Dawn's continuing adventures
Chapter two

Dawn was the first to go in the pool. She slid out of her skirt, shaking it down and tossing it on the chaise. Her suit had a string-tie top and bottom, and was an orange color with blue trim. She jumped into the water and splashed around, then called for her father to join her.
Scott obliged and eased himself into the pool. He immersed himself to get used to the temperature, then swam a couple of laps of easy breast stroke. Dawn joined him, but her form was somewhere between breast stroke, side stroke, crawl, and dog paddle. She waited at the shallow end, bouncing up and down as Scott finished his laps.
He kept his shoulders under the water and bobbed toward her. She bounced into his arms and he put his arms around her waist. She flowed into his underwater lap and put her arms around his neck, kissing him lightly. His hands caressed her back as she laughed and touched his cheeks.
“Untie me, Daddy,” she said. “My top, I mean.”
Scott undid the bow strings and she pulled her top over her head and let it float away before swimming after it. She retrieved it and tossed it outside the pool, looking over at her mother and Gregg. Charlotte was standing watching and Gregg was behind her. His arms were around her and her butt was pulled against him. One of her hands was on his cheek and the other on his butt. She turned her face sideways and he kissed her ear.
“Come on in,” Dawn said, still holding her top in her hand. “Tops off in the pool.” She grinned at both of them, waiting to see if they’d follow her lead.
Charlotte turned to her lover and kissed him on the lips, pressing herself against him. She then turned and headed slowly toward the pool. “I’m coming,” she said, then, turning her head, “how about you?”
Gregg pulled his T-shirt over his head, kicked off his sandals, and stripped out of his shorts. Dawn saw that he was wearing low cut briefs, not tighty whities, and smiled to herself.
Charlotte and Greg slid into the pool and Dawn cuddled into her father’s arms, watching them. His hands were on her hips, and as his wife got into the pool, she did a quick flip kick and began swimming laps. Gregg splashed into the water and stood looking at everyone else. He glanced at Charlotte’s graceful form and saw Dawn staring at him.
“Can you swim?” she asked.
Gregg grinned and started doing laps himself, breaking into a comfortable overhead crawl that ate up the distance. After a few laps, both Charlotte and Gregg stopped. She put her arms around him, hugging him from behind.
“Tops off, Mommy,” Dawn said, bouncing up and down to show she had her top off.
Charlotte grinned at her lustful daughter, knowing she wanted to fuck Gregg, and starting to get horny herself. She undid her top and tossed it out of the pool. Gregg turned around and she put her arms around his neck, floating into his arms as her breasts danced against his chest.
Dawn swam over near them and touched Gregg’s back. He continued kissing Charlotte, so Dawn snuggled up to his back, putting her arms around both of them, though they barely reached. Her tiny breast nipples were drilling into Gregg’s back and her mother’s were held tight against his chest.
“You like her breasts, don’t you?” Dawn whispered in his ear. “Do you like mine, too?”
Gregg opened his eyes and turned his head over his shoulder. He couldn’t believe this little girl was sidling up to him and whispering sexy talk into his ear as he held and kissed her mother.
“Dawn can’t wait to grow breasts,” Charlotte said.
“I love to have them touched,” Dawn said, “and kissed.”
The little girl ran her hands up and down the young man’s back, and fondled his butt through his tight fitting underwear. Charlotte released him and pressed on his shoulder. “It’s okay,” she said. “Go ahead.”
He turned around in the water, seeing the outline of her young body shimmering. It didn’t look like she had any tits at all, just protruding nipples. She was much shorter than him, but he was almost sitting down in the water, so they were nearly the same height.
“Aren’t you gonna touch ‘em?” she asked.
“Yes, if you’re not, I’m going to,” Scott, who had swum up behind her, said.
“Both of you can,” she said. “I’d like that.”
Scott put one hand on her chest, feeling for the swollen nipple on his daughter’s right side, pinching it between his fingers and rubbing up and down her chest and belly. She sighed with the familiar touch, and continued looking at Gregg. “Well?” she said.
He reached out tentatively and touched her under the water. He could feel a slight swelling under the nipple, which was taut from being in the water. She looked at him as he played with her nipple and the flesh of her chest.
“Feels good,” she said. She put her hands on his waist and the fingers of one hand brushed against his cock. “So does this.”
Gregg slid one of his hands down the young succulent body in front of him. Her legs were spread apart and he inserted his hand between them, feeling her ooze against the pressure as his hand rubbed up and down against her pussy through her little bikini bottom.
