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I woke to find my arms around Sammie.I yawned, then rolled over with a smile on my face, thinking how soft and warm she is. Sudenly, I thought 'what's the time?' I looked at the clock beside my bed, 10.03am "ohh shit I was supposed to be at school an hour ago". I looked at Sammie and she just looked back at me and sort of smiled. I thought how soft and warm she had been just a few seconds ago when I had my arms around her.I thought ' well I've missed an hour off school already, so what the fuck'. I smiled at Sammie, and she smiled back at me knowingly. "Well it looks like we got the whole day to ourselves ey?'. she snuggles up next to me and we start to kiss. I opened my mouth and she knew exactly what to do.She kissed me deep with her soft wet tongue deep in my mouth. I layed back down and she stood over me, our tounges played like crazy. My dick was getting hard now, and our kissing got really intense.
Suddenly, she jumped off the bed and pointed her ass at me. I said aloud "your looking for some loving ey?". she looked at me and barked, I knew she could only mean yes. I put my hand on her pussy and it was wet already. She pushed hard against my hand and I instinctively knew what she wanted. I started to rub my hard cock and start to push it against her wet pussy.
Sammie lets out a low growl and I know she is eager for my hard cock. Slowly pushed it into her wet juicy pussy. it was so warm and tight on my rock hard cock.
Then I slowly started pumping at her pussy, she felt so warm inside and very wet. I held onto her hips and pumped faster, she started to growl, then whine a bit. All of a sudden I felt her pussy walls start to clench, and I could feel the wetness and pussy juice drip out of her pussy. I was now fucking her deep and fast. I needed to cum bad now and I instinctively knew she was going to orgasm soon too.
I moved up and laid my stomach on her back and fucked like crazy till I blew a huge load deep in her pussy.
She was growling and whining like crazy now. I knew she was having a massive orgasm too.
Slowly I pulled my now half hard cock out of her dripping wet pussy. Sammie ran around in circles, then sat down and licked her wet pussy.
I smiled and said "hey I can do that for you". She rolled over onto her back, and I bent down and slowly put my tongue into her dripping pussy.
I moved my tongue around her now hot pussy. I felt around for her clit, then I flicked the clit with my tongue slowly then sped up till felt her cum again.
Her juices flowed freely and I licked it up. it tasted salty but sweet. Finally she got up and moved close to me and put her head on my stomach and as I patted her, she slowly fell asleep.

The next day after school I came home with a girl from school Sara. We had a project to do together and she wanted to "study" with me.
Sara was about 5' tall, hazel eyes, and sandy blond hair tied into a pony tail, she is the same age as me.
When we walked in the door, Sammie jumped on me excitedly and started to lick my hand.
Then she walked of and started to sniff Sara's shoes. "Aww, that's a cute dog, what's her name?" she said. "Sammie" I replied.
We walked into the kithen and dumped out bags on the floor and Sammie followed us, staring at Sara. Sara started to pat Sammie. She pulled a book from her bag and sat down, she didn't cross her legs and I could see her bright blue panties. She was wearing a skirt about 3 sizes too small for her, it was super short and didn't leave much to the imagination.
I told her I had to go into the next room to get something and walked there with Sammie following. I bent down to pick up a book from the floor, and Sammie jumped up onto my back, and clawed my pants and pulled them down. Then she went staight for my dick and started licking it. I whispered quietly in her ear "not now im busy".
Then Sara emeged from around the corner and said "what are you doing?". I quickly pulled my pants up and said "ohh nothing" my face going red.
"No your not, you were making your dog lick your cock weren't you" . my face was bright red now and I said "nah she.....".
Sara interuped me and said "that's hot !, do you like dogs in that way?", I blushed even more red and said "maybe".

She moved up close to me and said "have you had sex with Sammie?"," umm.. yeah I have actualy" still blushing.
She grinned and said "wow that sounds hot as, can I see it?"
Blushing even more I quietly said "yeah, ok",
I slid my school pants down and sat down on the floor against the couch,. Sammie moved up and started licking my hard cock.
Sara was watching closely now, and said "wow thats so hot, your making me wet". Then she sat down on a chair opposite the couch to get a better view, and slid her panties down to her feet, and started to finger herself. I could see how wet her fingers were now.
I patted Sammie's head and moved to her face and began to kiss her, her tongue moved around in my mouth as I patted her back. Then she moved and pointed her ass at me. I smiled and said "I know what you want Sammie".
Sara just sat there watching and fingering herself. I started to finger Sammie and she was getting wet too. I got on my knees and stuffed my hard cock into her wet pussy and fucked her hard.
Sara went down onto her knees in front of Sammie and lifted her skirt up showing a nice shaved wet pussy. sammie knew exactly wha to do and begin to lick Sara's pussy. She began to moan as Sammie's wet soft tongue went over her pussy folds.
Then she said "don't cum in her pussy, I have always wanted to taste cum before". I pulled my dick out of sammie's juicy pussy and began to finger her till I felt the warm wetness flow on my fingers.
I moved over to Sara and she pushed her lips over my hard cock, and began to suck it fast. I moaned in pleasure as she rubbed her tongue over my hard cock. I could feel that I was getting close now and said "ahh I'm cumming I'm cumming" and I cum into her mouth as she continued to suck. My cum dribbled from the side of her mouth as she swallowed.
She said "ohh that was so good", "yeah I know". Then she came up and kissed me, slidding her tongue into my mouth.
I backed away and said "sorry, but I'm in love with Sammie, I know it's hard to understand" .
She looked down and said "ohhk, I'm sorry" "nah that's ok" I replied.
She looked at me and said "well maybe we can do this again some time?" I smiled at Sammie with a knowing look and said "yeah I s'pose we can". Sara gave me a quizzical look, kissed my cheek then packed up her things and said 'when can we get together next to do more work on the project for school'.
I told her my parent's would be away for another week, she grinned and said 'what about after the weekend then?'
I started to blush, and said ' yeah, that will be fine'.
She winked at me, and said goodbye for now..................

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2015-05-24 07:26:57
To all the people who gave a bad review. Read something else if you didn't like what it was about.

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2009-10-04 01:05:46
Yeah, this story kinda takes fetish to "you need to see a therapist" obsession...also the formatting sucked.


2009-06-18 17:59:45
Only humans ans dolphins feel pleasure, dogs cant smile, they dont have clits. Wtf is wrong with you? Your treating the dog as if its human.


2008-08-22 00:52:28
yeh ive got a girl dog and she cums ( on my face =p ) and she has a clit.. so whoever thought they knew about it...yeh.. thumbs up? =p still got my panties wet


2008-04-27 17:49:53
strange dude

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