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After catching her boyfrind cheating, Tiffany has an interracial encounter
It’s hard for even me to believe what a nasty slut I’ve been this weekend. It started innocently enough. I had planned on surprising my then boyfriend, Rob, on his birthday. I had spent some extra time perfecting my long blonde hair and makeup. I then dressed in his favorite denim miniskirt and a sheer pink halter top that he has always wanted me to wear out with him. Rob always loved it when I went without underwear and this was supposed to be his night. After checking myself out in the mirror I wondered if they would even let me in the club I was planning on taking him to. Just in case, I packed bag with a T-shirt and a pair of my shortest cut-off jeans and tossed it in the back of my car before starting the half hour drive to Rob’s apartment.
I arrived at Rob’s place and knocked on the door but there was no answer. I knew he was home because I had seen his car in the parking lot on my way in. His door wasn’t locked so I let myself in thinking that he must be in the shower or something. But that wasn’t the case. The sounds coming from his bedroom left no doubt about what he was doing. I looked into the bedroom and saw him naked on top of some girl I had never seen before. At first I thought about giving him a nice hard kick in the nuts before leaving but the thought passed quickly. Still, I was pissed. I left without a word but I did slam his door on my way out. I got in my car and started driving home but I was so mad that I got myself turned around and wound up going the wrong way on the interstate. Then things really started to go bad. Before I could get myself oriented again my car started acting funny. I didn’t want to be stuck on the highway so I took the first exit I came to. I didn’t know the area I was in but I started looking for a gas station. That was when the engine quit on me.
There wasn’t any traffic so I pulled the car to the side of the road and stopped. It was dark, all the businesses in the area were closed for the night, I was lost and my car was dead. What else could possibly go wrong? I thought. Well, I wrote down the cross streets at the nearest intersection and decided to go looking for a pay phone. At least I could call for a tow back home. After walking a few blocks I finally found a bar that was open. Rap music was playing and there were about a dozen black men playing pool and sitting at the bar drinking. Most of them appeared to be in their twenties but some looked older, maybe in the late thirties or early forties. Everyone turned to look at me as I walked in. There were a couple of appreciative whistles and I suddenly became aware of how I was dressed for the first time since seeing Rob fucking that girl.
I saw a pay phone on the wall next to the rest rooms. As I went to make the call I tried my best not to look self conscious while the men’s eyes followed my progress across the bar. I noticed that several of them were staring hungrily at my tits which I knew were clearly visible under the thin top I was wearing. I called three towing companies and the dispatchers all told me the same thing. Four to five hours before they could get to me. I tried calling a taxi next and the cab company was unwilling to send a car into the area after dark.
So I was stuck. The men at the bar were still watching me though they had returned to their conversations and games of pool. Feeling defeated, I took an empty stool at the bar and ordered a beer. It was all I could do to keep myself from crying as I sipped my beer and wondered how I was going to get home. About halfway through my drink, one of the older men introduced himself as Kevin and started up a conversation with me. With just a little coaxing he got me to open up and spill the whole story of my day so far. A couple of the other guys at the bar ordered shots for me and I didn’t hesitate to down them as they came. Kevin told me that if I left my car where it was it would be gone long before the tow truck came to pick it up. He called four guys over from one of the pool tables and told them where my car was broken down at. Then he said “We need to haul little Tiffany’s ride down to my place for the night. You still got that tow rope in your car?” he asked one of the men.
The man said that he did and after another shot we all left together. The five of us crowded into an old Lincoln town car, with me in the back seat between two of the men. Judging from the comments I heard as I got in the back seat I think my skirt rode up high enough to give the men a peak at my freshly shaved pussy. The affect the alcohol was having on me, and the way these guys were checking out my body was starting to turn my thoughts away from how rotten my day had been and to how much fun I could have if I were to just let it happen.
