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I suppose I should feel rather guilty about what happened, but I don't. After all, I didn't set out to do anything wrong, only something out of my usual routine, and even that was a spur of the moment decision. I've wanted to tell somebody about it for a long time and now I've moved to a different city I've finally decided it's safe to write it down. I guess all I have to say to set the scene is that at the time I was a long married department manager for a big insurance company. My husband and I had our ups and downs but we got along as well as most couples do. A boring life mostly, I guess, until this particular day.

It all started when I came back to work from lunch. When I entered the lift two young men came into it with me. What was odd was that they were wearing hard hats and tool belts, which is not a common sight in a building with forty floors of offices. I hadn't noticed any renovation work being carried out anywhere so I wondered what they were doing.

One of them, a slim dark guy in his twenties, spoke to me about the weather, about how hot it was down in the streets. I agreed it was a bad day and he said it was glorious where they were working, high up in the fresh air and with a fantastic view of the city; he said the pair of them were installing a new microwave dish on top of the communications tower on the roof of the building. I commented that they were probably working in the best place on such a day. The guy I was talking to was Tony -- or at least that was the name stenciled on his helmet.

The other guy had 'MARCO' lettered on his hard hat, and he was blue eyed and stocky, with muscular arms and shoulders like a weight lifter. He made a light hearted suggestion that I should come up to the top of the tower with them and see a view of the city that I'd probably never get a chance to see again.

Just then the elevator stopped at my floor and I replied that it might be fun but I had to get back to work. Tony glanced down at my ID badge, kind of sneered, then said: "No way, Marco, Ms (name deleted ) has to go and type up all the letters for her boss, or she'll be in big trouble."

I assumed he didn't know that the purple edge around my badge meant that I was a department manager. Of course he did know, and he was using the knowledge to needle me even more than I realized. At the time though I thought he really believed that I was just a middle aged, middle grade secretary at everybody's beck and call -- and that assumption angered me. So I pushed the button to close the doors again without getting out.

"I don't type letters for anybody and all the men who work for me are well enough trained to get by on their own -- for a while, anyway. I'll come up and take in the view for a few minutes."

Tony and Marco grinned at me and stepped aside deferentially when the elevator reached the top floor. Marco then led the way up two flights of an iron staircase to a door that he unlocked and opened.

"This is as high as the building goes -- the rest of the way is up the tower," he told me as if it were some kind of a challenge.

As soon as I stepped through the door onto the roof I knew I'd made a mistake. I've never been very fond of heights and I even hate looking out of my office window only halfway up the office block. Now we were so far above the city skyline that I felt a genuine touch of vertigo. But what was far worse was the communication tower itself. As high as we were already, it seemed to rear up into the sky above us like the Eiffel Tower. Even more disturbing to me was that the thin aluminum cladding around it seemed to be shifting and creaking even in the light wind which was blowing.

I couldn't believe my legs were actually carrying me towards it, even with Tony's arm pressing lightly around my back to coax me on. I wanted nothing more than to turn around and go back. Marco had already relocked the staircase door behind us though, and I would have felt very foolish if I had had to ask him to open it again because I wanted to run away. It was the price I was paying for all my boasting about being an executive.

That was the real reason I was going with them, not because I wanted to see anything, but because I'd been talked down to as a female nonentity. Being patronized by arrogant males always makes me bristle up and determined to prove them wrong. A pair of young chauvinists had challenged me and I'd responded. It never crossed my mind that such good looking studs could have any serious intention of making a pass at an older woman like myself. Maybe I should have remembered that Nicholas Chauvin got his name in the dictionaries for adoring Napoleon: especially Napoleon's skill in making quick and easy conquests.

"You'll love this, you'll be the queen of the town today," Marco encouraged me as he went past and entered the tower first with Tony still following me. Innocent as I still was, I was soon to find out why I was positioned in the middle.

