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This is a true story. And if I wouldn’t tell this one, or write it at least, I would never know where to put my guilt.
[i]The Day I Cheated My Husband

This is a true story. And if I wouldn’t tell this one, or write it at least, I would never know where to put my guilt. It’s not that my husband never knew. He knew that I’m meeting someone, my ex-boyfriend whom I have a daughter with, but we never got married. How did my husband knew, and how did he react to this discovery, is something that I would write later.

My husband is quite a busy guy. Being a teacher in a big, government school, his schedule is so tight and he’s always out of town. But sexually, he’s as hot as a lava. He can fuck me several times a night when he’s home and when we’re all alone. Coming home from a long trip, he sends my brain out wild when he gets me alone in bed after talking with our little children.

My sexual fantasies always goes around with my husband and thinking of another man fucking me after I married him never came to my mind until one day when I received a call from Dan, my ex-boyfriend. “Hi, Liza, how’s Karen?”. Dan was referring to our daughter whom we had before I met my husband. Some sort of current flooded into my neck and into my whole body. I tried to calm down never knowing what to say or do. My husband was still in school and I knew he wouldn’t be around until a couple of hours for the weekend.

“Why did you call?” I said with a husky voice. “It could have been my husband or anybody else in the house who could have picked up the phone.”

“Don’t worry, Liz. I’m just trying to say hello.” He answered in a perplex, completely confident tone. “I came to see our daughter in school but I missed some few steps her teacher said she’s gone home.” Feeling completely comfortable after some few minutes, our conversation lasted for almost an hour talking around on his life and mine. My life seemed to change after that conversation, or was it so. Being brought up in a very conservative family especially about sex, I tried to fight the strange feeling inside me and tried to dodge the flashing thoughts of my sexual escapades with Dan. I knew what happened to us then was a mistake and the story goes me bearing Dan’s child.

But that call made me confused and hot. That afternoon I tried to exhaust myself from doing some chores but in the end I was invaded by my mind thinking about Dan and our intimate sex together. I fall out of bed and the last thing I knew I was already masturbating, imagining Dan kissing all over my body and then, fucking me.

That night, I almost blew my husband’s gut out of him. Maybe out from my early afternoon itch from Dan’s call, and the thoughts of him caressing me, I had given my husband the best fuck he ever encountered in his life.

The next few days were a bore. I had just finished putting in place the clothes in the closet where I got some few stuff for my husband’s month long summer-seminar in the far city. In the past, I always hand over the task to my children to answer the phone when it rings. This time, unusually, I would set some pace to get near the phone after doing any chores.... I really didn’t understand myself. I am waiting for Dan’s next call.

And it came. But it was when my eyes almost droned to sleep. “Why you’ve called this late?” I pretended to ask in a firm manner. “Don’t worry, Liz. I’ll always know when you’re husband isn’t around.” He said teasing me. Actually I was excited by his answer, but I never put it in my tone that excitement. Then our conversation dragged along to casual chat until I sensed that his theme had already got into “I could still remember......” and he’d bring me into “do you still remember?” questions until he would go into detail how’d he love to undress me, that he missed those days when we would kiss passionately for hours, and that his shaft would remain still in my wet pussy until I craved and begged for him to fuck me to death....For the rest of the conversation he could sense that I’m listening and he very well knew that those memories have sent me quivering my hot body...and he knew that I am sweating profusely and he knew that I’m wet...and probably he knew it because I was already breathing heavily even though I didn’t answer any of his questions.

“Dan, this is wrong,” and I hung up. Although I was a little bit shivering, yet the heat never escaped my body. I end up masturbating that night.

Several days and nights passed and I fell forlorn. Dan hadn’t called. Maybe he was sore when I hung him up in his last call. I wish my husband were here I always played with my imagination that he’s playing with my pussy, licking my tits and finally pounding my hot clit and pushing his hard cock inside me for an hour until I come several times, exhausted.

