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they sat at the dining room table, a large pizza that was half eaten infront of them. their parents had taken the younger kids out to their mother's sister's house for the night.

jeremy leaned back in his chair and looked at karen. "you got a game tonight?" he asked her, referring to the fact that she was a cheerleader at their high school.

karen nodded. "yeah. what are you guys doing? are you coming to the basketball game?"

a cocky smile spread across jeremy's face. "nah. it's friday, i'm gettin laid."

josh laughed, lisa and karen rolled their eyes. karen got up from the table. "you're such a dick, jeremy," she said, then headed into the kitchen.

jeremy looked at lisa and winked. he smirked at her.

lisa's heart skipped a beat. josh and jeremy were both staring at her, she looked from jeremy to josh. "you fuckin asshole..." she said, pushing her chair back and standing. karen looked into the dining room from the kitchen to find out what was going on.

josh rested his elbows on the table, unfazed. he watched lisa walk around the table. "you're not going anywhere tonight," he told her.

lisa didn't respond. karen walked out of the kitchen, wondering why her sister stayed quiet. "are you gonna come to my game?" she asked her.

lisa crossed her arms and looked down at josh.

"i just said she's not going anywhere," he said, looking over at lisa. he smirked, but karen didn't see it.

karen was confused. "why are you doing everything he says?"

"yeah, lisa?" jeremy asked. "why are you doing everything josh says? what's the matter?"

lisa huffed and stomped out of the room. she could hear her brothers laughing as she went upstairs.

lisa found josh's room empty and slipped inside. she closed the door behind her, but not all the way. she went over to his computer and clicked his email.

"fuck!" she whispered loudly, looking at the screen. his email required a password. "shit."

"what are you doing?"

lisa jumped and spun around. "damnit karen, don't sneak up on people like that! christ, i thought you were josh."

"why are you looking at his email? what's going on?" she asked, leaning into one hip and crossing her arms.

"i need his damn password."

"maybe its cockmaster, or hornyasshole, or-"

"or none of your business," josh said from behind karen. karen turned towards him. "get up, lisa. you're not getting into my email."

lisa got up and stood next to karen. "why'd you tell jeremy?"

"tell jeremy what?" karen asked.

josh ignored her. "don't know what your talkin about," josh laughed.

lisa huffed and stormed past josh. he smirked. "you'll find out..." he whispered as she walked past him.

karen had changed into her cheerleading uniform and left the house. lisa changed into a pair of sweatpants and sat infront of the tv. she had no idea what josh and jeremy were doing, and didn't care to find out. but she soon would.

"see? i told you our sister's a slut."

jeremy stared at his older brother's computer screen. "damn. you should send this to dad anyways."

josh rubbed his chin. "nah, my way was a lot more fun."

"what happened at school today?" jeremy asked, adjusting his dick in his basketball shorts.

"i found out shawn had set up a camcorder in his room, taped it, then put it on the internet to brag. apparently our sister's a fuckin prize if you get to fuck her."

"so he was bragging? what'd you do?" jeremy asked, not taking his eyes off the screen.

"found shawn before football practice and beat the fuck outta him, he agreed to take it off the internet."

jeremy leaned back in the chair. he paused the video, leaving a still image of lisa bent over, her head tilted towards the ceiling, a look of pleasure on her face, brendon's dick in her pussy. "she probably snuck out you know. the house is awful quiet."

"no, she's here. trust me. she's here..."

jeremy looked up at his brother. "go get her."

lisa shuddered, suddenly feeling cold. she wrapped her arms around herself. she heard footsteps walking down the hallway upstairs, and looked over at the staircase. josh came halfway down and motion for her.

"come here."


"yes, come here."

lisa shook her head, her heart beggining to beat quickly. she was alone, with only josh and jeremy home.

josh quickly ran down the stairs and went into the living room. lisa pressed her back into the couch and drew her knees up against her chest. "no, get away from me!"

smirking, josh scooped her up and carried her out of the living room towards the stairs. she kicked and pounded on his chest. "let me go! i did what you wanted! leave me alone!"

josh just ignored her and went into his room. lisa saw jeremy sitting at his computer. josh put her down but held onto her arms so she couldn't run.

"what do you want josh? i did what you wanted, now leave me alone."

jeremy stood up and walked over to them. lisa looked away. dispite the two year difference between her brothers, they were both the same height, a good five inches taller than her 5'4 frame. jeremy put his hand on her chin and raised her head to his. "so i see you like to suck dick."

lisa pursed her lips and gave him a nasty look. "your both fuckin sick. i hate you."

"no you don't," josh answered.

jeremy looked at josh then walked behind lisa, trapping her inbetween them. jeremy hooked his fingers in the waistband of her sweatpants, causing her to squirm. josh tightened his grip on her arms. jeremy lowered her sweats to the floor in one quick motion.

