Dawn's continuing adventures
Chapter five

Dawn was at the shopping mall with her father while Charlotte was doing other errands that were going to take her all day. She had a dinner date with her boyfriend that evening. Dawn and Scott had the whole day to be together and they held hands and she giggled as she held on to him. They passed by several stores until they came to one with underwear models in the window.
“Will you help me buy some undies?” she said. “Some sexy ones.”
“I’m putty in your hands, baby doll,” he said.
They went into the store and at first went to the women’s section, but everything there looked too big. When they got to the girl’s section, there wasn’t very much that was sexy looking, though there were a few thongs.
“What size do you wear?” he asked.
“Size 10, in girls,” she said.
“What would that be in women’s?”
“I don’t know. Maybe a size zero, or one. But I think underwear only comes in S, M, and L.”
“No XS? Get it? Xtra small. And ex-cess.”
“Uh-huh. You’re such a card, Daddy. Maybe there should be an ‘SS.’ Super small. Sex-sess. Let’s go look.”
They finally picked out some size S stretchy panties that looked like they would fit, a couple of see-through tops and a little robe that had a single string to hold it together.
“I’m afraid there’s not much for you yet, sweetheart,” he said. “Let’s go have a drink.”
They sat in the Food Court with the bags, and the tables were high, with bar stool type seats. As they sat across from each other, Scott noticed some pretty young girls nearby. “They look good,” he said, nodding in their direction.
“Which one do you think is sexiest?” she asked.
“Oh, probably the little skinny one with the blond hair and the miniskirt.”
“Yeah, she’s kind of cute. You like those little skirts don’t you? So you can sneek a panty peek. And she’s got hardly any boobs at all.”
“Like someone else I know.”
“ For now, at least. But maybe soon they’ll start to grow.” She pinched her nipples through her top, causing them to become erect.”
“God, that looks sexy honey. I love it when you do stuff like that. You’re my little baby. My sexy little baby.”
“Would you like to fuck her?”
“You mean with you? Of course darling. How about you? Which girl do you like most?”
“I kind of like the same ones as you Daddy. I want to please you, and I know you like them little.”
“I like my little girl especially.”
“I know Daddy, and I’m glad because I love you more than anything, or anyone. Oh, look at that boy over there. He’s got a real cute ass. I’d like to fuck him.”
“He does look good,” Scott said, noticing the young man’s tight buns, lean arms and casual stance. He stood with his hips slung forward, almost like a young male hooker. “I bet he likes to fuck.”
“Think we could get him?”
“Sounds like you want to try.”
“It’d be fun. I’ll do it, Daddy.”
“Okay,” he said. “I’ll be here.”
She picked up her bag and sauntered to near where the teenage boy was standing. Scott guessed him to be about 16, and he was obviously checking out the chicks at the mall, and in the process, showing off his own sexual body.
She stopped near where he was standing and dropped her bag, looking to see if he’d noticed. He eyed her, but didn’t make a move. She picked up the bag, glanced back at her father, looked at her watch and started walking without looking where she was going. She bumped against him as she passed, and dropped her bag again. This time some of the contents spilled out.
He reached to pick it up for her, and she looked into his eyes as she held it open. He could see right into it, and she reached in and rearranged things a little. She took out the panties and folded them carefully before putting them back in the bag.
“I’m so clumsy,” she said. “Thanks for helping. I’ve just been shopping for underwear. It’s so hard to find the right size.”
“I see,” he said, looking at her carefully. “Looks more like grown up underwear than girls’ stuff.”
“Yes, I don’t like the girls’ stuff. I prefer women’s. They’re more, well, more sexy, you know.” She batted her eyes at him and he grinned back at her.
“You look pretty sexy for, geez, how old are you anyway?”
“Eleven, but I feel much older,” she said. “If you know what I mean.”
She had on a tight fitting top and a miniskirt, her favorite outfit, and she flipped the skirt up a little to reveal a flash of the panties she had underneath. She looked down at his jeans and saw the bulge in his pants. She looked back up at him, slowly locking her eyes on his. “And I think you do.” She stepped a little closer. “My name’s Dawn,” she said, putting her bag down and holding out her hand.
