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this is a tru story about me and my firsts day at colege hope u enjoy
It was the second day of being in college and what the sophomores called it was orientation day what I called it was a day to start the fun. Today would be where you get to see what our school had to offer (if u get my drift). So I went through out my day and I was stand on a wall with my hoddie covering my face. I always thought girl liked a mysterious man. And it proved true.
The next thing I heard was “hey” and I replied, “What’s up”. She smiled I smiled back at her. I Introduced my self “Kevin” she replied, “Lisa”. Lisa was about 5’3 maybe 120 with these long legs to die for. She had beautiful blue eye and a perfect tan. She said “ill she around sometime” I was like “ you sure will”. I had never seen a girl smile so much after that line. I watch walk away and she knew it because she add an extra swing in to her walk. All I could think was wow what a great ass.
The day was long but it was finally over, so I was walking back to the dorm when I heard some footsteps approaching me. So I turn to around to see Lisa power walking to catch up to me. So I slowed down and let her catch up. We had a great conversation on the way back to the dorm. She told me about her life as if we knew each other for years and I jus listened. The whole time I keyed in too the fact that she had no boyfriend. I didn’t want the conversation to end but my dorm came up and she lived at the other dorm down the way. So we parted was. I can lie I could not keep Lisa off of my mind.
I went to my room and unpacked. The next day was Sunday and there was nothing to do so I jus sleep all day. But I could not stop thinking of Lisa. And I had the throbbing hard on. I had not relieved myself for about 3months with all the vacation I jus did not have time. I couldn’t know because I had a roommate and don’t know how he would react to that. So I lay there fantasying about Lisa and all the things I would do to her and my cock loved it.
Today was Monday and there was a first day party to night. I was excited to see and feel all the hot girls at my school and I hoped that Lisa was there. But something better happened I meet Lisa with my roommate and bunch of her friends and we all went to her. It was free cuz her roommate was a sophomore and was not back yet. So we sat there and I could not keep my eyes off her. There was another girl there that caught my eye but she was more interested in my roommate so I paid her no mind. I focused on Lisa making her laugh and adore me. I said all the right this. Then came the party I danced with many girls and my cock was in heaven. I was hard the whole time and didn’t find one girl who objected to it.
Then I saw Lisa. I walked to her and ask for a dance. That had made my day. She grinded hard on my cock with her pump ass, we did what seemed like forever but were only 5 min. I wanted to take her home and FUCK her right there and then. But I decided to leave. I went back early hoping to get some relief but jus took a show and decided to wait a little while longer.
The next night before I first class there was a bunch of people in my room and Lisa was one of them. We joked and laughed. By the end of the night we had the girl sitting in there bras. It was great everything I imagined. But that when I noticed that Lisa had the biggest and I mean biggest tits I had seen in a Long time. They were 36 dd. I knew that cuz Lisa had told me when we had a minute alone. I was hard and she could see as her eyes stayed glued to my cock and my dick loved the attention that it so desired. She was slick she acted as if she needs to get something off my desk so that she could rub her hand on my dick. She didn’t need to I would have let her any day. It felt great and I know she did to as she griped it tighter.
But there was jus to many people to do anything. So I backed off and Lisa had a sad look in her eye. She wanted me and I want her.
But we jus hung out a little longer and I gave hint that I want her. No to be honest I was very direct and I keep saying I want to touch her breast. And her reply was “it is ok I don’t mind,” that blew my mind. I want to so bad but there was jus to many people. So I waited till everyone left and I ask her for a hug. She was delighted too give me one. As she did I placed my hand on the soft and biggest tit I had ever in my life. WOW all I could think of and my cock agreed.
I whispered in her ear “ u make me want to come to your room” she answer “put some shoes on then.” I rush to put some shoes on but I grabbed two Trojans jus in case. We went to her room, her roommate still not there. I locked the doors and closed the light. She looked back and asks, “What’s that for” I smacked her on the ass. She said, “ I see with a smile on her face” she grabbed my hand and took me to her bed. I began to kiss her.
She kissed back, then I said, “I need to see those tits please” she smiled and undid her top. I took off her bra. They pop out at me and all I could do was stare. She ask “is this your first time” I replied “no”. “Then what are u waiting for” was her next words. Then I began to caress her breast in big circles getting smaller till I got to her nipples. She loved it, I could tell in her moan. I play with her nipple while the other hand did the same to the other breast. Then I took her nipple in to my mouth. Slowly licking it with my tong and biting it ever so softly. It drove her crazy as she ran her finger through my hair.