Inside was a very narrow and steep staircase which spiraled around the inside of the tower, with steel mesh on the inner side of the stairwell to stop anybody from falling off the steps. It seemed a pretty insubstantial protection to me though, especially when I looked upwards and saw the huge hole that was the center of the tower.

"We have to keep this clear so we can hoist up the communication dishes," Tony explained. "Some of them are ten feet across. It's an easy climb up though."

It certainly didn't seem too easy to me. I was puzzled by circular bands of light inside the tower, three or four of them and each one about a dozen steps up from the next. It looked as if there were large gaps all around the tower, each one at least big enough to put my head through. I asked Tony about them and he said the gaps were to relieve the wind pressure against the tower when gales were blowing.

Well, there certainly wasn't any gale just then but even so I was very uneasy about the situation. I did manage the first two spirals of steps though, hard work as it was. I'd never climbed anything like them before except in Warwick Castle in England. The guide there had explained that the castle steps were designed to be difficult, so that a right handed swordsman could hold the staircase against a mass of enemies -- they could only come up one at a time, each attacker clambering up the steep steps and only able to fight with his sword in his left hand.

I was no heroic swordsman though, and when I looked out through the first gap I really thought I might faint. Even the roof of the building below us seemed a long way down, but past that were stomach churning drops into concrete canyons with cars scurrying around at the bottom of them like multi-colored ants. One thing was for sure, there was no way I was going on up to the top. Just this once I'd let the men have an easy victory.

When I stopped Tony asked me what I was doing and I told him I couldn't go on, so we'd have to go back down. But he refused, he said it was too dangerous to turn around on the steps. Then he put both of his hands on my bottom and rubbed them over me.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I demanded.

"Just trying to persuade you to keep moving, lady. What's your first name, anyway?"

"It's Alison, and please stop doing that."

"Sure, as soon as you start climbing again."

I wasn't going to do any more climbing. All of a sudden the situation had totally changed because it was obvious now what Tony had in mind. He was also wasting his time because I was a married woman. Which isn't to say that if I'm away on my own somewhere and an attractive man wants to wine and dine me he might not go away unrewarded. But on a windy, swaying staircase with two guys in the middle of a working day? Forget it.

It was an effort, but I managed to turn around in the tight space. Then I found out that I'd only made things worse, because now I was teetering on the narrow step on my elevated heels. I had to press the palms of my hands outwards against the side of the tower and the steel mesh to stop from toppling forward. At the same time Tony went back down a few steps and I thought he was making way for me. Until he stopped with his head below my waist, reached up and began tickling the backs of my knees.

It was a ridiculous situation. The entrance door at the bottom of the steps was only a short walk down yet there was no way I could get past Tony. I couldn't even move my hands without risking falling over, which that was very likely to happen because I've always been noisily susceptible to being tickled. In a few seconds Tony had me in a state where I was writhing around uncontrollably, cursing him with one breath and begging him to stop with the next.

For a while he only smiled, looking even younger than before. Then his face turned more serious and instead of tickling behind my knees he started gently kneading the soft flesh there. Little electric shocks began shooting up and down my spine, just as Marco bent over from behind me and started rubbing my earlobes with his finger tips.

"Come on, guys, I can't stay here all day playing games with you two," I protested. "You've had your joke, now please let me get back down again. I've got to get back to work."

Tony's response was to slide his hands higher, lifting the hem of my skirt on his wrists: "I've got no problem at all with the way things are right now."

"I've got to get back to work," I repeated.

"OK," Marcus said. "But it's those shoes that are the problem. They make it dangerous for you. Take them off, Tony."

Tony did just that -- partially. He went down another two steps, lifted up my right foot and removed my shoe. Afterwards he knelt down again on the steps, though lower down again, and started nibbling on my toes through my panty hose and running his fingers underneath the sole of my foot. And, being totally off balance by now, there was nothing at all I could do when Marcos slid his hands over my shoulders until they were resting on the front of my blouse just above my bra cups.

