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The sun peeked through the closed blinds brightening corners of the room with its magic. The magic of happiness that only a new day can bring. Two slender arms reached over their head and a yawn inspired by the sun filled room. The arms were connected to a slender petite women with olive skin. Kathy was a traditional beauty with dark large eyes, that fit perfectly under perfect eye brows and below a large set of luscious lips! She was quit unhappy about her body. Her husband assured her that her frame was perfect in every way. That must be the reason she found him in their next door neighbors bed several months ago. Quickly she brushed the thought away. She refused to think about it. No more negative thoughts. Besides, the more she thought about the past, fresh tears came to her eyes and she was useless. She had spent the last several months moping at home, covering her head with her pillows and crying. She had a new resolution. She had made a pack with the sun. Today, she was going out. Today she was going to take a long refreshing ride on her bike and forget the past!

She dragged her body from the big bed. She stood in front of the long mirror examining all her curves. Her breasts were large and heavy. But they didn't slump. Her tits held their heads high at attention waiting for their first command. Her narrow waist and hips were so small, her breasts simply over whelmed them. But she did have a flat tummy that was laced with muscles. She also had lean strong legs, even if the are a little too short. She stood at 5 foot even. Petite was the perfect word to describe her.

She moved away from the mirror and walked into the shower. Under the hot torrents of water she placed plenty of lather on a sponge and moved it over her body. She closed her eyes letting the water caress her washing the previous months away. Raising her arms over her head she gently washed her tender flesh. She cupped her breasts stroking her nipples to hardness. It had been a long time since she masturbated. Something was different today. Something new and exhilarating.

Her nipples responded immediately. She moved her hands between her tight thighs, the wetness dripping from her fingers. She inserted one finger then two deep into her hot tight realm. She moved her hands in a pumping motion deepening her sensation. She felt the first ripples of an orgasm course through her legs and then deep into her. She arched her back accepting the sensation and embracing its pleasure. Her body tingled with the promise of more.

After her shower, she dressed in biking gear. Her bike was her demon and she was going to ride it until it fled! Hopefully, this time, the demon would leave. Since the departure of her husband and the pending divorce, her life had tumbled into an empty pit of despair. The love, that was her dream, turned into a nightmare. She felt the transition occurred over night, but in that she was wrong. She knew that marriages crumble not in days but in years. Some where she lost his interest or perhaps she never had it. As her thoughts strayed to her recent lost, her legs brutally pumped the peddles. There was a vengeance in her motion and an intensity she hadn't felt in months. She propelled her bike faster and faster, taking each curve and passing the others on the bike path. She didn't bother with polite conversation or announcement of her passing. She never spoke, but rather her silence deepened as the wind hit her face and she held her own.

She urged her legs to pump faster the peddles developing a life of their own. She continued picking up speed taking some daring turns almost touching the path under the tires. From the corner of her eye, almost fleeting, there was a shape. At first she thought she was seeing her demon flee. Again, she looked back and noticed here was someone right behind her. He was desperately trying to keep up. He was mystified by this little whiper snapper. Carl had never seen a women ride a bike so expertly. He was driven to keep up with her. As she approached Marina Del Rey, she decided it was about time for her to slow down and eventually stop. As the path transitioned, there were a row of restaurants. Her tummy was sending her messages of its emptiness, it was just at that moment she decided to listen.

She looked behind herself and was pleasantly surprised to find Carl still behind her. She stopped, allowing him a moment to catch up. "Wow... what a ride! Are you a professional?" "No", she responded "just a pissed off women with a lot of energy to burn." Her smile softened her response. Carl looked down at her tight fit body appreciating each and every curve. "Hey... my stomach seems to be empty. Would you like to stop for a bite to eat?" Carl was amazed. This beautiful women had just asked him to lunch. It must be his lucky day. "Sure, yeah... that would be great!" Sometimes he felt like a complete dip shit, and this moment was just another in a long history of stupid responses. He felt so cocky. He hoped the "sure" and "yeah" didn't come off as badly as it sounded to his ears.

They chose an outdoor table and settled down. Their bikes were securely locked within their view. After ordering, there was a few moments of uncomfortable silence. Carl fidgeted in his seat. He was unable to open his mouth and talk. The most he could do was devour her beauty with his eyes. Thankfully, she started the conversation and soon they were talking like old friends. Lunch was over what seemed like a matter of moments with a comfortable rapport developing. He was surprised when he asked her out for dinner.

She smiled. Kathy was so surprised. This gorgeous man who she just met and was very much enjoying just asked her out. It must be her lucky day. She agreed and they exchanged information. They agreed on a time and then she left. She rode quickly home, eager to get ready for their impending date.

She searched her closet, but was unable to find anything that didn't remind her of her ex. She decided to go shopping. She arrived at her favorite store and had several selections in one of the dressing rooms. Another women, two stalls down, was also trying on dresses. Together they shared a mirror, admiring each other's reflection. Without knowing it, Kathy reached out and started stroking the other women. Mariam turned and smiled. She pointed to her stall and Kathy followed her in. Mariam slipped off the dress and cupped Kathy's firm breasts. She knelt down and sucked each tit. Kathy reached down and stroked Mariam's mounds. She cupped each breast gently squeezing them with her fingers. Mariam moved her mouth from Kathy's tits and kissed her belly. Her tongue found her sweet slit and slid right in. Mariam sucked her juices creating more as her fingers wiggled deep inside. Kathy wanted to return the favor as she pulled Mariam up to her and devoured her mouth. This was her first lesbian encounter and she wasn't quite sure what had just come over her. She was enthralled by Mariam and wanted to savor each and every inch of her body. The sexual pull was very strong as she continued caressing Mariam's body. Mariam was not nearly as firm as Kathy. Mariam had a few soft folds of tummy flesh and her legs had more flesh than muscle. Because of her chubbiness, Kathy was enthralled and excited. The idea of fucking this beautiful chubby women was a major turn on. Kathy knew she was ready for an orgasm as she continued sucking on Mariam's tits. She ran her hands over Mariam's tummy and stroked the thick bush between her legs.

