By the time Tristan graduated high school her body wasn’t the only fully developed part of her being.
Chapter Two
Mind thoughts and Manipulations

By the time Tristan graduated high school her body wasn’t the only fully developed part of her being. She had found that her mind was far from being wasted. Throughout college she maintained strait A’s without lifting a finger to study. Tristan learned that everything she wanted was only a minds thought or manipulation away. At twenty five Tristan has life just about handed to her. Even her Mother and her best friend Gail were coming out on top of life through Tristan’s doings. Tristan had anything she wanted and it was as easy as just convincing your mind to give it to her. Althea never questioned her daughter about why things were as they were, she was just thankful things were this way. They had a house that was paid for, two new cars in the driveway, all the latest fashion clothing and anything electronic a person could wish for. Tristan held down three jobs, none of which she ever left home to go to. Every week her paychecks were directly deposited into her account. Althea still preferred to run around the house in just a thin robe, even with her elaborate wardrobe. Gail was given everything imaginable as well and the girls were closer than ever.
Tonight was bridge night and Althea was really excited about it. She never fully understood this for she actually hated bridge. Never the less it was a time for dress up and dressing up for her was a rarely observed treat. Tristan never played the game herself, she had her own little games she liked to play on bridge night. There was a new woman who moved into the neighborhood and was asked to join their group. Angelina Anderson, a young sided forty two year old with two grown kids and a husband who she knew liked to play around. Althea enjoyed Tory’s company and the ways he liked being a tease. Althea had learned to like finding things around the house that were broken because Tory was such a great fixer, among other things. Tory was right now under her kitchen sink fixing a leak in the trap way. Althea was conveniently standing over top of him clad only in her favorite robe. Althea makes sure she standing just right that Tory’s able to see right thru the robes slit. Tory didn’t need any coaxing but he liked how she always found reasons for him to be there.
“ Well that’s fixed.” Tory states as he turns the nut one last time. “ Anything else need my attention before I leave.” He asks as he looks up from the floor. “ Well, I do have another trap that needs a good plunging.” Althea alerts as she parts her robe open. Her precious slit was primped to perfection and looking quite inviting. Tory did have his hunch and his hunch was right dead on. “ You know my wife will be here anytime now with tonight’s refreshments.” Tory alerts. “ But my missy’s all wet and horny.” Althea protests. “ You gotta fix it for me Tory, your such a good fixer.” Althea pleas as she lowers her body down toward his. Her robe then opens wide exposing her wondrous globes. As always Tory’s eyes lock onto her big and beautifully taunt nipples. Tory then reaches for his zipper and pulls his meat stick free. His cockflesh was a vision from heaven to Altheas eyes. She stretches her legs over his body and slips his knob inside her adorable folds.
Tristan watches silently from the hallway as her mother lowers her body onto her neighbors staff. She loved catching her mother into the act as much as she did forcing her mind into doing things she wasn’t aware of doing. Her mothers moans of pleasure were fast filling the air just as Tristan hears a car door close from outside. Althea was about to be caught red handed and by her announcements over her first orgasm she couldn’t have cared less about it happening. Tristan however wasn’t about to pass up a chance to keep life interesting. She therefore slips away unnoticed and intercepts Angelina outside the front door. While verbally greeting her neighbor she lets their minds intertwine and as Angelina smiles the two enter the door. Angelina finds herself extremely hungry for another woman. It was a feeling she’d tossed around once or twice when she was younger but never did she act upon it. As unexplainable as the feeling was it was strong.
Althea had just broke into her second overwhelming orgasm as Troy’s wife surprisingly so walks in on them. The look on Troy's face was precious, the look on Altheas even more so rewarding for her eyes. “ Well now.” Angelina speaks as she catches the two red handed. “ It looks like Tristan's mothers the neighborhood tart.” Althea couldn’t even respond for her third and most violent yet orgasm shot strait thru her body. “ You fuck her good Troy for the bitch is all mine in bed when your finished.” Her husbands informed. “ Hope your hungry for pussy neighbor for you a gonna be eaten a whole fucken lot of it.” Angelina exclaims. “ Don’t you go soft on her Troy, wind her up real good for me.” Her husbands next told. Althea rides him hard as his wife watches the two fuck on the floor. “ God yes, god yes.” Althea pants out mere minutes later as Angelina steps out of her shoes. “ Don’t you cum yet fucker.” Angelina warns her cheating husband as she peels down her jeans and removes her panties. Angelina stands over her husbands body and presses hers against Altheas face. “ Eat me sweetie, while my husband cums inside you.” Once he was spent Angelina told him to go home.
