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We were working a show in an Orlando
We were working a show in an Orlando nightclub in the downtown area. We were going to be there for three weeks doing two shows a night, six days a week. We were staying in a nice hotel, good restaurants close by, and a great neighborhood were I could walk ever morning. I was a nice way to spend a February. We had one week left and on that Monday night during the first show, I noticed this very attractive blonde woman looking my way. She was about 5”10”, slim with a hard body, and small round tits. When the break came, she came up to me and introduced herself. Her name was Sherry, and she was an electrician with a construction company. I told her that I’d never met a female electrician before. She got real close, rubbed my arm, and whispered in my ear that she was the only woman there who was qualified to remove my shorts. I smiled and said that that was one I’d never heard before. She wanted to know if I would like to have a drink with her after the show.

Well, seemed like a plan to me, so she waited around till I finished up for the night, and we went to another bar just up the street. We got a booth in the back and she slid real close to me. After the drinks came, she started nibbling on my neck while her hand was making its way up my inner thigh. I had my arm around her shoulder and I used my hand to lift her face and kissed her. It was a soft wet kiss. By then she had her hand on my hard dick, and started kissing me with more passion. Her tongue was becoming real familiar with mine. I pulled her closer and brought my hand up to cup her small, but very firm tits. I could feel her hard nipples because she wasn’t wearing a bra. She whispered that she didn’t have any panties on either.

About that time the waitress came back to the booth so we separated for a second and realized we hadn’t touched our drinks yet. I told her that we were fine and said I’d pay the check. When she left, I asked Sherry if she’d like to go back to my hotel with me. She said it was either that, or she was going to fuck me right there on the table. With that we headed for my rental car and the quick trip to room 467, my home away from home. She sat close to my on the way to the hotel and massaged my ever hardening cock, telling me all the fuck positions she liked. As we walked thru the door to my room, we were ripping off our cloths as fast as we could as we headed for the bed. I pushed her back on the bed and jumped on her and we started kissing. Open mouth, spit swapping, tongue kissing. I started moving my hands all over her body. I wanted to touch every part of her. She was a little more direct and went right for my cock and started jacking me. I moved my hand down to her love hole and found a smooth naked pussy. She was wet, slick, and ready. I was opening her pussy lips and moving to her clit. It was standing tall and begging to be to rubbed. I got between her legs and kept the rubbing it with the head of my dick. She was pulling her pussy lips open and my cock head was sliding up and down the length of her sweet fuck hole. I could tell she was starting to cum, so I quickly pushed two fingers in. With that she started cumming and I found out she was a squirtter. It was almost like she was pissing all over my dick and hand. She screamed that she wanted my cock NOW. I shoved it in and her orgasm got even harder. I was pumping as hard as I could. Her pussy felt like a wet velvet hand gripping my dick. I was in pussy heaven when she told me to take it out and fuck her mouth. Not one to turn that down, I pulled out of her pussy, moved up till I was sitting on her tits, and shoved my seven inches in her mouth. She reached around to put her hands on my ass and started rubbing my ass hole with one hand, and squeezing my balls with the other one. I was fucking her mouth just like I fucked her pussy. She’d gag every once in a while, but kept encouraging me with her hands. When she stuck a finger up my ass, and I went over the top. I stuck my cock in till my balls were resting on her chin and started cumming. She swallowed most of it, then pushed my back and took the rest on her face. I couldn’t move for a little bit cause she was still stroking my dick and sending little tremors thru my body. When she milked my dick of all my cum, she let go, pushed my off, turned to me and started kissing me with cum dripping from her face. She told me to open my mouth so she could give me back some of my cum. Again I did as I was asked. Now I had as much of my cum on my face as she did. It was the sexist thing I’d ever done and or seen.

She was the hottest piece of ass I’d ever had, which might explain why my dick was still hard. That hadn’t happened in a long time. She giggled when she felt it pressed up against the leg and said that maybe my shorts still needed a little work. She asked if I wanted to fuck her ass, and maybe that would help. I turned her over moved in and started licking my way down her back to her skinny round ass. I pushed a pillow under he stomach so her ass and pussy were pushed up. I started licking her from her dripping pussy up to her puckered ass. After I got it lubed with pussy juice and my spit, I put my dick up to her puckered hole and slowly started pushing in. I’d go a little, then pull out and push it in her pussy. I was going back and forth till her sweet ass was relaxed enough, had a lot of her pussy juice back there, to get it all the way in. She stuck her ass up higher and told me to ram her ass as hard as I could and cum deep inside her. I started pumping fast as I could. She was rubbing her pussy and yelling nasty things at me. She said that if she could sit down tomorrow I wasn’t man enough to fuck her ass again. With that, I put a finger down there and started to slide it in too. She loved that, called me a motherfucker, and to put more in. I had three fingers and my dick in her ass. She started yelling for me to shoot my cum deep in her ass. She took her hand off her pussy and squeezed my balls, and I was cumming like I never had before. I fell backwards still shooting cum, spraying her back. She jumped up and sucked my dick dry. Then she took the fingers I’d had in her ass and licked them clean. I told her to bend over so I could look at her ass; it was covered in cum and wide open. I bent over and licked her as clean as she had done for me. I could get my tongue all the way into her gaping hole. She smiled and said I was the best ass licker she’d ever had.

Well, she was waiting for me in my room naked every night for the rest of the week till I had to go home till I had to go home on Sunday. She told me that she hoped my wife knew what she had, and if she didn’t I could come back to her anytime. Her door and ass would always be open for me.

Let me know what you think.
I’ve got a lot to write about, but I’d like to know if you like it.


2007-05-19 03:03:05
Have hear about many nymphomaniacs, but this gal tops them all. Just how many women can get wet and ready in just seconds without any foreplay to speak of? The story is more than bit unbelievable. If true this gal obviously has every STD in the book since she is not careful to any degree in who she has crazy sex with, particularly not safe sex.


2007-05-14 22:21:43
I can't tell if yourr aaa writter, but I'm going to Fla.
think I'll look and hook her up keep your wife and I'll
eat and fuck your fuck toy


2007-05-10 13:16:56
your stories are almost the same. everytime gay ass finger sex


2007-04-17 21:37:56
if you write like this all the time, i look forward to your next entry


2007-04-17 20:16:45
real hot shit man got me hard and kept me hard keep them cumming lol 10/10

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