Chapter 10

Friday night Sue sat in an easy chair in the living room and watched her brother Dave as he, Cindy, and Janet enjoyed a three way. “Fuck me, Dave, fuck me,” Cindy shouted as she bounced up and down on Dave’s cock. At the same time Janet screamed in pleasure as she sat on Dave’s face so he could eat her blonde cunt.
Sue watched them and groaned in frustration as she tried to satisfy herself with her hand. Now that she was so close to losing her cherry the young girl felt more frustrated than ever as she watched her brother fucking her friends enthusiastically. She’d hopped that her father would stay up until midnight or later and then announce that it was time to pop her cherry since midnight marked her thirteenth birthday, but instead of staying up he’d headed for bed early - about eight o-clock - saying that he needed to get his sleep since it would be a long day. After that Dave and the others had decided to have their mini orgy - they’d even asked her to join them - but Sue soon realized that she was so horny that she almost gave in to Dave’s joking advances, tempted to give up on her father’s cock just hours before he was ready and willing to pop her cherry.
So now she sat in her armchair and watched her brother and friends enjoy wild sex while she found herself hornier and more sexually frustrated with every second. “I’m going to bed,” Sue said getting up from her chair without taking her eyes off the fucking trio.
“Go ahead, sis,” Dave said, taking his mouth away from Janet’s drooling slit to give her a suggestive smile. “Have a good nights sleep and a good fuck in the morning.”
“I’m sure dad will make sure of that,” Sue said with a wistful smile as she gave her slit another stroke through her panties.
“Hey girls,” Dave said as Sue turned to leave, “I have an idea for a game I think we’ll all like. I call it who am I fucking now.”
“Sounds like fun,” Cindy said as she pulled her fuck tunnel off Dave’s cock and reached down to catch his cum as it bubbled out of her slit.
“It’s simple,” Sue heard Dave respond as she walked down the hall to her room, “you blindfold me and then take turns fucking me as I lay on my back. I have to guess which one of you is fucking me, and once I guess you switch and I fuck the other girl.”
“It sounds like fun,” Janet admitted, “but it won’t be much of a game. Since there’s only two of us it won’t be that hard for you to figure out who’s fucking you, especially if you reach up and feel our tits.”
“She’s got that right,” Cindy chuckled as she pinched her nipples and pulled them out from her flat chest.
“Ok,” Dave laughed, “I agree it isn’t much of a game with only two of you fucking me, but it will be fun, and I promise not to feel you up while we’re fucking.”
“I’m willing to give it a try,” Janet decided as Cindy nodded in agreement.
“Maybe tomorrow we can suggest it during the orgy,” Cindy suggested. “Then the guys can take turns and there will be more girls for them to guess who their fucking.”
“What do you think, Sue,” Dave called after his sister as she paused in the hall outside her bedroom.
“I agree with you guys,” she answered, “this game sounds like a lot of fun, especially if we have more cunts for you guys to guess from. But let’s see what everyone else thinks tomorrow.”
With another lustful smile on her face Susan opened her bedroom door and stepped quickly into the room so she could close the door behind her and cut off the giggles and groans from the livingroom as her brother and friends started their game. “Fuck,” Sue said as she stripped out of her cloths and tossed them haphazardly across the floor as she walked to her bed.
Susan sprawled naked on top of her covers and listened to the sounds of the orgy that filtered through her closed door and wished that she could join her brother and friends in their sexual romp, but if she was going to stick with her decision to let her father pop her cherry she had no choice in the matter. She tried to comfort herself with the thought that she’d be able to join the others the next night - fuck, she’d be able to join them after breakfast if her father popped her cherry first thing in the morning - but she was still so frustrated she wanted to scream. As she tried to satisfy herself by rubbing her clit and full tits Sue closed her eyes and tried to imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning and feel her father’s cock buried deep in her wet horny teenage cunt. She’d seen him fucking other girls so often it was easy to imagine what it would look like, but she couldn’t imagine what it would feel like. Still, she knew it would feel great. At least that’s what everyone told her, but only after they screamed bloody murder when her dad slammed his prick through their cherry’s.
Sue wasn’t sure exactly when she fell asleep. One minute she was listening to the sounds of the orgy in the living room and gasping as she gave herself another orgasm, the next minute she was dreaming. She knew it had to be a dream because she was watching her father as he slammed his large wonderful cock into her tight horny slit, but she was watching it through her large pregnant belly - she could even see her daughter floating in her womb and giving her a big grin as her father/grandfather tickled her undeveloped cunt with the head of his cock with every thrust.
In the dream Susan’s father reached up to grab one of her milk heavy tits so he could put the nipple in his mouth and suck the milk straight from the jug. “Oh daddy, you make me so happy,” the girl moaned as her father tried to suck her tits dry.
“Really?” her father’s voice replied. “I haven’t even started yet.”
Susan’s eyes shot open and a soft breath across her slit sent a shiver of sexual energy through her spine to explode in her brain. “Your mother always loved it when I woke her like this,” Sue could hear her father’s voice coming from between her spread thighs and she realized that he was holding her legs open so he could reach her cunt easily.
