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Chapter 4 - Summer of Love:

It was summertime, and I was back at camp, my freshman year at high school successfully behind me. The wait staff was nowhere near as attractive as last year, and I was wondering where I could find some summertime romance.

There was a private camp next to ours. It was a family with many boys, but just one girl, a tiny blonde of twelve named Janice. It wasn’t long before she was following me around most of the time as I did my duties, her large eyes following my every move.

It made me uncomfortable. She was just a kid. The top of her head only came halfway up my chest, and her tits were just large enough to be noticeable, way less than a mouthful. It was obvious that she was going to grow into a real beauty someday, but for a couple of weeks, I was not interested, and considered her a bother, like an annoying little sister following big brother around all the time. I even yelled at her a couple of times to go home, and she would, but then would show up again in a couple of days, and pick up where she left off.

This went on for a while, and I guess I got used to it. I didn’t yell at her anymore, and I started to vaguely wonder where she was, or what she was doing when she wasn’t around.

We talked a few times and I found out that she was an orphan. She had been fostered out to the family next door, and they didn’t seem to keep very close tabs on her. She was often over at our place well after dark.

We would sometimes sit on the front porch at night when no one was around, and I would tell her tall tales. She would sit and listen to me for hours if I let her, her large dark eyes focused on me and hanging on every word. I got the impression that no one next door paid much attention to her.

I occasionally went swimming in the lake after dark to wash the sweat off instead of taking a shower, and one night, as I was standing at the bottom of the ladder in about four feet of water, about ready to get out, she swam right up to me. She was wearing a one-piece, stretchy suit and as she came to a stop before me and stood up, I could see her nipples pointing out proudly from her chest. To my surprise, my cock started to come to attention. For the first time, my body was looking at her as a possible lover rather than just a little girl. My mind raged at me, “Just what are you thinking of? She’s only twelve!”

“Hi!” she said brightly. The dock is a couple of feet above the water and we were standing in dark shadow, the light from the dock floods passing just over my head.

“Hi, yourself,” I replied, “What are you doing out here at this time of night?”

“I saw you taking a swim and decided to join you. Is that alright?” she asked.

“I guess so,” I said, with little evident enthusiasm.

“Don’t you like me, Dick?” she asked, “I thought we were becoming friends.” She moved towards me and suddenly her tiny body was pressed against me, her hard, little nipples boring holes in my stomach. She tentatively wrapped her arms around my waist, while looking up at me with her large, dark eyes.

I was wearing swim trunks, and I know she could feel my hard-on pushing on her little belly, for by now I was fully aroused.

“I like you just fine, but you’re just a little girl,” I blurted.

“I’m growing up. I’ll be thirteen next month,” she said, still gauzing into my eyes, her body tight against me. The water between us had warmed up twenty degrees, I swear.

It seemed impolite to not put my arms around her, so I did, holding her gently. She dropped her head and nuzzled her face into my chest. I started to softly rub her back. She was so small! I’d kill her if I tried anything.

“That feels nice,” she said, “go lower.” I complied, lengthening my strokes. Starting at her lower back, I repeatedly massaged upwards to her shoulders, applying a bit more pressure and trying not to move my groin.

She sighed, and if anything, pressed herself tighter against me, my cock being pleasantly squeezed between our bodies. I was sure I could see steam rising from the water around us.

“Lower,” she said softly. Like my hands had a mind of their own, they reached down and firmly grasped the backs of her upper thighs. Her legs spread a little as I gently squeezed and fondled, the tops of my hands touching the bottom of her ass cheeks. I inched upwards, and no longer thinking quite right, slid my fingers into the crotch of her suit and cupped her naked cheeks in my palms, kneading firmly, the tips of my fingers securely in the crack of her ass.

She spread her legs and wrapped them around my thighs. I played with her tiny rosebud for a moment, then pushed my index finger gently into the incredibly tight opening, the water providing adequate lubrication as long as I went slow. She gasped, but didn’t let go. My finger probed delicately at the entrance, but I didn’t try to push it past the tight ring of muscles protecting her delicate insides. After a moment, I realized she was gently thrusting her hips back and forth, pushing against my finger, then pressing back tightly against my raging hard-on. It was too much. To my horror, I came, gushing out a flood of sperm into my trunks. She was pressed so tightly against me, she had to feel every spurt as it raced the length of my cock, and shot against her flat, hard, little belly, even through two layers of clothing, and she couldn’t miss the sudden warmth in the cool water.

“Janice!” someone called from next door.

“Coming!” she cried. Someone was, that was for sure.

She looked up at me, “I think we can be friends, don’t you?” she said, in what I was sure was her best little girl voice.

Without waiting for an answer, she disengaged herself and I reluctantly removed my hands from her firm, little ass. She kissed me on my chest and swam away towards home.