Scott now had both hands on his daughter’s breasts, and was breathing into her ear as Gregg felt up her pussy from the front. Charlotte held up her hand. It had her bikini bottom in it. “Bottoms off,” she said, and Dawn wriggled free, diving between her father’s legs. She came up on the other side of him, holding her bottom in her hands.
Scott quickly shed his, and Charlotte tugged at Gregg’s, finally emerging with them in her hand.
Dawn swam underwater and when she came up, she reached out to grasp her father’s cock in her hand. She pulled him, bouncing up and down in the water, until she was right next to Gregg. She searched underwater for his cock, and when she finally found it, she let forth a little giggle.
“I’ve got both of them now, Mommy,” she said, gushing.
“But not for long,” Charlotte said. “Why don’t we get out for awhile?”
They stepped out of the pool one at a time, Charlotte first, and Dawn bringing up the rear. Scott slapped Gregg playfully on the butt as they walked toward the chairs. “You’ve got a good looking cock,” he said. “And I know the girls like that.”
“I do,” Charlotte said.
“Me too,” Dawn added.
“That makes three of us, then,” Scott said and he was delighted to see Gregg grin at the compliment. And I’m gonna get some of it, Scott thought to himself, smiling.
They were all dripping wet, and Scott tossed everyone a towel. Charlotte sat down to dry off, and Gregg remained standing. She put her towel on the deck and kneeled down, putting her hands on his legs and pulling him toward her.
“Let’s see it close up, big boy,” she said, her lips brushing against his cock which hung straight down.
She cupped one hand under his balls and ran the other up and down his legs, and finally over his firm butt cheeks. His cock was starting to rise. She put her hand around the base of it and squeezed and it stood up even more. She kissed it and wrapped her fingers around it. Her lips closed over the head of his cock and he looked around at the rest of her family as this sexy woman played with him. The father and daughter were watching the scene and hungrily licking their lips. He didn’t know quite what was in store, but he grinned and sighed with delight.
“Oooh, that feels good.”
Dawn put her towel on the deck beside her mother’s and put her arms around her mother’s head, running one up and down her back and the other behind Gregg. She caressed his ass as her mother started sucking his cock. She saw the cock going in and out of her mother’s mouth and her fingers toyed with his asshole as she licked her lips.
“It looks good, Mommy. Can I have a taste?”
“Yes, darling,” Charlotte said, taking the cock out of her mouth and jacking it up and down. Come here and get a mouthful of his lovely cock.” She held it for her daughter, as the young girl opened her lips and wrapped them around the straining cockhead. She took it all inside her mouth, and started working up and down on the shaft.
“Ummmmm,” she moaned, turning her eyes to her mother.
Charlotte touched her daughter’s cheek and smiled at her. “Good baby. That’s it. Suck that cock, nice and hard and good.”
Dawn continued sucking on Gregg’s cock until she reached the limit of how much she could get in her mouth. She felt the cock straining against her throat muscle, and held it there, willing her muscle to relax. He was shoving his hips forward, but she couldn’t quite get it in.
She came up gasping for breath. “Your turn Mommy. I can’t take it all.”
Gregg had closed his eyes as the young girl started sucking on his hard cock, but now he opened them and looked down at her parted lips as she held his cock in her tiny hands.
“It is nice and big, isn’t it?” Scott said. “Maybe I could give it a try.”
“Yes, Daddy. You’re the best cocksucker. You do it.”
With Charlotte pressed against him from behind and her daughter Dawn in front, Gregg was so turned out he didn’t resist having a man suck his cock. Scott took hold of it with one hand, working the wet shaft, and slurped it into his mouth, holding his lips tight and slathering the head with his tongue.
“Oh Daddy,” Dawn said. “Suck him.”
Scott plunged downward, gulping inch after inch of Gregg’s hard cock into his willing mouth. When the head pressed against his throat muscle, he just willed it to relax and felt the huge cock slide all the way home.
“Yes, yes,” Dawn squealed. “Take him all in. All the way in. I love to watch you suck a cock, Daddy. You’re so good at it.”
Gregg was now hopelessly lost, as his hard-on was raging out of control, and a sexy woman and a tiny little sex crazed girl were encouraging him as a horny man sucked him all the way down his tight throat. His hips started bucking and he was fucking Scott’s throat, his cock going all the way to the hilt. He threw back his head.
“Oh God,” he shouted. “This is so fucking intense. What a fucking family. God, I’m gonna cum.”
