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I was in such a bad mood. The whole gr. 8 classes were supposed to go on an ‘excursion week’ for 14 days, a really big school trip that I was really looking forward to the whole school year, and when it finally came, guess what happened. I got kicked off. The stupid bitch that kicked me off was the schools headmaster, only because I smashed another girls knee with some kind of rubber pipe.

“Charlene!” ,cried the Headmaster, “you’ve been in trouble for too many times this year, and the only punishment for what you have done is to ban you from the excursion!”

So here I am, on a local bus back to home. The headmaster said she was going to call my mom, as soon she and the classes were in Pining. I was so pissed, I was looking forward to it, and I was kicked off. Now what am I going to do, I was surely going to get grounded for the whole 2 weeks, the time that my class were going to be away.

I tried to forget about it as I unlocked the door to my house. I walked inside and I walked into the kitchen, bringing out a juice-box from the fridge. That was when I heard faint sounds from upstairs. They sounded like moaning and groaning, also some people slapping. Also often cries of “Ohhh yeah”

It was mysterious. Why are there so many sounds that are coming from upstairs? I kicked off my shoes and took off my socks, revealing my sexy little toes, painted black. I tried to follow the sound, and that led me to my mom’s room. I stayed by the room for a while, trying to listen what was happening inside, and when I heard my moms voice going sky-high screaming, of what sounded like pain I opened the door and ran inside. What I saw froze me.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There were around 14 men, gathered around the bed that my mother was in. 6 of them were gathered around her, fucking in every single place she could manage. One was in her mouth; deep throating her while another was up her ass fucking the shit out of her anal-lube. 2 were in each of her hands, while she was giving another one a feet job. The last one was ripping her pussy apart, and my mother wasn’t fighting at all. She seemed to be enjoying it, moaning and groaning through the cock that was in her mouth. Suddenly one of the men realized me, and so did my mom.

My mom gave a sudden cry as she desperately tried to get up, she let go of the 2 cocks she was holding and tore another one out of her mouth. Her sudden movements made all of the men realize me standing near the door.

My mother managed to stand up as she started, “I can expl-”

“There’s no need to explain you fucking slut! Even though your divorced you shouldn’t do anything like this you piece of shit!” I cried out everything I could think of, my mom looked murderous at that time, “you smelly fuck! You swore you wouldn-”

“Make her join us” my mother suddenly said to the men, “you can pay me more later on”

Then I understood, she was doing this for money, since my dad left I was wondering where she was getting her money from. The men advanced on me, and that was when I ran for it. But they were to fast for me; they caught up fast as they grabbed me, and then dragged me back to my mothers room. They threw me onto the bed, and began ripping my clothes off.

“No” ,I started, “you don’t have to do this, please”

But they didn’t listen. My mother got up and sat on my chest, pinning me to the bed. As my panties were pulled down my mom untied my bra, revealing my 36 C. Cup boobs. She was still sitting on my chest and looking down at me as I was tied up. My hands were tied up and so were my feet. Finally, I was completely helpless, tied up. I couldn’t move or do anything, I could only wiggle my body because my mother was sitting on my chest.

Then she spoke, “you know how hard it is to manage everything when you have absolutely no economical backup? You know how hard it is with your daughter always fucking with you about what you do and always putting pressure on you? Well, I now have an idea; why not make my daughter do everything for me? Why not make her make the money, and why don’t I just sit down and do whatever I want? That’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

I was shocked I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do.

“I’m going to pleasure myself first”, my mom started again, “I’ll make you clean every single part of me first, with you tongue! Aren’t you hungry darling?”

I didn’t know what to say, I just stared stupidly at her.

“Your hungry aren’t you?” my mother repeated again. I slowly nodded my head, “well, I’ve got a bunch of cum on my feet and toes that you could lick up and eat, first, I’ve got a lot more cum, but my feet could fill you up a bit.”.

She grabbed my short ponytails and took my head up a bit, she then slowly put her toes on my lips. There was cum all over her feet, on her soles, on her toes, on her nails.

