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My sister and her friends surprise the hell out of me!
My Five Minute Girls

I was sitting in my room minding my own business when all of a sudden my door opened. My sister Julia was shoved in and the door was closed behind her. Julia was stark raving naked. Her hands were tight to her sides.

Julia said, “I am yours to do with as you wish for five minutes!”

All I could thing of to say was, “What?”

Julia said, “I am yours to do with as you wish for five minutes!”

I smiled and looked at her. My kid sister had started to grow up. At thirteen years old Julia had nice small breasts, almost a B-cup, a flat tummy, and some hair starting to grow on her pussy. I motioned for her to turn around and Julia did. She had great little ass cheeks too.

I am your normal fifteen-year-old horny boy. So I asked one more time, “You’re mine to do with as I wish for five minutes.”

Julia said, “Yes! Well about four minutes now!”

I asked, “Anything?”

Julia said, “Yes! And you’re wasting time!”

I said, “Come closer!”

Julia came right up to me. I reached up and played with her nipples, cupped her tiny breasts, and then sucked on her nipples. She did not even try to fight me. Interesting! So I held her pussy in my hand. Still no resistance, in fact she opened her feet up to give me more access. So I fingered her pussy and found her clit. I played with her until her knees buckled. I knew that I had given her an orgasm. She didn’t know it but she was the first girl that I had ever seen naked, felt her tits, and fingered her pussy. I had never done anything before. I really liked this. Then all too soon the door opened, Beth came in, and took Julia away closing my door behind her.

There is just barely a year and a half between my sister and I. I turned fifteen about two months ago and Julia will be fourteen in a couple of months. Julia has always been a mommy’s girl. She can do no wrong and I always get in trouble. It is a Friday evening and Julia had three friends over for the weekend. We had pizza and soda for dinner so she was on a sugar high. I was sort of waiting for Mom to come up and bitch me out for looking at my sister naked.

Then my door opened, Beth was pushed in naked, and my door was closed.

Beth said, “I am yours to do with as you wish for five minutes!”

I said, “Come closer!”

This time I knew that I really could do anything and that I only had five minutes. I looked at the clock. I felt Beth’s breasts, which were bigger than Julia’s breasts. Beth was a B-cup because I asked her. She had more hair on her pussy too. I fingered her pussy slit, her hole, and her clit. She liked it. However I only had five minutes. I pushed Beth onto my bed, opened her legs, and stood between them.

I asked, “You’re mine to do with as I wish?”

Beth said, “Yes, anything that you wish.”

I dropped my pants and underwear in one quick motion. Beth’s eyes got bigger as I touched the head of my cock to her pussy lips. Using both hands I opened up her lips and pressed the head of my cock to her hole.

I asked again, “You’re mine to do with as I wish?”

Beth said again, “Yes, anything that you wish.”

I pushed my hard cock into her soft hole. It was wet and slippery. I was fucking my first girl. I gave my virginity to her. But what about her?

I asked, “Are you a virgin?”

Beth smiled and said, “I was!”

Wow! I quickly looked at the clock and realized that I had just under two minutes left. I started pumping into Beth like a madman. I didn’t want to run out of time, damn it! I started shooting cum into her. It was the best feeling that I ever had. I pulled out, pulled up my pants, and looked at the clock. I had thirty seconds to clean her up. I used yesterday’s undershirt to wipe her pussy and helped her up. I was sucking on her nipples when Cathy came in and took Beth away.

I quickly undressed and put on a loose robe, just incase Mom came in. Then I got my digital camera out and made sure the batteries were fresh. I was ready this time.

Shortly my door opened, Cathy was pushed in naked and then my door was close.

Cathy said, “I am yours to do with as you wish for five minutes!”

I looked at my clock and said, “Come closer!”

Cathy was a month younger than my sister Julia was, but her tits were interesting. They almost looked deformed. I had heard of ‘puffies’ in school. I was sure that Cathy had puffies. I started taking pictures immediately and had her turn around. I slipped my fingers into her slit, up her hole, and rubbed her clit too. I was hard and I knew just what I wanted to do so I pushed Cathy onto my bed, lifted her legs to my shoulders, and started to slip my cock into her opening.

I asked, “You’re mine to do with as I wish?”

