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josh got into his mustang and took off down the street. he'd had enough of the whole "family thing", and needed to get the fuck out of there. his parents had his newest baby brother, evan, baptised earlier that morning, and were now throwing a christening party. he'd had enough. why did his parents have to keep having kids? shit, they had more kids than the brady bunch. he was the oldest, at 18, his sister, lisa, 17, his brother, jeremy, 16, and karen, 15. they went a good 8 years, then decided they wanted more. so there was jessi at 7, kaleb, 4, and the newest arrival, evan, who was 5 months. his parents were in there 40's... they had no business having sex.

josh cringed at the thought, and sped faster down the road towards his friend ryan's house. as he got closer he saw a bunch of cars in the driveway that belonged to his other friends. josh parked, and went inside without knocking. loud music blasted from ryans room, and josh heard laughter and voices. he threw open the door and saw his friends drinking and smoking cigarettes, they slapped his hand as a welcome as he went in. he sat down on the bed, and cracked open a beer ryan handed him.

"how'd the baptism go?" ryan asked, smirking.

"shut up," josh responded, directing his attention to the computer everyone was huddled around.

"yo, check this bitch out..." bobby newman said, and clicked a button on the computer. josh heard a girl moaning, and several guys voices. he couldn't see the computer very well, but it sounded like a porno. "ryan, come see this girl....look at those, i would give my left nut to fuck a girl that looked like that..." bobby was saying.

josh didnt really care what the hell they were watching. he enjoyed his beer, and was just thankful he didn't have to socialise with his grandparents anymore. ryan sat his beer down and made his way through the boys to see the computer. josh watched his expression grow serious.

"yo, turn that shit off," ryan said.

"are you crazy?" someone asked.

"what are you gay?" someone else asked.

"no," ryan said. "turn it off. its josh's fuckin sister."

josh felt the color drain from his face, and his heart skipped a beat. he jumped up off the bed and pushed several boys out of the way.

"oh shit, no way..." bobby snickered, then laughed. "your sisters fuckin hot josh."

josh ignored him. he watched the screen, and sure enough there she was. Lisa, his 17 year old sister, deep throating a guy while getting fucked by another. another kid sat on the bed, touching her and impatiently waiting for a peice of her. he felt a rage growing inside of him. he recognised the boys she was fucking from school. from his football team. shawn miller, joey hayze, and brendon murphy. ryan shut off his monitor and looked at josh.

"damn, man..." he said.

the room was quiet.

"i'm gonna kill her," josh said, pulling out his cell phone. he called lisa's cell phone. her voice mail picked up. he hung up and called his house phone.

"'lo?" karen answered.

"where's lisa?" he said, his tone furious.

"uh, in the shower. why? what the hells your problem?" karen asked in a snotty voice.

"don't let her leave the fuckin house. understand?"

"whatever," she said, then hung up.

josh left ryans house in a daze, his mind swirling between fury and something else he couldn't quite place. he sped down the street towards his own house.

karen hung up the phone just as lisa was coming out of the bathroom. she heard the commotion from downstairs, and her baby brother crying. when is this stupid party going to end? she thought to herself. lisa went into her room, wrapped in a towel.

"josh is lookin for ya."

she turned around. "for what? he was just here."

"donno. he sounded pissed. i wouldn't be here when he gets back if i were you," karen warned her sister, knowing very well that they were about to get into a fight. josh never hesitated to use his fists on his siblings, none of them did. they were quick to get into fist fights with each other, especially lisa and josh, or josh and jeremy. wrestling, hitting, getting thrown into walls and furniture were part of their everyday life. "he sounded like he wanted to kick your ass."

lisa dropped her towel, not caring that her door was open and her sister was standing inches from her. music blasted from jeremy's room, he'd obviously had enough family time too. lisa quickly pulled a fitted tank top over her head, and furiously pulled on a pair a jeans. slipping on a pair of flip flops, she grabbed her car keys off her dresser and nearly knocked karen over leaving her room. she raced down the stairs and flung open the front door.

josh's tires spun out as he whipped into the driveway and he knew he'd left tire marks on the pavement. his father would give him hell for that later. he slammed on his brakes and stormed out of his car. just as he was about to open the front door, lisa came charging out and slammed into him.

she gasped, her eyes wide with fear as he grabbed her by the arms and dragged her inside.