Tristan so loved her ability to control the minds thoughts and the manipulations she could pull off at a moments notice. She enjoyed watching her mother get her thrills whenever she had the chance to catch her in the act. Tristan's pussy was moist as could be from watching her do Troy on the floor and it was frothing after seeing her with Angelina. She could now hardly wait until tonight’s card game started. It wasn’t to begin for three hours yet however and she was at a loss of what to do. Just then the phone rang and it was Gail on the other end talking. “ Hey, I had this thought, lets get one of those Asian massages.” She suggested. “ Hell, I’ll even pay if you’ll just come along.” Tristan found the idea to be the greatest thing since soda pop. She wastes no time in picking Gail up and getting on her way. The massage she received was out of this world and what she made happen phenomenal. Little Chin had Tristan’s folds spread open with her thumbs and her oriental tongue was just going wild. In the other room Chan’s meat stick was pounding away inside Gail's forbidden oracle. Gail was inside sheer heaven as was Tristan.
“ You’ll never guess what happened to me inside.” Gail remarks as they walk outside. “ That Asian masseuse fucked me right up the ass.” Gail boasts. “ And it was fan fucken fastic.” She remarked. Tristan merely smiles within herself, knowing it was her minds thought intervention that caused it to happen. As they walked back to their car the two were confronted by four punk guys in the parking lot. “ Hey baby, wanna get laid.” One asks Gail strait too her face. Tristan stares him in the face as Gail stands still in total shock, not knowing how to respond. “ How about you lady, wanna fuck.” He next asks Tristan directly. Tristan smiles brightly, then answers the question. “ Sorry fella, your not my type.” She tells him. “ I promise you, I’d fuck you on the spot if you were.” She adds boldly. “ You look a little fagotty to me.” “ Come on dudes, these bitches ain’t our type anyway.” The dude tells his boys.
“ I feel like sucken a cock anyway.”
The ladies all gathered for the bridge game. Lisa and Linda were both introduced to Angelina then they all sat to play. Tristan was busy serving refreshments as they all settled in to play. “ I simply love your skirt, Lisa.” Angelina compliments. “ I can just see my husbands cock rising over checking out your body.” She adds. “ So your husbands a whore, is he.” Lisa elaborates. “ Very much so, in fact he’s a pig as well.” Angelina answers. “ My husbands a pig too.” Linda chimes in with a hearty laugh. “ In fact, the only good thing about him is his cock.” She shares. “ Sounds to me like its true confession night, ladies.” Tristan chirps in to set the mood for an interesting test of her mind thoughts. “ I’ll start.” She bravely blurts out next as she looks in Lisa’s direction. “ I just love those button boobs of yours.” She compliments. “ I’d rather have Angelina's pair.” Lisa quickly adds. “ Hey, I got an idea, lets all play topless tonight.” Linda blurts out as she wonders where that thought even came from. “ Easy for you to say Linda, You have a real rack to show off.” Lisa promptly adds. They all then laugh and agree to the whole idea.
Shortly after the cards were dealt every nipple at the table was rock hard. Tristan couldn’t help but stir the nest even further. “ Mother, your nipples look really delicious tonight, don’t you think so, Linda.” Tristan remarks, leaving Linda no out but to answer. “ They are remarkable, I’ll say.” Linda elates. “ There’s something very wrong here.” Angelina suddenly readily chirps in, causing all eyes to go in her direction. “ Tristan's not showing off her gifted rack.” She alerts. Everyone begins to laugh heartily. Tristan can only smile as she looses her shirt and drops her bra. Everyone gasps over how taunt and firm she is. “ Now those babies are perfect.” Lisa remarks. Tristan pushes the envelope one step further yet and steps out of her jeans as well, thus leaving herself clad only in a very skimpy thong. “ We can have this girls.” Linda blurts out. “ everyone strip now.” She announced as she giggles, then peels off her skirt. “ This is going to be one fine bridge night.” Angelina blurts out as she strips as well. Tristan's mother followed next followed by Lisa. “ Lisa, your body looks amazing.” She’s complimented. “ My husband doesn’t think so, he seldom touches me.” Lisa shares. “ I’ll touch you Lisa.” Angelina offers. “ Hell I’ll happily touch you all over.” Before the group could say another word, Angelina was groping Lisa seductively and Lisa was returning the favor.
