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I'm not gay, but this was fun
Me and Jimmy, Jimmy and Me

When I was in boy scouts, i had a lot of fun. I met this kid, named Jimmy. He was 5', and I was 5'5” I was 2 years older than him. He was 13 at the time, and had nice tan skin, was very small and fragile looking, and was always laughing. He weighted about 100 pounds, while I weighted just under 115. Now, I'm not gay, but for some reason, Jimmy really turns me on. He is the only guy to ever do that to me, and i hope it stays that way. It was Friday night, and we were setting up the tents. Jimmy came over to me and asked if i would be his tent buddy. I smiled and said ok.
“thanks tommy, i didn't want to get stuck with my brother”
“no problem, i like you, your a good kid.”
We set up the tent, and put our stuff inside. I noticed that he kept grabbing his dick, i thought that was just cuz he isn't used to pubes yet. I was so wrong.
It was time to go to bed, and we got in the tent. I was horny, i handed jacked off in almost 4 days, just been too busy. So we lie there, and I look at him, and ask”Jimmy, I haven't jerked off in like 4 days, would you mind if i did it right now?”
He looked at me, kind of excited, then disgusted, “no, please don't do that, go to the latrine and do it there”
“Jimmy, please? You don't know how horny I am. It wont make you or me gay if you let me do it. You can join in too if you want. I could teach you some techniques i looked up online.”
“Uhhh........well......i don't want to see it. Your dick. Keep your sleeping bag over it.”
“ok, thanks”
So i start doing it, and i look over and see a little pants tent. It really turned me on.
I saw the outline of his hand go down to his little boy dick. He noticed me looking, and he says “fuck it.” and ripes the sleeping bag open, showing his little 4 inch dick.
I kinda giggled, and he looked me right in my blue eyes and says “ Show me yours”
“ok......are you gay, Jimmy?”
“ I haven't told anybody, but i think i am.”
“ Ok then....” I said as i slowly unzipped.
His eyes turned to saucers when he say my average 6.5 inch dick. I saw his dick jump a little.
“Jimmy, man, its not THAT big.”
He couldn't keep his eyes off it.
“Can I touch it? Please? You said it wouldn't make you gay.”
“If you must.”
I had never had a hand job before, but the feeling i got as his little hand wrapped around my dick, I will never forget. It was so warm, but cold all at the same time. I was really horny now. He looked at me, and i nodded, and he began stroking it. I couldn't believe it! I had somebody giving me a fucking hand job. I closed my eyes in Ecstasy, enjoying every little movement. I heard him move, and I almost screemed when i felt his hot little mouth clamp down over my dick.
He pulled up.
“Tommy, I want to 69. I heard about it from one of my friends. Please?”
“Just don't take your mouth off it, please, it feels soooo good!”
His little dick was just screaming for attention. I got under it, and before i could do anything, he shoved it down my throat. I didn't like the taste much, but i knew that i had to do it to get what i wanted. I licked the head, and swallowed the whole thing. He brought his head up in pleasure. I reached forward, and forced it back down. We continued for a while. I was close to coming, and surprised that he didn't come yet. I would later learn why.
“ Tommy, I want you to fuck me.”
“Wa....what? You want me to what?”
“Stick it in me.”
“But don't you need like lube or something?.....I don't.......”
“Thats what spit is for.”
“But first, finger fuck me”
I was stunned. Not only had i just got my first hand job, blow job, but he wanted to take my virginity! So i did what he said. He pushed his little ass right up to my face, and i did the only thing that seemed right at the time, i licked it. It actually didn't taste that bad, it didn't taste like anything. His hands were around my legs, and as i licked it, he tightened them, squeezing my legs holing his head up as high as it could go. I can imagine that his eyes were closed too. I kept licking, and he whispered “Fingers.......I need your fingers.....”
No problem jimmy, I can do that, and i did. I stuck my pointer finger in my mouth, covered it with my warm spit. I looked at his little anus, and thought, 'is that what mine looks like too?' I placed the tip right on it, and felt him tense up. I asked if he was ready, and he pushed back, impaling himself on my finger. His skinny body was tense, it was like stone. He stayed on my finger for a few moments.
“fuck my ass!” he whispered, in pain and pleasure.
I pulled my finger out almost all the way, and shoved it back in. he tensed up again. I repeated this process many times. I couldn't keep track of time, I was enjoying myself too much.
“two!! Put it in!”
I took that to meant that he wanted another finger, so i did as commanded, and added a finger. This time he didn't tense up so much, but as i was moving my hand, be began moving his ass to meet with it, impaling himself even more. I think he had enough and told me to lick it again, this was gonna be it. I thought to myself “Oh boy! I'm gonna get laid!”
I licked it, spat in his little ass, it was good. My dick was the hardest it had ever felt it before, and i was so horny, i was afraid i would come just thinking about sex.
Jimmy turned around, and looked me right in the eyes. I looked back, and he bent down and kissed me. Right on the lips, shoving his lounge deep inside my mouth. I didn't know what was happening, but before i could respond, he pulled back. He was breathing very hard, and i realized that i was too. I hoped that nobody heard me, this would be tough to explain. He asked how i wanted it, and i grabbed him at his waits, and turned him over, so i was on top. I kissed his neck, his chest, and the tip of his dick. He was hot to the touch. It was amazing. I pushed his legs up, and he grabbed a hold of them, while i licked his ass, making sure it was nice and wet. It felt hotter than before, when i was finger fucking him. I liked it.
I spit on my hand, rubbed it on my dick till i thought it was good enough. I think it was, looking back. So i placed the tip right on his tiny, 13 year old entrance, i got low to him, so we were horizontal to each other. I looked at his undeveloped face, his nice little eyes. The mouth that had sucked my dick, and then i pushed in.
I thought, “Man! This is fucking good! No, its fucking great!” I looked down, only my head was in. I looked back at his face, now distorted with pain.
“ Are you sure you want to do this?”
He looked at, me reached up and kissed me. I brought my face down close to his, my dick head still inside, and he kissed me all over. God that was good. He licked my ear, and whipsered, “I'm ready, fuck me hard, boy hunk”
I tried to push in, but it was just too tight, even though i really liked it that way. I put my hands on his frail little shoulders, and with all my might, i forced my way in, with a pop. It was soo tight, hot, it was the best thing i had ever felt, in my life, and no vagina can and/or has yet to come close to matching what i felt. It may have been like that because it was my first time, but who knows. All i can say, is that it was good. I waited for him to loosen a little, get used to the feeling of having a 6.5 inch dick up his shit hole. He seemed adjusted to it, so i pulled out almost all the way, and pushed back in hard. He bent his head up in pain, and sighed. It was nice.... I continued that until he wrapped his arms around my back, pulled me onto him, and kissed me. I could feel the warmth of his body against mine, and the thigh hole that was housing my penis. And on top of that, his warm lips, so bright red, so sexy, god this was good.
“Faster......I know you want to...”
“Your wish is my command”
I plowed his 13 year old ass, and it was great. I didn't want to go too fast, I wanted to enjoy, but the hand job, blow job, and the 4 days without release, I just couldn't help it. I squeezed his thin shoulders, humping his bony little butt with much force. I felt a feeling deep inside me. It grew more and more. I Knew what was happening. I was gonna cum. I upped my pace, i could hear my skinny body slamming into his, I could see drops of sweat on his face and chest. That feeling in my loins grew. I adjusted position, to give me better access. I don't know how I knew this, but i did, and i was inside him to the hilt. It grew and grew. My eyes began to close. I looked at the sky[the roof of the tent] and thrust in one last time, all the way to the hilt. I felt my balls slap his ass as i came. It was the greatest feeling i have ever had. I don't know how long I stayed there, my back arched, eyes close, cuming into this young teenage boy, but it felt like eternity. I finally was too tired, and fell back down on him. I felt something warm and wet, and i knew he had cum. I layed there, on him, looking into his beautiful eyes. He smiled, and rolled me off of him, but staying with me, so we were still connected. His body was the perfect size, his head rested on my chest. He pulled on of our sleeping bags over us, and the last thing i remember was looking into his eyes........and thinking to myself, “Wow”