"let go of me!" she yelled, her fists balled and attempting to swing at him.

"shut up, unless you want mom and dad to hear you. i don't think you want me opening my mouth right now," josh said, as he dragged her up the stairs.

karen was of course watching from the top of the stairs.

"move," josh said, almost knocking her down.

"what the hell! asshole..." karen was saying as josh threw lisa into his room and slammed the door shut.

lisa landed on the corner of his bed, and quickly turned around to defend herself from the blows he was about to throw at her. she heard the lock click on his door.

"why are you locking the-" her words were cut off as he slapped her hard across the face. she hit him back, then kicked him in the leg. he fell back a bit, but came back and slapped her other cheek.

josh shoved her back on the bed before she got the chance to hit him back, and trapped her beneath him. he sat on her stomach and held her legs down with his own. he knew her all too well, and also knew that him and jeremy had taught her well. "you fuckin whore," he spat at her, and hit her across the face again.

lisa pursed her lips, her cheeks stinging with pain, and punched him hard in the chest. he winced, and she hit him again. that only caused him to slap her across the face again, then he punched her in the upper arm. lisa cried out and held her arm, the muscle throbbing.

"oww.... josh get off me... i didn't do anything. i'm gonna start screaming," she said, a tear dripping down her cheek.

"you scream and your gonna be the one that gets in trouble, you slut," he told her, breathlesly.

"for what?" she cried. "i didn't do anything!"

"bullshit! you know what you fuckin did! you fucked the dick's from my damn football team!" josh yelled, hitting her again. his hands stung from the amount of times he'd hit her, but he was far from finished. seeing her was sending the blood pumping through his veins. he was embarrassed, and even worse...he had football practice with he three asshole's that ran train with his younger sister later in the week. he knew they'd be mocking him and snickering behind his back.

lisa touched her swollen cheek. "h-how do you...i don't-"

"the video tape! you whore! do you have any idea-"

"what?!" lisa yelled, sitting up and knocking him off of her with one raging, forcefull shove. her face turned scarlett. "WHAT fucking tape?"

josh stared at his sister, dumbfounded. was she serious? she looked furious, yet ashamed, like a thief getting caught red-handed. "the video. of you fucking shawn, joey, and brendon. the tape on the damn INTERNET!"

lisa just stared at josh, her heart pounding.

"my friends saw it, and ryan opened his big mouth and blurted out that it was my sister that they were drooling over," josh said, stood up, then began to pace the room. he stopped, and looked down at his sister.

"show me the tape," she said in a low voice. "show me the FUCKING TAPE!" she yelled.

josh hesitated. "what?"

"i want to see it."

he was confused. and his anger began to shift to his teammates. he went to his computer and two seconds later, lisa was at his side, impatiently waiting. josh instant messaged ryan.

ryan sent him the link to the video. lisa watched as a video of her having sex with three of josh's friends came up on the screen. she felt her knees weaken, and her blood run cold.

josh couldn't see how she didn't know about this.

"oh my God..." he heard her whisper. "oh my fuckin God..."

josh watched as she was fucked doggy-style by shawn. he watched brendon grab her by her blond locks and directed her mouth to his hard dick. josh felt his own dick start to swell. he jumped up and grabbed lisa by the neck.

"j-josh, i swear, i d-didn't know-" she started, the oxygen quickly draining from her head. "i c-can't breath-"

he tightened his grip on her throat, then shoved her hard against the wall. "you swear you didn't know, you litte slut." the image of her perfect breasts came into his mind, an image a brother should never have of his sister. but it wasn't his fault.

lisa rubbed her neck, and crumpled to the floor infront of the wall, gasping for air. "i swear. i'm not lying to you."

josh thought for a second. he walked back over to his computer, copied and pasted the link to an email.