I washed the sperm from the inside of my trunks, and thoughtfully got out of the water, Junior still looking for some more action. “Not tonight buddy, but maybe soon.”

I didn’t see Janice for a couple of days, but when I did, it was like nothing had happened, at least, for her. She was her same bubbly little self, but whenever she came in sight, Junior would come to attention in a hurry. She would just look at the bugle in my pants, smile shyly, and then ignore it.

A couple of weeks went by and my nuts were aching almost constantly. They were building up a load with a specific name on it, but I was still wondering if I should just put an end to it, and try to get her out of my mind.

I was once again the only resident of the male dorm that summer, and one night I again awoke to someone standing beside my bed in the dark. There was no mistaking Janice’s small form in the dim light. I glanced at the clock on the nightstand and saw that it was 1:30 in the morning.

“What are you doing?” I asked sternly, “You are going to get into serious trouble if anyone catches you sneaking over here at this time of night.”

“My window opens wide and I can sneak out without anybody noticing,” she replied, “I do it all the time.”

“Why are you here,” I asked, still keeping the tone of deep disapproval in my voice.

“It was my birthday yesterday, and you didn’t give me anything.” she said in a matter-of-fact manner. “I wanted to know why.”

“For one thing, I didn’t know it was your birthday yesterday, and for another, that still doesn’t excuse you being in my bedroom in the middle of the night.” I was exasperated, and it didn’t help that right on queue, my cock was getting hard, forming a distinctive tent in the bedclothes.

Before I could stop her, she reached out and poked at the tent pole, “What’s that?” she asked.

“Yyou knnow dddamn well what that is,” I stuttered. I was rapidly losing control of the situation and knew it. My whole body was trembling in nervous excitement as I stared at the forbidden fruit standing before me, my cock harder than it had ever been, and the sperm in my nuts already starting to boil. Was she going to make me do it again, I wondered? Was I going to shoot all over the sheets?

“Can I see it, Dick?” she asked softly, biting her lip, “It can be my birthday present.”

I tried to force myself to be calm, but it wasn’t going to happen. She could certainly hear the shaking in my voice. “Iiif wwe sssstart that, yyou mmmay not llike what hhappens next.” I couldn’t believe the state I was in. This had never happened to me before.

“You won’t hurt me,” she said with conviction. Little did she know just how hurt she could be if I didn’t find a way to stop this. I watched her take the sheet and pull it down until my large cock popped free. I couldn’t do anything but watch her, wondering why I had no control over my limbs. She reached out tentatively and wrapped her hand around it. I clenched my teeth and somehow kept myself from cumming right then and there.

“It’s so big,” she said in awe, and all of a sudden, my nervous tension was gone. There was no longer a decision to be made. I was going to fuck this little girl if I could get it in her without killing her. I was in control again. I sat up and turned, swinging my legs over the side of the bed, and dislodging her hand. I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her, my cock looking her right in the eye, so to speak.

She just looked back at me, not saying a word, and for a moment, I was lost in those wonderful large eyes of hers. I reached out and took her shoulders, pulling her gently to me while spreading my legs. It was a high bed and the tip of my cock almost reached the level of her tiny breasts. She was wearing a t-shirt, sweat bottoms and a pair of sandals. I reached down and pulled her t-shirt over her head. She smiled at me when her face became visible again, and bent down to rub the tip of my cock against her chest. My lance trailed a vertical line of precum between her breasts that glistened in the dim light. She stood back, kicked her sandals off, dropped her sweats to her ankles, and kicked them away as well.

She stood before me and I took my time, savoring every detail. Her breasts were tiny, tight, and high, the nipples standing out like dark raspberry gumdrops in the cool night air. Her belly was as advertised, flat and hard. The gentle swell of her hips matched the rest of her perfectly. Her vulva had no hair on it that I could see in the dim light, her pussy and clit fully exposed. I could place at least two fingers between her thighs and not touch either one. Her legs were trim and taut. My cock was straining to touch her from three feet away.

I patted the bed beside me, and without hesitation, she climbed up, swung around, and settled into my lap facing me, her legs stretched out to either side, and my cock between us, the tip reaching almost to her breastbone as she balanced on my thighs. In this position, her legs were spread very wide, and I could she her tiny pussy, the lips gaping wide, with her little dark and erect clit sitting on top like the cherry on a sundae.

I cupped her tiny ass cheeks and pulled her close, my cock standing like a thick flagpole between us. I kissed her deeply and she immediately opened her mouth to my gentle probing. Once again, I explored her tiny rosebud with my finger, and she wiggled in my lap. I brought my other hand up to touch her breasts, fondling them gently and pinching her nipples softly. If anything, they got even larger and harder. She reached between us and placed both of her small hands on my cock, exploring it gently. I tensed and she looked up at me.

