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The moment expired into another, weaving its way into eternity. The time piece made it known that each moment was passing... expiring.... churning its way... out there into the past. The noise grew louder and more pronounced each moment. The noise tormented his ears.. screaming that it was almost time. His palms started to sweat. He looked down at his watch, assuring himself that he still had... time, only discovering that his make believe comfort dissolved... realizing that the wall clock spoke the truth. His time... was almost up. The moment he had been dreading was coming closer and closer. Soon he would have to step through the door and make his presence known.

It was one of the biggest ordeals in his life. He was well past prime and had recently lost his job of 30 years. He grasped his portfolio, of all his life's work, close to his chest. His palms sweated and he urged his legs to straighten. He looked down at his feet and commanded them to move. He needed to walk into the office with his head high and proud. No matter the outcome... he had to try. Just try... an attempt to make things right that he strongly felt would never be right again! He knew the women he was interviewing with was half his age. He was angered by that fact. She had gained a position of leadership and strength; whereas, he was a man struggling to regain his mere penance of servitude.

His feet struggled to move. Each step was like eternity... similar to the moments he sat watching the clock. The large Oak door came closer to his face. He reached down and grasped the gold handle in his hand and turned it. The moment of reckoning was soon approaching and there was no other alternatives available. The room was richly furnished and added heat to his already smoldering ego. She beckoned to him to sit down, displaying a hand that stated she would be with him in a moment. Her eyes never left the papers she was reading. It was as if... already... she was dismissing him... as if... he meant no more to her than an annoying fly. He stood for a moment, looking down at her and then took the seat she had indicated. His palms were hot and moist. He rubbed his palms against his gray slacks, hoping that they would not leave a stain. He took several deep breaths in... waiting patiently to be acknowledge.

She knew he sat there in front of her fidgeting. She wanted to give him a moment to settle down. The interview was a difficult one for her. She was unaccustomed to hiring employees older than herself. She had already seen his portfolio and was quite impressed. Her only concern was whether her company would be able to afford him. He, after all, was a genius at his work. His skill as a Photographer was legendary. He was the best Lighting Appliance Photographer in the biz. She was puzzled why his last company dismissed him... something about his age. Her father had started this small lighting company when she was a child. He too had been dismissed from a job he had put his heart and soul into. The company wanted someone younger... with fresh ideas. Her father, instead of giving up, decided that he would put his specialty to good use... several years later, he had built an empire... surpassing his previous employer in sales! Eventually, her father had purchased his previous employer and consolidated the company. He blended their assets with his own and disposed of the waste.

Unexpectedly she looked up and smiled. What was before her was a handsome man in his 50's... almost like her dad. She wanted to reach out and touch his cheek... assuring him that everything was okay. Instead, she asked to see his portfolio.

He was surprised by the intelligent beautiful eyes that met his own. In their depths he saw cunning awareness and intelligence, that was surrounded by the most beautiful face he had seen in a long time. As she sighed, her breasts lifted and he saw a little more cleavage than he had done so before. For the first time in the interview, he began to relax. If he played his cards right, maybe he could come out of this better than he had originally thought. Maybe... this women could help him achieve.

She asked a few questions and he answered as he thought appropriate. The interview lasted a long time... longer than he had expected. She looked up from his portfolio and suddenly realized it was lunch. She was unwilling to let him go so easily. She still hadn't figured out how to present her offer... would he accept? She informed them that they were going to lunch. She was taught by her father never to ask... always inform an individual of her desire and then there was no room for a negative response.

She chose a restaurant that would enable them to continue their conversation in peace. It was one of the finest establishments in the city. It was inconsequential that it was also in the lobby of a distinguished old hotel. She had two rooms at the hotel that the company had on lease. If it had to come to that... she was willing to do anything to bring this man aboard! She had purposely chosen her suit this morning to expose her best assets, and yet maintain an air of professionalism.

Their luncheon moved quickly and she informed him about her private suite. They could continue the conversation there and then return to the office later for his portfolio. He still was so unsure as to what laid ahead of him. Throughout the lunch, she made a point to occasionally touch him, his hand, his arm and once his knee. He knew that she was coming on to him, but did not understand the conditions. He had been widowed for a number of years and that knowledge was well known in his industry. He had informed her that he very rarely shot people. That he actually preferred shoot inanimate objects. He enjoyed shooting his light fixtures, creating beautiful catalogs filled with his precise pictures. She had removed her blazer, exposing a thin transparent silk blouse with a plunging neckline. She made a point of leaning over the table while she was talking with him. He could clearly see two beautiful firm breasts, nestled inside a white lace bra. He wondered what the rest of her body looked like. He wondered if he was going to get an opportunity to find out.

