Sylvia wanted to join her local Girl Scout troop.
This story is strictly FICTION and in no way should be construed as anything else.

The Girl Scouts of America is a very good organization, as is the Boy Scouts of America.

Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout program is for girls between the ages of eleven and seventeen or from the sixth to the twelfth grade. Every one in the whole world knows about Girl Scout Cookies especially the Thin Mints.

Well this is something that you don’t hear about!

When my wife as a young girl she couldn’t wait to join her local Girl Scout Troop. Even her mother wanted to help out as an Assistant Scout Leader. They had both filled out their paper work and submitted it. All they needed to do was wait until Sylvia turned Eleven years old.

My wife is now fifty-six years old so this took place forty-five years ago in 1962.

Sylvia was your typical eleven-year-old girl. She was four feet nine inches tall and weighed eighty-five pounds. Sylvia had started to develop but not like the girls do today. She remembered getting her first real bra. It was a 32-A but at least she was out of those training bras that she had been wearing. She was proud of her little breasts and the fact that she was finally growing some hair on her pussy too.

Her mother Gloria was for the most part your typical thirty-year-old woman of that day too. She wore full bras with plenty of hooks on the back and a panty girdle with garter clips to hold up her stockings.

Sylvia remembers how nice she looked in her brand new Girl Scout uniform. She was very impressed with her mother’s Girl Scout Leader uniform too. She admired the way that her mother’s hips looked, the way her waist was so slim, and the way her breasts stuck out so far. Gloria had the hourglass figure that all of the men seemed to like.

Gloria didn’t drive and her husband was settled in for the night so that Friday evening Sylvia and her mother walked to their first Troop Meeting. Sylvia remembered that she held her mother’s hand as they walked and that her mother had worn a pair of high heels like she always did when she got dressed up. They walked about six blocks and knocked on the door of the house where the Leader lived.

A woman in a Girl Scout Leader uniform opened the door and invited them in. Sylvia was introduced to the other girls and Gloria was introduced to the other Leaders. There were seven other girls and two other Leaders. Mom liked the fact that there would be four women to the eight girls. She had been afraid that there wouldn’t be enough adult supervision.

The girls were all eleven to fourteen years old and all of the mothers were about the same age too. They had been told about reciting the Girl Scout Oath and eating a whole box of cookies. So the meeting came to order. Sylvia and Gloria recited the Girl Scout Oath as the rest of the girls stood around. They were congratulated on getting it right. Next they would have to eat a whole box of cookies. Back in those days a box of Thin Mints contained forty cookies instead of the thirty-four that they package today.

Before the Cookie Eating Ceremony started the front door was locked, the back door was locked, and all of the curtains were pulled on the windows. The house was sealed. Gloria and Sylvia were impressed when the candles were lit. Sylvia and Gloria were told to go into the kitchen. After a few minutes they were called back into the living room.

Sylvia saw the look on her mother’s face as she entered the room then entered herself. Everyone was naked. They were told to undress while everyone else watched them. They were told to do it very slowly. Sylvia hardly remembers getting undressed but she sure remembered her mother getting undressed. Everyone watched Gloria undress and never took their eyes off of her. Gloria removed her necktie and then very slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Gloria had to pull her blouse up out of her skirt to unbutton the last few. Then she slowly pushed the blouse back over her shoulders and down her arms until it was off. Gloria neatly placed it on the couch near the pile of Sylvia’s clothes. Gloria stood there and let everyone take in her beauty. Gloria had decided to wear her sexy corset, the kind that starts about the hips, scrunches in her waist, and holds her breasts up high. Next Gloria unhooked her belt, unzipped the back of her skirt and let it drop to the floor. As she turned and bent over to pick it up everyone saw her rather large white cotton panties stretch across her fine ass. She was so happy that she had worn a new pair. Gloria slipped off her high heels and then unhooked her stockings from her garter belt. She sat in a chair and unrolled her stockings one at a time down her shapely legs to her ankles then removed them. Gloria stood back up and removed her garter belt and put it with the rest of her clothes. Then Gloria stood up proudly, smiled at the crowd and then reached around to unhook her corset. The Troop Leader offered to do that for her so Gloria turned around to let her. There must have been twenty tiny hooks holding it tight to her body. After it was unhooked Gloria turned to face everyone as she slowly lowered it until her breasts fell free. As she leaned over to set it with her clothes her nice firm breasts swayed gently. Finally Gloria put her thumbs in the top elastic of her panties and slowly lowered them to her crotch. Then Gloria leaned over to push them to her ankles and off. As she stood up she tossed her panties onto her pile. Both Sylvia and Gloria stood at attention as the other girls and women stared at their naked bodies. Sylvia noticed that her mother’s breasts were the best looking pair in the room, her figure was the best in the room, and she was the prettiest woman in the room too. Even her pubic hair looked neat compared to the other women. Sylvia was a little jealous that all of the other girls had more pubic hair than she did.

