Lets continue on with this series, shall we?
So much for the sunny weather.. I thought while lying on my back, Allie on top of me.

I heard a low roll of thunder and heard rain hit the window.

Allie looked so cute asleep on my chest. Her lips formed a smile in her sleep and her hair was all messed up from the night.

She was wearing my black hoodie and short shorts. Only. In ways she looked cute and unimaginably sexy. I couldnt help but smile knowing she was all mine.

I wore my boxers and yawned slowly and silently so she wouldnt wake up. I just stayed there with her until she woke up about 10 minutes later.

She sat up and yawn her little mouth opening and her arms stretching above her head. She cooed a little and opened those sapphire eyes that entranced me when I saw her.

"Hey" I said smiling at her.

"Hello" she said tiredly.

I leaned into her and kissed her good morning. She kissed back and giggled.

We both got out of bed and changed. Me with a black shirt and jeans, Allie with short shorts an a white tank top.

We headed up stairs and I made some pancakes and other breakfastey goodness. We ate and talked, playing footsies in the middle of it.

We finished the meal after about an hour. We had the house to ourselves that day. "Lets play in the rain" I said smiling putting the dishes away.

She came to me and smiled. She kissed me and I held her hand as we walked out in the pouring rain.

We dance and splashed. I picked her up and twirled her and kissed her in my arms. I looked into her eyes as lightening flashed. Thunder came after.

"I love you" I said. I dont think she heard me because of the thunder but read my lips. She kissed me and as she pulled away said "I love you too"

I carried her down to our patio under the deck in the backyard. I laid her in the swing and looked at her as I got on top of her, her tits showing through the tank.

She grinned as I came close and made out with her on the swing. I moved my hand up during the kiss and cupped her tit and rubbed her pussy through her shorts. She moaned.

"Mmm, Adam... We've never done it outside" She moaned.

"I know" I said in her ear. I chuckled a little.

I moved my hand under her tank top and felt the bare skin of her incredible breasts. Firm and round as always, with awesome pink nipples that fit right in my mouth.

I twisted my thumb and forefinger on her nipple and rubbed her pussy at the same time making her moan. I took my hand off and showed her other tit and kept rubbing. I moved down and sucked on a nipple until she came in the swing.

"Oh fuck.. Yes! Keep...mmm ufhmmmm" She moaned. The smell of her sex juice came to me. I inhaled deeply.

I smiled at her when the orgasm was over. We changed positions so she was on top. She began kissing me and went down my body. She was on her knees around my shins and unbuttoned my pants.

My cock came free from its prison. She grabbed my dick and stroked it. Slowly, but surely, she moved her head to my shaft. She put her mouth on the tip and swirled her tongue on the tip, licking the slit.

I groaned. It was an incredible feeling. The warmth and the swirling was driving me nuts.

She stoped licking my crown and went lower, licking my balls and going all the way up the tip of my cock. After teasing me for a minute she went down all the way on my 9 inch dick and gagged a little. She came off and began sucking hard on my cock sending me off the deep end. I was going to shoot my load. And fast.

"Mmm fuck. Babe Im gonna cum" I said.

She came off and said "Do it right in my mouth. I want it all" she said and continued working.

That was all I needed. One last deep throat and I finally orgasmed, shooting my cum right in her mouth.

When she was done she lay on my chest catching her breath. I did as well. Not long after though I was ready for more.

I lifted her legs and pulled down her shorts showing her dripping pussy.

I stuck my cock in her and I felt a wave of pleasure. Her pussy was a vice-grip.

"Damn. You feel nice.." I moaned.

"You too" she said. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was half open. She was enjoying this as much as I was.

I lowered her more and her face was on my chest side ways. She moaned when I was all the way in.

Not soon after I began pumping. Slowly at first, then I gained more speed. The slosh her pussy made was incredible.

"Faster... Ohh please" She moaned. I fucked her as fast and as hard as I could.

I slapped her ass to make a soft smack as I pumped my dick in her. I sucked on my finger for a minute and slowly put it in her ass. She moaned more at the feeling.

I began fucking her in two holes. We both moaned in pleasure as we soon felt an incredible orgasm almost at the same time.

We panted together and she wriggled her ass when I pulled my finger out. I took my now flaccid dick out of her and pulled my pants up. She put her shorts back on and we rested.

The rain came down harder and we both fell asleep locked in eachothers arms, the only sound being the rain.

Awakening a few hours later in the swing, I realized Allie had woken up first this time.

We were both wet and went back inside. I put on some jeans and a new t-shirt and Allie put on a kitty shirt a matching kitty thong and blue jeans. We went on the couch and ordered chinese.

"Ahh, eggroll! My savior!" I said laughing.

"So what do you wanna do today?" I asked her.

"Weef shouf go shocking" she said with her mouth full.

I couldnt help but laugh at how it sounded. "I dont have a stun gun, but I think we could go shopping instead. She swallowed and giggled.

We went to the mall and she picked out some new shoes. They were blue Nike Shox. We went into my least favorite store: Abercrombie and Fitch.