It only took us a few minutes to get to my car. I gave the guys my keys and they went to work hooking the two vehicles together. Kevin got behind the wheel of my car while the rest of us got back in the Lincoln. I felt a hand on my bare ass, guiding me into the back seat. Acting on impulse, I stopped and gave my bottom a little wiggle before continuing into the back seat. One of the men, I assume the one who had just felt my ass, followed me into the back of the car. I watched my car nervously through the back window until I was distracted by a hand going up the front of my skirt. I turned and smiled at the guy who was now stroking my clit. I spread my legs a little to give him better access to my moist pussy. The guy on my other side took one of my tits in his big strong hand and gave it a firm squeeze.
“Oh my god. You guys,” I said squirming between the men. “This is so not fair!”
The man on my left began to pull my top up and I raised my arms so he could get it over my head. He leaned down and took one of my nipples into his mouth sucking the hardened nub. The guy rubbing my clit slipped two fingers inside my pussy and slowly worked them in and out. I moaned softly as a third finger was inserted into my slippery cunt. He began to thrust his fingers in and out more forcefully. The man sucking my nipple bit down on my tender flesh and shook his head slightly. He took my other tit in his hand and squeezed. The sensations where overwhelming when a fourth finger was added to my pussy, stretching me delightfully. My whole body tensed in orgasm, my pussy gripping the fingers inside me so tightly that they didn’t move for several seconds. When my body relaxed again they were thrust deep into me. I could feel the base of his thumb rubbing my clit as his hand stretched my cunt wide open . He started to pump his hand in and out, thrusting hard every time he pushed into me. I came again as the man playing with my tits continued sucking and biting one nipple and pinched the other roughly.
I came back to reality suddenly when the car doors opened and the two men in the front seat got out. The men in the back with me got out and I was helped to my feet. I found myself standing in a dark alley, the only light coming from the up stairs window of a nearby house. They quickly unhooked the tow rope from my car and pushed it into a car port. Someone jumped into the Lincoln and parked it in front of my car. While this was happening the men were telling Kevin all about the trip here. Once the cars were taken care of Kevin stepped up to me and took my tits in his hands. I closed my eyes and tried to keep my breathing under control as Kevin gave first one tit, then the other a firm squeeze. Next he pinched one of my nipples hard, giving it a rough twist as his fingers smashed the sensitive flesh flat. A moan of pleasure escaped my lips.
Kevin released my nipple and asked, “You like that don’t you, Tiffany?”
Opening my eyes I nodded silently. I could feel my body trembling with excitement and anticipation.
“You like being treated like a ho?” he asked giving my other nipple a violent twist. “You want to be a little white fuck slave to a bunch o’ black men?”
I felt embarrassed to admit it but I that was exactly what I wanted. It was something I had fantasized about for years but never had the courage to tell anybody. I had never even dated a black man. I couldn’t look Kevin in the eye when I nodded again.
Still gripping my nipple he pulled me closer to him. “If you want it, slut,” he told me, his tone almost threatening, “you need to beg for it. Get on your knees and tell us what you want,” he ordered pulling down on my nipple until I was kneeling in front of him.
I looked up at him, “Please,” I said in a voice that was barely above a whisper.
“Please, what,” he demanded. “Tell us all what you want!”
I looked at the men standing around me. Two of them had dirt and oil on their arms from when they had worked under my car to hook up the tow rope. “Please,” I said a little louder, “Make me be your sex slave! I‘ll do anything you want.”
Kevin was already unzipping his pants. He fished his cock out and told me, “You can start by sucking my dick, bitch!”
I took his shaft in my hand and guided the tip into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it as it slipped between my lips. I sucked him for several minutes before Kevin lifted me to my feet. He pushed me back onto the hood of my car and spread my legs wide, my skirt riding up over my hips. He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down my slit a couple of times before pushing the end of his thick cock into me. He leaned forward next and thrust his hips forward shoving the entire length of his hard cock into my dripping pussy. Kevin hammered away for several minutes before slowing his pace briefly to catch his breath. Then he was slamming into me again and again until I was moaning in ecstasy. He started pinching my nipples as he fucked my pussy, the added sensation sending me over the edge. My body was trembling in orgasm and I knew he was going to come soon. I panicked, suddenly coming to my senses. I hadn’t been on birth control for quite some time as Rob and I had been talking about starting a family. “I’m not on the pill,” I said “Please don’t come in me.” His cock seemed to swell inside me and Kevin pulled his cock out of my pussy.
