The final chapter? of Dawn's adventures
Chapter eight

Joe was reluctant to ask his brother, but Dawn promised him so many things, and flirted with him mercilessly until he finally agreed. “What’s his name?” she asked.
“Sam. He’s a real estate salesman. Sells houses and stuff.”
“Is he married?”
“Yeah, well, used to be, and he’s got one kid, if that’s what you’re asking.”
“Oh boy,” she said. “I’d love having a new kid to play with. “You know what?” she added. “We’ve got a dog now. He’s real handsome. We all like to play with him.”
“You don’t mean play with, uh, sexually, do you?”
“Yes silly. Of course that’s what I mean. We’ve got a real surprise in store for you. And Sam.”
“Wait a minute. I’m not sure….”
“Oh don’t be silly Joe. It won’t hurt anyone. He’s got a really good tongue and he loves to lick stuff with it, and so what’s the harm? Anyway, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” She put a little whine in her voice, as if to say, “If you don’t want to fuck me that’s okay, but you don’t know what you’ll be missing.”
“All right baby. You know you got me. I’ll call Sam and see if we can make it next Saturday night.”

When the brothers arrived, Dawn answered the door wearing a white terry robe. She closed the door behind them and stood between them, taking a hand in each of hers. She looked up at the two tall men, her eyes wide and adoring. “Have you got a wife Sam?” she said.
“Not anymore. Well, we’re divorced now.”
“Is she pretty?”
“Yes, but that’s not enough to make a marriage work.”
“Uh-huh. Did you like having sex with her?”
“What?” His mouth dropped open and he stared at her hard. Dawn just kept looking at him, waiting for an answer. He looked at his brother, who shrugged his shoulders.
“She’s very, um, mature,” he said, the corners of his mouth twitching. “I think she expects you to answer.”
“Well, yes, I suppose she was good in bed.”
“Do you like sex better with women or with men?”
“Where did this little girl come from?” Sam said.
“She’s a hot little number all right,” Joe said. “Very hot as a matter of fact.”
“You mean?” He stared at his older brother. “You did, didn’t you? You old motherfucker.”
“More like daughter age, wouldn’t you say? Daughterfucker doesn’t quite have the ring of motherfucker, though, does it?”
“I liked it too,” she said. “I especially liked it when I got to share him with my Daddy.”
“This gets more and more interesting,” Sam said. “How long have you been keeping this from me?”
“Not long. Just a few weeks.”
Scott and Charlotte were waiting by the pool as Dawn strolled out with the two black men in tow, one on each side of her. They shook hands all around and Dawn went back inside to get everyone a drink. She came back out with the drinks on a tray, and she had left her robe behind, revealing a tiny purple bikini with spaghetti straps and a thong bottom.
“Nice suit,” Sam said.
“All the better to please you with,” she said.
“She’s quite the little tease, isn’t she?” Scott said. “But she seriously does like to please.”
“And tease,” Charlotte added. She stood up, dropping her own robe and walking toward the pool. “Come on Dawn,” she said. “Let’s take a little dip and let the men get acquainted.
The three men were all wearing shorts and casual shirts. They watched as the mother and daughter stepped into the pool. They swam slowly and leaned their heads close, their voices tinkling on the night breeze.
“Oh man, Scott here’s got it made, bro,” Joe said, leaning close to his brother and putting his arm on his leg. “He’s got a beautiful babe of a wife, and a hot little daughter who likes to join in on sex games, and, man I don’t know what else he could ask for.”
“Some guys to share it with,” Scott said. “Like last time.”
“Yeah, that’s right. He likes to go both ways.”
“You guys do too, don’t you? I mean, I think you’re very close to each other.”
“And you’d like to get in the middle, is that it? Sam said.
“Something like that.”
“You like sucking cock, don’t you?” Sam asked.
“Um-hmm. Your brother seems to like it too. And you?”
“Well, I have to admit I’ve had a cock or two in my mouth before.”
“At the same time,” Joe said. “Oh, he’s a real cocksucker, I can tell you. He introduced me to it when we were kids.”
“Oh, how old were you when he first sucked you?”
“Um, I guess around, uh eleven, wasn’t it?” he said, looking at his brother.
“You were twelve, and I was ten.”
“He learned it from some other kid.”
“And then did you all three do it?”
“We didn’t have no cocksucking club, or anything, if that’s what you mean,” Sam said. “But we sucked each other off a few times and then I did it to Joe, and then later he did it to me.”
“And then we did it with Mason.”
“Yeah, a few times. Till he moved away.”
“Dawn’s gonna love you,” Scott said. “She loves sucking cock.”
“And sharing it with her old man,” Joe added.
“Yes, that too,” Scott said, grinning broadly. “Hey, come on over girls. I think we got a couple of live ones on the hook.”