Althea didn’t waste any time including herself and Linda in this new found game. Linda doesn’t waste time dropping to the floor and searching out Altheas folds as well. The other two not choosing to be out done join right in and Tristan smirks over the sex party she had just created. In fact, watching all these horny women go at each other made her incredibly wet herself. Yet she refrains from joining in the party. Lisa was the first of the women to moan outwardly. She finds Angelina's tongue to feel absolutely exquisite. Soon after Lisa has Angelina moaning as well. Linda had Althea singing her praise in no time flat as her talented tongue prevailed. All in all this evenings card game was turning out to be an incredible night. After their exhausting adventures the girls changed partners. Angelina fondles Linda while Linda returns her gesture. “ This is simply great.” Linda gasps out. Althea was too busy pleasing Lisa’s breasts to hear a thing. “ Honey if you’re a good enough pussy lapper, I’ll get my husband to fuck you.” Angelina blurts. “ I’d rather do a boy if I have a choice.” Linda remarks. “ You know any.” She pants out as her orgasms build up inside. “ I know somebody, my stepson.” Lisa remarks. “ He’s young and built too.” She adds.
The girls soon settle down to their card game. All the while they made sexual remarks back and forth to each other. One of them had touched on an orgy of sorts and the subject seemed to have stuck there for a long while. Tristan mentions they should use guys they don’t know instead of ones they did. That way they could let their inhabitations truly fly. Just how to go about it was to become the tougher question for the group to find the answers to. Tristan had soon convinced their minds that the younger the better was the best concept of them all. Before the game was over everyone was in full agreement. The following morning Lisa was up bright an early putting her part of the plan in motion. After she sees her husband off to work she changes her clothes into something a little more seductive looking. Lisa studies her look briefly in the mirror before beginning her provocative plot. A few blocks away Angelina was fingering her wetness as she laid in bed about to begin her day. Her husband Troy was already up and on the move. Linda’s mind was reeling with thoughts as she still lays in her bed and Althea was up seeing to Tristan's morning needs.
Around eight o'clock Corry comes downstairs with his morning hard-on in tow. Lisa had seen him in this condition many times in the past but this time was going to be very different. Corry’s eyes bulge out as he sees his stepmothers bare breasts thru the sheer baby doll to she was hardly clad in. His proud standing member even twitches with excitement. “ Good morning Corry, I’ll get your coffee.” She announces as he studies her swollen nipples. When she rises up from her chair ,Corry sees her barely clad ass and the tiny thong that covered so very. His cock throbs as her hard breast brushes his cheek serving the coffee. “ Corry, I need a big, big favor this morning.” Lisa confesses. “ Would you jack off on me. please.” Well Corry about faints, right there and then. “ Your kidding, right.” Corry asks strait forth. “ This is some sort of joke, right.” He concludes out loud. “ Its no joke young man and your father needs to never find out either.” Lisa proclaims as she grasps hold of his lump. “ After all, I’m not about to tell him anything. Corry was at a complete loss for words as his zipper came down next. Lisa doesn’t hesitate to take his mast in hand the second its freed up. “ But, but.” Corry began to speak in objection. “ Oh you want my butt too, that’s great baby, sure you can do my butt, right after you jack off for me.” His stepmother proclaims happily.
The younger the better, this thought kept growing inside Linda’s mind. Her daughters boyfriends name kept surfacing each time she had the thought cross. Every time she pictured her daughters boyfriend standing before her, she begins to feel really kinky about her whole idea. Just how to get around being caught by her daughter was to be the trickiest part of all. After all, Tina would be devastated if she knew her mothers mind. Tina was already up and at em, so to speak. She was on the phone talking her boyfriend Sid. They were discussing the who’s who in school and who was cool and who was not. Linda walks into the kitchen and does her best to eves drop on their conversation. Tina asks if he’s coming over later and he tells her he cant cause he didn’t have a ride. Linda therefore offers to pick him up and Tina goes just about wild. “ Mom, your simply the greatest.” She happily compliments. “ I’ll go along for the ride.” She adds afterward. Not quite how Linda wanted it to work out but what could she do. Just as they were about to leave however the phone rings and its Clarisse, Tina’s best friend. Tina motions her mother go leave without her and talks to her friend instead.
Linda smiles as she sits in her car. She adjusts her skirt to reveal as much leg as possible then drives the ten miles to pick up Sid. Sidney's eyes pop as he sits in the car and sees Linda’s exposed thighs right before him. He turns pure red as they leave his driveway, yet can’t take his eyes away. Linda let him study the view for a long time before speaking. “ You like what you see there, Sidney.” She teased. Sid could barely answer back to her, he was so embarrassed being caught. “ Don’t be shy Sidney, you can touch them if you like.” Linda offers. Sidney does just as she wishes and his little lump expands instantly. “ Wow, their really smooth Mrs. Langley.” Sidney gulps. “ Go ahead Sidney, reach inside them.” Linda next coaxes him. The boy listens intently as she pulls up to a traffic light and stops briefly. Sidney accidentally touches her folds and Linda gasps. “ I’m sorry Mrs. Langley.” Sidney proclaims. “ Oh no sweetie, don’t apologize, go ahead and stick that lovely finger deep inside.”