He put his hand in hers and could smell her as she stood close. “Mine’s Matt,” he said. “I’m almost 17.”
“Am I too young for you, then?”
“Depends. What are you into?”
“Sex, mostly,” she said.
He grinned and put his arm around her shoulder. “And you’re looking for a good time right now, aren’t you?”
“Uh-huh. I thought you looked great from across the room. I’m here with my Dad.” She pointed in his direction and waved.
“Oh no,” he said. “I can’t handle a jealous Dad. He’d kill me if he found us together.”
“No he wouldn’t,” she said. “As a matter of fact, he thinks you look good too. He said you looked like you’d been with a guy or two before.”
“So he’s a faggot, is he? And he thinks I’m one too? And he sent you to pick me up for him.”
“Not at all,” she said, “and you don’t have to get so defensive about it. Can I tell you something? Lean down and I’ll whisper it in your ear.”
She put her hand on his neck and ran her fingers through his hair as she pulled his ear close to her mouth. Her tiny breasts were rubbing against his chest as she breathed into his ear and took the lobe into her mouth, biting it gently. She ran her tongue around the canal and blew into it.
He was shivering with desire and now that she had him primed, she whispered, “I like to fuck my Dad, and he likes to suck cock too. We both want to fuck you.”
Straightening up, she said, “Well, what do you say? Are you game?”
He looked at her, half shaking with desire for her and half shocked at her proposal. He glanced in the direction of her father and saw that he wasn’t half bad looking. At least he wasn’t some pot bellied, balding guy. He looked fit and trim.
“It’ll be good,” she said. “Really hot. Had any better offers today?”
“Where?” he said, his voice shaking.

“So, Matt, Dawn tells me you’ve had a couple of other guys before. How was that?”
“I’m not gay,” he said, but some guys seem to like my looks. “I only did it a few times.”
“With a relative, I bet,” Dawn said. “You got a brother? Or uncle? Or?”
“It wasn’t a relative,” he said, “but a friend of mine is gay and he wanted to do me, and, well, we got to drinking and,”
“And you let him,” she said. “And you liked it.”
“Sort of,” he said. “And then he introduced me to this other guy, and he evidently thought I was really hot looking. We were all three hanging out, and the two of them started making out, and then things just sort of progressed from there.”
“Oooh, it sounds good,” Dawn said. “Did you suck any cock?”
“No, I didn’t,” he said, but both of them sucked me.”
“And you liked that even more,” she said.
“Where are we going?” he said.
“To our house,” she said. “Mom’s away and we’re going to play.”

“What do you like to drink?” Scott asked.
“We don’t have any beer,” Dawn said. “But we’ve got some wine.”
“Get us both a glass, honey,” Scott said. They sat on the sofa, each by an arm, while Dawn got the drinks. She had iced tea for herself, and put the drinks on the coffee table, sitting between the two guys. They all clinked their glasses and sipped their drinks. Dawn leaned back against her father and he draped his arm around her, his hand resting on her breast and softly caressing it. She put her feet up on Matt’s legs.
He pulled his T-shirt over his head and slipped off his shoes and socks. Scott helped Dawn pull her top over her head and then unbuttoned his own shirt. Dawn had on her little sports bra, and remembered the underwear she had just purchased. “Ooh, wanna see my new panties?” she asked, sitting up and stripping out of her miniskirt.
“Not now, baby,” Scott said. “We’re more interested in you without underwear. Right, Matt?”
Matt just nodded, licking his lips at the sight of the young girl standing in her bra and panties. She obliged by stepping out of her panties and pulling the bra over her head. She shook her head and her hair settled across her shoulders.
“I’m finished,” she said. “Both of you are slowpokes.”
Scott laughed and stood up to shed his clothes. Matt grinned and his pants and shorts were instantly on the floor, his cock already standing at attention.
“Ummm,” Dawn practically shouted. “Let me see that up close.” She walked on her knees to the sofa where Matt had sat down, his legs spread apart. His hand was on his cock, jacking himself off slowly as he watched the young girl crawling toward him.
She put her fingers around the base of it, feeling its smooth hardness. She licked her lips in anticipation. “I know you like lips on your cock,” she said, putting her lips around the head. He continued jacking himself off as she started sucking on him. He was pushing himself in and out of her mouth, using her lips like a pussy.
