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I have been teaching high school for 7 years now, I'm 30 years old 6'2
190lbs I work out 3 times a week and am in good shape I have dark hair blue
eyes. I teach 10th grade History to a very diverse and colorful group of
young people. Every year I have a new group of young ladies who seem to
develop~ for lack of a better term a crush on me. I want you all to know
I'm happily married to the most beautiful woman on the planet.
I get lots
of notes from my female students, mostly secret admirer notes but from time
to time some of the bolder girls will sign the letter. The school policy is
that if I, or any teacher receive any kind of personal correspondence not
related to school work from a student female or male it has to be reported
to the school administration. I feel bad having to do this because the
girls just have what I consider a harmless crush. I have a friend who is a
teacher and a baseball coach. This friend happens to be female her name is
Michelle. She has a daughter who is in one of my classes. Her daughters
name is Shelly. I have known Shelly since she was a tiny thing. She is now
considered by her piers, and anyone with eyes the hottest girl in school!
Michelle and Shelly are over at my house on weekends a couple of times a
month. My wife and Michelle are also close friends. It is no secret that
Michelle is gay. She doesn't look gay by any means she is beautiful but
she is completely gay.

One Friday evening Michelle and Shelly came over to the house, it was
during the summer and school was out. It was the summer Shelly turned 15. I
will try and describe Shelly, but I promise you I will not be able to do
her justice with words. She is about 5'9 slender, with long blonde hair,
and blue eyes she weighs 125lbs, and is very athletic. Her skin seems to be
perfect. it is always just a little darker then most peoples even if she
isnt tanning. She has long legs, and to be honest the tightest, most
perfect ass god ever created!! Her breast are either extremely full b cups
or a decent c cup. Always perky. But her most attractive quality is her
mouth, her smile is angelic, when she smiles its as if the whole world
stands still. She is always smiling. Her teeth are so white they almost
seem florescent white. She is what some would consider a tom boy, however
she is all girl, no matter how she at times tries to dress down she can not
hide her perfect form. Her mother put her on the pill as soon as she
started menstruating; I know this because Michelle told my wife who had
mixed feelings about her being put on the pill at such a young age.

This particular day Shelly was wearing kinda tight blue jean shorts not
daisy dukes but short and tight with a tank top she had her long blonde
hair in a pony tail that nearly reached her perfect ass.. She was being her
normal bubbly self. She walked up to me and smiled and said hey Mr.J I said
hey girl whats up? Her response took me completely by surprise. she looked
right at my cock, and said you tell me! then looked directly in my eyes,
and smiled at me. she grabbed her pony tail and kinda twirled it, and said
your looking good Mr. J. this was completely out of character for her, and
completely took me by surprise. She looked back at my cock, I was wearing
kaki shorts and I never wear underwear. My cock outline is always evident
no matter what I wear or the state of arousal my cock might be in. she then
smiled at me, and said so whats up Mr. J?