Linda wasn’t thru with him yet, she was just letting him get his fingers wet for now. The whole time Sid was upstairs with Tina his thoughts were downstairs with her mother. Linda was wetter than ever in anticipation of feeling his youthful cock inside her tingling pussy walls. She was all out to entice him even further into her web. Suddenly there was a knock on her front door and Tina darts down the steeps to answer. Clarisse was there along with her boyfriend Barry. Now Clarisse, she had a fully blossomed body for a thirteen year old and her boyfriend was almost old enough to drive. It wasn’t only a car he wanted to drive however. Barry was always trying to get into Clarisse’s pants but she wasn’t about to let him. Linda was well informed over the subject as her daughter told her many a story about the two. “ Hmmm.” She thought to herself. “ Maybe I could bang em both.” Later in the morning she got her chance to act on just that.
Barry came downstairs without Clarisse to use the bathroom. His bulge was quite noticeable indeed as he was passing by. “ Nice bulge, Barry, I’ll bet your pretty frustrated by now.” Linda blurts out intentionally. Barry was stunned and froze in his tracts. “ Take it out and I’ll fix it for you.” Linda then offers. “ Party me, Mrs. Langley.” He answers. “ You want your cock sucked or not asshole.” She swiftly clarifies and before he could answer her hands on his crotch. “ Sure you do.” She outright tells him. “ What boy your age doesn’t.” She adds as she heads for the floor. Again before he can respond his cocks taken to mouth. “ Do you like it Barry.” Linda momentarily teases. “ Does your girlfriend do this for you.” Of course Clarisse never had and somehow Linda already knew. Barry’s legs were soon quivering as Linda feasted hungrily on his youthful extension. Barry’s volcano soon explodes and he is truly amazed. “ Mrs. Langley, your the greatest.” He pants as his body shakes. “ Just don’t tell my daughter.” Linda makes him promise. “ You go and get recovered and I’ll fuck you later if you like.” Barry’s informed.
Back upstairs Barry is mesmerized. He tries hard not to concentrate on Linda’s offer but his mind simply doesn’t cooperate with him. Clarisse could almost tell he was hiding something as she asks what was wrong. Barry of course wasn’t about to admit a thing too her. Sidney was a little preoccupied himself and he wasn’t getting his usual video game scores. Tina was being her usual tease as he played, causing his lump to rise. Even Barry could notice the impact she was having on him. “ You aught to get that taken care of Sid.” Barry teases. “ Not me.” Tina exclaims. “ I ain’t touching it.” She readily admits as her face turns red. Tina often thought about sex but acting on it, no way. Sid suddenly quits playing the game stating he needs the bathroom and leaves. He has to pee and do so relatively quickly and darts down the stairs.
Linda smiles as she sees Sid heading for the bathroom, she knew he would lock the door behind himself and she also knew the lock was broken as well. Sidney doesn’t even notice her as he passes by for his mind was only on one thing period and he can’t wait to begin. A few moments later Linda pops the door open just in time for she catches him with dick in hand pumping it for all he’s worth. Linda goes unnoticed as she watches his hand stroke his small cock ever so hard trying to make it explode quickly. “ I have a better way to play with that Sidney.” She finally states, alerting him to her presents. Sidney stops cold in his tracks as she readily grins over his innocent yet guilty look. “ Don’t stop on my account, sweetie.” She tells him. “ Unless of course you’ll let me take over.” She teases. Instead of waiting for his response she reached out and took over his chore. “ Here let me.” He’s told. Sidney had choice of little less. Before he knows it, Linda’s on her knees with his mass in between her hot lips. Sidney uncontrollably explodes.
The seeds Tristan planted within the bridge club were well rooted as a knock came upon her front door. As she answers she finds two students selling candy for their school. Tristan invites them in and entertains their minds as her mother showers. Althea was titillated to hear she had two teens waiting in the foyer as she showered. Tristan announces she has to leave to her mother and excuses herself from the boys. The two waited patiently for Althea to enter and their eyes feast over her sensual body as she finally appears in front of them. “ Wow lady, you sure look fine.” The oldest of the two blurts out unexpectedly. “ Well aren’t you the cutest little flirt.” Althea quickly responds. “ What's your name.” She then asks. “ My names Matt and were selling candy for our school.” He answers as he studies her still damp body. Altheas nipples were the perkiest he’d ever seen on a woman before. It was as they were calling out to him. “ We’re having a contest at school and the one who sells the most wins.” The other youth announces. “ So what are you willing to do for me if I purchase your treats.” Althea asks outright. “ Will you show me your cocks.” She boldly asks. “ If you do, I’ll take all you have.” She promises the two. Matt couldn’t believe his luck, let alone what he thought he just heard. “ Well, is it a deal or not.” Althea blurts.