I was in my usual burning mood that night when the phone rang. I thought it was my husband but it’s Dan at the end line. He said sorry the last time but I cut him off and I said it was my fault. So we ran the same conversation. This time it was hotter than ever because he started to remind me again of our fuckings and I responded with excitement. He told me if I could undress so he could imagine my body. I told him I’m already naked I am toying my pussy and I’m imagining that he’s licking me. I narrated to him how I love to blow his cock and how I love to come with him each time he shoots his wad inside my burning pussy. We were already hissing and moaning in the phone and saying dirty things when he said he’s about to come. My pussy was already so wet and my fingers were pushing the wet hole in and out and I came violently. That was my first fuck in the phone. I could hear his lips kissing me in the phone when he finally said, “Liz, I’ll wait for you tomorrow at the motel. Same place six years ago. Two o’clock.” Then he hung up.

I was nervous but I was preparing myself that day. It took me almost an hour in the shower but I was thinking its all worth it. My kids could be home not later than five o’clock that afternoon and I have left the youngest with my parents two blocks away. I pulled a taxi and told the driver to drop me off at the store which is only beside the motel. Once there, I went inside the store to buy some few stuff which I don’t really need. After some few minutes I went out of the store and quickly went inside the motel, asked the lady in the desk a name and went inside the room.

Dan was already in his briefs when I closed the door behind me. He grinned but didn’t say anything and kissed me passionately in my lips. And he whispered beneath my ears, “Gosh, Liza, you’re lovelier than ever.” His mouth filled mine and it seemed it was only yesterday that he had kissed me last. I clung to him tightly and he started caressing my back, unzipped my back dress and finally I was only in my bra and panties. His hard cock was already throbbing while he pressed his body close to mine. I feel the wetness in my pussy and I couldn’t resist pulling his briefs down, holding his cock and rubbing it up and down. His mouth was filling my tits and the other and then from one tit to the other. He finally found the strap of my bra and flew it full open exposing my breasts to him. He moaned when he saw the full view of my tits and the next thing he did was pulled down my panties. We were all naked standing in front of bed, caressing each other’s body as if a century had passed that we didn’t see each other. His cock, from time to time, would touch my wet pussy and I quiver each time I could feel its warmth. Suddenly he’s down between my legs and he spread it open. I sort of come off balance that I fall down to bed in my back, exposing my wet and slippery pussy. All the time I’m caught unaware of his moves that I would realize he’s already caressing my hot points. His hands pinching my tits, his tongue working on my clit and I have to come involuntarily many times. When I gazed down at his face, I could see it was already very wet all over because of my juice. The heat and excitement I felt almost paralyzed my entire body but I still was able to manage to hold his cock and bring it to my mouth. I run my lips sucking his meat and he moaned louder and louder. His fingers were on my pussy and rubbing it in and out was all I could get with so much pleasure. I was already burning with pleasure and I have to come to feel the end of it.

“Fuck me, Dan. Pleaseeee, now..... fuck me.” I could hear my usual self, six years ago, that I said the same pleading to Dan to get inside me, because she liked me to beg and ask him to fuck me every time. And that same dialogue of mine send him to jolt and come up to me, kissed me from my pussy to my belly, to my tits and pinching my breast that I would come again while he position himself, holding his iron hard hot cock towards my hole and gently push it in the lips of my clit.

“Dan, pleaseeeeee......put it innnnnnn......fuck me hard, Daaaaaaannnnnn. Ohhhhhhh.........pleaseeeeeeee,,,,,,,”, and with that, I have to cross my legs at his and pull his weight against mine so that his cock would be buried alive inside my wet pussy until it would hit my uterus which would send a thousand volts to my whole being. Only then would he press his bottom against my bottom, pull and push his cock like a shaft in a machine, pull it up again and slowly bury it, longer, while making small rhythm inside me. Each time he do, some electric current would surge my body releasing my juice filling our bottom so wet.

Dan could fuck me for an hour or so without coming. That is one thing I love of him when we’re together. And this time is the same pleasure beyond explanation. I have to beg, I have to plead, I have to bounce my body and met his movements, I have to cling to him tight....and I have to come many times and I have to get wild. And I have to say, “Pleaseeeeee, Dan..... fuck me more. Don’t eveeeeeer stop. Fuck....fuck meeeeeeee.” For an hour or so Dan would hold us together in a passionate feeling, pushing in, pulling out, me writhing with pleasure, moaning, shouting, and we fill the room with our moans and yells until finally he would rock me hard and press my body into the mattress and I would almost collapse with so much delight. I would bite his lips and his tongue when he shoots his semen inside my pussy. Usually it’s a long spurt hitting the wall inside my belly with his liquid. And usually, he wouldn’t stop pumping until I’m almost out of my breath. Then we have to lay there motionless. Our juices and our sweat mixed together and the aroma of our bottom would scent the entire room. He kissed me and I kissed him back until his cock went limp and slipped out of my pussy.