"You know something, lady, I'd love to squeeze your tits, just for luck. How about it?" I could feel his breath fluttering against the short hairs on the nape of my neck and goose bumps rising all over my back.

"No way! Let me go now or you'll be in real trouble."

"Tickle her again, Tony."

Tony did, underneath my foot, which is by far and away my most sensitive area for that kind of stimulation. I shrieked in despair and the only reason I didn't fall off the step was because a pair of hands that felt like power tools had suddenly taken a death lock grip on my nipples. What the guys were doing to me between them was producing a mixture of sensations which was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. When they finally let go of me I was twitching around and gasping like a stranded fish.

Being honest, I have to admit I was also starting to have some pretty exciting ideas of my own, although at least I tried to pretend otherwise: "Stop it ... stop it!"

I might have protested more if I'd had the breath to spare -- maybe.

Marco's response was to stroke my breasts again, his fingers widely outstretched this time: "Come on, Rapunsel, let down your hair for once. We've got a real private place at the top of the tower and we've got all afternoon. And I guess nobody downstairs will mind not having the boss in the office for a while."

Although still wildly off balance because of my missing shoe I tried to twist myself out from between Marco's arms. All I succeeded in doing though was in partially dislodging my spectacles. Marco certainly never missed a beat in his groping and I knew that Tony must be feeling the trembling in my legs.

"Tony, mind her glasses," Marco said. Tony stepped up higher and put the frame back squarely on my face. Then he looked down and leered as Marco moved his palms underneath my breasts and hefted them up and down.

"Hey!" I protested again, and apparently as futilely as before. My face was burning with embarrassment, compounded twice over as Tony took his turn at fondling me.

"Nice pair of udders, Ms boss lady," he told me, leaning forward and then blowing into my ear. "But I think what they really need is a double sucking. I'll have the left one and Marco can take the right, and when all you've got left on is your glasses we'll show you what else we can do together."

I couldn't help but gasp and then giggle at his suggestion before I pulled myself together. "Don't you dare talk to me like that" I warned him. "You've got to let me go or else you'll be in real trouble."

"Listen, honey," Marco said hoarsely. "There was another lady in the same place you're in now, just a day or two ago. Now what we said to her was that we wouldn't do anything to her if she didn't want us to, but we would play a little joke on her."

Tony took his hands from my boobs and pulled a pair of skimpy red panties from his pocket -- then he held them up and pulled them apart to show they were crotchless ones. A baggage tag was attached to them with a big safety pin.

"What we're going to do is to write your name down on this tag. I guess that won't be a problem since it's on your ID. We'll also write down the name and address of the office building and the name of the company you work for. Then we'll put a little note on the back of the tag asking anybody who finds these to hand them in at the building reception desk."

"And after we've done all that," Marco chuckled, "We'll throw them out of this gust gap and then see what happens after they land in the streets somewhere down there. Wouldn't it be a joke if some kind hearted passerby did hand them in, hey? Can you imagine the gossip going around all the offices?"

The shock must have shown in my face. Gossip! The stories would never end. If that happened I'd be nothing more than a joke in the company. Who would ever believe that I'd gone up into this tower with two young guys actually thinking I was only going to look at the city views? No matter what I said, no matter what happened to this pair of lunatics, my career would be as thoroughly derailed as a piled up freight train.

Marco chuckled and hefted my boobs from below again.

"I don't know if you're thinking what the other lady thought," Marco whispered softly into my ear. "What I do know was that there and then she offered us a deal. If we didn't drop her name down into the street along with these sexy panties, then she said she'd be very happy to go down on both of us."

Tony sniggered: "Being the real gentleman we are we asked her what she meant by that and she said she would get down on her knees and suck on our cocks. She also said that if there were any other little favors she could do for us at the same time, all we had to do was to mention them."

His hands were on my front, joining Marco's as they roamed over me. "The odd thing was that she was telling the truth. She was a boss lady like you and yet it turned out she really got off on being treated like a slave woman, just for a while anyway. We took her up to the top of the tower and screwed her every way but loose, and I swear to God we had seagulls coming in from all directions to see what was making all the noise."