“ Hell yeah, it’s a deal, lady.” Matt assures her as he quickly unzips and exposes himself before she changes her mind. His friend reluctantly follows his leed. “ Ever see a naked lady before.” Althea asks swiftly as she drops her rope. “ Ever get sucked off by one.” She inquired. “ If not, its your lucky day.” She tells the two. A mere second later and she has a cock in each hand. The two youths were both frozen and mesmerized right in their tracks as she began to suck each one of them. “ Dam lady, your one fine bitch.” Matt compliments as his cocks tip pours it load. His friend cums next and his cock wilts directly after. “ Matt, I’m so happy to see that your still hard, care to fuck me.” Althea blurts. “ Hell yeah lady, just spread em.” Matt declares with exuberance. His friend feeling useless then leaves.
“ Hey lady, you want it here or you gotta bed somewhere.” Matt asks as he pulls his pants free and tosses them aside. “ I do have a bed but right here’s fine.” Althea assures him. “ I don’t want you to cool off any.” She teased. “ Shit lady, you everything a guy dreams of.” She’s then told. “ Sweetie, you can tell your friends about us.” Althea instructs as she bends forth toward the floor grabbing her ankles. “ Not unless you don’t want anymore.” She reassures. “ You keep us a secret and you can have me any time you wish to.” Matt’s alerted as he steps behind her with his swollen cock in hand. Althea has had many a cock pointed at her entrance but never one filled with such the energy as Matt's has to offer. Althea moans delightfully as he enters and purrs as he continually pounds away at her from behind. Matt doesn’t even ask after he cums hard inside her, he just thrusts his cock inside her ass. Althea found herself thoroughly fucked when he finished with her and she felt jubilant. Althea buys him out of candy as promised and pleas to see him tomorrow.
Troy was pounding away, once again fucking his wife Angelina's eyes out. It was the third strait time today he hungrily took her fine body. Was he just in heat or worried he might loose her after being caught with Althea. A little of both one might say. Whichever reason was the furthest thing from Angelina’s mind at this moment of time. “ Oh yeah, do it baby, rock my fucken world.” Angelina pleas as yet another wild orgasm rips thru her very soul. It was all she could do to stand bent over without falling forward. Each time his cock ventured forward her whole body quivered violently. “ Oh yes, do it baby, fuck your momma.” Angelina squeals. All Troy could do was smile. He could still do it, fuck another woman, come home and fuck his wife as well. He had the best of both worlds and a wife who allowed it all. He could tell by the way she was panting he was in the clear or at least for the time being. Once Troy dismounted his wife, Angelina laid quietly for the longest time. Her mind was simply reeling over the fucken she’d just received. Even still she knew the first chance she got she would bail in search of a bridge night fantasy maker. Just who, what age and which color were all she would worry about.
Troy finally falls asleep and Angelina slips out the door. The first thing on her mind was a couple of drinks at the closest bar. Inside she runs right into Tristan and she’s just all aglow. The two talked for the longest time before a man walked up to the table they were at. He immediately hits on Angelina and she shows no interest toward him. Tristan bends toward Angelina and whispers in her ear. “ Bet I can make him eat your pussy where you sit Angelina.” Her comment makes her slightly blush and after a long moment Angelina gives her a doubtful response. “ Ten bucks and I’ll have him on his knees momentarily.” Tristan then speaks out loud. “ Girl, you got your self a bet.” Angelina agrees and before she knows it the guys crawling under the table. “ Oh my god, he’s gonna do it, he’s really gonna eat me right here.” Angelina squeals. “ So get em spread girlfriend.” Tristan exclaims as she wears a big sheepish grin. “ Let him lick away.” The stranger peels her panties aside and his tongue touches her folds just as the waitress brings their order. Angelina can’t help but let loose of a gasp she couldn’t hold inside. “ Wow, is the food here that great.” The waitress asks, hearing Angelina’s intensity. “ Honey, if you only knew.” Angelina manages to blurt.