It’s the usual thing. But its exciting and more ardent this time. It’s my first fuck with another man after my marriage. But it didn’t really matter. Sometimes I have to think that my husband is fucking another woman so that my burden would become lesser.

Dan is stronger than ever. We talked a lot that afternoon, fuck one more time, and talk again. He has fucked me four times in a row that afternoon until I decided to go. I have to hurry because I have to fetch my kids at school.

That evening, my husband called me from the city. He told me how he missed me and he’s become horny just listening to my voice. He suggested to call me through his cell phone and we had a phone sex that night.

Dan hadn’t called for weeks. I received a reply from a company to hire me as a private tutor to the kids in their foundation. I accepted it and my husband has approved of it. Because the assignment was far enough I have to stay there each week, I have to explain to my husband that the salary was too good to refuse. He never resented. He said, anyway, he’s also away for a week at school and we can have each other on weekends.

I have been away each week to my assignment and I have never heard of Dan since then. I told myself it didn’t really matter at all and I also don’t want Dan to be seeing me when my husband is just around.

One early morning I was on board a bus on my way to my assignment for another week, I was clad with so many things for a week’s consumption, clutching my bag in my hand while holding the other so it wouldn’t fall to the passenger next to me. I noticed a man sitting behind me holding my other bag and when I gazed up at him it was Dan. Nobody was sitting next to him so he motioned me to come by his side. I was hesitant at first but assuming nobody in the bus knew us, I stood up and sat beside him.

“So you’re working, huh!” He broke the silence. I told him I have to be away from home for a week for my assignment. We talked a lot and when I finally get to the terminal near my assignment, he accompanied me down.

“This Friday, I’m gonna get us a room here and you wouldn’t go home till Saturday,” he said as he kissed me in the lips. I am supposed to make a protest but his tongue has put my lips into silence that I was never able to say anything. I just stood there motionless and found out he’s already leaving. “I’ll call you Friday morning and tell you where you can find me.” He called back without stopping as he walked away.

I was in the laboratory with the kids when my phone rang. It was Dan.

“Your husband wouldn’t be home till Saturday noon so why wouldn’t you go home at the same time he does?” Dan seems to know everything about me. Although I felt a bit of annoyance because someone is messing up our life that seems to have been monitoring my movement and that of my family, I still couldn’t escape the thought that I am under the spell of Dan.

The room Dan rented was larger and cozier than in the motel in our place. “We stay here every Friday,” Dan said as he started stripping me off my dress. I felt comfortable inside the room and I could feel the arousal that Dan has brought me as he caressed my entire body. The last two weekends my husband was so engrossed with his new project that he has fucked me only once and quick. Although I came but it’s the unusual thing that I didn’t come wild.

Dan was wilder this time. All the time he would like me to stand and work on his cock while he fingers my pussy, but in here he motioned me to squat on the floor. I was totally naked and he was too and I could see his hard cock dangling his side. He was kissing my legs to my thighs and while his hands kept pinching my tits and pressing hard my breasts. My position was so awkward but the chair above my head has helped me support Dan’s weight and mine. I took hold of the chair while Dan was below down me kissing my already wet pussy. He moved over to the side so that I could reach his cock and I rubbed it up and down. We were in that position for several minutes and I felt a strange feeling when Dan fucked me with his tongue. I came many times while masturbating Dan’s cock. It’s getting red now that I could sense he’s ready to jolt but knowing Dan, I know he could take hold of his come. Then we took 69 and we came together in that position. I have no other choice but swallow his semen down to my throat since he was on top of me. He is also very wet this time with my come and his entire face was juicy it made me more excited.