"what are you doing?" she yelled, jumping up and going behind him. she saw the email was addressed to their father. "no! no, no, no..." she repeated, and punched him in the shoulder blade.

he quickly spun around and hit her back. he picked her up and threw her back on his bed. she kicked at him, but not fast enought. he had her pinned down again.

"arrrrghhh! get off! don't send it to daddy, please josh! he'll kill me! please don't!" she cried, tears flowing down her face.

"why shouldn't i? you think i'm gonna let you get away with this? you fucked three guys from my damn football team! do you have any idea what this is gonna do to me?!" he screamed, his face inches from hers. beyond pissed, he grabbed her by the shoulders and slammed her against the bed again.

"ow! josh, stop it, please stop it!" lisa cried, pushing at him.

josh shoved her hands away. furious, he gripped her shirt and pushed it up.

"no, what are you doing," she asked, her face masked with handprints and tears. she shoved at his hands.

josh unbuttoned her jeans and fumbled with the zipper.

"no! josh stop it! what are you doing?" lisa asked, panic setting in.

"so you like having big cocks in you right? huh? huh, lisa? you like sucking dicks too?" josh asked, his breathing hard, his hands yanking her jeans down.

she sat up and tried to stop him. "j-josh," she cried. "your my fucking brother, stop it!"

he did stop. he walked over to his stereo and blasted it so his parents and other siblings couldn't hear her screaming. he went back to his bed and grabbed her arms before she could get her jeans back up. "you wanted me to hit 'send'?" he threatened.

she shook her head then seemed to crumble in his grasp. "please, josh... no..."

he got ontop of her, his erection pressing into her thigh. "so you want me to delete that?"

lisa nodded slowly, and looked josh in the eyes, pleading with him. "get it off the internet."

josh sat up and pulled her jeans all the way off, leaving her in just a tank top beneath him. "suck my dick."

lisa cried, the thought of having her brother's dick in her mouth made her want to vomit. he touched her cheek, turned her face towards his, then slapped her. "i said 'suck my dick'." when she didn't respond, he pulled her up to a sitting position. she whimpered as he unzipped his jeans.

"josh please, i'll do anything, just don't make me-" she gasped as he yanked her towards his erection. he pressed her mouth up to his 8 inch cock.

"open your mouth, slut." josh pressed it to her lips, then moaned when she parted her lips. her eyes looked up at him, pleaded with him. "deep throat it. i want to feel the back of your throat slut."

lisa was shaking, and on the verge of vomiting. her brother was fucking her face, his hands held her head against him.

"come on, i know you know how to give head," josh said, then tilted his head back and moaned as he felt her tongue swirl around the head of his penis. "good girl," he told her, then heard her whimper again.

lisa wanted to beat the shit out of him. she felt a rage, wanted to bite his dick off.

"you don't want me to send that to daddy, now do you?" he asked, as if he read her mind. he slammed his dick into her mouth harder. he gripped her blond hair, holding a big chunk of it in his fist, like he'd seen his teammates doing. she moaned, probably pleading again, but it sent a vibration through his cock. "do that again, slut."

she tried to pull back, but josh held her against him. "no, i'm gonna cum in your mouth."

lisa struggled to get away from him. he held her tighter and she felt strands of her hair being ripped from her scalp. she moaned loudly, and felt his dick tighten, then a very familiar taste entered her mouth. tears ran down her face.

josh held her head, and groaned as he shot his load into her perfect mouth. "swallow," he instructed. he felt her gulp and slightly gag. "swallow it all," he repeated, looking down at her. he released her head when he was finished and saw she was about to spit it out. he grabbed her quickly and held his hand over her mouth. "no, lisa. swallow."

when she did, he released her. lisa swung at him, and he grabbed her wrist. josh went over to his computer, his jeans around his ankles, his dick still erect, dragging his sister on the ground by her wrist.