“ Do you like your treat.” Tristan asks after the waitress leaves. “ My god, his tongues great Tristan.” Angelina pants after her orgasm finishes. “ How’d you ever get him to do it.” She dares to ask as the man crawls out from the table and simply leaves. “ That’s my little secret Angelina.” Tristan answers. “ Wanna see more of my talent.” she teased. “ You see those two lovers over in the corner.” Tristan asks. “ Yes, I see them. So.” Angelina answers. “ Well, out of nowhere, they’re gonna join us like their old friends of ours.” Tristan explains. “ After they sit down, his skinny friend there is gonna drop under this table and suck him off.” She explains further. “ You’ll know when their finished because that same girls gonna eat your cunt next.” She proclaims. “ After she eats you, he’s gonna feed you his cock, right in front of everyone here, then he’ll fuck you right across this table before everybody.” Angelina's mouth drops wide open. “ I don’t believe a word of this.” Angelina protests. “ Its all just simply to impossible.”
Impossible as it all sounded Angelina was amazed to watch these two young lovers suddenly arise from their chairs and look in her direction. “ You gotta be shiten me.” She gasps. “ This ain’t happening.” She expresses to Tristan as the two walk in their direction and casually sit down as though these two were their long lost friends. “ Nice tits, I’d like to fuck them some time.” Jason compliments Angelina. “ They sure look tasty.” Julia shares. “ Nice nipples also.” She readily adds. “ Just looking at them makes my cock hard.” Jason announces. “ Oh goodie, your all hard, yippee! ” Julia proclaims as she slips out of her seat and disappears. Angelina almost goes into shock as she hears his zipper go down. She can’t help but peek under the table too make sure. “ Care to help honey, your more than welcome, you know.” Julia whispers then gets back to her business at hand. Jason tries his best to carry on a conversation as Julia hungrily sucks his boiling mast.
“ Are your tits real or silicones.” He dares ask. “ either way, they sure are nice.” Jason inquires as he tries to breath normally. “ They’re very real Jason, believe me.” Angelina expresses as the man wiggles in his chair. She then unbuttons the next button in line on her blouse to further please his eyes. Tristan was enjoying her interventions the whole time they were transpiring. Angelina did all she could to further expose her breasts, short of removing her bra for her new admirer. Jason suddenly goes tense right before Angelina’s eyes. He moans once and he moans again As his lover takes his milky white seed. Julia was filled with glee over her indulgence from beneath the table. After she finishes her cock feast she turns toward Angelina’s shapely legs and gently spreads them open. Angelina feels her panties slowly slip aside and gasps over the girls first kiss against her folds. Julia hungered over Angelina's wet folds and there was no denying her fill. The look on Angelina's face was blissful and she was fully caught up in the moment. Julia’s hunger grew to one of a sex starved lesbian after Angelina's first flowing orgasm. It was a hard kept impossibility for Angelina to keep her voice down during her multiple orgasms and this was driving Jason wild.
“ Hurry up and finish, I want to pound her over the table.” Jason tells his lover as her peeks beneath the table. Angelina was fast becoming a believer in Tristan's premonitions as Jason suddenly stands, bearing his hard mass as he does so. Angelina’s mouth drops open and she’s momentarily stunned over his sweet size. “ My god your hung.” Angelina exclaims. “ Are you old enough to have a weapon like that.” She asks. “ Hell lady, I’m twenty, so suck it already.” She told. “ Boy is he a bold one, Tristan.” Angelina declares. “ Sweetie, he’s got his cock hanging in view of the whole bar, of course he’s bold.” Tristan answers. “ So suck him already, or I will.” Angelina's informed. Julia begins to laugh as she also coaxes Angelina along. “ It’s ok lady, you won’t choke on it if your careful.” She teases. “ Go ahead, suck him.” She encourages. Angelina then bends forward and takes his youthful muscle to mouth. Within minutes Julia was cheering Angelina on. “ That’s it lady, suck him good.” She's told. “ Make my boyfriend squeal.” Julia was getting quite excited watching Angelina get her boyfriend off. “ Hurry, hurry, make em cum then fuck em. She praised.
Every eye in the bar was looking their way as Angelina's lips sucked Jason’s cock dry. He was still standing proud as she finished. “ Way to go lady, now fuck em.” Julia announced. Every male in the bar by now was hard and wishing Angelina was with them. After a long moments rest she stands reaching up inside her skirt. After a short search she pulls her panties free and leans over the table parting her legs slightly open. “ Is this what you’ve waited for Jason.” She asked. “ Good, then do me baby.” She offers. Julia stands as well and holds Angelina's skirt up and out of the way. “ My god what a tight ass you have Angelina.” She compliments. “ Jason, ya just gotta fuck her ass, it looks so sweet.” Julia insists. “ Not now, another time.” Jason assures as he lays his hard knob against her wetness. One foul sweep later his cocks then buried inside. Angelina gasps out loud as he fills her. Tristan was simply all a glow over mind bending feat as this youth punished the insides of Angelina's womb. She was the only one in the bar who knew anything at all here was wrong.