Still gripping my nipples Kevin pulled me off the hood of my car and ordered, “Suck it, bitch!” His hands left my tits and found a new grip in my hair which he used to guide my mouth over the end of his cock which I began to suck hungrily. It throbbed in my mouth then started to spray my throat with hot sticky come. I swallowed every drop then bathed his shiny black pole with my tongue. Once I had finished licking Kevin’s dick clean one of his friends took over. He too put me on the hood of my car and shoved his thick cock into my pussy. He grudge fucked me to three orgasms before feeding another load of fresh come into my mouth. Then the next one took his turn, until all five of them had pounded their cocks into me and made me swallow their come.
After I had cleaned the last cock with my mouth Kevin asked me, “So you still like the idea of being a fuck slave?”
I looked up at him, still on my knees with a cock inches from my face. My pussy and nipples were sore from all the rough handling I had already received but I had never felt more excited in my life. Nodding I said quietly, “Yes, master. I’ll do anything you want.”
Kevin looked around at the other men, smiling like the cat who had eaten the canary. “Lets go and see if Charles wants to lock up early tonight.” he said. With that we all piled back into the Lincoln and drove back to the bar. The guys in the back seat continued to play with my tits, giving my nipples most of their attention, until we got back to the parking lot. I was about to put my top back on before getting out of the car when on of the men said, “There ain’t no reason to put that thing on. Just leave it in the car.”
The parking lot was well lit and I could see that there were a few more cars than there had been when we’d left so I hesitated until Kevin said, “He told you to leave it in the fucking car, slave. You ain’t listening real good so I guess we’re gonna have to punish your little white ass.”
A shiver of excitement ran through me and I quickly got out of the car. “Come on!” Kevin commanded, leading me toward the back of the building. The others followed and we all went around to the back of the bar, next to a large dumpster. Kevin took his belt off and told me to bend over and put my hands on the wall. I did as he instructed and someone pushed my skirt up, exposing my bare ass. Kevin swung his belt hard, landing a stinging blow across my white bottom. I cried out, surprised that he had put so much force into the blow. He then handed the belt to the man who had told me to leave my top in the car. He gave my ass two stinging swats, not quite as hard as Kevin’s had been but still enough to leave a bright red mark across my ass. The next man, yes the belt was passed along, gave me three swats in rapid succession. The belt was passed again and I was told to stand with my legs wide apart. I obeyed and the belt struck low on my ass. There was a long pause then I cried out, moaning loudly as an unexpected orgasm shook my body. The belt had been swung upward between my legs landing solidly on my pussy lips. There were two more swats directed at my dripping cunt before the belt was passed again. I was expecting the belt to hit my pussy again but instead four swats stung my bright red ass before the final swing landed hard. I was so wet that I could feel my juices splash the insides of my thighs when the belt hit my tender cunt.
Kevin handed me his belt and told me to go put it in the car and meet them at the front of the bar. I put my skirt back into place then rushed to obey, hoping that nobody would drive by as I headed toward the brightly lit front door of the bar. Actually, it was the police that I was worried about driving by and seeing me topless on the street. I really didn’t want to go to jail. The thought of anyone else seeing excited me to no end. And I got a great thrill when Kevin told me to go in to the bar ahead of them. He said that I was to go to the end of the bar and wait until Charles, he was the bar tender, came to me. Then I was to tell him that I would love to suck his dick for a cold beer.
It was dark inside but I could see that the room had grown much more crowded. All three pool tables were now in use and nearly every seat at the bar was full. Only one of the four booths was empty and the music was playing much louder than it had been before. Loud whistles and cat calls erupted as soon as the door closed behind me. I went to the bar as I had been told and waited. It seemed like forever but I’m sure it was only a few seconds before Charles came to see what the hell I was doing in his bar topless.
Ignoring his question, I said, “I’m really thirsty. I don’t have any money but if you get me a beer I’ll be more than happy to suck your cock.” From the look on his face I could tell he didn’t know how to react to my request, but howls of laughter erupted around me. The door opened and Kevin walked in followed closely by his friends. They were all laughing too. Charles gave Kevin a quick ‘I’ll get you for this’ look and I realized that they had just used me to play some kind of joke on the bar tender. Kevin and Charles spoke briefly then shook hands, both of them now laughing.