As they reached the door, she was still very unsure of herself. She needed this man's talents for her company. But that was not her only incentive... she was also very aroused. Would it be construed as sexual harassment if she had sex with him, prior to giving him the job? She wondered if she should consult her attorney first... These days business conduct was so confusing and filled with expensive penalties for innocent behavior. She offered him a drink, which he readily agreed to. She decided to give up the chase and see what this man was made out of.

As she walked toward him, she started unbuttoning her blouse, casually slipping it off her shoulders. She undid the button of her skirt and let it fold. She stood in front of him in panties, garter, stockings and a matching bra. She was beautiful and well proportioned.

He was shocked and couldn't utter a word. Had he gotten the job and was this a fringe benefit? Or was this just her way of softening a negative blow? She smiled, and walked over to him. She knelt down and urged his legs apart. She reached up and unzipped his pants, pulling his large soft member out. Without a word, she placed her warm mouth over his member and started sucking. He didn't care what this meant... he just wanted it. Having sex on an interview never occurred to him. It was not even one of his fantasies. His hands stroked her thick blonde hair as they simultaneously urged his penis deeper into her wet mouth. He felt his body start to shake and was unable to hold his load from shooting down her throat... he wondered if he just blew more than... than... his seed... did he... did he just blow the job, too?

She swallowed, unaccustomed to the quantity of sweetness that flowed down her long slender throat. She looked up and smiled, asking whether or not he had any more... He again was puzzled, but unwilling to spoil the moment, he simply nodded. Perhaps, this was some time of test. A test of his stamina... If he could keep up with her in bed, then it would be a testament that he could keep up with her business demands. Even in his own mind, his rational sounded weak. He didn't understand the game... or its rules... if there indeed were any rules...???

She pulled out her soft mounds and reached for his hands. He eagerly cupped them and massaged them as she removed his clothing. They molded together, holding, stroking and kissing. Eventually, the stumbled into the bed room and settled their hot sweaty bodies on the bed. He decided to take the lead and squeezed her breasts as he nestled his lips between her legs. His tongue quickly found her stream and licked her invigorating sweetness. She squirmed with delight, as he continued plunging his tongue deep into her hot waters. He found a cave and snuggled his fingers inside. She pulled him up by his hair, demanding the attention of his mouth on her taught nipples. Her mouth found his and they shared a deep promising kiss. Her body arched, encompassing his hardness deep inside her warmth. He drove himself in with a vengeance taking his anger, pain, and confusion out with each stroke. She held on to his broad back enjoying the intense ride. She felt him slide in and out each time, getting deeper and thicker by the moment. He started panting... unable to keep the air in his lungs. He felt faint and dizzy as the passion of his strokes started to build. It was a damn that was close to breaking... more so than his first release that had occurred in her mouth. She wanted to have him completely and urged him to blow. She didn't have to wait for long as their bodies shook together, and he filled her crevice with warm white milk... the milk that was the first formation of life... the milk that cured all worries and stress... She now felt confident to expose her offer.

He rolled off her trying, without success, to catch his breath. He heart was beating fast in his chest and he was concerned of having an attack. He couldn't... wouldn't allow his body to do so. After all, he was still on the interview. She turned on her side and looked straight in his face. She spoke about her company's needs and her father's vision. She spoke about how the company had come to pass. Then she told him the offer... It blew his mind. The offer was twice what he had been making before, and that did not include the fringe benefits. He sat there a moment stunned, before he readily accepted. She was so pleased with his decision. Her hand reached out and stroked his brow. She waited until his breathing was back to normal. She spoke about the benefits and travel. She discussed time tables and issues. He agreed with most of what she was saying, only interrupting once to give his input. She knew she had found the perfect employee for her company. And praised herself on an afternoon well spent. She turned over and looked at the clock as it was ticking the moments away... If she played her cards right, she would have time for one more....


2005-03-01 16:37:42
good story, i think i have some naughty ideas for my next interview ;)


2004-05-25 15:33:21
It was fairly interesitn but need more details....besides that your talented at what you do


2004-04-29 17:32:45
You have a great talent for writing and telling the story. Thanks a lot.

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