excited to see me?" she teased.

"You bitch Cathy!" he moaned down at her, aware she was being a tease yet like her, enjoying every moment.

Again Cathy leant forward to swirl the tip of her tongue around the top of his knob but this time, instead of pulling back, she opened her mouth and plunged her lips down, over his cock.

"Oh Fuck! Yes!" Rick groaned, his hands resting on her shoulders to steady himself.

Slowly....Once....twice....three times her mouth slewed up and down his shaft, her head twisting as it did, her mouth adding her own saliva to the already sticky mess on the head of his cock. As she pulled free so Rick looked down to see her lips drawing the saliva and precum mix with them. For all the world it looked to him as if his knob and her lips were attached by an umbilical cord.

He watched her hand reach up and smear the sexual mix suspended from her fleshy lips back down the length of his shaft. Moments later she was down on him again, this time sucking with far more vigour, far more purpose. It was as if, by adding her own mix, it had added to her arousal. Her head bobbed up and down as he looked on, her fingers massaging his engorged shaft upwards, her lips and tongue eager for more of his precum.

Again she eased back then watched her own fingers slide up along his girth, amazed to witness still more precum leaking from the tip of his knob.

"Ohh Rick! It's not just a big pressie is it? It's all these lovely juices too! How clever of you to know I enjoy a juicy pressie!"

"You're a tease Cathy. A Fucking tease!" he groaned, wanting more of her lips.

Just then Cathy bent lower and started to lick and suck his pendulous balls, Rick's fingers gripped more firmly on her shoulders, his moans of pleasure growing louder. She always enjoyed playing with a guys balls, and though Cathy knew different, she loved imagining filling with cum.

"They're sooo big Rick!" she purred, her tongue flicking over each one in turn. "Are they filling up for me Rick? Are they filling up with your lovely warm spunk? Has Cathy ever told you how much she loves warm creamy spunk!"

"Ohhh you dirty little bitch!" he groaned as her stood there relishing the feel of her lips and tongue and better still, his long held fantasy of his Mother in law on her knees in front of him.

Despite her enjoyment Cathy eased her lips away from his balls, raising her eyes up to meet his looking down.

"And who's dirty little bitch am I Rick? Yours?" she husked.

Before he could answer she slid her lips back down over his bulbous knob. This time Rick was quick to respond, moving his hips, almost causing her to gag as he pushed it into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm ! Mmmmmm!" she murmured as she bobbed up and down...once....twice....three.... four times before pulling his thick meat from between her lips, enjoying the sounds of his groans as she did.

"So tell me. How do my lips feel big boy? Am I as good as my daughter? Does she do this for you?"

She tipped forward again, swallowing his manhood....sucking, licking, her tongue swirling around his ridge.

As she knelt there, seeing to her son in laws cock, so her thoughts almost inevitably turned to her family, her parents, her daughter and not least of all her hubby, lying alone, upstairs in bed. She was all too aware, had Rick been five minutes later she would have finished her coffee and she too would have been tucked up in bed. Instead, aroused by events of the evening, here she was, Xmas night, alone with her son in law, sucking on his magnificent cock and about ready to have him do whatever he wanted.

Rick looked down at her. If he wasn't receiving so much pleasure, he'd have to believe this was all a dream. He'd fantasised over his Mother in law from almost the first moment he'd met her. Now here she was, as he'd so often fantasised, on her knees, sucking on his rampant cock. It was his every dream come true.

"Christ Cathy! I have dreamt about this forever but this is so much better than anything I ever imagined. You are one sexy Fucking bitch!" he groaned.

Cathy's reply was to roll her tongue around the ridge of his plum like knob.

He slid his fingers into her auburn hair, and gripping tightly started to rock back and forth, forcing his meat so so deep that she was started to gag, but to Rick's delight she didn't object. Instead she reached forward to cup his balls, her fingertips fondling, massaging, causing his cock to stiffen still further.

"Ohh Shit! That's it bitch! Make me come! Let me empty these balls down your throat you Fucking tart!"

On hearing his words Cathy's groans of pleasure turned to an almost animal like growl. Never before had she been spoken to in such a way and the truth of it was.....she loved his aggressive, forceful different from that of her husband. Her pussy spasmed as her lips continued to slide up and down the thick, veiny cock that was now filling her mouth.

"Oh Shit Cathy! You are one, hot cocksucker!"