“What’s wrong? Am I hurting you?” she asked anxiously.

“No, baby, but I’m very close to cumming,” I replied.

“Is that when you put your sperm into me?” she asked.

“Yes, but you have me so excited I might shoot it all over you instead.”

Her eyes got big as she considered it. “I would like to see that,” she said.

“Keep that up and you will. Anytime now.” I replied.

She kept up her explorations, occasionally reaching down with one hand to cup and gently squeeze my balls. Before long, my precum was halfway down my cock, and her hands started spreading it further.

“What is this stuff, Dick?” she asked.

“It’s a natural lubricant, so things can slide together more easily,” I replied, “A woman makes her own, too, you know.”

“My cunny gets wet when I rub it.”

“As it should. Show me.”

She thought about that for a minute, then reached down and touched herself with one hand, while the other continued to gently rub my incredibly hard cock. She explored herself for a minute, then began to lightly rub her clit. Her eyes closed, and her hips began a gentle rocking motion.

This continued for a while, her breath coming harder as she picked up the pace a little, her hand on my cock keeping time perfectly. I continued to cup and knead her tiny ass cheeks, keeping my index finger firmly at the entrance to her anus, and probing gently on occasion. She started to prod the entrance of her cunt with a finger, while continuing to rub her little nub. Her breath was coming faster, and her face was screwed up in an expression of intense concentration.

I watched as her finger finally slid into her cunt. She slid it in as deep as she could, then pulled it out and pushed it back in once again, giving a little thrust with her hips to match. Within seconds, she was fully into finger fucking herself, going faster and faster, her whole body quivering on my lap. She still had not forgotten me. Her little hand on my cock was now sliding the full length in time with her finger thrusts. For a while, the pressure in my nuts had backed off some, but the multiple stimulation of her hand, the sight of her tiny pussy being repeatedly invaded, and the sound of her heavy breathing was bringing me on rapidly.

I removed my finger from her butt. Placing it in my mouth, I wet it thoroughly and put it back in its place, probing ever harder. Within seconds, three things happened almost simultaneously; she gasped and came, her finger deep in her little cunt, my finger popped into her extremely tight ass and went to the hilt, and the cum exploded out of my cock, hitting her in the chin and spraying across her neck and tiny tits.

Her eyes popped open, but were unfocused, her mouth open as she sucked in more air. Her motions finally came to a stop, as my cock pumped out three or four more spurts, dribbling over her hand and down her lovely little belly, until finally it coated the entire outside of her pussy, and the hand that was still down there, rubbing it into her folds.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, “What a mess!”

“I warned you.”

She brought both hands to her mouth and started to lick them clean. The taste seemed to surprise her. “It’s bitter,” she said.

I gently pulled my finger part way out of her ass, and thrust it back in. She arched her back and moaned, pushing her cum spattered tits towards me.

I bent my head down to take a breast in my mouth, but it was too far away because of her size. With my hands still cupping her ass cheeks, it was only natural to lift her up until I could cover her entire left tit with my mouth, sucking gently, then lapping it clean, taking extra time to nibble and suck on her hard little nipple.

I repeated the performance on her right tit, finishing by licking off her neck and chin, then kissing her full on the lips. I pulled back and she smiled at me prettily. “That was the best I’ve ever felt,” she said, “I love you, Dick.”

Whoa! Too fast girl! My mind was in a whirl, but it was not the time to think about it. Not with a wet, eager pussy suspended over my still-hard cock. I was still holding her suspended in mid-air, her hands on my shoulders, and one finger still tight in her hot ass. She couldn’t weigh more than 80 pounds, if that. I lowered her down and the tip of my shaft found the entrance to her pussy. I didn’t try to enter her yet. I kept her suspended, with just enough weight on my cock to keep it in solid contact with her hot opening. I gently moved my finger in and out of her ass and kissed her again, this time gently pushing my tongue between her lips. They parted and I explored her sweet mouth. After a moment, she started to use her own tongue, and we played for bit, breathing each other’s air, and gently sucking and nibbling in turn.

She started to moan again, and I let a little more of her weight settle on my cock. The head was pushing harder into her opening, but not making any progress. Lubrication was not a problem. We were both as wet as we could be.

I let a little more weight settle, then some more. The pressure on the head of my cock was becoming uncomfortable, but I could feel her opening starting to expand.

I pulled my head back for some air. She was breathing hard again, her eyes closed and that look of concentration was back. With hardly any warning, the head of my cock popped into her pussy and her eyes flew open. “Ohhhhhh,” she moaned softly, “It’s so big.”

The pressure on the head on my cock was incredible. She was even tighter than the first time with Janet, and I wanted more than anything to feel that pressure along the entire length of my cock.