“Fuck her Joe,” Sam said as he watched his brother drilling his cock into Dawn’s little eleven year old pussy.
Sam held her down with his body across hers. His hands roamed up and down her sweet young thighs. He rubbed at her belly and down to her throbbing clit, which he twirled between his fingers as his brother continued his hard fucking. He kissed her navel, swirling his tongue inside and then down across her tender young stomach to her nearly hairless pussy. He licked at the top of the opening, flicking his tongue against her engorged clit, and touched his brother’s cock as it went in and out.
Joe slowed down his rhythm and his brother licked the sides of his cock, tasting the sweet pussy juice coating it. “Ummmm, tastes good,” he said and pushed slightly against Joe so that his dick slipped out. Instantly, Sam pulled his brother’s cock into his own hungry mouth. He slurped at it greedily, making loud smacking noises as he gulped it all the way down his throat.
Joe started fucking his brother’s mouth. Dawn looked down to see the action. “Oh, that’s so hot,” she said. “You’re fucking his mouth just after fucking my pussy. It turns me on so much to see a man sucking cock. A pussy coated cock. Ooooh,” she shivered.
Sam plunged his lips all the way to the base of Joe’s big cock, holding his lips tight against his brother’s stomach and feeling the cock buried in his throat. He pulled up slowly, keeping his lips strained tight against the bulging shaft. “That tastes good that way, too,” he said. “Pussy and cock mixed together.” He took the cock in one hand and guided it back toward Dawn’s gaping pussy. “Fuck her some more, bro.”
His cock slid slowly back into Dawn’s steaming hot pussy and she sighed. He started fucking her hard again.
“God, it’s so tight. She’s so hot. And your tongue felt good on my cock. I think I’m gonna cum.”
“Yes, yes, yes, cum on, cum in her little pussy and all over it. I want it. I want your cum bro.”
Grunting and jerking, Joe began cumming, the first drops shooting out like volcanoes. Each spurt was accompanied by a guttural sound from his throat. His features were tensed and sweat was streaming off his body as he fucked his huge cock into Dawn’s tight little girl pussy, cum splashing out of her pussy as he pulled back. Sam grasped the slippery member and held it tight in his hand and cum splattered out over his fingers.
He aimed the pulsating cock at Dawn and hot wet drops splattered across her pussy and lower belly. He grinned and put it in his own mouth, feeling the cum still flowing. He lapped it up and swished it around in his mouth while still holding onto it with one slippery hand.
Sam slipped Joe’s cock out of his own wet mouth and slammed it back into Dawn’s steaming pussy. Joe was slowing down and he eased into the now familiar hole and wriggled his cock inside her. Sam watched in glee as his brother fucked this incredibly hot little white girl. His cum was slathered all over her pussy lips and her soft little belly, and over Sam’s face and lips, but even that wasn’t enough for him. He craved even more cum.
He licked at Dawn’s belly, feeding on the traces of his brother’s cum, and he locked his lips on her clit, bringing her to the brink of orgasm. He licked her slit and forced his tongue inside her dripping pussy, digging for the cum his brother had deposited there. He was like a little cum vacuum cleaner, slurping hungrily for any trace of hot sweet juice.
“Look at him go,” Joe said. “He’s eating that cum up a mile a minute.”
“He loves it,” Dawn said, “and he’s gonna make me cum too, if he licks my clit one more time.”
Though Sam’s ears were buzzing with lust, he heard Dawn and immediately returned to her swollen clit, licking and rubbing it eagerly, the taste of cum reverberating through him as the little girl squirmed under him. She rocked her pelvis from side to side and pushed her hips at him as he engulfed her little clit and soon she began screaming in ecstasy as her orgasm shook her tiny body.
“That’s it baby, cum for him. Cum in his mouth,” Joe said, his eyes glittering as he watched her writhing against his brother’s mouth and fingers. Sam held on, slowing his tongue movements as her jerking continued and he could taste the sweet taste of her young pussy as her fluids came gushing out to greet his vacuuming lips and tongue. She let out a series of quivering moans and he gradually let her go and extricated himself from his position between her and Joe.
He was jerking on his cock now, getting it rock hard and wet. He was hyper excited from all the fucking action, and his own orgasm was near as he knee walked toward Dawn’s face, his cock large in front of her. “Now it’s my turn,” he said in a hoarse, gasping voice. “I’m gonna cum all over your pretty little face. You want that, don’t you baby? You like to eat up black man cum, don’t you?”
“Umm-hmmm,” she said. “Give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck my mouth,” Her head was thrashing around, her blond hair making a wild pattern on the sheets as she reached out for the huge cock in front of her face.