Cathy said, “Yes, anything that you wish.”

I slipped my cock into her and took some pictures. I fucked her fast and furiously so as not to waist time. I finished with time to spare and wiped her with my undershirt. I stood her up and sucked her strange breasts as I asked her questions.

I asked, “Were you a virgin?”

Cathy answered, “Yes, I was!”

I asked, “How come it didn’t hurt then?”

Cathy answered, “Because for the last month we have been fucking each other with your mother’s big dildo to prepare for this day!”

I said, “No shit! So this was all planned out?”

Cathy answered, “Yes!”

I asked, “So how many times will you be coming in here?”

Cathy answered, “As often as we can get away with it. We hope that by the time we leave on Sunday afternoon that we each get to be in here twelve times each. That would make one hour with you naked.”

I asked, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

Cathy answered, “Yes. Beth said that you fucked her but she didn’t say anything about you taking pictures. Your sister is going to be pissed because you didn’t fuck her or take her picture.”

I said, “I was in shock with Julia but I got better with Beth, I was all set for you.”

I was taking pictures of my naked ‘five-minute-girl’ when Debbie came in and took her away.

Debbie was a month or two older that Beth. For a fourteen-year-old Debbie was really built. I was going to have to start asking questions. I knew that they would have to tell me the truth.

I started setting up a sex-diary of sorts. I quickly recorded what had happened to this point. Just as I finished Debbie was pushed into the room. I quickly looked at my clock.

Debbie said, “I am yours to do with as you wish for five minutes!”

I started taking pictures as fast as I could. I got hard again and pushed her onto the bed.

I positioned my cock and asked, “You’re mine to do with as I wish?”

Debbie said, “Yes, anything that you wish.”

So I pushed my cock into her and asked Debbie if she was a virgin.

Debbie said, “I was!”

I asked her why it didn’t hurt and she said that Cathy had already told me about my mother’s big dildo. So the girls were comparing notes in between visits. I only hoped that I could get hard one more time when Julia came back in. I just barely managed to cum and get her wiped clean before Julia came in to get her. I took as many pictures as I could of her leaving. I quickly recorded what had happened with Debbie.

I was pleased to have a break. I wasn’t sure when the next girl would come in. I opened my door and looked at my sister’s door. It was closed. I quickly went to Dad’s room and took his new DVD camcorder and rushed back to my room. When I opened the box Dad had put some extra DVDs in it too. I loaded it, plugged it into electricity, and set it on my desk and waited.

The five-minute-girls had been arriving every fifteen minutes with ten minutes in between. It had been an hour since Debbie had left. I was hoping to see Julia in a few more minutes. A minute before the hour I hit record on the camera. Sure enough Julia was pushed into my room and the door closed.

Julia said, “I am yours to do with as you wish for five minutes!”

I motioned her closer, pointed out Dad’s movie camera, and started taking pictures of her nude body. She smiled. This is what she has been waiting for since Cathy mentioned it to her, I could tell. I pushed Julia onto my bed. She pulled her feet up and opened her legs in anticipation. I took a couple pictures of her like that and then slipped my cock into her. I was glade for the hour rest. So while I fucked my sister I asked her personal questions. She answered them all. She was a complete virgin. All the girls were. They had chosen me to be their first in everything. They were hoping that I would fuck them, suck their nipples, make them suck my cock, and fuck them in the ass. I was chosen to make each of them a complete woman before the weekend was over. Wow! What an honor!

I asked, “Then what? “

Julia said, “Then you will have four girlfriends. You can date us, kiss us, or fuck us all you want. That’s what girlfriends do for their boyfriends. At least that’s what Debbie’s older sister told us. She is the one that suggested the five-minute-girl idea. Once she went to a party and had five-minutes in heaven in a closet with that fat kid Mike Hunt when she was our age. She was shy but he sure wasn’t. He pulled her pants and panties down and fucked her from behind. Then he pulled her T-shirt and bra up to her armpits and squeezed her tits real hard. Just as he came in her pussy the door was opened and everyone saw him fucking her with her almost nude. Everyone in her school knew that Fat Mike had fucked her. She suggested that we loose our virginities to someone we liked, someone we wanted as a boyfriend, and in a way that didn’t embarrass the hell out of us.” With that Beth came in and took my sister away. I learned a lot from that.

