Our story takes place in Utah in mid november. Our main character is Robert a young man in high school. This is the story of the end of his life told by Robert.
Hey, you might not believe that once i wasnt like this. once i was happy and had a family and a girlfriend. once i was normal. It all started on november 17 2002. That was the first day I came home early from school because i had skipped. My mother said that she would be gone most of the day. Running errands she said. I walked into the house and as i did i heard a faint moaning noise. I picked up my baseball bat wich was next to my door and headed towards the noise. At the time I thought that someone had broken into our house and were fucking in my mothers bedroom.

Well as i got closer to her bedroom i looked through the door and saw my mother. At first the sight of her naked and being fucked by this stranger was a sickening thought. But I found myself getting harder and harder and harder until i got so hard it hurt. I dont understand to this day what gave me the thought to do so but i took out my dick and started jerking off right there as i watched my mother being fucked by..... OUR GARDNER... it was jose the young man who took care of my mothers garden. This did not hinder me from masturbating and then cumming multiple times. By the time i was finished there was cum all over the door. When they finished i stood up and headed for my room. As i stood up a thought had occured to me. I thought that my mother was kinda hott. She was as a matter of fact extremely attractive. Those fake breasts my father baught her were beautiful. I looked at my watch and realized that my father wouldnt be home for a good four hours as it was only 1:15 pm. so i sat in my room and waited planning out what i was about to do. .

after jose was gone i slowly entered my mothers room with a gag and four short lenghts of rope. She was asleep this was good. My mother was a heavy sleeper. At first i was nervous as i had never done this before but i was determined to get her back for all those years of being such a bitch. neglecting me and forcing me to brake up with all my girlfriends because they interefered with school. Well its my turn to abuse her. To get her back. When im done she will feel so dirty she will never be able to look at herself in the mirror again. "ok ok ok..." I thought to myself "you gotta calm down if this is gonna work." Slowly i walked around her bed carefully moving her arms to the right place to tie them to the head board and her legs and feet to the foot of the bed. as i did this i slowly removed the blanket from her sweaty naked body and stared down at her in a mixture of disgust and lust. I ran my fingers from the tip of her chin to the top of her pussy staring at her naked body as she got goosebumps. I was about to put the gag on her when i realized i didnt want her to be muffled i wanted to hear her scream as i punished her. i threw the gag behind me and woke her up with a shake. she woke up and looked at me as i looked down at her.

"you dirtly little whore" I said as i stared down at her blank expression "have you ever thought about how i feel or how dad feels? No ofcourse you didnt. Your just a little whore arent you?"

Staring down at her body i noticed her shaking a little. This was good. She was frightened. I watched as goosebumps took over her body and she tried to understand what was happening. I had never been so happy in my life. Then i realized I had forgotten a tool i needed for this to be accomplished properly so i searched thorugh her thins. Finally i found it. Her twelve inch long four inch thick dildo she kept underneath the mattress. "ahah!" I said as i found what i was looking for, "now arent u just the dirty little whore?" I rolled it around in my hands as if contemplating the situation but i knew exactly what i was about to do. i kneeled on the foot of the bed and began running it up and down her ass crack as she winced as if in pain. This only made it worth it. Then without warning or lubrication i shoved the dildo up her ass. she screamed almost louder than a car alarm and i laughed.

I looked down and she was soaking wet! "your already wet? You are such a little whore!" I said as i pulled the dildo almost out and then shoved it back in again with more force than the first time. "your liking this arent you?!" I said as i stared down at her in disgust. i leapfrogged over her legs leaving the dildo up her ass propped up against the mattress and sat on her stomach. "you know..." I said as i stared down at her tits "these are really real looking... almost like flesh... i wonder..." And with that i smacked her left tit as hard as i could and she yelped with pain. "yep it still hurts like flesh..." as i said this i grabbed hold of her nipples and started pinching them as hard as i could twisting them and staring down at her face as it writhed in pain. I laughed so hard it hurt my stomach. Without realizing it i had gotten hard as a rock and it pressed against her stomach. I stopped twisting her nipples when i saw her look down at my rock hard twelve inch dick.

I smiled and said "you want me in you dont you?" I could see the shame in her eyes but it was true. She was as turned on by all this as i was. At first i thought maybe i would give her wut she wanted. But then i thought. No... Not yet... first ill get what i want... so i wipped out my dick and shoved it down her throat with such force that she puked her guts out. i left my dick in her throat so it came spewing out her nose and i laughed as she began to cry and vomit some more. i took it out and said "ur so messy mommy... and now i have vomit on my dick.... that just wont do... youll haf to clean that off for me." she did what she was told and began sucking my dick as i shoved it deep into her throat before coming twice and forcing her to swallow it. Then i said "good girl... maybe now i will give u wut u want..." i got off her stomach and took off all my clothes as i walked back toward the foot of the bed. as i walked i looked at her breasts thoroughly broosed and beaten.

i got to the foot of the bed and knelt again between her legs. I stared at her pussy for a long time amazed at how much liquid had come out. She begged me to fuck her but i simply put up my finger as if to say not yet. i looked at the dildo still in her ass hole and laughed as i watched her anus pucker around it and then relax and pucker again over and over and over... so i went to take the dildo out when my hand brushed up against her pussy... she flinced hard and so i though "maybe she just wants something in her pussy..." i looked her up and down and then said "fine ill give u a hand." With that as my warning i shoved my hand into her pussy till i couldnt see my wrist anymore. i watched her pussy tear and it started to bleed as she winced in pain. I just laughed.

After a few thrusts of my hand i decided it was time to fuck her. I wipped out my dick and shoved it in her pussy and began fucking her. wile doing this it hought to myself, "what a bitch... Im losing my virginity to the woman i hate the most." after a minute i felt her orgasm and i came deep inside her and then continued fucking her until my dick was raw and her ass hole was so stretched by her dildo that she could pass a vw buss. after i was finished and she seemed pleased i began punching her in the stomach and in the face until her whole body was bruised and beaten. as i was beating her she screamed louder than ever and my neighbor who was just returning from work heard her and called the cops. thusly here i am. siting in a jail cell in utah state prison. thats the end of my story. But no this... Im verry verry verry glad i did what i did and i hope that my mother learned her lesson...

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I'd love to have your hard 12 in dick in every hole I have!!

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Sad ending make her slave

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Sad ending make her slave

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I loved this story. Keep writing just put a little more detail into your writing I chummed hard from it though

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Not bad for your first time kiddo, keep working on it. I suggest that you put more detail in your sex properganda. I would also like to see more detail in what each person looks like that way your readers can get a mental picture of who they are reading about. Goodluck on your next story

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