Jason pumped and pumped his hardness inside those wet folds repeatedly until violent orgasms began to erupt inside the walls. Angelina's folds even sopping wet held firmly against his throbbing post. Her moans filling the bar as he happily pleased her. Julia fondles her breasts as her boyfriend continues to punish her. “ Yes, oh god yes, fuck me.” Angelina pleas. “ Fuck me like I’m your prisoner of love.” She plead. For a solid twenty minutes his cock invades her pussy before any sign of precum enters the picture. Angelina felt like a ravished whore and she was loving every moment of it. Tristan then became evilly excited as well. “ That’s it Jason, fuck her mind out, fuck her till she screams.” She tells him. Fuck her mind out, then cum in your lovers face.” She demands. Angelina felt like she was going to pass out from pleasure as her multiple orgasms rushed in one after the other. Suddenly and without warning Jason pulls his mast free just as his love juice boils. It was a thing of beauty for Tristan to watch his spent cum sail thru the air covering its mass over his lovers unsuspecting face.
Angelina slowly dresses for another eventful Bridge night party. Julia and Jason both agreed to attend. Down the street Althea was anticipating her night ahead with Matt and Linda over the next block had thoughts about Sid and Barry both. Lisa, running a little late comes out of her shower dreaming of another eventful fucken from her stepson Corry as well. After this day, the term Bridge Night would take on a totally new meaning in this neighborhood. Tristan was so elated over her feat she invited Gail to attend as well. Of all the minds Tristan was able to control, her friend Gail's was her favorite one. Troy couldn’t understand why Angelina was dressing up so well for a simple bridge game. High heels, fishnets and a tight fitting shirt were a little much for him to accept. Angelina however convinces him it was simply dress up night with the girls. The ladies all entered thru the front door and the guys thru the back. After all they didn’t want the whole neighborhood to notice anything what so ever. The ladies all complimented Angelina on her provocative outfit. As they were introduced to Julia and Jason they understood why she chose such an inviting look. Linda looked all around for Barry but was only able to find Sid. At least she stood the chance of having the youngest lover there. Everyone’s mouth dropped open when they realized Lisa had included Corry. Which of course made her the kinkiest person there.
Julia was the first one to get the real party started as she walked up before Angelina and reached up under her skirt. “ I hope your.” She spoke with a pause. “ yes your not, you sweet bitch, I just love you.” She states as her fingers fondle a bared entrance. The younger boys there were about to receive a real treat as Julia squats to the floor and seeks out Angelina's folds with her tongue. Jason walks up and drops his pants making him the first semi nude male there. Angelina clasps the back of Julia’s head with her left hand and presses her closer. Angelina then grasps Jason’s rod with her right. “ Yes lover, that’s it, eat me.” She tells Julia as she begins to jack Jason’s rod. “ Oh yeah darling, that’s it, make me cum.” Angelina pleas as she pants for breath, he right hand now squeezing Jason’s sweet muscle ever so hard. “ Eat me Corry, eat my pussy.” Lisa whispers as the two watch the show. Over hearing the two, Matt opens Altheas robe and lets it fully fall to the floor as he unzips his pants before all. He then steps back and admires her nakedness. “ If your hungry honey you can eat me.” Althea offers. Matt removes his pants and escorts her to the couch. Again Lisa offers herself to Corry and he denies her need. “ I’d rather fuck her while she eats your friend.” He tells his horny stepmother. Lisa felt offended over his comment but doesn’t react toward it. “ Go ahead dude, take it out and do her.” Jason tells the youth. “ Fuck her for me but make her squeal.” Meanwhile Linda reaches down Sidney's pants and fondles his limp rod. About this time Tristan comes thru the front door with her friend Gail and they catch them all cold.