"Two cocks were nowhere near enough for that woman, once we'd gotten her warmed up," Tony chortled. "Not much point in being a slave unless you know who your masters are, and she got taught that lesson right from the start. The question now, Ms boss-lady, is would you like to consider making an offer like that? Or shall we address these panties, then air-mail them and see if they get handed in?"

It only took me a second to decide that this pair of lunatics could do whatever they liked ten times over before I'd take the slightest risk of having my name dropped in the central business district attached to a pair of whore's knickers. What was more, I was reaching a stage of mind where I could understand exactly why the other woman had decided it was more sensible and more fun as well to pay forfeits. I had no doubt all there had indeed been another woman. Marco and Tony's gloating male self satisfaction was too obvious an ego trip to be any kind of an act.

"Alright, you guys," I said with my mouth suddenly drying. "We'll go up the tower."

The breeze gusted, moaning softly through the gap, fluttering my hair and feeling cool against my hot cheeks. Tony plucked the hem of the blouse up out of my skirt and took my breasts fully in his hands again, ruffling up folds of the blouse's silky material around the stiff cups. Calmly and carefully, he began to unbutton the front of my blouse. "Lift your arms up," Tony muttered huskily. "I'll make sure you don't fall over."

Like Marco before him, the way he was holding onto me was a sure guarantee of that. Somehow I was astonished but not a bit surprised when I felt my hardened nipples rubbing against the cups as they were manhandled again. I did as he wanted and lifted up my arms, allowing Marco to ruck the blouse up over my wrists like a raised flag of surrender. Then Marco plucked it away. There was a moment of silence as I stood with my arms still raised, whilst both of them seemed to be savoring the sight of me with only my bra and pearls left on above the waist.

"By God, there's some poundage in those two," Marco chuckled. "I could strain my back hefting those around."

Tony laughed and squeezed my bra cups again: "Don't worry about it, Marco, Alison will help you fill in the worker's accident form, explaining what happened."

"Come on, let's get her moving on up," Marco urged. "Take off her other shoe." He held my shoulders to keep me steady while Tony bobbed down to obey him.

"Jesus," I heard myself saying, "Are you guys a tight team or what?"

Marco chuckled: "We've had a lot of practice. Turn around."

I twisted around unsteadily and Tony immediately put both of his hands on my ass again. Marco bent lower and gave one of my earrings a tiny tug.

"See this?" He was holding up my blouse with the ID badge directly in front of my eyes. "It used to mean you were a boss but now it means you're ours -- otherwise I'll toss this out at the next gust gap, ID and all. That'd be a lot worse for you than the panties would have been. You understand that or do I have to say it again?"

"Yes, I understand." It was the only thing I could say.

"Say 'Yes, master', you dumb bitch!" Marco demanded.

What difference did it make now? "Yes, master," I answered obediently. Somewhere at the back of my mind was a piece of Shakespeare: 'Who cannot be crushed by a plot?'

This was certainly the cleverest plot I'd ever been caught up in and just as certainly it had crushed all my scruples. For as long as it took I was going to have to grant these cunning pair of bastards everything they wanted from me. It was also about then that I realized that I would have been disappointed if they had suddenly relented and let me go. Instead I willingly followed Marco up the steps, feeling the hard metal through my soles, the aches in my calf muscles and Tony's hands still resting firmly on the seat of my dress as he almost pushed me up the steps.

At the next gap Marco stopped at the light and turned around. "Step up here, Rapunsel, and open my fly zip."

The step I stopped at put my face close to his half opened windbreaker. Looking down I could see the hump in the denim of his jeans where his cock strained to break free of the tightly stretched material. Even as I tried to get a grip on the zip tab I felt Tony unhooking the waistband on my pleated office skirt. Loosened, the skirt fell under its own weight around my ankles.

"Looking good back here," Tony called out. "Big tits, good legs and an ass like a pack mule."