Charles poured a draft beer into a mug and handed it to me. Pointing to the far end of the bar where it opened to the rest of the room he told me, “Come on back here darling. You can go ahead and pay for that right now.” As I went back behind the bar I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. Charles unzipped his pants, freeing his long cock and leaned against the counter behind the bar. I took a big drink and set my beer down before taking his cock in my hand, stroking him slowly. Charles tweaked my nipples briefly then said, “I want to see if you suck dick as good as Kevin says”
I go to my knees immediately and took the head of his cock in my mouth. As I sucked on he tip he began to swell and soon he was hard as a rock. His pole had to be at least ten inches and it was one of the thickest that I have ever seen. I sucked him deep into my mouth, trying to take as much of it as I could but there were still several inches left. I bobbed my head up and down his shaft. The thick head of his cock hit the back of my throat with every stroke. I had been working Charles' pole for several minutes when someone called from the other end of the bar, asking for a beer. “Can’t y’all see I’m busy,” he said. “Get your own damn beer!”
I continued my efforts, sucking Charles' big cock for several more minutes before I was rewarded with a huge jet of sperm shooting against the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly then sucked hungrily on the tip milking every drop he had to offer as he emptied his heavy balls into my mouth. I rolled the tangy sauce across my tongue savoring the taste before swallowing.
Charles topped my beer off and handed it back to me. “Thank you darling,” he told me. “That was well worth the price. I gotta get back to work but I think some of the boys over there are ready to play.” I looked to where he was pointing and saw that one of the tables had been pulled away from the wall and covered with an old blanket. Kevin stood at the end of the bar waiting for me.
I walked over to him and he took one of my sore nipples between his fingers giving it a hard squeeze. “Playin’ slave girl as fun as you thought it would be?” he asked.
I felt my face flush in embarrassment and looked down nodding shyly. My pussy was tingling with excitement. “I’ll do whatever you say, master.” It was hard to force the words out but just hearing myself saying them had me on the verge of orgasm.
He gave my other nipple a rough twist. “You can start by loosing the skirt,” Kevin said. I unbuttoned it quickly and let it fall to the floor. There were several shot glasses full of clear liquid on the bar and he pushed one toward me. “Drink up,” he told me. I took the glass he offered sniffed its contents. The smell of alcohol was very strong. The fingers of one of Kevin’s hands found my pussy and three of them slid inside me. With a tug of the fingers in my pussy Kevin pulled me closer to him. “I said drink, bitch!” he said in a threatening tone. I gulped the liquor down and chased it with a sip of my beer. Kevin pushed his fingers deeper into my wet cunt and pushed two more shot glasses toward me. “Those too,” he said. “Then we’ll take a little walk.” I drank the other two shots slowly, chasing each sip with beer to help ease the effect the strong liquor was having on my stomach. Meanwhile, Kevin continued thrusting his fingers up into my pussy eventually working a forth digit inside me. With his other hand he played with my nipples, caressing them lightly one minute, roughly pinching and twisting the next.
When I was finished with my drinks Kevin let his fingers slide out of my stretched cunt and placed them in front of my mouth. Knowing what he wanted I opened my mouth and sucked my copious juices from his fingers one at a time. Kevin picked up an empty beer bottle from the bar and led me, naked accept for my sandals, across the crowded room. He positioned me in front of the table that had been pulled out from the wall. “Show my friends what you want them to do to that pussy,” Kevin said, handing me the empty bottle. He pushed me onto my back on the table and spread my legs wide. I ran the neck of the bottle up and down my wet slit before easing it into my hungry cunt. “Not like that,” Kevin said after a few seconds. “You’re holding the wrong end, bitch.”