“Do as I say and you won’t get hurt” she said. I slowly started shaking my head and whimpering.

“As I expected” my mother exclaimed, “I think you need a little bit of …. Persuasion”

With that she raised her feet off my face and grabbed my pony-tails a bit harder. She then stroked my cheeks with her hands. Then suddenly and unexpectedly, she slapped me.

Quite hard, “You –little –un-grateful –bitch, -do –as –I –say, she said between each of her slaps.

There were tears in my eyes now, her slaps were so hard. She slowly sat back again, making sure herself is comfy on my chest then she put her right feet to my lips again.

“Open up” she said, and I knew I had no choice.

I slowly opened my mouth as my mom slowly put her cum covered toes inside my mouth and onto my tongue.

“I don’t even want to move my feet”, my mom exclaimed, “so you have to clean whatever I put in your mouth, so start licking the toes I put in your mouth first”

She looked in satisfaction as I started to lick her big toe, slowly swallowing the cum that I was getting off of it.

“That’s a good girl, mmmm” my mom exclaimed as I started on her second and third toe at the same time.

I licked and licked each one of her toes and she moved her feet up, forcing her sole onto my wide open mouth. With that I started licking her soles, making sure both of them are clean. After a while I finished licking every single part of her feet.

“Pretty good for a beginner”, my mom said, “now let’s let you really pleasure me”.

The men that were in the room were right now all looking with quite satisfaction and now they were all very, very aroused. My mother got off of my chest and went forward to the edge of the bed and lying down into a birthing position. Then she started talking to the men, commanding them.

“I want to have her oral cavity”, she exclaimed, “but you could have her ass and sex”

Immediately the men understood what she meant, and they started dragging me off the bed. I was so scared on what they were going to do. But as they put me into a kneeling position with my face just inches away from my mothers pussy and ass, I understood. Everything seemed to piece together.

My mom announced that she had a lot of cum everywhere on her body. But that included IN her body. She also exclaimed that the men could have my ass and pussy while she had my oral cavity… my mouth would be servicing her while the men could pleasure themselves in my asshole and pussy. I started moaning and whirling around, but that wasn’t of much use.

The men made me kneel down and started prying my ass cheeks apart. My mother also got into a more comfy birthing position, pulling 2 pillows behind her as she got ready for me to drink the cum cocktail from her asshole and sex.

“Now let the pleasure begin”, my mother announced.

I suddenly felt my face being forced downwards causing It to mash against my mothers pussy. My mouth was slightly open causing it to spread out against my moms’ asshole. As I felt a mans cock forced into my virgin sex, I tried to take a deep breath from my mouth… but only to receive mouthfuls of cocktail from my mothers ass.

The new sensation made her groan, “Ohhh, yyess”, she cried out, “lick mommy’s asshole, service your mommy, oohhh yyyesss”

I knew I had no choice; I forced myself to begin sucking. Cum began leaking out of my mom’s asshole, into my mouth, while I forced myself to swallow every-drop of it. I slowly started probing her ass with my tongue as 2 other men began pleasuring themselves on my ass and pussy. There were light slapping sounds as the men began pumping faster and faster, and slurping sounds as I started licking my mother’s pussy.

I started tasting my mom and sucking the cum out of her sex when she erupted suddenly, and unexpectedly, sending torrents of cum mixed with her own pussy juice streaming into my mouth. She reached down and pressed my face harder against her pussy.

“Ohhhhh, yyeesss, you made mommy cuumm you baadd girl!!”

At the same time the 2 men behind me blew, shooting their seed deep into my pussy and ass. They withdrew and 2 more men replaced them. My mother gave a sigh of satisfaction and got herself into an even more comfy position and adjusted my head. My brain let out a signal, letting me know that this was the beginning of my new life.

Chapter 1

It has been a week. This whole week I have been being forced to do live online ‘shows’. My mother forced me to. After that all the men has fucked me a few times, last week, my mother pleasured herself some more and took my to a room in the basement, dragged was more accurate. There was a computer and a webcam. There was a small washroom and shower on the side and my mother commanded me to clean myself up, because with all the cum over my feet, pussy, ass, boobs, I would not look good for her ‘clients’. She said that before she came back, she wanted me showered and dry.