Sam continued to jack himself off to the point of eruption. Just as he started to cum he stuck it in her mouth and she gripped her lips tightly around the shaft. He spurted inside her mouth and she swallowed it down. He came again and she rolled it on her tongue. He pulled just out of her mouth and another burst flew across her lips and cheek. Drops splattered over her chin and neck and he rubbed his hard cock against her soft young lips before shoving it inside again. She worked her tongue at the slit in his dick until he came once again, and she again swallowed it down, licking him and wanting more.
Dawn lifted her cum drenched face and licked her lips. Her eyes were practically rolling back in her head from the hard face fucking she’d just received, and she was reveling in it. “I love sucking cock,” she said. “And I love eating cum. Mmmm, you two were just great.” She wrapped one hand around each of their cocks and slid them up in down in unison. “Two big black cocks full of juicy white cum,” she said dreamily.
“Not anymore,” Sam said.
“Yeah, you sucked it right out of him, and fucked it out of me,” Joe said. “I never dreamed such a young little girl could suck so much cock and love it so much.”
“And she swallows cum like a pro,” Sam said.
“Uh-huh. She sure looks cute with her lips covered with cum, doesn’t she?” Joe said.
“Cute enough to kiss,” Sam said.
“Lick it off me,” Dawn said, opening her arms to embrace them. As Sam’s lips touched her cum soaked ones, she opened her mouth and felt his tongue slip inside. She smeared the gooey cum all over his face and held him tight against her as their tongues warbled together in an oral tribute to their shared lust.
“God, you taste good, baby,” he said. “Like a mouthful of cum.”
“Umm-hmmm, you sure look good kissing that little white babe,” Joe said.
“You always liked to see me eating cum, didn’t you? Especially when it was yours.”
“Oh yeah. You are so sexy when your mouth’s full of cum, and just look at her soft little lips, just oozing it all over her chin, and you lapping it up.”
“I’m his little fuck slut, his cum slut,” she said. “Eating his cum and feeding it to him.”
“You’re one special little babe. You know that, don’t you?” Sam said, licking cum off Dawn’s cheek.
“I love cock,” she said, “and I love cum, and I love pussy. I love to be fucked and to suck cock and to get covered in cum and, well, just everything.”
“Me and Joe both loved cumming in you, and I’m loving eating it out.”
“You love the taste of cum too, don’t you?” she said, her eyes practically closed as she savored the feeling of being so satisfied.
“Ummmmm, I love to eat cum out of a hot little pussy,” he said, “and out of a cum covered mouth like yours, and fresh out of a hot cock.”

“Know what I wish I had, Daddy?” she said.
Scott sat up lazily, his eyes still swimming with sated lust. “What’s that, darling?”
“A brother. A cute little brother I could fuck all the time.”
“Oh, you’re not getting enough cock yet?”
“I love you, Daddy, and I love the way you fuck me, and I really loved sucking all this cock tonight, but, well, I think I might like some younger cock sometimes too. You know, some nice young boy with a cute little dick.”
“Um-hmm. I get the picture.” He sat up a little straighter and slipped his finger back into Charlotte’s wet pussy.
“You like that picture too, don’t you dear?” Charlotte said. “But, we’re not planning on having a boy anytime soon. Besides, it’d be years before he was old enough to get a hard on, even if we had one next year. You mean something sooner.”
“Like right now,” Scott said. “But I’m afraid we don’t know any young boys. It’d have to be someone you know, like from school. What about Timmy? He was a pretty good fuck, as I recall.”
“Yeah, but he’s the same age as me. I’d like to try some even younger cock.”
“How old’s your son, Sam?” Joe asked. “Isn’t he ten?”
“In six months.”
“Is he getting hard-ons yet?”
“Uh-huh. I see him playing with himself in bed at night and in the mornings.”
“Have you had him yet?”
“Any day now,” he said. “I was just thinking about taking him on a visit to his uncle’s, as a matter of fact.”
“Oh, you sly devil,” Joe said.
“I thought you’d like to suck him with me, kind of introduce him to the finer points of cocksucking.”
“Ooooh, I want it too,” Dawn said. “I wanna suck his little nine year old cock. How old are boys when they first start getting hard-ons, Daddy?”
“I don’t know. Maybe eight or nine. Isn’t that about right, Sam?”
“I think it’s been about six months for Junior.”
“He was eight, then?”
“Yeah, maybe shy of nine by a couple of months. I can’t be sure of the exact time, but it’s still pretty fresh for him.”
“Fresh young meat,” Dawn said. “It makes me wet.”
“Why not invite him over here?” Sam said. “You could tell him they’ve got a pool, he could meet Dawn, and”
“And he’d already be half naked,” she said. “I bet I could get him hard in a jiffy.”
“Well, I’ve only got him on weekends. It might be a little sudden for him.”
“So, you’d rather just the two of us sucked on him first, is that right? Don’t you think he might respond better to a sexy little white girl?” He grinned at his brother. “Like his father does?”
