I am a 29 year old man whose wife had died in a car accident a couple of years ago. leaving me to raise my daughter alone. At the time of my wife's death, she was only 4 and the light of my life, my Angel.

When I was a boy, I began having sexual feeling at a young age. Even back in first and second grade, I got little hard ons looking at the lovely little girls. I would try to get them alone on the playground to play "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours".

I guess those feeling of loving the little girls never fully left me, because after beig alone after the first year, I began to look at my Angel and would began feeling aroused. It made me feel horrible, but I just couldn't help it. I did not date much, because I felt sex was the best with love. I jerked off a lot, but needed to plunge my fat cock into a warm pussy, in a bad way.

My daughter had gotten in the habit of sitting on my lap in my recliner when we watched TV at night, and even when my cock began to harden under her little ass, I still couldn't ask her to stop sitting there.

What happened between us began gradually. The first time she felt my had cock undr her ass, she asked"What's that, Daddy?" In my very horny state, I replied, "That's just Daddy's cock, baby."

"What's a cock, Daddy", she asked.

"Well, you know when you go pee, you have your little slit between your legs?"

"Yes". she shyly replied.

"When a daddy goes to pee, he has a cock that it comes out of. Boys are different than girls"

"Oh", she said, and did not say anything else, but went back to watching TV.

Over the next few nights, I slowly began to move her a little across my hard cock and the feeling were incredible. As soon as I put her to bed every night, I would go to my room and jerk my dick at least two or three times, before getting any relief. I was getting desperate. I decided I wanted to fuck my Angel, and set out to do just that.

The next night we were sitting and watching TV, I turned the air down so the house was a little too warm. Angel turned to me and said, It's too hot in here, Daddy"

"Why don't you take off your clothes and cool off, It won't bother me", I stated.

"I couldn't do that, Daddy"

"Sure you can, Angel, it's just you and me. Nobody will see."

'OK., she shyly said and pulled off her shirt. I saw her little flat chest with pink nipples and it wasn't enough. "Your pants and panties, too, Angel", I breathlessly rasped.

She slowly removed her bottoms and that small, smoothe pussy came into view and I became so hard I though I could hammer nails with my cock.

"Sit back on Daddy's lap, Angel"

I was wearing boxers and realeased my rock hard cock through the opening and when her pussy came in contact with my dick, I though I would blow my load right there. But that wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to cum in my little girl.

"You know what you could do for Daddy, baby?, I asked

"What, Daddy"?

"See Daddy's cock?, I asked her.

She looked under her and exclaimed, "Wow, that's big, Daddy!"

"Yes it is, baby girl, and right now Daddy's cock is needing a little loving", I started. "You know how you like Daddy to rub your tummy when you don't feel good?"


"Well, Daddy's, cock doesn't feel good. Would you rub it for me, Angel?"

"Will it make you feel better, Daddy"

"Oh, yes, baby., I whispered. "It would make Daddy feel a lot better. Just put your little hand on it, real easy and rub it for me"

She put her small, soft hand on my cock, and the feeling was indescribable. I stated to totally lose control.

"Oh, yea, baby, that's it. Rub that big cock for Daddy. Move your hand up and down."

She put her fingers around it and said, "Like this, Daddy"?

I took her hand in mine and showed her what I wanted, "A little harder,baby. Squeeze that head. Oh, fuck, baby that feels so fucking good. JerK Daddy's dick, baby, Jerk it hard!"

I was lost. I picked her up by the waist and positioned her cunt over my dick and slowly pushed into her little box.

"Ow, Daddy, that hurts". she cried.

"Hush, Angel. Daddy's dick is hurting so bad. Please help me!, I pleaded.

I pushed harder and harder,and felt my cock head plunge through her little hymen, then I was buried fully inside her, and was shaking from the feeling.

I knew she was crying, but I just couldn't help myself anymore. I stated raising her up and down on my cock, my head thrown back, so much in a fuck lust that I didn't even care that was hurting my baby.

"Take that fucking big cock!, Oh, motherfucker, that's good. Fuck, that's good!", I was screaming.

I was slamming into her now, and started feeling that tingling in my balls and they drew up tight. I was going to cum, hard.

"Get Daddy's cum out, baby", I was yelling, "Get it out Angel! Daddy needs to cum, baby. Oh, fuck, Daddy needs to cum"

I pulled her down hard on my cock and held her there. "I'm cumming, Angel. I cumming in your cunt!

The first blast felt like a hot poker coming out of the had of my dick. I pulled her close to me, and started ramming her again, "Mother fucker, I cumming, Fuck, fuck. Sqeeze that pussy. Get my cum out.. Get Daddy's cum out.!

Blast after blast went up my little girls pussy as I came harder that I ever had in my life. I never seemed to end, and the whole time, I was still screaming.

When I finally stopped spurting, I fell back in the chair and felt like I couldn't breathe. I have never felt anything like that in my whole life.

I slowly came back to myself and realized that Angel was still pushing herself on my cock. At some point during my fucking my daughter, she had gotten horny herself. She began panting and saying" I feel funny in my insides, Daddy"

I began to harden again, much to my amazement, and reached down to rub her tiny clit with my thumb. I was fucking her again. Now it was Angel who was glassy eyed and her head thrown back, loving the feeling. I kept up rubbing her clit back and forth, fucking that little cunt, ready to fill her up again with my Daddy juice.

"Come on, baby. I rasped. "Come for Daddy and let Daddy fill you up again with my cum. Fuck me, baby. Fuck Daddy, HARD!"

Suddenly she screamed and her body started shaking. I felt her cunt squeeze my cock as she had her first orgasm, and couldn't hold back. I stood up with her, still fully inside her and began bouncing her up and down as hard as I could. Grunting, "Uh, uh, uh". I threw her down on the sofa and began ramming that cunt as hard I could. The feeling overtaking me again. "Fucking good pussy, baby!. I'm fucking you so good, aren't I, baby girl. Daddy's fucking his girl, hard."

When the jizz flew out of my dick head a second time, it was just as intense as the first.. Screaming and cursing, I blew another huge load into her. I was cumming so much and so hard that my balls were burning, but I couldn't stop. The lust riding me was too strong.

That night began a new relationship with my daughter. Every night she sleeps in my bed, and I fuck the shit out of her every night.

Maybe in my next story, I tell you how I taught Angel to suck my cock. It's just as sick and hot as this story.

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It's great to lick your little girls... I have never had sex with my girls but I will someday. But I have been licking their little pussies since they were 1 year old. I love the way they taste. I won't fuck them until 12 or so.

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2015-12-26 13:16:25
Submit another one!!!

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Can a seven yr old girl handle a mans cock in there pussy

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omg thats so fucking hot..
I really Wanna fuck my daddy...

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I fucked my two daughters when they were eight and nine, i started playing with them in the bath when they were five and six and they played with my cock. by the time they were eight and nine i decided to fuck them. so i took them to my bedroom and lay them side by side and opened there legs showing me there wonderful young cunts. i started by kissing there sweet young cunt and when they were ready i gently pushed my dick up slowly up there pussies and fucked them filling both of them with my spunk. they said thank you daddy that was wonderful and could i do it again, so i have been fucking them regularly ever since and they are teenagers now.

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