Dan carried me to bed after we came and we talked a lot. We talked about our daughter, my husband, his wife, his work, my husband’s work, and my work. We talked about people we knew. And I wonder why the more we talk, the more I became fond of him. We were silent for sometime and I feel his cock grew harder again. My wet pussy could only wait until Dan fell over me and slid his hot cock into my wet and waiting pussy. We fuck for more that an hour, so the clock in the wall says. It was a passionate and wild fuck that I have to come again many, many times before Dan would release everything inside me. I always fell happy, consumed and contented after he fucked me. We fucked six times till morning, only having a little sleep then we fuck again.

So, we do it every Friday, the same number of rounds of fucking until Saturday morning. The same thrill, but with growing excitement every time. I have to ask Dan he might get cold of me but he would just answer me with another caress and then he would fuck me more wildly.

Saturday nights and Sundays, my husband would think of all ideas and places where he could fuck me to the bones. I would admit, I feel the same excitement as my husband or Dan would fuck me. They’re all the same special guys.

So it came that I couldn’t seem to live without Dan and my husband fucking me. And I feel a strange feeling that two men are fucking me regularly, each time they would send my brain off my head. I fell to have been a complete woman, a complete soul.

One Friday Dan came late in our rented room. I never asked anything and we fucked with the same pleasure and excitement. Maybe five months had already passed since Dan and I slept together and this was the first time that he came late. An hour late.

“Something wrong?” I broke the silence while wiping up our dirt.

“My wife found us out,” he said. “How?” I asked. “She was spying on me,” he answered. I fell into complete silence. Many things came over to my mind. My husband. My kids. My employer.

“But don’t worry. She’s ok. “

“Ok, what?”. I stood up in a squatting position in our bed. I feel confused.

“She found out our affair last month and she has gotten back with us.” Dan followed me by my side while motioning me to calm down.

“I don’t understand, Dan. She now knew about us but you said she’s ok. And now you said she’s gotten us back. What do you mean?”

“And....” he continued as if he never heard me speaking, “your husband already knew about us.”

“What?” I shouted as I picked up my clothes and cleaned up. “Is this something of a joke, Dan, now tell me. Or is this a blackmail?”

He stood up in front of me revealing his entire naked skin and limp cock. “Calm down, now, Liz. This is really something hard to believe but.... but your husband and my wife had also been sleeping together two weeks now. After she found us out.... she told your husband about us.”

For the entire night Dan and I had been lying in bed without breaking a word. Neither of us wanted to say anything. Only our soft breathing could be heard around that room and that moans and yells by the other couple fucking in the next room.

Somehow I had to admit the truth. But last week I couldn’t seem to find any feeling of suspicion from my husband. He had never asked me anything, about my activities here in another city. Last week, I could remember he fucked me passionately, then wildly at the second round. But nothing unusual happened. Now, I asked myself, how could I face my husband....

“What do we do now?” I finally broke that word. I almost exploded into tears but had the guts to control them. Dan rolled over and caressed my hair. I felt a little comfort and when he kissed me, I burst into tears. He hugged me tight and said “ssshhhh” to comfort me. Then he kissed me passionately in the lips and I was kissing him back. He caressed my body, massaged my breasts and in between my sadness and confusion, I was never able to control the wetness of my pussy. Dan came on top of me, kissed me violently and slid his cock into my wet sheath. I came excited again and hot. Although my tears are still running down my cheeks, yet I feel good with Dan’s cock fucking my pussy. I held him tight and I thrust against his every pound. And I came. It was a violent orgasm, now imagining my husband fucking Dan’s wife. Dan was still hard and its already almost an hour that I started to shout dirty. “Yesssssss, Daaaaannnnnn. Fuck meeeeeeee............ ohhhhhhh........ don’t stop.......” I shouted.

Then he writhed with pleasure and shouted....”Liza, I’m gonna fuck you forever, as your husband is fucking my wife.....”

“Yes, Dannnnnnnnnn, fuck mmmmmeeeeee. I’m imagining my husband fucking your wife..... Dannnnnnn..... fuck........meeeee.....”

“Yes, Liza......... I’m gonna fuck you hard........fill you with my cum..... as your husband fill my wife with his cummmmmmm......”