“ Hey guys, is this a private party or can anyone join.” Gail exclaims as they enter. Both girls were dressed in matching tiny black skirts and cleavage revealing tops. “ We came to play waitress mom.” Tristan announces proudly. “ Looks like the party started without us Tristan.” Gail observed as she spies the center show with Julia and Angelina. “ Oh, that’s Julia, she a sweetheart, and that’s her fiancé Jason.” Tristan introduces. “ I hope she does you tonight, her tongues like silk.” Tristan adds. “ Come on son, get over here and take her.” Jason encourages as though the two never entered. “ Go ahead Corry, do her from behind.” His stepmother encourages as well. In addition she gives him a little nudge forward. Corry walks up behind Julia and he’s shaking inside. Lisa follows behind him and undoes his pants. His pride was rock hard and ready however he was somewhat ashamed to be here. Angelina's pussy was frothing over Julia’s lovemaking however she pushes her face aside. Before the boy could react she hit her knees and took his fine piece of youthful cockflesh to her lips. Corry was stuck there like a magnet as she pleasured him completely. “ You feel better now honey.” Angelina inquires. “ Not so frightened now.” She asks. “ Did your Aunt Angelina get you all hot and bothered now.” She questions. “ Julia, get on your knees and let him take you like a dog.” She then insisted.
Angelina pulls Julia's frilly shirt up and over her tiny ass. “ Here you go sweetie, put it right in here.” Angelina offers as Corry calmed down somewhat. “ Don’t let us scare you any at all, we’re just a bunch of horny old women.” She explained. Julia's pussy felt superb to him the very moment his cocks head ducks inside. “ There ya go, now fuck away till she can take no more. He’s finally explained. Lisa felt somewhat left out until Jason's muscle touched her thigh. “ Like to try my cock on for size lady.” He offers. “ I’d like that very much sweetie, your hung even better than husband.” He’s instantly informed. “ How ya want it baby.” She asks. “ Backed up against the wall.” She’s informed. Hand in hand they walk past Altheas moaning body over toward the wall.
Jason peels down Lisa's tight jeans, then strips off her silky panties. After a little tongue attention toward her sweet folds he rises up to unfasten her blouse and bra. Lisa was now the second fully naked woman in the room. She was now the second most beautiful body there since Tristan arrived. Tristan and Gail both watch as Jason lifts Lisa's left leg up behind her head and locks it in behind her neck for a perfect attack position. Tristan didn’t even know she was such a contortionist and neither did she until now for that matter. Corry couldn’t help but watch his stepmother get pounded as he was pointed right toward her. Let alone not hear her lustful moans as they fill the room. Lisa finds Jason's love rod to feel extremely superb as he pounds it into her over and over again. “ Corry go fuck her in the ass.” Angelina next temps the youth. “ She’ll love ya for it.” He’s promised. Corry Keeps his mind implanted on the project at hand as he hears Julia begin to moan. Her orgasm was slight but it was one just the same and his own seed joins her.
Linda finally got Sid's small gift to harden and she peels down his pants to see it. “ Yes, still as small as the other day.” Was her first thought that came to mind. “ How I wish Barry had shown instead.” Was her second one. Lisa was in a world of her own soaring thru multiple orgasms as Linda strokes Sidney's cock more aggressively, hoping to no avail it would grow somehow larger. Tristan’s mind momentarily visited Corry’s before he stepped up behind Lisa’s trembling body. “ Is this what you really want mother.” He’d asked a mere second before piercing her anal opening and hearing her gasp a quite clearly understood. “Yes.” That the whole room couldn’t help but hear. Linda reacts by swallowing Sid’s member whole and sucking it dry. As she stands disappointed she sees Barry standing in the opened doorway. “ You came.” She says with glee. “ You came, thank god, I’m so horny I could just die.” Linda squeals. “ Quick, get it out, fuck me, now.” She blithers.
Angelina was seated in the corner easy chair her pussy dangling over its edge. Jason's meat stick was hard at work while Julia straddled the arms of the chair feeding Angelina her pussy. Altheas voice was now echoing throughout the room as her orgasms overflowed heavily. Linda moans out heavily as Barry sinks his cock in hard and deep. Lisa's stepsons cock was thrilling her body to her very core. Four female voices blended in unison as they all came one by one, then it was time for their game to begin. The four women gave their guys a well needed rest and they sat down to play. Tristan and Gail served refreshments topless as sort of a gag. “ You know, one night ya all ought a play strip poker and name something erotic the loser has to do.” Tristan expressed as she served the ladies coffee. “ I know.” Lisa adds. “ Lets all start a breakfast club.” She then suggests. “ That would be cool.” Linda agrees. “ Better yet.” Tristan chimes in. “ A coffee house.” She expresses. “ And I’m talking, buy it outright and run it as well.”


2009-01-30 02:10:55
Woot the comment virginity is mine!! Heh good story, kinda ended up getting confuseing but other then that is was great! Next time put spaces between the paragraphs, it makes it easier to read. And start new paragraphs for the new scenes, when it jumped from one person doing something at there house to another person across town it got really confuseing. But still good other then that

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