“You got me there,” Sam said, laughing. “All right. Is next weekend okay for everyone?”

Robert was standing behind his father when Dawn answered the door. Sam took him by the hand and pulled him to his side. “This is my son Robert,” he said. “He’s nine.” Robert looked up at him. “Nine and a half. This is Dawn. She’s eleven.”
Dawn looked at the young boy adoringly. She reached out her hand to take his and as their hands met, she squeezed his gently and led him from between the adults. “Come on,” she said. “I’ll show you the pool. You got your trunks on under there?” She eyed his baggy shorts and long T-shirt.
“Yeah,” he said, “but I don’t swim too good.”
“That’s okay,” she said. “We probably won’t be doing much swimming anyway. Just a little splashing and playing. Come on you two,” she added, glancing back over her shoulder at the two brothers.
She touched his shoulder and as they walked out the patio door she pointed him to a table. “We can take off our clothes over here.” She stood by the wire mesh table and shrugged out of her robe, dropping it into a chair. She watched as Robert slowly slid his T-shirt over his head and then dropped his shorts.
“You’ve got pretty skin,” she said. “Can I touch it?”
He shrugged and she ran her fingers up his back and over his chest. “You feel strong too.” She stood close to him and put both arms around his waist. “We’re gonna have a real good time tonight.” She smiled broadly and stepped back a couple of steps. “Like my outfit?”
Robert looked at the young white girl. She was almost two years older than him, but about the same height. Her skin was pale and smooth, with a hint of tan line at the edges of her skimpy bikini. Her top was two tiny triangles of a fluorescent material and her bottom was a triangle in front, but went up between her butt cheeks in the back. Her toenails and fingernails were painted a bright pink and she twirled around for his inspection.
“It looks good,” he said. “It shows your butt in the back.”
“Uh-huh. Do you like it? My butt, I mean?”
“Yeah, it’s cute all right,” he said, a strange feeling starting to fill his chest.
They walked over to the pool. The adults were sitting around another table, sipping drinks. Dawn led Robert into the pool and swam out ahead of him. He waded after her, taking a few tentative strokes in the shallow water. She disappeared under the surface and Robert looked around for her. The lights of the pool were on and he saw her form streaking toward him under the water. His legs were spread apart for balance, and she swam up to them and took one in each hand, spreading them farther apart.
Bubbles came up to the surface and Robert couldn’t see clearly anymore. Then he felt her hands crawling up his legs. He started to close them, but she was crouched down, preventing them from closing. One of her hands went inside the leg of his billowy trunks, and then the other went up his other leg. They met in the middle and she pressed against his crotch briefly. Her head emerged between his legs, her eyes looking up into his.
“What were you doing?” he said.
“Playing,” she said and bounced up and down in the water, going away from him and then close to him. He bounced after her, and when they stopped, they were both giggling. She put her hands on his waist and pulled him closer. Her lips were parted and her hair was streaming wetly across her shoulders. She lifted herself off the bottom and locked her legs behind his, pulling him even closer. Her lips were just inches from his and she looked at him, waiting.
“Don’t you want to kiss me?” she asked.
“I never kissed a girl before.”
“Not even your mother?”
“Sure, but that doesn’t count.”
“Well,” she said and leaned close to him until her lips touched his. He could smell her, and could feel the insides of her legs pressing against his thighs under the water and her fingers on his waist. She kissed him gently, her tongue just brushing over his lips.
She let go of him and drifted back into the water, swimming between his legs again. This time she went behind him and stood up, putting her hands around him and hugging him close as she rubbed on his chest and belly. “You feel good,” she said, sliding her hands under the water. Her hands caressed his crotch and she could feel the outline of his cock and balls through his loose trunks. She rubbed insistently. “Do you like that?” she whispered in his ear, one leg going around him.
“I, uh,” he stammered, standing still. “I’ve never felt anything like this before.”
She reached one hand down inside the waistband of his trunks and touched his small cock. She ran her fingers down further and cupped his tight balls. Her lips were on his neck, kissing him gently, and then on his ear. Her tongue lapped at his canal, and then she blew softly.
He felt the hairs rise on his neck, and a warm feeling flooded through him.
“I know you like it now,” she said. “Come on, let’s get out for awhile and dry off.”
Charlotte was sitting on the foot of the chaise that Scott was leaning back in, and Joe had one leg doubled up on the seat of his chair. His other leg was stretched out, spreading his crotch. With one hand he was rubbing his cock through his shorts. Sam had a hand on his brother’s thigh, touching it lightly. They didn’t change their position as the two children walked up dripping wet and rubbing themselves with towels that dwarfed them.