As she picked out clothes I couldnt help but notice a guy, wearing a polo and ripped jeans, staring at Allie. She came to me and asked "Hows this one?" It was a grey hoodie with their logo on it. I said it looked good but even better on her. She smiled and kissed my cheek. The guy gave me an ugly look.

"Lets get out of here" I told her.

"Aww, why?" She asked. Sounding pitiful.

I locked eyes with her and she looked a bit curious as to why I wanted to leave. I cocked my head just a little to the guy standing there. She turned.

"Oh my god" She said.


"I know him" she said. "Thats an ex boyfriend of mine. Zeke." He heard this and turned.

"If he tries anything hes getting his ass kicked."

He turned again and gave me another ugly look. I snarled at him and walked to the counter and paid. He followed us out.

"Hes following us!" She said.

"I know."

We walked fast to the car. I threw her shit in the backseat and she was in about to open the door when he finally spoke.

"Hey baby" he said. "Whos this?"

She didnt answer and tried to open the door. He grabbed her arm and pushed her against the car door. "I said, Who is this?"

"HEY! Get your fuckin' hands off her you dick smoking, prick!"

He let her go and went around the car. He got in my face.

"What are you gonna do about it?" He said.

"Wanna find out" I asked, getting closer to his face, clenching my fists. Karate was about to pay off.

He took a swing at my face and I blocked it with my wrist easily. He was surprised at my quickness and I kicked him in the gut knocking the wind out of him. I had him.

As he bent down to get his breath I kicked him hard in the chin, making him land on his back with his legs in the air, knocking him out cold.

"Give me your mirror" I told Allie. She handed me it from out of her purse, her hand shaking.

"It'll be okay" I told her. I opened the mirror and put it to his nose. It fogged. He was unconscious.

"He'll be okay" I told her. "Hes not dead, just out cold. Hes gonna have a hell of a headache though" I said trying to make her laugh. It didnt work. "Lets go." I said. She got in the car and we drove home.

When we got home she was better and less shaken. I took off her shirt on the couch and looked at her arm. It was a little red, but nothing bruised. It was her bad arm though. Bastard.

"Thanks for beating him up. He was an asshole" She told me.

"Well, he'll leave you alone now" I told her.

I gave her a big ace bandage and wrapped it around her arm, feeling too protective of her. She smiled and relaxed more, feeling safe.

"Too tight?" I asked her. She said no and kissed me. I kissed back.

I began kissing more and wrapped my arms around her and began kissing her a little harder getting an erection from the kissing.

With my hands I undid the clasp of her bra and let then out. I took her to the room, both of us giggling like horny idiots.

I took off my shirt and jumped on the bed like Superman. She laughed and took off her jeans and hopped on me.

"Oof!" I grunted. She called me a wimp and giggled. She came down and kissed me.

I looked into her eyes seriously now, feeling extreme passion for this girl. I came up and she wrapped her legs around my back. I kissed her intimately.

I went down her neck after a few minutes of kissing and went down to her tits. She lifted and I took off my jeans. On my bare skin I felt her pussy getting wet.

I gently pushed her down so she was on her back. I took her legs around my head and moved to inhale her familar scent.

I moved her thong down her legs and shot it across the room. Her bare pink, nice and wet. I moved down and licked her clit quickly making her gasp and moan.

"Ohh, baby!" she cried.

I stuck my fingers in her and licked giving her double the pleasure. I swirled my tongue around her clit and fingered her repeatedly. She began moaning louder. This is what I was waiting for. I moved back and lifted her and fucked her twat as fast as I could. She moaned even louder digging her nails into my back. She came finally, probably twice as hard if I would have stayed down.

She collasped on me. "Jesus fucking Christ!" She moaned. "That was incredible!"

I pulled out of her and put her on the bed, chest down. I lifted her hips, using her cum as lube, and entered her ass slowly.

"Mmmm" I moaned. The tightness and warmth incredible. She cooed with me.

I let her ass stretch for a minute before I began fucking her. I moved slowly in a nice rhythm. I reached back and turned on a jazz cd making the mood better moving with the drum beat.

"Cheeseball" She moaned. She giggled afterwards. I laughed and replaced it with a moan. I kept pumping with the drum, the harmonics of the saxophone really setting the mood for us.

Suddenly the beat began going faster. So I went faster too. Soon the beat was going at such a quick rate that my nuts hit her ass cheeks.

I knew I was about to cum then. Allie began moaing, my nuts clenched, and the saxophone shot out a loud note. We both came and the song ended with a loud crash, similar to our orgasms.

I fell backwards coming out of her and she went forward. I left the music on and relaxed to it. This was the best sex yet.

After I got my breath, I crawled to her and smiled at her. I began cuddling with her. I moved my lips to the words "I love you". She smiled and replied using her lips "I love you too".

We began cuddling and I was in a spooning position with her. I had her in my arms, and we both fell asleep, only this time to the hypnotic melody of the beautiful piano and saxophone.

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