Thank you for nothing, you shit. It was tricky easing the zip down because Marco's thick shaft was pressed against it as if it were standing to attention. Not only that, a great mass of black pubic hairs seemed to want to get trapped in the zipper as well. I wondered why he wasn't wearing any shorts, then decided that was a very stupid question. By then even I had worked out that it was no accident that these two had gotten in the lift with a woman on her own. I wondered if I was just the first one available or if they'd selected me for some reason as a suitable target.

The thick roll of flesh popped out, a sausage with attitude. I took it in my hands and gave it a welcoming squeeze. I thought it was much the biggest one I'd ever touched, though it behaved the same as the others I'd met, standing up and demanding all the attention it could get. But I had to let it go as Tony wriggled the hem of my slip up over my waist and pulled it over my head. And then he held it there with the tangled silk pulled tightly over my face like a mask and my arms trapped inside it. Behind the thin material I was glad to have some covering from Marco's eyes when I heard Tony giggling. I supposed that it was the sight of the body mould girdle around my hips that he was finding so funny.

"Oh boy! Grab this slip for a minute, Marco."

"Sure thing." I felt the material jerk as Marco grabbed it.

"Hey, Rapunsel," Tony said loudly, "Have you ever had your panties pulled down in front of an audience before?"

I knew I had to answer: "No!" I gasped. "I mean no, Master!"

He laughed: "Couldn't quite hear you there, Rapunsel."

"She said yes, Tony. She must have been a college girl and all college girls end up in the showers with the football team sooner or later. She'd just love to show us everything she's got."

I felt my panties being tugged from underneath the girdle until they were trapped inside my stocking suspenders. It was a sensation that made me gasp and quiver, then squeal as fingertips like hot falling snow ran lightly around the bared tops of my legs. Then I really squawked as the fingers tap danced down into the gap between the bottom of the girdle and the panties. My defenses were well and truly lowered, a fact which Tony soon proved to all of us, because the more I gasped and called out inside the folds of the slip, the more thoroughly his fingers explored their newly won territory. I heard Marco's voice.

"What do you know, I guess she must be ticklish just about all over".

"A lot of underbrush down here, Marco. Needs a good shave, I guess."

"Well what it's going to get is a good plowing. You reckon she's ready for planting yet?"

Tony chuckled: "Hey, man, she's as wet and slippery as Mississippi mud down here already. You can slide it in anytime you like and not even touch the sides."

"Yeah. I guess that's why the fat slut was playing with my dick. You all hot and slippery for us, Rapunsel, all ready for some heavy duty fucking?"

God, it was so embarrassing that they knew I was on heat for them like a bitch in season.

"Hey, slave woman, I'm asking you a question!"

I knew I was being asked a question. What I was trying to do was to get some of the wet silk out of my mouth, unaware until then that I'd been biting on it.

"Yes! Yes!", I finally managed to say. "Yes, master, I need fucking!"

"No need to be shy, gal. You shout it out as loud as you can, so we can all hear you."

I shouted the same words into the clinging fabric as loudly as I could, feeling stupid and humiliated and resentful at being treated like a marine recruit.

Marco grunted in satisfaction: "That's better, Rapunsel. Let's see what else we can do to get your snatch nicely steaming."

Marco then said something I didn't catch. Tony moved up close behind me and took over the grip on my arms, still holding them above my head. Something cold slipped underneath my left bra strap and then the left cup was sagging as the strap parted. The same thing happened on the other side, the strap slashed right across in one stroke. My breasts started to spill out, a process which Marco quickly helped along, scooping each of them from its sheltering cup with a flick of his powerful hands like a bear throwing fish out of a river.

I've always been a big bosomed woman, and I've always got a real kick out of seeing a man getting excited by my boobs. But this was an indescribable sensation, to have the wind blowing over my tightly puckered nipples as a complete stranger rolled them between his fingers, with another guy watching it all happen. And me in the middle, my panties down around my thighs, my face still covered by my slip! Now there was another damp patch in it, where I was moaning through the silk louder than the wind itself.