His hips slid up to meet her mouth as it went down on him. As more and more of his cock went into her mouth, he took his hand away, twining his fingers in her hair and pulling her deep onto his cock. She barely contained the gagging sensation as he began to fuck her in earnest.
“That’s it baby,” he said, his voice a feverish whisper. “Suck my cock. Take it all in baby. All the way down your hot little throat.”
“You’re hotter than a firecracker,” Scott said, “but she’s having a little trouble taking it as fast as you’re giving it. Why don’t you let me help out?” He leaned his head beside his daughter’s and placed his mouth next to hers. Matt let his dick come out of Dawn’s mouth and shoved it into Scott’s. She was gasping for breath and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.
“God, he was really fucking me,” she said. “Fucking my mouth like crazy.”
Scott’s mouth was now filled with the youngster’s cock, and he clung to it with all his might, letting the cock barrel in and out of his mouth, feeling it sliding down his throat and knowing this was putting intense pressure on the shaft and the head. He could feel Dawn’s hands playing with Matt’s tightening balls. Matt stood up so she could move his hips more. He slammed with all his might into Scott’s mouth, his movements becoming a frenzy as he lost all control over his actions.
“Take it you whore. Take it all the way down your fucking throat,” he yelled. “Suck me off you bitch. Eat my fucking cock.”
Dawn had never seen anyone get so carried away with a blowjob. She watched him bobbing his head and felt drops of sweat falling down on her. She used one hand to fondle his balls and the other crept up his ass crack and fiddled with his asshole.
“Stick it in me,” he ordered. “Fuck my ass.” Her fingers were wet with sweat and one of them slid in effortlessly. It drove him on to even greater frenzy. Each time he drove into Scott’s mouth her finger would almost pop out of his asshole, and as he pulled back for another thrust her finger would drive deep into him.
“Oh,” he screamed. “Oh Jesus. Fuck my ass. Suck my cock. Oh, you fucking sluts. Oh, I’m gonna cum.”
Scott tried to look up into his face, but he was held in place by Matt’s hands, which gripped tightly into his hair, pulling him deep onto the rock hard cock as it began pulsing. Dawn felt his balls draw up tight and saw his features squint together as the cum started to explode out of him.
He fucked hard into Scott’s mouth and a thick white stream boiled out of his balls. Scott caught it, and it was followed quickly by another one. And another. He pumped and pumped directly down Scott’s throat, forcing his cock all the way down him as he growled in ecstasy. Dawn could feel his balls emptying, and she massaged them to coax out every last drop.
Finally Matt relaxed, as if the fight had suddenly been taken out of him. Scott was exhausted at the ferocity of the mouth fucking, and most of the cum had shot directly down his throat without him even getting a taste of it. He knew Dawn liked to share the taste of cum with him, but he didn’t think there was much in his mouth. It had gone straight to his stomach.
“Whew,” he said. “You had a hell of a load. You must have been carrying that around with you for some time,” he gasped out when he could catch his breath.
“Oh yeah,” Matt said. “You give good head. That felt really good.”
“I can see how it’d take two guys to keep up with you,” Scott said. “You’ve got some powerful energy in there. “Hell, I bet you could sell it.”
“You mean pimp myself?”
“Something like that. There’s lots of guys who’d pay for a hot young stud like you, and if you got into sucking yourself, why, you could have a regular business.”
“I told you, I don’t suck no cock.”
“Uh-huh, but you’ve sure got a hell of a drive to get it sucked.”
“You seemed to like it.”
“Oh, I liked it well enough, but actually I prefer it not quite so rough. I like to share it with my daughter.”
“I bet he could get it up again,” Dawn said. “And we could take it slower this time.”
“And maybe I’d fuck your little pussy this time,” he said.
“Not so hard as you fucked my Dad’s mouth, though,” she said. “I’m still little, you know.”
“A cute little slut who likes to suck her Daddy’s cock and get fucked by guys she picks up in the mall,” he said.
“You don’t have to get nasty,” she said.
“Why don’t you just take me back?” he said.
