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How my Bhabi are like wife for me.....
I am a regular reader of the ISS,and I find lots of nice and hot stories on this site,I don,t know wether those stories are true or just imaginations of those people,but whatever I like it.
So let me tell you about me.I am ZARRAK KHAN from ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN and am 27 years old.I am doing business here at PAIRS,FRANCE and most of the time i am in the process of travelling all over the world manily for my business or sometimes for vacations,any way lets come to the story how I fucked my Bhabi and am still involved in sex with her.
To tell you on the spot I am fond of BIG BREASTS and whenever and where ever I find a girl with jumping Boobs,so I cant express my feelings that time and it looks to me that I am about to die if i didn,t suck those jumping boobs,so you must be sure that how much I love large breasts.
Let me tell you about my Bhabi,she has a perfect figure as ever wish by any girl to have,like she is 36DD-32-36,means her breasts are 36DD,waist 32 and Ass 36.When she marry my brother she was 17 years old that time and i was 23 years old that time.She is now 21 years old,and we have sex relation for the last four years.When she marry my borther i had a rush on her from the very beginning when ever she came in front of me,and i cant control when she bend to do something and i see her hanging boobs.
On the very 7th day of her marriage,i decide to have her under me by any means,so i start on my mission.Whenever i feel the exact chance to touch her in her secret parts or let her to touch me,i called like i asked her DARESHAH,her name sorry i didnt mentioned it earlier,bring me a cup of tea or a glass of water,so when bring me those i touched her through my hand or i press he ass with my body,and she didn,t say anything,or stoped me,coz i thought she was un aware of my feelings for her.
Once it was really cold in our area,and i was sitting on the floor in my room infront of the heater,and i see her got early in the morning while other people of my family as well as my borther were sleeping,i called her Dareshah,did you prepared the tea?she said yes Bhai Jaan,she often called me Bhai Jaan.I told her please bring me a cup of tea,she said ok,and came inside my room with a cup of tea in her hand.I take tea from her hand and I thought maybe she will left the room,but she set just beside me infront of the heater,to get warmer.I was happy to see her setting beside me,and we start talking about her family and things,like rutine life.But my luck is always with me,and i am the elder in my family,she she respect me and i was sure too the if I did anything with her she will never let any body to know about it,coz she also afraid of me,that i will be very angry with her,so I told her that Dareshah you are so beautiful and i really like yours lips,I swear she was 17 years old that time,she smile with cute smile on her face and closed her eyes with shy.I was very bold and i keep my arm on her shoulder,and hug her tight against my body,but I didn,t touch any of her secret part but yes i start kissing her lips in a very crazy manner,and she too respond to my lips and I was in a heaven with her lips and tounge inside me mouth,and she start moaning,I was scared coz the room next to me was of my brother,and i can,t bear if he know about what we are doing.So I asked her to go out side,she left and my room.
That day fast as normal and I cum twice keeping her soft kisses in my mind.The next day I was in a hurry coz i had an appointment with someone,and I rush towards my car in the morning when my Bhabi called me that Bhai Jaan,do you like to take tea,I told her that if you have already prepared then bring it to gerage,she said ok and came with a tea to the gerage,I asked her to come and set with me in the car,she came inside the car,and i start kissing her lips and at the same time I cupped her large and amazing boobs,she start moaning that make me more crazy and i cum while pressing her body aginst mine,but still cant get enough time to fuck her.I left that day,keeping her in my mind each passing second of my time.Days passed and after 3 months my brother left for abroad too,when he called me to take yours Bhabi to her parents home for some days,I said Ok and was very happy coz I thought that is the real time for me to fuck her.She was ready in the morning and I asked her to go and sit in the car,so I dropped you to yours parents home.On the way I called my friend,to let me the keys of yours house who was under construction,near my house.He said go there,and take the keys from the watchman.I went there,the watchman open the main gate and we enterd the house,and i send the watchman to go arrange tea for us.Whn he left I jump on my Bhabi makeing her boobs completely naked by removing her shirt and her Bra,and start sucking her boobs like a baby.She said Bhai Jaan please suck them slowly i am feeling the pain in my nipples,but i never listen to her,and really really sucked her boobs very hard and at the same time my 11" dick,100% 11" dick became like an iron rod,pressing her pussy as still she wear her trouser,after sucking her boobs for a long time I asked her Dareshah let me fuck,you but my bad luck when she infromed me that she has her periods now.Oh my God it really take me very much angry,but she told me that its not her fault,I said yes i know and then I remove her shalwar and she was infront me naked just she had her black underwear.I keep start kissing her body from top to bottom while she was standing beside me,the the tought came in my mind that maybe I get late to drop her to her parents home.So I placed my 11" dick in her legs while makeing her bend and I fucked her holding her boobs who are hanging like mellons,but didn,t fucked either her in the pussy or her ass,coz i knew that she can,t bear my 11" dick in her ass,and i didn,t force her.After I cum in her legs,I asked her let me drop you to yours parents home and kissed her alot of time while driving my car,but she promised me then when she get ok from her periods she will call me,and will tell her parents that she want to go to the doctor with me.I said ok,after dropping her I came back to my house still in touched with her through phone.