“Daddy?” Sue said, she glanced at her digital alarm clock and saw that it 3:10.
“Happy birthday, Susan,” Steve Binns said to his daughter as she reached over to turn on her bedside light. He blew across the girl’s brown bush again before he licked her slit, tickling her erect clit with the tip of his tongue when he reached the top of pussy. “You’re so wet, you must have been having a very nice dream.”
“I sure was,” Sue sighed, “but what are you doing in my room this early? I thought you weren’t going to pop my cherry until morning.”
“Well it is morning,” Steve pointed out with a chuckle, “and officially you’ve been thirteen for just over five minutes now.”
“What do you mean,” Sue asked cautiously as her father opened her cunt lips with his fingers so he could stick his tongue further into her fuck tunnel.
“According to your birth certificate your official time of birth was 3:05 AM. That means you turned thirteen at that time this morning.”
“Well, since you got that technical about my birthday,” Susan said thoughtfully as her father slurped the juices out of her pussy, “I’m glad I wasn’t born at 11:59 PM.”
“I’m sure I would have found a way to get around the time if that was the case,” Steve chuckled.
“Daddy, did mom do the same thing to Dave when he turned thirteen?” Sue gasped as her father’s pussy eating started to push her toward an orgasm.
“Yes she did,” Steve admitted. “Your brother was born at 2:29 Am and your mother kept him waiting until that time before she snuck into his room and popped his cherry.”
“That rat,” Sue grunted as her father’s tongue dug deep into her fuck tunnel until the tip touched her intact hymen. “He knew what you were planning and teased me by having that mini orgy to make me so horny and frustrated I couldn’t stand it any more.”
“If you couldn’t stand it any more than what did you do?” Steve asked, looking at his daughter through the valley between her large tits. “Obviously you didn’t fuck him because I just found your cherry.”
“No I didn’t fuck him,” Sue said with a wistful smile, “but I did go to bed early so I wouldn’t have to watch him fucking Cindy and Janet.”
“Well I’m glad you decided to wait,” Steve said as he climbed into his daughter’s bed and crawled in between her wide spread thighs, “because now I get to pop your cherry.”
“This is what I’ve been waiting for since I found out what fucking was,” Sue said, looking at her father’s hardening cock.
“I’m glad to hear that,” Steve said with a grin, “but first there’s something I’ve been dreaming about since your tits started growing last year.”
“What’s that daddy,” Sue asked with a crooked smile, she thought she had an idea what her father wanted to do but she decided to let him tell her.
“I want to fuck your tits,” Steve said with a grin to match his daughter’s. “Since I usually fuck younger girls their tits aren’t big enough to fuck, but yours are.”
“Just barely,” Sue chuckled, “but since I want you to fuck me every way possible I’ll be happy to let you fuck my tits.”
“Good,” Steve said as he crawled over Susan’s legs to straddle her stomach so his prick stretched through her tit valley. “Now push those tits together so I can fuck them. And don’t forget to lick the tip every once in a while.”
“I won’t, daddy,” Susan promised with a grin as she grabbed her tits and pushed them together to form a tunnel around her father’s prick.
With a groan of pleasure Steve pushed his cock through his daughter’s tit tunnel and held it there for a second while she lifted her head and ran the tip of her tongue over the slit at the head of his shaft. As he pulled it back for another run through her tit mounds Susan spoke up. “Daddy,” she said as she held her tits steady for his thrust.
“Yes?” he said, hesitating only a second before he rammed his shaft between her tits again.
Susan licked the head of her father’s head before she continued. “I thought you might like to know what I was dreaming about just before you woke me up.”
“Really?” Steve said as he slid his cock forward again, “It must be a very nice dream if you want to share it with me.”
“It was,” Sue said after she licked her father’s cock again. “It was a very nice dream.” She told her father about her dream and she was sure that he was getting as turned on about it as she was because she could taste the pre-cum as it oozed from his slit with every trip through her tits.
“And the sexist part about the dream,” she concluded as she watched the glazed look and crooked smile on her father’s face, “was that in the dream I knew it was your baby.”
“That is one dream I’d love to make happen,” Steve said, shoving his cock through Sue’s tits and holding it there as he gazed wistfully into space.
“I know,” Susan said with a broad grin. “I remember how much you and Dave both enjoyed fucking Angie Summers after you knocked her up with twins. She practically lived here and between the two of you I don’t think she went more than an hour without having a cock shoved in her cunt, ass, or mouth. And once her milk started coming in during her sixth month the two of you sucked her dry every day.”
“That was a good time,” Steve sighed reminiscently as he licked his lips with pleasure. “But it would be even better with you.”
“Because I’m your daughter? Or because I’d be available all the time?” Sue asked with a chuckle.
Steve considered his answer carefully before he spoke with a grin, “Both. For you as well as us. You remember how much Angie hated going home every night? Well, since you live here you’re already home. And you can spend every night with one of us in your bed - and in your cunt if that’s what you want.”
“I want,” Susan said, “I want.”
“What do you want?” Steve asked his daughter.
