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A prim and proper school teacher teaches a young man some important life lessons and learns some herself.
Carl and Ian were talking in the pub after the first football match of the season.
“That new kid Lee played well.”
“Have you ever seen anyone uglier?”
“You didn’t see him in the shower.”
“I did. Fucking fit body and hung like a fucking donkey.”
“Imagine that cock inside your pretty wife.”

Ian had imagined that very thought. It was the biggest cock he had ever seen at least ten inches long and as thick as a beer can. Fat chance of that ever happening, Julie his stunning wife was in many ways very prim and proper as befitted a schoolteacher.

She was tall over 5ft. 9, slim with chestnut hair, green eyes, perfect teeth and full lips. Naked she was gorgeous, a 34 b, 22, 34 figure, long slim shapely legs, pert breasts with pink nipples, a flat almost concave stomach. She kept her body in trim playing squash, swimming and going to yoga.

Carl had hit the nail on the head Julie being fucked by another man while he watched was one of many fantasies that Ian had about his wife. He imagined her in a threesome with another woman, being raped, fucked by a well-hung big black man or a midget unfortunately none of his fantasies were shared by his wife.

When ever he mentioned any spicing up of their sex life she told him that he was everything she ever desired and that he was the only man that she fancied. That she couldn’t imagine being with another man and sex with him was so good that anything else would be a big let down.

They had met when she was at university, she was in her first year and he was in his third. She was a virgin and he was her first serious boy friend. She still occasionally attended church having been brought up a strict catholic.

He mentioned Lee and his enormous prick to Julie. She reassured him that he was perfect and that love making with him fulfilled everything that she wanted. She could never be unfaithful, it was wrong and besides where would she ever find someone as good in bed as he was. He wondered how she would know this since he was her only lover.

Ian lived in hope mostly because when Julie had too much too drink her whole nature changed and she lost all of her inhibitions. She even became quite flirtatious with his friends dropping her somewhat cool and aloof manner.

Ian worked away most weeks and Carl after his divorce often called round for a shoulder to cry on. Julie was grateful for the company cooking him an occasional meal or going out to the cinema or to a restaurant.

Carl enjoyed Julie’s company but his real desire was to get inside her pants. She was a bit of a tease letting him catch sight of her in her underwear. When he called round in the Summer holidays he would catch sight of her bathing topless in the garden before quickly covering up when she heard his footsteps. It was on just such an occasion that he caught sight of her totally nude.

He had called round for a barbecue letting himself in he went for a leak. The bathroom door was unlocked and he was at the loo before he noticed Julie lying in the bath. They were both embarrassed for a second before she asked him to hand her a towel. He was the second man to see her naked and his was the second cock she had seen.

She had been excited by the event and after he had left she needed release which she found in her fingers. She kept a diary that she filled in regularly recording anything of import. In her diary her sex life was fully recorded. She knew that Ian never looked at it and she enjoyed reading it through later. She would write doggy style came twice or when Ian wasn’t there masturbated two orgasms or masturbated with dildo.

Ian kept dropping hints about Lee and his cock but Julie just stonewalled him repeating the fact that he was everything she needed or wanted. Peter the captain of the football team was having a pre-stag night for the team and the wives and girlfriends were also going out but to a different venue.

Ian brought a very drunk Lee home with him. Julie was equally drunk from her night out a perfect scenario. Julie made them some coffee. Lee fell asleep spilling the drink on his trousers.

“We’d better get his trousers off.”
“OK.” Julie giggled back.

This was just the opportunity Ian had been looking for. Between them they removed his shoes and then they managed to ease him out of his trousers. Ian ensured that Lee’s boxers came down with them.

“I’ll put these out to rinse. I won’t be a minute.” He assured her.
Julie was staring at only the third cock she had ever seen in her life. It didn’t look much like the other two. It appeared to be twice as long and easily twice as thick as Ian’s cock. It was also very dark almost black.

She couldn’t help herself in her inebriated state she touched it. She put her hand round it. Her fingers barely touched each other. She rubbed it gently it grew hard and even longer.
Lee groaned in his sleep and Julie remembered who she was. She giggled when Ian came back in.

That night she was insatiable coming loudly sucking Ian back to hardness not once but three times. She couldn’t help but imagine what Lee would feel like inside her and as Ian fucked her for the third time that night it was that enormous cock that she imagined inside her.

She woke Lee in the morning. He was really embarrassed when he found out that Julie had helped undress him. He’s quite sweet she thought not very bright and not at all good looking except for his body and that was big and powerful, his muscles well defined.

Lying in bed the next night Lee was desperate to know what Julie had seen. Julie blushed bright red when he asked her and admitted that she had seen it but did not mention touching him.

“Would you like to be fucked by that monster?”
“Of course not darling. I keep telling you that you are all I want and need. I could never fancy anyone else.”
Ian was left frustrated by her response.