I let her breathe for a moment, then pulled my finger almost all the way out of her clenching ass and shoved it back in, hard, while letting her sink another inch onto my steel-like shaft. “Ahhhhhh,” she sighed. Her lips were quivering, her mouth hanging half open, her delicate little tongue sticking out and to the side, while her legs squeezed my hips hard.

I lifted her up an inch. Despite how wet we were, she was so tight I couldn’t control the movement well enough to prevent the head from slipping out.

“No!” she squealed, “Put it back in!”

I lowered her, and with some difficulty, entered her again and sank in a couple of inches or so. I can’t describe the feeling. There are no words adequate enough to describe how hot and tight she was. She was panting now, and quivering all over. I lifted her again, this time able to stop the head of my cock from popping out. I let her sink back down on my cock, penetrating deeper. The head of my cock was tingling from the pressure being applied, and all of a sudden, it got worse, as her entire body shuddered into a massive orgasm. She threw her head back and whipped it from side to side, her long, blonde ponytail almost hitting my face. Her cunt was rhythmically squeezing my cock, almost forcing it from her body. My hips involuntarily hunched upwards to prevent just that, and between spasms, I penetrated a few more millimeters, coming within a hairbreadth of shooting my load.

As she came down from the peak, I started lifting and lowering her body, moving only an inch or two each time, the finger in her ass matching my thrusts. I quickly realized that I had to back off. Otherwise, I was going to shoot again before achieving full penetration. I was on a mission, and my next delivery was destined to be as deep as possible in her tiny, perfect body.

I lifted her off of me and stood up. Her hard, little nipples bored into my chest as her arms and legs slid naturally around my shoulders and hips. I turned around and lowered her to the bed, removing my finger from her sweet, little ass as I did so, and my cock falling down to smack her pussy lips. She cried out softly and laid back on the bed, her legs still wrapped around my buttocks, spread about as wide as they could go, her lovely pussy gaping open and looking ready for more. I was all I could do to stop myself from simply pulling back and driving in her to the hilt. I did take a moment to rub the length of my cock up and across her clit, and she arched her back with a long moan.

I took her legs and placed them on my shoulders, then dropped to my knees. Pulling her to me, I buried my face into her groin, sniffing deeply to savor the sweet smell of very aroused pussy. Some of her fluids were dripping down the crack of her ass, and I started lapping them up. I played with her little rosebud with the tip of my tongue for a minute. I tried a couple of times to penetrate her ass with it, but there was no way that was going to happen. I slid my tongue up to her pussy and thrust it deep. I heard her gasp and her pussy gave my tongue a squeeze. I dragged it upwards across her hard little clit, and the gasp turned into a moan. I repeated the motion, dropping my tongue to her ass hole again, licking it for a moment, then dragging it to her cunt, digging deep, then finishing with another drag across her clit. She writhed on the bed. Her knees came up and tried to lock my head into place. I repeated my tongue dance over and over again, each long trip taking six or seven seconds.

I reached up with my hands and fondled her tiny breasts, rolling and gently pinching the nipples. She was moaning almost continuously, and she seemed very close to cumming once again. I brought my right hand down and started to softly stroke her clit with my thumb, while I furiously fucked her tight pussy with my tongue. I noticed in passing that her soft mound was covered with a sparse, soft down, almost white in color. She came in seconds, and a fresh supply of her juices coated my tongue, her pussy contracting and her fists pounding the bed while her body writhed in an intense orgasm.

I lapped up every drop, then stood up. The brief interlude had helped the need to cum to back off a bit, and I wanted to be in her again. I took her right leg and paired it with her left, then reached down and picked her up as if I was going to carry her across the threshold. I laid her lengthwise on the bed with her head on my pillow, tore the top sheet and blanket off, and threw them to the floor. I climbed onto the bed and knelt between her legs, which were wide apart once again as she watched my every move with those doe-like eyes.

With her tiny ass, her pussy was far below my cock. I could lie on her, but she was so tiny, and I’m no lightweight. I pulled the pillow from behind her head, then took her legs and placed them once again on top of my shoulders. I doubled over the pillow and moved to place it under her ass. She quickly got the idea and raised her hips high off the bed. When she lowered them again onto the pillow, her tiny opening was lined up almost perfectly with the head of my rock-hard shaft.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I took my hardness in one hand and guided it to her cunt lips. Gently thrusting forward, her entrance resisted for a moment, then the head popped in, followed slowly by two or three inches of my shaft. I still can’t describe it, so use your imagination. I moved my hands to the top of her hips and held her tightly, amazed to note that my thumbs came within six inches from meeting in the middle.

She was still watching me, but that now familiar look of concentration was back.

“You okay?” I asked. She hadn’t said anything for several minutes.