“I want you to pop my cherry and fuck me like crazy,” Sue said, giving her father a suggestive smile, “I want to sleep with you cock in my cunt, and I want you to knock me up with your baby.”
“I’ll be more than happy to do all three,” Steve told him daughter. “But if you’re as fuck hungry as Cindy and Janet I can’t guarantee that your baby will be me.”
“Maybe you can’t, but I can,” Sue said.
“What do you mean?” Steve said, seeming to realize that he hadn’t moved his cock for several seconds while they were talking.
“Come on daddy,” Sue said with a grin, “I know all about the condoms you keep in your closet, and if all else fails I have my ass and my mouth. I’m sure I can hold off letting anyone else cum in my cunt until I’m carrying your baby.”
“Do you know how long it could take me to knock you up?” Steve asked with a frown.
“No,” Susan admitted, “I don’t, but I’m determined to have only your cum in my cunt until I’m pregnant with our first baby. After that I don’t really care who knocks me up, but the first baby is yours, daddy.”
“In that case I better take care of that damn cherry of yours,” Steve said as he pulled his prick out from between Sue’s tits.
Before Steve could move between Sue’s spread legs there was a knock at the door and they heard Dave’s voice through the closed door. “Hey you two, keep it down. Some of us are trying to fuck you know.” They heard Cindy and Janet laughing with Dave as the three of them headed for his room and from the sounds they made it was obvious that they’d left the bedroom door open while they started fucking in Dave’s bed.
“Daddy,” Susan said as they listened to the sounds the other three were making. “Why don’t you open the door and let’s see if we can drown them out with our own fucking.”
“You’ve got it,” Steve said, hoping out of bed to open the door before he hoped back into bed and between his daughter’s open thighs.
“Are you ready for this, Susan?” Steve asked as he brought the head of his cock to his daughter’s drooling slit and rubbed it up and down along her tight virgin pussy lips.
“I’ve been ready for years, daddy,” Sue moaned, “it was only your stupid rule about not fucking a girl younger than thirteen that kept me from fucking you before this.”
“And if I hadn’t promised your mother I would have fucked you the first time you asked - and every time you’ve asked me since then - but we don’t have to worry about that now.”
“So fuck me, daddy,” Sue begged, “pop my cherry, fuck me, and knock me up with your baby. I just wish I was in the middle of my fertile period like Cindy and Janet. Since my next period is only three days away the odds are that you won’t knock me up this time, but it’s only a matter of time.”
“Just a warning, Sue,” Steve said, hesitating before he shoved his cock into his daughter’s virgin fuck hole. “I managed to knock your mother up right away with Dave, but even though we fucked like crazy it took almost three years before I managed to knock her up with you, and I never did manage to knock her up again after that. Your mother was so frustrated when I managed to get most of my other fuck partners knocked up at least once and usually twice during those three years, I even managed to get Tina Hinds knocked up with a third baby before you came along. That’s why we were so excited when we thought Dave managed to knock your mother up before we found out about the cancer.”
“While I’m not mom,” Susan pointed out, “I expect you to knock me up with my first baby before Christmas, and after that I’ll just see how many times I can get knocked up because I expect to have all the baby’s you and mom wanted as well as the babies I want to have for myself.”
“How many babies are you planing to have?” Steve asked his daughter, still running his cock along her slit.
“As many as I can,” Susan said with a grin, “and I want to get started right now.”
“What my daughter wants, my daughter gets,” Steve said as he popped the head of his prick between her pussy lips and shoved his shaft into her fuck tunnel.
“Damn,” Steve said as his prick slid easily through the first couple inches of her fuck tunnel. “I know your cherry is still in there, I felt it earlier, but it should have been harder to get my cock in this deep. How can you be a virgin and when your fuck tunnel is so easy to fuck?”
“That’s because I’ve been planning for this day for almost three years,” Sue said as she gave her father a sexy smile. “I’ve been spreading my cunt tunnel ever since I found out what fucking was all about, but I made sure that I didn’t go deep enough to pop my own cherry, that’s all yours - and so is the fuck tunnel past my hymen.”
“Well, I guess I better not keep you waiting if you’ve been planning this for so long,” Steve grunted as he pulled his cock back and prepared for the next thrust. “Say goodbye to your cherry!”
Putting everything he had behind the thrust Steve slammed into his daughter’s cherry, the barrier held for a split second and then his thrust burst through Sue’s hymen and slid through to fill the rest of her fuck tunnel all the way to the young teen’s cervix. Susan screamed, a mixture of pain and triumph as her father’s cock smashed through her cherry and kept going until it was buried deep in her flat belly.
“Sounds like someone just lost her cherry,” Dave chanted from his own bedroom as Cindy and Janet snickered.
“You’ve got that right,” Sue yelled back as she caught her breath. “And now,” she said as she turned to her father and lover, “it’s time for you to fuck, cum in my cunt, and knock me up with my first baby.”
“Nothing will give me more pleasure,” Steve said as he gave Sue a broad smile as he took his hands off his daughter’s hips and moved them up to play with her full tits. When he was sure the girl was ready he drew his cock out of her cunt until only the head was still in her fuck tunnel and then he buried it into her tunnel until their pubic hair meshed together so he couldn’t tell where his ended and hers began.