She pulled his cock free of her lips once more to look up into his eyes. Her lips formed a smile as she drew back his foreskin to expose his juicy purple knob. Her tongue snaked out, its tip alighting on the very tip of his helmet sending ripples of excitement coursing through his body then, still looking up into his eyes she bent lower to lick from his pendulous balls all the way up his fat shaft.

It was too much for him.....Rick let out a loud howl of pleasure and reaching for his cock he started to jack himself off causing Cathy to sit back on her haunches.

"Ohhh yes! That's it big boy! Wank it for Cathy!" she urged, taking a leaf out of his own book. "Wank that big fat pole baby! I want you to cum for me you dirty Mother Fucking Bastard."

Cathy knew her words would turn him on just as his did her and she continued to wind him up.

"Go on Motherfucker! Cos that's what you want isn't it? That's what you've imagined doing. To Fuck your MOTHER in law! Isn't it?" she demanded, her emphasis on the word Mother.

"You want to shove this monster in Cathy's cunt don't you? Show me Rick! Show me what you've got in those balls! Cum for me Rick! Shower me with your lovely warm spunk..."

Suddenly Rick's face screwed up tight....his cock began to throb in his fist...started to twitch. Seconds later he erupted. A first then a second jet of cream arcing through the air to land in ribbon like strands across Cathy face.

She groaned with sheer pleasure. She adored the feel of his cum against her skin...the feel as it splashed across her cheeks, its warmth and the dirty sticky sensation and for the first time ever it made her feel like a cheap whore.....a feeling that excited her.

She grabbed for his cock, wanting to experience the feel of his spunk jetting into her mouth, she sucked...gobbled...licking him to a frenzy as his cock continued to empty into the back of her throat.

"Ohhh Fuck Cathy!" he groaned. "You sure as hell know how to pleasure a guy!"

She got to her feet, her face splattered with spunk, she grabbed him by the neck and forced her lips onto his, her head twisting and turning, her hand holding his face as they snogged like the illicit lovers they were.

She pulled back, satisfied she had made him taste some of his own cum.

"Hmmmm! But do you know how to pleasure your Mother in law?"

She reached down without looking and was amazed to find his cock was still erect.

"Ohhh Rick! Is this what Cathy does for you? Is it thoughts of Fucking Cathy keep this fat prick nice and stiff like this?"

"Damn right it does" he groaned...."And that's exactly what I am going to do to you now bitch! Rick is going to Fuck his whore of a Mum in law..."

Rick reached out and tugged roughly at her top, once more pulling it off her shoulders. He leaned forward and started to kiss at her neck...soft, sensual, yet eager kisses, his lips moving lower and lower until he was kissing and sucking on her firm breasts and rubbery like buds. Cathy whimpered with pleasure, loving the texture of his lips and mouth over her breasts.

She felt both hands sliding down her body, down over her waist...on down to her thighs...then to the back of her knees where he lifted her up wedging her firmly between himself and the wall. He could feel his prick rock hard and vertical as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He lowered her down gently towards it and as he felt his knob push against her entrance he half expected to have to force it in, but Cathy's cunt was already moist and his mushroom shaped helmet slipped easily inside causing her to groan still more.

He released his hands, the effect of which caused Cathy to slide down the wall, impaling herself on his throbbing erection.

Cathy held him tight as the shock and size made her gasp and draw breath. His hands slid under her buttocks and he began to piston long, indolent strokes, each outward movement almost withdrawing his knob. He pushed forward again, this time sinking half his length gently inside. Cathy forced her lips over his, murmuring her pleasure into his mouth.

"Ohhhhh Rick! What a cock! What a lovely big fat cock you've got! Fuck me Rick! Screw you little whore Cathy! I've wanted you for so long!"

Rick pulled back, more than pleased to hear her words of encouragement, again almost withdrawing his knob from her entrance but this time, driving forward, he drove it all the way back in to the root.

Cathy mewled like a wounded animal as a mix of pain and pleasure gripped her body. She had never felt so full, so sated before.

Rick started to thrust, his manner rougher now, his strokes longer, his penetration deeper, aware Cathy too was growing more and more aroused as each forceful, forward thrust expelled air from her lungs.

Rick started to grunt, a guttural, animal like sound as he thrust even harder, til he could hear the sounds of her arse slapping against the cool, solid wall.

By now her cunt had adapted to his size and she was physically lifting herself up and down on his erection, her pussy muscles gripping him tight while her hands held onto the back of his neck so her lips could kiss...snog with his with a passion she would not have believed possible.