Scott kept up his nonstop sucking, moaning and slurping around the huge cock barreling in and out of his mouth.
“Fuck him, Gregg,” Dawn squealed. “Fuck his mouth.”
“Cum in him, baby,” Charlotte cooed from behind him. “Fill him up with cum.”
“Cum in his mouth, Gregg. Come on, you can do it.”
“That’s right. Cum in his mouth,” Charlotte said. “Cum for me. Cum right in him.”
“Come on, cum,” Dawn said hoarsely as she watched her father sucking off her mother’s boyfriend.
Gregg couldn’t hold it any longer and thick white streams of cum erupted from his pumping cock. Scott held on tightly, but pulled back a little from the cock that was jammed down his throat. He wanted the cum to land in his mouth, not his throat, and as he felt the first hot drops exploding inside him, he made a sound deep down in his chest. A low, “mmmmmmmm” sound filled the air, and Gregg pumped wave after wave of hot sticky cum into Scott’s hungry mouth.
“That’s it baby,” Charlotte said. “Take it all. Eat his cum. Oh, such a good hubby. Good boy.”
Dawn rubbed the back of her father’s neck and his flushed cheeks. “Eat him up, Daddy,” she said in her little girl voice, “but save a taste for me.”
Gregg was shaking his head and trembling all over as his wet cock popped out of Scott’s mouth. “God, that was a hell of a blow job,” he said. “I’ve never had a man suck me off before.”
“Men give the best blowjobs,” Charlotte said.
“He taught me how to do it,” Dawn said, “but I can’t take it all—yet.”
Scott’s cheeks and face were flushed and his lips were dripping cum as he came up from his cum feast. His daughter wanted to be the first to lick it out of his mouth, but his wife got there first. She ran her tongue in and out of his mouth, swirling the hot cum around and tasting it, then giving it back to him.
Dawn got the second round, and she sniffed his lips and smelled his breath before kissing him. “You’re a cum face,” she said, “and you got cum breath.”
“Yes, just what you like, darling.”
“Um-hmmm. I love to kiss you when you taste like cum, Daddy. Whether it’s your own or someone else’s. I love the taste of cum.”
She pressed her lips against him and wrapped her tongue around his, licking out all the cum she could find and swallowing it. “Now we’re all cum breath,” she said, “except for him.” She pointed at Gregg.
“Are you gonna eat some cum for us today baby?” Charlotte asked.
“I told you I’ve never done that,” he said. “I’m not gay, or bi.”
“Well, there’s a first time for everything,” Charlotte said. “And, it might be fun. We’re both gonna get some more—from Scott. You can join in or watch.”
“Join in,” Dawn said, “and you can fuck me at the same time.”
“God, what kind of family is this?” Greg said.
“A fucking family,” Charlotte said.
“And sucking,” Dawn added.
“Why do you think we let each other have other lovers?” Scott asked. “It’s so we can all share them. No cheating allowed. We all get to fuck who we want, as long as it’s open to sharing.”
“And that includes me too,” Dawn said.
“How long has this been going on?” Gregg asked.
“Since we got married, no before that even,” Scott said.
“No, I mean, with her.” He nodded toward Dawn.
“Oh, that’s pretty recent,” Charlotte said. “She started fucking Scott last year. I guess she was ten, and shortly after she started fucking me. Now we let her fuck all our lovers, if she wants to.”
“And they want to,” Scott added. “Which pretty much means all of them.”
“Yeah, if they’ve got some kind of hang up about it, we probably aren’t interested in them anyway,” Charlotte said.
Dawn was already starting to suck on her father’s cock. He was leaning back on the chaise and she was between his legs. He twirled his fingers in her hair. Charlotte knelt down on the deck, with her towel under her knees, and watched her daughter sucking her own father’s cock. “I used to suck my Daddy off, too,” she said. “It was the best cock I ever had, before…..”
“Before what?” Gregg asked.
“Before he died in a car accident.”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Gregg said.
“Yes, he was a good father, and a good fuck,” she said, leaning over her husband. “Give Mommy a taste,” she said, and Dawn pulled her father’s cock from her mouth and offered it to her mother, who greedily slurped the head and sucked it deep inside her.
Dawn looked over at Gregg, now sitting by himself, with his towel over his shoulder. “Well?” she said. “Aren’t you gonna try it? It tastes good.” She smiled slyly at him and licked her lips. “Real good.”
He sat at first just watching the two sucking cock, the mother and daughter. He couldn’t decide which was sexier, the mature woman or the young child. They were both intent on sucking cock, and the sight and sounds of it were beginning to affect him. He felt his own cock springing back to life, and began stroking it.
