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The request came in through the normal channels. I was given the sheet with the specifics. A routine check-up of one of the older buildings located in "college town". I grabbed two of my brothers, knowing that without their help, the inspection would take all day. It was a sorority house in the older part of town. The house had once been an old Victorian mansion. I was not impressed when I walked up the steps, and my foot fell into the first planking. The house was in a state of disrepair. I made comments on the form in my hands, and continued checking out the exterior. Most of the wood was dried out with age and falling apart. My brothers noted similar areas of disrepair as we circled the house. We were astound that the previous team had sighted no major infractions. We stood on the porch, and knocked on the front door. A beautiful young women answered the door. Simultaneously we all sucked in our gut, a common reaction when you see a gorgeous babe. She was about 5'4" and very slender. She had narrow hips and a tiny waist. I had problems moving my eyes away from her chest, as did my co-workers. Although she was slender and small, she had the largest tits I have ever seen. They were two large firm watermelons that were barely covered by her thin t-shirt. Her shorts were cut high, showing off her perfectly round ass. My hands twitched as my penis became aroused. I could imagine slipping my hard cock between her firm tits and taking her for a ride.

She smiled and showed us in. There were 3 other beautiful females, ranging in height and weight, all of which were model material. A fireman's wet dream... We immediately noticed the dangerous wires hanging from the ceiling, and again noted same on the form I was carrying. We were no longer puzzled as to why this house had not previously gotten any fire code violations. The women aggressively looked at us and licked their lips. The girls ranged from no more than 19 to 20 years of age. My other two brothers looked slightly uncomfortable and stared at me for direction. I spoke to the women, telling them we needed to do an inspection of the premise. Each girl smiled, and nodded. The blonde who answered the door, came over and told me about her concerns. "The owner refuses to fix the place up! And we are a little scared about staying... But, the rent is cheap, so we stay." the girl nervously said. "We believe that the owner has previously paid off the fire inspector, so he didn't have to fix anything.." Now I was confused. I was thinking the girls themselves had coaxed the fire inspectors to oversee the violations. I would be more than happy to write up the house, without any incentives...

We decided to disburse, making sure we covered the house completely. Mike took the basement and one of the brunettes followed him down. Tom took the first floor, which the red head and her friend was eager to show him around. As I started climbing up the steps to the second floor, the blonde followed me up. She asked me to follow her into her bedroom, where she eagerly pointed out ceiling and wall damage. The walls were literally caving in. As she reached up and pointed to the ceiling, her T-shirt rose up displaying a firm dark nipple. My hand had a mind of its own as it reached over and stroked her nipple. She didn't seem surprised as she moved toward me. She whispered in my ear, that she had never done a fireman before. As she reached down and felt my crotch, my cock grew hard. Skillfully she removed my bunker pants, reaching down to my underwear, playing with my cock. I drew up her t-shirt exposing her large breasts. Taking each one into my hands, I lowered my mouth to her nipples. She tasted so sweet. Between sucking, I asked her to tell me all about the violations. She eagerly pulled out my hard cock, kneeling in front of me. "First things first, Mr. Fireman!", she said as she shoved my hard dick deep into her mouth. She sucked and nibbled on my rod, until I was close to shooting my load. She pulled the cock out of her mouth, and called for the other girls. I eagerly got undressed, as she continued stroking my hard member.

My team arrived with the other girls. I was not surprised to see that they too, were naked. We all laid down on the pillow covered floor. I told my brothers that the girls were going to tell us about each and every violation. They looked very amused. "Sure they are, boss!", Mike responded. He grabbed for the redhead as she straddled over his hard cock. "Are you ready to cum again...", she giggled. Again! I hadn't even cum my first time, let alone again. Sensing my eagerness, the blonde jumped on to my wagon and started beating my balls. She rode me hard and swift, dancing her large breasts in front of my face. I grabbed hold of her melons and sucked as she rode me. I wanted to fill her completely as I dropped my first load. Her friend moved over to me, and straddled her legs over my face. The largest pinkest wet pussy covered my mouth. I trailed my tongue down her slit as I grabbed on the blondes hips, shoving my cock harder and deeper inside her hot pussy. Her friend started playing with the blondes nipples and I heard them kissing as I fucked them. I was so turned on, my first load exploded deep inside her. I felt the sweet juices of the other girl, drip down my chin as I continued to suck. I moved both girls off me, and looked over to my buddies. They were deep into enjoyment themselves. I moved over to the brunette who was being fucked by Mike. I rubbed my throbbing cock on her backside and quickly inserted it into her raised ass. As Mike fucked her pussy, I fucked her ass. The blonde seemed a little jealous as she moved over to me.

She moved under my legs, and started sucking my balls, moving her tongue over my shaft as I ass fucked her friend. The other girl, moved over to Tom and sat on his face as the other brunette rode him high and dry. Mike soon shook in orgasm, spraying his load deep into her welcoming cunt. She moved off of Mike, kneeling of all fours, allowing me to continue ramming my meat deep up her welcoming ass. The blonde moved between her friends legs, and started sucking on Mikes dispersed juices and her friends pink flesh. Mike's cock was ready for more, as he started rubbing it between the blondes legs. Encouraging Mike's attention, she spread her legs wide, as Mike penetrated his hard cock deep into her wet pussy. I was so aroused by the tightness of her friends ass, I again dumped my load. I wanted to sample all the girls and what they had to offer. I moved over to Tom as he continued fucking the other brunette. Tom shook and jumped as he reach orgasm. The girl moved off his soft cock and moved onto my hard member. I told her to kneel in front of me and take my cock into her mouth. She refused. She wanted to be spanked first. She enjoyed sex a little more rougher than her friends. Eager to oblige, I bent her over my lap and slapped her tight ass. As I slapped her, I ran my fingers down her slit, noticing how hot and wet she was becoming. Her ass had turned bright red with my hand prints. Again, I slapped her and she moaned with pleasure. I moved her from my lap, and she cradled my hard cock between her juicy legs. My cock slid into her so easily like a well oiled piston. As I held her hips, I rhythmically fucked her. She rubbed her small taught tits over my chest and played with my hair. She moved her mouth down my chest, capturing one of my nipples. As she sucked my nipples, I shot my third load deep into her welcoming tight pussy.

I moved back down to the floor. For several moments, we laid side by side, touching and feeling. My brothers and I continued running our hands over the bodies of the babes. All three of us were exhausted. We closed our eyes for a moment, basking in the after sex glow. We slowly got dressed. I sat down on the bed, and continued writing our report. We wrote up every single violation. These girls shouldn't have to live in such a fire trap. My brothers and I thanked them for the hospitality and started to leave. As we climbed down from the porch, we all looked at each other. We couldn't remember the last time we had had such a wonderful inspection.... Just in a day's work!

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2009-02-23 03:17:02
I have yet to go on an inspection like that. Here's to hoping.


2005-05-28 00:02:36
that was kick ass great 9/10


2004-05-13 04:54:15

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