For once in my life a student of mine left me speechless. She smiled
again, and walked off kinda of shaking her ass a little special for my
viewing pleasure. She looked back over her shoulder with the confidence of
knowing any man would be looking at her ass as she walked away, and smiled
again. as I watched her eyes trace there way down to my cock for the third
time. I didn't know what to say or do. We have a pool and I saw her in the
distance remove her tank top underneath she had on a pink bikini top. I
remember thinking I could feel the fabric of my shorts getting tighter on
my cock. Then she kept her legs completely straight and removed her shorts
revealing a matching pink bottom of her bikini. In removing her shorts one
side of her bottom was kinda coming off her ass she looked back at me
smiled that confident smile, and inserted her fingers in the top of her
bikini bottom running he fingers down just inside the fabric until her
fingers were just under her ass cheeks. Her bikini magically snapped back
in to perfect form on her perfect ass. I know I was making a fool of myself
watching this 15 year old goddess with an obvious desire. I can only
imagine how I must have looked. Then she took it a step further from across
the yard about 15 yards she adjusted the front of her bikini bottom
extending it from her body anyone who was watching could see her pussy lips
perfectly. She looked down at her groin area and acted like she was
arranging her suit when in reality she was showing me what I could never
have. I could see her pussy so clearly. She was smooth shaven except for a
small little patch of hair just above her clit and only a couple of inches
tall. I have a large cock! I'm not going to give measurements but even
when im flaccid my cock is visible. At this moment I have a fucking huge
hard on. Reality hit me real quick my wife was here and if she or anyone
saw me they would know what is happening. I have girls everyday sit in
front of me and give me panty shots I see up there skirts all the time and
its always flattering that theses hot girls want to flirt with me and it
always to a certain extent turns me on, but nothing like this. I had a hard
on that was not going to be ignored. I sat down in a lawn chair. Covered my
cock with a sports illustrated issue and tried to hid my hard on. Shelly
jumped in the pool and swam within 5 feet of me and asked now Mr. J whats
up? I just said nothing. She said eww that's the issue with the swim
suites can I see it. I said no real quick and she laughed and swam to the
other side of the pool. Just then my wife came out side in her new swim
suit. I used this opportunity to complement her on the suit and more
importantly on the woman in the suit. I told her she was so sexy she was
turning me on she kinda smiled slyly at me and I motioned towards the
house. She took my hand, and when I stood up she looked at me keeping the
magazine over my cock and smiled at me real big. I told her I couldn't
help it she was so hot in that new suit. This seemed to make her day. She
lead me into the house, and just inside the door she turned and kissed me
very passionately. She ran her hands down to my cock and said she is so wet
just thinking how she turned me on. I didn't even take her suit off I
pushed it to the side, and bent her over the kitchen table, and drove my
whole cock in her pussy from behind. I was pretending I was in side
Shelly's tight little teenage pussy. I pounded her hard! she started to
cum violently, and I did the same. She turned to me, and told me she loved
me, and that I was the best husband in the world. I felt about 1 inch tall
because I did and do love my wife. Shelly had me so worked up I needed
relief. We went back to the pool. My wife was glowing the whole time and
smiling like she was the happiest woman in the world, which only served to
make me feel more like shit. Shelly swam up to me, and said dang Mr. J that
was quick!!! I didn't say anything. She then leaned back a little bit and
her perfect breast were kinda sticking out of the water. She saw me look
and then advert my eyes. She then said, when Mrs. J came out your cum was
running down her leg. I again was speechless!! She smiled at me, and said
that wouldn't have happened with me if you would have taken the person you
wanted to fuck in the house. I just looked at her, and she said I would
have insisted you cum in my mouth! Again I was speechless! She looked at
my cock again, and did the back stroke across the pool.

I saw Shelly several more times over the summer. Every time she would get
me so worked up I would use my wife as a surrogate. I could not deny that
fucking Shelly was the number one thing on my mind it was just about the
only thing on my mind.

My wife and Michelle and a couple other girls had a bunko night for the
girls. Bunko is a card game chicks like to play.

My wife wasn't gone but a few minutes when there was a knock on my door. It
was Shelly and her new boyfriend he too was a student of mine his name is
Chris he is an excellent student, a star high school athlete, president of
the student body.

I was excited to see him I thought for sure with him here; Shelly would be
on her best behavior. I could not have been more wrong. I asked them if
they wanted something to drink they both did. I excused myself to get us
some sodas. Shelly came in the kitchen and I said hey girl. She said Mr. J
lets cut the shit, and with that she came right up to me and gently
massaged my cock through my shorts. I got real scared real quick because I
knew if she did not stop I would fuck her. She looked up at me and
smiled. I looked directly into the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever
seen. I told her we had to stop. She smiled at me and said another part of
your body does not agree with you. I told her it was wrong. She un zipped
my fly and snaked her hand into my pants I felt the cool of her skin touch
my cock. I was so hard I could have driven my cock threw a concrete
wall. She looked right at me and said its so big, and with that she tried
to close her hand around my cock, she could barley touch her fingertips
together when she encircled my cock with her tiny little teenage hand. She
got real close to me and closed her eyes and stood on her tippy toes, I
could not help but close mine as our lips met. I felt her pull on my cock
just a little bit as her tongue went into my mouth. I was leaking precum,
she took one finger and swirled the precum on the tip of my cock head. She
stood back just a little and put her finger in her mouth. I thought I would
shoot right then. She smiled at me and asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I
said of course I did!! But I didn't think I should. She told me well of
course morally you should not fuck me. I didn't say anything for a second
then I said you're my student. She said not to worry, she would never tell
anyone. I said what the hell and started to kiss her really
passionately. Without warning she was on her knees and I watched as her
beautiful mouth opened wide for my cock. then I felt the warm wet awesome
feeling that comes from the first time a cock discovers a new mouth!!!