I turned the bottle around and rubbed the big end against my pussy lips. I felt so excited I thought I would come just thinking about stretching my pussy open with the bottle. My juices were flowing freely, coating the bottle as I pushed it against my dripping hole. I pushed steadily and it slowly slid into me, stretching my pussy delightfully. I began to work it in and out slowly, going deeper and deeper until I had it in as far as it could go. Then I started pumping my pussy fast, rubbing my clit as the bottle plunged again and again into me. My body convulsed in orgasm. The men repositioned me on the table so that my ass was right at the edge on one side and my head and shoulders were hanging off the other. Some one pulled my head back I saw a thick black cock and heavy balls dangling in front of my face. I opened my mouth wide and in this position he was able to slide his entire length into my throat. I felt some one gripping my thighs and the beer bottle was pulled out of my pussy. A hard cock replaced it, easily sliding into my gaping hole. My legs were held against his chest, giving him the leverage he needed to give my creamy cunt a good pounding.
All I could see was the set of large testicles swaying back and forth, slapping gently against my face every time their owner pushed his thick cock down my throat. Someone was playing with my tits, squeezing them and caressing my nipples some times while pinching and twisting roughly at others. Then the cock in my pussy began to pulse and I knew he was going to come inside me. I tried to push him out with my thighs but he held on tight and pressed in deeper as his cock spew forth its hot semen, jet after jet spraying the walls of my pussy. I was worried about the possibility of getting pregnant under these circumstances but I was so hot and excited that I wasn’t about to stop now. And after all, it was too late to stop it now I figured. The cock in my mouth fired off suddenly and I nearly choked on the massive load spraying deep in my throat. I swallowed as quickly as I could, sucking hard to get all the tangy fluid pumping from his thick black hose.
I heard Kevin’s voice saying, “Make that ho’ lick it clean,” as the man who had just fucked me let his cock slip out of me. He moved around the table and the man I had been sucking moved out of the way. Now I had a semi hard cock waving in my face, coated with sticky juices and a large glob of white come clinging to the tip. I opened my mouth and took him inside as another cock was pushed into my slippery snatch.
It went on like this for what seemed like hours. One cock after another depositing its load in my mouth or pussy. And several of the men fucked my ass as well. Every time one of them came in my ass or pussy they had me lick and suck their cocks clean. I don’t know how many men fucked me but it had to have been at least twenty before Charles sent me into the bathroom to get cleaned up. While I was in the bathroom Charles started trying to throw everyone out so he could go home. By the time I came back out most of the men had left.
That didn’t end my night though. Kevin had me walk naked across the parking lot to where his friend had parked. I stood next to the car alone, while he talked to a group of about ten or twelve men from the bar. They apparently came to some kind of agreement as they all got into various cars and we all left as a group. Once we were on the road I knelt in the middle of the back seat and sucked the cock of one of the men while the other stuffed four fingers deep into my pussy. He pumped me hard, going in so deep that his thumb pressed against my asshole. Then he tucked his thumb into his palm and pushed deeper still. The sensation was so intense that I couldn’t concentrate on sucking cock. I let the cock I had been sucking slip from between my lips and rested my face on the man’s lap moaning loudly. I pushed back against the hand trying to get it the rest of the way inside me but I didn’t have enough room in the back seat to open my thighs wide enough.
I was still pushing and moaning in frustration when the car stopped. We got out and went into the middle of a small cluster of trees. There was a dirty old mattress on the ground there with springs poking through the worn material. The area was littered with empty beer bottles and cans and there looked to be the remnants of a fire pit. One of the men flipped the mattress over and Kevin pushed me toward it. “Get on your back, slut.” he told me. “I want to see if you and Tyrone can finish what you was doin’ in the car.”
Before I even got on the mattress the stink hit me. It smelled like it had been pissed on and left in the sun to ferment. I felt like such a slut lying on my back with my legs spread wide while the men looked on. Tyrone got on his knees between my legs and started working his fingers into my pussy again. He spit on his palm to help lubricate me down there and before long he had his whole hand inside my gaping pussy. It hurt but felt wonderful at the same time, being stretched like that. Tyrone began to work his hand in and out with short jerky strokes and I started to orgasm right away. As he worked his fist back and forth in my stretched out hole he positioned himself so that he was straddling my face. His heavy balls were hanging just above my mouth and I began to lick and suck them gently. “Suck my dick, slut!” he told me and I took his hard shaft in my hand and angled it so that I could suck the tip. In this position he was able to thrust his cock deep into my throat. I sucked ravenously on his cock as he continued to pump his hand in and out of my aching cunt. Before long Tyrone’s cock pulsed in my mouth and hot come gushed into my throat. He thrust his hips, shoving his full length down my throat as he continued pumping his seed into me. He pulled his hand out of my spasming pussy while the I sucked the last few drops of come from his thick pole.