After 5 days she called me to come tommrow in the morning,coz she already told her parents that I am going to the doctor with Zarrak Khan Bhai Jaan,i mean with me.When i heard this great news,I said that I will be there on the exact time,she told me that her younger sister will be with her,too.I asked her then how we will fuck if her sister will be with her,she said that don,t worry its my problem and you can fuck me till the time I want.I was happy to hear that.
Next day i went on my way to her house,usually her house is 50 Km away from my house,which is not that much far.When i reached her home,being her brother in law,i went inside her parents home,and everyone there greet me with a very much respect and her mom told me that she is not feeling well so take her to the doctor,I told her OK no problem,and after taking tea there I,my Bhabi and her younger sister who two i fucked later,I mean my Bhabi younger sister,but that was another story which I will tell you some other time.We went to my car and on the way to some hotel and a nice room,there as I dont find any probleam with her younger sister,coz my Bhabi told her about me everything.
After a 30 minutes drive I reached one of the hotel I often used for fucking girls,and the people know me in the hotel.When i reached inside the hotel I asked the manager for a double bed room,and I got it.But the tought came in my mind that how i will fuck my Bhabi as she has her sister,but she told me that dont worry she will be out side waiting for us in the hotel garden,she was 13 years old,so she was still a baby,and its not a probleam if she can be out side the room in the garden.So my Bhabi told her sister to go out side,so she left the room,and now we are all alone in the room,and my Bhabi was completly prepared for the first fuck with me.
She wear a very sexy pakistani dress,I huged her tight and her breast pressed against me,and she start kissing me and I feel her tounge inside my mouth.She start Ahhhhhhhhh,OHHHHHH Bhai Jaan kiss me.I love you and moaning more loudly and i was kissing her like,I will never get this chance again.Then I reomoved her shirt and Oh God she wear a black bra,where her mellons were waiting for me to suck and bite them hard.I un hooked her bra,and remove it too,so her boobs were completley naked before me.I pressed them hard and she said oh Bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa please do it,Ahhhhhhhh suck them and try to get milk from my breastsssssss,ohhhhhh noooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhh uffffffffffffffff,with her sounds i really get hard and crazy.I took her right nipple in my mouth and start sucking it hard while pressing her left breast and moving my hand around it so fast.Her body was shievering with each time I suck on her nipple and she start pressing her legs against mine and I hold her buttocks and hugging her more tightly.After for a quiet long time I went for her left nipple,and work on it.I really feel her trouser was badly wet with her vegina,and it looks to me that I think she is more wet ever i fucked a girl before in my life.
