Dawn's adventures continued
Chapter three

It was a few days later and the three of them were again sitting by the pool. “That was fun being with Gregg the other day, wasn’t it?” Charlotte asked.
“Yes, he was very nice. Very hot,” Scott agreed.
“Don’t you have a girlfriend to bring over? It seems like the natural next step.”
“Dawn is my girlfriend,” he said, smiling at his young daughter.
“I love you too, Daddy,” she said, smiling back.
“How about you?” Scott asked. “Maybe you’ve got a girlfriend who’d be interested.”
“Well,” she said, pondering, “there is this one new girl at work. She’s really hot looking. Slim, long black hair.”
“Big tits?” Scott asked.
“No, quite small ones, actually.”
“Just kidding,” Scott said. “You know I like them little.”
“Like me,” Dawn said.
“Especially you,” he said.
“Maybe I’ll ask her out to lunch and sort of feel her out on it,” Charlotte said.
“Or feel her up,” he said.

It was a Wednesday afternoon before Charlotte and Lindsay had their lunch date. It was at a little bistro not too far from work, one with an outside patio and umbrellas at all the tables. They sat sipping iced tea and waiting for their order to arrive.
“So, how are you liking your job?” Charlotte asked.
“Oh, it’s fine. A little hectic at first, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it,” Lindsay answered, a small smile playing at her lips. “How long have you been here?”
“About three years. My boss is a real sweetheart, and he gives me lots of slack, so I’m happy enough.”
“You’re married?”
“Yes, and with a lovely little daughter. We really love her,” she said, smiling at the double meaning. “She’s eleven. How about you?”
“No, nothing right now. Actually, I moved here to get away from an old boyfriend. Too possessive.”
“Uh-huh. We’ve learned to get over that in my family.”
“How so? It’s always been a problem in every relationship I’ve ever had.”
“We, uh, well, can I be frank with you?”
Lindsay looked into the other woman’s eyes. She saw the intensity of her gaze and felt almost naked sitting across the table from her. She could feel the eyes poring over her and could feel the eyes practically seeing inside her. She didn’t feel uncomfortable, though. There was a naturalness underneath it that she responded to. She decided to take a chance.
“Of course,” she said, returning the deep gaze.
“You seem like a woman who knows her own mind, and so do I. Well, to put it bluntly, we got over the jealousy thing by sharing.”
“Sharing? Sharing like in swinging?”
“Uh-huh. We never cheat because we always share our lovers.”
“I’m not sure I’d be able to exactly handle that, though it might be better than the green monster.”
Their lunch arrived and the two women continued to chat. Charlotte invited Lindsay to come over for dinner at their home some night and meet her family. “We can continue this conversation with everyone, and maybe you’ll see what I mean,” she said.
“So, you and your husband talk about this openly then?”
“That’s what you meant by everyone?”
“Well, of course Dawn will be there too.”
“You talk about this with your daughter?” Lindsay’s eyes grew wide.
“We think it’s important that she knows about sex, and since we have people over, and some of those people are lovers, yes, we let her know it’s a choice we’ve made.”
“And she’s okay with that?”
“Absolutely. She’s an amazing girl.”
“Yes, she must be.” Lindsay seemed to consider for a minute, turning something over in her mind before she continued. “Of course, I’d love to meet her, and your husband,” she finally said, and Charlotte thought she saw an added twinkle in her eye.

Lindsay arrived for dinner the following Saturday. They had decided to have a buffet style dinner and the table was packed with casual dishes. They sat at the kitchen counter eating a light meal. They decided to have drinks outside by the pool. It was just getting dark and a slight breeze had picked up. They turned on the pool lights and the adults had champagne while Dawn had sparkling apple juice.
“She’s awfully cute,” Lindsay said, looking at Dawn sitting by the pool and dangling her toes in the water.
“Yes, we think so too,” Scott said. “Before long she’ll be bringing home boyfriends.”
“And girlfriends,” Charlotte added, looking into Lindsay’s eyes.
Dawn stood up, shook her head to settle her long golden hair against her shoulders, and put her hands on her hips. Her shorts were tight and rode up into the crack of her ass, outlining it against the lighting, and her tank top clung to her, ending just above her navel. She looked over her shoulder at her parents, revealing only the barest swelling where her breasts were, but her nipples were evident under the thin fabric.
“From the looks of her, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s very soon,” Lindsay said.
As if on cue, Dawn struck a pose by the side of the pool, bending at the waist to accentuate her butt and tilting her head and pursing her lips to bring out her sexuality. She ran her hands up her legs, rubbed her taut little stomach, and finally put her hands behind her head, holding her hair loosely in a tangled mass.
“I’ve already got a boyfriend,” she said, walking toward the trio of adults.
“Oh?” Lindsay said. “And do your parents know about this?”
“Uh-huh, because my boyfriend is my Daddy,” she said.
“I see,” Lindsay said. “And where do you and your boyfriend go on dates?”
“Oh, we go to the movies sometimes, or skating, or bowling. Sometimes we go shopping at the mall, and lots of times we just have home dates.”
“Home dates?”