Sylvia was told to lay on her back, a Leader put a Thin Mint cookie in Sylvia’s pussy putting it in as far as she could. She even opened her pussy lips with her fingers to get it all the way in. Gloria was told to eat her first cookie. That was the first time that anyone had ever licked her pussy. Gloria had gotten down on her knees and nibbled on the cookie and then licked the melted chocolate off her daughter’s pussy lips. Gloria slid her tongue in her daughter’s pussy as far as she could to get it clean. Sylvia remembered liking that the best. Then Sylvia had to eat one of her cookies out of her mother’s pussy. The leader poked it in further so that Sylvia had to dig around in her mother’s pussy with her finger to get it all then she had to hold her pussy lips open to get her tongue in far enough to lick the chocolate coating that had melted. Finally the Leader said that she had done a good enough job and let her stop.

After that, two of the other girls got on the floor on their backs, cookies were inserted into their pussies, and Sylvia and Gloria ate the cookies and licked the container clean. Sylvia and Gloria traded girls and ate another cookie. They ate cookies out of the next four girls then a girl and a Leader got on the rug to take their turn. The final pair were both women. That accounted for twelve of the cookies.

So Gloria and Sylvia ate cookies out of one another again then the rest of the girls and women. That was twenty-four cookies. Round three made thirty-six cookies. To use up the last four cookies Sylvia had to eat them off of the oldest girl and Gloria had to eat them off the Troop Leader. Another Leader placed one on each nipple and one in their pussies. They had to eat the cookie and lick the nipples clean. Eating the cookie in their pussies and licking them clean was getting to be fun but there was one cookie left. The Troop Leader and the oldest girl turned over, put their chests on the rug, and thrusting their ass into the air. The other Leader placed the last cookie in their ass cheeks and rubbed it into their assholes as best she could. Sylvia and Gloria ate the cookies and licked the assholes as clean as possible.

They were congratulated on passing their initiation. Then two more boxes of cookies were opened. Sylvia and Gloria said that they couldn’t eat another cookie. They were told that they didn’t have too. The cookies were placed in their pussies and the other girls had to eat and lick. The seven girls and the three leaders got to eat four cookies each. That was one out of their pussies, one off each of their nipples, and the last one out of their asses. All ten Troop members had licked their pussies, sucked their nipples, and licked their assholes.

After that there were sex games to play. ‘Spin the Bottle’ was fun and everyone got a chance to kiss everyone else. ‘Daisy Chain’ was an opportunity to eat everyone’s pussy without eating any more cookies. ‘Nurse the Baby’ was just a cute way to suck every nipple again. Gloria noticed that they didn’t play a game so that she could lick every asshole again and asked about it. The Troop Leader smiled and asked the girls to give that new game a name. Soon they were all playing ‘Eat the Hershey Highway.’

Gloria liked the dirty thought of licking all of their assholes it was something that her husband had wanted her to do for years but she had always refused. He was going to be in for a real treat later that night. As far as eating another woman’s pussy this too was something that her husband had always wanted her to do but of course he had wanted to watch. Sucking the other women’s nipples was something that she had always wanted to do for herself and it was everything that she had hoped it would be.

Up until that day Gloria had never touched another naked woman other than her daughter Sylvia in her younger years. Gloria liked women as much as she did her husband.

Today whenever my wife thinks back about that first time her panties get wet. Her mother Gloria quite often joins us in our bed for a weekend. I enjoy watching the two women make love. After forty-five years of licking each other’s private parts they are very good at it. One time my mother-in-law gave my wife fifty-seven orgasms before my wife passed out in her sexual bliss.

I can honestly say to my friends that I love my mother-in-law…just as often as I can.

The End
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