The moment held no deep impending meaning or inner realization. It was simply an opportunity that had not been wasted. They both continued to caress each other long after their orgasms. Somehow Kathy felt an instant connection with this women. There was something about Mariam that was both familiar, and yet foreign.

Nervous conversation erupted from their moments of shared ecstasy. Then the giggling set in. It was from nervous uncomfortable energy that was erupting from the pits of their uncertainty. Mariam started talking first. Her voice was soft and quite initially, gaining strength as the words tumbled from her lips. She described a similar situation as Kathy's. Kathy grasped in surprise, unsure of her response. It seemed like years, before the words tumbled from her own lips. Mariam reached into her purse and pulled out a business card. "It may be too early... but, to see someone helps. You know..." she added, "it had nothing to do with you." Hearing another women say those words, seemed to have quite an impact on her. The clouds that were hanging over her head seem to clear. The sun that awoke her that morning, seemed to shinning over her head. It wasn't her... It had nothing to do with her... She grasped the card into her hand, holding it close to her heart. Small tears started to form at the corners of her eyes... Mariam reached out and gently wiped the tears away. She opened her arms and embraced Kathy. Kathy laid her head on Mariam's shoulder. They held each other tightly, gaining strength from each other.

Mariam gently pushed her away and instructed her to wipe away her tears. It is time for new relationships, she announced. Kathy explained her encounter with Carl and her dress dilemma. Mariam smiled and asked Kathy to model the dresses she had thus far chosen. An hour later, Kathy left Mariam's encounter with a sexy red strapless number tucked under her arm and matching shoes. Mariam and Kathy had made agreement to get together the very next day to share notes.

She took her time getting ready. She styled her hair and took extra care with her makeup. Carl picked her up promptly and couldn't believe his eyes. She was beautiful. She was very attractive when he first met her, but now she was a picture perfect. She looked like a beauty queen from the pages of Cosmopolitine! She was just.... perfect!

During dinner, their conversation was light. Carl wanted to get to know everything about her, but he knew that he had plenty of time. He didn't want to rush their relationship, instead he wanted to take it very slow. Kathy excused herself during desert. She couldn't take it any longer. She quickly walked to the bathroom and entered a stall. The door was barely closed as her fingers found her wet slit. She stroked her very hot wet pussy. She was so eager to get Carl home or someplace that she could devour his hard body. She was sure that he had a hard large cock begging to get out. She leaned against the stall, continuing to stroke herself to an orgasm. Quickly she straightened her clothing, hair and makeup. She walked back to the table and told Carl it was time to leave. Carl looked shocked and wondered what he did wrong. He paid the bill and met her outside.

As they climbed into the car, Kathy couldn't wait any longer. Carl put the car in gear and started to drive off as he looked down finding Kathy's hand cupping his balls. He was both shocked and pleased. Kathy told him how much she wanted him. Carl had one thing on his mind... to find the closest hotel. Down the road was a Ritz Carleton. Checking in was no problem as they rushed to their room. Carl decided for their first encounter a suite would be perfect. They were already unbuttoning each other's clothing as they reached the room. Carl closed the door as he was taking off Kathy's bra. He cupped her large pink tits in his hands and squeezed. Their mouths melted together as their tongues played tag. Each became "it" as their tongues wiggled and sucked.

Kathy was working on Carl's pants as her hands slipped in under the rim. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that she was right. He was very well hung. She knelt down taking his partially hard cock into her mouth. She pulled the shaft deep into her mouth sucking and nibbling the tip. She slid her tongue over its head, tickling the tender folds of skin. As she continued to suck, she reached between his legs and stroked his balls. Carl was in heaven. He loved getting head. He stroked her head closer to his crotch. Both of his hands playing with her hair. He was close to cuming and wanted her to enjoy the experience. He pulled her up and continued to undress her. They found the bed quite by accident, dumping their bodies down on the mattress. She eagerly spread her legs allowing him to penetrate deep into her realm. He pumped her hard, each time getting in a little deeper. She moved her body meeting each of his thrusts. She cupped her own breasts, teasing them to tenderness as his cock slid deeper inside her. She arched her back welcoming the initial waves of the orgasm. Carl simultaneously arched his head back letting out a deep growl of passion. Together they held on as they rode the orgasm through.

They held each other in the large bed. Carl stroked the hair out of Kathy's face. He knew it was too soon but the words formed anyways... "I love you..." Kathy was unsure of her response, but looking into her eyes she found the same feelings welling into her heart. "I love you, too", she smiled.

Through the months of misery, the sun peeped through pointing its way to happiness!


2005-08-03 16:44:40
Honeylaper I enjoy all of her stories very much,but I would wear myself out lewaving comments.. I give it 10/100


2004-10-02 21:22:39
I find it hard to believe that not one of the nearly 7000 readers did not enjoy the story enough to leave a comment. I enjoyed it very much.

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