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I'm 30 years old 6'2 190 lbs dark hair with blue eyes. Im married and have
3 beautiful kids. My fishing buddy Greg has a couple of kids too. One is a
teenage girl and one a teen age boy. Greg and I have been friend for a long
time we not only are fishing buddies but have worked together for some time
now. Greg's son Mike is a awesome kid, he does good clean things for fun
rather then getting in trouble like his piers he goes fishing and hangs out
with his dad, and me on the weekends most of the time we go fishing or
build something, the kid really likes it. His friends seem to be getting in
trouble all the time but Greg never seems to have that problem with
mike. This day we got up early at 4:30 am to go Jug fishing. I was kinda
still asleep when I walked out to the truck and saw mike taking a leak, it
didn't really surprise me its just something guys do in the south when
going on a early morning fishing trip. I couldn't help but notice Mikes
cock was sticking out a bit far and a bit straight for him not to be
aroused. I walked up next to him and took out my cock and leaned back and
let it go, I pissed for a while, and it felt good. I noticed mike looking
at me funny he wasn't looking at my cock but looking at my face kinda
strange and then he smiled and said yeah today is the day were gonna catch
the big one. Then his dad came around the truck and said for us to hurry
up. I started to pack my cock back inside my pants when mike looked right
at my cock and looked back at my face and seemed scared or something. I
didn't pay much attention I was loading the boat Greg was also putting
stuff in the boat. I asked where Mike was and Greg didn't know I looked
around the corner and I could see the shadow of Mike stroking his cock he
was really stroking it fast. Greg said I'm gonna go get the cooler and
stuff inside the house. I said ok. I went to where Mike was stroking his
cock, and said hey man whats up. He just looked at me scared and didn't say
anything, I don't know why but I got on my knees without saying a word, and
sucked that hard 15 year old cock into my mouth. He moaned and pushed his
hips forward and I sucked down on him, not hard but with enough suction for
him to know he was getting his cock sucked. He moaned and said eww yeah and
pushed his cock all the way down my throat, I had not realized but this kid
has a huge cock for 15 year old kid. I sucked back down his cock until my
nose was in his pubes. I swirled my tongue back up his cock, and started to
suck my way down, and jack him on the way up, this was gonna have to be
fast before his dad came back, he started to thrust into my mouth, and I
felt his cock head swell I knew what was about to happen, and I wanted it
so bad, he gave a grunt and pushed hard into my throat, and I felt the
first shot go down my throat. he has awesome cum I pulled back some because
I wanted the next shot in my mouth so I could taste it better not in my
throat, when he shot I sucked on his cock head and I felt his knees get
week. He put his hands on either side of my head and kinda just lightly
glided my mouth on and off his cock. He said that was awesome. I said I
enjoyed it more then him and then he looked frightened again. I told him it
was ok and that I would not tell anyone and he seemed to lighten up at this

I composed myself, and went and got in the truck, Greg was in the truck
ands said were the hell have you been? I said just fucking around. He said
the fish are waiting lets go. I asked if he has seen Mike he stepped out of
the truck, and hollered MIKE!!, I heard the reply "yes sir" then Greg said
get your but in here boy the fish are waiting.

We launched the boat while it was still dark, I was now wearing khaki
shorts, so was Greg and Mike. We went to our most productive fishing
grounds, and threw out about 200 jugs baited for catfish. We had them all
out before daylight. The politics of the boat are as follows, I'm skipper
because the boat belongs to me, Greg is First mate because he is the only
other adult, and Mike is the deck hand which for the most part means he
does all the work.

As the sun started to rise we saw a few of out jugs start to take off; a
clear indication that they had fish on them. We ran the first one down and,
as I eased the boat up to it; I noticed for the first time when Mike bent
over to get the jug, I could see the outline of his cock and balls in his
shorts between his legs. I have never really noticed such a thing about a
guy before and certainly not about Mike he was like my own son for goodness
sake. But I could not help but look and it was giving me a hard on, I would
then think about his asshole or boy pussy what ever you want to call it. it
was on my mind just like my first pussy was on my mind. I felt like I was
the teenage boy! Mike looked back at me and smiled and looked directly at
my crotch, I was scared to death his dad was going to notice but he was
oblivious to anything except the fishing. That kid has an awesome build his
ass looks like you could use it as an anvil, his stomach is so tight he has
more then a six pack its more like a 12 pack his arms are big and firm for
a 15 year old you can see big veins running down his biceps, and he is
always smiling.

