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Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

"Hey Alex. I'm so happy for you and Logan."

"Thanks Jeff, but what happened to you?"

"What do you mean?"

"This speaking in tongues stuff."

"Oh! You heard. Who told you?"

"Who didn't tell me!" Everyone thinks your cranium cracked."

"It was crazy! But I'm still the little rascal you always knew."

"You look different."

"How? What's different?"

"I don't know, but I'm afraid for you."

"Come off it! You're fearless. We're fearless. I couldn't be happier."

"Maria says she sees the Holy Spirit burning in your heart. What's that supposed to mean?"

"I don't know that stuff. Maria burns in my heart.... I guess you could say God burns in my heart."

"So you're in love with God."

"Nooooo ... yes! Sean's a dad to me. So is God. I feel so loved by them."

"I wish he'd love me."

"God does love you."

With fluttering eyes, "No, I mean Sean."

Jeff tackles Alex, "You only have sex on your mind."

"So do you. You want Sean too."

Jeff had forgotten that he had told Alex that some time ago. "I love Maria. Now I want Sean as a father only."

"Good. Then he’s mine."


Alex smiles slyly, kissing Jeff on the cheek.

Jeff smiles likewise, "I'm telling Logan."


When Jeff gets home, he hugs Sean vigorously.

"Thanks, Jeff, you're so bubbly today."

Flippantly, "Yeah, you wanna bubble bath?"

Sean smiles, "No, but I need a shower."

Jeff jumps for joy, "With me!"

Appreciative of his enthusiasm, "Yes, I'm ready."

Jeff looks deeply into Sean's eyes, "I won't be pushy. I love you to much for that."

Feeling like their souls just touched, "I've been sensing that."

In the shower, Jeff says, "I missed this so much. It's like my soapy hands gliding across every inch of your body expresses my deep love for you."

"Jeff, it's better this time. I don't feel threatened anymore. I trust you not to twist my arm. I'm not afraid."

Jeff responds, looking up, "Dear Lord, I feel like I'm loving you as I love Sean. I feel your love while I feel Sean's love."

Sean's especially in his glory as Jeff carefully lathers up his testicles, "I feel so loved." Jeff responds with the same words as Sean washes his buttocks. Questions of sexual intent never enter the picture. Each knows that neither one has any sexual agenda, so the thought never crosses their minds. After drying each other off, they get into bed with no thought of their nakedness. They cuddle, talking about Birch Aquarium. Then they fall asleep in each others arms.

Soon Rachel gets home from work, seeing them naked in each other's arms. She feels the urge to join them, but chooses not to disturb their nap. She leaves to get her camera, taking several shots of them. She then gets on Sean's computer, making one of the photos his background. She prints another, frames it and sets it in the den.

As she cooks dinner, Jeff wakes up thinking, "Wow, Mom could have seen us napping naked. Sean always has his clothes on when she gets home. I guess she didn't come up here." He starts getting dressed, then stops, thinking, "I'm always naked when she gets home." So he runs down to greet her.

Soon Sean awakens, thinking, "I'm naked. It's a good thing Jeff wasn't here when Rachel got home." He gets dressed and goes down to greet Rachel. Soon he goes to his office. In no time he's back with a apprehensive look of disbelief on his face. Jeff returns from the den at the same time, with the same look on his face. Rachel ignores them, but clearly notices their expressive looks. Sean and Jeff look at each other, perplexed by each other's apprehension.

Rachel looks up, "Dinner's ready.... Why are you two looking at me like I'm a ghost?"

Both stammer with Jeff finally noting, "There's a nude picture of me and Sean in the den."

Sean blurts out, "There is! There's one on my computer too!"

Rachel smiles, "Welcome to the 21st century."

Suddenly Jeff goes on the attack, "Mom, you took a picture of us naked!"

"No I didn't."

Puzzled further, "You didn't?"

"No. I took several."

Breathing a sigh of relief, Sean simply says, "Cute. You sure had us going!"

"Yes, you two just were too cute. I had to take some pictures."

"Mom, you don't plan to keep that picture in the den, do you?"

"No, it belongs in an art gallery."

Sean panics, "Yeah right! I could be arrested for that picture on my computer."

Changing the momentum, "Sean, you were naked when I got home."

Suddenly Sean and Jeff become apprehensive again. Finally Sean says, "It just doesn't seem like a concern anymore. I let myself be myself."

"Then why worry so much?"

"Well ... I don't know if you feel the same way."

Rachel smiles, goes to hug him, "I sure do."


2007-09-27 06:33:34
What an awful piece of crap this is. How did you ever work up enough nerve to submit this piece of garbage? You have balls, I'll say that much. 0/10


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2007-04-20 21:04:16
Why dont you quit writing these stupid fucking stories you sorry ass


2007-04-20 11:58:12
please give up....

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