“Yesssss, yes, yes, yes, Daaaaaaannnnnnn.....ooooooooooooooohhhhhh.........ahhhhhhhhhh.....tell them we fuck together. Telllll themmmmmm...... fuck yesssss.” Juices and sweat came together as we released our last load. We lay hugging each other exhausted, comfortable this time and we fall asleep as I, and maybe Dan too, had an idea much wilder that ever.

Saturday noon. My husband has not yet arrived home. There was a message left near the phone written by my daughter that her daddy won’t be home until late afternoon. It’s obvious and I know. I have to examine myself if there lies a hurt feeling inside me. But I couldn’t sense it. Maybe because we’re even. My husband fucking Dan’s wife, and Dan fucking me. But no. What I feel is a wonderful thing.

My heart beats faster and faster every time the clock goes closer to night time. Then my husband arrived. It’s the same lovely face I saw, no feeling of remorse, no suspicion, no nothing. It’s the same usual hug and kiss.

After my husband played with our children, he finally came to our room. This time his face was serious. But I could see no anger in that lively face. He caressed me and kissed me passionately in the lips. I kissed him back and felt he was already hard. Then he paused, “Tomorrow’s gonna be the most exciting moment of our life.” I continued rubbing his body and pretended not to hear him.

“I’m gonna fuck Dan’s wife in front of you and Dan’s gonna fuck you in front of me......” he said as his breath came heavy in my mouth.

I pulled back and said, “You know.......”

“Yes, I know, dear. And it’s alright.”

“You’re not hurt....?

“Of course it hurts...... at first...... but since Dan is fucking you for almost six months now, is there anything else I can do? And besides.......” he chuckled, as if he doesn’t want to say the last words.

“And besides....what......? I cut him short.

“Besides, Vivian and I thought that a much exciting idea can be better than making this into trouble.”

“And what idea is that?” I said and I know and I can sense his excitement this time because his cock grew harder. And I can guess his idea since I have that wildest idea too, when Dan fucked me last night.

“Tomorrow......” he chuckled again. “You and I will go to the beach and rent a room for four.”

“For four.....” I leaped, pretending not to understand his idea.

“Yes, for four. Me and you and Dan and his wife, Vivian. We’re gonna spend the night there with them, in one room.” And with that last word, he caressed me again and noticed how wet my pussy was. He ate me in that position and I cried with joy. He kept saying things and mumbled that he wants to see me fuck Dan and he wants me to watch him fuck Dan’s wife. I kept saying “yeeesssss, I want you to watch me fucked by Dan..... yes...... and I would love to see you fuck Vivian.....ohhhhhhhh.....yeeesssss.....ahhhhh fuck me...... now.......fuck me the way Dan fuck my pussy.......”

“Yes, Lizzzzz, Dan fucks you tomorrowww. Me and Vivian watch. I fuck Vivian, you and Dan watch. Ohhhhhh, Liz......”

“Yessssss,,,,, ohhhh, you’re such a wonderful husband....ohhhhhhh....fuck mmmmeeeee....noooowwwwwww!!!” And he rolled over to me and fuck me for an hour like Dan did. Then we were excited for tomorrow.

We were a happy foursome couples. Dan still slept with me every Friday and we fuck till Saturday morning. Vivian and my husband on the other hand has rented a room in the city and they slept together twice or three times a week. Then on Saturdays and Sundays we fuck together in one room. Most of the time Dan and me and Vivian and my husband. We do not fuck at the same time. Its either one of the couples is watching the other then afterwards the other fucking and the other watched. We also switch couples.... I mean the real couples and we enjoyed it much.

After a year I got pregnant. And so do Vivian. We were not sure who were the father of our babies. But it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we enjoyed our affair and we were two happy, peaceful couples with common passions. THE END.

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his wife needs to be beaten

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2012-06-10 05:03:41
it would seem to me that none of these people have any respect for each other if they fuck in front of the other couple
I don't thinki I could stand watching my wife fuck another guy even if his wife wanted fuck me after all there is such a thing as marraige vows


2011-01-31 02:15:12
is it true tried all these true stories that are entirely false

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Let me give you tumps up on this. i came back few times to read this story. i love it because its so real and easy to read. i love this kind of story. let me know if you need more help i can help you with my 10.5 inches tool. i'm serious about this. i don't how you look like but your story makes me falling in love with you...................

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This is my comment on this, i love this story, let me know if you have another one..

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