She just nodded, biting her lip. I started a gentle stroking motion in and out, only an inch or two. With my hands at the tops of her hips, I had more control over my penetration. I kept this up for quite a while, not trying to go deeper just yet. The pressure seemed to ease a bit, as her outer cunt worked to accommodate my girth. It was easier to move in her and I started to go deeper, still stroking gently. Her fluids were squishing around and past my cock, dripping down the crack of her ass and onto the pillow and sheet beneath us. I was going to have a very large wet spot in the middle of my bed.

I thrust a little deeper and the head of my cock flattened out a bit as it hit a soft obstruction. Janice winced, but didn’t say anything. My conscience kicked in one last time.

“Baby, we have had a lot of fun tonight, but this is where we cross the line. Are you sure you don’t want me to stop and let you go home? If you didn’t know, this is going to hurt, maybe a lot.”

“I’ve wanted something since the first time I touched myself and realized it felt good. I didn’t know what it was until that night in the lake. Fuck me. Cum in me. Make me cum again.” It was a simple declaration, almost no emotion except for the last three sentences, which were spoken with a firm conviction.

So be it. I pulled back and thrust hard, tearing through her barrier and forcing another couple of inches up her incredibly tight channel. She screamed, her body jerking off the bed. I swear she was completely in mid air at one point. I hope no one heard her, I thought vaguely.

Holding my hips still, I placed my hands under her shoulders and bent down over her, kissing her gently and licking her tears away. She was crying softly, but I swear her eyes held nothing but love. My cock was being squeezed to death, but, “Oh! What a way to go.” I felt like I was in a warming oven, with someone’s soft, but muscular hand squeezing me like they were working a hand exerciser, and not easing up a bit.

She stopped crying, and suddenly moved her hips against me, my cock sliding in another inch. I groaned while she winced. I was on the edge again. Was I going to fail at my mission?

I slowly pulled all the way back until just my head was still engaged, then just as slowly, plumbed her depths again. She winced once more, but as I drove in further, a look of rapture crossed her face, and her legs pulled against my buttocks, as if she was trying to pull me in deeper.

I pulled back and did it again. No wincing this time.

I kept delivering those long slow strokes, but the pressure in my nuts was now starting to exceed the pressure with which her pussy walls gripped my steel shaft. She started to actively fuck me back, meeting each of my thrusts with a little one of her own. I began to slide deeper into her each time, as her clenching quim worked hard to take all of me. It wasn’t going to happen. I bottomed out at the end of one long thrust, with maybe an inch and a half of my shaft left out in the cold. She shuddered, her arms pulling her body up to me, bringing her shoulders off of the bed, while her legs clenched at my buttocks, trying to pull me deeper and grinding her ass hard against my tool.

I pulled back and thrust again, harder and faster than before. There was like a bright light behind my eyes and it was getting hard for me to see her. My balls were boiling. The first load had been wasted, but this one was going to go where it belonged. I started to drive in and out of her in rapid deep strokes. Driving as deep as I could each time, I hammered her. I wasn’t caring about how she was feeling; all my energies were focused on one goal. I pounded her deep into the pillow and mattress, and I realized she was giving a kind of a yelp each time I bottomed out. I eased up a bit, still moving quickly, but no longer trying to drive her through the mattress.

Despite the pain I was probably causing her, she seemed to be in continuous orgasm, her mouth open and gasping, her body shuddering under me, as she persistently tried to meet my thrusts, and her pussy clenched me rhythmically.

The light behind my eyes exploded, and the sperm rushed the length of my cock and shot into her depths. “I can feel you!” she cried, which seemed like a particularly funny thing to say at that moment, but I knew what she meant.

I pulled back and dived in again, and then again, each time delivering another blast of cum to the entrance of her womb. My cum finally stopped, but I couldn’t. I fucked in and out of her like a dog. I tried to go easy on her, but I was almost certainly causing her more pain. My cock and hips didn’t seem to care, working together like a well-oiled fucking machine, pounding my sperm into her depths. She was no longer trying to meet my thrusts, but was just laying there, her tiny body taking everything I could give. Her legs were still around my hips, however, flexing in time to my deep penetrations.

I kept up my movements. Fifteen strokes, twenty, twenty-five, and suddenly my pubic bone connected with hers as the head of my cock popped into a deeper, and if possible, an even tighter place! Janice screamed once more, and her body went rigid as she again strained to pull me into her further!

My cock exploded again! Where it all came from I had no idea, apparently my nuts held back some reserves. I shot what felt like another full load of cum directly into her womb, holding myself tightly against her until the last feeble spurt dribbled in.

My cock started to soften and almost immediately popped out of where it was. Janice’s pussy was still milking me as she came off of yet another orgasm. I was able to continue thrusting into her for another minute or two, until her clenching cunt pushed my softened cock out with one last constriction.