“Okay,” Scott said. “We’ll drop you off anywhere you say. I know a place where you can turn a few bucks, if that’s what you’re into.”
“Whatever,” he said, pulling on his pants.

As they drove back home after dropping Matt off, Dawn snuggled close to her father. “He wasn’t very nice, was he Daddy?”
“No sweetheart. Sometimes it works out that way, especially when you just pick out someone for looks.”
“He did look hot, didn’t he?”
“Yes. For a street hustler. The place we dropped him off is a hangout for gays looking for pickups by old farts looking for someone to blow.”
“Let’s forget about him, okay Daddy?”
They drove along in silence for a while, both wrapped in their own thoughts. Suddenly a wailing pierced their ears and red and blue lights flashed behind them. Scott looked down at his speedometer and he was going only half the speed limit. Both he and Dawn had their seat belts on, and he hadn’t been drinking, only daydreaming. Had he gone through a stop sign by accident?
He pulled off the side of the road. There was a fair amount of traffic on the driver’s side, so the officer got out of his car and approached from the passenger side. Dawn rolled down her window and looked in the eyes of the black officer.
“Evening,” he said, revealing even white teeth. “License and registration please.”
“Gee, you’re really handsome, Officer Greene,” Dawn said, looking closely at his badge. “We really like black guys, don’t we Daddy?”
Scott was fumbling for the documents for the officer while his daughter flirted with him. “Yes, we do,” he mumbled as he found the papers.
“You look strong,” she said, leaning out of the window. She looked down at his waist. “Oooh, you’ve got a big gun, and I bet you’re big down there too.” She was looking right at his crotch. She leaned even further out, her arm coming outside the window and trailing down the side of the car.
Scott held the papers in his hand and watched in fascination as Dawn charmed the officer, who he had to admit was handsome and strong looking.
“Can I touch it?” she said, her fingers reaching for him. He flinched instinctively as her hand touched his pants. His cock responded as she rubbed her hand up and down his fly, feeling the outlines of his hardness through his stiff pants.
“Do you want to follow us home?” she said. “It’s not far. You could come in for a cool drink, and you could frisk us and everything and find out if we’re really bad criminals.”
He looked in the window and saw that Scott had the documents in his hand. “Just give me the license and registration, please,” he said, but a smile flickered on his face and he adjusted his cap as he stood looking at the picture on the license.
“What’s your first name, officer?” Dawn asked.
“Joe,” he said.
“Oh, that’s a nice name. Nice and strong sounding,” she gushed at him. “When do you get off from work? We’re going home and Mommy’s out for the day. She won’t be back until late tonight.”
“Did you know you were only going 25 miles an hour?” he said. “The speed limit’s 45 here, and lots of people go faster than that. Try to keep up with the traffic flow. You haven’t been drinking have you?” He was leaning toward the window to talk to Scott, and Dawn had her hand working against his crotch. She could feel how hard he was, and he was even leaning into her hand a little, so she knew he liked it.
“Are you gonna come over and see us?” she asked, giving his dick a squeeze and smiling into his face. “Oh, there’s a question I wanna ask you, if it’s all right.”
“Sure sweetie,” he said. “What is it?”
“Do black guys have white cum?”
He grinned widely and looked from daughter to father. “You’ll have to find that one out for yourself honey. I’ll be there in about an hour, after I get off my shift. Don’t want to show up in my cruiser. People notice things like that.”
As he handed the papers back to Scott, Dawn brushed a kiss against his cheek. “You’re the sweetie,” she said, “and we’ll be waiting for you. She gave his cock a last feel before rolling up the window.
“Jeez, you just can’t get enough, can you?” Scott said.
“No,” she said, “and neither can you. Besides I want to forget about what’s-his-name, and Joe seems nice at least.”
“And you’ve never had a black guy before either.”
She smiled at him and reached across the gearshift, putting her hand on the inside of his thigh. They rode the rest of the way home with her humming and beaming.

True to his word, Officer Joe Greene showed up just over an hour later. He had changed into civilian clothes, shorts and a polo top, and Dawn let him in and led him by the hand into the living room where her father sat with his legs propped up on the ottoman.
“Joe’s here,” she announced. “And we’re gonna find out if he’s got white cum.”
