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This started when I was nineteen and my stepsister was eighteen in 1968. I was home on leave from the Navy for a couple of weeks. My “sister” and I had always flirted, but never carried it very far. One day we were home alone playing cards and talking about sex. I told her that I’d learned to eat pussy and how much I liked it. She leaned forward and said “Maybe you could come to my room tonight and prove it”.

Well my room was on the ground floor, so were our parents, and hers was on the second. So, after everyone was safely asleep, I crept up the creaky stairs to her bedroom. My dick was hard before I opened her door. She was sitting up waiting for me, and said “It’s time for you to show me all you learned big brother.”

I crawled up the bed kissing her everywhere on my way to her lips. She just had a tee shirt on and I had it off in a flash. She has very perky tits with dark nipples and I was sucking they as soon she stopped sucking my tongue. I’ve never been this hot. As I was paying her tits the time they deserved, my left hand started down over her belly and slowly started rubbing her hairy bush.

I was very exciting knowing our parents were asleep just below us. Her pussy was soaking wet before I even touched her pussy lips. I hadn’t been with a lot of women at that point in my life, so I wasn’t the most experienced, but I was never so hot, and I knew she was too. I slowly stated licking my way down to her sweet, sweet pussy. She said, “OK big brother, put that mouth to work and make me cum”.

That was all I needed. I started slowly, licking the sweet pussy juice that was coming out. Slowly I made my way to her clit, and that’s when she told me that no one had ever eaten her pussy before, and she wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be so wet. I told he that most women wished they could be so wet. She started to moan and held on to my head. I put a finger into her pussy and found that she hadn’t been fucking much either. She was so tight that I had to go slowly just to get the first finger in.

By then she was close to her first orgasm and had her thighs tightened around my head. I was working my finger and tongue as best I could with her thrashing around, and then she came. She almost popped my head off, she squeezed so tight. I didn’t stop and started another finger in to her pussy. It was getting easier, and slipperier. She kept cumming and cumming. It was great!!!

I love pussy juice and she was giving me a LOT. She eased up with her thighs and told me to put my dick in NOW! I did as I was told. It eased in very nicely, and we worked up to a nice rhythm, but I’ll admit, I didn’t last long. It was a quick fuck but the cumming was great. We both shook as I filled her sweet hole with more cum than I had ever shot so much. I lay on top of her for a few minutes trying to catch my breath, then slowly pulled my dick out and laid beside her. We were soaked in sweat and cum juice. I told her I had better go before we pushed our luck and someone woke up. She kissed me and said next time she would suck my dick as good as I eaten her pussy. Well two days later I left to go back to my ship and she got married before I got back the next year. So I never got that blowjob she promised.

Well, that changed forty years later. We hadn't talked about our night together when we were kids, but all that changed the night she sent me an IM. I hadn’t done that much, but we began chatting about different things, and after about an hour she asked if I remembered that night and her promise to me. My 58-year-old dick sprang right up. I told her that I remembered very well and thought about it often. The problem was, I lived 500 miles away.

After that, we chatted at least three times a week, and I was jacking off as she told me what she was going to do to my cock when we got together. Well, I’m married, but I wanted that blowjob badly. After about a month of texting and jacking off, I found an excuse to go and visit my brother who lived near her.

I had to sceam a lot, but on the last night, I told my brother that I was going to spend the last night with a friend from high school and leave from his place. Then I went and got a room at a hotel close by her place and called to tell her the room number. I took a quick shower and waited for her with just a towel around my waist.

I had waited forty years for the blowjob I was about to get, and l didn’t want much in the way. My dick was straight out. She knocked on my door, and I let her in. It was very cold outside, and she was wearing her long overcoat. She looked and saw my hard on pushing my towel out and said, "Well, I’m ready too". With that she took off her coat and was naked under it. I almost came right then. For a woman of fifty-seven, the mother of two grown kids, and the grandmother of three, she was till hot. Her tits didn’t seem to be a bit different. They didn’t sag and the nipples were hard and pointing right at me. Her ass was a little bigger, but it was still firm and round.

She didn’t waste any time and dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick right by the door. I was in heaven, and she hadn’t been in the room for thirty seconds. She looked up, let my cock pop out and said that she was a LOT better at sucking dick now than she was on our night so long ago so maybe it was going to be worth the wait. She gave me no reason not to believe her. She was putting my dick all the way in and licking my balls when she got there. Then she started working a finger up my ass. My knees started to give, and I told her we needed to get on the bed before I fell down. I lay down and told her to sit on my face and we’ll do sixty-nine. I had to taste her sweet pussy again.

She eased her pussy down on my mouth and I started licking her sweet pussy juice again after forty years, and it was better than I remembered. She wasn’t as tight as she was when she was a kid, so she was wet enough to slip two fingers into that sweet love hole right away. She was sucking my dick again and now had two fingers up my ass. It was wonderful. I took my fingers from her cunt and started rubbing her ass too, and soon had two up her ass.

She was flooding me with her love juice, and now bobbing up and down on my dick. She’d let it come out of her mouth, and there was a lot of precum and spit stringing from her sweet lips to the head of my dick, then she would quickly take it all the way back down to the back of her mouth. I was much better at holding off cumming than I was the first time, but after fifteen minutes, I wasn’t going to last much longer. She knew that I was getting close when I stopped sucking her clit and tensed up. She said, “ Cum in my mouth big brother, I’ve been waiting a looong time for your sweet hot cum”. She started fucking my ass harder, sucking and jacking my cock so fast I thought I would pass out. Then I came! It seemed that I came forever. I was cumming so much that she couldn’t swallow it fast enough and it was running out her mouth and down to her fingers that were still fucking my ass. She stopped sucking but held my dick in her mouth as I was coming back to earth. I was still having spasms from the pressure she had around my cock and her fingers still in my ass. She sat up and turned around and her face was slick with my cum that she was rubbing all over. She leaned forward and kissed me and we swapped each other’s cum, and then licked each other’s fingers we’d been ass fucking with. She pulled back and asked if it was worth the wait. I told her that it was well worth the wait. It was he best blowjob I’d ever had. She said that if I thought that was good, wait till I fucked her in the ass!!! She had never done that and I would be the first to have her virgin ass. Then she pulled out a dildo from her purse and said that she was going to fuck my ass too!! Well, we fucked and sucked all night till check out time the next morning. My dick and ass where sore, but well satisfied on the long trip home. We still chat on-line two or three times a week and we talk about what we’ll do when she comes to visits me.

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2009-06-14 00:01:25
not bad


2007-12-04 12:37:12
u rushed way to much at the end. i wish u went into more detail with the whole "they fucked eachothers ass" thing. 7/10


2007-05-16 23:04:38
i like hard dick in my ass while cumming with my 10 inch cock


2007-04-19 18:22:04
it was ok


2007-04-19 15:38:46
uh it was good but it was too long of a wait uh.....7/10

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