I felt a cool breeze soothing the soreness from my gaping cunt. Tyrone pulled his cock from my mouth and moved away to be immediately replaced by another man who stuffed his cock into my pussy and rode me hard and fast for several minutes. “This slut’s so loose I can hardly feel her pussy” he said with a laugh. He moved his hard cock to my back door and pushed it forcefully into my ass. I let out a surprised yelp as his shaft penetrated me fully, his balls bouncing against my pussy lips. He shoved his penis into my ass again and again until he fired a load of come deep in my bowels. I dutifully sucked his dick clean and before I was finished another cock was plunged into my asshole.
One by one the men took turns fucking my ass or mouth. Three of them pumped their fists roughly into my gaping cunt while I sucked them off and I loved every second of it. The sun was coming up by the time Kevin helped me into the back seat of his friends car where I passed out within minutes.
I woke later that day, naked in the back seat of my car with no idea how I got there. I heard voices near by and recognized one of them as Kevin’s. The car shook as some one closed the hood then the drivers door opened and Kevin got in and started the engine. I sat up in the back seat. “You fixed it!” I said excitedly, throwing my arms around him from behind. A middle aged man was standing in front of the car wiping oil off of his hands.
“I didn’t fix shit!” Kevin said. He told me that he had called Carl, who worked as a mechanic, to come over and take a look at my car. He said that the problem was just some loose wires. I thanked him and he told me, “Don’t thank me, Carl did the work. And he’s wanting some pussy for coming down here and fixing your shit.”
My pussy, still sore from the previous nights activities started getting wet. “I’m still your fuck slave, right?” I felt heat as my skin flushed. I couldn’t look Kevin in the eye when I said, “I’ll do anything you want, master.”
Kevin shut the engine off and told me, “Get the fuck out the car, slut.”
I opened the door and got out completely naked to stand in the alley in full daylight. Kevin got out and told me to put my hands behind my back, which I did with out hesitation. He used his belt to secure my wrists behind me then commanded me to my knees. Kevin and Carl sat on the front of my car passing a joint back and forth while I switched back and forth, sucking first Carl’s cock, which was a very thick eight inches, then Kevin’s. Then they had me lean over the hood and took turns fucking my tender pussy. Carl commented on how big and loose my pussy felt. Kevin asked me if I wanted to show Carl how I liked to have my pussy stretched.
I nearly orgasmed at the thought and moaned, “Oh god yes, stretch me open.” In no time Kevin had worked his fist into my pussy and was thrusting it in and out vigorously. I came again and again then Kevin surprised me by working his cock into my asshole with his hand still in my pussy. It felt incredible. I had never been stuffed so full in my life. the position must have been awkward for Kevin but it didn’t take him long to come in my ass. He pulled his hand and his cock out of me and I just lay there gasping for air until I felt a hard slap land between my spread legs, stinging my already sore pussy.
“Bitch, you better suck my dick clean after I fuck you!” Another stinging slap landed hard on my pussy and I dropped to my knees, taking Kevin’s tool in my mouth and sucked every trace of come from him. Then I was put on my back across the hood of my car and Carl shoved his hand into my gaping cunt. I cried out in pain and pleasure as he violently punched his fist in and out of my aching cunt while biting and sucking my nipples. He shoved his hand into me again and again until I thought I would pass out from the pain. Finally he pulled his hand out of me and thrust his hard cock into my ass. He pumped my ass with the same violence he had shown my pussy, biting and pinching my nipples all the while until he shot off deep in my rectum. He slowly withdrew his softening cock and I licked his dick clean before he left.
“Go home and get your self cleaned up,” Kevin told me. “I’ll call you and we’ll see about hooking up again real soon.”

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