He got up and went to get a closer look, dropping his towel to the decking. Charlotte had her lips wrapped around her husband’s cock and clearly she loved sucking him. He was leaning back with his hands behind his head. Dawn scooted up by her father’s face.
She touched his cheeks as her mother was sucking his cock, and Scott let his eyelids flutter open. She cradled his head against her chest, her tiny breast, really just extended nipples, rubbed against him and he opened his mouth. She stuck one little nipple into his mouth and he sucked on it contentedly, like a baby with a pacifier. He put his arms around her back and pulled her closer, his tongue exploring her young chest.
He switched to her other nipple as she started moaning with delight. As he came up with his mouth wet with saliva, she clamped her lips on his and jammed her tongue inside his mouth. They kissed long and slow, their tongues doing a lustful dance as Charlotte continued to suck up and down on his hard cock.
Gregg was licking his lips now. “God, they’re really hot for each other,” he said, nodding toward the father and daughter. “And you too. You’re a hot fucking family.”
Charlotte let the hard cock slip from her mouth. She took it into her hand and moved the outer skin up and down, slowly and sensuously, looking right into the eyes of the young guy sitting across from her. “His cock is very hot,” she said, looking into his eyes. “It’s burning up in my hand, just dying to be sucked.”
She held it out toward him. “Give it a try,” she said. “You might even like it. I know Scott will. He loves it when a man sucks his cock.” She smiled slyly as she offered the throbbing cock to the newcomer.
She pressed it against his lips, pulled it away, and then kissed her young lover with a probing kiss. “Come on, just a little taste,” she said. “A little taste for Mommy.” She pressed it against his lips again.
Tentatively, he slipped the head into his mouth. Scott groaned. Gregg licked it a little, then touched it with his fingertips.
“Go ahead; it won’t bite,” Charlotte encouraged him. “Suck him and then you can suck me.”
Gregg’s ears filled with blood, and a tingling sound rang in his ears as he slowly sunk down toward the cock in her hand. She kept her fingers wrapped tightly around the shaft, and fed it to him a little at a time.
“That’s right,” she said. “Good boy, Suck Daddy’s cock for Momma.” She grinned at the young guy, but he was starting to get high on his lust, even if it was sucking a man’s cock, and he plunged down deeper on the organ in front of him as the hot woman next to him cooed in his ear. “Oooh, yes, that’s it baby,” she purred.
Tears welled up in Gregg’s eyes and rolled down his cheeks as he felt the big cock pumping deeper into his mouth. He grunted as he struggled to take more and more of it, with Charlotte running her fingers through his hair and kissing his neck and giving it little nips with her teeth.
Dawn had straddled her father’s face and was leaning forward as she settled her pussy around his face. “Ummmmm,” she moaned. “That feels good, Daddy. I love the way you eat my pussy.”
She put her arms on his waist, caressing his stomach. She watched Gregg’s head pumping up and down. “He’s gonna be a good cocksucker, Mommy. Look at him go.”
“Yes, baby. He’s a natural.”
“My turn,” the young girl said, running her tongue into Gregg’s ear and gently prying him off. He wiped his mouth and she immediately clamped hers onto her father’s cock.
“You did good, baby,” Charlotte said. She put her lips onto her young lover’s, and wedged her tongue inside his mouth.
“We all love sucking cock around here. Glad to have you in the club.”
He tried to speak, but she just smiled. “Don’t worry. You don’t have to be gay to suck a good cock. Lots of guys do it. Lots of straight guys.”
Dawn had hungrily descended on her father’s cock, and Charlotte moved to join her. Her pussy was turned toward Gregg and he fondled it as she settled into sucking cock with her young daughter.
“I love sucking cock with you,” Charlotte said.
“Especially Daddy’s cock,” Dawn said, whimpering slightly as her father’s tongue slid into her tight little pussy. “Oooh, his tongue feel good.”
“Yesss, and Gregg’s does too,” Charlotte said as Gregg switched from using his finger.
Dawn was slurping happily on her father’s huge erection, and her mother held onto the base of it, feeding it into her daughter’s mouth. No sooner would Dawn slide off the throbbing pole than Charlotte would plunge onto it. Dawn’s fingers toyed with her father’s plump balls, and as she toyed with them while her mother was sucking on his cock, he slid his hips forward, and her finger slid across his asshole.