After sucking her hard,she asked me Bhaiya I can,t bear it more and I want you to fuck yours Bhabi,I told her no,not now I want more time to eat yours pussy,she said ohhhhhhhhhhhh will you let me to die,please Bhayia do it now,then I remover her trouser and my Bhabi was completely naked before her Bhai Jaan.I took her in my arms and lay her on the bed.Then I kissed her lips and start moving my tounge on her neck then to her shoulders,Then i moved to her sexy boobs again,and pressed them with each other so i get both her nipples in my mouth at the same time,and My God she even moan loudly,ohhhhhhhhh Bhaiya I love you,I am yours wife for even,fucked yours sexy Bhabi with her words my 11" dick was like a fire.She asked me to be naked and in no time I put off all my clothes on the floor and she was very happy to see the size of my Dick,long and fat.She said Bhaiya will you put it inside me,I need it in my sexy wet pussy.She hold my dick and moving her fingers on the tip of my dick and even without asking her,she start sucking my dick and i feel her sliva on my dick.with that i hear the sound when she put my dick in her mouth to and fro.I was in a heaven that I am flying in the air.She suck my dick harder and harder and i was busy with differnt parts of her body.When she did it for a long time,I feel that I will cum soon,the I asked her to stop and let me eat yours pussy,coz I don,t want to cum now.She said Ok Bhaiya I am yours wife and you can do anything with me.Then I open her legs and for the first time I touched her pussy with my tounge,My God she start very loud moaning,ohhhhhhhhhhhh i will die Bhaiyaaaaaaa,do it fast eat my pussy and I need yours tounge inside me,she had so many differnt voices which make me more and more harder.After eating her pussy I feel her legs more tighten and she force my head in her legs,like I feel that she was about to cum soon.She said Bhaiyaaaaaaaaaa I am cumminggggggggggg,cumminggggggggggggggg,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bhaiya I am cummingggggg and with a loud moan she cum in my mouth and Oh God her salty water all over my face,and I drink it all,while still moving my tounge on her pussy not to let any of her drop waste.
After that she closed her eyes for sometime while i start kissing her body but it was time for not wait any more,coz its un bearable for me to see her naked with huge boobs infront of me on the bed,so I asked her Bhabi can I fucked you now,so she said I am yours wife don,t call me Bhabi,just fucked me hard.Without wasting time I apart her legs putting her legs on my shoulder and keeping the head of my dick on her pussy whole and moving it there,to get wet,coz she was 17 years,with a very small hole,and I was sure that she will feel pain coz of the size of Dick.
I start entering her slowly slowly,and I swear she shows feelings of pain on her face,asking me Bhaiya it hurts please stop.So I did stop and asked her come over me and try to take my dick inside in yours pussy with yours own well.So I lay on the bed and she sit on me,while taking my dick in her hand and pointing it at the enterance of her pussy,and start entering my dick inside her,after sometime she take it half,then a little more and then she asked me to enter her now with one fast thurst,and i force from downward one more hard thurst and I was now completly inside her pussy,with that thurst she feel pain,but she was happy to have my dick inside her.The she ride on my dick with her jumping boobs like she will never stop,and we hear the sound of my dick meeting her pussy,after riding me hard she said Bhaiya i am cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmm,and with a very fast thurst she cum again on my dick.
I asked her to lay on the bed and let me cum now,so said ok and now i was above her with my dick inside her,pumping her hard and hard,and she moan more and more,I swear after fucking her for 55 minutes my dick tighten and I really feel my sperms were about to come out side.I asked her Bhabi I am cumming and she said cum inside me,with speed and speed I moan ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and with that I feel my bhabi pussy with her borther in law sperms,she asked me not to stop coz she too was near to cum for the third time,and still I keep in and out her pussy,when she hold my arms and I feel her nails on my skin,she cum again with lots of moaning.I was still inside her fall on her body pressing her boobs against my hairy chest,after half an hour we take bath togather,and dressed up.
I called her sister inside and we take lunch there togather.My bhabi asked me before going home she need one more fuck and we fuck two more times that day.Then I dropped my Bhabi and her sister to her parents home,and I too left for my House.After this she became my wife and for the last 4 years till now whenever we get a chance we fucked each other,she has now one daughter and I fucked her even when she was pregnant,coz she asked me when she was pregnant that she need some of my sperms in her first baby,but she is not from me,I mean her baby is of my Bother.
Hey we have so many times fucked and I will tell you How I fucked her younger sister,the one who is with her when I fucked my Bhabi for the first time,but its another story.I will tell you later.So both of the sisters I mean my Bhabi and her sister are wives to me and I love both of them,but I love more my Bhabi.
so I am sure guys and girls you will love this story,but let me know by sending me emails

Any Girl or women evey where in pakistan or Any where in the whole EUROPE want to be fucked by me with my 11",please contact me through my email and I am sure you will like when you meet me.
So now let me go and will be in touched with so many sex encounters with my Bhabi and her sister.
But hey i am waiting for yours responses and many more sexy big dick loving girls to be with them in real,either in pakistan or europe.
don,t forget my email

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What the fucck is this shit what passes for sex stories these days?! Semi-literate twats whom couldn't come up which a good story let alon a true story!! This is complete bullshit and I mean that fucking cincerealy.

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