He grinned at the young girl holding his hand. “You say your mother’s out for the evening?”
“Yes, that’s right. She won’t be back until late. Probably around midnight.”
“She’s out with her boyfriend,” Dawn said. “He came over a couple of times and we fooled around with him.”
“Interesting family,” he said. “You know my brother is kind of like that too. Always looking for the next good time.”
“Do you two have sex together?” Dawn asked.
“No,” he said, “but sometimes I think he might want to.”
“Do you like sex with men?” Dawn asked.
“You’re a mighty curious little girl,” he said.
“Uh-huh. I wanna find out everything. She sat up close to him on the sofa and put her arms around his neck. She kissed him on the cheek. “Oooh, you taste different,” she said.
“Different from what?”
“From Daddy.”
“Do you like it?”
“I don’t know yet. I wanna taste more.” She ran her fingers down the front of his polo shirt, tweaking his nipples and kissing his ear lobe. She withdrew her hand and pushed it up under the bottom of his shirt, feeling his hard, smooth stomach.
“You’ve got good muscles,” she said. “And I bet a good love muscle too.” Her hands moved down to his shorts and she unfastened the waist opening and then the zipper. She could feel his hard cock straining through his briefs. “This one feels good, too,” she said, and lowered her face to his lap.
“Quite a daughter you’ve got here,” Joe said.
“Yes,” Scott said. He’d already removed his shirt and stood up to let his shorts drop to the floor. “We’re a sort of team.”
“We both love cock,” Dawn said.
“I can dig that.” He smiled at Scott, who now had all his clothes off. He stood up and pulled his shirt over his head while Dawn worked his shorts and briefs down his legs.
“Your turn, baby,” Scott said, and both men watched as she slipped off her miniskirt and peeled off her tight top. She was standing in front of them with just her bra and panties on.
“My, my, my,” Joe said. “You are one fine looking little white girl. Just look at those thin little legs, and that flat tummy. Turn around and let me see your ass, baby.”
She turned around and stuck her bottom out at him, then pulled her panties down to the floor, stood up and raised the bra over her head before turning back around to face him again.
“And nice little titties, too,” he said. “Tiny little titties. Just the way I like them.”
“You love little girls don’t you Joe?”
“Yes indeedy. Wish I had one of my own.”
“You’d fuck her all the time, wouldn’t you Joe?” Dawn asked. “Just like you’re gonna fuck me. Except I’m a little white girl. You like that too, don’t you?”
“Yes, yes, yes baby doll. I love white pussy.”
“But especially Little white pussy, I bet.”
“You got me baby,” he said, putting his hand on his already hard cock.
“And me and Daddy are both gonna suck you off.”
“Uh-huh, if that’s what you want baby.”
“That’s exactly what You want. You can’t fool us. I think he’s a good one, Daddy.”
“Me too,” Scott said, moving closer.
Joe’s cock was standing at full attention as Dawn circled her hand around it. She felt its creamy smoothness in her hand and starting jacking him off slowly, looking up into his eyes as she stood in front of him, his cock bouncing against her chest. Scott was sitting on the sofa watching his daughter as she held the gigantic black cock in her hand. She put her lips around the head of it and licked her tongue up the underside.
Joe groaned. “God, that feels good,” he said.
She put more of his cock into her mouth, keeping one hand snugly around the base so she wouldn’t gag on his huge member. She sucked in her cheeks, putting pressure on his shaft as she began sucking in earnest. His hands cupped her head, her long hair trickling over his dark fingers as his cock went in and out of her mouth.
He looked down at the little girl sucking on his big black cock. “Ummm, that’s so good, honey. You really know how to suck cock. Your sweet little mouth looks so good on my cock.”
“Daddy’s the expert,” she said, pulling his wet cock out and rubbing her saliva up and down on it with her hand. Her other hand went under his balls, and she hefted them gently, bringing more groans from Joe. She held onto his dick and pulled him toward the sofa where Scott sat waiting, his legs open. Joe stood in front of the other man now with the little girl’s hands fondling him and leading him toward her father’s mouth.
Scott opened his arms and Joe stepped between his already wide spread legs. He licked his lips, opened his mouth and Dawn fed the big black cock into his mouth.