“Lee did ask me if would help him to read. He wants to be able to read well enough to pass his driving test. ” Julie confided.

Julie was a primary school teacher. She liked to fill every single moment of her time when Ian was away so she did not mind giving up some time to help a friend of Ian’s.

“Apparently he was always moving school when he was younger and then later on he fell behind and played truant. If it’s alright with you I’ll see him every Tuesday he wants to learn to read so that he can pass his driving test.”

The first few sessions went well but on the fifth occasion Lee did not seem very motivated in fact he seemed decidedly down in the dumps.
“You don’t seem very interested tonight Lee.” Julie smiled at him.
“With my pupils at school I give them a reward. Is there some reward you would like?”
“My younger brother is always teasing me about me never having had a girl friend and how I’m so ugly that no girl would want to go out with me let alone kiss me.”
“I don’t think I could be your girlfriend but you’re not ugly any girl would fancy you.”
“I didn’t want you to be my girlfriend but could you teach me to kiss so that when I did get a girlfriend I wouldn’t be hopeless.”

Julie felt so sorry for him that she agreed that if he worked really hard then she would teach him how to kiss.

He worked really hard and when Julie tested him he got nearly all of his words right.
She took the initiative turning to face him on the couch she kissed him with her mouth closed. He returned her kiss it was a sloppy wet kiss. She flicked her tongue against his large dark lips opening her mouth inviting him to do the same.

They kissed for ages he proved an able pupil much better than with his reading. He got up to leave and they kissed again. He held her tightly she could feel his erection pressed against her tummy as he squeezed her. It felt good to be kissed. Ian did it so rarely a quick peck before sex.

The next week he again worked eagerly and they kissed again this time for much longer. The week after he looked really downcast.

“What’s the matter? Is it your brother again?”
“Yes he’s always teasing me and making me feel small.”
“Go on.”
“He’s always telling me how much more he knows and how much more he’s done. He calls me stupid and thick. He asked me if I’d ever seen a woman’s top with no clothes on.”

“What did you say?”
Lee didn’t reply but it was obvious from his look that he hadn’t.

“Look if you work really hard I’ll let you see my breasts not that they’re very big or anything.”

He worked like a demon and completed his set tasks in less than half an hour. Julie was beginning to have second thoughts about showing him her breasts but decided that no harm could come from it.

“You mustn’t tell anyone that it was my breasts that you saw.”
He nodded.
She undid her blouse and let it fall to the ground. She was wearing a rather un-sexy sports bra. She reached round and undid it. Her small breasts sprang free but did not sag at all.
“Did you want to kiss me?”

He nodded.
They kissed. He had become a really good kisser and she loved being kissed. They kissed for ages. The young teacher was really turned on and she could see the enormous bump in Lee’s jeans. She had a break and he stared at her small breasts with her pink nipples standing erect.
“Did you want to feel them?”

Lee could barely contain his excitement. At first clumsily he fondled her tits.
“Like this.”

She took his hand and got him to massage her breasts gently but firmly.
“If a girl likes you then you could kiss and suck her nipples. Yes like that.”

That night Julie used her vibrator to release her sexual tensions and decided she would have to be much more careful in future. She had been reckless and anything might have happened.

The following week Julie made some pasta and had a couple of glasses of wine with it. After her meal she surprised herself dressing in a long skirt with a slit that reached to the tops of her legs, a sexy white silk top that was practically transparent and her sexiest underwear, stockings, suspenders, matching white bra and knickers that hid very little of her body.

She changed back into sensible clothes then back again oscillating between the two sets of clothes until the bell rang. She was in her sexy clothes. She let Lee in. he had done his homework and he could now read quite fluently. In no time at all he had completed the tasks she had set for him.

“Would you like to kiss me again?”
Lee nodded.
They kissed and kissed for what seemed hours. Their tongues intertwined as they French kissed. Julie loved it, she was fully aroused her nipples hard and pointy her vagina moist.
She did not object as his large powerful hands gently played with her breasts. She did not object as his fingers clumsily undid the buttons on her blouse. He buried his head between her breasts kissing and licking them.

“Don’t stop.” She implored him as she undid her bra.
Julie closed her eyes as he nibbled her breasts. It was gorgeous. He sucked on her nipples already erect and pink and now covered in his saliva. He kissed her mouth as his hands played a magical tune with her breasts.

She reached down touching the front of his jeans. He was hard down there and very, very big. Her hand moved up and down his erection.

He moved his hand onto her legs encouraged as she groaned softly he moved his hand higher and higher under her skirt finding the naked flesh between her stockings and her knickers.

She unzipped his fly. Her hand reached round and found his dick. He was huge larger than she had remembered. She gripped his huge black cock stroking it caressing it. Lee pushed his hand inside her knickers. Finding her moist vagina inserting his fingers.