I thought that this was a good time for me to escape but as she went up the stairs, I heard heavy locks turn in the door of the basement. There were no windows. I sighed and went into the shower.

This was a week later and I just sat there, 8 O’clock in the morning waiting for my mom to come down to the basement to do her daily shows. We would just sit in front of the computer for hours until someone ‘ordered time’ from us for us to do a lesbian sex show. My mom always seemed to be the dominant one.

Suddenly, I heard the locks on the door to the basement turn and my mother walked in. She was a woman in her mid 30’s, and she was divorced. She had very large 36 D. cup breasts and years in athletic courses in the years before gave her a very firm and taught form. She went over to the computer and booted it up. I sat there waiting, a repeat of what has happened the past week. I was showered, I made sure, or a ‘punishment’ will be given out from my mom for not being prepared.

It took a while for the computer to boot, and then she went to the porn networks to sign in to her website. She logged in and waited. Almost instantly half a dozen people joined the chat-room. My mom began to go through her usual process. The webcam was placed at an angle so the queen-sized bed could be seen clearly from the computer. The computer was placed on a small table near the stool. She sat back with me kneeling beside her and she started to advertise. She usually made lots of money from this, because she received so many clients. Plus, it was 50 bucks for 30minutes. So it was good business. She opened the webcam link and started typing.

‘Any of you men want to see real lesbian action and real soon’? , she typed, and she got a lot of replies, instantly as the men began to chat back.

‘Show me something and I’ll take you into private’, said a guy nicknamed cute_fuck_y_fuck_y

‘Ohhh yeah’ said another guy

Suddenly a guy asked another question, ‘that young gal beside you the girl you going to do lesbian with?’

My mom gave him a satisfying answer, ‘Even though she’s my daughter I’ll do anything you request to her’

‘Well do something first and I’ll order some time’ he exclaimed through the chat.

My mom pried down her bra.

‘Oookk, wait up, I’m ordering now’ said the guy through the chat. A pop up came up saying the ‘pervert’ has ordered 40 minutes, and that he paid the 65 bucks through his credit card in advance. Almost instantly my mother opened up a private link through her webcam to ‘pervert’s’ computer. As our images showed up on the clients computer, my mom started typing.

MOM SAYS: ‘What do you want me to do?’

PERVERT SAYS: ‘Well, you promised les action with your daughter. That’s what I want.’

MOM SAYS: ‘Well what you want me to do first to her?’

She grabbed my hair and my whimpers went through the sound system to perverts computer.

PERVERT SAYS: ‘Well, I’m into feet, so… anything there you can do?’

My mom raised her feet to the cam so ‘pervert’ could have a good look of her sexy toes.

MOM SAYS: Forced feet worship or Willing feet worship?

PERVERT SAYS: Forced, I want to see that little girl there begging for mercy.


Without another word my mother grabbed my hair and pushed my head towards her feet. Without another word she pried open my mouth and stuck her big toe into my mouth. She put her second toe into my oral cavity and started to twirl my tongue between her toes, then trapping them between her feet then slowly moving her feet back and forth to make a brush out of my tongue, forcing me to clean the toe-jam from between her grimy, sexy feet. She adjusted the web cam so ‘pervert’ could get a better view.

PERVERT SAYS: oohh yeah, I like that. Put your other feet’s toes into that mouth to. Play with her tongue with 4 digits.

My mom obeyed. It was part of her job to pleasure the customer. She took her other 2 toes from her left feet and stuck them into my mouth, making me clean those ones to. She turned me around so I was now lying on the bed. She then sat on my chest, on top of me and put her toes on my lips.

“Between” , she exclaimed to me, and I knew what that meant.