“Like tonight,” she said, sidling up to her father and putting her arms around his neck. She kissed him lightly on the cheek and slid into his lap. “I love my Daddy.”
“I can see that. It looks like you’re very close. How about your Mommy?”
“I love my Mommy too. But I loved my Daddy first.”
“Dawn is very, um, affectionate,” Charlotte said. “She loves physical closeness.”
She kissed her father lightly on the lips as she squirmed in his lap, snuggling close to him. She kissed him several more times, on the lips, on the cheeks, and finally nuzzled close to his neck and kissed him in the hollow between his shoulder and jaw. Her hands caressed his neck and his back as she lay cuddled in his arms. She looked lovingly into his eyes.
His hands roamed over her little body, rubbing her back, twining in her hair, and while one hand glazed over her smooth thighs, the other was squeezing on her butt cheeks. She look at him adoringly, “Kiss me Daddy,” she said, and parted her lips.
He pulled her close and kissed her passionately, letting his tongue explore the insides of her mouth as their tongues twined together. She made low moaning sounds as their bodies and lips pressed together. “Ummm,” she sighed as she rested her head against his strong chest. “You’re such a good kisser.”
“You too, baby, you too,” he murmured.
“My, they are close, aren’t they?”
“Yes, we’re all close. It makes me wet to watch them. How about you?” Charlotte had put her hands between her legs and was pressing them into the “V” of her tight white shorts. “I’m almost soaked through.”
“I hadn’t really expected, uh, this. That is, I mean, um,” she stammered.
“You ‘re wet too, aren’t you?” Charlotte said. Come on, let me see.” She got up and kneeled beside Lindsay’s chair. “I can practically smell you,” she said, putting her hand on the other woman’s bare thigh and caressing her softly.
Lindsay trembled at the touch on her leg. “Well, it is kind of, well, stimulating.”
“There’s nothing like a woman’s touch, huh?” she said, running her fingers under the edge of Lindsay’s shorts. She put one hand on each thigh and spread them apart. Lindsay felt herself being exposed and then felt fingers rubbing against her already wet pussy. Involuntarily, a sigh escaped her lips.
Charlotte looked up at her and smiled.
Lindsay leaned back in her chair, letting her legs widen. She glanced across her shoulder and saw that Dawn and Scott were still locked in their embrace, and both were kissing each other deeply and exploring each other’s bodies. She felt the fingers on her thighs get more insistent, felt them working at the button on her shorts, and heard her zipper go undone. A soft finger teased at the top of her panties and rubbed across her smooth belly.
She lifted her hips without even thinking as Charlotte eased her shorts down and began kissing her thighs, her belly, and her panties, which were now thoroughly soaked. Before she knew it, those were gone too and Charlotte’s tongue was lapping at her wet pussy, snaking up and down the smooth shaved outer lips.
“Ummm,” she said. “Nice and smooth. Oh, you’re going to taste sooo good. I’m gonna love eating your smooth little pussy.”
Lindsay’s legs were now wide open and Charlotte was licking at her pussy, putting a finger inside her, and then two fingers, as her lips found the engorged clit and began rolling it around, sucking hungrily at it. Lindsay was thrashing around in the web slung chair as Charlotte sluiced her love channel with hot kisses and caresses.
“Let’s go inside,” a male voice boomed above her and she looked up to see Scott had his little girl cradled in his arms and was smiling down at her. She glanced down at the action between her legs and Charlotte looked up dreamily, her lips glazed with pussy juice. “There’s more room there and the bed is softer than the concrete.”
Scott carried Dawn inside in his arms, and Charlotte led Lindsay by the hand. They all sprawled out on the king sized bed and Charlotte pushed Lindsay onto her back and spread her legs.
“Come on Dawn,” she said. “Help me eat this delicious pussy.”
Dawn crawled up beside her mother and started caressing the woman’s legs. She touched her thighs softly and let her hair trail across them as Charlotte spread her legs farther apart and lifted them into the air to get better access to the smooth pussy awaiting her kisses.
Scott sat behind the mother and daughter as they began working on their guest’s pussy. He put one hand on his wife’s ass and the other on his daughter’s and began working his hands up between their legs, rubbing at their wet slits with his fingers.
Lindsay was groaning with pleasure as the woman and girl worked on her. She lashed her head back and forth and licked her lips. Her hands roamed over her luscious body, squeezing at her tits, pinching her taut nipples, and rubbing her smooth soft stomach. Sweat was pouring out of her. Charlotte looked up at her, removing her mouth temporarily from the dripping wet pussy. “God, she’s hot, baby. Look at her squirm.”
“Ummmmm, don’t stop,” Lindsay moaned. “Eat my pussy. Oh, it feels so good. So god damned good.”
Charlotte grinned at her conquest as her young daughter climbed toward the captive slut. She touched Lindsay’s breasts and licked them, sucking first one and then the other into her mouth and bearing down on them, grazing her teeth against the sensitive flesh. She nipped one budding nipple and Lindsay arched her back.