I was waiting for Beth to arrive. When she was pushed in she landed in my arms. I started taking pictures. I slipped my cock into her pussy for some pictures then into her mouth for some more. I let her suck my cock while I asked some more questions. All four girls agreed that they wanted me to be the one. They had all taken Mom’s big dildo up into their pussies breaking each of their hymens and getting used to the feel of it. They had used a smaller one in their asses and built up to the bigger one to assure that I would fit in there too. They had all practiced swallowing carrots whole too. Will not really swallowing them but to get control of their gag reflexes. Debbie’s sister had taught them about that. Beth was proving her point by taking all of my six-inch cock down her throat and licking my balls. I cum in her mouth and she didn’t flinch. Beth had been holding my ass cheeks so that I couldn’t back up. When I finished Beth backed off, swallowed, and licked her lips. I took one last picture when Cathy came in to get Beth. I grabbed Beth and kissed her full on the lips. She stuck her tongue in my mouth but was pulled away. Cathy my little Puffy Girlfriend was next.

Cathy was shoved into my arms. I took pictures of my cock in her pussy and in her mouth.

Cathy said, “You can put it in my ass too if you want. We keep putting that big dildo in there to keep it open for you. I don’t mind really. I’ll even suck your cock afterwards too. I don’t mind!”

I said, “Okay!” Then I slipped my cock into her butt. She held her pussy lips open and I took pictures. When I had enough and pulled out Cathy knelt right down and started sucking my cock. She was more energetic than Beth was but I wasn’t asking her any questions either. Cathy slipped her lips right to the base of my cock. I knew the head of my cock was in her throat. Cathy kept looking at my clock and sucking harder and harder and faster and faster. As the door opened I started shooting into her throat. She held onto me for dear life and wouldn’t let Debbie pull her off until she had it all.

I said, “Just a few seconds Debbie! I’m still cumming!”

Debbie waited until Cathy pulled back, swallowed, and licked her lips. I kissed Cathy and let her tongue slip into my mouth. Then they left.

In nine minutes Debbie was pushed into my arms. I pushed her onto my bed and entered her pussy for pictures, then her ass, and then her mouth like Cathy had done. I got some good pictures and Debbie really could suck.

I asked, “Is this your first cock to suck?”

Debbie said, “Yes but I can get almost all of your mother’s double-ended dildo in my throat. My sister says that I can become a sward swallower in the circus. My sister is a great cock-sucker, everyone thinks so!”

After that Debbie just sucked me so that she wouldn’t run out of time. I reached down and played with her tits. She had the biggest ones of my four girlfriends. I came, she swallowed, and we kissed.

When Julia came in to get Debbie she said, “Okay brother you have an hour to rest. We will start again at eleven o’clock then at midnight we girls will go to bed. Mom and Dad will be gone for a few hours in the morning. Is there anything that you would like to do with us at that time?”

I said, “Yes! I would like to take nude pictures of my four girlfriends in every room in the house, take pictures in a bubble bath, and then see you using Mom’s dildos in all of your holes.”

Julia said, “Okay! Make a list! You have an hour to rest.”

I asked, “Can you girls come in one at a time just to talk and answer questions during my rest period?”

Julia said, “Sure! I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Julia is five feet two inches tall, ninety-two pounds, wears a 32-B bra, and has light brown hair to the middle of her back.

Beth is five feet three inches tall, ninety-five pounds, wears a 34-B bra, and has blonde hair to her nipples.

Cathy is five feet zero inches tall, eighty-five pounds, wears a 32-A bra, and has short black hair.

Debbie is five feet four inches tall, one hundred and five pounds, wears a 34-B bra, and has blonde hair to her waist.

Cathy is the youngest and most petite of my girlfriends while Debbie is the oldest and most developed of my girlfriends. Beth is a lot of fun and my sister…well she is very handy to get too when I want her. I must be the luckiest boy in the world.

At eleven o’clock Julia entered my room without being pushed. She had not sucked my cock yet because when she first came in I didn’t know that I was supposed to fuck her. However I had cum seven times in one evening. That was almost a record for me. I thought I was the jerk-off king of my school.

