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A little bit of fact, a lot of fiction.
I needed a new pair swim trunks, having started a little growth spurt. Mom handed me some cash and told me I could walk to a nearby store and buy them myself. This was the first time I had been allowed to pick my own clothes, a big deal for a twelve year old! Of course I wanted the coolest looking pair I could find. I decided on a style and color, but had to settle for a size just a little too tight. But they fit well enough and looked great, so I bought them.

Of course Mom was less interested in the coolness factor, she wanted to know how they fit. I was told to change into them and let her see. So I went to my room and changed. Mom was sitting on the couch when I came downstairs wearing nothing but my resent purchase.

"They're too small, come over here" she scolded.

I stood in front of her as she tugged on the waist then at the leg opening.

"They're too tight in the legs, and I can see this" she said as she gave a little pinch to my cockhead! Seems I failed to tuck it away properly and you could indeed see it's outline as it was laying straight up from my crotch.

Although I had been jerking off for a year by then and had started to shoot a small load, this was the first time anyone else had touched my dick. A hot, electric flash shot through my body. I couldn't believe how much better it felt than my own hand. It was more than a little embarrassing to have my mother pinch my dick, but I was so overwhelmed by the feeling that I found some manly courage.

"Wow, do that some more" I gasped.

She looked up at me with surprise and said "I guess you're getting old enough to like that, so I can't".

Well that made no sense to me what so ever. "Because I like it, you can't?" I questioned.

"I'm your mother and it's wrong for me to touch you there now that you're becoming a young man. We could get into a lot of trouble if anyone found out. And the front door is wide open."

To this day I'm shocked at my hormone fueled response. I just walked over to the door, closed and locked it, and walked right back to her. Only this time I pushed my tight little package out a little, directly in line with her face. An instinctive "do me" pose! But I was even more shocked at her response. Without saying another word she started drawing the outline of my stiff cock with a single fingertip! This felt great and my cock grew even harder. But as good as it felt, I knew I wanted more.

"Give it a little squeeze" I whispered.

"You really do like this, don't you?" she said as she started a series of small squeezes at the base of my cock. She slowly worked up to the head then ran the tip of her finger the entire length. This caused a little pre cum to show through the thin swim trucks. "And now I see why! You are a young man now, aren't you?" she said as she swirled her fingertip in the slippery little puddle of cum.

"I guess so, I've even stared getting some hair down there. Want to see?". God how I hoped she wanted to see! My whole body was buzzing from Mom's attention. Those hormone driven instincts were giving me the courage to show off my package that I had never experienced before.

"Sure" was all I needed to hear! I quickly yanked the swim trunks down to my ankles then stood up and kicked them off.

"Well you sure are turning into a young man. You've grown a lot bigger down there" she said as she took the entire six inches into her hand and started to squeeze and stroke me.

All I could do was let out a deep, pleasure filled sigh! I was going nuts over this sudden encounter with my mother, but in the back of my mind there was a nagging question as to why she was doing this.

"I know you play with yourself, but I'll show you a better way if you promise to keep it our secrete". Of course I readily agreed, I'd have done anything to have her continue by this point! She told me to get a little closer so she could kiss it!

Now I had heard of blowjobs by this age, but it seemed so gross to me as a boy that I couldn't believe that girls really enjoyed doing it. Mom was about to teach me otherwise! As I stepped forward she leaned in and kissed the tip of my cockhead one time before taking the entire thing in her mouth! Being the first time I'd been inside another person, the warmth was the first thing that I noticed. Then the wetness. Then the suction! I lasted about ten seconds before I noticed the nut building up in my groin. I knew I was about to shoot, so I tried to pull away. But Mom knew what was happening and what she wanted. By now her hands were on my ass, holding me firmly in place. She ran her lips up and down my shaft about three more times and it happened! I shot my load into her hungry mouth!

She never even flinched, or missed a beat. She just milked the cum from my exploding cock in perfect rhythm with my spurts. To this day it was the most perfect and intense orgasm I have ever had. She paused shortly to swallow, then went right back to work. But with the edge off my excitement, embarrassment started to creep back in. So I pulled my dick from Mom's mouth and bent over to put my swim trucks back on.

"No, don't get dressed yet. I need more cum" she half shouted! As soon as she said it she seemed to flush red with embarrassment. I think she had forgotten that it was her son she had just sucked off. She was talking to me as an adult, with all her female lust showing. It was at this moment that I realized she wanted to blow me even more than I wanted my dick sucked. Well, not really. But I saw no reason to say so. I had control over her for the first time in my short life. I vowed to myself to exert that control.

"Well, OK. But only if you show me your tits" I said. This was going to be GREAT!

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I was walking along
Mindin' my business
When out of the orange colored sky
Wonderful you came by
I was hummin' a tune
Drinkin' in sunshine
When out of that orange colored view
I gotta look at you
One look and I yelled "timber"
Watch out for flying glass
'Cause the ceiling fell in
And the bottom fell out
I went into a spin
And I started to shout,
"I've been hit, this is it, this is it."
I was walking along
Mindin' my business
When love came and hit me in the eye
Out of the orange colored sky
Well, one look and I yelled "timber"
Watch out for flying glass
'Cause the…

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I like tat mom

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I LOVED reading how many other lucky guys got yo cum in their mom's mouth.I think the most I ever shot was that first time cumming in my mom's mouth,she swallowed every drop and keep on sucking.What an awesome feeling that was,I came in her mouth many times over the next few years,LOVED every one. LT

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Great story I was only 12 when my mom gave me first blow job and she does it most mornings to wake me up

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