She went as far down on me as she could moaning and humming while she
sucked my cock into her mouth. Suddenly it dawned on me that Chris was
watching, I thought for sure he was going to be mad. After all I had my
cock in his girls mouth. I tried to pull away from Shelly's mouth but she
sucked me in even harder I looked down and saw her perfect mouth sucking my
fat cock for all she was worth. Chris came over with his cock out. He was
stroking it and it was a nice cock, mine is cut but his isn't. I was about
to forcibly remove my cock from Shelly when she took my cock from her mouth
and offered my cock to Chris. I didn't know what to do or think! My first
thought was this kid is a good looking kid; then I asked myself why was I
thinking that? This is a guy not a girl! When he got on his knees in front
of me placed his hand on my cock opened his mouth and sucked down on my
cock, it all seemed as if it was happening in slow motion. Even his eyes
looking up at me seemed to move in slow motion. I did not say or do
anything. Shelly stood up, and very seductively removed her clothes. She
turned from me with her back to me, and bent at the waist to remove her
panties. I saw the most perfect tiny, little teenage pussy with just a hit
of pink showing when she bent over. She looked back at me, and smiled then
looked at Chris and smiled. Chris was giving me the best suck job of my
life. I said I was close. Shelly came over got on her knees and sucked my
balls while Chris continued the assault on my fat cock with his awesome
mouth. I shot the first shot with my cock only about two inches in his
mouth, cum was running down his chin. Shelly quickly licked it from his
chin then without my cock ever leaving someone's mouth I was in Shelly's
mouth for the second shot. I watched as she started to swallow, then the
third shot came, and some escaped her mouth, Chris was very eager to lick
it up. Then again my cock changed mouths; without ever being completely
outside of a mouth.

I had a hand on top of each of there heads I watched as Shelly's blonde
head went all the way down on my cock. The I watched as Chris did the
same. Shelly said OMG this is so Fucking HOT!!!!