Dawn smiled lasciviously and breathed against the woman who was, she guessed, nearly the same age as her mother. She took her wildly rocking head in her hands and waited for the eyes to focus on her face. As the two finally locked eyes, Dawn said, “You’re such a little slut, aren’t you? You love to get your pussy eaten, and you love to fuck little girls.”
“Oh, darling,” Lindsay gasped. “Oh, fuck me, kiss me. God, I love this.”
Dawn lowered her face and kissed the woman tenderly, her tongue making little circles against her soft lips and then snaking inside her mouth. Lindsay pushed herself up off the bed to meet the hot kisses of the young girl who was drilling into her mouth. Charlotte saw the hot action her daughter was giving, and jammed a finger inside Lindsay’s pussy while still clinging to her bulging clit.
“Ummm, oh, that’s it,” she groaned. “Oh, yes, right there.”
Charlotte added another finger, jamming them in as far as they would go. She wriggled them around inside the tight hot pussy and then held them there, moving them in tiny circles as she renewed her attack on the swollen clit, drawing it in and out of her mouth with little pinching motions.
Lindsay was about to burst and all three of the other participants could sense it. She was thrashing around, her long hair flying, flinging drops of sweat as she grasped at the sheets with her fingers. “Come on honey, give me some pussy,” she shouted as her eyes fixed on Dawn.
The young girl crawled on top of her mother’s friend, spreading he legs as she straddled her chest. He ass brushed against the small succulent breasts and she gyrated against the hard nipples as Lindsay scooped her up and pulled her to her face. Dawn’s knees were on either side of the woman’s face, and she was working her hands up under her exposed ass, caressing the tender young butt cheeks as she inhaled the aroma of fresh young pussy.
Dawn settled her outstretched pussy down on the sweet young woman’s face and felt her tongue start an immediate, desperate rhythm as she lashed at the swollen clit and licked in and out of the young girl’s smooth, delicious cunt. Dawn put her hands on either side of Lindsay’s face, lacing her fingers into her wet hair, and mashed her pussy against the hungry lips and tongue.
“Oh, she’s a good one, Mommy,” she said. “She eats pussy like a pro.” She turned her eyes downward to the greedy lips slurping on her pre-teenage pussy. “Umm. Yum. That feels good. Eat me good, you little slut whore.” She ground her hips even harder against the willing mouth and felt her juices starting to flow already. She liked being on top and controlling the older woman and she liked fucking her mouth with her pussy. It gave her a sense of power, and combined with her natural lust, it was sending her over the edge of a new sexual experience.
Scott saw that both Dawn and Lindsay were on the verge of cumming and he took his hand out of his wife’s pussy and moved up behind her, his hard cock in his hand. He pushed inside her slowly, so as not to dislodge her from the pussy she was busily eating. He knew she’d want to get a good taste of it when it erupted, and he tried to time his own orgasm to match.
He slid in and out, watching closely as Charlotte ate Lindsay and Lindsay ate Dawn. His cock was hard and he let Charlotte set the pace, watching her as she wriggled her ass back and forth, taking his cock inside her smoothly as she concentrated on eating pussy.
Dawn was starting to cum, and she leaned her head back and let out a series of gasps, followed by loud cries that gradually started to die down into lustful whimpers as she kept her pussy firmly seated against Lindsay’s hungry mouth. With the cum flooding into her mouth, Lindsay slipped over the edge too, and soon she was gushing into Charlotte’s mouth, much to Charlotte’s delight. She kept her mouth in place also, licking into the wet channel and lashing softly against the swollen, sensitive clit until the quaking in Lindsay’s body started to subside.
Scott knew if he was going to cum it had to be now. He pulled his cunt slick cock out of Charlotte’s tight pussy and started jacking himself off furiously. Soon he was there and as the tingling sensations shot up the length of his engorged cock, he came across his wife’s ass. A trail of his white hot cum slithered down the crack of her ass and oozed against her gaping pussy hole.
“Well,” she said, her mouth now released from Lindsay’s quivering pussy. “What are you gonna do now?”
Scott knew what she wanted and he leaned forward until he could smell his own cum. He stuck out his tongue and lapped at the gooey drops congealing on her back and ass, licking them into his mouth, rolling them around on his tongue and finally, swallowing them. The more he got the more he wanted, and he continued until he had eaten up every drop of his own cum.
Dawn had moved from over Lindsay’s face and she crawled toward he father. “Give me some,” she said, her arms open wide.
Scott and his eleven year old daughter locked their lips together and as their tongues embraced, she could taste the cum in his mouth, which drove her wild with desire. “I love you Daddy,” she mumbled into his neck. “I love kissing you and tasting cum in your mouth. Especially your own.”
“God, I love you too, baby. You’re such a sweetheart.”
“She’s got a sweet little pussy too,” Lindsay said. “I wish I had a cute little honey like her at home to fuck.”
“Bet you’d fuck her every day, wouldn’t you?” Dawn asked.
“Yes, honey, and eat her sweet little pussy just like I ate yours.”
“You’re a good pussy eater. I liked cumming in your mouth.”
“And I loved eating it up.”
“Looks like another good one,” Charlotte said, and they all nodded in agreement.

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