I was hard and I wanted to fuck her and by the looks I was. I was hard and she could feel in on her leg. She undid my pants and revealed my 8 and a half-inch cock that was 3 inches think. She gasped as she looked at it. It hung there. Then all I saw was her head drop low to the head of my cock. She put it in to her warm mouth is felt wonderful. She let go and licks my balls. My dick twitched and she moaned as it was lying on her face nearly hiding that beautiful face. She then ran her tong from the base of my cock all the way up. She then took the head in her mouth again sucking hard like a baby and there pass afire. She went down one inch and did it again. This was mind blowing. She did that till she was half way down my cock. Then she came up for air. After that quick breath she took the Whole thing into her mouth still it was gone. I could feel her throat on the head of my cock and I want to cum right there. She came all the way back up and look at me in my eyes. She said, “How was that big boy” I was speech less. She asks if I want to tity fuck her all I could do was node. She took my dick one last time completely in her mouth so that it was well lubed. Then she placed it in between those 36 dd tits and bounced up and down on my dick like a pogo stick.
The last three months of non-relief was about to send her the biggest load I ever let off? All I Could say was “ OOOOO MY FUCKING GOD, OOOOO MY FUCKING GOD, OOOOO MY FUCKING GOD, IM CUMMING, IM CUMMING” then she did something that never happened she grabbed the top of my head that had now swelled up to the size of a Pepsi can and sqized tight. It stopped me form cumin. So I took the chance to return the favor.
I ripped off her cloths and went straight for her pussy. Which were wet and her juices were dripping down her legs. I started by licking it off her legs. She tasted like fresh fruit, just so sweet. I teased her but her leg lock told me that she want my tough as well that all she said since her panties came off. I put my pinky on her clit and played with it. SHE MOANED LOUDLY. Then I ran my index across her cunt. She flinched. I ran my index and middle finger up it this time. She moaned. I put my ring finger to her opening and began to stick it in and out slowly opening her up. Then I flickered my tongue on her clit. She screamed then I began to slick and tongue fuck her for like 10 minute till she came. I stood up my cock hard and covered with precum. I took out the condom and put it on.
I slowly got on top of her. I put the head in. it went in with little resistance. I figured it was not her first time. I was wrong about five inches in I believe. I felt a stop her heimen. I smiled thinking to myself that she is a virgin but had attempted sex but her last men were not equipped for the job. So I got close to her and ask her “are u a virgin” and jus as she went to say “yes” I rammed my cock in breaking her heimen and she screamed loudly that her suitemate in the bathroom said “DAMN.” I gave her some time to clam down. When she relaxed I began to fuck her slowly.
She starts to talk dirty. “ O FUCK ME, YOU BIG DICK MUTHER FUCKER, FUCK ME, DON’T STOP, PUT IT DEEPER, FASTER, HARDER, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, IM CUMMIMG, U SON OF A BITCH FUCK ME” I did jus as she said fucking her harder and faster and putting my dick all way in her pussy that was stretched to it limits and streaming with juices since she had came three time since I started fucking her. She came for her fourth time (fifth of the night) when I was ready to blow my load.
I pulled out and started to tity fuck her. I had the base of my dick on her tits and the head in her mouth. She started to SUCK and as I did I began to SHOOT. Shot after shot of hot cum in to her mouth and she swallowed it all. She tried to even keep sucking after I had finished cumin to not waste a drip. But I had pulled away so I could shot on her tits and nipples. She sighed in pleasure as I did this.
I rolled off her. Feeling so relieved and tired. She rolled to her side and backs her ass in to my now limp cock. We both feel as sleep like this.

HOPED u liked it and tells me if I should right more or jus give up.

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2014-01-19 17:51:13
To be college-educated, I would say your spelling sucks....


2009-05-05 02:10:57
i liked it xD

forget the other losers. they're stubborn and freaking stupid. xD obviously they dont get enough to get horny xD <3


2007-04-28 05:29:57
Yuu really dont know or now !whatever!to write a story man the other guys right you should start with the 'FIRST GRADE' or beyond


2007-04-27 05:50:34
Its a story who gives a freaks its about fucking and cumming and if it doesn't make u horny then something is wrong with u ppl or either ur a teacher or a principal gosh... I enjoyed the story reminds me my college year


2007-04-23 04:10:28
'the word'

seriously dude, spelling errors, gramatical errors, sexual errors - cumming with the trojan still on, and ''I was hard and she could feel in on her leg. She undid my pants and revealed my 8 and a half-inch cock that was 3 inches think. She gasped as she looked at it. It hung there.'' if its hard, it doesn't hang - are you 12? do you know fuck all about sex? because that's what it seems like to me

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