Sue couldn’t believe how good it felt to have her father’s cock sliding in and out of her slick cunt. Even before he reached up to grab her tits she felt her pussy building up to her first orgasm and her body exploded after just five thrusts as he started picking up his fuck pace. “Fuck me, daddy, fuck me,” Susan screamed as her cunt squeezed his cock so hard he had to hold it deep in her fuck tunnel until her cunt relaxed enough for him to start moving again.
“Your first fuck induced orgasm,” Steve said proudly as he started sliding his shaft in and out of his daughter faster and harder with each thrust. “Let’s see if I can give you another one before I fill you with baby juice.”
“Do it daddy,” Sue gasped as her father bent down to kiss her before shifting his mouth to her tits to suck her nipples as he continued fucking her. For a few minutes the only sound in the Sue’s bedroom was the grunts and groans as father and daughter slammed their bodies together with enough energy to make the bed springs squeak with each thrust.
“I’m going to cum, Sue,” Steve grunted, taking his mouth off his daughter’s nipple as sweat dripped off his face to hit her tits as he slammed his cock as deep as it could go into the girl’s cunt and held it there as his balls started jumping and he flooded the former virgin’s womb with a load of baby juice.
“I’m cumming too daddy,” Sue moaned as her fuck tunnel clamped around her father’s prick and tried to squeeze all the baby making sperm out of his shaft.
“You are incredible,” Steve groaned as he lay down next to his daughter, letting his softening cock slide out her well fucked cunt.
“Don’t go to sleep yet, daddy,” Sue groaned as she rolled over and slid down his body to his wilted prick. “Once I clean my cherry juice off your cock and get you ready for action again you have another cherry hole to fuck.”
“What do you mean?” Steve asked as his cock slid down his daughter’s throat. “Oh wait, you want me to fuck your ass too, don’t you?”
Sue nodded without taking her mouth off her father’s cock, she could feel his shaft getting hard in her throat and she gave him a smile as she continued to suck on his prick.
“That’s good enough,” Steve said as his cock started twitching in Sue’s mouth. “Get up on your hands and knees and let me at that tight little ass hole of yours.”
“Of course, daddy,” Sue said as she got into position and lifted her ass as high as she could while her face rested on her pillow.
Steve got behind his daughter and took a good look at the puckered ass hole he was about to fuck. “I’m going to slip into your cunt for a few strokes to lube up, and then I’m going to pop that ass cherry of yours just like I popped your cunt cherry. How does that sound?”
“It sounds wonderful, daddy,” Sue sighed as her father slid into her cunt from behind. She felt him slide in and out of her fuck tunnel a few times before he pulled out and set the head of his cock against her ass hole. She took a deep breath and let it out, trying to relax her rectum as her father pushed against the opening of her shit hole.
“Here I come,” Steve said as he grabbed Sue’s hips to hold her steady as he pushed his shaft into his daughter’s ass.
“Do it daddy, do it,” Sue whined as his cock inched it’s way into her bowels. “Fuck my ass daddy, fuck me good and hard.”
“I will,” Steve groaned as he shoved the last inch of his cock into Sue’s ass hole. He shifted his hands from his daughter’s hips, moving the left one up to play with the girl’s tits while the other one slid down to play with her erect clit. “Hang on, I’m going to start fucking your ass now.”
“Yes,” Sue hissed as her father started slide in and out of her ass. “Oh God, Cindy was right, it does feel like I’m taking a shit in reverse. I like it daddy, but I like having you cock in my cunt even more. Especially since you can knock me up when you cum in my cunt.”
“Maybe I can’t knock you up by fucking your ass,” Steve grunted as he started picking up his fuck pace, “but I love fucking it almost as much as I love fucking your cunt.”
“I’m going to cum, daddy,” Sue grunted as her father rammed into her ass. Her pussy smasmed and her father shifted his hand from her clit to her cunt lips, shoving three fingers into her drooling hole as he kept slamming her ass. Even before Sue’s body stopped shaking from her first orgasm she could feel her body building toward a new one with each thrust of her father’s cock and swing of his balls as they slapped against her pussy.
“I’m going to cum again, daddy,” Sue groaned as her fuck tunnel started jumping with sexual energy.
“So am I, Sue,” Steve moaned, “hold on for just a few more seconds and let’s cum together.”
“I’ll try daddy,” Sue cried, “but you feel so fucken good I don’t know if I can.”
“Almost there,” Steve shouted, “almost there.” Steve felt his balls jump and he slammed his cock deep into his daughter’s bowels as he shot his second load of cum into her body at the same time that she screamed with her second orgasm.
“You are fucken unbelievable,” Steve groaned, watching his daughters blissful smile as they lay side by side.
“So are you, daddy,” Sue said as she stroked his half hard cock with her hand.
“I think it’s a lost cause, honey,” Steve said with a grin. “You’re not going to get it up enough for another fuck.”
“I wasn’t really planning on another fuck,” Sue told her father as she continued stroking his shaft. “I just want it hard enough that you can slip it in my fuck tunnel while we’re sleeping. “Cindy told me how much you both liked it when you did it to her the other night so I thought I’d do it with you too.”
“That sounds good,” Steve sighed, “and I think I’m hard enough to slide it in your cunt now so why don’t we do it and then we can get the sleep we’re going to need for tomorrow.”