I took her red toes and pried open the space between her first toe and second. Then I started licking that space between them, licking eagerly, forcing myself to go on, and cleaning the sweat from between each of her toes. My mom sat back and put her left feet just below my nose. She made me smell the foul odor from her feet while making me clean her right with my mouth. She made me suffer.

PERVERT SAYS: Why not change another kind of foreplay?

MOM SAYS: What you want?

She pulled her toes out of my mouth leaving a horrible taste.

PERVERT SAYS: ‘Bout spanking.

MOM SAYS: Enjoy!

My mom twisted me around and made me lie on her lap. I felt her right hand go right behind my ass and pull my tights right down revealing my firm little buttocks.


I cried out in pain as she kept on punishing my backside, slamming her palms into it, making it redder and redder, whimpers escaped my lips as my mother slapped harder and harder, more and more aroused.

PERVERT SAYS: Call her names, tell her how a bad girl she is, and punish her.

My mom grinned and started scolding me calling me all sorts of names as she spanked me, “Beg you ungrateful bitch! Beg me to forgive you, you bad little girl! You like that don’t you! You like being spanked! You like licking mommy’s toes and cleaning her feet! You like worshipping mommy and making her feel good don’t you, you dirty little lesbian whore!” ,she smacked harder and harder making me whimper and squeal like a pig.

PERVERT SAYS: That’s enough. I want to see real lesbian action; I want to see your daughter tasting you and you riding her.

MOM SAYS: You want me to make her taste me and me to ride her?

PERVERT SAYS: Oh yes, I want you to fuck her hard, and I want you to force her to lick you to orgasm, I demand it.

MOM SAYS: Enjoy!

She grabbed me and threw me onto the bed; she laid onto the bedpost, as she unzipped her skirt and threw it off. Her shirt came off as she began playing with her own tits. She then, began to drag me, by the hair to between her legs, which she opened wide for me to service her lightly furred womanhood. As she pried open my mouth and applied it to her sex, she let out moans, scolding me and telling me to do a better job.

“Ohhhh, yyesss, lick your mommy! Make mommy feel good, and service her!” ,she exclaimed, while playing rubbing her own hard tits with her left hand, “Ohhh yeesss, Uhhhghgggg, You like that don’t you, you lesbian bitch!!”

PERVERT SAYS: Ohhh yeah, that’s what I want to see!

It went on for 2 minutes before-

“Uuhhhhhhgggggggg!!!!” ,my mother started screaming at the top of her lungs as her orgasm took her, “Oohhhhh, lick my clit!!!! Put your little tongue in my pussy!! Ohhhhhhh!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Uhhgg!

During this she grabbed my hair, with both hands and mashed my whole face into her pussy, making me drink all of her women juice, using my face like a towel, my mouth on her pussy, which was like a hose, leaking out torrents of slightly yellow liquid. After a dozen seconds my mother calmed down and started typing again.

MOM SAYS: You said you wanted me to ride her with toys?

PERVERT SAYS: Oh, yes, ride her hard, make her beg you in mercy.

MOM SAYS: Your times running out, this’ll be the last thing I’m going to do for you.

PERVERT SAYS: Well, that’s unfortunate, but let’s gets you two like bunny rabbits, shall we? Before the time runs out.


My mother went over to the webcam and adjusted the cam to the side of the bed, so that ‘pervert’ could have a good side-view of the bed, what she was going to do to me would be hard to view from the side.

She went over to the drawer near the right side of the bed, and opened it; it was full of sex toys as she took out 2 strap-ons, a 7” black dildo, and a bottle of lubricant.

She went over to me and commanded me, “Lie down on your back, while I prepare you”

I did what I was told; any resistant would be punished. My mother opened the bottle of lubricant, but had better thoughts. She placed her lubricant on the side as she pried open my legs, revealing my young pussy and ass-hole, my clit puffing out proudly, light beads of moisture could be seen in the pink slit that was my vagina. My mother looked at my ass and sex and started getting aroused, she then started slowly sucking on her fingers, getting it all wet with her own saliva. She took the finger out of her mouth, now all sticky and slimy with her own spit, and started to rub her fingers up and down my pussy.