Dawn could see Joe’s hard-on through his shorts. She stared at it for awhile, then looked up into his eyes, at his thigh where his brother’s hand rested, and then up into Sam’s eyes. She smiled and laid her towel on the concrete patio, and took Robert’s and laid it on top of hers. She sat down facing the two men and pulled Robert down beside her. She put her hand between her legs and rubbed herself, and when she saw that Robert was watching her, she moved her hand toward him, touching his leg and then moving upward.
She touched his cock and felt its hardness. Joe unbuttoned the fly of his shorts and stood up to drop them to the ground. Sam grinned and licked his lips. Joe looked at the children and dropped his briefs. His cock was already half hard and he stroked it easily, stepping up closer to his brother’s chair. Sam had his legs spread apart and Joe stepped between them. He was jacking himself off slowly, his eyes closed and his head back.
Sam took his brother’s cock into his mouth and started sucking on it, slowly and easily, his hands around Joe’s ass, massaging his cheeks and pulling him closer as he strove to get more and more of his brother’s man meat into his mouth. He looked at Dawn out of the corner of his eye.
Dawn tugged on Robert’s trunks and he wriggled out of them, exposing himself completely. “Ummmm,” she said, “you look yummy. Your dick is so cute, and I love your little balls, all up close and tight like that.”
She ran her hand up between his legs, stroking his smooth balls and feeling them with her fingers. She caressed his cock, and wrapped her fingers around it as she started moving her hand up and down rhythmically. “Now I know you like this,” she said. She lowered her lips to take his cock into her mouth.” She had no trouble taking him all the way into her hot wet mouth. She had taken much larger ones before, so Robert’s was like a miniature version of the adult cocks she had sucked many times, including All the men present: Joe, his brother Sam, who was also Robert’s father, and her own father, who sat watching nearby.
“And this,” she said, removing her mouth from his wet cock. “I know you like the way I suck on it and kiss it.” She opened her lips and moved slowly down to take his small dick into her mouth once again, one hand toying with his taut balls and running up and down the crack of his ass. He was sitting up and she was laying down in his lap, but soon the concrete felt hard. She sat up and pulled him to his feet.
Now he was standing in front of her, his little cock hard and erect and she was kneeling in front of him playing with his nine year old cock and balls and giving him the first blow job of his life. She sucked on him voraciously, drawing him all the way into her mouth, until her lips were touching his stomach. He started pushing his hips against her, fucking her mouth and holding on to her hair for support.
Robert was facing his father and uncle, who were just behind Dawn, who was on her knees directly in front of him. He could see his father sucking his uncle’s huge cock and he imitated his uncle’s movements, drilling his cock in and out of the lovely little girl’s hot mouth.
“Feels good, doesn’t it?” his uncle said, smiling broadly. “I love getting my cock sucked.” He buried his fingers in his brother’s hair and pushed himself deeper and deeper. Deep groans came from Sam’s throat as he sucked harder on the big hard cock in his mouth. His fingers dug into Joe’s ass cheeks, pulling him tight against his face. Big wet slurping sounds came from his mouth and Joe was getting close to shooting his load.
“Oooh,” he moaned. “Ooooh, that feels so good. So fucking good. Suck me off, bro. All the way. Eat me baby.” He was nearly delirious with lust now as the orgasm took control of him.
Robert was starting to sweat too and as his uncle starting going into spasms, he felt his own balls tighten up and a tingly feeling shot through him, running up his spine and then up his dick. “Uhhh,” he grunted. “Me too. I’m gonna, oooooh, yeah.”
“Here I cum,” Joe shouted, fucking his brother’s mouth furiously. “You too, Bobby?”
“Me too,” Robert said between clenched teeth. “Here I cum.”
Dawn guzzled down deep on the little cock in her mouth. She could feel his balls drawing up and could feel the pulses shooting up the shaft. She brushed her tongue against the sensitive underside of Robert’s little cock and held her lips tight around it as he shot his load into her. She closed her eyes and made low humming sounds as she held on tight as he filled her hot mouth with his sweet cum.
She kept her lips there until she had drained him dry, then let his wet cock plop from her mouth. “Oooh, you taste gooood,” she said. “Really good. Your cum is so sweet. Ummm, I just love it.” She shook her head and her hair splayed out over her shoulders. She licked his cock to get any remaining drops of cum from it, and then opened her mouth. “I swallowed you all down,” she said. “See?”
He bent closer to her, and she pulled him down against her, almost toppling him. She put her lips against his and kissed him deeply, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, giving him a taste of his own sweet young cum. He put his hands behind her back and held her close to him, his eyes growing wide with wonder as she kissed him with his own cum still dripping from her tongue.
Sam looked over at his young son, cum on his lips, cheeks and chin and smiled. “Tastes good, son,” he said. “I love the taste of cum.”