After about two hours of fishing I thought I was going to explode I needed to
cum and I needed to in a way worse then I could ever remember. A man named
Houston rode by us in his boat he was headed out for the shade and going to
fish for white perch during the hot part of the morning. Sounded good to me
except we had over a hundred jugs still out. To my surprise Greg said lets
go fish for perch and pick up the jugs when it cools down, I almost agreed
when Mike said he was having fun and wanted to keep Jug fishing. Greg
thought about it for a minute and said that me and Mike could do what we
wanted but if it was jug fishing to take him to hustons boat in the shade
so he could perch fish. I made a mock show of frustration that I had to
stay with the S.S Catfish that's our little nick name for my boat. I took
Greg to Houston who was a good half mile up the river from us and dropped
him off as soon as Mike and I got out of his site Mike looked for and
opening on a sand bar and said THERE! Land the boat there. I was kinda on
auto pilot and did as he said. As soon as the motor was off mike came to me
rubbed my raging hardon and smiled. he unzipped my shorts and had my cock
out in short order. then he sucked it into his mouth it was the most
awesome feeling I have ever felt in my life. I looked down at the back of
his blonde head as he sucked my cock. I watched his head go up and down on
my ready to explode cock. I told him I was going to cum and he didn't miss
a beat he continued to suck my cock better then I have ever had my cock
sucked in my life. I kinda slid my ass to the side so I could see my cock
going in and out of this hot cock sucking mouth. The site I saw will stay
with me until I die, it was so awesome!!! My fat cock in this young hot
teenagers mouth, his eyes open and him trying to look at my face. He pulled
off just a second and stuck his tongue out to the tip of my cock and said
for me to empty my balls in his mouth. And with that he sucked his way back
down my cock his tongue swirling the whole time, but he was still able to
keep perfect suction, then it happened. I shot the hardest shot I have ever
shot, in his mouth. he jumped a little but I could see his throat
swallowing my cock juice. he was sucking his way down, and then with only
the suction of his mouth he was jacking off my cock. This was the hottest
and by far the best suck job I have ever gotten and its by a teenage boy,
not some hot, cheap chick, but a boy!!

When I finished cumming in his mouth he just kept smiling, he gave me a few
minutes my cock was still hanging out of my shorts and he asked me if I was
ready. I asked for what he said he wanted me inside him. I was not about to
disappoint this kid. I didn't say anything. He stood up removed his shorts
completely, and with a limp cock grabbed it and put it to my lips. I sucked
his soft cock into my mouth, and it immediately came back to life. He ran
his hand threw my hair and was saying ewww yeah that feels so good, he sat
in the bottom of the boat without ever taking his cock from my mouth. I
followed his body to the floor of the boat. I didn't know what I was doing
only that I was really enjoying sucking this hot teenage cock. He grabbed
the side of my face gently as I sucked his cock in and out of my mouth. he
kinda applied a little pressure to the side of my face indicating to me he
wanted me to stop. I stopped long enough to look at him, he looked straight
into my eyes with more passion in his eyes then I have ever seen in a grown
woman's eyes, and said; please fuck me? I looked at his body beneath mine
and I didn't realize this before but he was ready for me. he had pulled his
legs up along side his body he was reaching out his arms to my upper body,
and had aligned his asshole perfectly with my fat cock. He looked me in the
eyes again, and said please fuck me now? With one hand behind my neck he
kinda lifted himself a little so he could watch me guide my cock into
him. I felt the head of my cock pop inside his ass and he kinda jumped. He
pulled down harder on my neck and I applied more pressure to my cock I felt
it sliding into what can only be described as pure heaven. I slid in him
slow but steady, I went all the way until my balls were against his ass
cheeks he wiggled a little bit and said it fells so fucking good! The look
on his angelic teenage face said it was hurting him but I know it can be a
wonderful hurt. I withdrew just a few inches and pushed back in. damn this
kid is so fucking tight I feel like im going to bust him at the seam! I do
it again real slow just a few inches and then back in. its getting a little
easier. I take it further this time and he jumps when I push my cock back
in. he pulls down on my neck real hard almost suspends himself from my cock
and neck and pushes his ass on me hard! That's all it took for me I started
to really fuck him with my whole cock, all the way out and then back in
fast. He looked down and watched my cock disappear and the reappear going
in and out of him. He said he was going to cum. Neither of us was touching
his cock but I felt his ass get real tight then I saw him shoot all over
his chest and stomach. His ass was twitching everytime he shot. It was so
freaking hot. He pushed down on me hard and said fuck me hard. So I did I
felt myself getting ready to cum and he must have realized because he said
he wanted it in his mouth I didn't know if I could make it I was going to
shoot right then. I pulled out and shot on his chest first because I just
couldn't hold it then I shot in his open mouth. He held my cock where I
could watch it shoot on his tongue. He had a mouth full of cum then he
swallowed and I thought he was finished but he sucked my cock into his
mouth and continued to moan. I think I gave him another shot when he did

He laid there for a few minutes and then said he wanted something to drink
so we got out a couple of sodas and drank them. We got dressed and went and
got his dad. On the way he said he wanted to spend the night with me.

If you like this story please let me know. Thank you for reading this.

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2007-05-12 15:35:26
That was the best story I've read in the last year.


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that was so fucking hot.i wish i was 15 again


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You made my cock harder than ever.i cumd so fast.write about boys dad catch them fucking and he also joins them.great story keep it up dude.10/10

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