"stop it!" lisa yelled.

jeremy snickered, and he pressed himself against her back, his erection pressing into her ass. she whined. jeremy reached around her smooth stomach and cupped her pussy, purposely pushing a finger into her hole through the fabric of her thin panties. she looked up at josh, a look of pure hatred in her eyes.

jeremy backed up and josh dragged her onto his bed. he flipped her onto her back, and she started kicking at jeremy as he got on the bed infront of her. josh quickly got behind her and held her arms over her head. "you still gonna fuck the next guy that wants a peice of you?" he asked.

lisa looked up at her big brother. "i told you no. now let me go."

jeremy placed himself over her and grabbed the waistband of her panties. "i donno, josh. i don't think she learned her lesson yet," jeremy said, and slid her panties down her legs.

"yes i did, i swear," she pleaded, locking her legs together and looking back up at josh. "josh let me go..."

"no. you know what i had to go through because of you? because my sister's such a slut? you think i want people to know you're my sister?" josh asked, above her, his face lowered to hers.

jeremy grabbed her thighs and spread her legs, positioning himself inbetween them. lisa whimpered as he lifted her shirt and kissed her stomach. josh laughed. jeremy kept kissing her down to her pubic bone. he sat up and looked at josh. they snickered, then jeremy shoved his finger roughly into lisa's pussy. she squirmed and cried out, tried to close her legs.

"lay still. we both know you like to run train..." jeremy said and josh laughed. lisa screamed and kicked jeremy.

"watch out, she's fiesty," josh said. "shut the door, just incase karen comes home."

jeremy got up and lisa twisted her hips to the side, closing her legs. he shut the door and turned on josh's stereo. the band 'Korn' blasted through his speakers, the bass vibrating through the room. he got back onto josh's bed and ripped lisa's legs apart, holding her open to he could get a good look at his sister's pussy. he fingered her again.

"stop.." lisa moaned, shutting her eyes.

"damn she's tight," jeremy said, shoving two fingers into her pussy.

"i told you i'm not a slut, now get away from me," she said through clenched teeth.

"your wet," he said.

"that's because she likes this," josh said. "she hasn't learned her lesson yet. my sister's not gonna be a slut anymore."

"don't worry. she'll be scared of a dick after this," jeremy laughed. "here, taste your own cum bitch," he said and put the two fingers he had in her pussy into her mouth.

lisa winced and turned her head trying to get his fingers away from him. he straddled her stomach and held her face. "suck," he said.

lisa obeyed and grew nervous, seeing the huge tent in her younger brother's basketball shorts. she sucked her juices off his fingers, then looked up at him, knowing what was about to happen.

"good girl," jeremy said, taking his fingers out of her mouth. still kneeling over her, he lowered his shorts and pulled his dick out. "suck my dick," he told her, grabbing her face again.

lisa felt josh's knees on either side on her head, felt his hands gripping her arms. she couldn't move, she was trapped inbetween them, jeremy's erection pressing against her lips.

"open your mouth slut," josh instructed her.

lisa kept her mouth closed tight, her lips pursed together. jeremy squeezed her jaw. "open. you bite my dick, i'll shove my dick in your ass so hard you won't be able to sit down for weeks."

lisa whined, but opened her mouth.

"wider, bitch," he said, then shoved his dick into her open mouth. lisa wimpered as he fucked her face, and could hear jeremy moaning, josh laughing.

"shit, your lips feel fuckin good," he said and groaned. "lick my shaft like a dirty bitch."

lisa did. she ran her tongue up and down his shaft, then teased the tip of his dick, tasting pre-cum. she felt like vomiting again, remembering what josh had done to her a couple of days ago. she moaned and squirmed beneath him, realising there was no way out of this. jeremy shoved his dick back into her mouth.

"suck your cheeks in, i want to feel every part of your mouth around my dick. that's it faster... i want to cum," jeremy moaned.

lisa groaned again, but did everything he said. she sucked his dick as if he were one of her boy toys.

"your gonna swallow," josh said.

jeremy continued to fuck her face. "oh God..." he moaned. "i'm gonna cum..."

lisa cried and shook her head, her mouth filled with his dick.

"uh huh," jeremy said, josh laughed.

lisa groaned in protest again and jeremy grabbed her chin, holding her head still. she felt him tense then he came in her mouth. it dripped down the back of her throat, and lisa wanted to spit. she tried not to swallow and had every intention of spitting it back at him the second he pulled out of her mouth.

jeremy relaxed as he finished, but kept his dick in her mouth. "clean my dick."

she shook her head no and whined.

"pull out," josh said.

as soon as jeremy did, josh head his hand over her mouth to make her swallow. "swallow."

jeremy grabbed a tshirt off of josh's floor and cleaned his dick with it. lisa pressed her legs together and closed her eyes as she swallowed. a tear dripped down her cheek and onto josh's hand.

"my turn," josh said, removing his hand from her mouth and leaning over so his face was near hers.