Dawn stood up and took Robert by the hand, leading him over to his father and uncle. “I sucked him pretty dry, I think,” she said. “But maybe there’s a taste left.” She pushed him in front of her and he stood facing his father, his cock still slightly erect, his lips wet from Dawn’s kisses, and his father’s lips coated with cum from his uncle.
Sam put his hand under his son’s balls and pulled him toward him as he bent his head down. Dawn watched as the father sucked the son’s cock into his mouth for the first time ever, tenderly licking and sucking at his dick and then his balls. Robert’s legs were spread wide and he had his hands around his father’s head.
“I think you got it all,” Sam said, putting his arms around his son’s shoulders and pulling him closer. He breathed against his son’s cheek and Robert could smell his uncle’s cum on his breath. Sam smiled and kissed his son on the lips, smearing the cum on his face on his son’s.
Their lips met and Sam brushed his tongue across his son’s lips. When they parted, he slipped it inside and Robert met his tongue thrusts with open arms, loving the closeness with his father, loving the feel of their lips together, and getting his first taste of cum, right from his father’s cum drenched mouth.
“Oh, oh, oh,” Dawn said. “He’s hot. Look at him eat up that cum. I bet he’ll be a good cock sucker.”
“Yes, I think you’re right,” Joe said, rubbing the last of his hard-on. “And I think we probably should go inside if we’re going to continue this.” He looked over at Scott and Charlotte, who were wrapped in each other’s arms, Charlotte between her husband’s legs, rubbing his hard cock, and Scott with his hands on both of Charlotte’s breasts, her top untied and hanging around her waist.
“Right,” Scott said. “Anyone for more sex, inside we go.”
They all filed into the living room. Scott opened a closet and tossed out a big comforter and Charlotte threw some big cushions on the floor. Dawn went around kissing everyone and throwing her arms around them. Sam took his son in his arms and laid him down tenderly on the floor. “Oh, I’m gonna love fucking you,” he said. “I wanna suck your cock so bad.”
“Me too,” Joe said, and the two men put the young boy between them, rolling him over onto his stomach and rubbing his back, his legs and his cute little ass. Joe ran a hand up between his cheeks and tickled the little balls. “He’s got the tight ones,” he said. “And so smooth.”
“Get up on your hands and knees,” Sam said. “Me and your uncle are gonna really work you over now. And you’re gonna love it. I guarantee it.”
Robert did as he was told and his father lay down under him, positioning himself just between his son’s legs, with a firm cushion under his head to raise it to just the right place. His uncle got behind the little boy. Sam’s legs stuck out underneath his son, and Joe spread them apart, putting one hand on little Robert’s ass and the other on his brother’s bulging cock.
Sam pulled his son toward him, opening his lips to taste the sweet young cock. He wrapped his lips around the delicate head and kissed it deeply, loving the feel of his son in his mouth. Joe played with Robert’s taut balls and rubbed his ass cheeks. He stuck his tongue up between them and licked at the little puckered asshole, getting it sloppy wet with his ministrations. He wet his little finger in his own mouth and teased at the little flower bud, pushing it against the hard muscle of the opening, a little at a time, waiting for it to open for him.
Meanwhile, he was toying with Sam’s hard cock, jacking him off slowly as he jammed his finger against little Robert’s asshole and flicked his tongue all over his tender little bottom. Robert’s dick was now all the way inside his father’s mouth and he was thrusting his hips back and forth, fucking him completely, his dick bottoming out in his father’s sweetly sucking mouth with the clinging lips.
As he went in, Joe let his finger slide back a little, and as he pulled back for another thrust deep into his father’s mouth, Joe kept his finger in place. On each stroke it went in a little further. Finally, he felt the ass muscle relax and his finger slid inside the little boy’s ass. “Ahhhh,” he said. “Success at last.”
Robert was stunned at the feeling of a finger up his asshole, but his father’s lips felt so good sucking on his hard little cock that he just shivered and let it pass. “Suck it Daddy,” he said, his voice almost a whimper as he put his hands behind his father’s head just behind the ears. “Suck my cock. Eat me up Daddy.”
Sam looked into his son’s eyes and continued his hot sucking action while Joe starting worming his finger around inside his asshole. His other hand was hard at work on Sam’s stiff pole.
Just then Dawn stuck her head in. “I want some too,” she said, and took hold of Joe’s rock hard cock. She inched her way into his lap and opened her mouth to take the head of his cock into her mouth. “Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck my mouth. I’m just your little fuck slut.”
Joe looked down at the luscious babe crawling all over him. He still could hardly believe she was just eleven years old and such a slutty cock hound. He felt her taking more and more of his cock into her mouth. He knew she’d swallow him down and come back for more, and he reveled in the feeling. He also loved the feel of his finger going up the hot tight ass of his little nephew, and the feel of his tight little balls in his hand.
“I bet you can teach him to be a good cock sucker, too,” Joe said, nodding toward Robert.