Rick too could not recall having enjoyed the kiss of a woman so much. His head twisted one way while hers the other, their lips clashing, their tongues eagerly seeking out one another's mouths. It was like a hunger, growing in intensity and such was the passion, though still impaled on his cock, they had, had to stop Fucking in order to concentrate on the kiss.

Cathy held onto him tightly, readily accepting his tongue deep into her mouth. She had wanted him for so long but had never believed it would be as good as this, to be kissed and Fucked by her son in law at the same time.

Just then Rick pulled free of her lips and began thrusting once more. Cathy threw back her head and issued a long, low growl as her pussy spasmed in climax, her juices washing over his shaft. Rick started to grunt with each forward thrust, and when she looked into his face, it was to see his eyes screwed shut. She could sense his climax was imminent and while she wanted him to fill her with his seed, but she also wanted this moment to last. Having already come for her once she knew she could slow things down.
She started stroking his face with her hands.

"Put me down Rick." she smiled. "Cathy wants to be taken doggy style!"

Rick grinned from ear to ear and lifting her off of his pole, put her down on her feet. Her eyes fell to his cock, her body trembling at its size, unable to believe she had managed to take its whole length. She slid her hand around its thick veiny girth and teased him, fondling his shaft, now slippery from her own juices. He groaned as she released it then watched as his sexy Mother in law turned and walked towards the sofa.

He thought of his wife, upstairs in bed, of course so much younger than her mother, but her mother had something else to offer...experience...

He watched as she dropped to her knees in front of the sofa, looked on as she wriggled her bum and lifted the hem of her sexy black skirt high over her arse to display his prize. He saw her fingers pull aside the gusset of her panties. He didn't need to be told what they were doing was wrong, any more then she did, but how could any red blooded, horny young male resist an offer like this.

"Come on baby, what are you waiting for?" she murmured. "Get over here and plant that big fat dick in this cunt!"
Andy walked towards her, almost mesmerised by the sight of his horny mum in law. He dropped to his knees and taking a hold of his erection, guided his plum shaped knob to the entrance of her slick cunt.
He could feel her juices against the end of his knob as he slid his bell end up and down between her arse and her cunt, teasing her...

"Oh you Bastard Rick! No more teasing! Just plant that prick in Mums cunt you little shit! "

Her dirty talk seemed to make his prick swell and grow in length and he nudged forward, easing his knob between her cunt lips.

Cathy mewled with pleasure. "Ohhh Yes you Bastard! That's it baby! Do me! Do me good and hard you dirty boy!"

Rick pushed again, looking down at his cock as it slid further and further into his horny mum in laws cunt. He withdrew, then plunged in again, this time deep and hard.

Cathy tipped forward, her face buried in the cushions of the sofa, muffling her screams of delight.Her fingers clenched into tight fists as he plunged again and again, each time his cock driving deeper and deeper, taking her to heights she had never dreamed possible.

He'd reduced her to a quivering wreck, it was all she could do was kneel there and take it, her face buried deep in the cushions stifling her cries.
She physically shuddered each time his cock plunged home, his shaft filling her up from front to back and side to side. She had never felt a cock soooo good.
She lifted her head and started to push herself back onto his pole, her body rocking in rhythm to his thrusts, her breath coming in short sharp gasps.

"Fuck me you Bastard! Fuck your little whore! Come on baby! Cum for Cathy! Fill this horny cunt with your spunk."

Behind her she could hear the effort Rick was putting into the job in hand, his grunts growing shorter.....louder....and she knew he was about to explode.

"YES! YES! YES!" she cried, as her own climax took a grip of her body and just as she came so she felt his prick explode within her, thick jets of warm spunk hitting the back of her cunt. It was like being Fucked by a fire hose such was the force of his eruption.....

Her teeth bit into the covers of the sofa as yet another climax took a hold of her body, sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing through every nerve ending.

Behind her Rick had stopped thrusting but with his cock still embedded in her cunt she could feel it still throbbing, pulsing, the after effects of his own explosive pleasure.

She held him there, exhausted, her pussy muscles continuing to contract and relax around his shaft.

Despite the fact they knew, they still ran the risk of someone coming down and catching them out, it was some minutes before either of them wanted to move. Even then, when they did, when Cathy rolled over onto her back, it was only for Rick to slide up over her body where, planting his lips on hers, it was to begin another of those long, sensual kisses.

As their heads moved this way and that Cathy opened her eyes to glance up at the clock.

It was late. She didn't need telling, it was high time she went upstairs to join her hubby. She closed her eyes once more, forcing her tongue into the warmth of her son in laws mouth. After all........It was Xmas.......and who was she to deny herself another present.....

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