"no..." she said, but jeremy was already lifting her hips. josh let go of her reddened wrists and pulled off his own jeans. jeremy positioned lisa so her ass was in the air to him, her face inches from josh's boxers.

"tell me you want me to fuck you," jeremy said, pulling her hips back against his thighs. he held her there. "tell me how badly you want my huge cock in your pussy."

josh lowered his boxers, his thick erection infront of her face.

lisa didn't answer.

jeremy pressed his finger to her asshole.

lisa cried out and tried to get away from him, but they both grabbed her.

"you want my dick up your ass? huh, slut? you want me to hurt you?" jeremy threatened.

"no..." lisa whined. she squeezed her eyes shut, josh put his hand on her chin, directing her mouth to his cock. "i-i want your dick in my pussy," she said in a low voice.

jeremy fingered her. "she's really wet."

josh smirked, looked down at his sister's pretty face and pushed his dick into her mouth. she started sucking and josh moaned.

jeremy shoved his dick into her wet pussy. lisa moaned, to josh's pleasure, as jeremy rammed her from behind. "moan. i want to hear you... i know your liking this, you little whore."

lisa wanted to kill both of them right now. how stupid was she to think josh wasn't going to tell jeremy? but as long as he didn't send that link to their father...

"i want to feel you cum," jeremy said.

lisa pulled back away from josh and shook her head. "no, stop it jeremy..."

josh grabbed her chin again and roughly shoved his dick back into her mouth. "don't do that again."

she moaned, and josh reached his hand out and began to rub her clit. he could feel his brother thrusting into her pussy, could feel the wetness that covered it. he rubbed her clit and teased it.

lisa squirmed, her ass pushing into jeremy as he fucked her. jeremy moaned, holding her hips. "make her cum," jeremy said, feeling like he was about to cum himself.

she continued to suck josh's dick as he played with her. she felt her stomach tighten and moaned as an orgasm ripped through her body. josh moaned, moving his hand to the back of his sister's head, holding her against his cock. she moaned, causing a vibration through her mouth. he shot his cum into her mouth, and kept his dick in her mouth until he felt her swallow.

jeremy felt his sisters muscles contracting around his dick. he groaned, and almost blew his load into her tight little pussy. he tried to hold it.

josh pulled out, and slumped against his headboard, his dick going limp, his eyes burning into his sisters. she gave him a death stare as jeremy pounded her from behind. her blond locks fell over part of her face, and josh just watched.

jeremy grabbed her hips hard and held her in place, her pussy impaled on his dick. he let out a loud moan and lisa dopped her head to josh's mattress, closing her eyes tight. her fingers clawed his sheet as she felt jeremy's hot cum fill her insides.

"oh God, no... " she cried. josh and jeremy smirked mockingly at lisa. jeremy pulled out and lisa turned over, cum dripping down her thigh.

jeremy, out of breath, pulled his basketball shorts back up and look down at his older sister. tears dripped down her face. she sat up quickly and slapped him across the face.

"i fuckin hate you!" she yelled. jeremy laughed and touched his beat red cheek. "you fuckin came in me, you asshole!" she yelled, and punched him.

"whoa," josh said, and grabbed her before she could swing again, his jeans pulled up but still unbuttoned.

"he fuckin came in me!" lisa repeated, and kicked at jeremy. jeremy slapped her thigh, leaving his handprint.

"you learned your lesson though, right?" josh asked. "or maybe you didn't."

lisa squirmed, josh let her go this time. she jumped off his bed and grabbed her sweatpants. she looked for her panties. she was furious. they guys at school had used her, though it felt good at the time, she regretted it now. josh was never going to let her live this down. "leave me alone," she answered, her hand shaking as she picked her panties up off his floor.

"did you get the video off the internet?" lisa asked, sliding her panties up her tanned legs.

"i told you i'd take care of it," josh answered. he stood up and faced her, lisa took a step back towards the door. "and if you ever do some shit like that again-"

"i said i didn't know they taped it."

"i was referring to the threesome with my football team."

jeremy came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. she cringed. "i think she learned her lesson," jeremy said.

josh looked down at his sister. he knew there was at least 100 other guys that wanted to fuck his sister. he heard guys talking about her, not knowing he was standing nearby. he didn't blame them. her face turned red. "we'll see..."


2017-11-08 17:03:32
i think you should continue but it get kinkier you know add water sports and maybe the family goes away except for josh, Jeremy and Lisa and have them make her their pet

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Make one about them raping Karen

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You need help. The characters have no humanity. There is no shred of empathy. No emotional bonding of any type. That says a lot about you. 're do the characters and this God be okay

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if you could have her being ambushed in an alley and have josh save her, then you could really get some respect

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Marvelous story. I don't care if you don't capitalise. You are an asshole if you don't continue this, please don't be one. And to the rude anonymous readers, i dare you to write a better story.

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