Dawn was busily feasting on Joe’s huge cock, but she looked up at him with wide, lustful eyes and he knew she could, and would. Under the combined onslaught of lips and fingers, Robert was soon on the verge of cumming again.
A sweat broke out on his smooth skin and dripped down onto his father’s face. His hips began jerking spasmodically. “Oh, I think I’m gonna. I’m gonna cum.” He said, his voice a harsh shout.
Sam guzzled his son’s cock deep into his mouth, his tongue rolling around the stiff little pole and his hands pulling his little ass so that all of his cock disappeared into his father’s mouth on each thrust. Grunts of animal like lust were smothered by the deep sucking and slurping of lips and tongue on cock.
In a frenzy of motion, little Robert shot his first load into his father’s mouth, his thighs trembling with the release. “Oooh,” he moaned. “Oooh Daddy. Oh, I’m cumming right in your mouth. Ummmm, it feels so good.” Cum gushed out of his little cock and Sam savored the sweet taste in his mouth, keeping his lips clamped tight on the pumping organ.
Joe held his finger deep in Robert’s quivering asshole as he shoved his dick into his father’s gulping mouth. His fingers gripped the sweaty butt cheeks and he grinned as he looked down at the little girl sucking on him. “He got off good,” he said. “Right into Daddy’s mouth.”
Dawn looked up and extricated herself from Joe’s lap. “I want some,” she said. “I want to eat it out of his mouth.”
“Such a hot little bitch,” Joe said. “Such a dedicated little cock sucker.”
Dawn slithered around until her face was right beside Sam’s, whose lips were still locked around his son’s hard-on. “Give me a taste,” she purred, licking Sam’s cheek and running her fingers through his hair and around his neck.
Reluctantly, he let go of his son’s cock and kissed the cute little naked girl clamoring for the cum in his mouth. She was so sexy, such a cock hound and cum hound. Their lips touched and Dawn’s tongue was inside his mouth, squirming insistently around, burrowing out the warm sweet fluid of Robert’s cum. He pulled her close, feeling her tiny titties rubbing against his chest and surrendering himself to the lustful cravings that his son’s cum swelled within him.
They held the kiss for a long time and Dawn came up breathless, her lips wet and open. “Ummmm,” she said, “he tastes good in your mouth. Go on, have a taste, Joe.”
Joe looked at the little girl kissing his brother and wrapped in his arms. Sam smiled languorously at him and Joe bent to kiss the soft, cum soaked lips. He could taste the musky cum still lingering in his brother’s mouth, but it was a mild, sweet taste, not so strong as other cum he had tasted there.
“It makes me so hot to see men kissing,” Dawn said. “Especially men with a mouth full of cum.”
“You swallowed me all down, didn’t you Daddy?” Robert said. “You swallowed my cum.”
“Yes, baby, and it was sweet tasting too. I love your cock and I love your cum, and I love you.”
“And now it’s your turn to give it a try,” Dawn said. She pushed the men onto their backs side by side. They looked at each other and touched each other, their hands roaming over each other’s chests, pinching nipples and rubbing smooth bellies. Dawn spread both their legs apart and then crawled up to Joe’s middle, taking his cock in one hand and running the other under his heavy balls. “Now you,” she said, indicating Robert should imitate her actions.
Robert knee walked between his father’s legs and put his hands around his giant cock. His fingers were tiny compared to the hard-on he was touching. He cupped the big balls in his other hand and looked at Dawn. She was kissing the head of Joe’s cock and licking up the underside while gently squeezing his balls. Robert did the same, and when his lips closed over his father’s cock, Sam let out a soft groan. “God, that’s sweet,” he said. “My son sucking my cock. I must be in heaven.”
“Not yet,” Dawn said, “but when you both cum, then.”
The two children began sucking on the men laying side by side. Dawn led the way with her experienced mouth, and Robert followed her lead, taking the head of his father’s cock in his mouth and moving his hand up and down on the shaft and up under the balls. Dawn took more and more of Joe’s cock into her mouth, and Robert struggled to keep up. He gagged a little because his father’s cock was so big and his mouth was so little, and it was his first time to suck cock.
“Switch,” Dawn said, wiping her mouth and moving to Sam. Robert moved over to his uncle’s cock and began sucking on it. Joe put one hand behind Robert’s head and gently guided him down on his hard pole.
“That’s good, baby,” he said, his voice murmuring with pleasure. “Suck my cock. Oh, you sweet little cock sucker. Ummmm.”
Dawn watched Robert sucking cock and she wanted more. She wanted both of them at once. She struggled to get the men closer together, but they were already touching side by side. She tried moving them, but they were too heavy. Finally, she straightened up and said what she wanted. Joe lifted his legs and Sam scooted underneath so that their legs were crossed. This put their cocks much closer together and Dawn knelt on one side while Robert knelt on the other. The two cocks were sticking up like telephone poles, but right next to each other.