2009-03-26 19:08:38
Is there anything better than incest babies? Only thing as hot as a slut having babies wither her dad is a hot cunted mom who wants her son to knock her up.

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2009-03-05 12:24:07
Fantastic, made me horny. Wish I could have been his daughter, the lucky cum slut. What a household! I could have used some of that when I was a teenager. WOW

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2008-11-22 00:18:44
i'm sure most authors are just looking for comments, not tips. ease up, people! i agree with one of the other commenters, just enjoy the cum or dont read the story.


2008-02-28 23:21:26
the moron at 04-20-07 11:33hrs doesnt know a great story if it came up and bit him/her in the ass!!!

stick to ur current style


2007-12-29 15:33:47
as far as talking too much, i like it. yes it takes away from the steamy part of the story its needed for the plot to keep moving. either way ive never had a problem getting off.

stick with the way you write. i like it A LOT. its my goal to read all of your stories and im waiting for the next chapter of horny loving brother all the time.

i agree with reader 5/22/07. popping her cherry should have been emphasized on a bit more but i dont agree that her friends should have been there. the thing i like best about father/daughter relationships is the intimacy and i was happy when that wasnt destroyed between sue and steve by her losing her cherry in front of everyone. as for getting knocked up im sure they'll be fucking so much they wont be able to tell which time it was. who knows?

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