Tony lowered his hands and put them around me, holding onto my boobs as well while I saw Marco's shadow stoop lower as he squatted down on the steps. Then there were four wandering and squeezing hands and an exploring mouth as well as Marco sucked, licked and lightly bit on my nipples. I twisted around and bellowed like a cow needing milking, somehow tugging the slip up over my head. Tony's tongue went straight into my ear and I knew Marco was absolutely right about the effect all this was having on me. It was an experience so far above any ordinary sex that it was like being on another planet.

My arms fell down, my slip hanging down in folds like a collapsed parachute over Marco's work helmet. I couldn't help grunting with laughter.

"What's so funny?" Tony whispered hoarsely.

"I was . . ooooh, God . . . I wondering if I was safe up here without a hard hat."

They actually stopped what they were doing for a moment as they laughed.

"We'll give you a couple of hard hats soon enough, Rapunsel," Tony rasped. "But we'll put some protection on both of them for you."

"Both! Jesus, I don't care anymore, I just want them!"

Well, so much for my cool executive and lady like business image. Marco put his hand between my legs and played with my clit: "Hey, you sure you've never been in a threesome before, Rapunsel?"

"No - a foursome. At least I think it was."

Tony squawked with laughter: "You don't know? I gotta hear this. How about taking her up to the next gap, Marco and listening to this shocking confession?"

"Sure, let's leave a trail of clothing all the way up to the boudoir."

He pulled the slip down over my hands and dropped it the steps. "Please put my blouse down as well, in case you wrinkle it," I asked him. "I've got to wear it out of the building afterwards."

"Are you going to tell us about your dirty date?"

"Yes, alright!"

"OK". He carefully laid the blouse down on top of my slip. "Come on up."

Again the steps were hard on my feet, though I hardly noticed it by now. I was dizzy, my head was pounding, my tits were slopping around in the open, the pulled down panty waist band tugged around the tops of my legs at every movement, making me feel ridiculous, and Tony's fingers were pushing against my bared ass like I was riding a rocket sleigh. It was turning out to be some kind of a day at the office alright -- a towering inferno, I figured.

Past the next gap and then I was struggling on towards the top of the staircase. Marco had almost run ahead of me, right up to the final step. When I got there he was standing on it and looking back down towards me. What really caught my attention though was that he was now bare chested, wearing only his jeans and boots. His windbreaker and shirt were lying on top of his tool belt a few steps further down. As I got closer he dropped his jeans, displaying a proud standing erection that seemed swollen out of all proportion even to his strong body. He looked like a young Greek god waiting to be worshipped and it was clear who was cast for the role of worshipper.

So I knelt down on the belts and clothes in front of the lovely bully and put my hands on his cock, stroking it with the respect it deserved. Behind me Tony tugged at my panties again and I felt the waist band suddenly go slack around my legs. The panties had parted straight down the middle like the Red Sea giving access to the promised land. I looked around and saw Tony putting a small knife back in his tool belt, and then his hand went underneath me again, up between the remnants of my panties still hanging from both girdle clips. Shudders of anticipation went through my snatch as he explored it and I licked Marco's slit.

"Not a bad start, Rapunsel," Marco said, hoarse-voiced, his fingers in my hair. "You want to tell us about this foursome deal now?"

"Yes -- OK. When I was in Florida, on a business trip I had an argument with a waiter in the hotel restaurant. Next morning my document case went missing in the lobby as I was making a phone call. When I got back to my room there was one of the missing papers pushed under the door with a note telling me if I wanted the rest of them I had to go to a linen store room on another floor and go inside."

I leaned forward and licked around the tip of his cock, then put it completely inside my mouth. Marco growled deep in his throat, then said: "Wait."

He gave me a condom which was already in his hand, the packet torn open. "Put it on me, and keep talking."