I moaned out in this as I instinctively tried to close my legs, but my mother pried it open again, and with another sticky finger, started to fondle my asshole. After a while of this she started scolding me again.

“You like that don’t you Charlene, you like mommy sticking her fingers into your asshole and sex, you want her so bad don’t you?”, she exclaimed, “You want mommy’s cock in you don’t you, you want mommy fucking you don’t you?”

PERVERT SAYS: Fuck her now! I want to see her getting fucked HARD!

My mother didn’t type back; she was too aroused from touching the soft bud of mine, and finger-fucking my ass. She saw the messages and took the time to strap on her first dildo, then, unexpectedly, her second. She took the bottle of lubricant from the side and began spreading large amounts all over my pussy and anal-hole. She then placed the heads of the two dildos in the entrance of the 2 holes between my legs. She took a deep breath before double-penetrating me with the force of a bull.

She went all the way, shoving the dildos deep inside me, as she gave a sigh of satisfaction, she started to pump. In, out, In, out the dildos went, she making slapping sounds as her hips slapped my ass-cheeks. She took my legs and put them on either side of her shoulder as she picked up the black dildo beside her.

PERVERT SAYS: Ohhh, yeah, fuck her! This is definitely what I want to see! This is what I WANT TO SEE!!!

My mother got more and more aroused, pumping harder and harder, ripping my asshole and pussy apart at the same time. She then suddenly stuffed all of the 7” of the dildo in her hands straight up her pussy and let out a moan of lust.

“Ohhh, yyeeaahh”, she exclaimed, “You want mommy fucking you don’t you!!!! Mommy’s fucking you like a man isn’t she!! You like mommy’s cock in you! Moan you bitch! Moan for mercy! Beg me to fuck you harder!!”

This week has done something to me, it changed me. All the hard fucking and molesting my mother had done to me has changed me. I felt that I deserved to be fucked like this. I liked it! I wanted my mom to pump me as hard as she could.

So I answered back, “Ohhhh yes”, I cried out, “Fuck me mommy, fuck meeee!!! I’m your slave! I’m your fuck-toy! I’ll be your lesbian slut!! Fuck me hard, mommy! Ohhh, Yessssss!!!!!


“Take it then!!!” my mother screamed as she pumped hard as ever. My smelly, sexy little toes, painted black were curling beside my mom’s ears in pleasure. As she realized, she took my right feet with her left hand and put in right in front of her lips.

Then, she took every one of my toes on my right feet and put it into her mouth. Her tongue danced over them, licking off all the sweat and grime and toe-jam between my toes, and since I haven’t washed my feet in ages, (since the last shower I took was 3 days ago) my feet smelled and tasted horrible, though she seemed to enjoy it. She took my other feet and started smelling them, enjoying how good my right feet tasted, she began to enjoy the foul odor of my left feet. Her right hand was still steadily pumping the dildo in and out of her pussy, as she pumped harder and harder. Then she came.

She moaned through the toes in her mouth as torrents of semen came spurting out of her pussy onto the bed, I came at the same time, because of the sudden toe-licking my mother given me. It has excited me so much, to feel her tongue between my toes that I cummed. My semen spurted out, dribbling down to my asshole and onto the dildo that my mom had in my holes between my legs.

After what seemed like ages, my mother withdrew her dildo and began typing on the computer.

MOM SAYS: Enjoyed?

PERVERT SAYS: Holy shit that was good.

MOM SAYS: Want more? Then extend time.

PERVERT SAYS: Actually, I live in the same town you do. New York. Here’s my e-mail. I’ll e-mail you. I would be maybe “interested”

MOM SAYS: My pleasure

PERVERT SAYS: Thanks for the show, wonderful, I’ll come back some time soon, though I’ll probably e-mail you later on. See you later.

And that was the last thing he said. As he logged out, my mother went back into the chat-room to begin searching for more customers. I lay there exhausted, waiting to taste my mother again for the next client.

Should I keep going...? Pt. 2??

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