“He’s a real good cock sucker,” Dawn said. Scott nibbled on the head of Joe’s cock as his daughter pushed more and more into him. Joe’s hips started to move and Scott’s mouth inched down his shaft. Finally Dawn removed her hand from the base of Joe’s cock and watched as the whole thing disappeared inside her father’s mouth.
“Oh God, Daddy, you’re taking the whole thing. All of that great big black cock. Oh, it’s making me so wet. I love to watch you suck cock, and this is the best yet.” She rubbed the back of his head as he guzzled deeply at the cock buried deep in his throat. Joe started fucking motions with his hips, driving his cock in and out in a slow, steady rhythm.
“Yeah, suck that cock,” he said. “Take it all in, all the way down your fucking throat.” He was gasping for breath as his lust overtook him. Dawn played with his balls while he fucked her father in the face, and then she managed to get her head in under her father’s and started licking and sucking on the big black balls. There wasn’t much room there and his balls were tight against him. She caressed his butt cheeks as she licked his balls, and she put one of her own fingers into her mouth, wetting it thoroughly, then teased it around Joe’s asshole.
He slowed his hip thrusting as she probed at his anal opening, and when she pushed forward, he pushed backward, sinking her finger in to the knuckle. “That’s it baby,” he groaned. “Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass while I fuck his throat. Oh, God damn, this is the hottest fucking I’ve ever had.”
Dawn fucked his asshole with renewed energy, and she continued to lick and squeeze his balls. She nipped at the delicate flesh occasionally, and jammed her finger in extra hard. She added another finger so she now had two fingers ramming in and out of Joe’s tight ass. He now had his hands behind Scott’s head and was fucking away, just like he was fucking a pussy. Scott’s lips clung tightly to his cock meat, and low gruntings came from deep in his throat.
“Yes, suck that cock,” Joe shouted. “Suck me off you goddamned whore. Oh, God, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum right in your fucking mouth. Suck me. Oh, that’s right, take it baby.”
Joe’s balls drew up even tighter against his crotch and Dawn gave them an extra hard squeeze with one hand as she pushed the fingers of her other hand into his asshole as far as they would go. She could almost feel the contractions in his balls as the cum started up out of them. She could see the veins in his cock pulsing as the big black stud started cumming in her father’s mouth.
“Save some for me Daddy,” she yelled. “Let me have some of his cum, too.”
Scott let his mouth slide out so the cum would flow into his mouth. He held some of it there, not swallowing it. More cum spewed out, and some flew onto his cheeks and dribbled down his chin.
“God fucking damn,” Joe said. “You are one hell of a cock sucker.” He put his hand around his cock and squeezed it hard, bringing more white drops out of it. Scott motioned for Dawn, and she saw the creamy fluid in her father’s open mouth and licked it out and rolled it around inside her own mouth. She licked other drops off her father’s cheeks, and then kissed him hard on the lips.
Her tongue was inside his mouth, scavenging for more cum. Her hunger was ravenous, and her tongue found every crevice and sucked out every drop of cum in her father’s mouth. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, returning the searching excavation, and his hands went around her neck, throttling her as he kissed her deeply.
Her eyes lolled open with the pupils turned back sightlessly and her face turned red. Scott held her in the choke hold, looking at her innocent, helpless face. His lust for his young daughter knew no bounds. He held her and squeezed even tighter, completely blocking her air passage as she gave herself up to him with no restraints.
He realized her life was in his hands and released his neck hold. As she opened her eyes she looked onto his face and drew in a huge lungful of air. “I love you Daddy,” she said. “I love sucking cock with you, and eating cum with you.”
“Did you like that baby?” Scott asked, pointing to her neck.
“I love everything you do to me Daddy. I could feel you squeezing the air out of me and my head started pounding and I could feel my heart beating in my chest, and,” she hesitated.
“Were you scared darling?”
“No, not at all. I loved you even more. I was willing to die if that would make you happy.”
“God, what a darling baby you are,” he said, hugging her to his chest.
“What a fucking pair,” Joe said. “You two are so fucking hot.”
“I told you we were a team,” Dawn said, her lids drooping. “We both love sucking cock.”

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