Julie bent down and kissed the tip of his prick it was covered in his pre cum.
She wanted to experience that cock she wanted it inside him.

She sucked gently on it as she rubbed it and squeezed his large hairy balls. He was to far gone too excited and he came firing his spunk into her face, her hair and her mouth. He apologised profusely but Julie smiled back at him before she licked him clean. She was amazed as he became hard again minutes after he had filled her mouth with his spunk.

There was a knock on the front door. Julie put her finger to her lips hoping whoever it was would go away. No such luck the knock continued. They both dressed as quickly as they could. Julie was sure it was Ian’s aunt who had a key.

Julie got dressed quickly kicking her bra under the couch and Lee resumed his reading. It was her next-door neighbour Margaret.

“Could I come in for a minute?”
“Hello who are you?”
“This is Lee a friend of Ian’s. I’m just helping him with his literacy skills. He’s taking his written exam next week for his driving test so we’ve used my computer and a CD with questions on.”

Lee was blushing bright red.
“I must go. My bus is due any minute.”
Before Julie could say anything he was out the door and down the street.
“I just called round to ask if you could look after my cats for the next four days. I’m away on a course.”
“No problem.”

Margaret popped next door and returned with a couple of bottles of wine. Julie opened one of them as Margaret gave her instructions as to how to work the alarm and the amount of food the cats needed.

Julie had only spoken to Margaret on a handful of occasions. She was a tall blonde with large breasts. She was not at all over weight her waist slim and her legs long and shapely. Margaret was in her early thirties a good-looking woman. Julie knew little about her only what Diane her other neighbour had told her. That she was a woman who had slept around a lot. Julie was secretly envious.

They opened the second bottle of wine the mood was friendly and they were both a little drunk.

“Are you having an affair with him?”
Julie blushed bright red.
“No why do you ask.”
“Well when I came in your bra was under the couch and he had an enormous stiffy. You seem to have something in your hair which bears a certain resemblance to bodily fluids.”

Julie went an even brighter shade of red.
“No but we ended up tonight kissing and things just got out of hand. Thank goodness you came in when you did or I hate to think what would have happened.”

“I didn’t think he was really your type. I mean he’s not exactly an oil painting and you’re so pretty. He didn’t strike me as the most intelligent either unlike you.”

Julie blushed once more at the compliments. She was now quite well drunk and replied.

“He does have one very large asset however.”
“In that case I don’t blame you.”
“I couldn’t. I love Ian and would not be unfaithful. He’s been my only lover.”
”Are you not a little curious?”
“A little.”
“Variety is the spice of life they say.”
“Surely it can’t be that different?”
“In my experience a big thick cock reaches the parts no other prick does. I’ve had three blokes with enormous tools and while they were jerks the sex was great.
So have you only ever had one man really?”
“No women?”
“Have you?”

Margaret nodded.
“What’s it like?”

Margaret’s hand was resting on Julie’s knee and they turned to face each other. Julie’s mouth was open her tongue flicking her lips. An unconscious signal that Margaret picked up. She turned her head her lips close to Julie’s. Julie moved the last couple of centimetres and their lips met. It was a long sensuous kiss. Margaret gently cupped Julie’s firm young breasts. At last the kiss stopped.

“Sometimes it’s nice to try a little variety perhaps?”
Julie nodded her head spinning. She made her excuses and went to the loo. When she returned the mood had gone so Margaret left. The following day they both wrote almost identical letters apologising for the kiss but Margaret saying that she had enjoyed it and hoped Julie had to. Julie had.

Julie decided that she was a one-man woman and that she would like to have Ian’s baby. She knew he wasn’t that keen yet so without telling him she came off the pill.

Two months later she had a heavy period. The following weekend Ian couldn’t make it home.

It was Wednesday and she was having an Italian meal accompanied by a large glass of wine. She’d brought home the new school DVD recorder. The head had told her that she had a chance of becoming acting deputy-head. He’d given her some of the questions they might ask at the interview and she was going to practise her replies.

She had a second glass of wine and set the DVD. There was a knock at the door. It was Lee carrying a large bottle of champagne. He explained that he’d passed his driving test and wanted to say thank you to her.

“Well done.”
Julie opened the bottle and poured them both a glass.
“I’ve applied for a job and they want to interview me.”
“Would you like to practise being interviewed?”

Lee nodded. So he sat on the settee and Julie decided she would video herself asking the questions. So with one camera on her and the other on him she started asking him questions. He was very wooden and brief so she handed him a list of questions to ask her.
He improved as they each had a third glass of champagne.

Then they alternated questions.
“Sometimes they might throw in a trick question you know. Just to throw you off guard.”
“Like what?”
Julie never knew what made her ask it.
“Do you have a nickname?”