I told Julia that I couldn’t screw anyone else. Then I cuddled next to her on my bed and kissed her. The whole time I was kissing her I was playing with her breasts and her pussy. I fingered her clit and gave her an orgasm. Julia stayed for ten minutes until Beth came in and took her place on my bed. So I kissed Beth and played with her breasts and clit. Then Cathy kissed me for ten minutes while I played with her. Finally Debbie came in and Cathy left. She was a very good kisser and said that her sister had taught her how to kiss. I could just imagine her and her sister kissing like we were. I really liked feeling her breasts and she had two orgasms from my finger. When Debbie’s ten minutes were up the other three girls came in to say goodnight to me. I kissed each one good while I cupped one of their breasts. I really needed my sleep.

I slept like a baby. Saturday morning after Mom and Dad were gone Julia, Beth, Cathy, and Debbie came in to wake me up. I asked Julia to suck my cock with the other girls watching. She did a good job. Then I started taking pictures of them in every room in the house. The girls pose by themselves and in a group. I had a great time. Then I got Dad’s video camera and took a movie of the four girls dancing around in very room too. After a couple of hours of taking pictures I asked if they were ready for anal sex. They were and Julia was first.

Before Julia came into my room she put some K-Y Jelly in her butt and used Mom’s big dildo to stretch it out again. Then she came in. Debbie’s older sister had told them that boys seem to like anal sex with the girl on her hands and knees but strongly suggested being on their backs so that they could see me fucking them. It would make it more personal. Debbie’s older sister had been fucked doggy style by three guys once and never saw one of them because of the two cocks she was sucking off at the time. Julia said that there was no time limit on this since five minutes the night before hadn’t really been enough. Okay! So I took my time and enjoyed being in her ass. Julia was relaxed. All that practice over the last month had been good for her. I actually think I enjoyed this time the best. It was my ninth hole to cum in with three more holes to go. I told the girls that they should give me an hour or two in between. That was okay with them.

I could not believe that I had fucked my four new girlfriends in each of their three holes with Mom and Dad in the house most of the time. It was a miracle!

I had fucked Beth and Candy in the ass before dinner. Mom made a real dinner for us including desert. Dad was pleased with dinner and asked Mom if she wanted to go to a movie. She said yes then told me to keep an eye on the girls. Yes Mom!

When they left Debbie came into my room for her anal fuck. She was my favorite girlfriend. She was taking on her womanly shape and charms. Her asshole had been prepared like the others had been. I but her on her back, kissed her, and slipped my cock into her pussy first to get it wet then I easily slipped it into her ass. Debbie had a cute little smile on her face and her eyes were closed. She was enjoying this. So was I! For her other two holes I had been rushed so this was very nice. I knew now that taking my time was better for both of us. Fucking like a bunny was for the bunnies not humans. I reached down and tickled her clit as I slowly slipped my cock almost out of her butt and then all the way back in slowly. When I came it was probable the best except maybe for that very first time in Beth when I lost my virginity.

While Mom and Dad were at the movies the girls put on a dildo show for me. They said that they had learned to like the artificial cocks but that my real one was much better. Debbie could get a whole twelve inches of that long double-ended dildo down her throat or at least past her lips. She was better than any of the other girls were. They could all poke that double-ended dildo in their asses, fold it in half, and stick the other end into their pussies and fuck themselves with it. Then Debbie and Julie shared it. Half went in each of their pussies and their pussies almost touched in the process. I loved it. Beth and Cathy tried to put on as good a show for me too.

Soon Mom and Dad were home and we settled down for the night. I fell asleep but woke up early Sunday morning with Debbie in my bed. She was smiling and kissed me. Then she said that I was supposed to fuck her in any hole that I wished. I chose her pussy and a slow fuck. She seemed to like it just as much as I did.

Debbie said, “I love you! I’m your girlfriend now so you can do this anytime that you want too!”

I said, “I love you too! As your boyfriend I might want this a lot!”

Debbie smiled and kissed me.

That Sunday each of them presented themselves to me and told me that they loved me and that I could fuck them anytime that I wanted too. I told each of them that I loved them too, and I really did. Loving four girlfriends was no different than loving my mother, father, and sister but I got to fuck my girlfriends.

Julia was going to get a lot of my attention because she lived across the hall but I knew that Debbie was going to sleep over a lot more now.

The End
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