I did as he told me, easing it over the tip of his cock and then slowly unrolling it down the twitching shaft. "I had to get those papers back for an important business meeting the next day. So I went to the linen room. There wasn't anybody around that I could see but the door was unlocked. There were shelves of sheets and pillow slips. The light didn't work but I could see something glowing in the dark at the back of the storeroom.

"I went to it, and the light was coming from a torch tied up inside a red pillow slip, so there was only a dim reddish glow. It was on a shelf at waist height. There was another note pinned to the pillow slip, saying I had to lie down on my stomach on the pile of sheets next to the pillow slip. Then I had to call a number on my cell phone and tell the guy at the other end I was ready for him.

"I did what the note said. I wriggled in between the shelves and found that by the time my hips were on the edge at one end my hair was touching the wall behind. Sheets and stuff were piled up on each side so I couldn't see anything. I was pretty well buried from the waist on in. So, anyway, I phoned the number. Whoever was at the other end only mumbled something but I could hear a guy laughing in the background somewhere. I was as frightened as hell -- I had to get those papers back though, I had to."

Marco giggled. "I like the scene, Rapunsel. Love it -- blow me for a while as I think about it."

Holding his cock steady with my fingers around the base and cupped underneath his balls I deep throated him as far as I could. Meanwhile Tony stuck his tongue in my ear and licked it in a wet swirling motion as he toyed with my clit. I squealed and snorted around Marco's cock at the pleasure he was giving me. "So did you get your case back, Alison?"

I nodded, well muffled by Marco as his streamlined erection rubbed insistently at the back of my mouth.

"Hey, let's take her into the workroom and hear the rest of it," Tony suggested.

"OK, OK," Marco conceded. "Come on up for air, Rapunsel."

They both pulled me to my feet, with the halves of my panties fluttering around my legs in the breeze. Marco led me by the hand into a sort of work chamber, with lots of blue painted boxes on the wall like fuse boxes and stuff. But the only thing I was looking at was a dish hanging the middle of the room, about six or seven feet wide, suspended by four wide straps that ran under the dish and up to a hoisting device in the roof. Wildly, I wondered if they intended using it for me somehow, and then I saw that the dish was full up to the brim with styrofoam packing beads and I knew what to expect.

There were no words, no time to even think of asking questions. They sat me on the edge of the disk, steadied it as it swayed like a hammock, rolled me over onto my back, and then each guy grabbed one of my legs, lifted them up high in the air and pushed my calves behind two of the straps so I was hanging there in front of them and spreadeagled wide open, with the centerpiece of the display one well lubricated pussy eager to meet a willing partner. A desire soon granted because Tony threw away his helmet, knelt down, grinned at me between my opened thighs and then peeled my cunt lips apart as if it was a juicy orange he was getting ready to eat. I squealed and rolled my eyes around, looking for Marco. He was getting his gear off in quick time.

"Tell me the story, Momma!" Tony demanded. He encouraged me with the tip of his tongue against my clit and I whimpered.

"I heard the door of the linen room open. There were footsteps, I don't know how many. Somebody had a radio on, not too loud. I heard the door close again. My face was down into the sheets I was on, I couldn't see anything, I couldn't hear very much but I knew there was movement behind me. A lot of movement, maybe. I heard a lot of sniggers and giggles and then the bottom of my skirt got pulled up and tucked underneath my waist. All I had on underneath was a pair of panties. Then they started spanking me."

Tony pushed a finger deep inside me as he kept on licking the hard little switch that was blasting my entire body with shots of pure adrenaline. Instead of rolling my eyes I grabbed at my tits and rolled them around for the boys: I could feel my trapped leg muscles vibrating against the supporting straps like a ship's rigging in a gale. Marco was listening to me wide eyed and seemed to be taking forever to get his boots off.

"I don't know what they were using, a cane maybe but every stroke sure smarted. I squealed a lot because I figured that was what they wanted. Pretty soon they had my panties coming down. That was terrifying because I could feel two hands on each of my legs as they were pulling them off me and the spanking never missed a beat as it was happening. Of course that was the deal, to let me know I was going to get gang fucked by a bunch of guys I couldn't even see."