She watched as he squirmed. He was called trigger by the football team on account of him being hung like a horse.
“Mine is Tom.”
“How did you get your nickname?”

He went bright red.
“Listen if I tell you and show you how I got my nickname will you show me how you got yours?”
“When I was at school, boarding school I started puberty and my pubes were quite red so at first the girls called me ginger tom and then just Tom.”
“How did you get your name?”

As she asked the question Julie lifted her skirt and heard Lee say it was because of his you no what.
“Are you going to show me?”

Julie stepped out of her skirt as Lee dropped his jeans his cock hard and stiff. She unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra her brief thongs next as Lee stripped completely.

Julie sat on the settee beside him. His huge cock had been the subject of her thoughts over the last few weeks. They kissed his hands all over her naked body. He kissed and massaged her small firm tits biting her nipples.
“Wait a minute.”

Julie went and got a packet of durex she had been given on a course on sex education. She slipped one onto his cock as she rubbed its length kissing and sucking on it. She was moist and excited. She guided his huge cock between her legs feeling it press against her opening.

He did as she asked and slowly it entered her. She gripped his bottom pulling him tight against her. Slowly he began to fuck her thrusting into her tight little opening. She felt as though she was going to be split in two as his enormous tool went deeper and deeper stretching her cunt wider than she imagined possible.

The feeling was delicious and as he began to thrust faster she relaxed and gave in to the fabulous sensation coursing through her body. She came and as she did her vagina went into a spasm gripping his cock with her powerful muscles. He came filling the condom with spurt after spurt of his spunk.

He flushed it down the loo and they lay together on the couch. She was amazed at how quickly he recovered as she looked down at his now rampant cock. It had only been about fifteen minutes since they had last made love. The advantage of being a teenager she thought. She had another glass of champagne.

Margaret had told her that being fucked doggy style by an enormous cock was the best. So she got down on her knees and invited him to take her from behind. He pushed his cock into her moist wide opening. He gripped her tits. He thrust quickly into her. It was perfect he fucked her hard and fast making her come and come before at last he fired his spunk deep into her.

They lay together on the couch each of them stroking and caressing the other. She had another glass by now she was now decidedly pissed. She stood up and looked at his body stroking him. She ran her fingers through his hairy chest nibbling his nipples. She ran her tongue down to his thick dark pubes. He was very hairy and with his dark brown skin a contrast to Ian who was fair skinned and not very hairy. She licked his cock tasting her juices and his spunk.

He responded becoming hard and stiff. He fucked her again with Julie on top thrashing about wildly as she came.
“Fuck oh fuck.” She screamed.
“Please harder.
Go on. Oh fuuuuuucccckkkkk.
Oh my god.”

He reached up with his hands grabbing her tits and then pulling her arse cheeks apart. He had wonderful stamina and as he fucked she was lost her body having orgasm after orgasm. Her stomach seemed to vibrate in time to his thrusts. At last he came inside her and she collapsed onto his body covered in sweat her body glowing.

They tidied up in the kitchen where they made love on the kitchen table. They went to bed and made love again each time she was lost in paroxysms of pleasure. She drifted of to sleep to be gently woken as he fucked her again.

She was woken in the morning with a fuck and then again in the shower they shared. She ejected the recordings and decided to deal with them that night. It was a parent’s evening and they went out for a drink afterwards. Julie was so tired that night she just flopped into bed.

Late in the morning she tidied away the DVD and the video in her study nobody would look for it there. In the afternoon she got a call from her mum telling her that her gran was ill. She rang Ian and set off after school to stay with her mum and look after Mary.

The next week she commuted each day a journey of sixty miles there and back completely forgetting about the incriminating evidence in the house not that Ian would look there. She stayed over that weekend as well Ian staying in Bristol sorting out a difficult problem.

Her gran was much better that weekend so Ian came up and stayed with her at her mum’s house. The walls were paper-thin so they did not make love.

On the Monday she checked her diary her period should have started on the Friday. She was as regular as clockwork. She had felt sick that morning. She was sure she was pregnant.

Margaret opened the door for her. She listened carefully as Julie explained the situation.
“Are you sure it’s not Ian’s?”
“Positive I’ve checked my diary and in the whole month Ian and I never made love.”
“You’ve got three choices.”
“Go on.”
“Have an abortion.”
Julie vehemently shook her head.
“Pass it off as Ian’s.”
“That’s not really possible with them being a different colour.”
“I’d forgotten about that. Then tell him and ask for his forgiveness.”
“He’d kill me but not for the reason you might think. He has an obsession with seeing me making love to another man and since he met Lee he’s been even worse.”

“That’s brilliant.” Julie replied as Margaret outlined her plan. They finished a second bottle of wine.
“How can I ever thank you?” Julie asked.

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