For a few minutes after that no one said a word. The Shelly broke the
silence by saying I'm so fucking wet!! She then took my hand and placed it
on her pussy and used her finger to push one of mine in her, she was so
freaking wet!!! And tight. When just my middle finger passed her opening
she jumped but then impaled herself on my finger. We started to kiss, she
was kissing me like she was a woman not a girl but a woman in love. She is
an awesome kisser. She broke our kiss to kiss Chris. She kissed Chris just
as passionately. Then she came back for me she started to kiss me again she
was grinding her pussy into my hand. Chris was kissing her neck while I was
kissing her mouth. I thought to myself Chris is a good looking kid, I
wonder want it would be like to kiss him. No sooner did I think that then
Shelly turned my face toward Chris and kinda pushed us together. I don't
know why I did it but I kissed him just as passionately as I had kissed
Shelly. I sucked his tongue and he sucked mine. I was kissing a guy and I
ws in freaking heaven and didn't care what the world was going to think of
me at the time anyway. His hand went to my cock and mine followed suit. I
had this teenage studs cock in my hand. He moaned when I touched his cock
and turned to better face me. We kissed and massaged each other cock for a
while then Shelly said she wanted to play. She said she wanted someone to
eat her pussy I begged for the privilege and was awarded with her perfect
little ass coming to rest on my face. She tasted so good so clean. She had
just a tiny patch of hair about two inches tall just above her clit. I was
working her clit when she kind rolled on her side and opened her legs ever
wider, but positioned herself in a 69 position with me with both of us on
our sides. Feeling her tongue and that perfect amount of suction on my cock
almost sent me over right then. She was kinda humping my face and I was
kinda pumping her mouth, when I felt hands on my ass. I was laying on my
side faceing Shelly. The I felt fingers on my asshole wet fingers. Shelly
stopped long enough to take my fat cock from her mouth and say ewwww yeah
Chris eat his ass!! And then I felt his hot wet soft tongue on my asshole!
I had a hot teenage chick sucking my cock and a hot teenage stud eating my
asshole. I didn't know what to do so I just went with it. Chris started to
put a finger in me and I almost stopped him. I have never had anything go
in there its always be and exit only. But the more I allowed Chris to do
the more awesome Shelly was becoming with her mouth. I was tonguing her
pussy hole and she was grinding into my face. She started to moan the
scream the spasm all over my face. I was so caught up in Shelly's orgasm
that I hand not realize that Chris's finger was in the process of being
replaced by a hard uncut cock. I started to object and Shelly looked at me
and said just let it happen. I still started to object and she went back
down on my cock and kind pushed my ass towards Chris's pulsating hard
uncut cock. I looked back at it one time and looked at the beautiful mouth
sucking my cock and pushed my ass towards him. He didn't waste any time he
put his cock to my hole and pushed. I thought I was going to be torn
apart. I started to pull away and Shelly came up to my mouth and started
kissing me. She was saying relax, she then turned around so her and I were
spooning. Chris was plowing his awesome cock into my ass with me still on
my side. Shelly reached back between her legs grabbed my fat cock and
whispered that my cock was going to hurt her as much or more the Chris's
was hurting me and with that she impaled her tight pussy all the way down
on my cock. She pushed back into me and Chris was pushing into me. Her
pussy was so tight I thought I actually felt it tare when she impaled
herself on it. She took a minute to adjust and then waited to find a rhythm
with Chris and started to fuck the hell out of me. I have to admit that her
pussy was the tightest and best I have ever had and Chris was somehow
turning all the pain in my ass to pleasure. I wanted this to last
forever. I could feel Chris pick up the pace and I felt his cock
swell. Shelly was fucking me hard and I whispered in her ear that Chris is
about to cum she begged me to let her see him to it in my mouth. This is a
day of first for me so I didn't argue he took his cock straight from my
ass and pushed it into my mouth. I sucked a cock for the first time right
then, and I think I have become addicted to the taste of a cock and the
feeling of how it swells in my mouth just before it floods my mouth with
cum. Chris started to make a lot of noise and I felt his cock swell and
then his cum hit the back of my throat. Shelly was screaming in orgasmic
ecstasy, I was enjoying the heck out of it too. When Chris finished cuming
in my mouth, shelly sucked his cock for a second saying she was making sure
nothing was wasted. While I continued to fuck her tight little pussy. She
got off again while I fucked her from behind. I spread her ass cheeks and
fingered her asshole while I fucked her. I felt the building of the most
powerful orgasm of my life coming and I would slow the pace. I wanted this
to last. I wanted to have this little perfect pussy forever. I watched my
fat cock disappear in her tight pussy and watched as my fat cock stretched
her to the limit. My cock was glistening with her pussy juice as I watched
it disappear and re appear. I told her I was going to cum she begged for it
in her mouth I said ok but I wanted to at least put the first shot in her
pussy, so she was going to have to be quick if she wanted he to shoot in
her mouth too. I shot the most powerful shot of my life. The first shot of
cum alone was more then I cum with all my shots combined into my wife. She
jumped and turned and sucked my cock waiting for the next shot and I gave
it to her volley after volley of thick ball juice she swallowed every bit
of it. I looked down and Chris was sucking mycum from her pussy.

We all kinda laid there for a while and then got dressed and cooked some
hamburgers on the grill. Shelly looked at me and said we have to do this
all the time. I joked with her and said girl I'm scared of you! She said
yeah your ShellyShocked! I thought it was a clever spin on shell-shocked
being that her name is Shelly

If you liked this please let me know
thank you...J0hn

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2011-02-09 20:17:02
Might have been an ok story, but I won't know because I couldn't get through the terrible writing and general unbelievability of the whole thing.


2008-06-27 03:20:45
Great, what build up, wow did not expect the man on man, but it was great!!! the only thing which would have made it better if you fucked the young girls ass. but i give it a 9.5 out of ten the best story i have read. ignore the jerks . keep it up!!!

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holy shit i fingered myself and played with my pussy throughourt the WHOLE story........mmmmmmmm great job

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one assumes a history teacher went to college, and would have at least learned to spell. other than that the story is apiece of shit.

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