I lifted her left leg off of my shoulder, and rolled to the side onto my back beside her. I was exhausted. Like I had run a marathon or something. As my breathing started to return to normal, there was movement beside me, and Janice snuggled up against me. I put my arm around her, and she settled into my side, her head on my shoulder and a leg and an arm across me. We both fell asleep within seconds.

When I awoke, it was daylight, and I was lying on my side. I was spooning Janice, and my stiff cock, always with its own agenda, was resting between her warm thighs, tight against her pussy lips. Daylight! I looked in panic at the clock. It was 5:30. I shook her awake, “You’ve got to get out of here!” I declared, “Now!”

We both leaped out of bed and started throwing our clothes on. She finished first and went for the door. “Wait!” I said, and quickly finished dressing. I went to the door, giving her a quick hug and kiss on the way. “Let me take a look.”

I walked out the door and stood on the stoop, looking around. There was nobody in sight and there were no lights on in the kitchen across the way, yet. I opened the door behind me and said softly, “Go! Stay out of sight and I’ll see you later.” She went by me and I gave her firm, pert ass a fast squeeze as she went. I breathed a little easier when she disappeared from sight.

I saw her briefly a couple of times that day, but it was 1:30 in the morning again when we got to be alone once more. I guess I was waiting for her, because I kept waking up, and this time, I heard her come in.

“Hi,” she said simply.

“Hi,” I replied, just as simply. She looked at me for a moment, then shed her clothes. I lifted the covers and she snuggled up against me once again. I think I was happy to have her there, and I know Junior was!

“You hurt me last night, several times, but it was still the best I have ever felt,” she said, “How can that be?” with a hint of wonder in her voice.

“You are very small, you are only thirteen, and I’m pretty large, as things go,” I explained, “You knew the first time was going to hurt.”

“Yes.” She thought for a minute. “Is it always that way for girls?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I admitted, “I think because of our size difference, it must have hurt more for you than with most.”

“Are you really that large?” she asked, “I mean, compared to other boys?”

“So I’m told,” I said, “but I don’t go around comparing with other guys.” Janice giggled, but didn’t say anything more for a while. My cock, as usual in her vicinity, was straining against the sheets, and I tried to ignore it.

After a minute or two, she said, “I dripped for most of the day. I had to put my pads back on to keep my panties dry.” And that got me thinking. So far, I had not really thought much about pregnancy, but if I was going to continue with Janice, it was past time to start considering the possible consequences. My parents had never mentioned sex to me, even though my mother must have noticed stains on the sheets at home years ago. My formal sex education was from “fuck” books, last summer with Janet, and a few quiet discussions in the corner with a couple of close friends in school. Somewhere I had picked up some dangerous information about the “rhythm” method of birth control. Dangerous, because I really didn’t know much. In fact, about all I knew was that for about a week before and after a girl’s period, she couldn’t get pregnant.

“When was your last period?” I asked.

“Last week, she said. With a bit more discussion, we worked out that her last period had ended six days ago. We were riding the edge of the cliff.

“This is the last night we can be together for a while,” I said, and explained why.

She agreed that she didn’t want to get pregnant. “I didn’t come over tonight for more sex anyway,” she said.

“You didn’t?” I asked, with some surprise.

“No, I just wanted to sleep with you again,” she said, and explained further, “I’m very, very, sore. I don’t think I could take you again tonight. I’m afraid it will hurt too much.”

I gently held her close for a couple of minutes and mentally told Junior to calm down, but he was having none of it. “There are other ways to have sex,” I said, turning her over onto her back and sliding between her legs. Despite her fear, she parted them willingly, trusting me completely.

I laid on her, supporting most of my weight on my elbows and knees, and with memories of my first time with Janet, my stiff cock slid the length of her crack and found a warm resting place snuggly between her firm ass cheeks. The upper part of my cock was pressed tight to her entire crotch, from her tiny, hard, little clit to the small of her back, and I could feel the warm moisture at the entrance to her pussy. Her nipples were hard on my lower chest, her arms around my shoulders, and her legs came up and wrapped around my upper thighs. We were as close as we could be without actually joining, and I held her like that for a long time, tilting my head down to softly kiss her brow, her eyes, and dipping lower, her soft and open mouth. She was panting a little, and I was having trouble controlling my own breathing.

I began to thrust against her gently, my cock sliding back and forth against her crotch, being sure to slide across her clit each time. Her breathing got heavier. I couldn’t keep this up for long. My load of cum was already strapping on the jetpacks, and the urge to just drive into her and unload was almost overwhelming. I slid down her body until I could reach her tiny breasts, and spent several minutes giving them the full attention of my lips and tongue. In this position, I was allowing more of my weight to rest on her lower body. My hard stomach was in contact with her clit, and I would occasionally slide my entire body up and down an inch or two to give her some more stimulation. Her thighs were now around my waist, her legs helping my efforts as much as possible.