She put her hand on Joe’s cock and jacked him off while she dove down on Sam’s. Then she rapidly changed. This was more like it, and she and Robert could exchange cocks much more easily. She rubbed the two cocks together and smiled at Robert. “Two pigs in a blanket,” she said and her lips were so close to his that she leaned forward and kissed him, sending her tongue into his mouth and feeling his little hands pull her head closer.
She smiled again and took a cock into her mouth, tasting it and feeling its luscious texture against her tongue. Sam’s hand was playing with her pussy, a finger going in and out of her and another tickling against her clit. Joe’s hand was on Robert’s ass, sliding up between his cheeks and caressing the tight little balls.
“God, it feels good, don’t it bro?” Joe said.
“Super good,” Sam said, turning his face toward is brother. Their lips touched and they kissed deeply, their tongues going deep inside each other’s mouths as the two young children sucked on their rock hard cocks, swapping them between them and also kissing each other while the men played their fingers over the soft young bodies.
“I’m gonna cum,” Sam said. “That little cum slut is so hot on my cock. She’s a real pro.”
“Me too,” Joe said. “I bet they both lap it up like crazy.”
“Are you kids ready?” Sam said.
Dawn had tasted cum in her mouth many times, but it was Robert’s first time and he didn’t know exactly what to expect. He held onto Joe’s cock, feeling it pounding deeper and deeper into him.” Sam was first to start, and as he exploded into Dawn’s mouth she clamped her lips around him and sucked on his cock like a straw, pulling the cum right out of his balls.
She pulled back and watched it spurt into the air, some falling on her cheek, some on her hair, and some across Robert’s face. She pumped it hard and watched another spurt fly into the air. Joe saw it too and it spurred him on and he came in little Robert’s mouth as the young boy struggled to keep it inside. His cheeks ballooned out and as he let the wet cock slide from his mouth, cum poured out the corners of his mouth.
Another jet of white cream flew through the air, this time from Joe’s orgasm, and he gritted his teeth as it plopped down on the two children’s faces and oozed between Robert’s fingers.
“Switch,” Dawn said and clamped her lips around Joe’s cock, lapping her tongue against him as she slurped up his white hot cum. Robert put his mouth on his father’s cock and tasted his cum directly from the source, licking against the head lovingly and swirling it around in his mouth before swallowing.
“That’s it, clean us off,” Joe said as the children slurped at the brothers’ cocks. They kissed each other and shared the cum between them, and then went back to gathering more cum from the big black cocks.
“What a pair of cock suckers,” Sam said. “You did great son. Your first cock and your first cum eating.”
“A chip off the old block, eh?” Joe said, smiling.
“Come here and kiss us,” Sam said.
Robert kissed his father on the lips, giving him a taste of the combined cum he’d been eating up from the twin fountains, and Sam nestled his head down on his shoulder near his neck. Robert kissed his father’s neck, his cheek, his lips, and ran his fingers over his strong chest. “I love you Daddy,” he said. “And I loved sucking your cock. And eating your cum. I wanna do it some more.”
“You will, baby, you will.”
Dawn kissed and cuddled with Joe and said, “See, I told you he’d be a good cock sucker.”
“You’re a good cock sucking teacher,” Joe said.
“Uh-huh. It helps that it was his own Dad. That makes it extra special. Hey, where are my Mom and Dad?”
“Right here, baby,” Scott said, putting down his video camera. “We got the whole thing on tape.”
“And you did great, baby,” Charlotte said. “Just like a little porn star.”
“Yeah, I bet people would pay big bucks to see her sucking cock and swallowing cum.”
“Maybe she’ll be a real star someday.”
“Yes, a motherfucking fatherfucking cocksucking porn star.”
“Heaven,” Dawn said.


2012-10-25 03:54:00
My girl-friend and I were lying on the lounge reading this, me in just boxers and she in bra and tight little bottle green cotton school knickers. It wasn't long before I was rock hard and Laura's little panties were dripping wet, so much so that when she opened her legs for me, there was a hugh dark stain on them. We spent many hours that night, feeling, fingering, masturbating and fucking each other.
Writing any more???


2011-11-15 12:42:23
Just completed reading all eight chapters. Really loved the story. Very "HOT" and great j.o. material. Plan to read somemore of your writings.

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Time to knock up the girls.

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When is there going to be more. I enjoyed reading these chapters very much.


2007-11-18 10:49:38
That was great. i loved it when the little boy was introduced into the world of sex. especially when his father sucked him & then he sucked off his father & uncle ... remindes me of when i was 10 years old & my father & i sucked each other off in the shower. those were great times! what happened to the dog? more please & bring the dog back in too. 10/10

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