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The youngsters discover their love
It was Saturday morning in Tim's small apartment as he and Lisa, the girl he had long thought to be his sister, both awoke to the sun shining through the window of his living room. Lisa and Tim had spent the night curled together nude on his couch, and cramped as it was, both felt wonderful. They had both lost their virginity to each other the night before and wondered if it would change the way they felt about each other. The two young lovers now knew that they were, in fact, not truly related. Their parents had met and married briefly when they were both toddlers, but each thought of the other's parent as their own. Tim's dad had died by his own hand and Lisa's mom had retreated into alcoholism, but the two of them had managed to remain sane.

Lisa stretched her petite, naked body and smiled lovingly at Tim as she came fully awake. "It is so nice to wake up beside you", she said. "I think I could get used to this". Tim rolled toward her, took her into his arms and said, "I don't know how I ever slept without you here". They shared a deep kiss and Tim started to get up, but Lisa stopped him. "Where do you think you're going?" she asked with a bit of sass. "I was going to take a shower and fix us some breakfast", he replied. "How about we work up an appetite first?", Lisa said with a sexy smile. "Don't mind if we do!", Tim told her.

Lisa reached between Tim's legs and found his cock already starting to stiffen for her. She had no previous experience, so she had no clue as to just how big Tim's cock truly was by comparison with other men. She just knew that it felt good in her mouth and her pussy. Truth be known, Tim was a good bit larger than average. At eight and a half inches in length and nearly two inches in girth, he could have been a porn star.

Tim, also with no means of comparison, had no idea that Lisa was truly a spectacular specimen of the female gender. Her light brown hair, her petite form, her large, firm breasts and her shapely ass and legs were more than most men could ever hope for in a woman. For her part, Lisa had never acted like a beauty queen. She was indeed a bit taken aback by her own appearance. Like many teen girls, she thought that she looked fat. Partly because of her short frame and her large breasts. Lisa just didn't think that she was 'put together' all that well.

What Tim DID know was that he was so hot for Lisa at this moment that he could practically taste her. Hmmm, he thought. Good idea. Tim slid down the couch and gently spread Lisa's legs so that he could have access to her smooth, shaved pussy. Lisa complied by opening herself wide for what she knew would be a sweet experience. Tim started licking gently on her soft folds as she became wet for him. He used his lips and tongue to arouse Lisa and she responded by arching her back off the couch each time Tim came into contact with her clit. At some point in time, Tim had heard of the tender spot between a girl's legs that would make her explode. He was a bit unsure of just where or what it was, but he did know that when he licked Lisa at the very top of her pussy, she responded. He decided to concentrate on this area as it seemed to give his young lover the most pleasure.

Lisa felt Tim's tongue slipping along her gash lovingly and she reached to hold his head as he started to focus his attention on the sensitive bud near the top of her pussy. She knew that she was not going to last long if he kept that up, but she didn't care. She loved the sensations that Tim's mouth was giving her, and she surrendered to it.

With a shudder and a load moan, Lisa came. She didn't squirt this time, but the feeling for her was no less intense. Tim smiled up at her as she came down and gave her another kiss directly onto her wet lips.

"My turn", Lisa exclaimed as she pulled Tim back up beside her on the couch and kissed him quickly tasting herself on his lips. She got up and, grabbing Tim by the hand, got him to sit up on the couch. She knelt between his legs in front of him and took his hard cock into her hand. She stroked him just a bit before lowering her lips to him. "I love doing this", she said as she took Tim's cock between her lips. Tim groaned and his own back arched a bit as Lisa took him gently into her mouth. She could only get about four inches into her young mouth, but neither cared. Lisa loved the fact that she was pleasing Tim and he loved the way her soft, wet mouth felt around his stiff cock.

The gentle friction of Lisa's lips around his cock and the sight of her with his hard cock in her mouth drove Tim nuts in only a few minutes. Lisa would swirl her tongue around the head as she withdrew from him, then suck hard as she took him in again. Just a few luxurious minutes passed before Tim felt the swelling in his balls that let him know he was close. He said, "Lisa, I'm gonna cum". Lisa responded as she had done the night before. She held his cock firmly in her mouth and swallowed each and every drop of Tim's spunk. Tim thought he had died and gone to Heaven as his seed shot down the young girl's throat. Lisa, quite pleased with herself, finally let Tim's softening cock slip from her mouth and pushed Tim back onto the couch. As soon as he was comfortable, she lay down beside him and kissed him with love.

"Are we both out of our minds or what?", Lisa said. Tim, finally getting his breath responded, "I'm not sure Lisa. I just know that what we have been doing feels so good and right. It isn't incest, but I'm not certain how we should proceed. Mom is gonna freak".

"I know", Lisa said, "but we have to live our own lives the way WE want". "I agree", Tim replied. With that, Tim took Lisa's hand and helped her off the couch. He led her down the short hallway past the bathroom and into his small bedroom. Lisa couldn't fight back her smile as she realized what was happening. She and Tim had made love before, but this time, it would be in bed where lovemaking belonged. There was just something about being in bed with Tim that excited Lisa beyond words. She was so happy....or was it something more?

At the foot of the bed, Tim took Lisa into his arms and said, "Lisa, I'm not sure of many things at this point in time, but I do know one thing". "What is that?", she said. "I'm falling in love with you", Tim said. It isn't because of the sex, even though it is beautiful. It's because of......shit, I don't know why. I just know that I'm loving you more every minute. I can't even think of spending a minute apart from you". Tears came to Lisa's eyes as she said, "I feel it, too". Lisa took Tim into her arms as she said, "I can think of nothing more wonderful than to spend my life with you".

With that, the two young people lay down together on the bed. Tim took Lisa into his arms and kissed her lovingly. She responded by pulling Tim on top of her and spreading her soft legs wide. Tim could feel the heat coming off of Lisa's body as she held him close. Lisa could feel the stiffness of Tim's cock as it brushed against her shaven pussy. The two of them kissed each other once again and Tim got to his knees between Lisa's beautiful legs. She smiled up at him and took his hard cock into her small hand. Lisa took a deep breath and guided Tim into her wet and yearning pussy. He slid into her gently and she sighed as he hit bottom.

Tim stroked the young girl gently, but, as the intensity increased, he moved more quickly. Lisa began to buck wildly against Tim as their passion grew. In a matter of minutes, both Tim and Lisa were on the verge of orgasm. Lisa wrapped her legs around Tims hips as she blew out another squirting orgasm. Tim responded by shooting a huge load into Lisa's wet pussy. The two of them continued to stroke each other until the climaxes subsided, and then lay, panting together. Tim on his knees and Lisa on her back, the young couple came down slowly from their mutual euphoria.

"Tim", Lisa said. "Yeah?", he replied. "I love you", Lisa confessed. "I love you ,too", Tim responded. Lisa took Tim into her arms once again and held him close. Tim held her as well. This was day one of their lives together and it wasn't even noon. If this were any indication of how their lives would be, it was going to be wonderful.

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There are only a few authors on this site with the talent to write an erotic love story instead of just porn. You are one of them, fbailey is another. Keep up the good work.


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Could be better but damned if I really know how. Keep up the great story telling..


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great series


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