Marco strode over, naked as a jaybird, his prick swinging in front of him like a lowered gun aimed straight at me. "Stand aside, Tony, coming through."

Tony stood up, grinned at me, then moved to his left. Marco stepped up to the plate, grabbed his pink tipped bat, eased it into foul territory, then grabbed my legs and pulled me forward for the first innings from the visitors' team. It was an all the way home run, longer than I'd ever dreamed possible and I shouted and clutched onto the two straps next to my arms like a subway passenger in a train crash. Which was something like true because I felt as if I was being fucked by some kind of mechanical dildo driven by a runaway engine. As far as I was concerned, right then and there, Marco was the most wonderful thing in the world and I'd do anything at all for him, just as long as he'd keep me impaled on his huge cock. Then Tony bent over the dish, scrunched my nipples up in his hands and bent down to bite on them, and I would have happily died for him as well.

"So did they screw you, Alison?

"Of course the bastards screwed me! They fucked my cunt and ass with baby oil until I thought I was dead and gone to heaven! "

Tony laughed, pulled down his opened jeans, grabbed my hand and placed it on his massively veined erection: At the same time Marco put his hands on my hips and began swinging the dish to match a series of savage lunges into my pussy. Between that and Tony tugging at my teats, it was a ride on the highest, deepest, most thrilling roller coaster ever built, then multiplied God knows how many times. It was sex with steroids. I screeched like an owl at midnight, moaning and trying to blow away the scraps of styrofoam somehow sticking to my face and lips. I began coming, coming in huge waves that turned me from a rational human being into a jerking bundle of muscles and nerves with Marco's bull strong body pounding away between my trapped legs. It was like being Barbarella, sentenced to death in the pleasure machine.

"You fucking smart assed office boss bitch, I'm going to take you down to your office and fuck you on your own desk with everybody watching!" Marco raged at me. "You're gonna beg for it because you do what we tell you now! And when we've finished we'll let all the other guys in the office fuck the boss lady as well!"

The image of that in my mind send me into a frenzied orgasm that must have matched Marco's because I heard him give a great gasp of pleasure and triumph. While I was still half conscious my legs were loosened from the straps and I was rolled over on my side. The movement dislodged my glasses and as I was trying to straighten them a hand grabbed my right ankle, then lifted it up at an impossibly high angle in the air, as if I was some kind of a ballet dancer. I yelped and another cock slammed straight into me at an angle which really was screwing me. Tony was astride my left leg, his own legs clamped around it like a raunchy dog, still holding my right leg way up in the air over his shoulder as he slammed right up me: his cock was slipping in and out of my cunt with squelching noises like an old fashioned hand pump sucking up water. I bawled with passion, throwing handfuls of packing beads into the air like confetti.

"Hey, Rapunsel, you may be an old fuck but you're a pretty good one," Tony gloated. "I told Marco you were a sure thing first off. Just like the two other women we've fucked while we've been working here." He began ramming into me even harder.

"Look to the left, Rapunsel. Look left!" With my head half buried and my glasses tilted askew again I could hardly look anywhere though I saw the brilliant white light of a flash bulb, then at Marco grinning at me before he aimed the camera again.

Tony was loving his triumph: "We'll have a party when we finish up here. Lots of our friends, and you three office sluts as well, so you can get introduced and show each other your naughty pictures."

The camera flash smeared across my face again.

"Then we'll draw lots and see which of you gets taken out into the middle of the party first for a public fucking by anybody who wants you."


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this should not be in lesbien cuz thats wat i searched 4. it should also be reluctance, threesome, and some others so people can actually search for it. im 13 and yet i still care about shit like this


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Pity they didnt spank and cane her as well, perhaps they can do that in the next part at the finishing party. I like to think all ''Boss Ladies'' need a good spanking. when will you write this in to your story.

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