I abandoned her firm, little breasts, and trailed my tongue down her chest, across her hard, flat stomach, dipping momentarily into her belly button, then reaching the top of her mound. I grasped her hips firmly, my arms under her legs, which were now resting again on my shoulders, and drove my tongue against the hard, little nub of her most sensitive sex organ. She moaned, and thrust her hips up to me.

I lashed at her clit and pussy lips, not trying to enter her. In a few short minutes, she came three times. On each occasion, digging her fingers into the hair on my head, forcing us closer together as she ground her hips against my mouth. As she came down from the last orgasm, I eased back, gently licking up the sweet juices running from her beautiful little pussy, occasionally softly biting one or the other of the taut muscles of her inner thighs as I cleaned the outer area of her sex completely.

I looked up at her in the dim light. “How was that?” I asked, knowing full well that I had made her feel very, very, good.

“What was wonderful!” she said, “ I really want you in me, but...”

“I know. I want you, too, but not tonight.” We rearranged ourselves, winding up facing each other on our sides, my steel-like shaft, covered in our combined fluids, pressed into her belly, and our arms wrapped around each other. I had one hand cupping her ass, holding her tight against me. It didn’t seem likely to happen, but I wanted to cum again so bad, it hurt.

“Can I do that to you?” she asked softly.

“What do you mean?” I asked hopefully.

“I made you cum last night with just my hands. Can I try it again?”

“Yyes,” I said, “If you want.”

“Lay on your back.” she ordered. I readily complied, and she straddled my legs, my flagpole pointing at her breasts. Placing both hands on it, she started rubbing me gently, quickly building up to full strokes, from the base all the way up the shaft, slippery with precum, to the head, squeezing it gently. After a few strokes, she bent down and took the head into her pretty, little mouth.

My cock exploded, sending its first load hard into the back of her throat. It surprised her, and choking, she backed off. The next spurt shot across her nose, eyes, and hair, her hands still squeezing and stroking me delightfully, pumping me in time with each offering from my rock hard lance. She caught the fourth, less forceful blast in her mouth, and keeping her lips over my cock, gently sucked the last of my spurts deep, swallowing it all.

She was very pleased with herself, and I was very pleased with her, as well. We cleaned up and I set the alarm. We both got a couple of hours sleep, holding each other close, until I kicked her out at 4:30.

She took a couple of nights off, but showed up again on the third night, and we wound up repeating our oral performances. We quickly fell into a routine. Janice would come over every third or fourth night. We would have sex, then sleep together for a few hours, until I had to reluctantly send her home before first light, occasionally getting another blowjob before she left. For the first time since last June with Janet, I was having sex on a regular basis, but there was an underlying frustration in not being able to fuck her for real.

She was getting very experienced in pleasing me, and within a week or two, she was taking me into her mouth as far as she could without choking, and usually able to swallow at least most of my copious seed. This made cleanup easier, but I wanted to be in her fully again. I had read about anal sex, and wanted to try it sometime, but was afraid I would hurt her more than the night I took her virgin pussy, so I controlled myself, and tried to be content with what I had.

One early morning, as she was getting ready to leave, she told me that her period should start in six or seven days, and with mutual excitement, we made a date for two nights away.

“Get lots of sleep between now and then,” I said, winking at her. She smiled prettily and nodded, then left, with a swing and a promise in her small hips, leaving me once again with a raging hard-on.

The next two days were terrible for me. Junior knew what was coming, and was at half-mast or worse most of the time. People had to notice that I was walking funny a lot. Despite my advice to Janice, I didn’t sleep hardly at all, and on the night of our “date,” I didn’t even try.

I cleaned up the dorm, and changed the sheets, then took a long, cold shower. Getting back to my room, I put on a pair of boxers, set out a couple of candles, and waited impatiently, watching television and listening for her arrival. I couldn’t tell you what was on the TV, it was just light and noise. A few minutes after 1:00 AM, she walked through the door.

She was wearing the usual t-shirt and sweats, and it was as if I was seeing her for the first time. With a shock, I realized that I was very probably in love with this little thirteen-year-old, and I wondered how it would all end.

I stood up and took her into my arms, grabbing her buttocks, and pulling her tight against my aching hardness. We kissed gently for a moment, but I was waiting no longer. Sitting her on the bed, I pulled her t-shirt off, then laid her back and quickly removed her sweats and sandals. She lay there, looking at me with love in her large, dark eyes as I took in the lovely sight of her naked body once again. Tonight, she was mine. All of her, to use, to love, to caress, and to cherish. The TV was still on, and I walked over and shut it off, then walked back to the side of the bed in just the candlelight. To my surprise, she was fingering herself, and I could see that her pussy was already very wet. I dropped my boxers and kicked them away, my long, thick shaft lined up with her waiting pussy. I took her legs and placed them on my shoulders, then pulled her tiny butt to the edge of the bed.