More to 'cum' if you know what i mean. But only if you leave good comments. I'm not gay, just a little bi. And sorry if it gets a little confusing, i have really bad ADHD, and get off topic a lot.

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2016-10-19 23:43:03
Good story adn know that that is the way it is, my first camp out at scouts was ok and the boy that I shared tent with did touch my cock and I did his. the next time we camped the leader of the group walked in as we wee getting out of our swim suits and my cock was semi hard he reached down and said that sure looks good and then he told Mike to reach over and feel it also, then he said wait and took his cock out and had us feel his, he said tonight we can all hold each others cocks, when he came back later he just walked in and took his clothes off and laid down and told us what to do, Mike had to suck him and I had to fuck him it was my first time, that next three nights were almost the same but we had to suck him each time until he would cum, and we had to learn t o eat it.. Mike and I went all the way through Scouts till we were 18, and we taught the new scouts.

anonymous readerReport

2011-12-20 12:41:46
i like it... write more

Anonymous readerReport

2009-04-14 08:50:43
This was another great and awsome story that you wrote,I hope that you will continue your writting and using young boys of 13 yrs of age and younger.Just reading this story made me horny and brought back memories when I was a young kid having sex at the age of 5 or 6 with other boys as well a couple of adults.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-03-10 06:48:10
wow gd story, my first with a guy was at camp at 10 and have been bi ever since! Keep up the be work


2009-02-22 10:25:55
This story was hot! My first sexual experiences were with boys starting when I was 11 with a cousin and his adult neighbor. Even though I am no gay, I enjoy the gay stories.

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