Her fingers were wet and she slipped one finger inside him. His balls tightened and his cock went deeper into his wife’s already bulging mouth. “You like that, don’t you Daddy?”
He moaned in appreciation and wriggled his butt as she twirled her finger inside him. She added another finger and moved them both at the same time. Charlotte licked up and down his shaft. “You’re fucking his ass, aren’t you baby?”
“Yes, Mommy.”
“That’s a good girl. Daddy loves to get his ass fucked.”
“And his cock sucked,” she said, diving back down on her father’s stiff pole. She gulped down as much of his cock as she could stuff in her mouth. Just then a shiver ran up her back as Gregg spread her tender cheeks apart and licked savagely at her cunt lips, paring them with his tongue until he locked on her tiny little clit.
Dawn couldn’t say anything, as her mouth was filled with cock, but the tongue lashing of her clit was driving her wild with desire as her father ate out Dawn’s sweet young pussy.
She sucked as hard as she could until her passions overcame her and she released it breathlessly. “God, he’s driving me wild eating my pussy,” she shouted.
Charlotte grinned and took hold of Scott’s hard cock and began jacking him off. “Go ahead, baby, cum,” she said, speaking to both her husband and her daughter. “Cum for Mommy,” she said, and her words were like butter on bread.
Dawn began rocking back and forth, and Scott’s body was trembling all over. “You can cum, baby,” Charlotte said, pumping furiously on the cock in her hand, and running her other hand over her daughter’s back.
As the feeling built in her, Dawn’s control melted away. Her whole body was quaking as Gregg’s relentless tongue slashed between her legs and his fingers probed deep into her little pussy. She felt it starting and closed her eyes. Suddenly it burst through and she shouted, twisting spasmodically as wave after wave rocked through her tender young body. She was crying and whimpering and holding on for dear life as the orgasm rocketed completely through her.
Her shouts spurred her father on, and the first spurt of his white hot cum erupted from the head of his captive cock. “Oooh, there it is,” Charlotte said. “Help me eat his cum, baby,” she said, setting her lips against her husband’s cock head.
Dawn opened her eyes and saw the white fountain spewing into the air. She instinctively dove down and began lapping at his juices. “Oh, it tastes so good,” she said. “I love eating Daddy’s cum.”
Charlotte lapped with her tongue around the shaft of Scott’s pumping cock as her daughter buried her head around his spurting cock. She caressed his balls to encourage more cum out of them, and Dawn saw her mother’s hungry eyes watching her.
“Here, there’s still some for you, Mommy,” she said, and Charlotte engulfed almost the whole of Scott’s cock as it continued to send out white hot drops of the precious fluid. She gobbled down his cock, making low wailing sounds deep in her throat.
As his cock slowly deflated, Charlotte removed her lips from around it. “Kiss me baby,” she said, her mouth dripping with cum. Her daughter eagerly sought her mouth, and the two wrapped their arms around each other and kissed deeply, their tongues probing each other’s mouths for remnants of the sticky cum.
“Pretty hot, huh?” Scott said. “These two babes are cum hounds. Look at the way they’re eating me up.”
“Yes, it’s really turning me on,” Gregg said.
“You can kiss us too,” Dawn said. “We taste like cum now.”
Unsure of how he felt about kissing the two cum soaked mouths, Gregg still grinned at the thought as the sight of seeing them swapping sperm had certainly given him an extra rise. Dawn disentangled herself from her mother’s arms and presented herself for kissing, her mouth open and her lips red.
She touched his lips with hers and put her arms around his neck. He could smell the cum on her breath, but when he felt her tongue caressing his, he no longer cared. It was so sexy being involved with everyone at the same time that the distinction between kissing a girl and kissing one who had just sucked another man’s cock seemed to be erased for him.
Soon Charlotte was kissing him, and then just when he thought he had gone about as far as he could, Scott sat up, and Gregg found himself kissing another man. He was very tentative about this, but the woman and the girl encouraged him, running their fingers though his hair, caressing his back, and cooing in his ears. He began to relax with the kiss. He knew his mouth was already infiltrated with the taste of Scott’s cum, and as he felt the tongue burrowing into his mouth, he no longer cared that it was the man whose cum he was tasting that was kissing him.
“He’s a good one, isn’t he dear?” Charlotte said as the two men broke the kiss.
“Yes, very good,” Scott agreed. “I think we can rake him over the coals another few times.”
“I like him too,” Dawn said. “And I think he’ll learn to be a real good cock sucker.”
“Just like the rest of us,” Charlotte said.

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