Taking a firm hold on my raging cock, I placed it at the entrance to her cunt. She was softly rubbing her erect clit, and she never took her eyes off of mine as I entered her. The head of my cock forced its way in, probing for her hot depths. She lifted her hips to me and I sank deeper. She was so tight, so hot. I had to have all of her. Now!

I leaned forward and forced myself into her clenching wetness, pulling her hips to me as I sank deeper and deeper, feeling every inch of her incredibly tight cunt as I dived for her center. I hit bottom and she moaned, deep in her throat. She was still rubbing her clit, and suddenly leaped in my hands, her cunt rippling in orgasm as she gasped, her head flying back and pounding the mattress.

Again, there was still an inch or so of my shaft out in the cold, and I ground my steel lance in her clenching sheath as she writhed beneath me, my cockhead flattened against the entrance to her womb. I slowly pulled back almost all the way, then drove in again, harder and faster. Incredibly, she continued to climax, one hand now fluttering against my ribcage, as I pulled back and plunged in again and again. I wasn’t going to be able to make this last. I had to have her completely. My need to cum in her and make her totally mine again was just too great.

I continued to deliver long, hard, and fast strokes, my balls slapping her upturned ass with each thrust, fucking her like a machine. Her head was thrown back, her gasping mouth open wide, and her eyes closed tightly, as her body continued to shudder in one, long orgasm. I drove in again and again. My seed was boiling, and the short countdown had begun. Nothing could stop it now.

On the next thrust, I suddenly went deeper, the head of my cock being squeezed unmercifully as I entered her womb, and my pubic bone smashed into her fingers, still rubbing her hard, little clit. I held there a moment, then pulled back out until just the head of my cock was still in her tight cunt. Diving back into her hot depths, I again went in all the way. She had removed her fingers and my groin was now hard against her as I ground into her pubes, trying to get even deeper. She dropped her legs off my shoulders, and removing my hands momentarily from the tops of her hips, I helped her settle them around my back.

Several more deep, hard thrusts, her legs working hard to pull me all the way into her. After three or four of these, the load with her name on it launched, rocketing up the length of my shaft under tremendous pressure, and squirting like a fire hose directly into her womb. She shuddered one last time and went limp, as I held myself tightly in her, and emptied my nuts of what felt like a quart of cum.

As the last few dribbles escaped from the end of my deeply embedded cock, I pulled back and thrust into her again, then again, pounding my sperm into her depths. On the third stroke, the tip failed to enter her womb as my cock started to soften, and I rested, my somewhat reduced cock held fully and tightly in her warm, wet confines. I was complete, fully satisfied at last.

As her breathing started to come back down from the previously galloping pace, she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Did I hurt you again?” I asked.

“Some,” she said, “but it was wonderful just the same. Better than last time, even!” Her eyes shone with love, and we smiled at each other.

I was able to fuck her again twice more that night, the last time, doggie style. In that position, I found that I was able to enter her fully, without piercing her womb, and for the first time we fucked “normally.” I think her cunt was finally learning to stretch enough to take all of me. She liked it better, too, as she was not as uncomfortable that way.

By that time, the edge was well off, and I fucked her with long, deep strokes for almost 45 minutes before pumping another load deep into her pussy. She came at least three times during that long, slow, romantic fuck, and by the time she left just before daylight, she was as well-fucked a young woman as was possible.

This went on all summer, oral sex for a couple of weeks, then fucking like rabbits for the few days either side of her period. We even fucked while she was having her period a couple of times, and while it was a pain to wash the bloody sheets and towels when no one was looking, it was worth it. She seemed to relax and enjoy it more on those occasions, and consequently, was even more passionate, if possible.

I was thoroughly enjoying having a willing lover I could trust, and that entire summer was almost pure bliss for the both of us. Inevitably, however, fall was fast approaching, and our lovemaking sessions were doomed to end. Janice would be moving with her foster family back to a small city more than twenty miles away, and I would be going back to high school as a sophomore.

We made the most of it, the last week of August fortunately coinciding with her non-fertile period. We were both pretty bushed by the end of it from lack of sleep. So much so, that my mother noticed, and kept asking if I was feeling all right. A true answer would bring more questions that I would not be able to answer, so I just mumbled that I was fine, and tried to look more alert.

On our last night, we made love for hours, in every possible position, and I must have shot a gallon of cum into her. Well, maybe not a gallon, but it felt like it. I kissed, caressed, and held her for a long time afterwards, and we promised to try to see each other sometime during the school year, but we both knew it was probably impossible.

She left, and I was miserable. My bed felt very empty that night, and for many more nights to come.
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