"no! no! you said you wouldn't!" she yelled, springing to her feet. she shoved his hand away from the keyboard. "josh, you said..."

he turned around and grabbed her naked hips. "i know what i said. your not cooperating, lisa."

"i just sucked-"

"your a slut. you like cocks in your pussy. i'm sure daddy would love to see his little slut of a daughter pleasuring my GODDAMN FRIENDS." feeling a rage building up again, he pushed her against his bed. "turn around."

"oh God... josh no, i just sucked your dick...please don't. oh God no..." she whined.

josh grabbed her and turned her over. lisa got on the bed and scrambled to get away from him. he grabbed her by the hair and she jerked backwards, landing on her back. josh got on the bed quickly and reached for her but she rolled off the bed and struggled to get to her feet. he grabbed her and knocked her hard onto the floor. he gripped her leg and she kicked at him.

"bitch!" he yelled as her foot sailed into his right eye. "you fuckin bitch!" josh grabbed her foot again and was quicker this time, adrenaline pumping through his veins. he was beggining to regret roughing her up so much as a kid. she was too strong at only 110 pounds. he wrestled her to the ground and when he had a strong hold on her, he picked her up and slammed her back on the bed once more.

without hesistation, he pried her legs apart, her hairless pussy wide open for him. he saw the muscles in her legs attempt to close them, but josh had forced his dick into her before she could. she cried out in pain as he hit a bone, and for a second his dick ached in pain. he adjusted himself, and began pumping hard into his sisters pussy.

lisa squirmed beneath him, nearly hysterical. he slapped her across the face and she saw stars. "josh, stop it," she cried, pushing at his chest. he grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head. she felt every thrust, his dick was so big, so wide, she felt like he was tearing her. "ow.. josh, please..."

he looked down at her. she was moving so much he was having a hard time fucking her. "lie still," he told her.

she whimpered, looked away from him. he released her hands and lifted the thin tank top over her breasts. her nipples immediately became erect. "josh..." she pleaded.

he sucked on her nipple, and felt her stomach press against his. he grinned. "you like that?" he mocked, and sucked on her other nipple.

lisa heard herself moan. she felt herself starting to become wet. her older brother had her nipple in his mouth and fucking the shit out of her, trying to hurt her.

josh suddenly pulled out. lisa took this as an opportunity to get out. but he grabbed her waist and shoved her onto her stomach. he lifted her hips up so she was kneeling infront of him. she was still crying and whimpering, but josh wasn't finished yet. if she wanted to be a slut, he was going to let her be one. with one quick thrust, he shoved his dick back into her soaking wet pussy.

"you liking this?" he asked, moving her hair off her shoulder so he could say it in her ear.

"fuck you," she yelled over the bass in the music.

"you are," josh laughed. "you are fucking me you little whore."

josh watched her ass slap his skin as he fucked her. her tits bobbed back and forth, and josh figured that would be the last time she went without a bra. or underwear for that matter. his sister hadn't been wearing any fuckin underwear. he gripped her tan round ass with his hands. she cried out and he felt a load about to shoot out. he had no idea if his sister was on birth control or not.

"turn around," he ordered, grabbing her hips and turning her around. her eyes buldged out when she saw him grab his dick and the back of her head. "open your mouth, slut."

she whined as he shoved his cock in her mouth again, then released himself. she tasted her own cum with his this time. she wanted to gag. he held her until he was finished, then told her to swallow. lisa did, then as soon as he let her go she ran to his bathroom and lifted the lid on the toilet. she vomited.

josh tucked his limp dick back into his jeans and sat down at his computer. he hit the "delete" button on his email to their father. he emailed himself the link ryan had sent him, just incase. he saw lisa's refection in his monitor.

she stood behind him, her face scarlet, naked from the waste down. "a-are you going to get it off the internet?"

josh looked at his sister. "are you going to be a whore?"


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